Buhari suspends SGF Babachir Lawal, DG NIA, Ayodele Oke

Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal.
Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal.

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered an investigation into the allegations of violations of law and due process made against the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, David Lawal, in the award of contracts under the Presidential Initiative on the North East, PINE.

The President has also directed the suspension of the SGF from office pending the outcome of the investigations.

In a related development, the President has ordered a full scale investigation into the discovery of large amounts of foreign and local currencies by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in a residential apartment at Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos, over which the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has made a claim.

The investigation is also to enquire into the circumstances in which the NIA came into possession of the funds, how and by whose or which authority the funds were made available to the NIA, and to establish whether or not there has been a breach of the law or security procedure in obtaining custody and use of the funds.

The President has also directed the suspension of the Director General of the NIA, Ayo Oke, pending the outcome of the investigation.

A three-person committee comprising the Attorney-General of the Federation, the National Security Adviser, and headed by the Vice President, is to conduct both investigations.

The committee is to submit its report to the President within 14 days.

The most senior Permanent Secretary in the SGF’s office, and the most senior officer in the NIA, are to act, respectively, during the period of investigation.


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  • Hans Oreva

    My man does not play abeg 3gbosa for our PMB

    • oyoko

      gbosa! gbosa!! gbosa!!!

      • Danladee

        And another gbosa! gbosa!! gbosa!! Let’s see our oppressors failing. History will never be kind to GLJ.

        • ?????????


          The $50million Question

          • How did
          President Muhamadu Buhari reach the ridiculous conclusion ahead of
          investigation that the newly-minted $50million stashed away in a wardrobe
          behind a purposely built false wall inside the private apartment at Flat 7b in
          Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos, is “security funds”, when the Central Bank said
          three days ago that it never issued newly minted U>S dollar notes to the
          National Intelligence Agency (N.I.A)?

  • Yooba Ponbele

    The suspension shouldn’t be the end of the issue. A thorough investigation into the scandal should be launched to determine who be jailed or set free.

  • amazing2012

    Gbosa, gbosa and gbosa to Baba no non sense !

    • Pastor J.J.Jones


      The love of money is the root of all evil;
      which, while some coveted after, they erred from faith and pierced
      themselves with sorrows. For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the
      whole world and lose his own soul? The getting of treasures by a lying tongue
      is a vanity tossed to and fro, of those who seek death. There are thorns and
      snares on the path of the crooked. One who guards himself prudently will stay
      far from the crooked. My brethren, thou shall not steal. Theft and bribe bring
      sorrow. Where the spirit of theft is, there, the spirit of God cannot be.

    • Otile

      Stop shouting gbosa barbarian. Is Lawal not placed on administrative leave where he is still drawing his fat salary?

      • amazing2012

        Satan will never see good in anything!

        • Julius

          Never..shame the devil !!

        • Otile

          What is good with deception?

      • Julius

        Now you see others calling you what I have been calling you all for so long ?..Evil, satan, fraud, lazy , fake intellectual, dumbest wet-back on d planet ..your obsession with Imam/ muslims , your not seeing anything good in others from other tribes..bigot and many more. Your worthless life is an open book for all to see. Keep up the good work.

    • Infoezone Infoezone

      Anything buhari does is OK by you. You defended him when he cleared the SGF of any wrong doing. You are here again applauding him for this. When will you ever stand for something. Is bubu just waking up from his hibernation. Blind followers

      • amazing2012

        It is always OK for the president decision. You are not in their shoe, and never know what they are doing. Appreciate them, understand them and believe them !

      • duwdu

        @Ifoezone said: “You defended him when he cleared the SGF of any wrong doing.”

        The presidency never at any point exonerated or cleared the SGF. It just said it would not sack him just like that just because the corrupt Senate said so, but that the SGF’s future would depend on any further investigations that could follow. That step has now commenced. So, please hold your horses and learn to follow due process.


  • Tunde

    Very Nice! The axe has finally come down! Let the cleansing begin!

  • Lanre

    Buhari could not suspend or punish Ayo Oke alone without everyone knowing him for what he is: An ethnic bigot. Who does Ayo Oke report to?

    • dudu


      • David Adeniran


      • Tunji Olarewaju


        • Julius

          lolz @original. I wonder why he is using Yoruba name all the time to spew his insane garbage. O ma se ooo !

