Why Nigeria’s presidential jet is parked in London – Presidency


The Presidency says it is constrained to decry criticisms, mostly on social media, on the retention in London of Nigeria’s Presidential Aircraft, NAF 001 as “mostly informed by lack of understanding of protocol around foreign trips by Heads of State all over the world”.

The spokesperson to President Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu, said in a statement on Thursday that for reasons of protocol, national security, diplomacy and prestige, “no world leader who travels abroad and is left without plans for immediate return or possible evacuation”.

The statement said from an operational point of view, Nigeria’s Armed Forces as represented by the Nigeria Air Force are not to abandon their Commander-In-Chief in whichever circumstance he is. “This is a standard operating procedure”.

“We have also read claims about outrageous fees allegedly paid by Nigeria. The published amounts are totally untrue. Aircraft conveying heads of state all over the world usually enjoy waivers even where payments for parking are differentiated by aircraft categories.

“We have been assured that where the waiver is not granted, payment will not exceed £1,000, which is a quarter of the amount being peddled,” Mr. Shehu said.

He also said Mr. Buhari was not the first, and will not be the last, to have a presidential aircraft standing by for him.

“All past Heads of this country have had this privilege, and the part that surprises the most is that leaders who in the past travelled with three Nigerian aircraft did not suffer this trenchant criticism.

“We appeal to Nigerians to ignore opposition campaign aimed at derailing this administration’s big plans for the country,” Mr. Shehu claimed.

“This is a government that is constructing the Second Niger Bridge, the Mambila Power Plant, the East-West and the North-South standard gauge railway lines.

“We are a government that has saved this country an annual loss of two trillion Naira from fraudulent petroleum subsidy schemes by influential citizens and their children, and rid the public service of about 50,000 ghost workers.

“The Buhari administration certainly deserves a chance,” Mr. Shehu said.


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  • Tee Bally

    PRESIDENT BUHARI IS NO LONGER CONNECTED to the people. The public grouse over the 2016 budget
    is not because it is imperfect; no, but because it is almost senseless. The Buhari 2016 budget is the exact
    opposite of perfection, not a grade below perfection, but utterly meaningless. The last thing Nigeria needs
    in today’s recession is a budget of ₦1.8 billion for Buhari’s food and drinks. The last thing Nigeria needs
    in today’s recession is a budget of ₦39 billion to run Buhari’s office – an amount higher than the budget
    of the Ministry of Solid Minerals. The last thing Nigeria needs in today’s recession is a budget of
    ₦189million to buy tyres for the cars in Buhari’s presidential fleet. Overall, this 2016 budget
    is not a budget of CHANGE. It is an artifice for THEFT”.

    …………..Vincent Ihevbere

    (June 5th, 2016)

  • Agba

    Garba shehu you are a liar,1.000 pounds per day,with waivers not true,where millions of Nigérians can not feed,let these JAGAJAGA country splits so people can live good,referendum now,but no restructuring.

  • ojomaje ijato

    Mr Garba, I thought the president is on leave and there is an acting president in whom all presidential powers / duties are temporarily vested – including that of commander in chief. From your statements however, are you inferring that: (1) Buhari is not on leave, (2) there’s no acting president, (3) Buhari has not conceded the position of commander in chief to anyone while out of the country, (4) Osinbajo is not the acting but possibly the coordinating president, (5) the Armed forces are only loyal to Buhari (even if on sick leave) etc.?????

    As a citizen of this country, I will appreciate if you clarify the above questions because you have confused me greatly. I don’t even want to go into the economics of putting a plane on ground in the UK yet. One can consider that when you have clarified the issues raised above.

    • Abdulkadir

      Are you insinuating that since he handed over power, he should be stripped of all presidential entitlements, including personal security, presidential cars and jets, and other presidential privileges? I think your thought process is defective.

      • 0tile

        Imam Mohamed is incapacitated, he should resign and save us money. Yar’Adua saga is going to be worse than this.

      • ojomaje ijato

        No, I don’t agree with you. You need to check your own thought process here. Read Garba’s statement(s) again and tell me if my questions are not germaine. Does it mean we have 2 commanders in chief at the moment? I am not directly concerned about the pecks of the office (because even former presidents enjoy some) but the weighty issues about control / loyalty, especially of the armed forces. We can’t pretend – there’s something strange playing out. We are told by lawyers that an acting president is the only president until he returns back to status quo.

