Nigerien President’s visit to Buhari postponed‎ indefinitely

Muhammadu Buhari and Mahamadou Issoufou
Muhammadu Buhari and Mahamadou Issoufou

The visit of President Mahamadou Issoufou of Niger Republic to President Muhammadu Buhari scheduled for Friday has been postponed indefinitely.

The rescheduling, according to a statement by Mr. Buhari’s spokesperson, Femi Adesina, late on Thursday is at the instance of Mr. Issoufou who has another domestic engagement.

“All arrangements had been concluded for President Buhari to receive his Nigerien counterpart and his delegation at the forecourt of the Presidential Villa and attend the Jumaat prayers together as well as lunch, before the last-minute postponement?” Mr. Adesina said.

The spokesperson said a new date for the visit will be announced in due course.

Mr. Adesina’s statement on the reason for the postponement‎ shows it is not related to the bed rest of President Buhari who has not been seen in public in a while and has missed three successive weekly Federal Executive Council meetings.

The Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, has, however, said the president was fine and was only heeding doctor’s advice to take a rest.


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  • Caulcrik.P.O

    Premium Times Editor,

    IT IS NOT USUAL IN DIPLOMACY for a foreign and neighbouring country
    to call off a meeting with Nigeria’s president indefinitely without giving reasons.
    What’s more likely is that President Buhari is not in any good medical shape to talk.
    Or much worse to walk and function with perfect memory.

    Therefore, the best guess
    is that President Buhari’s handlers requested indefinite postponement because
    Buhari’s illness has lately worsened and affected his ability to recognize faces,
    things and events. Buhari’s aides make fools of themselves if they believe they
    are fooling Nigerians who know better than the mediocre aides Buhari assembled.

    • Alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

      In this ‘dispensation’, I told u guys there’s no need for comments but to look and laff.
      I just dey LOOKU LOOKU AND LAFF!!

      • musa aliyu

        Later today U will cry, bohohoho!

        • abodes_124

          Nigeria has been crying for 23 months and 7 days

    • Khalil

      Even their e-slaves are not fooled anymore. They have since gone into bidding.
      Even the praise singer Maria has admitted her heroes are a bunch of liars!

      • musa aliyu

        We’re around watching the pdpigs erats wasting their breath, Aa usual! Go on

        • emmanuel

          you are ignore going forward except you use another moniker!

  • U. Okonkwo

    WHY WAS THIS VISIT CANCELED BY Mahamadou Issoufou of Niger Republic?

    That’s the issue the media team of BUHARI must tell to the general public now.

    • CeeCee1818

      Why not just tell the truth, Buhari is not ready to entertain visitors at this time, simple.

      • Otile

        This is the best the Presidency can do at this moment. It is not practical if we send our Imam to meet Issoufou in Niger desert. It will look tacky if Issoufou catches our Imam in bad shape here. It will look slightful if we send our VP to receive Issoufou in Abuja. It will be deadly if Lair Mohammed tells the world that Issoufou visited our Imam when he did not. See, either way the situation doesn’t look good.

  • Watch man

    And the lies go on!

    • abodes_124

      The pity is that it is not necessary. I beg them to arrange a voluntary handover announced publicly by Buhari while he is still able to do so. Otherwise his followers who have a propensity to violence will react to type if he suddenly dies after being pronounced ‘hale and hearty’ every day. I have advised southern friends in the North to head home on ‘holiday’ for now.

      • emmanuel

        Is that not what we want? Any Southerner leaving in the cattle region is on his own. If the 2015 prediction of USA was postponed by Zonathan, why not Buhari trigger it.

  • Iskacountryman

    he can visit daura…

    • Lanre

      Good point. Who knows, Buhari might be there right now

    • emmanuel

      Is there a grave or hospital in Daura? Demented follower of a forger and braindead herdsman.

      • Iskacountryman

        first class hospital…

  • Lanre

    Nigeria is a country of shameless public officers.We have never had committed, conscientious public officers. Never. When was the last time the ruler of a neighbouring country, postponed his visit to Nigeria? This was the same thing that happened during the Yar’adua era about seven years ago. A country led by dishonest, lying public officers like we currently have in Nigeria, will never make progress.

