How CBN gave NIA the N13 billion uncovered in Ikoyi, Lagos, apartment

Central bank of Nigeria building

The controversial haul of cash in local and foreign currencies recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from a residential apartment at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos, is part of the N57.2 billion released to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) by the Nigerian government in February 2015, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

The funds were approved by the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), and disbursed in cash by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The then NSA, Sambo Dasuki, had claimed he was approving the funds for  “special services” he mandated the NIA to undertake.

What those “special services” were remained unclear.

Following the announcement of the recovery by operatives of the anti-graft agency, the NIA authorities, according to presidency sources, told President Muhammadu Buhari that former President Goodluck Jonathan approved the fund for some “crucial and covert security projects.”

The huge cash, which included $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23,218,000, were recovered from Apartment 7B following a tip-off to the EFCC by an unnamed  whistleblower.

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Presidency sources believe the cash, which translates to about N13 billion (based on the prevailing official exchange rate by the CBN), is the balance of the N57.2billion released to  the NIA for the controversial “special services.”

This newspaper had in an exclusive report after the 2015 presidential elections exposed how the CBN paid out N67.2billion cash – $289,202,382 (N57.2 billion) to the NIA and the rest to the office of the NSA.

That report provided extensive details of how bullion vans were used by government officials to cart away the cash to unknown destinations.

The details can now prove useful to the three-man presidential committee, headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, mandated to investigate how the NIA came about the funds, and whether or not there was a breach of the law or security procedure in obtaining custody and use of the funds.

The committee, which commenced its assignment on Wednesday, also has the current NSA, Babagana Monguno, and the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, as members.

According to the report, published on September 19, 2015, funds, totaling at least N67.2 billion, were released through two cash withdrawals from the CBN between November 2014 and February 2015.

The first of the withdrawals was made through a memo that originated from the office of former NSA, Mr. Dasuki.

In the memo, with reference number NSA/366/S, dated November 2014, and entitled: “Request for Funds for Special Services,” Mr. Dasuki’s office called the attention of CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, to a previous discussion on a request to withdraw $47 million cash, out of a certain N10 billion earmarked for an unbudgeted “special services”.

“Further to our discussion, you are pleased requested to provide the sum of forty seven million United States Dollars (USD47, 000,000.00) cash out of the Ten Billion Naira (N10, 000,000,000.00) and the balance in Euro to this office for special services.

“Mr. S. A. Salisu, director finance and administration is, hereby authorised to sign and collect the amount. Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest esteem,” the memo read.

The second withdrawal was based on a memo dated February 25, 2015 generated by the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), the investment management services arm of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

The memo conveyed an instruction to the director, banking and payment system department of the CBN “to urgently pay in cash the sum of $289,202,382 (N57.2 billion) to the National Intelligence Agency, NIA.”

“Upon receipt of this mandate, please pay urgently the under-listed beneficiary the cash amount indicated. Please debit CBN/JVCC Foreign Account No. 000000011658360 with the JP Morgan Chase, New York… and advise as soon as the payment is made.”

The payment instruction in favour of the NIA was signed by one Okonkwo Godwin, General Manager, Finance, NAPIMS, with staff No. 18526.

The CBN spokesperson, Isaac Okorafor, had on Sunday denied knowledge of how the funds were released to the secret service agency.

But sources at the presidency told PREMIUM TIMES that NIA authorities had already explained to President Buhari that they received the funds in cash from the nation’s apex bank.


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  • Kenechi Casmir

    Wahala dey ooo…

    • Holy truth

      Serious one , honestly.

    • Julius

      Bigley !!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The suspended NIA director-general D.G. of the National Intelligence Agency,NIA. must be detained indefinitely, former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, must be interrogated along with his former security adviser,Sambo Dazuki, who must all face multiple corruption charges and prosecution and penalties for looting,stealing and embezzlement of our national commonwealth which resulted in deep recession and fiscal restraint that Nigeria, is presently going through.Sinners must not go without experiencing the consequences of their crimes.

  • Amir

    Forget ‘gra gra’ Jonathan deserves sympathy and urgent psychiatric attention. I honestly don’t think he is normal.

  • staaaaaaaaaaa

    well if anybody still think they can hold nigeria to ransom by bombing pipelines whenever Jona is questioned, then they can go ahead. all we know is that there is god ooo.

