N13 billion Ikoyi money stolen from Rivers under Amaechi, Wike says

Ikoyi Money
N13Billion Ikoyi money

The Rivers State Government has claimed ownership of the money uncovered in at a luxury apartment building in Ikoyi, Lagos, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Governor Nyesom Wike made the claim Friday night in Port Harcourt, the state capital, bringing a fresh twist to the controversy over the real ownership of the money – $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23, 218,000 – and the apartment where it was recovered by the EFCC on Wednesday.

The governor said the money was part of what was stolen – and warehoused in the Ikoyi house – by his predecessor and current Minister for Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, from proceeds of sale of the state’s gas turbines to Sahara Energy.

PREMIUM TIMES had earlier on Friday reported the National Intelligence Agency to have claimed ownership of the money which amounted to over N13 billion using the current CBN’s exchange rate.

According to security and presidency sources who spoke to this newspaper, former President Goodluck Jonathan approved the fund for the NIA after its immediate past Director General, Olaniyi Oladeji, alerted him to the need for some “crucial and covert security projects” scattered across the country, with the major one said to be in Lagos.

The NIA, according to the National Security Agencies Act, is charged with gathering external intelligence and ensuring Nigeria’s security from outside.

Why it is engaged in an internal security activity, getting cash for ‘projects scattered across the country’ remains unexplained.

Mr. Wike has now challenged the agency’s claim of ownership. He also demanded that the money should be returned to his state.

He gave the federal government seven-day ultimatum to return the money said to have now been deposited in the Lagos vault of the CBN or risk legal action.

“We have facts to prove that the said money belongs to the Rivers State Government,” Mr. Wike said. “The Federal Government must return our money.”

“We are giving them seven days to return our money. Otherwise, we would take legal action to recover our money. $43million will help us complete several projects. We need that money for projects.”

The demand from Rivers State came after the Federal High Court in Lagos, Thursday, ordered a temporary forfeiture of the money to the federal government.

But the court also said that anybody who may want to show cause why the money should not be permanently forfeited to the government should appear before it on May 5.

Mr. Wike said the NIA’s claim was false and suggested that it was employed by the All Progressives Congress-controlled federal government as a cover-up or face-saving mechanism.

“If you recollect in 2015, we said that gas turbines built by Former Governor Peter Odili were sold to Sahara Energy, business partners of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi at $319 million.

“That money was used to sponsor the All Progressives Congress for the 2015 general elections. From the date of sale of the gas turbines to May 29, 2015, the money depleted from $319million to $204,000. What was stashed at the Ikoyi residence was part of that fund.

“As I speak to you, the Federal Government is so embarrassed that this has happened. All the stories that the money belongs to the NIA are fake,” the governor said.

He also challenged the federal government to constitute a panel of inquiry, which should sit publicly to investigate the money, if it doubted his claim.

However, Mr. Amaechi, through his media aide, David Iyofor, denied ownership of the controversial money and any apartment in Lagos, after he was first linked with the cash on Thursday.

Also, Adamu Mu’azu, a former chairman of Mr. Wike’s Peoples Democratic Party also denied link with the money but admitted he built and once owned the building which has several apartments.

He said he has since sold the apartments to different occupants.


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  • isiaka

    It has come to a time some people are not relevant again, when contributing to an issue. why not making these assertion before the money was discovered. know he want to claim what is not belong to the state. The huge resources given to the state, is it spending it judiciously. Let Wike face the reality of Good Governance for his state, rather than making an unnecessary statement.

    • obiora

      Now it is, let Wike face good Governance while Buhari will spend River state Money in Duala. Thank You. What of IGBO Woman all the Yoruba Crinal are no more Talking.

  • Isaac Azor

    Baje mouth, Wike is just one of the thieves around. He may even be part of the conspiracy that kept the money there. May be part of their plan to capture Lagos State in 2019. Security personnel should look along that line too.

  • Abdullah Musa

    When afflicted by lunacy you can say any trash and it will be reported.

