EXCLUSIVE: Real reason France supported Biafra during Nigerian civil war


A controversial French support to Biafra as it fought to break away from Nigeria between 1967 and 1970 was not in defence of Biafra’s secession cause — even though it had a humanitarian appeal.

Instead, it was based on that European country’s desire to have access to the region’s oil, recently-declassified war-time memos compiled by the U.S. Central Investigation Agency, CIA, say.

“France supported Biafra because of the oil and ERAP, but not the Ibo revolution,” said Jean Mauricheau-Beaupre, French secretary general for African and Malagasy Affairs, referring to Emergency Response Action Plan, ERAP.

The February 10, 1969 memo quotes Mr. Mauricheau-Beaupre, the equivalent of a minister at the time, as saying French support was merely given to a “handful of Biafra bourgeoisie in return for oil”.

As the hope of Biafra breaking away increasingly seemed lost, the French minister ruled out the possibility of a guerilla war in the region, saying there was no popular support in the region.

“The real Ibo mentality is much farther to the left than that of Ojukwu and even if we had won, there would have been the problem of keeping him in power in the face of leftist infiltration,” he said, referring to the Biafran warlord, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

At a time renewed agitation for a Biafran state has reached an extraordinarily feverish pitch, the declassified American intelligence shed light on how external interests largely shaped a three-year atrocious war that left over a one million Nigerians dead 50 years ago.

Amongst nations that took sides in the war, only France, Gabon, Tanzania and Ivory Coast openly backed Biafra, at that time comprising present south east and parts of south south Nigerian states.

The federal government received help mainly from the United Kingdom and Russia, as it struggled to thwart Biafra’s exit.

Both sides received huge cash support, arms and ammunition, and relief materials from their backers.

Altogether, France sent $30 million worth of material to Biafra, and lent then Ivory Coast’s President Houphouet-Boigny $3 million to aid Biafra operations, said then French Minister of National Defense, Michel Debre, and Mr. Mauricheau-Beauprea, according to the diplomatic cables.

Details of French arms supplies remain classified till date.

But the CIA file said on January 13, 1970, as the war wound down, Mr. Mauricheau-Beaupre and Mr. Debre, the national defence minister, decided to remove stocks of French-supplied arms and divide same to French bases at Douala and Abidjan.

France resolved there was no chance of supporting a Biafran guerrilla resistance, CIA noted.

“The rationale for this position as expressed by Mauricheau-Beaupre to individuals concerned with executing Biafran operations was as follows: ‘France supported Biafra because of the oil and ERAP, but not the Ibo revolution,” the cable said.

The telegram containing these intelligence was forwarded to U.S. President Richard Nixon’s deputy assistant for national security affair.

Richard Helms, the director of CIA at the time, said there was “cynicism on the part of the French” to support a Biafran guerrilla resistance.

Later, the CIA noted the war had stalemated with federal troops surrounding the Biafran enclave. Yet, it analysed that despite the federal military’s superiority in personnel and material, there was “very little prospect that either side, by itself, can win militarily in the next six months unless Biafraʼs arms supply is cut off”.

“A prolonged stale-mate or ceasefire could well result in the replacement of the present moderate leadership by military leaders who would be proponents of a ruthless, all out military victory and less concerned about international opinion,” the CIA said of the military ruler, Yakubu Gowon.

It also noted that Mr. Ojukwu, a former lieutenant colonel, had the strong support of a people who seemed determined to win self-determination.

“The Biafran leaders have successfully—-if cynically—exploited the issue of starvation to win political sympathy abroad. They believe time is on their side and that either (a) the FMG coalition will collapse or (b) outside sympathy for their plight will bring about a solution favourable to them,” it wrote.

Foreign powers and interests

The CIA said the British government supported the federal military government with “non-sophisticated arms sales”, while the Soviets became a major arms suppliers at the outset of the war.

The U.S. on its part embargoed arms sales to both sides, in a war that also created opportunity for influence peddling between the west and the east.

“The FMG gives frequent assurances that the Soviet involvement is only a matter of wartime necessity and portends no political realignment of Nigeriaʼs traditional pro-Western stance. We have no evidence that the FMG has thus far granted any significant political concessions in return for Soviet arms. However, Soviet prestige and acceptance has increased,” the CIA wrote.

“Soviet intentions are unclear. They probably consider Nigeria a target of opportunity to extend their influence at Western expense and relatively little cost to themselves. Whether requested or not, they have not gone beyond the provision of military equipment, including aircraft and the training of pilots.”

“Although disappointed and perhaps somewhat embarrassed–at slow FMG military progress, they appear willing to continue their support in the belief that prolonged fighting and FMG frustrations will increase the political value of their help,” the report said of Russia.

At the Organization of African Unity (OAU), all but four members (Ivory Coast, Gabon, Tanzania, Zambia, that recognized Biafra in 1968), shifted support to the Federal Military Government by 1969 and regarded the civil war as an internal question which should be solved within an African (OAU) frame-work.