  • Shahokaya

    Jonathan should please choose a prison for himself, after all the jailed former governor of Adamawa that looted less than 500 million was asked by the court to choose where he will serve his term.

    • Braun

      Nothing will happen.

    • AryLoyds

      Another Tales by the moon light from the Animalistic Fed Gov!

  • amazing2012

    There is no doubt that the money belongs to NIA, however, the contention here is that the money might be stolen by the DG for his personal use. Remember, the DG NIA (according to report) will be retiring from service this year, then what will such money be at a private house? are you goi9ng to return the money to the service after your retirement? Why do you keep the money in someone house? Further to that, why should your wife be the one that will shuttle the money to the apartment? Don’t you have trusted operatives to do that job? Is your wife an operative? Failure by the DG to brief the President after two years of this regime put suspicious that the motive is to steal money.
    Baba should sack and jail him while returning the money to the rightful owners (NIA) or use the money to finance NIA budget.
    The DG is a disgrace to the service that people respected, feared and strongly believe for their patriotism and dedication to the cause of this nation. Now the DG has exposed the service and possible check and balances will follow.
    Furthermore, check and balances will only expose the operations of the service. Tracking the funds may lead to the reason for releasing the funds, and the reason can lead to “knowledge” of the job to be executed. It is too bad!

    • Amir

      Which court will jail him: the eminently hungry Supreme Court judges? They will continue adjourning the case until Buhari leaves power or give Oke 3 months imprisonment on all counts to run concurrently starting from the day the loot was discovered!

    • Izon redeemer

      Is the DG ijaw or Yoruba————————una see why the Tripod often prefers Fulanis in government? Cause it is often under the rule of the Fulanis that oil wells are shared in Nigeria——————-Let my people go biko——–now that every zone has oil wells located in their state capitals

      • amazing2012

        He was appointed Uncle Jonathan and the money approved by the same Jonathan. Stealing is not limited to one tribe, otherwise your tribe will have been robbers and most criminals in the world.

      • True Cross Riverian

        You are Igbo. I’m certain. Your heart is too bitter to be an Ijaw

        • Bo Biz

          Despicable and disgusting lazy ijaws that appropriated Igbo properties during/after the civil war have the effrontery to insult Ndigbo.

        • Julius

          lolz, he is cross breed !!

      • Kallah Bature

        I think the day the Ijaw masses will realise this monumental stealing is in no way benefiting them will come sooner than later.That day there will be no hiding place for the thieves and their supporters​

  • Izon Redeemer

    Just lies upon lies upon lies and lies———that is what–the Apes in APC are doing to to the Nation—-lie!———————–Because Nigerians hardly ever think when such satanic Fulani ati Yoruba fake stories are told them———————-if the CBN actually released the said money as we are being told by the NIA———————-then why was the money not returned to the CBN–as directed by Buhari—-and his Wayo order on the Single Account System——–SAS?——Did Buhari not direct that every penny in the hands of the government agencies be returned to the CBN?——IF YES THEN WHY WAS THESE MONIES NOT RETURNED TO CBN-?—————-Again why did the label on the money read 2016?——————–

    A good anti corruption agency would have gotten in touch with the various security agencies to find out from them if they had any links with the money–Not for a drug addict like Magu–HEAD OF EFCC to alert the press even before knowing who the owners of the monies are—————-Again a clear indication that it was the presidency that planted the money to deceive Nigerians into believing that MAGU—ati Efcc which has outlived her usefulness ——was transparent—The truth of the matter is that the money came from the Niger Delta oil revenue base—–in d SS———-So must be returned to the people of the South south———No Fulani—Yoruba–Or any of the Ibos decamping to the house of the apes in the zoo where Nigerians are being kept should be allowed to touch that money———–it belongs to the Ijaw Nation——in the south south—–period——————————thieves————————hence the urgent need for us to go our separate ways——-

    • Moore

      You are demented

    • Moore

      Sorry you have bipolar disorder and somewhat suicidal. Don’t go through third mainland, so that you don’t jump into the lagoon. Morons like you are still useful for comic relief

  • GeeWhiz

    In all likelihood, the loot was approved by Jonathan/Dasuki and given to NIA. However, numerous question still remain –

    Why was the money not returned to the Govt. treasury if unspent at the end of the 2015 fiscal year?
    Why was the money kept in a private residence?
    Why was Mrs. Oke ferrying money in and out of the residence instead of NIA financial personnel?
    How was the rest of the $289 million loot spent?
    What were the financial controls (checks and balances) that govern expenditures at NIA?
    Who is responsible for auditing the accounts of NIA?