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      I wonder why he is not taking the evidence to court to claim the money instead of giving the 7 days ultimatum.

      • band olu

        Those whom d gods want to destroy they first make mad, brother Wike has gone mad again!…

      • Abdullah Musa

        His comment shows his irresponsibility.
        If he knew the money was there why didn’t he beat the federal government to it?
        Some seem to believe that being irresponsible in comments makes for good opposition.
        Wonders will never end!
        That people of Rivers state see a leader in a type such as this!
        Is there no band of good people to liberate the honest people of Rivers state?


    Alhaji Aliyu Sabo Bakin Zuwo … the late former Governor of Kano State would have done a better job than Buhari and his Presidency is doing to cover with the presentation of NIA as owners of the money.

    The money belongs to Rivers State Government …. they should return it to them immediately without further delay

  • Bright Henry

    Wike lacks common sense. Answering him just annoys me but I have to.
    1. It is becoming boring and redundant for him and his PDp gang to keep on accusing just one person all the time. I can give 20 instances of this.
    2. They have effectively told the whole world that they are still offended at the loss of federal power which Amaechi spear headed as the campaign director.
    3. Wike and his PDP gang are afraid that the whistle blowing policy of the Federal government will sooner than later get to them so in order to water down and discredit the policy, it had to be attacked and who is the fall guy, your guess is as good as mine. Of course Amaechi.
    4. How does Wike and PDP expect Nigerians to believe them knowing the beef existing between them and Amaechi just by mere words of mouth. He claims he has evidence. Why not tender the so called evidence to the media the same time as making the accusations. We can’t wait for him to tender such evidence in cpurt. But his mere words of mouth accusations, hold no water.
    5. Adamu Muzzy the former PDP chairman has agreed he owns the apartment but sold it. How possible that Muazu a man that hated Amaechi and who teamed up with PEJ to foist wike on the good people of Rivers state will now turn around to sell his property to Amaechi who he is not in good terms with.

    These and many other reasons, shows the hollowness of what these people are doing.

    • Jossy

      The governor has spoken well and he is bold. This broad day fraud MUST be resisted promptly. The Nigerian government must not be allowed to go away with this fraud.

      1. Is it possible for such monies to exist and the past government never notified the present government about it?
      2. Should this not have been discussed at the FEC security meetings? Jonathan has attended all thus far.
      3. We know Dr Jonathan is a civilized man and would not help Buhari out here. Let him speak his mind urgently

      The people of Rivers must rise to make Nigeria ungovernable if this cash is not returned asap!

      • Julius

        There you are ranting nonsense after correctly saying that Jonathan must come out and deny the story. You jump into Rivers must rise up and get spanked again. Stop the madness, lets wait till we hear from Oga Jonathan.

        • Jossy

          Rivers must rise up. She must RISE!!! …and why are you wetting your pants because you hear that Rivers will RISE? She must resist this evil government in Abuja and reject this broad day stealing. People are not blind. They will rise and that’s sure.

          • Julius

            If laughing at your dumb ass is wetting pants I guess you will be right. You are doing the worst to your damn selves in Rivers than anybody else will ever do to you. All I’m saying is let Jonathan come out and deny the story. Is that too much to ask ?

      • Bright Henry

        Guy I don’t indulge people with low IQ in arguments.
        I gave u five points above and rather than examine them point by point, u write this thrash.
        Unlike u, I will treat the 3 points u listed above although they make no sense.
        1. You asked if such monies exist, is it possible for the past govt not to inform the present govt about it. I ask, did the past govt notify the present govt about Yakubu ‘s stashed dollars? Was that govt ever transparent in its dealings? A govt in which stealing was not corruption, hpw do they expose themselves. I am waiting for Jonathan to state what he knows about that cash and if he approved it.
        2. U seem not to know the difference between the weekly FEC meetings which Buhari or Osibanjo chairs and the Council of State meetings which you where obviously referring to. Jonathan could not have revealed such info at such a meeting because according to NIA, it was a top level covet operation.
        3. This one makes little or no sense just like the others and doesn’t deserve my response.

