How I foiled Tinubu’s further trial after Code of Conduct Tribunal ruling — Former AGF Adoke

Former Attorney-General of the Federation, Bello Adoke.
Former Attorney-General of the Federation, Bello Adoke.

A former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, escaped Federal Government’s appeal of his victory at the Code of Conduct Tribunal due to the benevolence of a former Attorney-General of the Federation, Bello Adoke, the latter has claimed.

Mr. Adoke said in an interview with The Cable that he prevailed on the Nigerian government to step down appeal process against Mr. Tinubu, after the tribunal in 2011quashed the APC chieftain’s trial for alleged operation of foreign accounts.

“Even I am told that the Tinubu people think I was the one responsible for his trial at the Code of Conduct Bureau, but I was not the one.

“In fact, when the government wanted to appeal, I stood my ground that Tinubu should not be disgraced.

“I argued that there are people in Nigeria that we just cannot afford to rubbish over anything,” Mr. Adoke said while responding to questions about why the anti-graft EFCC is trying him for his alleged role in the $1.3 billion Malabu scandal.

The ex-justice minister used the interview to deny any wrongdoing, despite his indictment and investigation by Nigerian and Italian authorities.

Mr. Adoke, who was AGF between April 2010 and May 2015, did not say if he made entreaties to relevant authorities before the government slammed a three-count criminal charge against Mr. Tinubu.

The former Lagos governor was tried before the CCT, led by Danladi Umar, on charges that he was running foreign bank accounts while governor, in violation of Section 7 of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act.

But on November 30, 2011, Mr. Umar, who chaired a three-member panel that tried the case, dismissed the Nigerian government’s charges, describing them as a “trial by ambush.”

“There is condition precedent before this court that the accused person ought to have been invited by the CCB before this charge was filed, though the prosecuting counsel tendered the initial one-count charge dated March 22, which it eventually replaced with an amended charge dated September 19 but filed on the 20th, as an exhibit before this court, it, however, failed to adduce evidence of invitation it extended to the accused person prior to the charge.

“Consequently, it will be proper for me at this stage to cease further exercise of jurisdiction since the condition precedent was not met before the charge was filed,” Vanguard Newspapers quoted Mr. Umar as saying at the time.

Yet, Mr. Adoke said the Jonathan administration was planning to appeal the verdict at the time, but he intervened to hush up the case, even at the risk of appearing to be working for the opposition.

“Tinubu knows very well that I did that,” Mr. Adoke said. “There was nothing legally possible that Tinubu wanted that I did not do for him, which made people even accuse me of working for the opposition at that time.”

Mr. Adoke’s comments came nearly a year after Mr. Umar said he came under “serious influence” to discard Mr. Tinubu’s case, but said he ultimately did what was in the best interest of the country.

“I want to say that during the case of Bola Tinubu, we were under serious influence so we did what we had to do,” the CCT chairman said, stressing that the tribunal “did what it had to do”.

Mr. Tinubu’s spokesperson, Tunde Rahman, did not immediately respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ requests for comments about Mr. Adoke’s statement Tuesday afternoon.


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  • Patrick Otobo

    Premium Times please publish the report indicting Adoke in Italy? Failure to do so will rubbish your so called investigative journalism! I am waiting.

    • Papajoh

      You said nothing about Mohammed Adoke’s attempt to solicit Tinubu’s help in getting out of the Malabu mess.

    • absam777

      If you have or know of the report let us have it. We will translate it to English.

      • Patrick Otobo

        It is premium times that is claiming that Adoke has been indicted in Italy that should publish the report or forever shut up. Adoke submitted himself for interrogation in both Netherlands and Italy and he was never indicted. I challenge PT to publish any fact to the contrary rather speculative assumptions and half truths it has been weaving together.

  • Dazmillion

    Adoke is sending a warning that he will not go down alone, he has started naming big fishes that can get him off the hook.

  • Dejandon

    This also means that as AGF, Adoke failed the nation by stopping the FG appeal against the Tinubu’s case.

    I am a fan of the political successes of Tinubu, but at the same time, waiving court cases because of who is involved is not good for justice in Nigeria. Low level individuals get jailed for minor offences because there is no Adoke to plead their causes. No one should be made to avoid prosecution because of who he or she is. Everyone should be made to account for his/her shortcomings, that is the way to ensure justice leads to prosperity of our Nation.

    • Opekete

      Gbam! Adokie as the former AG has just self destruct by indicating himself.

    • Patrick Otobo

      I agree with your reasoning. Our political environment at times dictate some of the decisions government officials take.

  • Member

    “I argued that there are people in Nigeria that we just cannot afford to rubbish over anything,” Mr. Adoke said…”
    This is why we are where we are today. Nobody should be above the law.

  • Man_Enough

    Adoke has unequivocally admitted to corruption by confessing that he aided and abetted the travesty of justice to willfully and mischievously derailing a good case. I don’t care who is involved.