    Bottom line, a lot of heads have to roll straight to Kirikiri!

    • Sword of Damocles

      o boi you talk true ( your last sentence/conclusion). These people are worse than evil. absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY. GEJ chop that sweet soup(the accoutrements of the Presidency) he no want leave, hence the man authorized $289 million to EXTERNAL security outfit to guarantee his re-election(stay at Aso). Now if this DEVIL was actually helping the masses, who would have disagreed with him remaining in Aso Rock?. $289 million, my God. this Otuoke RETARD has the mendacity to talk about his international reputation?? Farcical

    • El Patron

      Return money because it was unspent at the end of the fiscal year? LOL. You are very funny. Are you sure you are a Nigerian? If they told you one of our politicians returned money that was unspent will you believe it?

      • Julius

        No I will not and you are correct, they will NEVER return unspent money heck, they even keep cars that belongs to the government when they are either fired or retired.

    • The Optimist

      Kirikiri is too little a place; I suggest the grave.

  • FreeNigeria

    Mumu looking GEJ is wicked to the core. These people are just sharing our money as if it’s bonanza. These politicians are wicked.

  • Dazmillion

    Dasuki hasnt started telling us the truth about what went on during the Jonathan era. We just seeing the tip of the ice berg that contributed to the current recession we experiencing

    • concerned child


      So, who is now guilty in Buhari’s APC eyes?

      Uncovering crime is one thing; punishing crime is the key thing.
      President Buhari is quick to arraign a sitting Supreme Court Judge in
      two tribunals simultaneously but hasn’t arraigned anyone stealing or and
      taking bribes inside his shambolic government. His anti-corruption adviser,
      Professor Itse Sagay said today that the Secretary to the Buhari government
      (Babachir Lawal), suspended from duty Wednesday, will not return to government,
      but will proceed on terminal exit from the administration. But is that how to fight
      corruption – by just sacking a corrupt staff without a court trial for
      deterrence and condign punishment?

      The clumsy way Buhari fumbles in his delusive fight against corruption
      is as hilarious abroad as it is tragic for Nigerians who are the direct victims
      of soaring corruption in the country. Few months ago the Director General of
      Standards Organization of Nigeria (S.O.N) Osita Aboloma was found to have
      issued valid import permit for five (5) billion Naira worth of defective car tyres
      to be shipped into Nigeria. As in Secretary Babachir Lawal’s case, Osita Aboloma
      too was simply asked to take a bow and go. Is that how to fight corruption?
      Buhari can’t be taken seriously at home or abroad in his current foibles.

      • FreeNigeria

        Buhari too is a Nigerian politician, they are all rejects of the society, giraffe neck Buhari included

        • Cry Nigeria!!!!



          • Immanueli2000


            Crime is crime and must be taken to court for justice. It is not for President
            Buhari to be doing another type of corruption by covering up the crime of his
            APC party members. How can the Buhari government be doing that kind of thing
            and wants to be believed that he’s fighting corruption? What nonsense! Do you
            know how many lives can be destroyed by fake or defective tyres?

            I notice
            you guys are not calling this crime out for what it is but nobody can deny that
            this is the most heinous economic sabotage committed by President Buhari’s
            appointee called Mr. Osita Aboloma. There cannot be any bow and go here.
            Justice must be done. Osita Aboloma must face trial for economic sabotage.

            I don’t care how much bribe was negotiated and agreed to import those killer
            tyres since private profit is the sole motive of economic sabotage. Also, the
            Babachir Lawal case cannot be bow and go. He is said to have pocketed 250
            million Naira after awarding grass cutting contract to his own company in sheer
            corruption. Babachir Lawal must be taken to court and charged for corrupt

          • Uzoma John

            You are sick period.

          • Femi O


            Why is he sick? Just because he’s telling the truth he’s therefore sick, abi? You Nigerians are
            not serious at all. Which country allows the sorts of rubbish you people allow in your country?
            You have a situation where government officials are the ones breaking the law and stealing.

            Even taking bribes front and centre to make nonsense of any law in Nigeria. All you can say
            is that the citizens who are complaining are sick. What should the citizens do then? Tell me!
            They should jump for joy that Buhari’s appointees are violating the law and putting the public
            at risk of car accidents from twisted tyres? Look, you people will die en masse in Nigeria
            unless you get some sense. When national safety is at stake there’s no political party
            interest that’s worth defending. You must all cross the aisle and stand up for Nigeria.

