I resisted pressure to charge Buhari with certificate forgery, Nigeria’s ex-Attorney General Adoke says

President Buhari and former President Goodluck Jonathan
President Buhari and former President Goodluck Jonathan

A former Attorney-General of the Federation, Bello Adoke, has explained how he allegedly came under pressure from unnamed persons to charge then candidate Muhammadu Buhari for forgery in the run up to the 2015 presidential election.

He also said that he pushed back against demands for former President Goodluck Jonathan to constitute an interim national government in the run up to the 2015 elections.

But the former attorney general said he promptly “dismissed the suggestion” in deference to the constitution and after weighing the consequences of such move at the time.

“It is true that some people came to me and said Buhari should be disqualified because of certificate forgery,” Mr. Adoke told The Cable in a recent interview. “As a man with fidelity to the Constitution, I dismissed the suggestion quickly.”

President Buhari’s certificate was a topic of nationwide controversy in the run up to the 2015 elections, with the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party suggesting that he didn’t have a valid school certificate to contest in the poll.

Although Government College, formerly Provincial Secondary School, Katsina, which the president graduated from in 1961, confirmed that he undertook the University of Cambridge West African School Certificate Examination, his political adversaries still hold that he didn’t finish from school.

The Nigerian Army, in which Mr. Buhari retired as a major-general, also published his school records, but said it couldn’t vouch for their authenticity.

The Army was accused of politicising the situation at the time.

In his interview, Mr. Adoke said he was amongst officials of the Jonathan administration that declined to pay politics with the country’s legal system and internal security.

“In fact, there were cases in court which I felt were not necessary.

“They were already becoming a security threat.

“As a responsible attorney-general, I believed we did not need further crisis in the country.

“Boko Haram was enough problem for us. I resisted pressures to compound the security challenges in the country by filing or authorising such cases to be filed on behalf of the government.

“I was not doing President Muhammadu Buhari any favour, I must say that. I was being faithful to the laws of the land. That was the duty expected of me. If you call that sympathy, so be it. But I didn’t do him a favour,” Mr. Adoke said.

He said he didn’t yield to pressure not because he didn’t have the power to file charges against Mr. Buhari, but because he could not see a tenable case of forgery against the president at the time.

“There was pressure to issue a fiat to charge him to court for forgery. But I made my position very clear that I could not see any forgery at all.

“The law did not require you to submit any certificate to INEC and Buhari did not submit any certificate.

“The law only said you must have a minimum qualification of so so and so.

“Therefore, where was the forgery? If he didn’t submit a certificate, where was forgery? There is no police report, no investigation. No responsible attorney-general will issue any such fiat based on the record before me.

“But I could have been reckless if I wanted to be reckless. I could have been irresponsible if I wanted to be irresponsible. I could have issued the fiat,” Mr. Adoke said.

But the former AGF said he recognised what could have been the consequences.

“There could have been mayhem. There could have been destruction. That could have led to the postponement of the elections.

“I know what attorneys-general have done in the past, not minding the consequences for the polity. I know what they are capable of doing. But I am a constitutional purist.

“When they mooted the idea of an interim government, I was the one that came out to say the concept of interim government is unknown to law.

“People told President Jonathan that I was disloyal, that I was working for Buhari,” he stated.

Mr. Jonathan eventually lost the presidential election to Mr. Buhari and promptly conceded defeat earning him local and international accolades.

No other official of the Jonathan administration has confirmed Mr. Adoke’s claims. The ex-attorney general also spoke in reaction to recent corruption charges filed against him by the anti-graft EFCC especially for his role in transferring over $801 million from a Nigerian government account into private accounts of an ex-convict, Dan Etete, in the famous Malabu scandal.

Mr. Adoke has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but has not made himself available for prosecution.


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  • Buharin daji

    Adoke was a major traitor

    • Alhaji

      He is a muslim. What do you expect?