    • Tunsj

      Well put! How can this loon sleeps well at night?

    • JJ

      “I argued that there are people in Nigeria that we just cannot afford to rubbish over anything,”

      The above statement by the former minister doesn’t mean that the former minister tried or prevented the course of justice, but rather, protected the judiciary from been used as a weapon to blackmail or harass the political opponents. This is more clearer in his statement concerning the forgery charges Jonathan government planned to bring against Buhari concerning his certificate when there was no any forgery or forgery evident.

  • R.Ess. Kay


    ADOKE Muhammed was a misfit as
    attorney-general. He should never have held that post but for Jonathan’s bad
    judgment. Adoke Muhammed does not usually think and is rather too childish to
    be entrusted with the legal administration of a state or country. He does not
    have the mental ability for such oversize job but greedily sought the job
    anyway, for the purpose which became obvious when the Malabu OPL 245 Oil scam he
    finessed put Nigeria in the criminal dock in Italy and caused criminal
    processes to be initiated by the F.B.I in America. That is what can happen when
    an incompetent folk is mis-appointed above his level of competence. Adoke
    exults that he stopped the filing of Appeal papers in Bola Tinubu’s overseas
    accounts case, but only a daft man will exult for doing the wrong thing after
    the Code of Conduct Tribunal Chairman has himself publicly confessed to have
    judged the Bola Tinubu case in ignorance of law, warranting reversal on appeal.
    The more Adoke talks the more corrupt he looks because there’s nothing to exult
    over in the corruptive hindrance of an appeal designed to correct error of law
    by the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

  • Angry Nigerian

    ” Imagine how mad I get when the criminal politicians rub it in our faces that “we” the masses, their subjects, are irredeemable, that, we will forever continue to be docile and wallow in our hopelessness because we are a suffering and smiling moronic bunch of people, worse than animals that live in the bush. Kai!!!! …No more, will leadership Ignore the youths, pensioners, and the working populace and continue to allocate Billions to the politically corrupt riffraffs!!! ” —— Charley Boy (April 18, 2017)

    But the truth is that the Nigerian Youth is an irredeemable mugu. He is worse than a mumu. How do you explain that young men and some old ones will come here and be posting comments everyday analyzing the mess of the thieves? Billions have been discovered somewhere and rather than demand that Buhari addresses the nation they start debating the the daft and clueless man be given credit for fighting corruption. This is sickening. Suicide bombers are never identified. No parents or brothers or sisters declare their siblings missing. Yet the suicide bombers never cease and no information is given about where they come from. Even the moronic journalists and their equally moronic Editors are even worse. Brown and white envelops and wire transfers have finished their lives. They are celebrating winning awards from Mosec Fosenca or whatever, but Nigeria with 190 million people still import Matches to light fire. We even import needles and threads from China and contaminated Apples and Bananas. And Buhari who ran to London for treatment was given a Royal welcome upon return for spitting on our faces. May God punish all of una.

    • tunde008



      I couldn’t have put it better. Well done.

      Never have i met a people who know so little, yet think they know it all. We are a short sighted, arrogant and proud people who have collectively achieved nothings.

      You meet Nigerians around the world, so cocky, self confident and proud and i wonder from where they derive such airs. Their country is a complete mess and everyone worldwide, even our tiny neighbors like Togo, Benin and Ghana think very little of us. What have we achieved that we can be proud of commensurate to the massive dormant opportunities laying at our feet?

      Indeed we are a lost people. Give it a few minutes and see the type of comments you will see here about grave issues that should be elevated to national discourse. Like leaders -Like followers.

      Many people here are no better than the leaders they criticize. They are as shortsighted, myopic, self centered, clannish, intolerant, incompetent and lacking in values.

      Nigeria can never change unless the way we think changes. We need a heavy shock to the system that will shift fundamentally our collective way of thinking. Unless that happens we can not get a new Nigeria from the minds of the type of citizens we currently have.

      Its frightening.

      • LagosBoy

        You complained and lambasted Nigerians like others and you too are no better. You would have made a good difference by preferring constructive suggestions on how to move the country forward. Buhari is doing what he knows how to do best. The billion of naira discovered by EFCC lend to this credence. Let us support this government to achieve more meaningful fleet for the benefit of all


          Refer to my above submission again and note what i stated:

          ‘Nigeria can never change unless the way we think changes. We need a
          heavy shock to the system that will shift fundamentally our collective
          way of thinking. Unless that happens we can not get a new Nigeria from
          the minds of the type of citizens we currently have..”

          Solution: reorientation in ways we think, We CANT move forward with same mind set.

          The starting blocks are: True Federalism, Justice and Rule of Law. Once Government implements these and Nigerians see that the Federal Govt has conceded powers to the States, and that the Federal Govt and its institutions of State are sincerely dispensing justice without fear or favor and the Rule of Law is being practiced, the people will reciprocate and respond when they see Government delivering on its Social Contract.