      • abodes_124

        No. Just that he cannot be commander n chief. You cannot have two captains commanding a ship at the same time.

    • bashwaziri

      Even after handing over to a VP on acting capacity, a President is still the President anywhere in the world, and still enjoys all the previledges of the number one citizen. It’s just like you saying PMB will not be paid his full salaries and entitlements as the President just because he handed over to his VP on acting capacity.

      • ojomaje ijato

        My response to Abdulkadir below applies to you too.

    • Carl Robshaw

      Mr Garba is the mouthpiece of the Cabal who do not consider or regard Osinbajo as Ag. President. That was why he stupidly announced the other day that the President has sent word from his hospital bed, ‘authorising’ the Ag. President to sign the budget even when the former has constitutionally transferred power to the latter. Talk of extreme lack of intelligence! You can show someone the section of the constitution on transfer of power but you cannot give them the intelligence to understand it.

  • No Komment


    “The latest increase in the price of petrol by BUHARI in 2016 is the most audacious and cruel in the history

    of product price increase as it represents not only about 80 per cent increase but it is tied to the black

    market exchange rate. With the imposition on the citizenry of criminal and unjustifiable electricity tariff

    and resultant darkness and other economic challenges brought on by the devaluation of the Naira,

    and spiraling inflation, the least one had expected at this point in time was another policy measure

    that would further make life more miserable for the ordinary Nigerian”.

    ……………Nigeria Labour Congress

    (May 11th, 2016)

  • Mani_Kay



    May Allah continue to heal my president

  • arewethishopeless

    PMB, these peddlers are jobless ….. Ignore them and get well soon …

    • 0tile

      At first the story was that Imam was hale hearty and not in any hospital, now the truth is trickling out. Now they admit he suffered memory loss, speech impairment, and finally in life support. How can they have a jet plane waiting for him to fly home and handle and emergency situation? What kind of crock of bull_shit is that?

      • Carl Robshaw

        Waiting to bring back the body (in case he crosses over to yonder) for burial within 24 hours according to Islamic injunction.

  • Capt

    Garba Shehu has to do his job, no blames at all for him. If I had his job, I will do the job.

    • Folabi Wright


      A good leader should pause when hissed at locally and overseas. But Buhari
      does not pause. He goes on with what’s being laughed at and that makes his
      administration more despairing than inspiring. He aspires to ideals but without
      ideas. He’s pursued a single project for six months, whilst all else around him
      has been falling apart. He pursues police action of anti-corruption with
      single-minded focus but loses sight of all else. How 36 persons who were just
      meeting themselves for the first time on 4th October 2015, when they
      converged for ministerial tutorials as appointees, could drive CHANGE, is quite

      When before then Buhari placed his faith on Permanent Secretaries to
      drive his still hazy notion of a nation, they instead made for the treasury
      instead and looted Nigeria. A good few of those rogue Permanent Secretaries
      entrusted with CHANGE between June and October 2015 are now in handcuffs
      in the dock of criminal courts for stealing and corruption. How then does Buhari
      expect that his 36 Ministers would end up any better than those dis-appointing
      Permanent Secretaries?

      • Capt

        Buhari matter plenty. Regardless Garba being his spokesman have the impossible job to defend him even when it doesn’t make sense.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Jonathan attended a 2013 UN conference with 600 delegates, the largest in world history.

    • 0tile

      Whose money are you wasting thus, it it not oil money from the Niger Delta?

      • Gugurus Ekpa


        Have you wet your diapers again? Do you need me to change it for you?

        • 0tile

          ISIS agent,

          Are you back from your long mission? How many civilians did you people bomb? You must have made a lot of money this time around. Be careful, you may perish from your own bomb.

          • Gugurus Ekpa


    • abodes_124

      we should send 601 people to go and standby in London to match GEJs performance ?

      • Gugurus Ekpa

        Might as well.

    • government

      So wetin concern GEJ concern wetin dem dey talk about plane wey dey for london.

  • Frank Bassey

    “He also said Mr. Buhari was not the first, and will not be the last, to have a presidential aircraft standing by for him.”
    All past Heads of this country have had this privilege, and the part
    that surprises the most is that leaders who in the past travelled with
    three Nigerian aircraft did not suffer this trenchant criticism.”




