Senate passes Petroleum Industry Bill

Nigerian Senate
Nigerian Senate

The Nigerian Senate has passed the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill, the long-awaited legislation that promises broad reforms to the nation’s oil and gas industry.

The report on the bill, produced by the Senate joint committee on gas, petroleum (downstream) and petroleum (upstream), was presented on Thursday by Donald Alasoadura, APC-Ondo.

After a clause-by-clause consideration, with few amendments, the Senate approved the bill, moving a step closer to making its ambitious contents law.

Amongst other objectives, the petroleum bill seeks to introduce reforms that would engender transparency, while at the same time making the oil and gas sector more business-oriented and profit-drive.

If eventually passed by the House of Representatives and signed by the president, the bill will restructure some organisations like the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Department of Petroleum Resources, while setting up new ones like the National Oil Company and the National Petroleum Assets Management Commission, NPAMC.

The NOC, as proposed in the bill, will be an “integrated oil and gas company operating as a fully commercial entity and will run like a private company”, while the NPAMC will be a “single petroleum regulatory commission which will focus mainly on regulating the industry”.

The commission will also have responsibility for health and safety regulations in the industry, while collaborating with the Ministry of Environment on environmental issues.

The ministry, currently overseeing the Ogoni cleanup programme, will be represented on the board of the commission

The bill, which has spent years in the National Assembly, is to be sent to the House for concurrence before seeking presidential assent.

“I congratulate the 8th Senate with the passage of this landmark bill which has not been passed for many years,” the senate president Bukola Saraki, said Thursday.


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  • Höly Wähala

    This 8th Senate has to be the best in productive performance since democracy in Nigeria. Sen. Saraki has provided real leadership and demonstrated uncanny ability to get things done quicker and better than the Presidency and certainly the Judiciary, the other 2-arms of a trifecta system of government in Nigeria. Passing the PIB is a landmark achievement… Respect and Kudos!

    • Charles

      i concur.

      • Bala Luguja

        me too

    • Dr Quack

      I don’t like him, but you right bro

    • Jon

      PIB landmark achievement? No. Where in it did it say RESOURCE CONTROL. I want a bill or constitution amendment where a Mallam in the North will have no control on Niger Delta oil.

      • Höly Wähala

        Shut up dia or go to school… Amnesty Academy is no proper institution for higher learning, go to a proper university, I’m not here to fight for your silly resource control. Nkapia!

        • Gary

          Ask him and Ibori them what they have done with the 13 perecent they fought for. That all went to Panama bank accounts and luxury properties in London, Dubai, Abuja and Ikoyi-Lekki. And lest I forget, private jets, helicopters and SUVs for mistresses and concubines.

          But circumstances will ultimately lead to restructuring the country back to true federalism of the First Republic. Or risk the collapse of the union. That is not the sole struggle for the Niger Delta to wage.

  • new republic

    The army coup rumour is the begining of wisdom to this looters called the senate,they knew one way or the other they will be affected,if coup plotters strike.pls junior army officers don’t relent save the country from breaking apart.

    • Sword of Damocles

      You are right about the worthless vermin in the legislature. Like Most Nigerians they are afraid to die, and die violently. In addition, though Saraki was born an ARMED ROBBER, he is actually one the FEW humans in that chamber that uses “what’s upstairs”(methinks that why I despise him more). He knows that if any extra-constitutional events occurs, him & his looting conspirator-elites are most likely DOA(dead on arrival). The problem with our ruling elites, is that they do not know history/sociology of human interaction. Every action(OPPRESSION), has a REACTION(?????). We watch, and We learn….

  • Gary

    Proof again that when intelligent people, even with sketchy character, run government, we can expect a measure of progress. Saraki has done in two years, what uneducated soldier David Mark could not do in eight years.
    He has vindicated my controversial stance that Saraki is not a problem to us in the Niger Delta.

    • new republic

      Try and study the bill well before comment,these senators are criminals,am waiting for Madam Briggs from niger delta to comment on bill before i comment,i rest my case.

      • Gary

        Madam Briggs is an expert on oil and gas matters? Really? We know the bill was watered down from what was originally proposed. But it is still a step forward nonetheless. I’ll settle for this half-loaf rather than starve to death on principle.
        This is why we have elections in a democracy: to make things better for the people, even if by baby steps.
        I learned long ago to not make the good the enemy of the perfect.

        • Höly Wähala

          Mdm. Briggs is one of the sponsors of the economic terrorism called “resource control” which is nothing but linning the pockets of a few ND criminals and no development. What she knows about oil & gas amount to ‘Na our God given natural resources’ to chop alone and nothing more, she is a corrupt crook who was there with Dr. Dumbo yet, the East-West Rd remains a mirage in a distance of dashed hopes. No mind the chap jare… passing the PIB is a step in the right direction. Simple!

        • new republic

          Because you don’t know, what they are going through in thet region,I thank my God am not from that region,let’s pity those people that a re from there.

          • Gary

            Really, you know for a fact that I’m not from the region? And you now propose to wail louder than the bereaved!
            Are you one these folks who find nothing good unless it comes from your favorite party or politician?

            Whatever is defective in this Bill can and will be corrected by a future NASS; especially if folks like you vote for intelligent and public-spirited people to represent you in government.
            That is the essence of participatory democracy.

  • dami

    These criminals in the senate that have been compromised by big oil companies….in the coming days we shall here of all the unpopular and anti-people & Nigerian amendments they have made to the PIB….just cos they have lined their pockets with bribes.
    Make we siddon watch this comedy…cos the executive will notice and send it back then brouhaha go start….senator thieves.

  • Tunde

    Hmmm! Why do I smell a rat! The devil is in the detail………time will tell