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Can they live without the Yorubas? Check it out :more than fifty percent of them in diaspora are in Lagos alone. Seeing how sophisticated and educated we are, they can’t but envy us. They are born and raised by crude ,ill-educated (that’s if not outright illiterate) parents, so, please kindly bear with them

          • Julius

            Abi ooo. There was a gathering of some leaders both Igbos and Yorubas leaders/politicians not too long ago where the topic of their living in South west was discussed. It turns out that 95 % of their rich and successful people started , made their money in the south west. I think it was at Tinubu’s birthday party. None of them disputed that fact then. Bro, its beyond me why biting the hands that feed them and why can’t they leave us alone if they hate us as much as they claim.

      • Julius

        lolz, big one !

    • duwdu

      Wait for, and learn to follow due process, including those presently unravelling in court.


  • Otile

    Nothing meaningful can come out of this kind of in-house friendly investigation. At best it is a facade meant to give the impression that Imam has heard the outcry of the people hurting from the crookedness of his relatives and kitchen cabinet. This non-invasive investigation may linger on for two and half years at which time nobody is interested in the matter again. The next thing you will hear about this matter will be that these crooks are henceforth acting in their various capacities because Imam sees no reason to sack them. Mohamed Buhari, stop deceiving gullible Nigerians.

    • Julius

      . Yes, he should have appointed you to lead the investigation ..abi. Its funny that you are acting like you care, no you don’t. Buhari or anyone from the south west can never do anything that will make you happy. Hatred is what’s running your life. poor you !

    • marcos avelino

      Useless small mind nothing useful to contribute except hatred black heart

      • Otile

        ISIS agent, stop trolling me. Barawo banza.

  • Shahokaya

    I can now agree that PMB has fully recovered.

  • Fatai Fehintola

    Bravo, Mr President!

  • FuzzyLogic

    You know what will happen when the person who stole your property is leading the investigation into its recovery.

  • concerned child


    Better to clean out the whole rot

    Few months ago,
    in January this year, another Buhari appointee, Osita Aboloma, the D-G Standards
    Organization of Nigeria
    (S.O.N), reportedly issued authorization to
    certain importers to bring in five (5) billion Naira worth of fake or defective
    car tyres into Nigeria. The tyres were then shipped in and made to legally pass
    through Customs because the importers had S.O.N certification on quality
    approval. Since we know that private profit is the motive of economic and
    financial crimes we do not need to ask how much bribe was paid by the
    importers. All we know is Nigeria is in all sorts of troubles under the thumb
    of corrupt officials in Buhari administration. Better then to clean out the
    whole rot by going the whole hog.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    And All lovers of Nigeria say a big ‘AMEN’.


  • Gary

    Good move Mr. President but a tad late and you should unmuzzle Magu from telling the nation about the ownership of the apartment in the interim.
    This shows that our President has been kept in the dark about issues roiling his government by some of his trusted aides. It’s safe to conclude that Babachir Lawal, not the President, cleared himself of the Senate Report that had indicted him in the IDP grass cutting contract scandal. Or the President would not now be suspending him from office.
    Also shows that NIA D-G Oke was running a rogue operation. He should be custody.

    • duwdu

      @Gary said: “Good move Mr. President but a tad late and you should unmuzzle Magu from telling the nation about the ownership of the apartment in the interim.”

      Magu has not in any way been muzzled. The ongoing court process may help unravel some – if not all – emerging questions about the huge cash find. So, please learn to be patient and follow due process.


  • Stan

    Mr president what about Magu indictment by Dss, probe him too or you never wake up from that side?

    • tundemash

      Wailer , where were you when Buhari set up a panel to probe the DSS report and based on the outcome, he jettisoned teh DSS recommendation and sent Magu’s name a second time? You wanna turn this administration into a goat-eating administration like you did to Dumbo.


      • Bahaushe

        @Tundemash pls spare your precious time and wisdom trying to educate all these bunch of semi-literates e-rats that had chosen to remain wailers for life.To them nothing good would come out of this government no matter what and will never appreciate it. More so posterity demands they ought to have been keeping quiet on the activities of this government since they never voted or wish her good.The only dream they have is for FORTUNATO of Bayelsa to come back and allow goats to continue eating yams since stealing is not corruption in their culture.

    • duwdu

      The President and his VP have already clapped back at the DSS on Magu, saying they consider DSS’ report on Magu unworthy, and that they have full confidence in Magu, and are backing him all the way. Deal with it.


