Expose, Ostracise corrupt members, Osinbajo challenges Church leaders

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo (L); Speaker House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara (M), and others during Father’s Day Church Service at Aso Villa Chapel in Abuja on Sunday (18/6/17) 03356/18/6/2017/Callistus Ewelike/EO/NAN

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has called on church leaders to ostracise and expose their members who grow rich through fraudulent means.

Mr. Osinbajo stated this on Sunday at the Aso Villa chapel during a special service to mark this years’ Father’s Day.

The acting president, who is also a senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, said each time worshippers go to church, they are told about giving; adding “but we need to talk more about honesty.”

“Just now His Eminence said Nigeria’s great problem is not an absence of prosperity but that we have enough for our needs but we don’t have enough for our greed. The greed of many is what has landed this country to where it is today.

“It is the greed that has landed us to where we are. Many say the reason why they are stealing is because they need to have an arsenal for future political experiment. It is a lie! It is greed.

“And if the church says you are not allowed to steal and we will ostracise the thieves in our midst. If a man’s resources, what a man has does not measure up to what he earns, if you found that a man has more money than he should have, if a man is earning a salary in a civil service or public service and he has houses everywhere, we have to hold him to account. He must first be held to account in the church. He must first be told in the church, we will not allow this.

“If the church ostracise the thieves; if the church says we will not accept thieves here or we will ensure that we expose you, you are stealing the resources of our nation, you are stealing the resources of a private company or other establishments, then we will not have the kind of problems that we have in this country. If only the church can,” he said.

Addressing the Father’s Day celebration specifically, Mr. Osinbajo called on all fathers in the country to be exemplary leaders that build generation of righteous men and women.

“When I listened to His Eminence a few minutes ago, talking about the importance of the type of training we received as children, the type of training where you were taught primarily about integrity; that you must be a person of integrity; that you must be truthful, you must be honest. That is the foundational teaching.

“Even knowing the Ten Commandment was enough to teach you about righteousness. That is so important especially for us who are Christians,” he said.

The acting president urged all fathers to follow the foot-steps of Abraham in the scripture whom, he said, God chose in order to “command his children and household in the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice.”

He called on fathers to love their wives and refrain from any form of domestic violence.

On his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, who spoke with reporters after the service, warned against the collapse of family system in the country, urging the government to invest more in the family.

“We should invest more, really as a nation, in fatherhood or in family. And when children are properly brought up, you will see that most of the resources we channel towards the control of crime and so many other government programmes, there will be no need for them. Because we will have some kinds of transformation that only take place at the family level.

“Certain things cannot be done by the government; like we cannot just outsource discipline in a home, the issue of imparting or instilling morality in the life of our citizens.
Government certainly cannot do that; it is the role of the family.

“So, when we celebrate fathers like this, we celebrate fatherhood, we emphasise on the importance of the family as a unit in bringing up those components of society, performing its role and then turning citizens that are compliant. That therefore means that we won’t be spending money in fighting crime.

“When fathers do their work, the nation will have less work to do. And when next we have people in leadership who fail, who are patently corrupt, the question shouldn’t be ‘who is this?’ The question should be ‘who is the father of that person?’ I congratulate the fathers.”

He called on fathers to be exemplary in their conduct.

“If you wouldn’t want your children to follow your example, then it means you are failing as a father. And once a father fails, family fails, certainly, the nation will fail because the family is the strength of a nation,” the speaker said.

He described the occasion as one of the most important days in the life of a nation, saying a nation is a collection of families.

Earlier in his sermon titled: “Fathers to the Rescue of Our Beloved Nation,” the Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Samuel Uche, said that God established the family as a basic foundation unit of a country.

“God has made fathers as the head and this assignment must be exercised in love, honesty, gentleness and unity. The responsibility of a father makes him to be accountable to God. A father must render a selfless service and he must be faithful to his wife,” he said.

The clergyman, who attributed one of the problems besetting the nation to failure of many fathers, said many could not give their children good education, hence, they turn out to be criminals in the country.

The prelate noted that in the past, children were taught to respect elders and to be upright, contrary to what is obtainable today where children are abandoned and they constitute nuisance in the society.

He described young people agitating for secession in the country, as well as the Boko Haram group, among others as miscreants in the society.

