Magu: Osinbajo is on his own, Attorney General Malami says

EFCC  Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu
EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

The endorsement by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo of the continuous stay of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairman was not a collective decision, the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, said on Wednesday.

Addressing journalists after a meeting of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, on Wednesday, Mr. Malami said the Federal Executive Council never discussed the continued stay and possible re-nomination of Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the anti-graft agency.

The Nigerian Senate had twice rejected Mr. Magu’s nomination as EFCC chairman, officially basing their decisions on a report compiled by the State Security Service, SSS, accusing Mr. Magu of impropriety; although many Nigerians believe the non-confirmation was because many of the senators are being investigated or prosecuted by the EFCC.

Earlier on Tuesday, the upper legislative chamber criticised Mr. Osinbajo for allegedly questioning their constitutional authority to confirm the nomination of appointees by the executive arm.

Senators also expressed concern about the refusal of the Executive to drop Mr. Magu as the acting chairman of the EFCC.

Mr. Osinbajo had in April while speaking in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES and other journalists and activists said Mr. Magu enjoys his confidence, and that of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“I’m fully in support of Magu as the EFCC Chairman just as the president is…” Mr. Osinbajo said.

Speaking on the Senate rejection, Mr. Osinbajo said “it is up to the Senate to make their judgement. If our candidate is rejected, …, we can represent our candidate.”

When asked for comments by State House correspondents after the FEC meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Malami said Mr. Osinbajo’s stance was a personal decision never discussed at FEC.

“The fundamental consideration about the alleged statement is the factthat at no point ever did the Federal Executive Council sit down to arrive at the decision in one-way or the other as far as the issue of nomination or otherwise is concerned.

“So, I do not think it constitutes an issue for the Federal Executive Council to make any clarification about because it has never been considered by the FEC,” he said.

Mr. Malami, Nigeria’s chief law officer, has been in the eye of the storm over his role in and dedication to the anti-corruption fight of the Buhari administration. Last month, an anti-corruption adviser to President Buhari accused Mr. Malami of not being committed to the anti-corruption war, a major promise of the president during campaign. Mr. Malami, who is believed to be opposed to Mr. Magu as EFCC chairman, denied the allegation.

The Acting President’s office is yet to react to Mr. Malami’s claim. However, a presidency source confided in PREMIUM TIMES that what Mr. Malami said was true.

“(Keeping Magu despite Senate rejection) was a decision reached between the president and his vice to sustain the anti-corruption war. I think they never took it to FEC,” the source said.


Speaking on the stance of the AGF and the Acting President, President Buhari’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu said, “Our understanding is that some remarks made by the Acting President some months ago when he was the Vice President, because the President was around at that time, an opinion he gave is being misconstrued.

“A senior lawyer in the country offered an opinion, in which he said some categories of public officers traditionally cleared by the National Assembly need not to go through that process, that those ones can be appointed by the Presidential fiat; they don’t have to go through screening. But several months ago, in his position as Vice President, Professor Osinbajo gave a personal opinion saying what this lawyer said makes sense,” Mr. Shehu explained, making reference to Mr. Osinbajo’s support of the stance of human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, on the matter as reported by PREMIUM TIMES.

“I fully agree with Mr. (Femi) Falana that there was no need in the first place to have presented Mr. Magu for confirmation,” Mr. Osinbajo had said, making reference to the Section 171 of the constitution.

Mr. Shehu confirmed that the government and indeed the FEC had not taken any decision on such an issue.

“There is no official position by the government of Nigeria, and the Federal Executive Council never sat down to take a decision to say that some categories of officials will not be sent to the National Assembly any longer or that the authority of the Senate under the constitution to screen and pass nominees has never been questioned by the government or the Federal Executive Council,” he said.

According to the presidential spokesperson, in compliance with the provisions of the law, the executive arm has been sending the names of its nominees to the National Assembly for screening and it will continue to do so.

“From the time the Vice President gave that opinion to now, more than 20 nominations have been forwarded to the Senate and quite a number of them have been screened, sworn-in and are now occupying positions so therefore; this is not a big issue as some people want to make it,” he said.