    • abodes_124

      please guys ‘the presidency’ is beginning to open up on what Buhari’s sojourn in the UK is costing us. We now know that with waiver the daily parking fee for his jet is £1,000 a day. Next we may get the daily estacode for the pilot and crew [ what a long restful holiday] Shehu may then venture into daily hospital costs for which there maybe some sort of waiver we do not know about. Watch out for more announcements to follow. Altogether it may not be costing us more than £10,000 a day. we must all agree that this is a minor expenditure for our hero President. You do remember that the budget for his feeding at Aso Rock was N1.7 billion. for a year.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Malam Garba’s explanation is valid and makes sense, it is hard to knock him on this one. A careful search of diplomatic privileges online shows such aircraft are exempt from such fees. Besides if NAF 001 was brought back to Nigeria it will be packed the same way, since Ag Pres has exclusive use of NAF 002. The only question I have is: Who is the current Commander in Chief ? Garba seems to think Buhari is still the C in C.

    • Sword of Damocles

      If only you were right. I urge to seek a real understanding of “transfer of power” (be it temporarily or permanently as it relates to this context). I think Nigeria should kuku go back to “traditional rulers” style, because the system we copied from oyinbo can not be molded or “panel-beaten” into shape that fits an individual’s whims or caprices. It is RIGID for a reason: “so that ALL know that that rule does not change for anyone”. For real, Naija tire me. to be fair to the current administration, this blackman behavior of “moving the goal post” is not indicative of this administration only. It has to do with a primitive & parochial desire for power, (not to improve the lot of the collective) but just for power’s sake. I had hoped & prayed that President Buhari was different, but alas, the ruling elites are all the same. I cannot belive that he fought FOUR TIMES for the Presidency just for this?? Let me guarantee you one thing: the ruling elites will not pay any price from this administration for desecrating our fatherland the way they have done. Just look at the European Migration issue across the Mediterranean: This is the Legacy of the profoundly WORTHLESS leadership that has been continuously churned out since African countries started gaining independence in the sixties. Africans FLEEING THE SHORES of the fatherland, due to wanton looting of everything in site. Every day I read of thousands of African women & children DROWNING in the Mediterranean. This is the Big picture fellow countrymen. as the RACIST in the White House would say: “Sad, so SAD” . over & AUDI, peace & hair grease

    • emmanuel

      Did you hear him say exempted? He said waiver instead of concession. All very sly approach to addressing issues. Why keep an invalid in a foreign land? where is the patriotism in him.
      You all ceded absolute power to Buhari when you allowed him rule Nigeria in the first six months alone. I did say it was an invitation to despotism. And today, even his cook has much more power than the Acting VP, because he has instilled godly fear in lily livered Nigerians.
      So anyone issue orders and the VP chills out. Blame yourself

    • abodes_124

      Of course ‘the presidency’ is the commander in chief. Osinbajo is a mere co- ordinator. Thuis what they keep drumming into our heads every day. As Diette Spiff allegedly said of some amount of money alleged to have been misspent – ‘common £1,000’ !

  • Domingos

    The level of mumudity displayed by Presidency and its handlers is becoming quite embarrassing. How can someone attempt to defend the obvious blunder and lack of sheer economic sense in parking a Presidential Jet at a London Airport at the expense of Nigerian tax payers for 52days? Couldn’t that plane be flown to Abuja or to Daura where Osinbanjo will not have access to fly in it? It has no other name, it is called MUMUDITY.

    You place Buhari’s office under lock and key and prevent Osinbajo from using the office…and then you also keep presidential Jet away from him by parking it in London (accumulating millions of Naira on daily basis) just because you do not want Osinbajo to fly in it. These Northern people are really incompatible species.

    • Adrian


  • emmanuel

    Garba Shehu must be sick in his brain. He is a classic case of the Zombie Fela sang about. Hear his rubbish –

    “…Mr. Buhari was not the first, and will not be the last, to have a presidential aircraft standing by for him…”

    Imagine the nonsense he is writing and spitting in the face of Nigerians? How can a man be so stewpid? He has the impudence to tell suffering and jobless Nigerians that it will not be the last time this monumental act of waste will happen. Oh goodness. Honestly, I believe Nigeria is finished, We are not a country at all. I pray that Biafra get their country and that other Republics break way from this zoo where animals make and execute laws for their human captives.

    • Teey

      I really do not understand the reason for your show of ignorance. You need to do your research very well and find out if really and truly this is the standard practice everywhere in the world. Beside which waste are you talking about? The problem with we Nigerians is that we just comment on just anything even though we do not have the slightest clue of what we are talking about. Let me help you out… type Diplomatic immunity on your google search engine.

