150 Nigerians killed in three-day communal clash

Cross River state
Cross River state

One hundred and fifty people have been confirmed dead after a three-day war between two communities in Cross River over land.

The Director-General of the Cross River State Emergency Management Agency (CR-SEMA), John Inaku, confirmed the development in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Calabar on Tuesday.

“Between June 27 and 29 the people of Wanikade and Wanihem communities both in Yala Local Government Area of the state were involved in a communal war.

“As a result of the bloody war, 14,000 people have been displaced, 1,233 houses were destroyed, while over 150 persons have lost their lives.

“Victims of the affected communities are now internally displaced and camping in over four camps in Benue State.’’

According to him, over 4,000 victims, who fled as a result of the deadly encounter are now taking refuge in Oju Local Government Area of Benue.

He said that the conflict had crippled farming and other socio-economic activities in the area.

Mr. Inaku said, however, that Governor Ben Ayade had provided food and non-food items to the displaced people.

“CR-SEMA in collaboration with the state’s Food Bank Commission has distributed bags of rice, beans, groundnut and palm oil, beverages, cooking utensils, cartons of Indomie, mosquito net, among others to the victims.”

Mr. Inaku thanked the Benue government for its show of love in caring for the people, who fled to Benue for safety.

The director-general appealed to the National Emergency Management Agency and the National Refugee Commission to act proactively with a view to providing succour to the displaced people.

Mr. Inaku, who condemned the conflict, appealed to youths in both communities to lay down their arms and embrace peace.

The Public Relations Officer of the Cross River State Police Command, Irene Ugbo, also confirmed the development.

She said that additional security operatives had been deployed to the warring communities to restore peace.



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  • Shahokaya

    Fighting over land, buried in the land.

    • 0tile

      Fighting for land is more honorable than fighting for toto in paradise. Don’t you think so?

      • Aminu Hammanyero

        So gross, Sir really what is the gain in all these profanities…we are grown ups and should be role models to the young….I beg you to be civil in your public contribution…

        Kind regards

        • 0tile

          Yeah, but when you saw the naked Governor of Yobe Gwovana sweating profusely in bed after 2 rounds of hot toto didn’t you praise him saying that he only committed sin not crime? What kind of civility is that? Haba

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Oga God forbid bad thing….The Ex Governor is not only a disgrace to Nigerians but to humanity. People like him are the reason we are so left behind in every indexes of development. God willing one day our Rawlings will come sort them….

            Please kindly make your contribution, a lot of people will learn from you and you do know that you are a popular guy on the net….make it count make it positive!!!!

            Have a trouble free day….doubt it if you are in Nigeria Lol.

      • Shahokaya

        There is no fighting in paradise or hell.

        • 0tile

          You know what I am talking about. Devout Muslims fight here on earth to get their toto reward in paradise. Come on, is it that why Boko Haram. Al-Shabaab, ISIS, Wahabis etc are killing and dying daily? Ba hankali

  • RAPE_on_The_Niger_DELTA

    Niger Deltans ARISE,
    The following are the reasons we MUST demand and actualize our Niger DELTA Republic without delay before Oct1, 2017…And below are the reasons

    1. 85% of the oil wells of the Niger Delta have been fraudulently acquired by Notherners…and nobody is probing it
    2. Contaminated water, air and even on the farm land.
    3. Every food grown is contaminated with cancer causing toxins from pollution
    4. Fish and other aquatic animals several kilometers away from the sea shores are contaminated too
    5. There is oil pollution and spillage everywhere in the Niger Delta.
    6. Nobody is prosecuting the foreign oil companies and their officials and Nigerian collaborators
    7. Why is Buhari not borrowing to clean up and rebuild the Niger Delta BUT borrowing to rebuild the North East?
    8. Oil spillage is everywhere. Ogoni, Bodo, Bonny & Eket fields etc remain polluted

    The people of the Niger Delta continue to be neglected. Their ecosystem is contaminated with killer cancer causing toxins poured into our rivers by Nigeria’s oil exploration…The recent Transparency International report states that every Niger Deltan adult is not likely to live beyond 45yrs. Why? Because he will die of one cancer or the other. But the Nigerian govt is doing nothing to clean up the Niger Delta. Our rivers all have black sandy beaches with repulsive and choking smell from toxins. This is war against our people and the Nigerian govt does not care.

    Arise! Arise!! Arise!!! It is time to actualize our own Niger DELTA Republic as formerly declared on February 23, 1966 by Isaac Adaka Boro and his brave team.

  • Ditto

    The failure of the inept, useless and useless government led by Brigadier Mohammadu Buhari to clean up the oil spills in Cross Rivers state and the entire Niger Delta region kills more than 150 within the same period. He is in UK receiving treatment and bills paid from Niger Delta resources while the Niger Delta people can’t even get a clinic equipped to treat their Malaria, Cholera

    • Fems

      So it’s Buhari that you blame for the fight between 2 communities in Cross River, what’s the job of the Governor, Elders etc of the Niger Delta

      • Rumournaire

        You see, when their pot of soup gets burnt in the kitchen, it is Buhari’s fault.