The presidential aide said all parties involved in the matter would soon meet to resolve it.

“The party, government and the National Assembly will sit on a round table and this matter will be discussed and resolved. I assure you,” he said.


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  • Sir Demo

    I pray these statements are not true! Malami and Garba who are the FEC? The elected heads or you just appointed hirelings. You don’t even know your level again.

  • D-A-N-G-0-T-E – C-E-M-E-N-T

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  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Is it the FEC that appoints EFCC chairman? Why does the president or the vice need to tender their intent to appoint their aides before other appointees? Malami should come clean about rumours of his complicity with Saraki to frustrate the war on corruption.

    • Mayo

      You are right – the FEC has no hand in the nomination of EFCC Chairman and even though EFCC Chairman reports to Malami, Malami is not responsible for nominating or appointing such a person. The better question is – why did Journalists ask Malami about the appointment of EFCC chairman or ask him what the FEC thinks? Malami was simply answering the question posed to him

  • Sword of Damocles

    When President Buhari initially sent Magu’s nomination to the Senate, was it a “collective” decision? Can somebody explain the logic of this statement from our “erudite” & “learned” AGN to us? It is as if my eyes are playing tricks on me: I see the picture of AGN Malami but hear the words of Senator Saraki. When President Buhari temporarily transferred power to VP Osinbajo some 58 days ago was there a caveat stipulating that Osinbajo must reach decisions in a collective manner with the Funtao-Daura-Kyari axis? Malami should honor his name & promptly resign, ASAP. Nigeria has truly fallen

    • Ubong

      its a plot by some elements not comfortable with Osibanjo quality leadership and fear of a repeat scenario in case our President decide to right his name in the Guinness Book of record by fully transferring POLITICAL POWER to his VP ,, if he feels physically indisposed. Having had the opportunity to have fooled and blinded majority of a section of highly educated section of the country to support them to get back political power, it will be suicidal to let political power go out from them so easily and cheaply again. Besides, with the call for true federalism and strong opposition from a section of the country, despite what seems as a unified called from regions, the myth of fear coupled with the infamous declaration by sponsored adults calling themselves at AREWA HALL is worrying and people like AGF could be willing to act as the Judas Iscariot in this plot

    • Chinedu Tagbo

      You can read but lack comprehension. Pls don’t stop at the headline. Malami in conclusion said that the topic was not raised in the FEC meeting.

      • Sword of Damocles

        Mr Tagbo, since my comprehension skills are lacking please explain what the following infers:

        “When asked for comments by State House correspondents after the FEC meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Malami said Mr. Osinbajo’s stance was a personal decision never discussed at FEC.”

        How can an underling/appointee of the Executive(acting or not) say “Mr. Osinbajo’s stance was a personal decision never discussed at FEC.” Doesnt the Executive speak for the Govt of the FRN?

        It is comical that you conclude that i lack comprehension, yet it is you who is unable to infer that Malami is disputing The acting President’s conclusion on the Basis that it was not discussed at the FEc mtg. Clap 4 yourself, snowflake, while you are busy clapping for yourself look up the meaning of synopsis.

  • Gerry_Emmanuel

    Malami is way out of line here. Does he realise that Osibanjo as Acting President is his boss? Very disrespectful remarks. He should be sternly called to order.

    • Tijani

      Even if Osinbajo is boss of underworld he must be told home truths. Anything else is sycophancy

  • Finitri

    Premium Times and sensationalism. Malami response clearly shows that the subject of the EFCC chairman re-nomination isn’t a subject of the FEC. He was asked for comments and he responded that it isn’t an FEC decision! PT goes ahead to sensationalize the headline to make it seem there’s a rift in the FEC. Una weh done

    • Dawood

      Well, let me say this to Mr. Garba: You, Buhari, NASS, and any other person can sit around a table and talk all you want; just know that Magu leaving is not an option. If Magu goes, you people will hear from the Nigerian people. You are the executive, act like it. Don’t allow a bunch of thieves and moral lepers in the Assembly usurp your Constitutional rights.