“They were not given proper education, they were not brought up to respect humanity,” he said.

He also condemned the elders in the society who are backing the young people in their agitation for a break up.

The Methodist Church leader, who prayed for President Muhammadu Buhari’s quick recovery, said “anyone wishing the president death is a wicked person.”

“We should pray for the father of the nation to recover,” he said.

The Chaplain of the Aso Villa Chapel, Seyi Malomo, described the day as “a day to celebrate our source.”

He said: “every one of us has a source. There is a source of our heavenly father but that heavenly father has graciously also given us physical fathers. Every one of us traced our source to a father. And as we celebrate today, we are acknowledging ourselves; our president who is the source of this administration, the reason why we are here.

“And we must celebrate him and we are celebrating all the fathers to let them know that they are really appreciated and that we are praying for them that more of their responsibilities, more of their roles will be felt by us and make our nation better and make our families better and make our communities better.”

The two Bible readings from Ephesian 5: 22-33 and Ephesian 6: 1-4 were read by the Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Boboye Oyeyemi, and Speaker Yakubu Dogara respectively.


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  • Kong Foo

    Premium Times Editor,

    When will Vice President Yemi Osinbajo live up to the creed of oath,
    and stand for once against the slew of corruptive thefts occurring under his nose –
    when he was the one reported to have led a shadowy delegation of crime dealers to Kano,
    last month, to negotiate crimes; by inducing or coaxing Kano state House of Assembly
    legislators to stop them doing their normal constitutional duty of investigating the missing
    three [3] billion Naira reportedly wangled from the Kano Emirate bank account, which
    directly implicated Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi?

    So far in the public domain, Yemi Osinbajo
    has no anti-corruption record. He’s not known to be viscerally opposed to theft,
    and that’s a sorry narrative for a 60-year-old man. To the contrary, he was led
    by the nose by Bola Tinubu to go to court and block the ICPC Act – which was
    the first anti-corruption law enacted by the National Assembly
    . The case was
    heard by a full panel of the Supreme Court. Yemi Osinbajo argued to the effect
    that the federal government (which he now heads, ironically) has no right
    in law to fight corruption in any of the 36 states except in Abuja. All the Justices
    of the Supreme Court almost hissed at such twisted notion of ‘true federalism’
    and they promptly dismissed the argument of Yemi Osinbajo as no-brainer.

  • Lanre

    I wonder how this is being made headline news. Just find it nauseating when government officials keep preaching about corruption and yet they are all steeped in it. Neck deep.

    • Fact Check 2222


      “As you are aware there has been agitation from some of our
      youths in the south-east urging secession, the creation of Biafra. In apparent
      response young people in the north states, under the aegis of Arewa youths have
      purportedly issued an ultimatum where they have said set a date for the
      eviction of persons from south-east region who live in the northern states. Our
      constitution says in Section Two that Nigeria is one indivisible and
      indissoluble sovereign state to be known by the name the federal republic of
      Nigeria. That is the law of our country. Let us not be in any doubt about the
      fact that the federal government is committed to ensuring that our country
      remains united. And that anyone who violates the law in the manner such as we
      are seeing all over the place will be met with the full force of the law”

      …………Acting President Yemi Osinbajo

      EDITOR SIR, I beg help me tell Yemi Osinbajo that there is nothing called INDIVISIBLE COUNTRY in history.
      There is no country called INDIVISIBLE COUNTRY on the world map today. The International Court of Justice
      has ruled out that nonsense and said that there is no indivisible country in this world since the people have
      inalienable right to form a government and to dissolve a government and therefore a fundamental human
      right to decide how they want to gover themselves either as part of an existing country or as separate one.

      • Eze the 1st


        Nigeria is no longer a country. It’s not a country where people can live to survive.

        Nigeria is a place ruled by criminals and thieves, as well as by several others

        – who believe in plundering and looting.”

        ……Mbazulike Amaechi

        (Nigeria’s First Minister of Aviation)

        [September 14th, 2014]

        • Goslowmathew




  • makata

    What has the Nigerian government done about corrupt politicians? Not one of them is in jail after more than two years of Buhari administration. If government does not convict its corrupt members, how can the church know who those corrupt members are? What message did Osibanjo send when he pleaded to drop investigation on Emir of Kano?

  • 360°?????????