      • Julius

        lolz Alhaji be your new moniker now. Dude, you are mentally unbalanced..seek help

    • band olu

      Yes he was when he worked for PDP but it seems he has repented & decided to confess how wicked those in PDP are…

  • Uzoma John

    Adoke is looking for soft landing. We no get your time. Come answer ur case. Bring back our yam simple.

    • Bimbo.


    • Julius

      Thank you.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      L’obatan! Finish matter!

  • Abdulrauf

    @ Buharin daji, “Adoke was a major traitor” Please from what perspective, can you elucidate, so we can understand you properly.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    This country will never work with the type of morality and laws and attitude of public servants. I’m not if this man had any point addressed Nigerians on Buhari’s certificate saga. Or pushed back on the constitutional conference. Where are the public records.
    Mr. Adoke if you have questions to answer just be a man and confront the situation.

    • tundemash

      I don;t understand you. Although Adokie is as crooked as GEj but in this case the man said he couldn’t do the demands of PDPigs because it had no merit and u are here wailing . What exactly confused you ? Why didn;t PDP as a party go to court ? Why stopped GEJ as a candidate from going to court ?

      The Adokie man is simply looking for a favour and he ain’t getting it.


      • John A

        Didn’t you read in his interview where he claimed to let tinibu off the hook facing the same crime as saraki?
        This man is very unreliable.

        • tundemash

          Which part is unreliable there ? He claimed he chose not to appeal. If he had appealed, does it mean the case will be won ?
          The man is unreliable because his words here didn;t tally with your narrative. Are the Italian investigators and BBC also unreliable in that youtube video?

          • John A

            The man is looking for soft landing hence this rubbish interview.
            Like i said whatever comes out of his mouth are just pure lies.

          • tundemash

            Everyone on this forum read through his folly including my submission you responded to. The question is if what he said isn’t true, why didn;t PDP as a party go to court ? Why stopped GEJ as a candidate from going to court ?

  • ukoette ibekwe

    This is one of the reasons Jonathan failed. He surrounded himself with people who have the philosophy and mindset that only the North matters in Nigeria even when they did not vote for him.

    • band olu

      This has got nothing to do with d North, we were aware of d evil plot of PDP to disqualify Buhari by hook or by crook so they can continue their looting, it has now been confirmed by Jonathan’s AG himself….PDP is an evil party..

    • tundemash

      Although Adokie is as crooked as GEj but in this case the man said he couldn’t do the demands of PDPigs because it had no merit and u are here wailing . What exactly confused you ? Why didn;t PDP as a party go to court ? Why stopped GEJ as a candidate from going to court ?

      The Adokie man is simply looking for a favour and he ain’t getting it.


      • Onike24

        Do you believe the word of a crook? As you righty said he is looking for leverage, he would be surprised when PMB tells him he should have charged him, if he thought that was the right thing that do.

        • tundemash

          I believe PDP were desperate to nail Buhari by all means and I believe he couldn’t do anything because it would have been an exercise in futility. I don’t think what he said is different from that.
          I also believe PDP and GEJ knew too hence they couldn;t go to court directly but were using proxies. So what part don’t you believe there ?

      • Karl Imom

        Adoke has hod no constitutional authority to take anyone to court over issues of forged certificates tendered to the INEC. That power is vested into INEC and the opposing political parties.

    • Onye Obosi

      You are politically right.
      But the worst political mistake of Jonathan was to snub OBj, believing he has these people from the North.
      And he paid dearly for that.

      The real reason why GEJ conceded defeat is because he did not only loose the election, he lost his own people.
      There was no more support for him. He came to terms with reality. The only people he had, where the Orubebe’s, Fayose’s, and the Wike’s, and these people are as steady as the NEPA light.

    • Julius

      What has this got to do with the North ? Be serious, the man is confessing to the pdp plot to disqualified Buhari and he refused to do their dirty work. If pdp believe in their bullshit, why didn’t they take Buhari to court ?Anyway, this is laughable , he is saying all these now because he is in trouble. No honor among thieves. I suspect he has more to say. Stay tuned folks.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      The North that voted massively for Don Fortunato against this same in 2011 or the one voted for Buhari 2015? God! How daft could some people be

      • Onike24

        They are not daft; they are dishonest and Mischievous

  • Current

    Round 2 of Malabo pleas. Buhari, please return the favour.