  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    Yes it Is.. This is what makes the man on the street happy.
    the poor man on the street is HAPPY when he sees the fall if ANY ‘Big Man’ who has been oppressing them.

    A joyous day for the poor!

    • Kweku_A


      I am not excited or dis-appointed that Babachir Lawal has been suspended. I have no
      opinion either on the suspension of Ayodele Oke over the $45million linked to him at Osborne Towers.
      The reason is that I don’t know what to make of the Buhari government. For so long as Rotimi Amaechi
      and Raji Fashola are the sorts of creatures Buhari appoints as ministers I will never know what to make
      of the Buhari government. And for so long as Buhari last week appointed Wale Babalakin and Alex Okoh
      to head federal agencies I cannot in good conscience say that this is an anti-corruption government.
      I went to school so that I can think by myself. Buhari’s government is morally amorphous.

      • www.electionoffenders.ng

        Chief, we are talking about the suspension of the SGF (Buhari’s childhood/old friends and key power broker). We are talking of the DG of the Intelligence Agency of the Federation. And you find no cause to rejoice??!!

        These are major cats and no ordinary citizens.

        So unless every single evil and sin in the world is wiped out we cant glorify God for other daily blessings?

        So because there are many more criminals in Government we should not rejoice when 2 of them are brought to book?

        I dont follow your logic.

        It seems you want every single criminal in government to be arrested and unless that happens there can be no rejoicing over the downfall of 2 significant players.

        • Julius

          You should know that he is one of those that will never accept anything that Buhari does. Its hatred, period. The fools do not really care about the country but, just make some noise simply because their people are not running the rough-shot over all of us again. Find meanings to their rants and you will understand them fully.

          • Netanyahu

            Please, what is rough-shot? Different persons have asked you on this platform to re-register in a night school, but you will not hear.

          • Otile

            My brother why do you waste your precious time on a useless illiterate who copies and pastes whatever he sees from other people’s comments without understanding what the commentators are saying. When you come across his senseless gibbers or insults simply ignore him because silence is the best answer to a_fool. For me, I have blocked the moron out of my cognition, he can insult till thine kingdom come I don’t give a hoot.

          • Julius

            I will when you explain to me why your last name is ‘asshole’. You don’t even have to go back to school, night or day, just ask your parents if you have any. Oya, I dey wait. Would you also like to know what’s ass-wipe ?…because that fits you also.

      • Black Pope

        Hug transformer please. That will make you happy. Progress is a step a time.

  • Pointsblank


    Zero multiplied by zero will still be zero. The Ministerial cabinet itself as presently constituted
    is a shambles which has never worked well for one day. Re-assigning portfolios to the same
    assorted mediocre and merely blinking and mimicking Ministers is the full meaning of idiocy.
    Let the change begin from the hierarchy of Buhari government since fish rots from the head.
    Dissolve this mediocre cabinet and re-appoint a new set of Ministers for real change to start.

    • Boogie man

      Yes only when all the ministers are Ibos will you be satisfied.

  • commentsfile..!!

    Mr Magu indirectly fighting back.
    Mr El -Rufai´s “memo” just claimed its first victim.
    corruption war in Nigeria now makes sense…
    Buhari may not be the best, but still submitting
    to public opinion… please people, keep heat on..!!

    • duwdu

      @commentsfile..!! said: “Mr El -Rufai´s “memo” just claimed its first victim.”

      Yes! And, it is so relieving. Thank God.


      • commentsfile..!!

        I tell you bro, we will keep the heat on Buhari..
        he is the only president that seems to be listening to
        wise counsel not minding from which quarter its coming from!
        with this singular action, he just turned the table against the
        Senate once again. Mr Lawal was their symbol of corruption
        in Buhari´s Govt. but NOW…. Malaria don catch Mosquito.

  • David Adeniran

    Kudos, Mr President! You have the support of all sane Nigerians. I know that this duo will soon become Biafran’s HEROES!

    • bayobe

      I tell you.

      • commentsfile..!!

        both of you should be ashamed of yourselves.
        always keep it educational…
        we should be here for each other ..educate others
        when you feel you are better…
        please no insults.. focus on the broader issue!

        • bayobe

          Sorry, if you feel offended.

    • Julius

      Lmaooooooooo !!..B heroes ke ..

  • bayobe

    Wailers will still wail, it’s in their DNA. Suspension, investigation and outcome will determine whether to sack or not.