      • emmanuel

        well, this emmanuel has his own opinion from my own emmanuel that is not a franchise. But i wholly support his position.
        Buhari should be brought back to Nigeria to save this country of the heard earned money from wastage.
        What do you pride yourself in? that you understand diplomatic protocols and have little understanding of national patriotism?
        What has an invalid President to offer his country by wasting more of her resources on a liability who may never be able to function again as a leader?
        Mind you, the cost of remaining in the UK, is not limited to the daily jet parking fee. It is such a humongous daily cost that can defray the outstanding salaries of over twenty local government Area – i mean the daily cost alone, not weekly or monthly
        Meanwhile, emmanuel please choose your moniker and leave mine for the sake of some sanity here!

      • abodes_124

        I have typed diplomatic immunity sir …. and what next. I can see you will make a good assitant for Shehu Garba. What a country. What a people.

    • Maverick

      That’s the type of persons an illiterate President surrounded himself with. You wonder why everything is stagnant in the country.

  • Tolu

    What other emergency awaits a man on life support? Wouldn’t it have been better to send an Ambulance designed to carry a Cof..nt? Why an Airforce Jet? Are we fighting any War with UK?

  • Harry

    “The Buhari administration certainly deserves a chance,” Mr. Shehu said. Buhari is not giving Nigeria a chance with his obstinacy and clutching at straws. He should focus primarily on his health and let Nigeria navigate a new course.

  • Johnboye

    What have you done with the recovered money?

  • objective

    I think it will be humane to allow this man get well in peace. Nigerians are very compassionate people and I know that 98% of Nigerians will not want to be bothered with heartless analysis of whether or not a plane is parked somewhere at no fees or at a fee, when a fellow human being has been away for more than 50 days fighting to stay well. So, we know that a few wicked kings of greed and evil characters who themselves have stolen us dry, people who failed to respect the constitution they are now crying about at every opportunity, are the same people behind all these heartless comments. Their most serious mistake is to think they are immune to the poor man’s current situation/predicament.

    • longben

      You are sick too. In the head!!!!

      • objective

        I don’t insult people at all, but what you say to me is what you will get brother.

        • Riltin

          You “don’t insult people”? But, that’s exactly what you did, trying to defend a fraudulent president, Mr. “objective”.

    • 0tile

      Is this not the reason Buhari allocated Billions to get himself a befitting hospital at Aso Rock? What happened to that scheme? This is a grave insult to Nigeria that their president is wasting away for unknown disease in a foreign land. Shame on the presidency. English people should charge Buhari £9,700 per night for the 3 years he is billed to stay in their hospital. Nonsense

    • Maverick

      Let him die and leave us.

      • lawal

        May be u will live till d end of time. Sure u will regret ur words one day. Just one day. Mark my words.

        • abodes_124

          Lawal, we will all die one day including you, myself and Presidents. That is a certainty. When and how we do not know. It is not something to berate anyone about for predicting a certainty.

    • Carl Robshaw

      The point is, after masquerading so much as a CHANGE agent, it is becoming clear now that this govt is a fraud. The man is just free-loading on us tax payers to stay alive. He had a pre-existing condition which should have disqualified him from contesting the election, but in Nigeria everything goes. Otherwise we shouldn’t be picking up these needless bills.

    • ‘ned

      Wow! Your statement is a true reflection of your name: Objective. What an irony! so this is what being objective looks like. It is not enough that national resource are being spent without a shred of transparency, and it is not enough that the President of Nigeria has been outside the Country for so many days without a clear cut explanation as to what is ailing him, when he will return, or if he is fit to continue in office.

      Here you are with a poor attempt at whipping up sentiment as to why the acts of government should not be questioned, because a poor man is fighting for his life. A heartless analysis of what? It seems the African man gets dumber by the day as he gets the more ‘educated’.

      Is this how nations that have made progress have been managed? Should we dwell on the past mistakes and then fail to make amends today, so that tomorrow people will point to our continued idiocy. Many Nigerians without access to power, UK hospitals, presidential jets die everyday, suffer non-stop pain because they are unable to cope with hardship, poor and wrong diagnosis, and you want to tell me about being heartless.

