EXCLUSIVE: I briefed President Buhari about NIA’s $289 million covert projects — NSA Monguno

National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno
National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno

Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, has said he informed President Muhammadu Buhari about the National Intelligence Agency’s covert operation that went awry with the discovery of over N13 billion at an apartment in Lagos last month, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

This newspaper can also confirm that Mr. Monguno knew about the covert operation, took part in its gradual advancement and expressed the satisfaction of not only himself but that of the president over the diligence and professionalism of the NIA personnel executing the intelligence projects.

“Detailed brief of this exercise was rendered to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces who expressed satisfaction on your agency’s foresighted disposition on development of its critical infrastructure,” Mr. Monguno said in a letter to the Director-General of the NIA, Ayodele Oke.

The May 17, 2016 correspondence —with reference number: NSA/332/S— was written to Mr. Oke as part of the of NSA’s oversight activities concerning the NIA covert operations which was already underway at the time.

Three months earlier, Mr. Monguno had raised a three-member panel to inspect the projects the NIA was undertaking as part of the clandestine operations approved by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

In its report to the NSA on February 29, the team expressed satisfaction with the level of progress on the overt and covert projects, which has a budget of $289 million.

The panel, which Mr. Monguno described in a document as having conducted “a comprehensive inspection of the NIA projects both in Lagos and Abuja,” was led by Adeyinka Famadewa, a brigadier-general in the Nigerian Army with specialities in military intelligence.

The new details now before the presidential committee probing the #IkoyiMoney controversy appear to have clarified the controversy surrounding the source of the recovered funds. They also seem to have rubbished insinuations that Mr. Oke did not brief Mr. Buhari and Mr. Monguno about the projects.

Although Mr. Monguno did not openly deny knowledge of the operations and projects, several presidency sources have suggested that neither the NSA nor the president was briefed about the $289million released to the NIA or the projects being executed with it.

President Buhari also indicated that he did not know about the operation when he suspended Mr. Oke from office and set up a panel to investigate the “circumstances in which the NIA came into possession of the funds, how and by whose or which authority the funds were made available to the NIA, and to establish whether or not there has been a breach of the law or security procedure in obtaining custody and use of the funds.”

Incidentally, the three-man panel, led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, also included Mr. Monguno. Attorney-General Abubakar Malami is the third member of the panel, which was set up on April 19.

The panel has since concluded its sitting and announced that its report would be presented to the president on Monday, May 8.

During his first visit to the NIA Headquarters on May 5, 2016, Mr. Monguno expressed delight at the activities of the external intelligence service and made particular reference to the $289 million operation.

“On the occasion of my maiden visit to the NIA since assumption of official duties as NSA, I am extremely delighted by the warm reception and hospitality shown to me by H.E. Ambassador Ayo Oke, DG, NIA, the quality of works in progress is notably breathtaking but very inspiring also.

“All the facilities being constructed have demonstrated that the NIA is far ahead of its sister agencies in terms of foresight and dealing with 21st Century intelligence issues.

“It is my fervent prayer that the NIA achieve all the goals it has set for itself so that all other institutions of government, particularly the intelligence community, will bring about the desired change for this great country,” Mr. Monguno wrote in the NIA visitors’ book on May 5, 2016.

Mr. Monguno became the National Security Adviser on July 3, 2015.

After conveying the commendations of the president in his May 17, 2016 letter to Mr. Oke, Mr. Monguno informed the NIA DG that “the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) shall, henceforth, take on the task of verifying the current state of the projects and associated records.”

“In the content of these oversight functions, the NIA is hereby required to avail the NSA bi-annual updates on these projects until their completion.”

Presidency sources had earlier told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Buhari learnt of the NIA projects during the work of the presidential committee that audited equipment procurement in the military which was led by John Odey, an air vice marshal.

The source said Mr. Oke approached Mr. Monguno and intimated him of the $289 million approved by Mr. Jonathan in 2015 for “the development of critical security infrastructure and covert operations”.

He said the NSA requested a report about the money and what it was meant for.

“When the NIA submitted his report to the NSA, he (NSA) set up a three-man panel to investigate the claims made by Mr. Oke,” he said.

He also said Mr. Oke listed about nine projects that were being carried out by the NIA across the country.