For the United Nations, there was no role for it in the war, beyond the participation by UNICEF and other specialized agencies in the relief effort.

The U.S. said it regarded the civil war as primarily a Nigerian and African problem, but continued to recognise the FMG; imposed an arms embargo on both sides; contributed $30 million to the international relief effort; voiced political support for a negotiated settlement in the context of one Nigeria with workable safeguards for Ibo protection.

The French decision to supply arms clandestinely to Biafra probably saved the rebellion when it appeared near defeat last summer, the CIA cable noted, saying President De Gaulleʼs motives were mixed.

First, France hoped to acquire British and American oil concessions in the oil-rich Niger Delta, and could have been motivated by the possibility of the breaking up of an Anglophone federation which could have exerted a powerful influence in a West Africa it had strong interests.

“So far, the French have stopped short of outright recognition. They deny giving arms. We simply do not know how far the French are prepared to go in support of Biafran independence,” the U.S. said.

Ojukwu’s first destination revealed

Mr. Ojukwu fled as the stronghold city of Enugu fell under federal control. The CIA said his first stop was Gabon, contrary to the commonly known fact that he travelled to Ivory Coast.

In Libreville, the Gabonese capital, Mr. Ojukwu lived in a private villa and told French agents he departed Nigeria according to the wishes of his general staff, Phillip Effiong, and to spare his people from extermination.

Christopher Onyekwelu, Biafran finance representative in Europe and brother-in- law of Mr. Ojukwu, was given a round-trip ticket to Libreville on January 13 by the French general secretariat for African and Malagasy Affairs in Paris.

He was to join Mr. Ojukwu in Libreville a day later. Separately, C.C. Mojekwu, Biafra’s representative in Lisbon, Portugal, also departed by air for Libreville.

Later, French secretary general for African and Malagasy Affairs, Jacques Foccart, left Yaoundé where he was attending Cameroon’s tenth anniversary celebrations to meet with Mr. Ojukwu in Libreville.


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  • Diplomatiqué

    Premium Times Editor,

    Leave France out of it. No strong or convincing motive is ever needed to
    oppose evil. Nigeria under Buhari/Osinbajo does NOT look like a country but
    a place with irate groups marked by rowdy confusion or unrestrained behavior –
    a situation characterized by disorder in a place that’s very noisy and full of
    people behaving badly – a place or the people in that place variously
    regarded as lacking order, discipline and refinement; where stealing
    is the purpose of government and where a core leadership of the
    country emerged from the ranks of treasury thieves.

    In short, Nigeria today under
    Buhari/Osinbajo regime, is a zoo. That’s why secession from a zoo is impossible
    to oppose with logic or reason. A plea that anyone accepts life in an asylum
    that Nigeria has rotted into is not wise or well. Biafra is a sound and logical
    proposition to a clear existential threat to humanity that’s presently rife in
    a perpetually dark, ignorant, murderous and benighted Nigeria

    • Sai Mama

      “I sympathise with Nigerians for voting Buhari. We have a president who doesn’t have a friend outside
      the North and that’s a tragedy. As I am talking to you, I am convinced that President Buhari’s presidency
      is dead. He may be physically alive and I wish him good health, but as far as governance is concerned,
      his presidency is dead and nothing can be done to resuscitate it. A presidency can be alive in terms of
      a leader, but in terms of programmes and achievements it can be dead and historically forgotten..

      Nigeria’s president must be a man who is nationally and internationally exposed, who appreciates people
      and feels comfortable with people no matter their religion or ethnic background. That’s not the case with
      Buhari. People he is comfortable with represents a tiny minority of Nigerians and as far as I am concerned,
      you don’t have to see yourself either as an Hausa man or a Moslem. There is going to be an election in
      2019 and if Buhari were to be in good health and contest, I am sure he will lose and if he attempts to rig
      the election, there will be violence in this country.”

      …………..Dr. Junaid Muhammed

      (KANO, March 5th, 2017)

      • Anasieze Donatus

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          • Höly Wähala

            Quit talking to yourself… or quit drugs. Why are you pestering this space with evidence of mental illness? Go and write an article on the topic and stop being a public nuisance. Nonsense!

          • Anasieze Donatus

            If you are intelligent you would have noticed that i do not comment of your post because you are berate of noble ideas which makes you think you are on top of the forum. I discuss intelligently and will never descend so low to your level because you are TLZ. Too Low For Zero. I made this comment for you to know how i regard you and henceforth i will continue to ignore you and your comment as usual.

          • Höly Wähala

            Pandering bastard… just get lost, monkey!

    • Julius

      Hahahahahaha, you can’t handle the truth. We all knew what happened and your lies are exposed ! Keep being delusional.