  • obiora

    There is no Law require candidates to submit Certificate to INEC but there is LAW that said Candidates must have So so and so Quelifications as Minimum. But Mr Adoke that word -(M.I.N.I.M.U.M)- in the Constitution is the Law that said that all Must submit Certifigate to INEC. So You allow INEC to accept BUHARI with out Knowing if he has the Minimum Requirement. So the Law set a standard which all Candidates mus reach and if So there must be cotrol to prove that the Standard is reached. This is Nigerian S-A-N.

    • tundemash

      Stop cl0wning. Adokie does not oversee INEC. Why didn;t PDP as a party go to court ? Why stopped GEJ as a candidate from going to court ?

  • Rumournaire

    Buhari did not present a WASC certificate. He said he had lost his WASC certificate and did what anyone in his situation would do – he went to his old school to obtain a Statement of Result. When people doubted the veracity of the Statement of Result, Cambridge University who conducted the examinations published the complete result of Buhari’s class that
    showed Buhari as no.2 in the list of 18 – see Premium Times of 28-Jan-2015. The grades in Cambridge’s publication perfectly matched what were in the Statement of Result.

    So, what certificate did Buhari forge that would have been a basis for prosecution?

    • tundemash

      u dey mind the wailers ? The crooked Adokie simply said PDPigs wanted him to do their dirty jobs for them and he refused. Why didn;t PDP as a party go to court ? Why stopped GEJ as a candidate from going to court ?

      • Rumournaire

        Actually, Adoke is one of those giving the legal profession a bad name in Nigeria. It is bad enough for him to have been part of a looting scam, he now wants to appear to have done Buhari a favour by not prosecuting him for a non-existent offence. As someone else said in this thread, he hopes the deal would give him a soft landing. How can a lawyer be creating a non-existent case? If the Nigerian legal profession wants to regain credibility, it should be de-robing such characters.

        Even if Buhari had been unable to prove that he obtained WASC, if PDP were really sincere in their bogus accusation, what they would have raised was whether or not Buhari’s military training, including his attendance at the American War College, was at least equivalent to O-Levels. Of course, PDP knew how ridiculous such a debate would have been. So, instead, they held on to the straw of accusation over the “WASC certificate”.

    • Arabakpura

      They want him to bring an ABU vice chancellor!

      • tundemash

        lol !

        • Arabakpura

          Unfortunately for them, ABU was founded one year after PMB had his certificate!

    • Karl Imom

      Don’t mind these social nihilists

    • Otile

      …went to his old school to obtain a statement of result. His statement of result was forgery, why can’t he write Cambridge or whatever Body that conducted the examination? What attempt did he make to obtain a certified copy of the certificate? Unfortunately what he presented from the school was botched, suspicious, and discrepant with real school statement of result. You all ought to be ashamed of that bungled job. Corruption is still corruption.

      • Gbola

        If it was the school that issued it, why would you still call it Forgery ??
        The Principal of that school came out and publicly defended the result.

        Isn’t that what the V.C of ABU did regarding Dino Melaye’s case ??

        So why is this any different ???

        Even Adoko stated here that there was no case for forgery.


        • Rumournaire

          Let’s join hands to sanitise these online fora by refusing to respond to those who are only online to attack others and disagree with everything logical. You recognise them by their language. They call anyone who disagrees with them all sorts of names and are always quick to see tribe in everything. They have coined derogatory terms like “Yoro”, “Biafraud”, “Bokohari”, “South Waste” to insult others, and often use the tribal conjunction “ati” in their writings.

          They are like one that feigns sleep – they can never be woken up because they have decided not to be woken up. I think most of them live outside Nigeria and just use these online fora to retain a semblance of being in touch with home. They have no interest in logical discourse. Making noise to cause division is enough for them. They are actually easy to recognise online. If honest and objective contributors simply ignore their posts, they will eventually fizzle out.