      • Emeka

        Thank you bro, you took the words out from my mouth… whatever they do or say, shouldn’t be about Magu, but they are very free to talk about marrying each other’s wives, that’s their headache

      • Mayo

        What do you mean by ‘you are the executive, act like it’? The law says EFCC chairman should be confirmed by the Senate. The Senate has rejected the nominee sent by the Presidency. It is wrong for the Presidency to still keep such a person. If the Presidency really wanted Magu, what they should have done was to ‘mount political pressure’ on the Senators by going straight to the Public and asking the Public to call their Senators to confirm Magu. All of this should have been done before they sent Magu’s name for confirmation the second time. The government should not choose which laws to obey or disobey.

        Secondly, we seem to ignore the fact that the Senate rejected Magu based on a report written by DSS. 2 times, DSS said Magu is not fit to be the Chairman of EFCC. DSS reports to the Presidency and not the Senate. Why didn’t the Presidency get the security clearance from DSS and resolve any issues before submitting Magu’s name for confirmation?

      • Tijani

        Don’t make me laugh.

    • Chinedu Tagbo

      My brother, the level of illiteracy is high in this country.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Confusion all over! Governments have been appointing public officers and sending them to the Senate for confirmation. Governments have been appointing the EFCC Chairman and sending the appointee to the Senate for confirmation. The present administration had sent Magu’s name for Senate confirmation; and when situations no longer held, the administration made a volte face and said, ‘government does not need to send such a name to Senate for confirmation’. And then government began to tinker with the constitutional provision to give a perceived ‘favourable’ interpretation to support this volte face! Is this not a replay of the fabled ‘Sour Grape’?

    What does this government think? Does this government think that only it can give the correct interpretation to that constitutional provision? Does this government think Nigerians all the while had not seen and studied that constitutional provision and had seen it to be in line with the usual practice?

    This is not a matter of saying that the Senate or anybody against the government’s latest interpretation of that constitutional provision is a hater of the anti-corruption fight or is a person inimical to government’s anti-corruption fight. No, what we are saying pertains to a correct running of the nation’s laws and not just a situation where government exercises a whimsical and emotional approach to that law, all because things have not worked in its way. The idea of blackmailing someone or groups of persons for holding a contrary view to government’s interpretation is even more crude and unprofessional to say the least.

    Moreover, it is quite interesting that government just vests in itself the double but questionable duty of a combined Executive and Judiciary. If the government suddenly remembers that there was no need sending Magu’s name to Senate for confirmation, based on its own ‘novel’ interpretation of that constitutional provision, why has government not tested this by approaching the Judiciary for a correct and acceptable interpretation of that provision?

    I can see in this matter an underlying exercise of dictatorial tendencies intertwined with a beguiling hold to democracy, on the part of government. This is quite unacceptable. Accordingly, the Senate is right in its stand on this matter, if only to provide an enduring format on the running of the nation’s laws and Constitution; otherwise tomorrow one would begin to see more of Executive recklessness in exercise and interpretation of these laws whenever situations fall against its interest.

    Osinbajo has no business joining in the fray to begin to give an interpretation to that constitutional provision when he is a member of the Executive and, by association, someone involved in the case. That was wrong strategy. We know he is a professor of law; but he is not the attorney general whose duty it is to approach the courts to seek clarifications in a matter like this.

  • JOHN

    Mr Falana and Mr Sagay are the ones misleading this government on legal issues. Read section 171 of the constitution very carefully. It says only the SGF and Buhari personal staff that do not require approval of the senate. It also named some category of offices that require senate approval. As for efcc chair, the law setting up efcc stipulated that the chairman requires senate confirmation. What Buhari and Osinbajo has done to retain Magu is illegal and just to spite the senate which is wrong and is heating up the polity unnecessarily.

    • dami

      Read well and don’t come here and lie…

    • serubawon70

      Illegal – abi? Na so. Na corruption dey legal

    • Musa M. Dantsoho


      • Julius

        Good question..waiting for his answer myself.

    • linkhadj.

      John, you who is a legal illiterate calling Falana and Sagay as misinterpreting the Law. Your Room and Palour at Yaba Mental Home remain only Aircon to be completed.