  • Buharin daji

    The French always stands out of the crowd in their thinking

    • Höly Wähala

      The French fought with the Americans for their independence from Britain. So, yes! The French always fight for justice and self-determination for folks especially if it’s against the Brits who were notoriously expliotative in their relations with their host natives. Go and drive on the roads of Benin Republic to Ivory Coast then, compare those with Nigerian road network built by the conservatively corrupt British crooks… lol!

  • Höly Wähala

    CIA never get it right, is the popular saying everywhere outside America. So, France was in it for a piece of the oily Niger Delta but, the Ango-American oil interests were not the reason the British organized a global coalition to combat the Biafrans, abi? Fact is, the Biafran War took place at the height of the Cold War between the West and Soviet Union for who controls Afroca’s resources, from Angola to Rhodesia; Belgian Congo to British Nigeria… and the Russians who had footings in Angola, Mozambique and so on, also needed a foot in West Africa hence, the Biafra War became their Fuld Gap. France could not have been shipping arms to Ojukwu given the land and sea blockade of the Biafrans, it was towards the end of the war that some weapons trickled in via Gabon and The Bight of Biafra aka, Equatorial Guinea. Finally, Ojukwu was never in Enugu throughout that war, his command and control center was in his bunker beneath Oguta Lake which was from where Radio Biafra broadcast while giving the impression they were announcing from Enugu… it was a war decoy that fooled the world and protracted the war because it was impossible to decimate Biafran leadership due to their hideouts. Again, the CIA got it wrong but more significantly, this is only a partial cherry-picked newsfeed that does nothing to on-going national debate about a Referendum for decentralization of power so enclaves can better develope at their pace with their resources. Ende!

  • Julius

    Old news but, this exposes the lies that biafarud fought the war without any help from anywhere. “The French decision to supply arms clandestinely to Biafra probably saved the rebellion when it appeared near defeat last summer, the CIA cable noted, saying President De Gaulleʼs motives were mixed”.The French and Ojukwu had the same goal which is the oil from the South South. He also lied that he left with the wishes of Gen. Effiong…Gen. Effiong knew he was running away less than an hour before he boarded the plane . That was one of the reasons he NEVER spoke to Ojukwu for the rest of his life. Abi na lie ?

  • Referendum_No_More_No_Less

    Referendum_No more_No_Less. The statistic below says it all. Whether you manufacture stories about France or Jupiter or whatever, we as a people of the United Eastern Nigeria (Biafra Republic ) and Southern Nigeria (Niger Delta Republic) are set for a referendum to leave Nigeria. There is no matter of useless articles of this nature that will stop us.

    1) Tafawa Balewa—— (NORTH)
    2) Yakubu Gowon—— (NORTH)
    3) Murtala Mohammed– (NORTH)
    4) Shehu Shagari——– (NORTH)
    5) Mohammadu Buhari–(NORTH)
    6) Ibrahim Babangida—(NORTH)
    7) Sanni Abacha———(NORTH)
    8) Abdulsalami Abubakar(NORTH)
    9) Mus YarDua————-(NORTH)
    10) Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan–(SOUTH)
    11) Aguiyi Ironsi———————–(EAST)
    12) Obasanjo Olusegun————-(WEST)
    13) Earnest Shonekan—————(WEST)


      This is the same weak argument I hear everywhere. It seems you guys are being brainwashed. You are citing irrelevancies instead of focusing on the issues on the ground. Why are governors hamstringing local governments? Why are people not investing in businesses that operate in their localities? What are states and local governments doing with their allocations? Presidency is not your problem. If you feel so strongly about it, join a political party and channel this energy into winning power. APC did it, so can you.

      • Ndukwe

        Why bother about those things that the secessionists should bother about? What is your business whether they succeed or survive as a country? If you had brains left in your head then you should bother about how your Nigeria that is left after Biafra and Niger Delta secede survives. Why fret over what will become of Biafra? It shows how sick you are. Encourage your Nigeria that is left to invest in your Nigeria and prepare to laugh at us that we have failed. Isn’t that what you should be doing? Parasite!

        • UNAFFECTED

          Ndukwe, a bum onye Umuahia so let your mind be at rest. That place you are going to with a jar of palm wine on your head, just know that there is no ceremony there. It seem that your confidence is so much about oil and that shows you are not well-educated about the cause you are pursuing. And before you spout another fallacy my brother, study the food productivity index of Nigeria, the predictions for the future value of oil and the industrial development of eastern Nigeria (from Agbor to Ogoja). Stop drinking the cool aid of IPOB.

      • DrChris Nwankwo

        So, people should not worry that leadership of a country they belong to has been skewed since independence? They should not worry about the criminal structuring of the country to favour only one region? They should not worry about skewed appointments. They should not worry about Fulani herdsmen massacring people in their farms without Government’s deterrence? They should not worry about genocide committed against them in the past etc? But should instead, worry about why people are not establishing businesses in their localities etc? I guess you think you are lecturing minors? When shall we start being less hypothetical in Nigeria?