          • Gbola

            Very True my brother.
            You’ve spoken well.
            It’s best to simply ignore them.


        • Orphic

          The VC of ABU testified under oath to the Senate with the risk of criminal perjury. The Principal issued a paper statement of result to the press for a certain Mohammadu Buhari – a common name in the Daura area.

          Because this paper statement of result was not submitted to INEC – it was released to the press, it did not constitute forgery as Adoke affirmed.

    • chiemex

      You are learning very fast from Lie mohammed

  • Datti

    Tales by the moonlight!

  • dami

    Boo who…adoke the thief and bribe taker…return to the country and face your accusers in court….your malabu share go so finish…

  • So oju abe niko

    While not holding brief for any side of the political divide, it was interesting and a good political optics to make so much noise on “saint” Buhari’s missing O level WASC. Seriously, based on the constitution, WASC is not mandatory – there are long lists of equivalent qualifications that would work. Any commissioned rank of the Nigerian military is more than an acceptable equivalence of O’level WASC, so one need not sit for O’ level WASC or GCE to qualify to run for a national office. As we speak, there are over a dozen parliamentarians in the national assembly without O’level certificate, and they are there legally. It was good fun to throw political dirt at the “faux-saint” during the electioneering period, but it is downright embarrassing for any moderately educated person to continue to make it an issue now. Legally, Buhari or any contestant do not have to present or claim O’level certificate to qualify to run for election in Nigeria.

    • Arabakpura

      Especially after being the head of state of the same country! He has become above certification!

      • Gary

        Yep, you can outgrow fraud and deceit by your warped reasoning.
        There’s nothing you regime apologists will not say to dress your Emperor in borrowed robes.
        A successful career built on academic fraud does not cleanse one of moral responsibility.
        Buhari is uneducated and it shows.
        Sorry, that’s the truth and I can say so because I’m not here to earn an E-rat stipend.

        • Henry_Itopa

          What fraud? you keep screaming fraud without a shred of evidence. I can scream from the meeting of today till kingdom come that you’re a fraud. Does that make it the truth?

        • Arabakpura

          How do you determine an apologist? An apologist is one who learnt that an airport scheduled to open on Wednesday was opened on Tuesday and yet failed to comment and commend the Federal government of APC! That’s who an apologist and Carrier of negative news is; now, don’t upgrade to a nattering nabob of negativism!

        • tundemash

          Why did you not go to Katsina college to prove that fraud ? Why didn;t PDP as a party go to court ? Why stopped GEJ as a candidate from going to court ?
          Easy to sit in that your hamlet and spit rubbish daily !

          • Otile

            Do you have any commonsense at all? As a candidate the burden proof was on him. It was incumbent upon him to show his highest academic qualification not for the voters to go to Cambridge to dig it out for him. Whenever this scandal comes up you start yelling: why didn’t you go to court… why didn’t you go to Katsina school to prove him wrong… What a dopey reasoning is that? Another dumb defense is: he does not need an academic certificate to rule Nigeria. This is very insulting to the Nigerian populace. Which_fool can be satisfied that his president cannot spell the last name of his VP or mispronounce the name of his host who happens to be the head of Germany, what an embarrassing tragedy. Look at the comatose state Naija is plunged into by an illiterate. Did you not enjoy the 5 weeks the illiterate was out and an educated man was in to show enlightened leadership?

          • tundemash

            Who let this dog out ??????

        • Gbola

          You should say The same about Dino Melaye’s case.

          Just like Dino Melaye, the V.C of ABU came out and defended Dino’s degree.
          So also did the principal of Buhari’s school come out to defend the statement of results issued by the school.

          Once you accept the account of the V.C of ABU, then you also must accept the account of the Principal of Buhari’s school.

          Very Simple !!