    • Manuel Tobby

      You guys here are really ridiculous and bizzaire!

      What do you guys smoke?
      You now know about the law more two Prof of law and SANs????

      Please next you go to the hospital ignore your doctors prescription and take the medicine as you dim fit!


  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Before this reporter pulled some wool over our eyes, we would like to know if nomination of EFCC Chairman is the responsibility of FEC or the President.
    To the best of our understanding Acting President now holds brief for the President. Then, if any member of the Executive Council thinks otherwise about the position or action of the Acting President that Minister is on his own.

    • Tonnero

      In fact, if that Minister is uncomfortable with positions taken by either the President or the VP in his acting capacity, he is at liberty to resign. Ministers work at the behest of the President not otherwise.

    • Bitacrim

      The disturbing thing is that the Attorney General by what he has said is actually ridiculing the government and Mr. President showing the government as unstable. I doubt if he understands the implication.

      • JP

        Which government? Do you actually have one in place? They are all criminals pretending to be for the masses.

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        Most importantly, that wasn’t ideal time and place to grant such interview.

    • Tijani

      Osinbajo holds no brief for Buhari, he MERELY receives false messages relayed by Aisha the Akara Fryer who has not laid eyes on her husband, not to talk of conversation, in over 58 days.

      • Manuel Tobby

        Tribal bigot save your little megabytes for facebook

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        You don’t need change of name to comment on my contribution. By the way, you are entitled to your opinion.

        • Tijani

          Change name? When I am not an akara fryer or a fake pastorian dullardeen?

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            But at least you can be passed for clueless Ogogoro brewer.

  • Ijeuwa

    This shows that the Attorney General and many in the presidency, called the cabal, are working for Saraki, QED.

    President Buhari appointed Magu, and president Buhari has not withdrawn that nomination.

    • George

      President can only nominate and senate confirm before it becomes appointment. That is why until now they are still calling Magu acting chairman because never been confirm by the right authority which is the senate

  • Julius

    This headline is so misleading…read what the Agf said and how he said it. Besides, the President made the appointment and his VP is standing by it.What’s the fuss ?

    • Tijani

      Which president made which appointment of Magu? Fake Pastor Osinbajo has been forging signatures for years. Short man devil fake pastor the liar.

      • Manuel Tobby

        U are missing out on your drugs please.

      • Julius

        @ Tijani the emperor, dear leader and the president of the republic of biafools . You would know a fake because you were born into one and you have been living your irrelevant fake life the same. Get lost.

    • Otunba

      The headline is crafted out of the AGF’s statement so as to enable the paper sell…. you do not query them for doing that.

      • Manuel Tobby

        Bros I don’t think so. You will see more fallout from this drama. Just enjoy the new soap opera

      • Julius

        Yes, I do. They could have used a headline that reflects the truth.

  • Kamoru

    Malami is the Attorney General of Federation of fraudulent Nigerians. May be now that Saraki is fully under the influence of his marabouts, he take the cue and take a shot at his target

  • Mufu Ola

    What does FEC have to do with Magu’s appointment? I think this Malami should be fired. Personally I’ve been neutral about accusations against him & giving him benefit of doubt.But I now realize he is a loafer with negative agenda against FG.

    • George

      You are a liar, you are neutral if not what would you have done differently.

      Osinbajo must never take over from buhari dead or alive, that is the fight that must consume Tinubu and that short evil Osinbajo

      • Manuel Tobby

        This hatred will cause you stroke the way you ranting all over about a man who is not aware you exist.

      • Julius

        And here you are all 7 footer of your worthless, irrelevant life. short Osinbajo is the VP and your life is reduced to ranting about him. Can you see what I’m seeing ?

  • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

    Key Question –
    If it was Buhari that had uttered Osibajo’s words, can Malami actually say the same exact words about FEC not having discussed and agreed to keeping Magu- or would he have just kept quiet?
    If he cant, then I believe there is a problem brewing……and it will come out into the open sooner or later.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      They said it is because Buhari was still around when he made the remarks. But that does not stop Malawi from expressing his opinion on the matter. It looks he holds a contrary opinion.
      I think Osinbajo should go to court for judicial interpretation. Malami can’t be trusted.

      • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

        My question is simply about the level of respect for the non-h/f office holder, esp by hausa/fulanis

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          Please start from when Igbo call someone Hausa, which is synonymous with being intelligent.

          Town Fulani conquered Hausa’s since 1804. All our Northern leaders to date are Town Fulani
          Ahmadu Bello, Balewa, Shagari, Yar’adua, Jega, Nuhu Ribadu, Buhari & Malami are all Town Fulani. I am not so sure of M Mohamed.
          Many of them are very humble, while a few like Malami are arrogant & insubordinate.
          We have a situation on our hands, which might end up by us having a new President. You can expect those who think, they might loss out, to want to rock the boat.
          Like we had in 2010 – 2011, we are in a constitutional crises situation, if anything happens to the President.
          That is what you are seeing, playing out already. It will get more messy unless the President recovers soon enough to return home.

    • George

      Nonsense question or are you comparing Buhari and Osinbajo or what.

      • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

        Here we go again – Nigeria’s educated illiterates!
        Its very obvious you did not (and will probably never do) get it – i.e. the underlying import of my question.
        Pls try to think deeper – if you do possess such grey matter capacity.

  • Tijani

    Proof at last, in fact clear and unrefutable evidence of an opinion I have long held, that Nigeria’s fake pastor fake professor acting and vice president yemi osinbajo is an irredeemable and unrepentant liar! The man is an amoral short midget dwarf whose shameless ambition for unearned political power is only matched by his evidenced competence at crafting and delivering Lagos State ponzi scams. What a shameless team has hijacked power due to Buhari’s protracted sickness, fake pastor Yemi Osinbajo the executively professional liar and fake first lady Aisha Buhari the fake akara fryer. Woe is Nigeria.

    • Pat

      Your comment is rendered useless by personal hatred in you.

    • Manuel Tobby

      Osibanjo is a Prof and SAN, please who are you using this social media handle?
      It will also be nice to know the highest academic and life achievement in your linage, then we can be sure y you are not deluded or high on drugs!

      • George

        That Tokenism osinbajo is a disgrace before God and his yeye tribe yorubas

        • Manuel Tobby

          Until I know who you are, I will assume you are a deranged fellow ranting!
          I won’t because of your tantrums insult your tribe.

          • Ekoile

            For your self dignity, please ignore the rantings of a looser.

          • Manuel Tobby


      • Tijani

        Osinbajo is not a professor, he is a liar. That is fact

      • Tijani

        Osinbajo is not a professor. Where is his phd?

        • Manuel Tobby

          You are a mumu indeed! Osibanjo is not a Prof.!
          Where is his PhD!!!??
          I just asked you that who are you Mr internet warrior?

    • realist

      What is paining you is different from what we are discussing. You are bitter about the present position of Osinbajo, just because he is not an ibo man. Soonest you jump to the lagoon on matters that doesn’t put food on your table. Yeye man

  • Joe

    The AGF’s comment is unfortunate. As the Chief Legal officer of the federation, he knows or ought to know that Magu is a presidential appointee, not FEC. He ought to defend the Ag. President’s position which is shared by the president. By his comment, he has given the unfortunate impression that some of the president’s appointees don’t share his support of Magu. Besides, how else can he resolve a clear conflict between the constitution and the EFCC Act? He should have advised the senate to approach the Supreme Court for resolution instead of holding the nation to ransom.

    • George

      So from OBJ to Yuadua to GEJ they all made a mistakes for sending EFCC chairman to the Senate to clears even OBJ who crated it sent animal Ribadu to the senate for confirmation so why would this Magu own be different.

      • musa aliyu

        Because ought to catch all the thieves and saw them clothes wey fit them, as a tailor!

  • NwaIgbo

    We, the people do not have one atom of respect for the National Assembly led by Ali Baba. These “legislootors” should just leave Magu alone. What type of AGF do we have?

    • George

      You are just a monkey like your forefathers

      • Manuel Tobby

        And you are a dog to insult his forefathers?