          When the people sense, feel and see sincere leadership and dedication to the people by its leaders, the people will start to change. In Nigeria, the leaders are demanding change from the people they lead without they themselves changing…

          • 360¤view

            The real shock to the system is an outbreak of a civil war, real bloodshed that will make all have a deep reflection about a how we got here and bring our senses back to the point of humility and brotherhood.

  • T-Rex

    You are proud of helping a criminal to escape the wrath of the law? Rubbish son of iniquity!

  • obiora

    Yoruba is a Tribe with Mental K leg. So Tinubu has a seroius Case but he was protected by Adoke. Corruption is Fighting back and even win Mr FALANA S:A:N.

    • Mugu


    • Truth is bitter

      You call a whole ethnic group Mental k leg. People like you will never understand why Igbos are third class citizen in Nigeria. Keep denigrating other ethnic groups and keep wondering why Igbos are disliked by others. In life, what you sow is what you reap. You can never sow hatred and reap love or vice versa.

      • Arabakpura

        There is no way you can confirm his tribe in these days where people use other tribe’s name so as to attract opprobrium to that tribe! You should leave ignoramuses go deal with their ignorance!

        • Julius

          well said but, we must deal with the morons regardless of where they came from.

        • Suleiman Alatise

          Abi o, you are dead right, they are everywhere and in every tribe.

      • Julius

        And they will remain a third class citizens !

        • Tunji Olarewaju


          • Julius

            lolz..Amen ke…you wicked ooo !!

    • Holy truth

      Did u read where he said he did everything legally possible to get tinubu out of trouble or u didn’t understand d meaning of legally possible? In most cases I feel real bad when some half-baked illiterates & good 4 nothing like u are making some silly bigotry comments about other tribes, u make some decent & level headed Ibo guys take a lot of insults & abuses online bcos of ur unwarranted attacks on other tribes most especially d Yoruba tribe dat has been ur benevolent as ever. U only pay dem back with unnecessary insults. Obiora u need to get ur head checked.

    • uzombagca

      For anyone to rain abuse(s) on any tribe/ethnic group that person does so to the detriment of his soul. The Yoruba has red blood so also the Igbo. The same God created them and they are said to have come from the same Adam and Eve. Why then do they abuse themselves on the social media? My appeal to both sides is a cease fire on this war of hatred.

  • Arabakpura

    What a way to start an appeal! Anyway, Nigerians have become supercharged for any yesterday man who has been thrown up on corruption matters to go scot free!

  • Julius

    Dude is in big trouble now, he is looking for sympathy..soft landing as the saying goes.

  • Gary

    Yaay…Adoke the hero! You bailed out Buhari for his lack of certification and saved a Tinubu from disgrace at the CCT. Great, so should we offer you cookies and cocoa for your efforts?

    Or better still, have the beneficiaries of your kind and gentle heart lean on minions to drop the charges against you? Something tells me you prefer the latter as the intended outcome of this personal PR campaign.
    Look on the bright side; you’re doing a lot better than Sambo Dasuki who’s into his second year in illegal detention. That should tell you all you need to know about the folks you think will return your favors. Kindness or forgiveness are alien to those who lead this APC government. Ask Saraki or El-Zakzaky. All others are dead.

  • Du Covenant

    Shameless thwart!…

  • 360¤view

    Na now the hypocrite want confess say he been dey work for opposition. Okay now, make opposition carry you go, your bad belle don full. Olodi!

  • factfinder

    Turn by turn! Are u confessing or what? Mr Adoke, if truly u did this good, did u help Tinubu for free? No! Did you resist pressure over Bubari also for free? Definitely NO! Therefore Mr Attorney, you should be charged now for bribery and corruption because already u have pledged guilty even before u go to court. You should sentenced to 12 yes jail

  • factfinder

    Mr Adoke! You need APC and Tinubu Pity/Simpathy? Sorry you are complicating and implicating yourself because CSOs may charge you for bribery and corruption. Keep confessing. Contunu…

  • factfinder

    “I argued that there are people in Nigeria that we just cannot afford to rubbish over anything,” Mr. Adoke said. This is the reason y Efcc should amend the charges against Adoke to 99 count charge because he had confessed that he obstruct the process of justice and for collecting bribe to pity a suspected criminal.

  • vincentumenyiora


  • Orphic

    Adoke is definitely looking for a soft landing, he knows that he can no longer hide in Europe because of the Italian investigation which may even subpoena and indict him. He has nowhere else to run to, but Nigeria.

    He should consider if he prefers an Italian jail to a Nigerian one. A Nigerian jail has brutal conditions but there is always the chance that if you have money you can pay your way out, whereas Italian jail means better living conditions but serving the entire sentence.

  • bobisa

    He should be charged for complicity and obstruction of justice.