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Adoke, interesting. The interviewer was very soft on you. I also wondered, why did you not erstwhile reveal your past wonderful role in ensuring that Buhari was installed? I was frantically searching for the Etete-Malabu angle in this interview, but lo and behold, it was tucked in at the end! Is this “revelation” a ploy of yours in searching for what Nigerians call “soft-landing”?

  • Arabakpura

    There shall be confessions and when they start coming, they will pour like rain!

  • Arabakpura

    The PDP apologists who sway like Palm trees will soon begin to insult this fugitive; that’s their way once you don’t speak in the manner they want!

  • Mosley

    Sorry for a mad dog and it turns around to bite you. Is being part of a military junta that toppled a constitutional govt not enough ground for disqualification? Go ask president Erdogan of Turkey. Anything goes in Nigeria, so let’s allow sleeping dogs lie.

    • tundemash

      What part of the constitution states that ? And did you not realise that when he contested the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time ? Sore loser, go home and rest !

    • Arabakpura

      How can the dog lie when it has carried EFCC bone? Impossible!

      • duwdu



  • SAM .A

    Ole is looking for alibi for soft landing



    What is Adoke talking about after they all (mostly Northern Hausa-Fulani Muslims) agreed through the backdoor to betray Jonathan and illegally force Buhari on Nigeria.

    Is Adoke not aware that Buhari committed perjury by swearing to an affidavit falsely claiming that he WASC?

    • tundemash

      Dumbo , so what stopped you or PDPigs from approaching the courts ?????


        Buhari hired 22 SANS to defend his forgery and perjury yet after two years and even with Court mandated Order Buhari could not file his defence in Court …. SHAME

        • Karl Imom

          How many lawyers did Goodluck Jonathan hire to defend his Fake PhD from the University of Port Harcourt that maintained a criminal silence over authenticity of his PhD? his

        • tundemash

          Mor0n, why did Dumbo or PDpigs not go to court ? Who sued Buhari to court?
          The SANs voluteered freely to defend Buhari. Stop lying !


        I question your patriotism to truth, mankind, and Nigeria. You are the most saddest case for Africa’s progress. You are a terrorist and a beast!

        • tundemash

          Creek monkey, there is nothing called “most saddest”. And who unlocked your cage ? So asking why PDPigs and Dumbo couldn’t approach the courts to push their case makes one a terrorist ? You are d@ft beyond reasoning!

    • Karl Imom

      Explain to us why the University of Port Harcourt could NOT confirm Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s PhD and why Adoke, his appointee could not charge him of perjury?

  • Ijeuwa

    Ha ha ha!!!!! Nice try, Adoke!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Adoke is a moron. Is Buhari above the law? Did Buhari not commit perjury? Did Buhari attach any evidence of his academic (or even military) qualifications to his Nomination Form as required by the Electoral Act? People like Adoke aren’t fit for any office let alone the high office of Attorney-General. It serves Adoke right that the Buhari he assisted – by omission or commission – to fraudulently become President of Nigeria is now hounding him.

    • Karl Imom

      Between Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan, who committed perjury? Huhari’s WASC Result was confirmed by Government College Katsina, Cambridge University, and the Nigerian Army. The result submitted by the three institutions was the same, suggesting that Buhari did not temper with the grades he got. Jonathan on the other hand is still answering “Dr.”, the title he is NOT qualified to hold. The University of Port Harcourt where he claimed to have gotten his PhD has hitherto not furnished Nigerian public with information regarding Mr. Jonathan’s academic work at the University, an indication that Mr. Jonathan is a FAKE PhD holder – a criminal offense, bordering on perjury, forgery, and impersonation. Why did Adoke not talk about the reasons he did NOT charge Mr. Jonathan for parading a FAKE PhD? Adoke is a blatant liar! Issues of certificate forgery emanating from INEC are beyond the office of Attorney General. Only INEC and the political parties involved may decide to go to court with the person accused of forgery.

      • chiemex

        you are the next Lie mohammed

        • Karl Imom

          Explain your version of the story, petty swine!!