  • #Bring_Back_Rivers_Money

    Nigeria has been stealing for too long and impoverishing the Niger Delta people. “Rotimi” the Prodigal son has sold Niger Deltans to the North. Our demand for our Rivers money is absolute. No negotiations. 7 days, no more no less. After 7 days, All oil and gas installations in Rivers will be rendered INACTIVE. Niger Delta Avengers and MEND please take note. This is the time to unite.


  • donMe$$i

    WHO OWNS FLAT 7B??????

    Magu, tell Nigerians or else kiss your confirmation GOODBYE!

    • Dy

      ROTIMI Olawale AMAECHI, former Governor of Rivers state who bought a Bombadier Jet with state funds.

      • band olu

        Bcos Wike said so abi?…

        • Merci

          Buhari and APC have no where else to hide. The bubble is ‘busted’. ——————— This is exactly how the APC govt is hiding Chibok Girls in a building, probably on the 13th Floor, and then feigning negotiations. Lord have mercy!

          • band olu

            Go & check d 13th floor for d Chibok girls if u will find them there…

          • Merci

            Or in the palaces of the Emirs in the North and that of Sultan of Sokoto……………..Remember that was how Ese Oruru was kidnapped and held at an Emir’s palace? ….and then the cover up!

          • band olu

            Well, we will get to d bottom of this matter so let’s b patient & wait…So stop speculating..

          • Merci

            Patient? NO!… 7 days ultimatum to return the money. This is Nigeria. The more you wait the more likely more the total money will shrink.

          • band olu

            Yeah, Wike has said d money belongs to his state so it should b given to him straightaway or within 7 days, i hear u…

          • Julius

            You are on drugs !

          • Merci

            And u are on medicine!

          • Julius

            lolz, what medicine ?

          • Merci


          • Julius

            u dey craze…you are on coke. lolz

  • AryLoyds

    All fingers are pointing to Ameachi , we hope Buhari will not sweep it under the carpet like his own waec!

    • Julius

      No all fingers are pointing to Jonathan. He should come out and deny if he did approve the fund for the agency as stated. The man is alive and the director of the security agency is alive, let them disclaim the story. Deal with facts biko.

      • AryLoyds

        Tales by the moon light 🙂

        • Julius

          Yeah, by you saying that all fingers are pointing to Amaechi. Facts are facts…constant !

          • Suiluj

            Are you aware that the cash can be traced with forensic analysis? From reports so far gathered, it is clear that the monies came from Rivers State in 2014…and who was in charge of Rivers state in 2014?

          • Julius

            lolz, what report ? Who did the forensic analysis ? I wasn’t aware that Rivers state print their own monies…my bad !. Some people really need to stop drinking cheap gins.

          • band olu

            Reports from Fayose’s PRO (Lere) & Wike??…Reports from these fellas will NEVER b credible so don’t rely on them…

          • AryLoyds

            You seem to like lying , so all of a sudden the money now belongs to NIA. So why did they not put the money into the Single treasury account ? My friend
            there is GOD oh 🙂

          • Julius

            Lying because I’m following the news ? Was it me that said the money belongs to the NAI ? No, sir, its you that love lying, making up stories, not I.

          • AryLoyds

            You see, look at the money in the picture , you will see that they are wrapped and stamped by a bank and it also has a date on it.But obviously its a cover up for buhari and his boys.

      • government

        It is senseless to link GEJ with this money two years after he left office.Since GEJ has become the proverbial “antelope” the only animal who uproots and eats cassava on the farm,why would he leave behind something he could have diverted.Sometimes our hatred for GEJ and where he comes from make us unreasonable.

        • Julius

          I will never absolutely believe anybody in Naija, at least our so called leaders. It’s not who he is or where he came from. His track records stinks. Let him come out and dispute the news if its true or not. All I’m saying.

        • AryLoyds

          Just ignore that guy called Julius, he is a fraud !

          • Julius

            Yea, because I’m not going by your dumb ass craps !