  • Maria

    Femi Adesina…haahaa… why are you lying now?

    • Kola

      He lies because you and your friends believed a lie for too long.
      You have accepted/believed worse lies from lai(e) Mohammed..I urge you to believe this one too!

      • Maria

        We believe even… stealing is not corruption!

    • emmanuel

      shut up, Adesina is not lying. Why shouls a shon of Oduduwa lie? smelly crab!

      • Maria

        “smelly crab!” That is your mother…whose toto smells pungent apu odour!

    • Wise Head

      It is like you’ve lost your job? You are beginning to sound different these days. Or, were you actually hired by the Lagos mafia, and had to chang your tone since the division between Lagos and Daura

      • Maria

        You can ask your useless mother all these idiotic questions.

  • Harry

    More lies begets even far more lies. Keep it up, Adesina the liar. You have deceived no one but yourself.

  • lansaki

    Watch out for more presidential lies later today when Buhari misses mosque prayers again.

    • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

      I hope he makes it ooo.
      Else his worshippers like musa aliyu will cry boohoohoohoohoo!

    • Osakue

      If pmb was below 60yrs I would understand but a 70something plus old man Haba presidency this man done old o make una no dey do like say him na spirit. All humans must fell ill especially at old age. Think about Nigeria first and stop thinking about the position you hold presently bcos your fears is that anything happens to pmb will affect your current position. Abi I lie?

  • Nkem

    This is becoming a real nightmare for these people. It is almost like they have to invent something as each day passes, not even knowing if the situation will improve the next day, the next week or next month. Between Lai/Adesina/Garba Shehu, I don’t know how they have divided the responsibility among themselves – Monday /Tuesday /Wednesday…. I just pray it does not get to a time when it would be morning /Afternoon /evening. I don’t even know who needs God’s grace more at this time – the president himself or his spokespersons.

    • emmanuel

      Osinbande and Ekweremadu should just watch their backs. Remeber Yakowa, Azazi and Suntai?

      • Julius

        Otile, him name no be Osunbande but, I know that’s your way of putting him down . Remember, you and your wet back family will NEVER equal him in your worthless lives. Period !! Your Azazi was killed during your drunk clueless brother presidency.

    • Osakue

      even before pmb was sick he hardly speaks to the people. If pmb invites the camera news crew to his sick bed and tell Nigerians what’s wrong with him all this issues will not arise. Blackman with backwardness. Nigerians have human feelings.

    • Lying Liars

      Buhari is actually in West Germany right now taking part in East Berlin marathon. – Liar Mohammed

  • MercilessMessi

    Adesina, you call yourself a Xtian. FEAR GOD!!!


    *this is a man the e-zombies praised to high heavens when he was appointed. Said change is here. Called him a man of integrity. Called it a breath of fresh air..wind of change. Now turns out to be a GALE OF HOT LIES!
    e-zombies now on the run. Realizing their gOD is truly down and out. The arm of flesh has failed them.

    Worship God alone. ‘LORD SABAOTH’ IS HIS NAME!

    • emmanuel

      What a message for the morning.
      The arm of flesh failed them, including the fake Pastors who queued behind a certificate forger. We did tell them that nothing stands on nothing and they refused to hear.
      Another two full years wasted. In a few days, it will be May 29, 2017. Six months no appointments, six months fools were appointed, one year and a half acute recession, side by 18 months there was no budget, 18 months to date there was no president and all manner of consters acted as president. still counting and stu*id Nigerians including me are waiting for nothing to happen while our businesses, jobs, careers and human endeavors including researches have been suspended, closed, sacked or destroyed.
      What a country of mumu ethnic bigots.
      By the way, where is calamitous Kemi, is she taking care of baba do nothing at za aza room? she also is missing. what a disaster?

      • Julius

        Get out of our country then !!!. No be by force, abeg just go !!!!