        • Malcom

          Thank you very very very very very much. But you left some things out. People should not also worry about Suicide bombers that are never named, their origins, family members, acquaintances etc that are never named or known . They should not worry about the sponsors of terrorism too. People should just be dumb as the Cows and sheep.

        • UNAFFECTED

          Just because you affixed Dr in your name doesn’t mean you are educated about the situation of things in Nigeria. You do know we have a democracy right? And that we mobilized to seize federal political positions meant for Lagos state? Skewed leadership, skewed appointments Fulani herdsmen, that is all I hear from IPOB members. What about about education, healthcare, investment opportunities? Have you articulated what the GDP of your Biafra will be? Just keep whining. Besides apart from worshiping Nnamdi what is your plan? Ask him for his plan? You all have nothing. Just nostalgia for a war that we lost. Go figure.

    • emmanuel

      ………and the North insist that 2019 must return a Northernenr to presidency. If the South, East and West accept this demand, then they are all f0000000000000000ls for life.

    • Abdul

      How can you use north for Gowon, Babangida and Abdulsalam instead of middle belt. It is either you Use North vs South. 4 Nigeria leaders from South, 3 from Middle Belt and 6 from core north.

      • Rex

        No. It is North,South, East and West. Have you heard of compass points before?

        By the way, tell me, where is South CENTRAL in Nigeria? How can you have a so called North Central but no South Central? Why? Because you want to capture Benue and Kogi and call them North. So the animals created South South and did not create a North North. Why? Mumu!

  • Adenike Grace

    Biafra want their Freedom Now

  • Ibrahim Babangida

    No nation or individual fights for nothing. In fact, fights and disagreement are all about protecting interests. America et al fight for interests. Biafra agitation led by Kanu is for some interests, especially selfish interests. Kanu is evil. He wants to be seen and rated than Odumegwu Ojukwu(now late). Kanu predetermined the currency,the carved out region,the declaration and the agitation of Biafra for the Igbo-speaking people of Nigeria. Kanu didn’t stop at that. Kanu declared himself the leader of Biafra while the mumu governors of the south South Nigeria watched him rise in popularity and pay homage to him. The declaration Kanu made was similar to what Abiola kasimawo(now late) made which landed him jail and caused his death. Kanu is just lucky this democracy.

    • Ibu Anyi Danda

      Go and face your brothers in Chad and Niger, you have nothing in common with people of Biafra. All Hail Biafra.

    • share Idea

      Did Abiola declare that Nigerian state should give him a date for Oduduwa Referendum if you said they made the same declaration?

      • Ibrahim Babangida

        I said similar not the same as you are insinuating. Which school did you attend? And who taught you English?

    • aisha ani

      Lucky that baba is still trying to get himself together, you think Jonathan will allow all this? No likely!

    • PolyGon2013

      You cannot compare Kanu’s situation with Abiola. Abiola contested for an election, and he won. But however, Babangida annulled it. Abiola was claiming his mandate, and that is what landed him in jail.


    This news story is an unnecessary clickbait by Premium Times. Anybody who has conducted research into the Nigeria Civil War knows this fact. It was a triangular big-power contest between the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union. France went beyond arms smuggling. It funded Rolf Steiner, a former Hitler Youth member who joined the French Foreign Legion, who created the Biafra elite brigade. He commanded more than 3000 well trained soldiers.

  • Intrepid

    This is terroristic journalism, the type the machiavellian yaribas are known for. What message do the vultures want to convey, with this piece of sh1t?

    For those millenials who do not know how it all started, the yaribas say the Igbos have been abusive and disrespectful to them in recent times. Back in the 70s and the 80s, there was what we called the Lagos- Ibadan press, dominated by the yaribas, this they used as a an effective machinery and weapon to ride on the crest of mischief all over Nigeria. At that time, being predators, they can prey on any person, group or tribe of their chosen. I don’t have the time to state some of their sensational mischief and various mudslingings on their perceived adversaries, during that period.

    Whilst they are still on it, but things have not only changed, because of the balance of forces in the realm of news and information dissemination, because of the Internet revolution. Now the yariba are crying everywhere, how the defensive and hard to bend Igbos are giving it back to them. They say we are disrespectful and abusive, but is just like the pot calling the kettle black.

    I don’t really know what the mischief making yaribas are looking for in Nigeria?

  • Mentus

    Now that we know the reason for France’s support of Biafra, can the US/CIA tell us why they foisted this present administration on Nigerians which has resulted in unprecedented hardship with many committing suicide, poverty, sectarianism, and collapsed economy.
    The US ambassador insisted that Nigeria is better as one country, like in US can they ensure equal rights, no discrimination where every citizen can settle in any part of Nigeria without being seen as non-indigenes, where appointments are merited and not discriminatory. Can the US tell us their real reason for wanting Nigeria to remain as one entity. US is never known for their altruism.

    • Massob & IPOB


      BIAFRA: The land of the rising sun…….