“In the report he presented, the DG said he has already authorised a payment of $98,891.067.57 out of the money as at January 20, 2016, leaving a balance of $190, 311,314.02

“Out of that balance, the DG said the sum of $89,298,792 was cash at hand while the sum of $101,015.55 was in the bank,” he said.

Our source said Mr. Oke provided a detailed breakdown indicating all payments made and outstanding sums, adding, “the calculations based on the tabulation gave an exact balance of the $289 million that was approved by the former president.”

The source said Mr. Famadewa’s panel also submitted its report to the NSA for onward disclosure to the president.

“Upon receiving the report, Mr. President said it is normal and directed the NSA to take responsibility and to also have oversight over the projects,” the source said.

However, another source involved in the investigation told PREMIUM TIMES the N13 billion is part of the $89,298,792 Mr. Oke had reported to President Buhari as cash at hand.

The source, who asked not to be named as he was not authorised to discuss the matter with journalists, said the NIA moved the money from one of its Lagos safe houses to the Ikoyi apartment when the safe house was being renovated.

“The movement (of the money) is a standard procedure in clandestine security operations. It was necessitated by the renovation in the safe house,” he said.

“Unfortunately, inter-agency rivalry made the EFCC ignore the early warning the NIA gave it to abandon the search after it started,” the source said.

A former External Affairs Minister, Bolaji Akinyemi, recently cautioned the federal government on its handling of the current probe.

“External Intelligence operations do not belong into the same security genre as domestic security forces such as the SSS, EFCC and the Police,” Mr. Akinyemi, who was in office from 1985 to 1987 and supervised the NIA’s operations, said in a statement last week.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had on April 12 recovered of $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23,218,000 from an apartment at Osborne Towers in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The anti-graft agency said it acted on information provided by a whistleblower.

A day after news of the recovery dribbled around the country, the EFCC approached the Federal High Court in Lagos for a forfeiture order.

Muslim Hassan, a judge at the Lagos Division of the FHC, granted the anti-graft agency’s request and gave any potential claimant until May 5, else the entire N13 billion would be permanently forfeited to the Nigerian government.

On April 14, according to presidency and security sources, the NIA admitted owning the money, saying it warehoused it in the Lagos apartment for an operation it was conducting.

Our sources said Mr. Oke, the NIA director general, had approached Mr. Magu to request EFCC operatives who broke into the apartment to back down while the operation was still underway, but the EFCC boss refused his request.

Mr. Oke confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that the money belonged to the NIA in an April 14 interview, but declined requests to disclose what it was meant for, saying “You don’t expect me to tell you that.”


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  • new republic

    Cover up have started,Nigerians don’t expect anything from Osibajo led committes.until Nigeria is restructured by fire by thunder,average Nigerian will die in poverty.

    • aboki

      Dissect the above presentation carefully b4 commenting please!

      • kcee

        The above presentation smells of cover up. Why was the money kept in a Private Home and how did a learned senior citizen’s wife pay for the house in Cash despite going against Money Laundering Act???

  • olutade

    Delighted that an agency money was in the custody of a woman in a private home! Hmm!

    • Bunmi

      U wanna know the truth? All is fraud fraud & fraud!!!!!

    • was it?? some women can’t hold on to money so it’s prob a lie.. lol

  • ALhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    So he knew all along????? Even briefed the president about it! LOL!
    You mean after all the noise by our noisy neighbors..it turns out to be A STORM IN A TEACUP!
    Magu has thoroughly embarrassed same monguno who has been pushing his cause in the National Assembly!
    Shebi I tell una say from now till 2019 na so so LOOKU LOOKU AND LAFF I DEY?
    I dey laff oooO!!!

  • Capt

    You just never know what the truth is with government these days

    • ?????????


      MUHAMADU BUHARI has no administrative skills and it shows. Since almost a year ago,
      President Buhari confirmed in May 2016 that he was fully briefed on the funds and also
      briefed on the security operations intended to be funded. How can the same BUHARI
      turn round to set up a panel of inquiry into what he knew and approved last year?

  • MercilessMessi

    Magu has blown the whistle on himself.
    No Synergy.