  • SAM .A

    Good move PMB , this is the action we have all be waiting for . When the result comes out please implement it with thunder and lightening speed . Let Nigerians know that impunity will not have a hiding place

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    Anytime a ‘Big Man’ falls, there is rejoicing by the poor.

    Its easy for Buhari to endear himself to the suffering masses and gain huge popularity

    Buhari just needs to bring down the criminals in Govt. Buhari has nothing to lose. The Criminals in Government are his natural enemies anyway. They dont wish Buhari or Nigeria well. So why should he hesitate to bring them down?

    We need the fall of all the tormentors of Nigeria, irrespective of party affiliations, religion, tribe and family connection.

    Joyous day for us today to see some tormentors fall. May more of them fall by Gods Grace.

  • Degentle

    Why not the EFCC or any other independent body to conduct the investigation, why from his Kitchen Cabinet. And why not send these sacked officers (especially SFG) to prison as he did to some Jonathan’s men, pending the out of the investigation.

    • tundemash

      wailer alert !

    • duwdu

      This has not stopped the continuing work of the EFCC on the matter, in fact it continues even with the involvement of the courts. So, please hold your horses and learn to follow due process.


  • Sword of Damocles

    Music to the ears of the Common man. I read the wording carefully on the order for the investigation for the massive amount of foreign currency in Ikoyi, and it IS ALL EMCOMPASSING. We will eagerly await a momentous decision as to whether the largest congregation of black people on God’s green earth are indeed a rule of law democracy. God save the FRN and its long suffering citizens

    • Gary

      Abeg, it shouldn’t stop there. Or are we just going to ignore to ask how and when Mr. Muazu built that spanking residential skyscraper in Ikoyi?
      Was it before or after he became a two-term Governor of Bauchi State where pupils still learn sitting on the ground in mud Schools and teachers go for months unpaid?
      And please let nobody sell us the poppycock that he took bank loans. With which collateral?
      Was the property acknowledged in assets declaration before and after he left office? There are also whistleblowers in the banks and lands registry who can use five percent of recovered loot.

      Some whistleblowers are going get very, very rich before the politicians decide to kill the policy. There must be silent panic in their ranks now.

      We want all the facets of the Osborne Towers Loot investigated without fear or favour. And no sacred cows or cover up.

      • Sword of Damocles

        I never say NO to a Reckoning for enemies of Republic. They are lucky they have the current administration. Left to someone like me who “has an ITCH to scratch”, we would also need to talk to some “Generals” who are literally “illiterate billionaires”. It is better to war than to pretend that there is rule of law. I don’t remember who said “sometimes the peace that we seek can only be achieved at the other side of WAR”. there are a lot of thieves in Nigeria, & by God they need to be brought to justice(let the heavens fall). They should not have stolen from poor people in the first place. I am not the most spiritual person in the world, but “stealing from poor/downtrodden is ESPECIALLY FORBIDDEN by the Creator of man.

  • jon

    sai Buhari if found guilty please court get proper judge argue the case within 4 weeks and send them to maximum prison sentence

  • Gidi

    Finally, El-Rufai’s memo to the president seems to be moving the slow man from Katsina to action. As far as i am concerned, Lawal should be gone by next month and replacement should be found ASAP. His replacement should be someone that is competent and understand how to move federal bureaucracy into quick action. APC have only one more year to turn things around, otherwise they can kiss re-election goodbye.

    Aside from the corruption allegation, Lawal is quite incompetent in my view. 2 years into APC led administration, most of the board of parastatals are still vacant. At least, this should not be the case given the important role board play in policy governance. What is SGF doing in the last 2 years? APC manifesto is not seen in policy implementation. Again, El-Rufai memo is timely and right on the money.

    As for Messr Oke, he has a lot of explanation to do. For a security officers to get caught with that huge amount of state money in a private house…something didn’t add up. We need more explanation.