          • Tonnero

            You Igbo are cursed. You need to go and make sacrifices to the gods that are dealing with you.

          • AryLoyds

            I am not Ibo , so get a life , Animal 🙂

        • band olu

          He actually compared himself to a goat who was put in charge of yam & was wondering why we are complaining that d goat was eating d yam!….He probably stole so much that he forgot he left some money behind in d apartment…

          • Julius


      • Höly Wähala

        That’s why Gov. Wike called for public enquiry which I’m certain Buhari and Amaechi will dodge to respond to. Clearly, there is a cover-up involving the NIA and EFCC. Can you now see why Magu faild his integrity test with the DSS? This case is akin to the one of 53 suit cases found stuffed full with dollars belonging to a Buhari crony, Alhaji-Alhaji. This presidency is the worst in the history of Nigeria. Even Dr. Dumbo was better than Buhari in doing his house-keeping and appointments, didinrin Buhari is an old fossil suffering from amnesia and ethnic jongoism. Freaky corrupt at his frail old age.

        • Julius

          Methink its Magu that is not playing their ball this time but, we shall see. Since dem don throw Jonathan name in the mess, he should come out and dispute their story unless its true that he approved the fund. What I think is he did approve it but, its being diverted as usual and it hasn’t been shared and somebody is not happy so, he/she whistle blew it.

          • AryLoyds

            You seem to like GEJ a lot .Are you gay? 🙂

          • Julius

            Nah but, your father is tho. So, moron, everybody that mentioned his name is gay ?

        • AryLoyds

          Thank you my brother , Buhari is compromised , his hands has been caught red handed in the cookie Jar. And i know the matter will die and nothing will happen to the thieves.

      • obiora

        Jonathan keep Money in Amaechi´s SEX Hause.? You are the wise one.

        • Julius

          Oh, na him sex house now ? . Tory getting better, sin’t it..smh !

    • obiora

      It is already Swept. It is not Amaechi alone It is Buhari, Amaechi is just useing his structure as Fomer Governor to keep the Money. Falana will not talk now, Corruption is fighting Back. This is why Amaechi and Fashola are made Ministers at all cost. EFCC Thinking that because of Muazu name in the Hause that the Hause is PDP business House now they have Mistakingly open their Yash by themselves. WE are Fighting.????????? please somebody help me.

      • AryLoyds

        It appears this was a set up by the whistle blower , knowing Magu will be in a hurry to please Buhari made the recovery of the money public as possible thinking it was Muazu or that woman NNPC director that was sacked , and all this has back fired. Unfortunately they discoved that it is Amaechi that actually owns the money , that why they are looking for a way to cover up their fiasco.
        This is a classic game of chess. 🙂

      • Gary

        We told them that Magu’s gra-gra wasn’t good. Now he has brought down the roof on the APC regime of hypocrites.

  • Angry Deltan

    Dear Niger Delta AVENGERS,
    I can’t believe that you people are silent in all of these goings-on in Nigeria. One thing for sure is that ALL that money is the money of the people of the Niger Delta. That is our Niger Delta oil money, no doubt about it. And despite this suffering in the Niger Delta with oil pollution everywhere, monies in billions are wasting in a Lagos building.

    …and the govt refusing to start the Maritime University because of lack of funds! My people, if we don’t leave Nigeria now when will be a better time? Nigerian federation cannot work. Never! With Hausa man and Yoruba man in the same country, it is backward ever!

    …so my Dear AVENGERS, time to act is now. The Niger Delta can’t be poor with people dying of hunger and Nigeria toying with our destiny. Enough is enough!

    • Albert

      We can start by first declaring no work on Tuesday as a sit -at-home day in PH to press home the demand for thieving Nigerian government to return the money of Rivers back to us -the Rivers people. This money must not go to IDPs in the North. We have IDPs in Rivers too – displaced by pollution (oil spillage & corroded pipelines)

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      Do not go tribal while you neglect the fact that Ibori has received a chieftaincy title (not by the people you accuse). Why must it be other people’s fault? What you call for should start at home. An example: If you are in a club of 10 people, all members contribute annual dues to the chairman of the club. Then the day to render account comes, the chairman cannot account for the money. What do you do? Do you “praise-sing” him because he is your brother irrespective of the fact that he stole your money or do you hold him by the jugular to get your money back? Your call.