  • obiora

    But the Woman bought the apartment for $1.6milliom. is it too for renovation.? This Change I can say is only Pampers. But where is Buhari?.

  • APCgrassCutters

    Are they trying to say the committee shuldve invited baba buhari too?
    No wonder they dropped the idea of inviting Jonathan. He would have blown the lid on all their pretense.
    What a ridiculous embarrassment! What a government!

  • Sanssouci

    This makes no sense, if there was no wrongdoing why the suspension of Oke? Did Buhari forget he knew about it? Maybe this was all a setup to get rid of Magu who has just ostensibly shot himself in the foot.

  • Chanji Dole

    When Fayose spoke, the naive e-rats were foaming in the mouth.
    Fayose said all we hear is buhari said this..buhari said that.
    Now we see the danger.
    Everyone now claims to have briefed buhari when they get into a tight spot.
    Poor old man.

  • SayNo2Tribalism

    This is new but it does not exonerate the fact that their is a conflict of interest (Oke and wife) Of all places to keep money safe why not CBN or were all NIA offices under renovation simultaneously? The story still does not add up.

  • Sam

    Nonsense . Just pay the whistleblower his percentage. Oke should leave the agency after all he was very partisan during the last election. He most probably was holding the cash for pdp

  • Goverment Magic

    I remember this song by Fela called “Government Magic”

    …Suddenly! Suddenly!! Suddenly!!!
    …Government bring instruments of magic
    …Dem bring inquiry
    …Dem bring 2 man (Osunbajo & Co), 1 Soldier(Adeyinka Famadewa,) and 1 justice
    …Dem start magic…
    …Dem conjure, dem bring eggs, dem bring spirit, dem conjure, spirit catch dem…

    And now, the story has changed! This is the mother of all cover ups. Why should the VP be part of this investigation? Why has he not been part of Dasuki’s investigation? When Dasuki was to be interviewed at Aso Rock before his arrest, Buhari sent Osunbajo to go to Asokoro junction to buy Akara for state house breakfast and before he came back the meeting ended. All of a sudden Osunbajo is needed to cover up the mess of his masters from Ilorin. Shame!

  • Nedee

    Mr Buhari,
    1. Who is the SPONSOR of Boko haram?
    2. Who are the suicide bombers and who are their relatives?
    3. How do weapons reach Boko haram fighters/members?
    4. Where have the Chibok girls been? Can’t the released girls tell you or describe where they’ve been?
    5. Which Boko haram ‘suspects’ were released and HOW MANY? Did you release 200 fighters for 82 girls? That’s the rumour in town.

    • Romberg

      The president is sick right now. He has no answers to all these gilberish questions. Alhaji Lai Mohammed will help you, sure. But be warned, his lies are ballistic! Don’t die early, abeg lif matter.

  • Romberg

    So they all know about it. Now I get it: CBN will have the money, but will be returned to NIA secretly and Oke will be returned to his post. Simple! Criminals will only have to follow him or his wife next time to cash in on covert operations’ booty.

    They have sprint market for the wistleblower on this one. The money is not stolen and there is no actual recovery…. imagine 1% of N13Bn. The guy would have started nightmares….but will wake up to his misery and debts.

    Only in Nigeria!

  • Yemi

    This is a silly report. Obviously, the guys at NIA sponsored this ridiculous write up. Does it make sense for NIA to keep $43 mill in a private house run by the wife of the DG? Do you know the kind of facilities and houses that NIA have in Lagos? Premium Times should be careful about protecting its hard earned reputation.

    • ed

      Premium Times is in on the game. Mrs. Oke bought the house with cash in violation of money laundering law.
      The house now turned to the NIA bank.
      President Buhari okay the warehouse of 13 billion Naira in Mrs. Folashade Oke’s apartment?
      President Buhari had absolutely nothing to do with this wicked greedily stolen money.

  • Ahmed

    The goons at NIA are at work to protect themselves. First they started by getting Prof Bolaji Akinyemi to make that public statement even though he could have more effectively said the same thing privately to the President and VP. Now they are leaking documents to PremiumTimes to continue their cover up. Is knowing about the $289 mill projects thesame as keeping $43 mill in a private apartment under the custody of the DG’s wife? Premium Times is been used to conflate issues. The probe is about keeping govt money in private house not about the $289 mill NIA projects. Well, I have news for you. If Mongunu knows about this money in a private apartment, he may also be on his way out.

