Buhari should make his state of health public – Soyinka

Wole Soyinka
[Photo: dailytimes.com.ng]
Wole Soyinka [Photo: dailytimes.com.ng]

Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to make his state of health public to Nigerians.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos, Friday, Mr. Soyinka said the current speculations about the president’s health is “unnecessary.”

“Why is the president hiding his state of health? He’s supposed to understand he’s public property, me I’m still private property, that’s why I’m not in Aso Rock,” said Mr. Soyinka, a professor of Comparative Literature.

“Once you are in Aso Rock, or you occupy a similar position, you have a responsibility to come out frankly to your citizens.

“Guarding your state of health like Donald Trump is guarding his tax returns is not what we expect from a Nigerian president.

“Let him address the nation and stop all these speculations which creates unnecessary political manipulations among other things.”

Details later…


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  • olutade

    Whenever Kongi talk this way, I always say “Hmm” …..

  • Jimi

    I always thought and expected more from Buhari.

  • Tunde

    He said he’s never been sick like this, he said he may go back for further treatment! What else do you want him to do? Put the medical report on Twitter? Who is manipulating you sir!

    • Ultimo

      He said he’s never been sick like this. Sick of what? We have a right to know. He’s a public figure and his detailed health status should be made public.

    • Netanyahu

      Who is “manipulating” your brain, hypocrite. We want to know what is the matter with your “father”. We are entitled to that information. Get lost goat.

  • Lorgne

    Tell us if you have torn the US green card.

    • durotimi oye

      Mumu na green card dey worry now?

  • Uzoma

    Yes, indeed, Prof, you are right on the money on this one. Most of us Nigerians do not understand the concept of public office. While it has many privileges such as high salary, security, free accommodation and food, free travel, world recognition, it comes with a little price. That price is that much of your life should be public – your health, your finance, who you meet with. We want the privileges but not the little price.

  • Abidilagungun

    Abeg can anyone confirm that Lai has been appointed Presidential Liaison Minister for Files, responsible for carrying files to the president?

  • Jimi

    The moment Buhari leaves office he will be at liberty to 100% privacy of his medical records. Until then Nigerians are entitled to know more, though not everything.

  • Infoezone Infoezone

    So prof has joined the wailers too. Its OK. His blind supporters here said his health is private. We are still waiting. Let us see how long they will hide it

  • Dokita Omowe


    Wole Soyinka is correct but he does not see the full picture of the corruption of thought and deeds
    overarching the Buhari regime and currently defining it as the leitmotif. Buhari regime is so corrupt
    it defies description. Ordinary procedures are intentionally twisted crookedly for self-profit, if not for
    reflexive crookedness. That’s how bad things have become in the internecine conflicts tearing up
    the inner workings of the regime. The Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri appointees want to rule the roost and
    surely do, with President Buhari’s acquiescence, whilst all other appointees struggle to look for
    their whereavouts like stragglers cut from the main body of a military formation into outsiders.
    In that divided house there’s no cohesion or common purpose – thus, stealing is soaring.

    • ??????questo

      The Buhari regime has become so corrupt? Really? Please elucidate in order to be pellucid.

      • Cry Nigeria!!!!


        Few months ago, in January this year, another Buhari appointee, Osita Aboloma, the D-G
        of Nigerian Standards Organization of Nigeria (S.O.N), reportedly issued authorization to importers
        to bring in five (5) billion Naira worth of fake or defective car tyres into Nigeria.

        The tyres were then shipped in and made to legally pass through Customs because the importers had
        S.O.N certification on quality approval. Since we know that private profit is the motive of economic and
        financial crimes we do not need to ask how much bribe was paid by the importers. All we know is Nigeria
        is in all sorts of troubles under the thumb of an increasingly corrupt Buhari regime.

  • Jason

    We have gone beyond requesting PMB to make his health status public. He is just not healthy enough for the onerous job of president . He should have the fear of God in him and resign to avoid the wrath of Almighty.

  • Alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    Gud mornin oooO!
    Sori Prof. Too little too late.
    This was what all sane people asked before elections: IS HE FIT FOR THE JOB????
    Baba till 2023! Sai baba!

  • tsunami1earthquake

    The reason for hiding all these health matters is to avoid making Osinbajo full president. Once people get to know that Buhari cannot perform anymore, you will find many agitators, even from the FEC, National Assembly and the general public impressing on the president to step down. So the cabals around Buhari know what they are doing. This happened during the Yar’Adua time as many people can testify.

    • CeeCee1818

      Especially that Osinbanjo performed well in his absence.

  • Etukudoh

    Wole should shut up his loud mouth. SSS just hired 51 recruits from Katsina State whereas the whole of the South (Niger Delta) has 42 Recruits while the whole of the West(Yoruba Land) has only 44 recruits. Isn’t this what Soyinka should be seen to be talking and fuming about? Instead he is talking about health. Yeye. Nonsense!