    • musa aliyu


    • Manuel Tobby


    • Justice Equity

      You are the one who elected them,they are the best you can offer, they are your change agents.
      Stop your hypocrisy and accept your change.

      • Pat

        Hypocrisy is refusing to criticising political office holders when they are wrong or fail to meet expectation. I believe you wouldn’t have that boldness to do what Nwalgbo has done if you were him that voted for them. Hypocrite of the highest level!

  • IG


    • George

      Tell me whose is Buhari friend in Nigeria

      If he tries his expired lucky too much the senate will impeach him within 24hours nothing will happen or they will use junior officers to overthrow him back to Duara without any consequence whatsoever

    • thusspokez

      Ignoramus, I suggest that you read the Nigerian constitution. The president has no constitutional power to dissolve any of the two houses. Nigeria does not have UK system of government.

      • Mufu Ola

        I’m always chuckling at some people’s ignorance & imbecility.

  • George

    Buhari cannot appoint. President can only nominate and senate confirm before it becomes appointment. That is why until now they are still calling Magu acting chairman because never been confirm by the right authority which is the senate

  • Justice Equity

    Nigeria would not have gotten to this point of confusion and calamitous ineptitude if Yoruba had not played their usual earthquaking Judas kiss in 2015,could anybody that fear the creator truthfully say that Nigeria have gained any inch of progress or development since may 29 2015, it is all about crisis upon crises,confusion upon confusion, needless distraction upon needless distraction.
    Buhari government is the lowest and worst that any nation can descend to,Nigeria have been thrown into needless turmoil, peace, unity,love have flew away from Nigeria, wars,rumors of wars,hate and tribal bigotry have taken over our dear nation , ethnic ,tribal,religious,clannish tempers have risen to a boiling point.
    Nigeria economy have collapsed into needless recession, every thing about this country have been cursed,even south Africa have beaten Nigeria football team on Nigerian soil.
    It is like God have distanced himself from our nation. Buhari the one that received power is now no where to be seen by Nigerians,what a terrible misfortune that had befallen our nation.
    Nigeria is back to the rope of learning the process of democracy again after 18 years of democracy. What a setback.
    May God do a quick work to save Nigeria from this deadly error of judgment.
    May God never allow anything like buhari to ever come near our nation seat of power again. What a great loss and set back to the progress and development of Nigeria.

    • NoBeLie

      Tribal bigotry indeed! Bossman, you have a log in your eye.

  • 0tile

    How can Imam Mohamed Buhari holds tight to Minister of Petroleum when no living person has seen or heard from him in recent times?

    • 0tile

      can Imam Mohamed Buhari hold tight to Minister of Petroleum when no
      living person has seen or heard from him in recent times?


      Share ›

      • omo56

        This is Nigeria, remember?

  • thusspokez

    The endorsement by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo of the continuous stay of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairman was not a collective decision, the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, said on Wednesday.

    What collective decision? Abubakar Malami — a lawyer of sort — doesn’t seem to realise that Nigeria has a presidential system of government — not parliamentary one.

    No one elected him; he is an appointee of the President, his boss who is currently the Acting President. The President makes the decision and if he, Abubakar Malami doesn’t like it, he could resign! Even those who call themselves lawyers and SAN in Nigeria have no clue about the constitution.

    • Rote

      You are right! The decision of the President and by extension the Acting President is a collective decision of the Executive arm of government headed by the President. Malami’s loyalty to this administration is now alloyed and doubtful or he is under some kind of pressure!

  • Zakut Bechor

    In as much as i do agree with the Acting President that the Senate don’t have to confirm appointment of Magu for him to function as Chairman of EFCC, I see a subordination from AGF Malami. The Acting president doesn’t need to present the name of a nominee to the f**king FEC before sending it to the senate. The Ministers are f**king appointees of the President or the Acting president. I think a big battle is brewing in the executive. Interesting times ahead for the Yorubas, I hope its managed properly

    • Ekoile

      Stop with all these tribalistic shades, and feuds.

  • YahayaOmaye

    Really? The looters are all up to stop the war against corruption Does the Acting President need to sit down with. Malami on this?