    • Powerlessconscious

      Illiterate. Was that the first time contested for an election? How has inec under PDP been qualifying him at his former attempt? Big headed illetrate.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You are a lunatic.

        • Powerlessconscious

          You are a Mad dog.

  • Anthony Uremeh

    So this is the reason you shouldn’t be prosecuted for the malabu deal?? C’mon! Some of us can see through your lies.

    • zygote

      God bless you 25X. All these is about being a patriotic Nigeria so he will not be prosecuted.

  • Gbola

    “………A former Attorney-General of the Federation, Bello Adoke, has explained how he allegedly came under pressure from unnamed persons to charge then candidate Muhammadu Buhari for forgery in the run up to the 2015 presidential election…………”.


    In layman-terms,
    Forgery is the tampering, alteration or doctoring OF AN ORIGINAL Document.

    If I remember correctly, Buhari claimed that he HAD submitted his certificate to INEC since he’s been running for office. And that his certificate or result was with the Army Corps.
    He never submitted a new one in 2015.
    The Army Corps on its part stated that they weren’t in possession of Buhari’s certificate.

    To allege FORGERY, you must tender the document that was FORGED.

    Which document does Adoke have as his exhibit to show that the crime of FORGERY occurred ??

    N-O-N-E !!!

    (Continue to PART 2 …..)

  • Gbola

    “……………….It is true that some people came to me and said Buhari should be disqualified because of certificate forgery,” Mr. Adoke told The Cable in a recent interview. “As a man with fidelity to the Constitution, I dismissed the suggestion quickly…………….”.


    Except Attormey General Adoko wants to usurp powers that the constitution hasn’t provided him with, this daft moron ought to know that it’s INEC that’s tasked with the authority and power to DISQUALIFY a presidential candidate NOT the Attorney General.

    Attorney General’s job is merely to prosecute on behalf of the FG.

    Adoko is merely making himself appear relevant so as to blackmail and forcefully solicit mercy and favor in the Malabu Oil prosecution.

    (Continue to PART 3….)

  • Curseless

    Adoke is just testing the water. If he want people to believe all his cock and bull story, he should return to Nigeria to recount all these stories.

  • Gbola

    “…….When they mooted the idea of an interim government, I was the one that came out to say the concept of interim government is unknown to law……… ”


    Adoko is Blatantly LYING here.
    It was the U.S, Canada and The U.K that warned Jonathan NOT to try his nonsense.

    And even if we were to believe Adoko here, this only goes to prove that Jonathan NEVER willingly ceeded power.
    He nurtured the idea of hanging on BUT for the SERIOUS warning by the western world.
    This is what gave the “Fortunado of Bayelsa” (F-O-B) cold feet.

    • Daniel

      How is Haliburton in which companies were fined and people jailed abroad? What happened to such a low-hanging fruit?

      Is Buhari afraid of OBJ and Co?

      Same way Malabu goes.

      The corruption fighter himself is a pathetic thief.

      Have you seen Buhari you voted for recently? Tell him to respect your vote and address YOU as a citizen. That is what happens in saner climes.

      STOP hiding the man they claim is “hale and hearty”. Anywhere you look today in Nigeria, it is confusion.

      I will be shocked,if people like you are campaigning for him in 2019.

      Ostriches about in Nigeria…

      • tundemash

        Keep wailing.
        Haliburton happened during OBJ so tell us what Dumbo did about it in his 6 years that you want Buhari to do in 2 years or was Dumbo afraid of OBJ and co?

        Malabu is on and Dumbo is being investigated by the Italian authorities for receiving $466m as kickback as reported by BBC.


        We expect you to cry witchhunt as usual.

        Nigeria is in confusion in your polluted mind; Buhari is doing what we voted him to do. You can cry yourself to death Mr. Sore Loser !

        • Daniel

          Waka pass mental slave. You are a regular….

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, is that all you saw in that BBC report? Please keep wailing, we like it.

      • Gbola

        Assuming what you stated here, why didn’t Jonathan prosecute Atiku ??

