Submit yourself to the Police: Court tells Nigerian Senator

Ogun State senator, Buruji Kashamu [Photo Credit: CBS News]
Ogun State senator, Buruji Kashamu [Photo Credit: CBS News]

An Abuja Division of the Federal High Court has dismissed an application brought by an Ogun State senator, Buruji Kashamu, seeking to stop the police from investigating him in a case of alleged attempt to assassinate another senator, Oladipupo Kessington.

Mr. Kashamu had approached the court with a request to stop an investigation which began after Mr. Kessington accused him of attempting to take his (Kessington’s) life.

Mr. Kashamu told the court that the attempt to invite him for questioning by a special investigation panel of the police force, is actually a ploy to hand him to the United States authorities where he is wanted for drug related offences.

Mr. Kashamu’s lawyer, Raphael Oluyede, asked the court to ensure the fundamental rights of his clients are not abused by the police whom he alleged would force his client to go abroad against his will.

Delivering the ruling however, Justice Nnamdi Dimgba said the law empowers the police to invite and investigate any Nigerian for such an offence as that alleged against Mr. Kashamu.

Mr. Dimgba said by virtue of the law, the police are bound to invite the applicant and that he is bound to respect the invitation. The judge added that the allegation about a ploy to forcefully take the applicant to the U.S. was baseless and without any foundation.

“I do not see how the police can be faulted by acting within the constitution to invite the senator. I do not believe that the allegations of ploy to extradite the applicant to the United States of America is justified here.

“Police is bound to set up an investigating panel and the senator is bound to submit himself to the organs of the police including honouring the letter of investigation,” the judge ruled.

Mr. Dimgba however noted the fears expressed by Mr. Kashamu, saying that the documents presented in court shows that he (the applicant) failed to make himself available for questioning to the U.S. authorities despite promising to do so, ahead of his election; thereby ridiculing his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, before the people of Ogun State.

Consequently, the court asked Mr. Kashamu to submit himself for questioning by the special investigation panel set up by the Inspector General of Police to look into the allegation of attempted murder brought against him.


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  • absam777

    “President” Saraki will help to make sure the law is not obeyed just like he boasted about Dino’s matter. Bunch of fools. They think they are untouchable because they are yeye cash and carry senators

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      If you think they are touchable, the only proof would be that you touch them. Touch not my anointed……that is the sorry state of naija.

      • absam777

        Your contribution does not make any sense. Try harder.


    Are yoiu a Biafran? – Are you from Edo, Delta, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Rivers, Ebonyi etc, time to destroy your Nigerian Voter’s card is now. Burn your so called INEC card today because you will need it no more. What we demand is a Secession referendum. Set a date now!!!


      Go get a job.

    • Sword of Damocles

      lol, I am from Edo, however I am sane, so thanks , but NO THANKS. You are right about one thing though:Set a date now for your psychiatric evaluation!!! hahaha

    • George

      I am South South not your birfran or whatever.

      You Igbo will fail again as expected because you people want to reap others people lands but it won’t happen take note.

      Bisfran is five states anything exceed that will be un-control war and total destruction of the entire Igbo so you better advice your people not to play into fire.

    • truenigerian

      edo, delta, akwa ibom, bayelsa and rivers states are not biafra. if you ever get biafra (God forbid) your five state country will be inside nigeria and one day we will decide that nothing will cross nigerian road, airspace, sea into biafra. we may even go to the extent of preventing air from flowing into biafra. so think

  • FreeNigeria

    Reject in our NASS. A wanted criminal parading himself as an honorable man. Everything is wrong with this country.

  • KAL

    I keep saying that we still have lot of good and God-fearing judges and justices who haven’t got their hands soiled in corruptions and still have conscience. If this case were to be before one of those cash-for-justice judges, Kasamu would have his way and the police would have been permanently barred from inviting or questioning him. Remember the case of James Odili who got perpetual injunction agains the EFCC and Police from investigating him. There is still some flickers of hope for this country.

    • Keen Observer

      KAL I guess you mean to say Peter Odili NOT James Odili. Though i know both are the same Penny & Pens (Honourable Looters)

      • KAL

        Thank you a great deal …It is Peter Odili jare. As you rightly said, both are two sides of the same coin; Confirmed thieves and looters of our common patrimony. One has been jailed and I look forward to the day that perpetual injunction will be lifted and the other will have his day in the court of law.

  • George

    Nonsense; Why will KASAMU respect any court judgement when since Buhari the animal came no court judgement has been obeyed.

    Just ignore them and move on nothing dey happen.

  • SamPsalm

    Good one Dimgba J. Way to go. We can not have a country where people set up all manner of specious immunity for themselves. So, because he has a case to answer in the US, suddenly he is above the law for any other matter in Nigeria? He has through the hanging threat of prosecution in a country far away earned himself the right to refuse lawful invitation for subsequent suspicion of other crimes committed? God help us

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Why not Sambisa Forest prison? He could be the first to there.

  • truenigerian

    i wonder why Kashamu is afraid of a free flight to America? The Americans have for long accused him of being a drug baron but he says it was his late look-alike younger brother. Kashamu, all this headache is not worth it, why not go to the yankees’ embassy in Lagos or Abuja and they will give you a free flight to their country where you will show your face to those who claim you were/are a drug baron, i promise you that if you are actually not the one they are looking for, they will compensate you with anything you want and afterwards, you get another free flight back. Then you can come back and settle very well and make laws for the benefit of your people in Ogun state. You and i know that they have been starved of “good” laws since this cat and mouse game started.

  • Alex

    This Man Kashamu will one day have his day I US court.