    • ed

      That’s if we had a controlling legal authority. We honestly don’t.

    • AryLoyds

      This story on this money changes by the day , i knew nothing will happen , Buhari is a fraud ! The Rivers people have lost a lot in this case , as the money belongs to Amaechi and should so therefore be returned to the state.

      • Ahmed

        There was a forfeiture hearing at a Lagos high court on Friday. The court was expecting those claiming ownership of the money to show up. Why did Nelson Wike or anyone from Rivers State not show up. Actually, nobody showed up on Friday to claim the money

    • abodes_124

      my friend if you can account for the money i have given you i care not where you keep it. It looks as if the crime here is simply where the money was kept. Please get real.

  • DanielOsazuwa

    Yep! Elephant can fly in Nigeria. How else can you explain the default Nigeria Airways having elephant as it logo. These bone heads retards are now telling us that constructing office spaces is now clandestine operations.

    Seriously, Nigeria must be a real animal farm aka ZOO !

  • GeeWhiz

    Only in Naija can you give an agency $300 million to spend as they wish, afterall na “covert” operations. In fact the as part of the “covert” operations, I go carry money keep for my house as e dey safer dan CBN. Oh well, Oke don comot and the next DG will be from the North so they can all chop and clean mouth!

    • abodes_124

      Now , now chaps all this ventilating is absurd. If you really want to ask questions do you know the sum total of ‘security votes’ to the president and governors that are taken away every year with absolutely no requirement to account for the expenditure. It may not be too far removed from the amount we are all suddenly getting excited about . Please let us maintain a sense of proportion.

  • Ifeanyi

    Mr. Monguno sat on the panel, investigating himself.

  • Opekete

    If all these were true, why then did the president wasted the time of the nation and the taxpayers money to set up a committee chaired by the vice president to investigate the whole issue? May I am missing something. The NSA is now saying that he knew about the money and the president knew about it. However, the president himself expressed surprise that this amount of money could be flowing in a private hand and in a private apartment outside of check and balances of the government supervision. This is not only surprising it is also bizarre. A bizarre country run by a bizarre government populated by the most bizarre people living a bizarre life.

    • Sword of Damocles

      bizarre dystopia, yes sir

  • Sword of Damocles

    Not really surprised. Pandora’s box CANNOT BE OPENED by members of the ruling elites. WHY? ALL WILL BE TOUCHED. Even those that might surprise the masses, The summation of this exercise is simple, And the government KNOWS IT: Touch Jonathan, and you must touch ALL/EVERYONE. A question for you all? Can this government afford to touch all? life is about learning, and at least I now know that the VP is a dues paying member of the ruling elites clique, as is this entire government , and will go along with the fleecing of the Country. Maybe one day we will have leaders who at least have a modicum of RESPECT for the people who have invested them with the organs of power, However knowing Nigerian zeitgeist, maybe not……

  • Abdul

    Una no wan pay 5% whistle blower money Abe? God pass una.

    • Uzoma

      Na so so dem be the whistle blowers. So na still for dia pocket the moni go go.

    • Dawood


    • 5 percent on your millions is a lot..lmao

  • NOI sucks

    I smell a cover up here, is Mrs Oke the assistant DG of NIA? Why was cash paid to buy the house in Mrs Oke’s name? Is the house a bank for NIA? You are all thieves.

  • Intrepid

    Then why did the EFFC go after the money? Keep f00ling yourselves. Zoolanders!

  • Pa James

    My Children,
    I pity you people and your generation. Why are you young ones wasting all your precious time placing comments here when the very old thieves are stealing all your birthright and resources? What effect or effects will your comments have? Or is this a way to kill the boredom and relieve yourselves of the stress and trauma?

    * Buhari is 76+ and already on the departure lounge.
    * Oke (DG NIA) is in his late 60s.
    * Liar Mohammed is 73
    * Odigie Oyegun is 72
    * Daura (DSS Chief) is 73
    * What about the 81 yr old Ambassadorial nominee?

    Meanwhile France is electing a 39 year old. He is already coasting to victory. And Pa Buhari who cannot make an error free complete and sensible sentence is running affairs in Nigeria where 73% of the population is below 38yrs.