      • BreakUpNiger

        Is this the same as supporting a sickly daft and brainless uneducated liar who rather than simply present his Certificate chose to hire 23 SANs (Senior Lawyers) to defend him? If you supported such brazen evil why wouldn’t people support Chief Ibori? I advise you to go to youtube and watch Dede Mabiaku’s short video clip on Buhari and Nigerian Senators…guess it was on April 10 or 12. Check it out for urself.

        • SayNo2Tribalism

          Stop the abuses you are not 12 years old. Simply make your comments in a civil way without raining abuses. People come to comments section to learn, not to be put off by abusive words. If you are in opposition you should be gathering all failures of this govt so as to use them to convince others not to vote for them. You cannot wish this govt away! Abusive words repel and as opposition you need to attract people.

          • BreakUpNiger

            So it hurts? When you brought in the name of Ibori and questioned the rationale behind the Chieftaincy title he received what were you saying or trying to say? Were you praising him? Or do you want me to take those comments of yours to be benign? Now that I have reciprocated your hate and tribalism you are trying to change the topic. Yes, Ibori may have sinned, but Buhari has sinned more. He has lied. He has killed by ordering soldiers to kill innocent citizens. That’s crime against humanity and hell fire is the consequence.

          • SayNo2Tribalism

            Ibori citation is a statement of fact. He went to prison, that cannot be tribalism.

          • SayNo2Tribalism

            With your moniker i know what you stand for. But you need people to actualise it. If you keep alienating and repelling people I wonder how you can get sympathy. You cannot win by violence.

          • Abdullah Musa

            He is programmed to only listen to his Own Hallucinations.
            The money in question was not discovered by PDP, it was discovered by state operatives.
            Further investigations are needed.
            But for now these monies will be with CBN.
            Naira will gain in value.

          • Tonnero

            You are addressing these Igbo Internet warriors as if they have any brains. Focus your energy elsewhere.

  • Fijabi (Japan)

    Now it is clear why Abuja never wanted Governor Wike to win Rivers elections as governor. Hmmmmm…..Evil men leading and presiding over Nigeria. Buhari is actually the most corrupt president ever. Just imagine all the fraud and RAW cash stolen and moving around in barely 2 years in office. Even as corrupt as Obasanjo was Nigerians never experienced this brazen display of corruption.

  • Merci

    Buhari and APC have no where else to hide. The bubble is ‘busted’. ——————— This is exactly how the APC govt is hiding Chibok Girls in a building, probably on the 13th Floor, and then feigning negotiations. Lord have mercy!

  • Itiriesimi

    Pls return our Rivers State money. Na God go punish Rotimi. May he rot in hell fire forever and ever Amen!

    • ThomaZ

      Amen o!

    • band olu

      If u believe what Wike or Fayose says u will believe anything..

      • Dame

        And if you believe anything Buhari says (like he has a Certificate but hired 23 SANs to defend him rather than present the Certificate or ask WAEC to send photocopy of original) then you will believe nothing and anything

        • Tonnero

          The election is over and you lost. Whether you believe him or not, how come Wike did not talk about this before now? How come Jonathan, Amaechi’s enemy, did not find this out since Wike knew the whole story anyway? You are abusing someone who is a military general, former governor of the whole north east, former minister of petroleum and now president. Meanwhile, the best you can do is refine stolen crude and abuse your superiors. Mumu. You have agility for brains.

    • Du Covenant

      What makes you believe such a thug in the name of Wike?