      You are indeed heartless because you do not see the millions of Nigeria in the larger picture who are being pilloried everyday. If Buhari wants peace, let him resign and no one will bother him. An employee, a CEO tells the shareholders to let him keep the resources of his office running, refuses to tell them what ails him. has an army of ‘objective’ people telling them the company had been poorly run in the past, says that they are heartless since they demand accountability, does not see that their hard fought investment is being destroyed by the day, that they are dying of hunger, lack of access to healthcare, education, infrastructure, food, and good governance.

      Since everyone will die and everyone will get sick, then no one should speak ill of the dead. Abacha is a saint. Oh I forgot that Buhari has already said it. Need I say more.

  • DanJ

    …But you criticized past leaders and said you will be different in all fronts… (If you embezzlement money, will you say “all former leaders had the privilege to embezzlement so why not us?”)

    I thought you were out to set new standards…

    …oh, you have joined the club now. Ok oh.

    If people talk, is it too bad to make some adjustments? Some amendments? And even say “thank you for pointing it out, we missed that one and will treat accordingly as partners in progress”. Must you try to defend everything? Please nobody should complain or criticize again since it appears we have people who are not gifted listeners.

  • Jacobus James

    6 hours or less and one is in London, by presidential jet. So what emergency evacuation is Shehu talking about? Plane can return for the President in 6 hours! The fallacy in Shehu’s defence of the indefensible is that presidents don’t spend 50 days and counting continuously outside their countries. PMB is on intensive medical care in a foreign land not on a state visit. His stay was planned. He returned to London for medical follow up – nothing wrong with that. But nothing justifies keeping the plane on ground for so long – with or without parking fees. Shehu , nothing wrong with admitting a mistake. Even for security reasons presidential planes are better stowed in their home bases.

    • August

      €4000 was true, let’s do the analysis, jet €1000, 4pilot €400 each, 12 air hostesses €200 each per day. All these crews are also parked there. Since they can’t come back leaving d runaway President as Garba said.

  • DanJ

    Maybe we should March on the streets and demand all the Jets in the Presidential fleet are disposed of immediately.

    This way we will pull the carpet off the feet of this man looking us in the face and saying OUR Jet must be parked there whether we like it or not.

    If there is no jet, what will they park?

  • Emona

    Oga, I think you still forgot to tell us the exact parking amount nigeria is paying to UK government. You only denied the so called rumors of high charges. Please tell us the exact amount that is being paid for the parking, and also please tell us what our president is suffering from, and an estimate of all the medical bills so far. We have the right to know.

  • Maverick

    Why won’t this man die so things will work? How long does it take a jet to fly fro Abuja to London? Is it not six hours? Why not bring back the plane since his Stanton in London hospital is indefinite? Anytime he recovers, I doubt he will, they can send the plane to bring him. If he dies, as I am more confident of, the same plane will be sent to return his corpse. Why should we be paying huge amount of money in vain? The pilot is also wasting our money heavily in luxurious London hotel waiting for a man that cannot recover.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Buhari should be impeached, just die, or both. Shikena

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Garbage according to Garba(ge) Shehu!!! Assuming (but not conceding) that the parking fee for Buhari’s aircraft is GBP1000 and it has been parked there senselessly for 49 days (and counting), the amount due is GBP49000. For ease of calculation, let’s say GBP50000 @ N500/GBP translates to N25,000,000. We are yet to know how many millions of pounds this country has wasted on a certificate-less illiterate who will still die soon. Nigerians must rise up and demand the impeachment of the oaf and a stoppage of his expensive medical treatment. The millions of pounds that have been wasted so far will build many state-of-the-art hospitals for the generality of our people. Buhari’s life is not any more important than any other Nigerian’s. Enough is enough. Nigerians need to stop deifying a certificate forger and perjurer.

    • lawal

      I am sure u will live till d end of time. Hope u will be grateful to make 50 years on earth without big regret after death.

  • George

    God bless GEJ that wisely handover to this cow called buhari and save himself fighting for people who doesn’t deserve any help.

    Nigerians please enjoy your changi and stop complaining because God won’t listen.

    • emmanuel

      You are wise. If GEJ indeed held on to power and there was crises, the whole world would have said he prevented a man with sterling quality from giving Nigerians meaningful life.
      Everybody eye don clear now.
      The western world with their black operations with which they got all Trade Unions, NGOs, Civil right groups and Boko Haram to bring the last government down are now happy that the Black people who are easy to manipulate are worse off – exactly what they want us to be.
      Those who use to run to the USA to cry for help are now hidden in their shamed holes in Lagos. I already know that when Nigerian is completely runned down in the next eighteen months, there will be no option that to restructure.