    • Lifetime

      Why so much anger towards 80+ old prof just airing his opinion on a national issue of interest.We need to be easy on ourselves. To you, this might not be a big issue,but to some the issue of the president’s health gives them concern. The issue you are condemning the prof for not showing interest means nothing to other people. At a point when one part of the earth is facing the sun,another part is backing it and vice-versa.

  • Jumbo

    >>>>Geographical Spread of Recruits of SSS staff carried out by APC government<<<<<

    NORTH ==== 67.4%
    SOUTH ==== 8.7%
    EAST======= 9.2%
    WEST====== 14.7%

    NORTH ====== 323
    SOUTH ====== 42
    EAST======== 44
    WEST======= 70

    Total (323 Recruits)

    Shouldn't the above statistics be what Wole Soyinka should be talking about?

  • NoSpinEd

    Interesting swipe at Trump, Professor. Are you also aware that Mr Trump is forgoing his salary as president and giving it all away to charity? There were no legal requirements for him to do either. Your clean bill of health as President is a different issue.

  • Okokondem

    You have to wonder what does all this mean, is Nigeria fated for bad luck? I was among those who cheered the emergence of Goodluck Jonathan as a nation leader on the premise that at the time he had no known track record for abuse of public trust as governor and VP. But most importantly the improbability of his ascendancy to power lend credence to a belief or wish Nigerians have held for so long, that it would take Devine intervention to free their country from the grip of kleptocracy. Sadly, we all know how that ended, how our collective hopes and beliefs were dashed. Jonathan wilfully or otherwise oversaw the greatest abuse of public trust in his administration.

    Then came Buhari and his campaign promises, pledging to make make Nigeria ‘free of corruption’. Many Nigerians already disillusioned by the disappointment with Jonathan, “the god’s chosen”, who had no choice but to believe in Buhari, went along with the campaign promises and voted him in.

    One year and eleven months into Buhari’s administration, Nigerians find themselves bewildered, disappointed and once again staring at the abyss. That’s not fair! How much can one country suffer in the hands of those they have trusted to lead them?

    And here we are again in a situation eerily similar to Yar’ Adua, where Buhari’s handlers are behaving in exact same way. So, my question is, is Nigeria, a country abundantly endowed with human and natural endowments fated to fail? Why the string of hapless rulers whereas what the country needs are leaders?

  • Otile

    Nigerians have been raped front and back the Fulanis and their lackeys. God help us.

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  • Rick Eson

    Karma will happen to those who selfishly run down other people so to make an impression. President categorically said he need rest after arriving from London he deserved that rest and we must respect that rather than postulationpostulating fictitious baseless story. Imagine the gigantic loots under GEJ with huge Nation fund carted away by GEJ Gov members. The negative impact of these loots ( hidden and in foreign land )on Nation and Citizen is huge and toxic. Wole please prioritize your critism. PMB government is active more than any previous Government tackling the enemy within who think the nation fund belong to them only and that looting and corruption is normal. Boko is being deal with and the FG doing excellent job in that direction. FG Diversification program is in progress and yielding positive result these are the stuff eminent Nigeria should be talking about instead of talking down the Country and heating up the environment.

  • New Nigerian

    “Hiding”? The whole world knows that he has not been well and he says he is recuperating after treatment – what else does our erudite proof want to know?

    I pray Allah grant him complete recovery. With that said, I warned during the run up to the election & while he is president-elect that every step must be taken to ensure that the air he breathes is not compromised, the food & during he ingests is not tainted and his physical space that he traverses not left unguarded – I refresh this warning again today. And to the extent that this was compromised, if it was, that need to be plugged. Folks, We have not achieved anything yet and the evil doers within and without his circle of influence are not sleeping – May Allah guarantee his safety and security and facilitate for him the delivery of the promises he made to Nigerians and the world.

    Now with that said, I have read severally the evil guessing about his “impending” death and how there are elements that may want to accelerate that process along overtly or covertly – only God knows who will wake up tomorrow. Nothing would happen to President Buhari unless what Allah has decreed for him. And Allah is enough for him as a guarantor of His security but folks should tie their camels and trust in Allah.

    How many doctors have passed even as the critical cases they look after while alive gets resolved and the patients walks home to attend the burial of the doctor? And to those who stole the people’s commonwealth and visited death, destitution and destruction on Nigeria leading to Nigerians throwing them out of office, mark my words, there are 100s of Buharis in the wings and his work would be completed, God willing. Security would be restored, stolen commonwealth would be regained and put to use rightly for the masses, and corruption would be checkmated. Long Live President Muhammadu Buhari. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.