  • Adekunle Akindude

    Who owns the apartment in question? Nigerians like deceits and merry go round stories Unveil all the documents of ownership to these apartments in the building and let the people decide who is the thief Gov Wike please shut up your mouth and stop making noise

    • Honorable Azazi

      …the house belongs to a mistress (one time personal assistant) to Rotimi. This is why NIA quickly came into the matter to claim ownership, you know, the same way they told us Abacha died on top of Indian girls. Up till today nobody has seen the photos or video of any indian or Asian ladies in Aso Rock. And it is the same story with Chibok girls. State lies! State cover ups. Meanwhile, Wike should keep talking. He musn’t shut up to the delight of crooks. Let him keep talking and keep the heat on. 7 days…

      • Malik

        Story for the gods.
        All this tori wey you put down so, na how you take know?
        If I no believe APC government tori, na wetin go make me believe you own an?

  • Mary


  • SE&SS Economic Summit

    Are you a Biafran? Are you a Niger Deltan? The 1st ever East & South Conference dubbed South East and South South conference begins on April 18, 2017 in Biafra Republic. UNITY of purpose – Economic, Political, Culture, Military, and Secessionist etc are what we seek. The agenda is clear and irrevocable. The time to act is now. The Nigerian structure is strangulating and skewed against us (East & South – Wealth owners) . Our destiny lies on our action or inaction. To delay in acting now will be spell doom. With purported grazing routes met to run across the nation, be sure the Mallam wants to establish legal ground close to our oil wells. You & I know what that means. Should we allow them?.

    Be there!!! God bless the United East & South. Things will never be the same again.

    • Tonnero

      IThe SS is not interested. Go your own way. Stop trying to use tricks to colonize the land, sea ways and oil and gas resources in the SS. Ole.

  • Ogidiolu

    The tall stories will now begin, long tale of denials and counter denials. All their nonesense this and that. We’re only paying lip service to corruption. We want EXECUTION for all looters including backdating offenses…..lip service I say. No light, no water, terrible health care, extreme poverty etc etc. Yet $43 million quietly chopped. Dizeani is still there, OBJ, IBB. We are in hell. Patience “teef teef” Jonathan still there. Countless others still there. I wish the people will rise up and hunt down these people because we are making zero progress. We are ruled by robbers in agbada and suit. They are far worse than armed robbers. We execute armed robbers so why not execute those that are far far more detrimental to all of us. Execution please now for corruption must be brought into law

    • Du Covenant

      My broda, very well said!, instead of outrage and going after the elite who have perpetrated such humongous crime against all of us, the same criminal elements are determined to trivialize it all and Nigerians are stupidly sitting and watching. As you rightly pointed out, our people are living in extreme primitive conditions yet, public officials have the GUTS to stash away money from public treasury in warehouses, apartments, bank accounts in the country and abroad. What type of system are running that public officials should even have access to such amounts of money?, are there not layers of approvals for any single individual to dip his/her dirty fingers in the treasury?.

      • Gary

        Nope. All the Zombie CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, requires is a note from the President or State Governor and he opens the vaults of the federal treasury for billions in assorted currencies to be delivered to the assigned by bullion vans.

        To call this a Banana Republic is an insult to bananas.

    • obiora

      You may ask your self why Buhari wanted to cover up the Story now. Did he has a hand in the Money.

  • Suleiman Alatise

    After constructing roads in Benue, Wike now owns the money in Lagos.

  • Ogidiolu

    The tall stories will now begin, long tale of denials and counter denials. All their nonesense this and that. We’re only paying lip service to corruption. We want EXECUTION for all looters including backdating offenses…..lip service I say. No light, no water, terrible health care, extreme poverty etc etc. Yet $43 million quietly chopped. Dizeani is still there, OBJ, IBB. Danjuma, Adenuga, Aluko, Abdulsalam Abubakar are all still there oh. We are in hell. Patience “teef teef” Jonathan still there. Countless others still there. I wish the people will rise up and hunt down these people because we are making zero progress. And this is going on under the nose an anti corruption administration. Can you imagine what will happen once Buhari leaves office. We, the people want a referendum on the punishment for corruption. If we execute Armed Robbers why on earth don’t we execute corrupt officials that cause far far greater damage to the people. Execute these people please. When will our own Rawlings come?