    • usman garba

      Go and collect the power from him if u were the one that gave him

      • Riltin

        Bro, we’re all in the same boat, whether you like or not. Nobody want to “collect” power from Buhari. Rather, sensible Nigerians are condemning his very selfish and wasteful ways. Is it right for a president that claims to fight corruption and prudent, to use taxpayers’ money that way, while millions of his compatriots go hungry?

  • FreeNigeria

    may this long giraffe neck return to Nigeria only in body bag that he and his fellow politicians ruining Nigeria rightly deserve.

  • Iroko

    I can now see a lot of sense in the action taken by Mr Iroko earlier in the year by naming his Dog/Goat Buhari.

  • #BringPresidentialJetBackHome


  • Gary

    Buhari has been in London for over 50 days running and this is Shehu Garba’s insulting excuse for wasting scarce forex?
    Is the President on an official or state visit to the U.K. or undergoing medical treatment for an indefinite period?

    What then is the justification to saddle the national treasury with the daily parking costs of keeping the Presidential jet in London? In addition to the upkeep of the flight crew, maintenance engineers and security personnel on standby, all at taxpayers expense plus Estacode? Is this the most prudent use of public funds or just the usual brazen display of impunity by officialdom in Nigeria?

    London is a mere six-hour flight away from Abuja. That is all the time it will take to send the jet to go bring Buhari home when he’s ready. So how can anyone in good conscience try to justify this Executive recklessness at a time the country groans under crushing recession.
    This isthe same President who took office on a vow to sell off the Presidential Jet Fleet, ban foreign medical tourism at public expense and end the profligacy of the preceding administration. Now Nigerians see they were sold snake oil for their votes in 2015.

  • emmanuel

    Garba Shehu has gone insane and cannot think right like his principal that has lost his brain, voice, digestive system and his abuna. He was at the centre of the fake Sallah message.
    What he has just said is that if Buhari is out there for one year, as it is clear he is incapacitated (particularly if they want to keep him on life support until 2017 election), shall we incur such a huge cost on an invalid. So this is our developmental project of the APC or their blue-print to take Nigeria out of depression?
    Afterall, countries are known to spend their way out of depression or recession.
    I have always said that Buhari is a liability, like he was in 1983-1985. Is the end of his second coming not more disastrous than the first? He is now not just a liability, but an albatross!

  • tony

    This man Garba must be mad & crazy. Is so painful that I don’t hv direct access to him, I would hv slapped and insulted him face to face bcoz he just called us fools by saying ” We have been assured that where the waiver is not granted, payment will not exceed £1,000, which is a quarter of the amount being peddled.” My question to him is, even if d cost of parking d jet is £1,000, has he multiplied it by 50 days and converted it to naira?

    • ogbunaigwe

      Good point you raised. He is just being economical with the truth. £1,000 is just for the entire duration of his stay or per day? He is obviously out of point on this. Oppostion must leave to its responsibility and must not shy away in tracking the ruling party and its malfeasances. They sold change to us and the outcome of the change must properly monitored.

  • Ezekiel

    Our president Buhari deserves honour till he dies.

    • abodes_124

      They should really go and park the other 9 presidential jets there for our commander in chief who deserves all possible kinds of honour. While at it the Brigade of guards should also be sent up there to stay on stand by until he recovers from whatever ails him and is ready to return.

  • Yego V

    The crooked Shehu is ignoring the fact that Buhari in his capacity as president, owes it to Nigerians to account for every kobo he spends whether 1000 or 1 trillion. Let me also remind Shehu; 1000 pounds is equivalent to my annual salary; and it hurts that I cannot “park” pounded yam in my guts.

    • Abraham

      The 2.5 Billion US Dollars stole in the name of arms deal by the Dasuki under the previous administration of crooked Jonathan did not stop from parking pounded yam in your
      guts, so also the 2 Billion US Dollars embezzled by crooked dizani Maduke . why will this stop you from parking pounded yam into your guts.

  • Rommel

    People should continually pray for the good health of Mr president, with such sterling records that has been enumerated and as witnessed by the fight with Intel services, a company that for years has been defrauding govt and calling it profits,I have no doubt that Nigeria needs him