      “Land of the rising sun, we love and cherish, Beloved homeland of our brave heroes;
      We must defend our lives or we shall perish, We shall protect our hearts from all
      our foes; But if the price is death for all we hold dear, Then let us die without
      a shred of fear.

      Hail to Biafra, consecrated nation, Oh fatherland, this be our solemn pledge:
      Defending thee shall be a dedication, Spilling our blood we’ll count a
      privilege; The waving standard which emboldens the free
      Shall always be our flag of liberty

      • Ade

        Small boy, look at the above picture. That is what you get when deranged leaders take their people into needless war

      • aisha ani

        Land of the rising sun? Is that not Japan?

  • Fairgame

    Referendum, no more no less. We shall not partake of any elections, census, or any other political event in Nigeria UNTIL there is a referendum organized for us to determine our fate. 1914 must be revisited. Even Britain that foisted 1914 amalgamation on the nations in Nigeria continually conducts elections/referendum to determine a course of action e.g., Brexit, and then the last elections UK lections that was more or less a referendum expected to reaffirm more support for the PM even though it achieved the opposite. In the same way a referendum might be in favour of united Nigeria…so lets have it. The apologists in APC & PDP who are more interested in their loot and thus campaign for continuous enslavement of the South & East will be dealt with at the appropriate time. We know they are few…and we(the suffering generality of the people) are legion.

    Referendum yesterday, referendum today, referendum forever.

  • Sarah

    Premium Times, Thank you for sharing this pic and reminding Igbos why they should not follow a deluded Demagogue, Kanu, into another war. His followers now call him ‘..supreme leader of Igbo race..’, even though noble giants like Alex Ekwueme and Emeka Anyaoku still walk this earth.
    It is delusional for IPOB and co to think that if push comes to shove they will be fighting the North West alone. We Yoruba will NEVER forgive the cold blooded murder of Akintola and Yoruba military officers in January 1966. We will align AGAIN with our Northern allies. US and France have already made clear they support one united Nigeria; China has said the same, Russia and UK will be on the Nigerian side. The South-South are already making clear they are not part of Biafra.
    Ojukwu could be pardoned for not having history to refer to, however Kanu and his followers have history and these photos to refer to. It is will be a strategic miscalculation for Ndigbo to allow themselves to be taken into another war against Nigeria and our allies.
    Hopefully sane heads will prevail.

    • DrChris Nwankwo

      What an infantile and nonsensical post. You deserve to be pitied.

      • Timi

        Like president like supporter. Brainless!

    • Julius

      Yes I read that where they are now calling him the “supreme leader” of Ibo race . ipob is gradually turning into a cult. It’s frightening and it should be to all Ibos


        Would you like it if pictures of Ahmad Bello, and other Hausa and Yoruba soldiers killed and conquered by the other side are published too? Terrorist Nigeria killed civilians and non-combatants, and you are proud of it, so remember that Biafrans did their own too by killing soldiers and crazy leaders up north, and the pictures are there.

        Without the British and the Russians, Biafra would have destroyed these terrorists, and Nigeria would be better for it.

        That was then, this is now; the next war will be cleaner. USA didn’t have Trump then. The Hausa-Fulani weren’t known as Muslim Terrorists aligned with ISIS as they are now.

        Just start another war and see what will happen.

        • Julius

          Julius Huck231 • 6 hours ago
          Yeah, good question, I do not like that picture either .
          That was my comment about the picture but of course you didn’t or won’t acknowledge reading it. I
          know that it will blow up your narratives.
          You are just as delusional as Ojukwu . He said that biafraud soldiers were the best in the world and they will show the Nigerian army ‘pepper’ ..You finish laughing yet ? . Please do not tell me that you are one of the fools thinking that Trump gives a shit about you or your cause. Abeg, have a pride and another plan. The rest of your comment is laughable so, I’ll leave it alone.

      • aisha ani

        Reminds one of “Jim Jones and the Guyana tragedy” and more recently the one that happened in Waco, Texas…..and so on. They will soon find out their “supreme leader”, is only leading them to their death. This guy is only interested in himself, if he really has the peoples interest at heart he should not allow them to call him the “supreme leader” or “Emperor”. let us take a look at some of the past “supreme leaders”; Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Mobutu Sese Seko, Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, don’t sound good.

        • Julius

          No, it doesn’t sound good at all and I’m hoping and praying that some of their elders, leaders will condenm this ASAP ! It’s no joke, its looking like the examples you correctly gave. It should be alarming to their folks that should know better. Group thinking is a bytch that leads to misery. Ojukwu started a war without weapons and no plans to even get any . No one said anything till after the war when they started writing books about the war and his leadership running the war. Imagine that. I hope we are not going there again and this fraud named kanu may just lead them there. Lets hope not.

          • JJ

            There are no elders in ibo land but old men and women. Everyone thinks alike.

          • Julius

            You meant the mumus. The group thinkers. I hear you..what a shame.