    • Adele Uhuru

      mumu common’ Buhari’s mismanagement of the economy is basically the issue; just like his current health condition now —

    • Julius

      So is Diezani !!

  • Kevin Peter

    The truth has not been told yet. For now, everyone is claiming innocence about the source of the funds. If TSA which this government currently practises means anything to go by, then the government is actually clueless 2 years down the line while pretending to be working even as its members are fully enmeshed in full-blown corruption in the very eye of the corruption fighter! Thank God for whistleblowers.

    • omobabalemomu

      Waste of space. You have not said anything.

    • Musa M. Dantsoho

      No other person clueless surpass the one commented above as he fails to explain how TSA could capture money hidden in private building.

      • Kevin Peter

        What difference does it make between money in the bank and money in a private building especially when it’s confirmed to be government money. When this government came to power, they ordered every government agency with monies in other accounts to surrender same to the TSA. Or are you saying that this government does not reconcile accounts at least to know what has come in and what has been expended? Or how did NIA get their budget last year???

        • Musa M. Dantsoho

          By your understanding, there is no difference between the two and you are absolutely correct.

  • Adele Uhuru

    these monies were being saved for PMB’s re-election campaign but Magu was informed but the Lagos branch in their exuberance to make a name for themselves in case Magu will replaced usurped these premeditated arrangement. Hence the reasoning for a soft landing for these crooked APC men

    • Musa M. Dantsoho

      Obviously the money was to go for the rehabilitation of baby factory products and liberated OSU cast.

      • Julius dey wicked !

        • Musa M. Dantsoho

          On the right course!

          • Julius

            I’m with you!

      • Adele Uhuru

        your words exactly, so I guess those designations reflects you or represents you then?

    • Ukpaka

      say what?
      Did not understand a thing from the mess you wrote. Maybe they need to use the money to send your butt to school.

      • Adele Uhuru

        You didn’t understand written words in English and I need to sent to school why so I can degenerate to your level of lacking comprehension of written words?

    • tundemash

      Whatever u smoked today is too strong for you!

  • Ukpaka

    Give appropriate punishment that fits the crime:

    Somebody need to feed rat-poison to Dasuki. That takes care of the problem for everybody.

    As for johnathan, they just need to tie his stick to a trigger of a gun…with the loaded gun pointing back at him. Then have him watch a naked picture of Deziani. Anytime his stick stands e…rect, he will be pulling a trigger at himself. No better punishment than self-inflicted one.

    • Adele Uhuru

      obviously boko haram will love to have you in their ranks as chief executioner ?

  • El Patron

    Nigerian prosecutors are just too archaic for my liking. The solution to all these problems is simple; Give Dasuki and/or Diezani immunity and watch them sing like birds. I guarantee over $10bn will be recovered in less than 6 months. I dont really care about anybody going to prison. Whilst it will be very good to see that happen to serve as a deterrent to others, i think at the moment recovering as much money as can be recovered is the most important thing.

    • Dagashhh

      They should not give immunity to anyone. They should try Dasuki in open court and let him say his own side of the story instead of the bull crap from ‘unnamed government sources’ with the aim of making you condemn him and ask for his head.

      • El Patron

        Are you insinuating that Dasuki did no wrong with all the billions of dollars of ONSA money he was sharing for election? C’mon, dont be ridiculous. The man has not even denied it. He only said everything he did was based on instructions from his oga at the top therefore he should be left alone. Is that the kind of country you want your kids and grand kids to live in?

      • Julius

        Limited immunity I may add.

  • ijelejames

    So why is Oke’s wife involved in hiding the money? Is she of NIA? This is looted money period. All culprits must be severely punished. Nonsense.

    • The Optimist

      Nothing but LOOTED money!

  • Bright Henry

    Emiefele is in trouble Glen.
    However I just lost whatever respect left for FFK, Fayose and wike. The lies emanating from them shows they aren’t fit for leadership positions. So Amaechi was indeed innocent as always. Any day they mention his name again Nigerians should tell them to shut up

  • marc umeh

    Oh Jonathan !!!! $$$$

    • The Optimist

      Bros, this one na national presidential robber!