    • Osakue

      Adesina na puppet on full remote control

  • Antedote

    :”…Mr. Adesina’s statement on the reason for the postponement‎ shows it is not related to the bed rest of President Buhari who has not been seen in public…”

    Shoooooooooooooooo…..president on ‘bed’ rest? So Buhari carry belle and Liar Mohammed no tell us? Nna God I beg Oh! Nigeria is fast becoming another house of comedy and a laughing stock in the committee of nations. THe president of Niger Republic has to postpone his visit INDEFINITELY because the dead cannot be hosting the living. Fact!

  • Peter_Edo

    When Mohammadu Bokori was killing peaceful Biafran agitators in Onitsha, Nnewi and elsewhere he probably felt there was no way the victims would fight back. But God hears the cry of the oppressed and the spilled blood of the ‘Dogs and Baboons’ have begun to avenge the evil and callous treatment extended to them by Buhari. Many of the IPOB killed in Onitsha and buried in mass graves as confirmed by Amnesty International (with video evidence) were actually shot from the back while on their knees praying. So when such innocent souls cry to God to avenge Buhari would have no chance. We all saw it coming. No mercy!

  • The BEAST is Dying

    “The fact of the matter is that whether they like it or not we are entering the end game. Everything is coming to a head. The next few months will be instructive and critical and much will happen that will surprise and shock the world and the Nigerian people…To the spiritually sensitive and discerning one thing is clear: this dispensation is almost over. The beast is dying. The flesh is rotting. The vultures are gathering. The sky has turned black and a new era approaches.” – Fani Kayode (May 4, 2017)

  • Charles

    Nigerians has entered one chance

  • Osakue

    Everyday I see president Trump always in the news talking to the American people. He too 70puls. But since baba finish campaigning enter Aso rock baba bone us. All the different Nigeria traditional outfit he wore during campaign we no see again. I voted for pmb but I am disappointed this is 2017 age of technology we don’t deserve this. Haba!

    • Julius

      Be serious, think about the medical care Trump has been receiving all is life and still receiving daily . Please , don’t even compare the 2 !

  • Danny

    You pple aint seen anything yet. Invisible Buhari must approve and sign 2018 and 2019 Budget just the same way Yar Adua signed budget from the land of the dead. Nigerians last saw Yar Adua 97 days (3 months) before he was eventually pronounced dead by the Northern cabal. Its already 23 days now and Buhari has not been seen.

  • Es3

    President Muhammadu Buhari Wanted Late President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Out of Office (Vanguard)
    “On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, President Muhammad Buhari called for the impeachment of then President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who was ill and had not been seen in public since Monday, November 23, 2009.

    urged the Executive Council of the Federation (EXCOF) to declare Yar’Adua incapacitated and have him impeached due to his inability to carry out his official duties.Buhari said further that Yar’Adua’s removal was the only viable option out of the political logjam caused by his long absence.

    Buhari made the comments when members of the National Unity Forum paid him a visit in Kaduna. He also criticized the National Assembly for using “extra-constitutional measures” to empower Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President when the constitution already had a solution to the problem.

    The Senate had, on February 9, 2010, controversially used the “doctrine of necessity” to transfer presidential powers to Jonathan, and declared himActing President until Yar’Adua returned to full health.

    “Political expediency won’t remedy this kind of problem because if the Executive Council of the Federation had acted in accordance with the constitution, by invoking the necessary sections to declare the President incapacitated, we would not have found ourselves in this present situation,” Buhari said.

    “As you can see, adopting extra-constitutional measures have not addressed the problem. If it had, we would not have been subjected to the raging debates and controversy going on.

    “So, we must go back to the constitution. The Executive Council of the Federation must do the right thing because once we start moving away from the constitution, then we are inviting anarchy,” Buhari added.
    Fellow Nigerians, what was good for ‘the goose’ must now (as a necessity) be good for ‘the gander’ Period!