    • paul irumundomon

      You talked about france, a progressive nation, who obey court orders, try not include nigeria. See their comments, is anyone here cares, the answer is no one young Nigerians cares.
      All they want is, pay them token fees, to become body gaurds, Nigerian youths love it that way,majority of Nigerian youths, are just all like that, as you already stated (buhari can’t make sense with one complete sencentence), they don’t know what their future meant to them.
      Read through their questions, know one young man or woman here, care about who lied. They all like to use bad language, as their new found word.
      The river must keep flowing, I cry for my beloved country. Ask, how much buhari knew, about this money, that is how much relevance today, buhari is to nigeria and her economy.
      We thought buhari was incharge, now we can see, Idiagbon was alone, and only the man who ran the show. On that premise, he got overwhelming support from Nigerians. School is good, we all can testify to that today

    • Gary

      Is it not the same Mumu youths who flooded Social Media with “Sai Buhari”?
      Dem eye don open now.

      Let them listen to Tinubu, Tunde Bakare, Agbakoba, Sowore, Dele Momodu, Sonala & Co to tell them to vote against their future in 2019, in the name of fighting corruption with the Babacrasy (rule of the babas in politics) currently practiced in Nigeria.

      • OGK

        So, where and who is the messiah? Buhari, OBJ and other past leaders are too old, we put 50 something Jonathan there, he was an apology. Bankole was Speaker HR in late 30s, yet he was abysmal; younger Saraki and Dogara are plutocrat who would not tell Nigerians simply the budget of the National Assembly. So which age group or generation would save Nigeria. Talk is so cheap, especially from your end.

        • Gary

          Gani who we all knew, ran for office did you vote for him? Gamaliel Onosode, Olu Falae, Pat Utomi at various times ran for office, did you support their candidacy? Awo and Zik ran back in the day, did the majority of Nigerians vote for them?
          Then we voted right for once and MKO Abiola won but IBB, David Mark, Abacha & Co annulled his victory. Only a handful of Nigerians were willing to defend their votes as even his own kinsmen betrayed the man until the soldiers killed him , his wife. Pa Rewane and others.

          Yes talk is cheap, so let’s draft Abubakar Umar and Peter Obi to join an untainted party to forge a new coalition to take us forward into a restructured Nigeria based on regional autonomy.
          Any takers? Or they hold you rather wait for your ethnic Babas again for guidance?

          • when is your next vote? im curious to see if you all vote for the same creeps.

        • bala

          the problem is nationwide dishonesty

      • Manuel Tobby

        What did your own Mumu GEJ do after I voted for him in 2011.
        Talk is cheap

        • abodes_124

          GDP growth of 7.2% for one

    • Simon Templar

      How old is your father ?

      • abodes_124

        possibly very old. and your point?

      • he’s as old as the amount of years you will remain in prison.

    • bala

      you are a white liar less than 43% of the population are under 38years as you proclaimed. are you adding transit african ebola patients to your figure?

      • Ignore PA, he’s dreaming of Felix. lol

  • Onike24

    Jonathan was right after all. Corruption is not stealing.

    • Onike24

      Are you people so desperate that you use other people’s moniker, Jonathan was never right and this is certainly not me.

      • concernednigerian

        That’s what Buhari Media Centre does. They have done it to me also. Maybe that’s part of their own NIA Operation.

        • Onike24

          How do you know there is a Buhari media centre? Please don’t mistake me for someone who approved of Goodluck Jonathan. He remains an affront to honesty and decency.

  • olat

    Oke have been sponsoring the media report from D NATION, VANGUARD TO PREMIUM TIMES.

    The question they all failed to ask him is if he dies a week b4 EFCC operation,who will take the money.

    • yosef

      Absolutely. This is just an afterthought. That stash was diverted for keeps. His cup washowever full. Coopting the media to whitewash and cover up will not jell.

  • Dagashhh

    Bwahahaha magicians! The main purpose of the closed door panel which was to tie the money to Jonathan so that it would become corruption could not work as they intended now they have invented a magical cover to die the matter. Premium Times, how about the Jonathan/Sambo campaign materials you said where recovered with the money according ‘to source close to the investigation’?