  • Afo

    Emefiele was planted by GEJ and NOI to facilitate movement of raw cash from the CBN to fuel his rigging plan for the 2015 election. Can you imagine the day light lies vomited by the rogue called Okorafor that the money was not from the CBN. Most of the CBN officials are neck deep in corruption: they own most of the BDCs, allocate forex to themselves and manipulate the rates to become stinģingly rich overnight. Time for accountability in thoroughly investigating the CBN and jailing all the economic rogues and saboteurs. Same should go for the NIA. God bless Nigeria.

    • Fairgame

      What a waste of space. Stupidity is in your DNA for daring to mention NOI in your ethnically influenced bigoted rant. When did national security matters become a purview of any ministry apart from defense? Even America paid Iran in cash recently. So what is the uproar about? Why would such an amount for NIA be in a private apartment in Ikoyi? All this nonsense cover up is for the gullible.

      • Julius

        America paid Iran what America owed Iran !!…whats your point ? Did America paid them with the money locked up in an apartment somewhere ? Nonsense.

      • tundemash

        You forgot to add that CIA Director’s wife was involved in the Iran payment too just as Olusola Oke’s wife is the keeper of that security slush fund in this case. Your mumu is china-made !

  • The Optimist

    Jonah Jonah! All that money was withdrawn under cover of NIA for “illegal projects”! What are those projects but election fraud? Walahi, death penalty should be brought back. What a financial rape of my beloved country!

    • Fairgame

      Stupidity is really in your DNA. When is it a crime to release money to a security agency? Even USA paid Iran recently in cash as part of the nuclear deal. Why is it that you APC zombies hatred for Jonathan cannot allow you have a brain. What was the money doing in a private apartment in Ikoyi? What is the cover up this administration is orchestrating because they blew the whistle on themselves? Shame on all you hateful bunch. By the way it is oil money for Nigerdelta .

      • Comfortkay

        Faithful PDP soldier when are you going to close your mouth?

        • Fairgame

          Until all zombies like you whose brains are dead go with your disease of stupidity so Nigeria can actually move forward.

          • Comfortkay

            Bullshit your PDP has destroy <Nigeria.

          • Fairgame

            PDP is reason why you can’t think. Zombie.

          • Comfortkay

            Am correct your People Destruction Party turned Nigeria to corruption Unlimited, You have to think faster bros

          • Uzoma John

            You are not ashamed that you are the only one speaking for corruption. Tarry. More revelation to come. I hope you’ll soon realise that GEJ and PDP have impacted negatively on your future, if not, those of your children and unborn.

      • Bo Biz

        Disgusting,despicable,and brainwashed dirty specimen.

        • Fairgame

          May your hatred burn you up. Zombie.

      • durotimi oye

        Mumu! How can you release 47 million dollars in cash to a security agency, I am sure even the CIA documents all money it spends.

        • Julius

          Yes they do and they are audited by a special Congressional committee.

      • tundemash

        You claimed “Even USA paid Iran recently in cash as part of the nuclear deal.”.

        So what is the deal under which this much of your destiny was looted in this case ???? And what has Olusola Oke’s wife got to do with security work unless you also want to claim CIA Director’s wife couriered the money to Iran. Your mumu is factory-fitted !

  • Comfortkay

    l hear Nigeria singing long ago killing me softly. That is what PDP did with their cronies, Nigeria is completely naked by PDP.
    God of Heaven will bless the present administration else we would have no knowledge of anything that was going on, But more revelations will still comes.

  • stevola

    I am almost in tears reading this. Why are we like this?

    • Comfortkay

      We are black, maybe it is a curse

      • Julius

        I hate to agree with you but, you may have a point there.

      • design

        Join me!. We can change this curse!

      • Concerned Nigerian

        Seriously??…What you said makes no single sense! how does the color of your skin conform to your character? You are one of those who aren’t proud of your skin color and proud that you are African, others are being productive, you are blaming your incompetence and corruption on your skin color. You probably also believe an old woman in your village is why you face certain situations…smh for you!

    • design

      Join me. We can change this curse!