    • okorie

      Sarah, it appears that you have a vested interest against Ndiigbo on this forum every time You are gloating about the the pictures of Igbo staving children -victims of Nigerian- BRITISH cum Russian genocide.. These pictures totally vindicates Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members who are at the center of the renewed struggle for Biafra self determination. So I thank THIS LOW LEVEL NEWSPAPER for a better reason than yours. As a diabolical liar with no knowledge of Nigerian history, you cannot point to any record of US and France stating that they support your ailing and limping ‘one Nigeria” . Your UK has been reduced to a fourth power, as it has been decimated by your terrorist ally. it is fighting to keep its’ head above water trying to put out fires, while terrorist’s bombs are exploding right left and center every second. Britain cannot save Nigeria in 2017, get that through your 20 points quota cut off skull. Igbo is the heart beat of that contraption called Nigeria, and as Igbo goes so goes Nigeria. Biafra is here already, and only scum bags like Sarah would continue to chase their tails. You claim to be a Yoruba, however for the sake of real Yorubas like Governor Fayose and Chief Kayode, I refuse to denigrate the Yoruba race on this forum. As for failures like you, Sarah I will trail you bastards on this forum to keep the records straight. Hail Biafra.

      • Sarah

        Retarded bastard. If your lazy brain had any sense of initiative, a simple on-line search would have verified​ the ff: at Ibadan and Abuja within 2 weeks gap, the US ambassador has stated his country’s commitment to one united Nigeria; French and Chinese envoys also stated their positions.
        The photo shows the result of collective foolhardiness and delusion on the part of Igbos that followed Ojukwu. Kanu and fools like you are leading Igbo to a similar fate.

        • okorie

          Sarah, you are an unmitigated punk, and a serial liar . I tasked you to produce evidence to support your falsehood that U.S. and France have openly as a policy told the world that they are in support of your delusional one Nigeria. Produce the audio speech the Ambassador made in Ibadan or elsewhere . CNN Corespondent was at that Ibadan meeting, and our investigation revealed that the Ambassador never uttered that the U.S is in favor of one Nigeria. If he had stated that as a U. S policy, CNN and other U.S media would have reported it. Again, I challenge you to produce the audio or shut your trap. I will never allow you bastard to peddle falsehood on this forum any longer. You are a marked habitual liar with no education or viable means of livelihood. All you do is come to the forum everyday, sat on your ass and spew hate and falsehood about God’s children. Biafra has come to stay and there is nothing simpletons like you Sarah can do about it. Hail Biafra!!!

    • Oty

      Let me assume you are Nigerian.

      From your box of wisdom and unfoolishness, how have your Nigeria and your community fared? Can you pick your community and compare it to any Igbo community and said you have fared better?

      Hope that there is no single hungry mouth or unattended sick person in your area because of Nigeria?

      In all we are all victims of this your Nigeria but some victims from the SE has said enough is enough to the decay and want out. How is that a problem to you that you result to all sorts foulness and bestiality?

  • Domingos

    When you are to report on young girls wearing Hijab to schools in Ekiti or Zamfara as mandatory regalia for Islamic schools or of female Muslim kids wearing Hijab to Christian schools in Ekiti you block/cover their faces to shield their identity because of their age. For cases of chiuld molestation you use images that don’t reveal the identity of the victim. BUT these Biafran children are displayed without any inhibitions whatsoever…just because they are Biafrans and deserve not to be treated without dignity. It shows the level of mumudity of the Editors, reporters and other staff of Premium Times. Pure mumudity. Unadulterated!

  • kayode Olufade

    No nation will support any other nation or a group to secession without having their own interests, countries on both sides had interests and the countries which side won had the concession to the oil. It all begins and ends with the oil in the oil producing states! Energy or power; as most call it, is the driving force of industrialization and oil fuels industrialization so oil will always be the driving force to support a side in the case of secession. It is sad that on both sides the influence of western powers was allowed to determine the outcome of the war or even the beginning. War is never the answer, I find it intriguing that the times always bring about necessities, if Nigeria has to break up for everyone to live in peace then let it happen but to noones detriment, if restructuring is the answer then let it happen but one thing is clear, ACTION is needed now, no more silence, no more paying lip service. The way Nigeria is structured to fend for itself is not working and such inconsistencies has come to a head. We need action now, and no one should be forced to swallow a pill one doesn’t want to. God bless us all with wisdom.

  • Randy

    France supported Biafra bcos of oil. Why did UK, Russia and others support Nigeria? This is how stewpid PT has become

    • Julius

      Why are you blaming PT for reporting what was in the file of the French and the CIA and declassified ? Abi PT made it up ?

      • Tonnero

        No be Biafran? Na so dem be.

    • Tunsj

      Go back and read the article again and stop blaming Premium Times. Is Premium Times CIA?

    • Julius

      Sir, every country in the world will only do things to either maintain or serve their interests.

    • Michael

      Is it PT that produced the information or is the information from classified documents from the CIA which PT is simply revealing? Your brain has become warped. Use the left side to read the article again and the right side to work out where the information on France really came from.