  • Gary

    This Ikoyi Towers Loot saga is a lose-lose proposition for all concerned. And we have Ibrahim Magu to blame or thank for it; depending on where you stand.

    The NIA is obviously behind the this report in fighting back to prove that NSA Munguno was briefed and acknowledged that President Buhari was in the know about its special projects and funding. So we now have a “he said, she said” issue in which one of the parties is a judge in his own case.
    Even if aware of the funding for these projects, is it part of its operational process to have the NIA D-G and his wife take physical custody of the agency’s funds in raw cash?

    Where are the administrative controls to ensure probity and prevent the diversion of such funds for personal or sinister purposes?
    Was the NSA also in the know about how the NIA handles or disburses its operations funds? Not likely, I’ll guess.

    Then we get to Mr. Magu’s role in playing cowboy in the saga and its implications for national security. He might be seen as a zealous crusader against corruption by the masses but any sober assessment of his action cannot ignore the potential for bloodshed and the undermining of national security to gain favorable headlines.
    If Magu knew the NIA, a major intelligence agency, was involved in shenanigans, was it right of him to have undertaken his Nollywood style raid or drawn the attention of the NSA or the President or VP to such?

    What if the apartment was guarded and the sentinels resisted the raid with force? We would have had two national agencies engaged in a gunfight at an apartment complex full of privileged citizens in Ikoyi.

    Sad that the President is ill and might be unable in his condition to take charge of an overdue house-cleaning of his inner circle. I’m no a fan of his but I do feel sorry for him that the very people he trusted to help him run the country have been chiefly responsible for the failures of his government.

    He is a victim of his own insularity and lack of trust or exposure for those outside of his tribe and religious sect. And Nigeria is the worse for it.

    • wode

      For me, as you have aptly pointed it out. keeping such amount of raw cash in a private apartment under the control of the NIA DG’s wife can never be justified. The time that the woman bought the apartment (i.e. 2015) is quite instructive of the era of loose spending of Nigeria’s fortunes. Let the money remain the Government’s.

  • Ma Itami. Ta mbari

    The issue on NIA is keeping Government money outside Government treasury or as directed by the Accountant General of the Federation not the President. Mr. Montuno and Mr. President knowledge on the project is NOT THE ISSUE. “Although Mr. Monguno did not openly deny knowledge of the operations and projects, several presidency sources have suggested that neither the NSA nor the president was briefed about the $289million released to the NIA or the projects being executed with it.” This is the issue. The funds kept away from the briefing on operations and the project but not the funds. Officers always make this great abnormality in briefing Officials until caught.

  • paul irumundomon

    You talked about france, a progressive nation, who obey court orders, try not include nigeria. See their comments, is anyone here cares, the answer is no one young Nigerians cares.
    All they want is, pay them token fees, to become body gaurds, Nigerian youths love it that way,majority of Nigerian youths, are just all like that, as you already stated (buhari can’t make sense with one complete sencentence), they don’t know what their future meant to them.
    Read through their questions, know one young man or woman here, care about who lied. They all like to use bad language, as their new found word.
    The river must keep flowing, I cry for my beloved country. Ask, how much buhari knew, about this money, that is how much relevance today, buhari is to nigeria and her economy.
    We thought buhari was incharge, now we can see, Idiagbon was alone, and only the man who ran the show. On that premise, he got overwhelming support from Nigerians. School is good, we all can testify to that today.
    Joe Biden was a senator for about 32 years, a vice for 8 years. When his son was sick, he wanted to sell the only house he owned. When Trump won, after the swearing in, Joe Biden took a train home. I watched a video, posted by a serving Nigerian senator on youtube, how he was so bold, to show off, cars bought with stolen money.
    The state that senator came from, is so backward, I’m surprised why the people of that state did not attack that senator immidiately. But watch out, their cups are full, that attack is coming, and is approaching very fast.
    When up rising start in nigeria, Arab spring will seem a child’s play. Rowling killed curropt Ghanians, Nigerians who plays the roles of supporting corruptions, will all pay with their blood, we can see that uprising in short distance, fast approaching like a train without a driver.