    • Angry Nigerian

      ” Imagine how mad I get when the criminal politicians rub it in our faces that “we” the masses, their subjects, are irredeemable, that, we will forever continue to be docile and wallow in our hopelessness because we are a suffering and smiling moronic bunch of people, worse than animals that live in the bush. Kai!!!! …No more, will leadership Ignore the youths, pensioners, and the working populace and continue to allocate Billions to the politically corrupt riffraffs!!! ” —— Charley Boy (April 18, 2017)

      But the truth is that the Nigerian Youth is an irredeemable mugu. He is worse than a mumu. How do you explain that young men and some old ones will come here and be posting comments everyday analyzing the mess of the thieves? Billions have been discovered somewhere and rather than demand that Buhari addresses the nation they start debating the the daft and clueless man be given credit for fighting corruption. This is sickening. Suicide bombers are never identified. No parents or brothers or sisters declare their siblings missing. Yet the suicide bombers never cease and no information is given about where they come from. Even the moronic journalists and their equally moronic Editors are even worse. Brown and white envelops and wire transfers have finished their lives. They are celebrating winning awards from Mosec Fosenca or whatever, but Nigeria with 190 million people still import Matches to light fire. We even import needles and threads from China and contaminated Apples and Bananas. And Buhari who ran to London for treatment was given a Royal welcome upon return for spitting on our faces. May God punish all

  • Julius

    Yessssssssssss, good move !!. Lets wait for the report.

  • Franklin

    Buhari speaks after almost 2weeks and then gives 2 weeks for the investigations.
    …Sure they will write a report (another 1 week) and then the report will be submitted and Presidency will read the report (another 2 weeks) and a FEC meeting will be held (another 3 weeks) and then NIA Chief & Co will be invited (another 3 weeks), and so on…the cycle continues and before you know it is 12months….Chibok Girls!

    Honestly, i strongly suspect this money is money Buhari & Co use to fund Boko Hram and El-Rufia use to pay Fulani Herdsmen. Coming to supspend the NIA chief is smokescreen. Its all arrangee work. DECEIT @ high quarters. Presidential deceit and cover up. Why should Osinbanjo head investigations for goodness sake? Why not EFCC? Presidency stinks. Buhari stinks. Nigeria stinks.

    • tundemash

      oh ! So EFCC is now good. In the recent past, you wailers claimed EFCC was being used by Buhari to witch hunt your destiny looters.
      Even if it takes 20 weeks, it still doesn;t affect your hopelessness; under Dumbo, no one was indicted 6 years he spent drunk at Aso Rock. Stella Oduah, Denziani, Maku all had free reign to lot your destiny!

      • Otile

        Abubakar tundemash,

        Kilo’se? Your hatred for my people stinks to high heavens. I did not call the Fulanis to behead your egbon Dimeji Bank-ole when he was robbing Nigeria silly. I have not called on them to amputate you brother K Buruji either. Abubakar, o ma se oo.

        • Damilola

          Otile just wake up to the reality. This ethnic bigotry won’t help u of any other. Leave those in that game to continue on that path. It’s a dead end belief me. Human immorality is not tribal, it is universal. Irrespective of tribe we can only do well to support the good ones and collectively condemn the bad eggs. Yoruba, Fulani, Ijaw and now Fulani again had ruled this country, u will do well to point at the extent at which those men av benefitted dea own people aside their cronies. U must have heard of Jonathan and Buhari teas in Kano. All am saying his, plz for goodness sake stop this ethnic rants it doesn’t not help matters

          • Otile

            Your advice is well taken. Also advice tundemash to tone down his hatred on my people. It is because of him, one fake Delta Queen, Awogbeoba, Kay Soyemi, and Artful Dodger that I started to comment on SR and PT. These haters were tearing my people apart so mercilessly that I had no alternative to come in to defend my own. The bad thing is that these haters write good English. Their attacks are acidic. As for the illiterate, illogical omo Odua ati dan Fulanis I am never worried about them, they always succeed in making_fool of themselves with their bad logic and broken English.

      • Netanyahu

        What is rocket science that someone gave out crime information and magu acted on it? Is that what makes him a super cop? Can you grow up please. Don’t try to waste your time, a personality like buhari or magu CANNOT be my hero. They can be your god. That is your f*cking business.

      • emmanuel

        I thought you had a brain in your skull?
        What apparatus has Osinbajo to do forensic investigation mumu?
        Recall that Lere Olayinka of Fayose pointed out the key on the door of the safe from where the cash was supposedly recovered (forced opened)
        Those cash were still packed and had serial numbers, meaning that simply inquiry of EFCC from USA Treasury Secretary’s Office, will reveal where the money was shipped to, who received in Nigeria or whereever it came from and how it got to Oke.
        Unfortunately, Jonathan is the fall man and that is where the Buhari will locate the cash and thereafter, be returned to where it was removed. Like the N250 million which should have been returned to the mallam by now.
        There are too many weak brains in this government and unfortunately, those they have as online minions are also like them. All without brains and cannot do clinical propagandist jobs.
        Buhari is a waste of time, space and Nigeria money.
        Block heads who celebrated releaseing the largest Capital votes to-date in Nigeria, when in real sense, they just doled out proceeds of devalued Naira as budget performance – Animals.
        Abi we nor know say ($1 billion x 197x(2)) = tissue paper worth of the $1 billion?