  • Dipo NormanWilliams

    This is a very fake story concocted by a brainless government to hide the truth from Nigerians. They know Jonathan doesn’t respond to articles or accusations. Dasuki is locked up incommunicado and so it is very easy to fabricate something and use the instruments of government to lie to people. As soon as Amaechi’s cover was blown, government went into overdrive. NIA claimed the money and Oke took the fall I am sure for a handsome reward. The rest is history. CBN that didn’t know anything about this money will soon remember how Dasuki or someone else withdrew money. Nigeria we hail deal. Fighting corruption with corruption. You wonder whether this whistle blowing only reaches PDP people. It seems no APC person will ever be caught as a thief. Money in Kaduna – no name!!! I am sure no one will blow the whistle on Tinubu. Can you imagine Osibajo leading an inquiry that could potentially indict our President?? It can never happen!!! This is all hogwash and a smokescreen…Those who have brains have already figured this out already

    • Sword of Damocles

      “They know Jonathan doesn’t respond to articles or accusations”
      When he responded to the Malabu $200 bribe last week, what was that?

    • Abubakar musa

      Should up!! unpatriotic ALLAH will continue disclose your bad plot to our country.

    • Julius

      Moron, the memo for the release and the disbursement of this loot is there for them to see plus, Dasuki also mentioned this same money more than a year ago in his defense that Jonathan approved everything he did. Remember ? so, tell me how is this a made up story ?

    • factfinder

      How do u reason for God sake? I pity your parents and your children too, because your reasoning is enough to make them fall victim of your own awkward thinking. You reason blindly and upside down

    • tundemash

      As soon as Amaechi’s cover was blown

      Who blew that cover and how ???

  • Debaptist

    May God forgive Wike, FFK, Fayose and their group iJn.

    • ubong

      This is our money and we need our money devoid of alphabet APC or PDP and thoseseems to have played some illegitimate part in this game of shame should be punished

    • Julius

      Amen. Now to court Amaechi goes !!!

  • Richard Wilson

    a death man cannot respond to accusation. let ask dasuki to come and say his own part of the stories.

    • Julius

      His memo to the CBN is more than enough. Now, let those Jonathan dummies explain this away.

      • 360¤view

        Memo is presumably from Sambo, not Jonathan.

        • Julius

          hahahahahaha, that’s your explanation ? Remind me who Sambo was ? You are telling me that a VP wrote a memo, approved it and directed the disbursement of the money while Jonathan the supposed President wasn’t sick or incapacitated ? Yeah, try again.

          • 360¤view

            Have you ever heard of the management word termed as ’empowerment matrix,’ or ‘delegation of authority’?

          • Julius

            lol@empowerment matrix…Chei, Naijaaaaaaaaaa !!!. I bet you felt good posting that. Have you ever heard the word CONSTITUTION ?

    • tundemash

      DG NIA mentioned GEJ. Did you and Wike not wail day earlier this money was stolen by Amaechi from Rivers State ? Fake Pastor.

  • olat

    D FG shd kindly suspend the CBN Govn.

  • ojays

    Na wah ooo. Monkey dey work baboon dey chop.

  • jude

    So this country was bastardized to this level by GEJ and his gangs of thieves?? I think Nigerians need be on the street and demand capital punishment and total generational seizure of all assets acquired by this criminals. PLEASE LETS EVERY NIGERIANS RISE UP AGAINST THIS POLITICAL CRIMINALS AND LETS DEMAND CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ASAP

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    So this N13bn is just remnants of what they couldn’t spend. Where are the unpatriotic Nigerians who have been calling for the release of Dasuki in the name of rule of law? It beats me hollow why Buhari has continued to retain an incompetent and corrupt CBN governor who was deliberately brought in by GEJ for the purpose of opening the nation’s treasury for looters. His monetary policy summersault caved us into a recession and you are still keeping him to loot more. This probe will be the beginning of the main corruption war. All the complicit hypocrites around the President must show and judge themselves.

    • Du Covenant

      My broda, do you remember how on this very forum Sanusi was maligned for not respecting the President?, the same people have gone quiet interestingly. This is what our so called ‘Federal character’ brings to the Nigerian context. Instead of demanding that the right people be appointed, we insist on primitive representations even if these people are as unpatriotic. GEJ hypocritically branded Sanusi as ‘someone not capable for the job’. Another Nigerian from his neck of the woods albeit competent replaced Sanusi and this is all we got. Why should I be forced to trust such type of human beings?. I have reportedly called for prosecuting family members of corrupt officials because they are equally criminals by association as demonstrated by the wife of this DG of a man. Dasuki should never be allowed to see the light of day under the pretext of his human rights. Criminals should have no human rights to deter others if we really mean business.