    • bala

      If you want to see Nigerians in their true perspective just attempt to travel through the airports, most of the officials are begging for something to warm their pockets from intending travellers. I swear try it. One trial will convince you.

      • paul irumundomon

        I use both airports lagos and abuja. When Americans come home, they are out of the airports in minutes. In nigeria, because of these beggars, Nigerians will be at the airports, for two hours, and is only one plane that landed.
        They wanted to seize my dog, because they said, my dog does not have a cirtificate from nigeria. So I demand to know, how a dog that has all the required vercines need nigeria
        CI ratification, just because they did not know how to collect money from me. Others will be on their phones. Nigeria is a very big mess, and ear old president is not helping the issues.

  • Dan maikoko

    Real intelligence agencies do infact deceive some of their own agents as to the source of funds for covert operations, in our case the DG is moving cash using his wife (who might or might not be an agent herself). Real intelligence agencies use foreign and domestic companies and businessmen to execute covert operations, not in Najeriya. With 289 million dollars a real intelligence agency can start the third world war or assassinate the pope. What in the world is NIA doing with 289 million dollars for an insignificant country like Nigeria? What covert external operation are we embarking upon to justify such funds when Najeriyans cant afford rice?

    • Afo

      Any attempts by anyone to cover up the inhuman stealing of our resources will incur the curse of God upon those involved in this grand cover up efforts. If this is how intelligence agencies work in our nation then we are pitiable. What infrastructure is this report talking about, which budget is it even referring to: 2015 budget in 2017. If this is coming from the NSA now, then he must be sacked as he is not fit to be there. Someone stole whopping N13b and hid it in his private home and some people are vomiting nonsense to sweep such wickedness under the carpet. We protest in very strong terms. We were told that the issue of $289m was discovered by the transition committee and nie someone is saying rubbish. All those involved in such wicked stealing must be severely punished irrespective of their status. Whatever covenant PMB had with GEJ to shield him from alĺ his wicked actions against our country should not affect this Ikoyigate which is now a public issue. Oke and all his collaborators must face the music. Enough of this kid gloves with corrupt people. The integrity of our dear VP is at stake here. This report is roundly rejected. May God help us.

      • abodes_124

        if he ‘hid’ it in his office or in a bank would that absolve him of stealing. try and identify what is at issue

    • Charlie

      “An Insignificant country like Nigeria”. What does it take to be significant in your book? Number 20 or 23 economy in the world and a population of over 150 million are not enough for you. I will like to see the list of significant countries according to you. It is one thing to question and condemn corruption in the system. It pure lunacy to say your own country is not significant. The question you have to ask yourself is: what have you done in your life to make Nigeria significant?

      • concernednigerian

        Apart from the unproductive population what’s significant about Nigeria?

        • bala

          nothing Sir!

      • Dan maikoko

        Just wish to say that no foreign country is afraid of the activities of Nigerian intelligence services.

      • Daniel

        What makes Nigeria significant?

        What makes you , I mean you ,proudly Nigerian?

        You know not what it means to be a dehumanised citizen.

    • ojays

      I am flabbergasted just like you. Too many loose ends in the story

    • bala

      when was Nigeria reached the height of conducting covert operation? its all unfortuanate that the country alwarys misappropriate her priorities. nigerians of the modern day should learn to look before they leap.millions of covert internal operations are existing in Nigeria that require attention with no dollar implication.

  • Emeka

    PremiumTimes favours the highest bidder, no matter how corrupt the person is, with fat envelopes they would wash the person clean. Oke and the perpetrators of the Ikoyi fraud have sent heavy brown envelopes to them, chai!! Nigerians don suffer, nobi small…

    • jude L/A USA

      You are right on point bro. But the point is, for the fact that you and other Nigerians can see through this scam by once respected Premium Times, points clearly that there is hope ahead.
      Thanks, and keep posting.

    • abodes_124

      Magu, I am sure, has bigger envelopes to pass out. so let us wait for his own brown envelope version.

    • Shine D Heat

      I hope that is the case in this matter.

    • Shine D Heat

      I hope that is not the case in this matter

  • Ola

    It is rather unfortunate that somebody who should be included among those that were investigated happened to be in the panel of people that made the investigation. Monguno that should be stepped down like others was still talking as an authority. Oh! this government is worbbling on a number of issues it handles in recent times. But God will judge the hypocrites in no distant time. Watch out!