      • Damilola

        U will kill ursef on this GEJ matter soon aswear. Grow up Tunde and see that ur life has not been better b4, during and after GEJ. Uve been a minion in a wrong neighbourhood where all that controls ur emotions are smoke screens that present themselves in different clokes. U want a fair Nigeria away from this GEJ Buhari, Magu Kwaraption. Soap operas that only appeal to absent minds? Plz join ANRP. Google it and see the revolution coming. Things must really change brother, not on papers and media, but in reality

    • share Idea

      It is the height of deceit that VP will be heading investigation of people in Executive – let them keep deceiving themselves

      • Otile

        Do you want Lawal to be fired and Imam Mohamed disgraced? Tactic comrade tactics.

        • marcos avelino

          Useless Pastor a donkey an ass filled with hatred. Yr criminal tribe became kristians only 70 yrs ago from being pagans for thousands of years useless asshole. What your tribe needs is the amalekite treatment – total cleansing except for the virgins as it is in Samuel – useless man

          • emmnuel

            Nuclear bomb needed to wipe off your tribe of thieves and sodomists.
            The Igbos cannot be wiped out from the World, they are special breed and na God give dem the nature. What you cannot achieve when competing with them, you try to use Juju and violence to do, unfortunately, strategic planning and execution of plans in competitive world has defied your Juju, so the Igbos remain on top.
            God Bless the Igbo’s. Na God do am!

          • Otile

            ISIS Agent,
            See how your mind works. You want a whole tribe to be wiped out except for the virgins you can sleep with. We are still trying to recover the 300+ young innocent girls you people kidnapped to sleep with. Your inordinate urge for fresh sex has made Islam the most odious cult in the world. Control your libidos and stop behaving like beasts. Islam a good religion my foot.

  • Bosede

    Buhari is trying to Cover up. Who does Ayo Oke (NIA Chief) report to? Can Buhari deny that he is not aware of this monies?

    • commentsfile..!!

      So Buhari would know about this money as you have claimed and
      Mr Magu whom the presidency is fighting with all her strenght to save
      from the hands of undertakers will just rush to bust bust Mr Buhari´s ass??
      say something logical I want to learn from you…

      • Damilola

        U can only learn when u open ur mind to do dt. A head of state dies not know about a covert mission in his state by his supposed security establishments for two years after taking over? Not enough, he was not even moved or shocked to have “sacked” and order the detention of the man at the centre of such a treacherous and treasonable act? Suspension for d time of investigation dies not cover this act bro. It’s called presidential drama. Think. There is absolutely nothing to investigate in the two cases. The outcomes are intriguingly clear. U can even feel the reluctance in that press release of ure thoughtful enough

        • commentsfile..!!

          …read through your comment again,
          you didn’t provide answers to my question.
          you sound more confusing than the former..
          hear me clearly..its wise to suspend individuals
          who are being investigated so they dont preside
          over their own cases. they can be detained too in
          the cause of investigation to obtain statements or
          to match evidences. they can be
          released or maybe detained further if their web of
          crime takes time to cover….this is not GMB rather PMB.
          we are happy with his pace..

          • Damilola

            Gud for u den.

          • Osakue

            God bless those who says the truth thanks

    • El Patron

      That money was diverted plain and simple. There is no way on earth NIA officials had an idea of the money. The NIA DG and his wife have serious questions to answer. Go and look at Deji Adeyanju’s twitter. He was in charge of media during GEJ’s campaign and I think he was Deputy national publicity secretary under Metuh. He has said without mincing words that the $43m is GEJ’s campaign fund that the DG NIA diverted. He even said that the NIA DG offered FFK $1m bribe to scuttle investigations but FFK refused

      • Sword of Damocles

        “has said without mincing words that the $43m is GEJ’s campaign fund that the DG NIA diverted”

        we will soon know. By the serial #’s we will know if CBN released that money, If they did, then how the hell did GEJ campaign get it. the DG of NIA diverting is one issue, but the issue that comes before that, why did CBN release Nigeria’s foreign reserve tender as “GEJ’s campaign fund

        • El Patron

          Very salient questions. Unfortunately we are too sentimental to get the truths

    • Amidu Haruna

      Must you display your ignorance here??????