        Obasanjo definitely exposed Atiku and of course I blame OBJ for not going all the way in securing a prosecution against him.

        That being said, by your response, have you raised a successful defense for Adoko with regards to the Malabu case ??

        You made absolutely no reference to the current discourse BUT mischieviously attempted to raise a defense on his behalf by searching for some other case that hasn’t been prosecuted.

        Perhaps you should approach tge Court and state the Jefferson-Atiku case as a defense for Adoko in the Malabu Oil Deal.

        • Daniel

          Hahahhaa! I pity those of you indulging in hero- worshipping Buhari.

          We once had a one-million man match for Abacha, whose government Buhari served in , and whose loot we are still recovering.

          So you tell bare- faced lies here that OBJ is not part of Halliburton?

          What also happed to the 16 billion dollars for electricity as indicated by Yardua?

          Adoke has even told you the genesis of that deal which involves OBJ, and Obasanjo sad just last month he would apologise ,if found culpable.

          Did you read that ? It was on PT.

          And please educate us on how much the EFCC has recovered and the account details.

          The public needs to know.

          Yeye dey smell…

      • paul irumundomon

        He is not afraid, he is only waiting for whistle blowers to show him the way, he is a first mumu. A change government, keeping $43,000,000 in an apartment, and he is calling and paying experts to verify a voice on a tape.
        The next president is going to be like this mumu too, Nigerians don’t care anymore. The VP was paid about $10,000,000 to abandone the poor northern kids he reptrsented, when Pfizer brought fake drugs from the United states to Nigeria.

  • Gbola

    Adoko should return to Nigeria to face the music.
    Sitting petty in the abode of a foreign country sending this rubbish to insult our intelligence WOULD NOT FLY .

    The entire western world is onto this Malabu deal.
    Prosecution has begun in Italy.
    Investigations are ongoing in The U.S and the U.K.
    Shell CEOs are beginning to spill the beans and akaras.

    All Adoko has stated here is NOT a defense of the crime he’s alleged to have committed.

    NOT ONCE did he mention the ongoing case.
    Everything he stated here is to do with the last election and Buhari.

    Wetin concern agbero with overload ??
    Wetin concern Last election and the criminal case involving Malabu deal ??

    See me see trouble oh !!

    Chaiii …
    Fear don dey gbab dis man for body.
    Ewooooooh !!!!

  • Doct Collins

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  • MrXtra Plate

    I think he made a very wise decision in retrospect of the security issues at the time.

    • Public Interest Group [P.I.G]


      Alas, the usually idiotic Adoke Muhammed failed to do what a reasonable person would do;
      and without any sense or gumption, Adoke leaps into the public domain expecting to be praised
      for asphyxiating the Constitution of his own country which stipulates that a candidate for an election
      shall be disqualified if he presents a forged certificate to INEC. What Adoke Muhammed did was allow
      a presumptively false claim be made on INEC forms and corruptly exempt BUHARI from attaching any
      certificate in proof of having Wasc/Gce claim Buhari made on INEC forms.

      What a literate and sensible attorney-general, unlike Adoke Muhammed, should have done was
      direct Muhamadu Buhari to attach his omitted Wasc/Gce certificate to the INEC form he has filled out.
      A similar lawful instruction would then go to INEC to receive Buhari’s Wasc certificate and verify it
      in line with section 137 of the 1999 constitution.

      The problem with Nigeria is that Adoke Muhammed
      simply does not understand English language and it shows. He does not know the meaning
      of the word ‘certificate’ and that’s why he said Muhamadu Buhari did not afterall present
      a forged certificate to INEC even if Buhari brazenly lied that he got a Wasc/Gce certificate in 1961.
      Whereas everyone who asserts a claim has bounden duty to prove it. Therefore, in extent that
      Buhari wrote down on INEC Forms that he sat for the WAEC examination in 1961, Buhari had
      a subsequent duty to attach a copy of the Wasc/Gce certificate obtained from the examination
      he (falsely) claimed he sat.