  • Lanre

    DG Ayo Oke is going to be the Agbepo (shit carrier) in this story. Just like Yorubas have been carrying Nigerian shit. M.K.O Abiola, Oladipo Diya, Ogundipe, Bode George, Obanikoro, Obasanjo. etc. Even my leader, Chief Awolowo, innocuously went on this good samaritan job. Ki lo ti di ewa. Yoruba Ronu. And tomorrow we will say we are educated o. Awa la kawe. Na we know everything. I am tired of this mistreatment and maltreatment of Yorubas. We need a new leadership that will cater for us.

    • Daniel

      What are you saying?

      This is your APC na…

      Oga Tinubu boy.

      Very fake folks.

    • ojays

      Please lead us I’ll support you.lolz

      • bala


  • T-Rex

    This is getting messier by each passing day,and at the end of it all, the Nigeria Intelligence community will be the loser.

  • truth

    This is paid for

    • Shine D Heat

      I seem to agree with you

  • Uzoma John

    Premium Times this story is a cover up. The question I now ask is If Mrs Oke is an employee of NIA designated to move Govt money on behalf of the agency to her own house.? Not even an NIA official was mentioned moving money. This story doesn’t add up. What makes sense is that out of the $289million, the Oke’s decided to help themselves with over $43million, trying to conceal it by giving bogus account of how the money was spent. It’s unfortunate that those in position of authority in Nigeria have no allegiance to the country but use the positions they occupy to enrich themselves.

    • vince

      Look when govt talk about covet operations Nigerians should be interested to know. because I am beginning to believe that this is the money govt plants in most people houses and claim they recovered money from such houses. Sooner than later all these truths will be out in the pubic domain for every sensible Nigerian to see. Justice Ademola denied the money planted in his house and he has been acquainted and I did not see the govt appealing the judgement , yet we refuse to ask ourselves if the man whose house was raided denied ownership of the recovered fund and minuted the one he owns of the money where did the rest of the money come from and who owns it.?

      • Uzoma John

        There is no money planted anywhere. Oke decided to help himself from the multi million cash approved by GEJ for whatever covet operation. Nobody planted any cash. Did Oke ever said that the cash was planted? He only said that it is for covet operation, which took place in the house bought in his wife’s name. Who is fooling who here? This is outright theft.

    • abodes_124

      I am not holding brief for Oke but if he gave account of the money spent and money in hand does its location matter. You may accuse him of poor judgement for keeping it in a private flat but not of stealing it. Let us try and be clearer in our postulations.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Was the NSA and the president also made aware that Mrs. Oke paid $1.3 million for the apartment? Is this apartment a safe house or a rogueville? The reported clearance of the NIA does not pass the smell test. Shame.

  • Champ

    The Govt of the day end up confusing the people. This report is garbage

  • Daniel

    Hypocrisy and lies signpost this government.

    The abracadabra of anti corruption has already wasted two years with nothing to show by Buhari/APC government of chains.

    If it is not a PDP member or a critic of the government, they are saints…

  • abodes_124

    This was part of ransom money for the Chibok girls. Magu is worse than a bone head the prospect of lurid headlines outweighed any considerations. Fortunately they scrambled around and got other monies to give to BH on time for this release with strict warning to Magu to keep clear.

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  • Factsay

    Is APC covering up their mess?
    This govt will end up as the most corrupt

    • Tijani

      This Buhari-Osinbajo government is not only the most corrupt, it is the most mendaciously deceptive. The whistleblower must be uncovered, and Magu must be sacked! As for Monguno, he should be investigated, he lives well beyond his declared means.

  • Ezekiel

    All these are just story. Was the president as the chief security officer of the country informed of this cash and it’s movement? No. The probe report should be made known.

  • apinofiga

    Reports reaching planet earth shows Satan is shocked,dazed and unconscious about the latest news about Nigeria’s Ikoyigate.
    He has summoned an emergency meeting with his most notorious evil deamons as he is concerned this latest news in Nigeria far more outweighs what he stands -Satanism.
    Further reports shows he intends to focus on Nigeria so that he is not dethroned.We Will keep you posted about further developments