  • Ibu Anyi Danda

    This Almajiri reporter, you need to tell us the reason French is supporting the Zoo now. All Hail Biafra.

  • Verax

    This is not news. All parties that had their hand in the war, both internal and external, did so because of the oil. The NORTH wanted ONE NIGERIA because of the oil. The north still wants one Nigeria because of the oil. The U.K. fully supported the north because of oil. The West ignored the genocide in Rwanda because they did not have oil. The U.S. fought the first Iraq war because they did not want Saddam to control Kuwait’s oil. The U.S. ignores all the extra-judicial execution of black Africans in Saudi Arabia today, because of oil. Donald Trump recently signed agreement to sell war planes worth half a trillion dollars to Saudi Arabia because of oil, even though he knows Saudi Arabia could use those planes against Israel. Half of world’s conflict is all about oil.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    This is a stale news. We knew this year’s back, courtesy of Al-Jazeera news Network.

    • Julius

      It’s worth repeating for History sake !

  • Huck231

    Ini Ekott, why did you decide to use that picture for your write up?

    • Julius

      Yeah, good question, I do not like that picture either .

      • Patriot01

        It’s a stark reminder of those that didn’t witness their fathers & g/fathers experience an unwanted war that killed thousands of innocent ibos in an unjustified cause.Let it be a lesson those those living drumming up support for it.

        • Julius

          No, there ought to be other pictures for exactly the reason you stated. I do agree with you about the war which was a waste of lives.

      • Pawa2

        That was the enduring image of the civil war. Biafra encouraged the publishing of pictires like that to gain sympathy and support for their cause during the civil war.

        • JJ

          It on records that Ojukwu purposely starved the children and called for photographs to gain sympathy and support for his selfish cause. It’s a pity some of those children didn’t survive. They ended up in a pot of soup. The cannibalistic Ibos served them as pepper soup. You can’t trace their graves.

    • PolyGon2013

      To draw sentiment and sympathy. The writer could have used the military photo of Biafran soldiers or Ojukwu, hiding in the bunker.

  • Ade

    Nnamdi Kanu is the first child in that picture. Malnourished body produces malnourished brain.

    • Teflonjones

      While your feaces filled brain produces shitty reasoning

  • Dede

    Just give them their Biafra and let the rest of Nigeria move on. Why must you worry over Biafra and their destiny. Nigeria was not formed by God. For goodness sake Nigeria did not exist b4 1914. It means our ancestors were not Nigerians. So therefore, if any part of Nigeria wants to return to her old country so be it. Some traditional ruler in the North told us during the last National conference that he and his people are from Western Cameroon and will simply go back there if provoked. SO be it. Self determination is the way forward and not a country where any lunatic can become president because of influence in the North East of some forests.

    • Anadoda33

      Right. God did not create a country called Nigeria. So all those opportunists and politicians saying Nigeria is indivisible are only trying to protect their stealing habits and their empire of fraud. These politicians include people like Okorocha and Oshiomhole…how can a former Labour leader suddenly acquire property and permanent houses in America? So these crooks want one Nigeria to go on. But we say no. Referendum today, referendum forever or face election boycott for a start.

      • Pawa2

        God did not create any country. All countries (including Nigeria) were created by human beings.

    • Kenny

      True talk! Self-determination remains the people’s inalienable right. That’s why there’s no Soviet Union anymore. Unity of the various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria is synonymous to that of biblical Jonah in the belly of the big fish!

    • PolyGon2013

      To be honest, I would prefer that Ibos were never part of Nigeria. Today, Ibo won’t leave Nigeria unless SS agreed to join them. What ibos are doing today is using style to annex parts of SS, but the latter won’t agree. I wish they can just agree so that we can cut them away. NIgeria needs to just break into its different zones and let any zone that wanted to merge with one another do it.

  • Box Office


  • marcos avelino

    Why will france support the the ugly african IBOs if not for some oily pot ? .Let the criminal DNA Ibo ( IBO = I , B = Before , O = Others ) get out . They are the scumbags of humanity – the most criminal race on earth. Kidnappers , armed robbers , 419 , baby factories.

  • marcos avelino

    Why will france support the the ugly african IBOs if not for some oily pot ? .Let the criminal DNA Ibo ( IBO = I , B = Before , O = Others ) get out . They are the scumbags of humanity – the most criminal race on earth. Kidnappers , armed robbers , 419 , baby factories.

    • nwaurualla


  • thusspokez

    Instead, it was based on that European country’s desire to have access to the region’s oil, recently-declassified war-time memos compiled by the U.S. Central Investigation Agency, CIA, say.

    “recently-declassified”??? What planet do you Nigerian journalists live on, that you are only now finding this out? Over the years many documentaries and books have been published about it.