    • ZebraCrosser


      Nigeria’s wretched options after Buhari

      There is really no crisis; well, except that
      northern elites don’t want Yemi Oshinbajo take over President Muhamadu
      Buhari’s tenure after what they said was harrowing experience they had in similar
      circumstance in the year 2010 when the then president Umaru Yar’Adua died in
      office and forfeited the term of a northern president. But the northern elites
      don’t seem keen or ready also to bump off Yemi Oshinbajo by any means fair or foul
      and have Bukola Saraki sworn in as a person who’s still standing trial for quasi-criminal
      offences at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, despite that Bukola Saraki cannot even
      be legally inaugurated as a substantive president but as an acting president
      for 90 days only for a fresh general election.

      Because Bukola Saraki is too morally flawed
      for consideration, the only ominous option in the event of President
      Buhari’s incapacitation is a military coup for the purpose of crushing the pile
      of corruption biasedly overlooked by President Buhari. Parties will then
      be asked to go for new election after two years of military interregnum.
      In that event the military officers will have to rapidly earn their spurs
      for exceptionalism to gain legitimacy from day one if they are to avoid severe
      global sanctions since un-constitutional rule is prohibited by the Ecowas treaty.

      • Es3

        No reference at all to the position of Buhari on Yar’adua during his health and now that that is Buhari’s turn???!

        That is called digression or trying to avoid the topic, which is completely unacceptable whenever people of integrity and character apply a single standard to all!!!

  • Keen Observer

    Let Lie-Lai Mohammed & the former Pastor turned liar Femi Adesina continue fooling themselves around. In civilized societies people in corridors of power prefers to quit their job than to be used as tools of deceits & cover up by a government, But in Nigeria in particular & Africa at large because of greed & or poverty we hold on to power despite the stinking ridicule & lack of integrity in our jobs.
    No matter how something is covered up, one day it shall definitely be exposed.
    However, I wish my PMB long life, steady health & Gods grace to complete that which he has started. Because I see no one who can step into his large feet after his abrupt exit at this time.

  • Höly Wähala

    If Femi Adesina is lying then, he is very bad at lying because in his statement he claimed, “…and attend the Jumaat prayers together as well as lunch, before the last-minute postponement?”…Therefore, it is easy to know who actually prompted the postponement if President Buhari fails to show up for today’s prayers at the Mosque… That would douse a lot of silly speculations about his health in the media but, bottom line remains… Baba de sleep! Shikena. That said…

    Even if Buhari becomes incapacitated to function as President of Nigeria, methinks, the Doctrine of Necessity should be shoved aside as Osinbajo cannot be allowed to become President without disrupting the delicate equilibrium of power in Nigeria as we know it to contain a the statute of Fed. Character representation in government. Hence, all this media campaign to stampede Buhari out of office is mere exercise in fantasy and futility. Common sense will prevail in the end, nada will happen.

    • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

      “…Even if Buhari becomes incapacitated to function as President of Nigeria, methinks, the Doctrine of Necessity should be shoved aside as Osinbajo cannot be allowed to become President without disrupting the delicate equilibrium of power in Nigeria as we know it to contain a the statute of Fed. Character representation in government…”

      But since 1976 No one from the East (Igbo land of Biafra) has become President. Between then and 2017, seven (7) individuals from the North (Gowon, Shagari, Babangida, Abacha, Abdulsami, Yar Adua, Bokohari) have been presidents. And Nigeria is made up of North, South, East and West. Is ostracizing the East when it comes to presidency not provoking your so called ‘delicate equilibrium’? Or is it because IPOB have not decided to establish a suicide bombing factory and occupy the forests of the South East? Propelled by uncommon cowardice your people have propelled Nigeria into a retrogressive spiral of decadence and underdevelopment by supporting the laggards and helping them to power…and sustaining their hold on to power. Imagine your crass assertion! Delicate equilibrium indeed. Nonsense. Yeye Fowl!

      • Höly Wähala

        How old are you, if I may ask? Igbos fought a war to opt out of One Nigeria… you hia me so? We’ve made our position known with guns and bullets, klar? Ndigbo are not interested in political power in Nigeria but in economic prowess which we have achieved, you echo exactly what I mean by the lines you chose to quote because even if you remove the Igbos from the, “balance of power equilibrium”…SW would still be cheating other regions in power grab which is wrong and why that archaic doctrine of necessity will be suspended… and nada will happen! Get Lost!!