  • Abdussalami Yaro

    Sir, I am sorry, you are joking. How are the Church leaders going to survive? You should have said, they should return all monies they received from both politicians and drug barons and their counterparts, the kidnappers, including private Jets donated to them.

  • tundemash

    Nigerian pentecostal churches are a fantastic ponzi scheme; without stolen monies, they would not survive !


    • Wonder wonder


      “Under the 2016 budget, the library of Yemi Osinbajo gulped a
      staggering sum of N4,906,22 on books alone – which is more than the total
      allocations of 11 polytechnics out of the 22 federal polytechnics we have in
      Nigeria. In fact, of all government-owned educational institutions across all
      levels, only two got more allocations for books than what was proposed for the
      Vice President according to Premium Times. It would be recalled that last year,
      the library of the Vice President got a budgetary allocation in excess of N7
      million which gives an impression that the office maybe venturing in the sale
      of books to make money for the government. Remember the country is plunging
      into a deeper debt profile after borrowing N1.84 trillion to execute the budget
      which amounts to borrowing N5 billion a day to finance an appropriation bill of
      N6.08 trillion according to the PDP’s national party secretary, Olisa Metuh.”

      ….. Osayimwen Osahon George
      (15th February, 2016)

      • K.K2000

        @tundemash:disqus; To me, Vice President
        Yemi Osinbajo is dull. He lacks depth and he does not understand public policy
        issues. He does not inspire hope, trust or faith because he’s drab and somewhat
        dull, despite taking Nigeria’s money every year, saying he wants to read too
        many books everyday.

    • Benedicto


      I am dis-appointed that I don’t see the proof that Yemi Osinbajo has read a single page of any book.
      National Assembly should please help us look into this other Ponzi scheme. Is Yemi Osinbajo reading
      seven million Naira worth of books every year? If not, where is the money he asked to be allocated
      to him to buy some multi-million Naira books? That’s the question now. Somebody reading seven
      million Naira worth of books should have some sense. Even me that can only read Premium Times
      free of charge, can have more sense.

      • NoSpinEd

        Do you have any specific rebuttal against his admonition to his fellow congregants? Exactly what did he say to them that you vehemently disagree with?

  • ijelejames

    The church leaders are the very corrupt and they are already exposed. We should be thinking about what do with them. They run Ponzi scheme and should be dealt with. Church leaders are the thieves and criminals we should ostracize. Nonsense!

  • Owejah

    Expose? You must be kidding! Where will they see money to buy private jet???


    Wo ogbeni Yemi, I am sick and tired of errant nonsense. Had you drain the swamp in your APC? Charity begins at home. Take the lead and we people shall follow. Do you still remember the plane carrying cash to South Africa and intercepted by the authority. Your Senate leader had just been cleared of Assets declaration and many to follow. Like we say here in USA that you should follow the money and it talks. Corruption (money) makes the World go round. Pele pele o.

  • pajerow

    Start from your banana island branch of RCCG , tell me one clean person that is able to afford a land in Banana island .

  • Abanj

    VP – THIS is one of the main reasons , people are turning away from Church in Nigeria. And believe me more and more people are asking questions, ridiculing the biggest pastors in the land – From the ones that buy Jets, to the ones that appreciate thieves. Remember Jesus Christ was an activist. Can you remember how he destroyed those making money in the church – ‘Turn my house into a den of robbers’. What do you think he will be doing if he was in Nigeria today? I believe he will be LEADING the anti-corruption fight that , facing the corruption that is literally destroying lives and enslaving people. The question is – where is the voice of the church? Where has it been? Where is the 1 month crusade against corruption announced by all churches? Where is the Church voice against the Senate allowance, Security vote? Where is the church’s voice against issues that are plainly wrong! They will be telling people to pray and fast? How about taking a lead against corruption. In South Africa , the church took a stance against apartheid , In UK the church took a stance against slavery? We are not saying be political and call for anybody sacking – but if the church cannot present itself as moral authority – then what exactly are they their for. Where is the church’s voice and lead against a material gain being the main objective o society? In which we mainly lift people up based on their wealth thereby creating a society in which material gain is the main preoccupation at the expense of everything else. Why is it that we are a very very religious country but yet the hardship and suffering is more than those countries that are non religious? The church needs to ask itself these questions.