    For example, in the Al Jazeera series “The French African Connection” we heard directly from the French officials who were directly involved in the biafran war, even boasting about what they did. For example, how they smuggled French photographer via Gabon into biafra to take photos of starving biafran children for propaganda purpose — these famous photos of starving biafran children are still circulated today.

    Half way through the war, France knew that the biafra that t was backing had no chance of winning the war, but nevertheless kept on egging on the Igbos — a people who see themselves as the cleverest people on planet earth — to keep fighting and dying for a lost course. France’s interest in biafra was the oil — now in the south-south. Readers, I suggest you go to Youtube and find: “The French African Connection – France’s Thirst for Energy – ep 1/3”.

    The French could have stopped egging on the biafrans, instead it prolonged the war. Either the French were too clever for the biafrans or the biafrans — PhD in every household and the most intelligent people on earth — were just too stúpid to realise what France was up to.

    Despite the shameful role that France had played and its complicity in the death of thousands of Igbos, stúpid neobiafrans [oops! PhD in every household and most intelligent people on earth ] still praise the role France played.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      Igbo reasoning and choices baffles me.
      They are net beneficiaries of current revenue allocation formular. Their people rely on every Nigerian Village for their living from retail trading.
      I can not understand, it they truly believe that they could recreate pre civil War Eastern Nigeria, where Igbos dominated other minority tribes in current Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross Rivers & Akwa Ibom States.
      Some of them are stupidly laying claims to Delta & parts of Edo States.

    • PolyGon2013

      There could be many documentaries, but we are talking about CIA’s war time memos. Are ibo angry that CIA is telling the truth? Maybe igbo manufactured their own weapons during the war. All ibo documentary, stated that no one helped them during the fact. All weapons used by ibo were manufactured in Nnewi.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    My dismay is at Igbo pur abuses at anyone, who does not agree with their reasoning or belief that they make wrong choices.

    Igbo were lucky to be the majority tribe in Old Eastern Nigeria & Southern Cameroons, which included Bakassi.
    We still have Eastern Cameron’s administered as parts of Northern as Adamawa & Taraba States.
    They have no remorse for losing Nigeria Southern Cameroons, no gratitude for providing safe abode to Igbos in every Village.
    They want us to believe that they are treated as second class citizens in Nigeria where Igbo have been in every coalition government since 1959, 1963, 1979 & predominately voted for PDP from 1999 – 2015.

    Igbo have produced 4 Senate Presidents, 1 SGF since 1999 and have 6 ministers in current APC government they vote 90% against. Serving governor of CBN from Agbor, who claim Igbo.
    Igbo are not marginalised, they want every positions to themselves. Be allowed to loot, smuggle narcotics, fake drugs, expired food and all forms of rubbish into Nigeria

    • Factsay

      Keep lying to urself. Me and u will write jamb I will get better result than u but they will give u admission and will not give me. If I ask why , you said am dominating u. Is this the extent of immorality damage u have suffered that u are calling white, black.?

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        I did not have to write jamb, when i went to university in UK.
        You can pass jamb and still lack common sense. Like most of your people with bogus PHD.

        • Factsay

          See why u are eternally confused. We are talking about Nigeria university admission and u are talking about ur study in UK funded with our looted money

    • Ade

      Nice points.

  • PolyGon2013

    Na lie Nobody helped igbo. They manufactured their own weapons, including aircraft and ogbunigwe (sp). Hail Biafra. They need to leave Nigeria so that they can enjoy their lives.


      Why did you forget to feed to those children?

      • Gerry_Emmanuel

        Why don’t you just shut up if you have nothing useful to say. Seems the only contributions you can make only revolve around mocking the innocent victims of a needless fratricidal war.

      • PolyGon2013

        It is the job of Ojukwu, but he refused to do it. He diverted food passage to his military and his troop. Didn’t you see how fat he was when he ran away from war front? He should have surrendered earlier. But he wanted to use that hunger to draw sympathy. Those children did not become that in just one day.

  • May30th1967



      Did you see the pictures of your cousins looking like skeletons. You want more?

      • Inyamiri

        He did not understand. The poor guy likes to have the experience first hand.

      • michael

        This time around it you people that will suffer, God bless biafra

  • Chuma Iwuanyanwu


    • Inyamiri

      I doubt if you won’t die in an oil well.

  • Factsay

    America is releasing report about France. Who will release report about America?
    Pot calling kettle black.
    Is not about same oil America supported Nigerian govt?
    Every thing oyibos do is for one purpose: their personal interest.

    • PolyGon2013

      Russia will release report about America. Haven’t you been following US and Russian’s saga?

  • PolyGon2013

    Igbo allocation should be further reduced. Since they are benefiting from every state in the country because they are all over, we do not need to give them more money. They are depending on all other states in Nigeria for benefits. Anyway, since they are leaving now, it is good for Nigeria.

  • Moses Mokoro

    U.S I can only believe your story when you upload telephone audio and secrete conversation between Military Head of State and U.S president proving your government not one side support. if there’s none then you lie