        • 0tile

          How many $billions has Imam Buhari spent in North on North violence in the North East? Where is justice?

          • Rumournaire

            Buhari has the mandate to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria. Boko Haram declared war on Nigeria and made it clear that its objective is to force Islamic rule on Nigeria – and you could see that in the way they were progressing the war beyond the North East. That war is squarely the responsibility of whoever heads Nigeria as a country, with federal resources.

            A state governor has the mandate to protect the integrity of his state. Thus, if there are warring communities within the state, the governor has the responsibility to deal with it. If he deems himself incapable of handling it, he can call on the President for help. However, the Constitution does not permit the President to usurp the mandate of a state governor. If it is obvious that a state governor is incapable of dealing with it, and he refuses to accept the fact, only then may the President declare a state of emergency in that state.

          • 0tile

            Why can’t Imam Buhari fight hard to liberate Bakassi for Nigeria given the fact that Gowon and Obasanjo were hopeless about the territory? If Bakassi was in the North would Imam Buhari sulkily abandon the people and land to Cameroon?

          • Rumournaire

            Why do you always throw in unrelated issues in conversations? Gowon signed away Bakassi when he was Head of State. So you want Buhari to now occupy himself with fighting a legal battle to undo what even the International Courts have ruled on?

            C’mon, lets stop raking up unrelated issues just because we don’t like Buhari. No matter how great a President is, he can only do so much in his tenure. If he tries to solve all the historical problems of his country, he would end up doing nothing. Buhari made no promises about Bakassi.

          • 0tile

            In other words we have kissed goodbye to great Bakassi. Bakassi is not unrelated to protecting Nigerian citizens. If the International Courts rule that you remain slave to some other entity, must you accept it as your fate?

          • Shahokaya

            Otile go and take your drugs .

          • 0tile

            It seems you feel worse after you took your own drugs. Physician heal thyself.

          • Inyamiri

            0tile, Gowon, Obasanjo and … ahhhhh Jonah, the shoe-less canoe boi ko?

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Man OBJ messed it up and willingly handed the issue to Hague..and trust the French, the didn’t waste time in supporting Cameroon and we lost out. We signed the binding agreement. It’s no wonder even GEJ (son of the soil) couldn’t do anything about it….it’s a done deal.

          • Abdussalami Yaro

            Otile my invisible friend. Since you envy the North or specifically, the North East, now you can also start killing yourselves to receive $billions from Imam Buhari. Shike nan!

          • ha ha ha ha

          • 0tile

            Dan uwarna, your yoruba slaves are the ones killing themselves and trading in human body parts to get money. Ask kay soyemi (fake esq). Before you ask pin him down, he will try his best to change the topic to insult Biafrans. The pig is slimy.

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            So rude…you Otile…anyway it did made me laugh though!!! lol

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Wicked Lol

        • here here!

          • Aminu Hammanyero

            Hear Hear

        • Aminu Hammanyero


    • Tunsj

      Is President Buhari’s fault, Right? Sometimes, I do not know what planet people like you come from. Is it important for you to show your ignorance? You’re are doing a fine job.

      • Aminu Hammanyero

        I tell you what…Bigotry planet that’s what it is and you can never win with them….Just ignore them!

  • uche

    illiteracy is a disease….land dispute….war over land…..land belongs to whom…God…….were will man end up….in d land…..abeg continue the war over land issues ok….thumbs up..villagers..

  • omo56

    And they cannot confront Fulani herdsmen

  • Brother warring on brother you ‘all’ need to sit down and work out peace.

    • Inyamiri

      Yeah! You sound reasonable; not insulting or blaming others. To sit down understand their differences and seek to resolve issues peacefully is the way out.

  • Justice Equity

    This is one of the many reasons why Nigeria should either restructure or perish,the security agencies dominated by a section of Nigeria will always remain aloof and docile while the storms are gathering for this kind of rain of bloodbath, only to go and mount road block to collect bribe after the deed had been done.
    How can an effective security system not track down those who are planing mayhem of this magnitude before they strike, why do we have DSS,undercover agents ,NSDC etc.
    If Nigeria continue this irresponsible path way even in 2017,then there is no hope at all.
    Let’s start today to restructure this country and allow every state to control her security needs.

    • marc umeh

      Don’t mind them . A bunch of incompetents
      They could have hid the warning signs. Now they are distributing aid. These people running this place make me sick.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Now that people in the south are killing each other, why are there no chants of Fulani killers or Buhari’s lack of empathy or any of the many forms of delusional blames to be assigned to others other than those in the local communities involved?

  • George

    The Blood shards are upon buhari head and his generations born and unborn.

    Its his duty to make sure we have good and ready police officers and not this backward iiidiotttt he appointed as a police IGP.

    To hell with them all

    • Inyamiri

      george is loosing his head! Hahahahahaha!!!! Keep on blaming PMB for all your woes. Keep on crying, cry baby!!!

    • amazing2012

      You are exactly as your picture! Monkey carry dog!


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  • amazing2012

    Christians are satans pretending to be preaching peace.