        • Julius

          South West cheating other regions , how ? So, when we achieve what you can’t it means we cheated ? Your mouth out-runs your thinking process most of the times. Our cheating must have attracted majority of your people because there are lots of you in our mix and I guess they must be learning how to cheat. Stop your naked lies about Indigbo not interested in political power in Nigeria. I thought you were better than the empty mouth loud lying asses on the net. Yes, Ndigbo are very much interested in political power in Nigeria….and you know them ! By the way, other regions have achieved and still achieving economic prowess in the country but not making noise about it

          • Höly Wähala

            You are too daft to understand government is not about your region alone, health of a president is no achievement in any country so, if providence throws Osinbajo into Aso Rock as Kabiyesi, only a pfool would call that achievement. Just pray the Cabal don’t get rid of him and put a stop to all this una impatience in seeing President Buhari into the grave… ungrateful, treacherous, evil-plotting people, that’s what you slimy folks from the SW are. Keep celebrating the poor health of Buhari and hoping your midget makes it to the top of the ladder in one piece… Amateurs! Mtchwww!!!

          • Julius

            Yes, too daft in your minds. Its so hard trying to have a decent convo with you at times. I notice that when the South West do anything that you can’t do its by your usual lazy nonsense mantra…treacherous,evil-plotting blah , blah, blah but when your folks scams their way into anything, its hard work and prowess…abi. …Its becoming lame ! Have a good day.

          • Höly Wähala

            I also noticed whenever the news was about Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB-MASSOB or Igbos in general, your mouth runs like a transistor radio on high frequency. My bottom line remains valid and will playout because I’ve already made that point to aboki-fulani who matter… your lot is wasting your time. Ende!

          • Julius

            Last I notice, your basic view of ipob and Mossob are identical to mine but, I guess you can’t admit that and any positive news about the Igbos or from any tribe is a good news to me and I comment as such. Good day !

          • Höly Wähala

            Quash! My stance on Kanu/IPOB remain as you stated and I remain against their brand of a restructured Nigeria… however, that does not erase the comments you left online everywhere celebrating his illegal incaceration which was something I campaigned against just as I’m campaigning for fairness and justice for Sheikh El-Zakzaky. Thematically speaking, my position remains that the Yoruba should not push Buhari into a grave so Osinbajo may become President and your criminal tribe would raid our Treasury which would then fall into the corrupt hands of Bisi Akande and convicted druglord, tief Bola Tinubu. Shikena! You know too well that I mince no words in calling out criminal intentions, why is all the noise about Buhari going on medical vacation coming from only one zone? Una people no dey tire for stealing from GON? Nonsense! Mesef, I dey go hit the Autobahn on my way home ojare, catch you when I’m home but… have a thoughtful day about what I’ve just told you, Osinbajo is a sitting duck. Yoro ranu!

  • wode

    Deceit have a very short lifespan.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    This is absolute ly. The visit postponement was arranged. The Nigerien President must have been “begged” to make the postponement appear to be from his own end, just to avoid embarrassing comments from within Nigerian populace. It is indeed unfortunate that the late President Musa Yaradu’a cenerio is repeating itself in Aso Rock.

    • Julius

      Begging Nigerien president ? Are you on drugs ? Nigeriens depends on us to even breath …why selling your country short simply for a cheap lazy comment ?

      • Washingtonpost

        Why did Adesina release this story if not for propaganda?

        • Julius

          I guess that’s what they do….. government . Mind you, I called for them to tell us the truth about Buhari’s health from day 1, after-all, we are paying for his care and he is the president of the country. Like him or not ! I’m looking for the day that governments all over the world will stop doing propaganda.

      • Abdussalami Yaro

        It is unfortunate my bro. You have not read my comment with an open heart. Please read it again.

        • Julius

          I did and still stand by my comment. I’m not sure if it is sarcasm. Thanks !