      • Orphic

        You provide a deep analysis but I think the problem here with certificates would have been that it would apply to all other candidates including GEJ. APC would have then claimed that GEJ submit his Phd certificate.

        But in general I agree with you that Adoke could have stopped Buhari’s candidacy by using a petition to establish a case on the grounds of a ‘false declaration’/perjury and INEC application fraud.

  • Reginald Dandeson

    According to Adoke, “The law did not require you to submit any certificate to INEC and Buhari did not submit any certificate.
    “The law only said you must have a minimum qualification of so so and so.”

    The country, Nigeria, has proved to the world that she is the biggest joke and disgrace to the human race. If we go by what Adoke said above, then he has a good legal point. It would have looked suspicious to ask one candidate to attach his certificate when others did not attach theirs.

    So, the big question is, What manner of a country is it that would require applicants seeking to be hired for the job of even a clerk to attach the certificates of their qualifications and yet would not require applicants for the highest jobs in the land – President, Senator, Member of Parliament – to also attach certificates of the qualifications they claim to possess? This to me, is the worst failure of the electoral body, INEC, which has always been headed by Professors.

    On the side kick, what manner of a country is it that would require a minimum qualification of Secondary School Certificate for the occupation of the Office of President of the Federal Republic in a society brimming with highly educated people and technocrats? What kind of results and performance do you expect from such a country’s leader? That’s the kind of results and performance Nigeria is getting today. They have earned it.

    • Dan maikoko

      If you want to question the law of land do so pls, there are many flaws in the laws. But to make it appear as if Nigeria is not a country for this one case of Buhari is being partisan.
      Remember educational qualification is not an indicator of leadership qualities. Degrees and other such certificates don’t count in Nigeria that is why the previous admin led by a PhD grounded the nation in open pillaging of the treasury.

      • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

        Tale Spinning. He can do that effectively here at home. As a “Constitutional purist”, the document will protect him. Elsewhere, he states that he’s running from Malami, the incumbent AG who is not the courts. Shameful that Adoke is making futile efforts to drain the grime dripping from his corrupt image. Let him answer the corrupt charges hanging on his neck.

      • Reginald Dandeson

        Well, I don’t agree that educational
        qualification is not an indicator of leadership qualities. That assertion could have held sway in primitive times but not in this jet age. Nations are no longer ruled by brawn but by brains. High level knowledge has become exceedingly necessary for making the right choices and decisions that can yield excellent results for a nation. A PhD, for your information, may not necessarily be the only indicator of high level knowledge. That PhD needs to have been time-tested for its quality. Jonathan’s PhD wasn’t.

        Moreover, a high level education is not necessarily domiciled with a PhD. To tickle your brain a bit, the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was not known to be a PhD holder but he was highly educated enough to make the best decisions that moved the Western Region to great heights in those days. It was also apparent that he possessed better knowledge and qualities that could have moved Nigeria to greater heights than Alhaji Shehu Shagari who only had a Teacher Grade 2 certificate was able to do during the second republic.

        Suffice it to say that a Secondary School Certificate, as requisite qualification for an aspiring President of Nigeria in this modern world, is a huge joke, disgrace and big shame for the peoples of Nigeria.

        • Dan maikoko

          Agree with all you said except that I dont consider it a joke for a school cert holder to be a president. History abounds with people who have excelled in various fields without formal primary education.

  • John

    The fear of EFCC is the…….

  • OK. Thanks Adoke for being faithful to the laws of our land by not charging Buhari for forgery… Next?

  • UCHE

    You did not charge him as part of you housa plans to sabotage Jonathan. You have to come and face EFCC. Those who ride at the back of a tiger always end up in the belly of the tiger

    • tundemash

      You are right. It was also an hausa plan that Dumbo couldn;t go to court as a candidate. Why do you al make GEJ look so stup1d ???

  • Naija_Soul

    Can this man hear himself?
    Was there no affidavit?
    Is perjury not a serious issue in law?
    Do they think we are all fools in Nigeria?