      • Tommy

        Shut up your mouth there. Are you saying a killer like Buhari who sends an Army to kill peaceful protesters in Eastern Nigeria and give them mass burial deserves respect from sane minds? You must be on cheap drugs. This is a man so sick in the brain that he cannot even demand that the security forces identify suicide bombers and Fulani Herdsmen who now seemingly have the license to kill at will. And you are saying such deserves respect? Ours is not a country. The parasites in Nigeria can never make it work. Separation is the answer whether you like it or not.

  • factfinder

    Wike should be summoned by the 3-man panel to explain and prove how the said money belong to River State. If he fails to prove his point, he should be charged for false alarm and false accusation and defamation of character of the person of Rotimi Amaechi

    • Edem


      The issue is that President Buhari himself is really not fighting corruption. All these things happening
      show me that Buhari’s appointees are not convinced that Buhari is fighting corruption. That is why
      this stealing is going on. The people of Buhari are not taking Buhari’s anti-corruption talk serious.
      If somebody is fighting corruption you will see everybody working under him very afraid to steal.
      Who is afraid inside Buhari’s government? Who is afraid of either stealing or taking any bribe?
      The officials who did this 15 billion Naira scam at Osborne Towers are Buhari’s appointees.
      If they believed in Buhari’s anti-corruption to start with they will not be stealing at noon.

      • We dey hear

        “Even if you give BUHARI 20 years to prepare, it would still be beyond his capacity.

        The complexities and issues involved in ruling a country like Nigeria are huge.

        Leading such a complex country is an intellectual issue and Buhari doesn’t have

        the intellectual capacity to comprehend what it means to govern the country“.

        …………Professor Ben Nwabueze

        (March 16th, 2016)

  • Fairgame

    This is becoming a huge cover up. The fact remains that this is happening under the new government attempts to link it with the last government notwithstanding. Let’s assume that CBN released the money for “special operations”. The question should be; what are those ‘special operations’? And has this been a norm in the Nigerian system for a President to approve money for ‘special operations’? If so, then we must also investigate all monies approved by all past presidents (Yar Adua, Obasanjo, Abdulsalami etc ) relating to so-called special operations. But one wonders how the Buhari administration can claim it is fighting corruption. As it seems, had this money not been found there is no way Nigerians would have known about this money the NIA director & Dasuki connived to steal. How then did these men explain the expenditure to a dumb presidency?

    • D.Ogunbadejo


      Governance is an activity based on the confidence of the people that wrongs will be punished.
      Anyone in NNPC diverting Nigeria’s petrol assets into private pockets was reckless and should be
      sacked from the NNPC. Ditto, anyone aiding and abetting the importation of five billion Naira worth
      of fake tyres into Nigeria by issuing import permit to virtually wipe out hundreds of Nigerian families,
      cannot be trusted anymore to remain as a Director of Standards Organization of Nigeria (S.O.N).
      This simple principle can help the Buhari government to find its way out of the big mess it’s stuck in.

      • Fairgame

        You are right. By the same token anyone who has lied to Nigerians about his educational status and decided to hire 23 Senior Lawyers (SANs) to defend him in court rather than simply present the certificate or request WAEC to produce the original has lost integrity (if it ever existed) and hence by your axiom cannot be trusted anymore to preside over Nigeria. The same rules should apply to all errant public officials shouldn’t it?

        • Patriot01

          You are boring

      • emmanuel

        Where does morality lie? That a sitting president who voted millions for his personal clinic at presidential villa than all federal hospital put together went abroad for treatment and came back without immediately starting to build a medical center? And Nigerians are not on the street. Ironically many are praying for him to live and stay healthy. But Buhari has failed the citizenry in many ways. He is just not smart. This is my problem with him. Even his approach to fighting corruption is not a smart way. Selectively arresting, harrassing, etc Is that how to fight corruption? When your Cthief of Army staff has exotic property in Dubai? Are you unaware of what Paul Kagame did to his Army Chief whom he found had property which his income could not explain? But here in Nigeria, VP Osunbanjo declares $1m Cash and 100m Cash assets and nobody ever cared to ask him to explain how he got the money. Instead pple applaud.

    • kinsly

      Mumu internet troll.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      You do not even sound coherent. Only you can understand whatever you are trying to say.

    • Deansmart

      Jonathan is still alive let him come out and denie the allegations otherwise keep your dirty mouth shut

    • Akinola Olumuyiwa

      Dumb you wrote!!! But the whistle blowing that is yielding and exposing this corruption is an initiative of the dumb gov’t.