    • No Komment


      “The situation on Tuesday was so bad that while Senator
      Eyinnaya Abaribe was moving a motion asking the Senate to declare Saraki
      “Acting President,” Mr. Osinabjo was already back in Abuja from his trip to the
      African Union summit in Addis Ababa.

      Apparently, Senator Abaribe and Senator Kabir Marafa did not
      know, and Senator Bukola Saraki shut down the motion pretending as though he
      had no prior knowledge of it. However, several Senate sources told
      SaharaReporters that Saraki had simply forgotten to inform Abaribe and others
      involved in the plot that Yemi Osinbajo had returned to Abuja overnight.

      What Nigerians saw on Tuesday at the Senate was part of the
      pre-arranged onslaughts against Yemi Osinbajo that were decided in Saudi Arabia
      between representatives of the cabal and the Senate President’s (Bukola Sraki’s)

      • Keen Observer

        That is getting very interesting to know; Our father in the Lord featured few days in ”Open Heaven’s devotional that what you tolerates will definitely overtake you.
        The monster in Bukola Saraki & Ekweremandu that APC John Oyegun, Bola Tinubu & PMB (Osinbajo) put together could not tame since over 2yrs now is currently staring straight into their eyes & about to swallow them.
        Bukola Saraki is a RENOWNED SKIMMER from birth because the son of a thief is equally a thief except in a very few rare cases. If you are a very keen political observer you would have sensed that Saraki introvertedly is not ending his career as a Senate President but has eyes in the Presidency. And hurray here comes the opportunity for the skimmer to achieve his goals if Osinbanjo is not careful & prayerful enough.
        And until Bukola Saraki is TAMED or better still ELIMINATED from Nigeria politics (which seemingly is becoming impossible) the duo of PMB / Osinbanjo should not sleep with their 2 eyes closed. Because there is an enemy & a STRONGER Opposition in the House.
        And many of the PMB’s ministers especially of northern extraction are very ready to queue behind Saraki to achieve his evil conspiracy. The issue to declare Saraki as VP has already been mentioned in the floor of the Senate, what else are we Nigerians expecting. From the comments of AGF Malami the hand writing is already on the wall.
        However, my confidence is that so long as Osinbajo is concerned, God will definitely disappoint the devices of the Northern cabal…SURELY. Lets watch & see how it plays out…!!!

        • omo56

          Who will you put your money on; Saraki or Tinubu?

          Not to forget, Buhari is not in love with Saraki

  • ed

    Osinbajo should fire AGF Malami immediately.
    Acting President is the commander in chief of the armed forces and the head of the federal government in our presidential system of government.
    Osinbajo fruitless efforts to please and okay the Cabals made him look weak and unassuming.

    • aisha ani

      Absolutely, get rid of Malami now.

    • AryLoyds

      The Hausa fulani are so much in love with power that they will never share it with other regions. I remember saying some time ago that by referring Osibanjo as a JAMB Coordinator , that they were anticipating to cause crisis in the event that Buhari does not return.
      Now the drama has started, the Yorubas will learn that you can never trust the North , and it is time for them to taste the whip of their Nomadic masters.
      Nigeria is an Animal Kingdom which is even worse than a ZOO!!

  • Pat

    FEC has no executive power but the President and the commander in Chief. FEC membership is just a privilege. The acting president is the acting commander in-Chief. When the Acting President make a comment on any issue, that comment automatically becomes government stand at that particular time until he issue another comment to correct or reverse the earlier one. AGF is acting a script strange to our constitution, hence, he should resign immediately or be sacked from that office.

    • Alhaji Sidi


      Abubakar Malami makes it clear, impliedly, that he is not for Yemi Osinbajo becoming full president
      of Nigeria. It’s as simple as that. There’s no one inside Buhari’s presidential villa with any guts to
      suggest anything that will happen after Buhari quits office for incapacitation. Those with guts,
      including Abubakar Malami, say clearly that Yemi Osinbajo is a stranger in the government.
      The prospect of a military coup is salient as the only option to forestall Yemi Osinbajo.
      Buhari stalwarts viscerally opposed to Yemi sinbajo cite Bola Tinubu as their reason.
      The umbilical political link between Bola Tinubu and Yemi Osinbajo is most hated.