  • Spoken word

    about time.

  • share Idea

    We were told that Buhari could not hold FEC as ministers could not have memo prepared for the meeting, now, same government had time to raise press releases suspending and ordering investigations.

    The more this government seeks for things to divert masses attention from current burning issues, the more they expose their cluelessness

    • Osakue

      @ all @ all na witch. I am happy with this government their polices and style will shame treasure looters. PMB hates corrupt officials no be today him hate govt thieves make una bad belly people PDPigs allow this man finish him tenure I take God beg una

  • Netanyahu

    What of Kyari of the MTN fine scandal, Brutai of Dubai houses?

    • Damilola

      U de rush. If they play all the dramas with the episodes for us ones what do we listen to or watch in less than 2years remaining for them? If those actors u mentioned are not in the next script package, be assured of oda characters. I just wish they feature popular artist like “lie Mohammed” for enhanced comedy.

  • emmanuel

    arrange the jigsaw puzzle: Buhari missing between the Other Room and Office Of The President, FEC of Wednesday April 19, 2017 put-off, BOke and Babachir suspended, Babachir ask State House Correspondents who suspended him after seeing Osinbajo.
    When carefully re-arranged, the Acting President and Acting Vice President are running Nigeria now – the nemesis of those who wanted chanji.
    Is this how Nigeria will run on experiment for two decades?
    Why did Orubebe cease hostilities against Jega in 2015? That should have triggered eventual disintegration of Nigeria to bring to pass USA prediction of the end to Nigeria – the false country.
    My generation did not experience Nigeria, my children too have entered into another era of nothingness. Na wa o!

    • Okokondem

      “My generation did not experience Nigeria, my children too have entered into another era of nothingness.”

      Couldn’t agree more. I came of age in the 70s with much hope and optimism about my country’s potential to engender progress and development. Boy, was I wrong. But the realization that my children, and possibly their children may face even a more dire Nigeria is more concerning.

      To those who might blame our proclivity for crime and corruption on the influence of British colonization, I’ll point to Ghana for instance where things are not as screwed up as in Nigeria.

      • Burbank

        Ghana is a good example, but Singapore is better.
        Singapore happens to be the world’s 4th richest country with world-class universities and a society that abhors corruption, making it ranked 8th least corrupt country in the world!.

  • Damilola

    “Changy” drama Act one scene 2. Next episode in two weeks

  • emmanuel

    The man standing by Lawal in Red Cap is the Acting President who suspended him. See his devious looks.
    That man and his Vice (Daura and Kyari) will run Nigeria finally aground before the real truth about the certificate forger will come to the fore – missing in-action!
    The steroids seem to be failing now

  • Frank Bassey

    Yeye people!

  • Good news!

    SGF David Lawal of the scandalous “grass-cutting” fame has been suspended from office. Ayodele Oke, the man in the centre of the #IkoyiMoney controversy has also been suspended. And they’re to remain in suspension pending the outcome of investigations into their respective scandals.

    Way to go!

    • Good news if true, the problem is it’s been written so many times in the past. Anyhow, how come Im not able to comment on the new officer who was killed story?? There’s no space to comment. I was gonna ask if he was doing his job or not.

  • Otile

    Awon omo Odua please give us a break. Stop lying that your tribe commits no crime at home and overseas. Crime knows no boundary, you cannot say — my tribe is better than your tribe because we are all civilize and your tribe lives in the creeks. Just face reality and stop bragging that you all are clean, it is not so.

    A Saskatchewan woman has been charged with human smuggling following a months-long cross-border investigation. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested and charged Michelle Omoruyi, 43, as part of an investigation into asylum seekers crossing illegally into Canada. She was stopped after crossing at the Saskatchewan border in a vehicle carrying nine foreign nationals. Those nine people from West Africa have since made refugee claims in Canada. Canadian police said on Wednesday they seized evidence and “a significant amount of cash” from a Regina home searched after Ms Omoruyi’s arrest on 14 April. The arrests are part of an ongoing joint four-month investigation by Canada and US authorities into organised human smuggling.

  • Osakue

    The senate and those under investigation should know from this PMB’s suspension actions means no more paddy paddy jungle go and face your charges and prove your innocence. God PMB my vote was not a waste.