  • Nse

    People are making noise about N13bn. Could Ibrahim Babangida explain $12.7b in 1993? Has he been able to explain that? What about the billions that MKO Abiola stole at ITT in the 70s in connivance with then President Obasanjo? Fela sang about it and called him “international Thief Thief”. Remember that song? ‘Millions to billions’! We need a total cleansing and all these past leaders should be given Rawlings treatment. This is what will deter highway criminals like Mr Oke from stealing. Just imagine, the animal (Mr Oke) was even once a Nigerian Ambassador. He and all politicians and public officials like him are not fit to live.

    • tundemash

      So because those one you enumerated have not been recovered, we should allow Olusola Oke and GEJ run away with this $13B?
      If you have proves and facts about how the IBB, MKO, OBJ, Herbert Macaulay, Pope, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Mandela (an any other person that comes to your mins) loots can be recovered, send them to EFCC and apply as a whistle blower on ….


      Enough of noise making, fighting corruption is a patriotic duty of all !

      • Frank Bassey

        Did all those useless Nigerians mentioned steal or not?

    • Anasieze Donatus

      You forgot the 18 million pounds stolen by Lord Lugard.He must be brought to justice by PMB

      • Akinola Olumuyiwa

        Good question.

      • Patriot01


    • Mosley

      Thank you. No one has ever mentioned the billions that must have been frittered away by the military govt of Babangida, Abacha, Abdulsalam, OBJ in building the Nigeriañ fairy tale capital of Abuja.

  • tundemash

    The then NSA, Sambo Dasuki, had claimed he was approving the funds for “special services” he mandated the NIA to undertake.
    What those “special services” were remained unclear.

    The “special services” is: “2015 Election: Operation Capture South West by all means!”

    • Julius

      Yes and Obanikoro got some of the money too. He said it himself !. Its a slush money for the re-election..period !

      • aisha ani

        Is Obanikoro the whistle blower? It is very interesting that the rate at which the EFCC is finding all this money has gone up significantly since Koro came back to the country.

        • Julius

          You might be up to something on this one, especially this Ikoyi money . lolz

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    What an imprudent and wasteful president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,s led Nigeria government that supervised and corruptly distributed our national funds collected from the CBN on the order of president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, to the former security adviser,Col.Sambo Dazuki, who in turn released the N13b naira in foreign and domestic denominations which was discovered in a flat, in Ikoyi,Lagos by the EFCC.
    Former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his then finance minister,Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,should both be invited and interrogated for the imprudent manners they handled our nation,s public treasuries and resources.Or how could all these huge public funds been withdrawn without the knowledge of the then finance minister,Dr N.OKonjo Iweala?

  • okun

    I think the problem is the very short memory of Nigerians and willingness to let go past misdemeanors. No serious effort at addressing corruption can terminate in the Goodluck administration, else we will be treating corruption with kid gloves. In any case it is naivety to ignore geo-politics in the fight against corruption. Why GEJ is more guilty than IBB and Abacha stands to be addressed. The GEJ point in the history of Nigerian cannot be examined without looking critically at the administration that preceded it. Any attempt to do so is an invitation to chaos. It is akin to the present herdsmen carnage which is treated with kid gloves but other infractions else given the full treatment. My advice to Nigerians is this it is proper to engage in anti-corruption, but undermining the foundations of the polity in the name of corruption war will make us losers. A part of the corruption fight is fairness and equal treatment to all irrespective of the time of such corrupt acts. Nigeria do not cut of your nose to spite your face

    • Akinola Olumuyiwa

      Please are you implying that a thief should not be prosecuted until all other thieves before are captured in a given set of location?

  • Adekunle Akindude

    It is a very depressing omen to think that a country without good roads/electricity/working toilets in airports and various elected officials carting cash money in ghana must go bags can shamelessly display this arrogance of stealing. Any clandestine operation approved under past Presidents stop at the inception of a new administration The man in question is using the money to takia of himself and his family or else he would have informed the new administration of this development on the first day What is wrong with our people? GEJ is a mad man/stupid drunk who missed road to become a drunk driver running the affairs of a Nation past his capabilities

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • Mosley

    This cash if this report is correct may not be unconnected with the Boko Haram insurgency that gripped this country at that time. The problem with this government is secrecy. Since they came to power, there is no information on amount spent on the counter insurgency operation in the