      • omo56

        But this is the umbilical cord that provided oxygen and nuitrition in the birthing process of APC

  • Scatter

    AGF A Malami is disloyal and flat wrong. He should resign or be sacked.

    • Aska


      Nigeria is a country stolen into penury and wracked by ignorance.
      A country governed by thieves and ignoramuses cannot be a democracy.
      Once Nigerians get that straight point into their thick heads, the better. Nigeria
      is now falling apart for lack of knowledge. Yet, the naïve populace can’t yet think
      and act on this first principle but rather keep striving impossibly for personal
      success amid a national rout. No worse delusion ever afflicted any other
      nationality in history. Nigeria’s rogue elites are reported as plotting a
      military coup to sort of throw the country’s acting president out of the villa
      through the window, but that’s also where billions of Naira went down the drain
      in drafting the 1999 Constitution that has no force in governing the Nigerians’
      instincts and reflexes.

      That’s because no phrase or legal text can govern thieves as thieves
      Theft is totally immune to ethics. The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo,
      imploded all by himself and forfeited all credentials. He threw away his pastoral
      frock in pursuit of influence and trod the primrose path of dalliance. He went
      all the way to Kano state in self-disgrace and without any gumption to walk
      naked figuratively, by conferring to impede legislative action on an audited case
      of 3.5 billion theft of Kano Emirate Council funds. The accused criminal –
      Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – became the sole beneficiary of that un-presidential
      gambit at infamy in Yemi Osinbajo’s daft expectancy that in 2019 Sanusi Lamido
      will then endorse him to procure 1.9 million (false) votes from Kano state so that
      he – Yemi Osinbajo – could then win the majority of votes in two-third of the 36
      states in Nigeria. Fools die!

  • OJpo

    It’s now evidently clear that 99.9% of Nigerians and indeed presidency are corrupt. The young man did not hide his love for Saraki and disgust OF Buhari’s government. He is not interested in the fight against corruption of Buhari’s government.But next generations of Nigerians can’t CONTINUE like this. We must think about the future of the young people .

  • George

    This time Igbos and South South are with the North brothers as the Yorubas called them before us so the Yorubas should carry their cross themselves.

    We helped them during MKO when Kokori shut down the entire nation but before we knows it their kings went behind to collected dollars and betrayed their own as expected and even when the North killed Saro-Wiwa the Yorubas celebrated it with their brother-me the Northerners so this time we shall join the North and let YORUBAS SORT THEMSELVES OUT ACCORDINGLY.

    Osinbajo must never be allowed to be a full president. Let the North represent another dog among them and that will be accepted.

  • Olugbenga Roberts

    This is the most irresponsible and self-conceited statement ever made by a public officer. The supposed Cabal members have demonstrated so much disrespect and lack of courtesy that the Acting President needs to assert his authority. Authority is not demanded, it is commanded.

    • ed

      That’s the point that Osinbajo owe the nation. We can’t have 2 President at the same time.
      Acting President Osinbajo is the commander in chief of the armed forces until President Buhari shows up for work.
      He can continue to be dismissed by people he should have fired in the first place.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    If the attorney general of the federation,Mr Abubakar Malami, does not support the choice of the current government as EFCC, chairman,Ibrahim Magu, then the attorney general Abubakar Malami, must resign from the Nigeria government and join the league of the corrupt-ridden lawmakers in the senate that are blocking the confirmation of the acting EFCC chairman.Acting president Yemi Osinbajo, must maintain the stand of the Federal Government, must reaffirming its choice and confidence in the acting EFCC chairman,Ibrahim Magu.

  • omo56

    Mr.Ed please no name calling, just facts

    the simple question is how did former minister of
    agriculture (Yoruba) perform in comparison with the six Ibo ministers in Good
    Luck government? And how is Osinbajo performing?

  • Arogbo

    Mr Abubakar Malami should resign henceforth or be fired by the Acting President. This is a gross case of insubordination. Malami must resign or be fired, period.

  • Uc Paul

    Confusion everywhere.. All hail Biafra