    • Gary

      You forgot to add the Paris Club refund scandal that they are now sweeping under the carpet. While civil servants and pensioners remain unpaid and people are now committing suicide in despair.

      A country run as a racket where one bunch of racketeers replaces another and they call it government.

  • Sammy-Olusanya Saheed

    If it’s true that Amaechi looted the treasury of Rivers State as being alleged by wike, why can’t he probe him? He was ranting, bluffing like motor park tout. Wike, has a lawyer you know where to go. And stop barking like a mad dog. Proof your case beyond doubt if not for persecution. Enough of this nonsense!

    • Gary

      Please stop the nonsense. There’s been a state probe that indicted Amaechi but which APC supporters like you have dismissed as political witch hunt.
      Woke has not stopped the EFCC or any agency from doing its job with regards to Amaechi and the other saints of the ruling party. How about them telling us:

      Why is that a national secret?

      You guys should stop trying to obfuscate issues here.

      • gregomillenium


        President Muhamadu Buhari is running a government of rogues,
        thieves and criminals. President Buhari himself is on the way to becoming the
        worst president Nigeria has ever had. Wale Babalakin who has been standing
        corruption trial in the court is the one President Buhari selected as the best
        appointee for anti-corruption government. Buhari now added insult to injury by
        appointing another criminal co-accused who was arraigned in court with Wale
        Babalakin as the Chairman of Bureau of Public Enterprises. So now that Buhari
        has announced himself to the public as an enabler of criminals Buhari must be
        treated henceforth as a criminal accomplice. We thank God that Buhari has
        stopped disguising as anti-corruption. Buhari’s government contracted H.I.V
        when it appointed Raji Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi. The Buhari government
        is now in throes of death with full-blown AIDS of corruption.

        • Gary

          Thanks. Wale Babalakin chopped the mobilization fees for contracts given to him by OBJ to rehabilitate the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. And a new terminal at the Lagos Airport. This was a guy heading to jail and summoning “payer warriors” to follow him to court.
          All of a sudden, Yoruba parapo has been deployed to not only drop the cases against him but he’s now making hay again with a plum appointment in the Buhari government.
          That’s the handiwork of the Tinubu faction of the APC government. Doing exactly what they accused GEJ of doing for his Ijaw inner circle in the previous government.

          Then they preen before the Nigerian people that they are fighting corruption before corruption kills Nigeria. The Yorubas have a saying that it doesn’t take special skills to put a piece of meat in your mouth and then pretend to ask others to account for it.

          • Public Rekord

            “Now the sum of $43m dollars has been uncovered in an apartment
            in Ikoyi, LAGOS. First, the former Director of Operations, NNPC, our Madam
            with a special haircut, denied being the owner of the money. Then the former
            PDP Chairman, who had disappeared from Nigeria even before they finished
            counting the votes of the last election ( he even left before GEJ’S famous
            phone call to GMB) denied ownership of the building. Then he later recanted and
            amended the statement. He couldn’t remember who he sold the property to. Too
            much money !! Meanwhile,I’m trekking in Abuja with my family without a single
            car for the past 5 years”.

            ………………..Major Ken Chioma Obi Rtd

            [Ex Special Duties Officer of the President,
            Commander-In-Chief Aso Rock Villa, Abuja]

          • Onike24

            Please, which plum appointment has he got? Pro chancellor of a university is plum appointment? Or negotiating with ASUU? Lagos-Ibadan was awarded under a BOT arrangement, as was the Airport, which means he has to find the Money from Banks with goverment providing guarantees, why do we continually obfuscate issues? I am not saying the man is a saint, but why is it necessary to throw mud on his character? which one is Bola Tinubu in the matter now? Just because I speak the same language as another does not mean there is any love between us. Stop telling lies.

        • Pointsblank




  • Malik

    Chai, see tales by moonlight tori wey dey comot for Wike mouth…hahahaha
    I swear this governor na proper comedian…hahahaha

    • concerned child


      President Muhamadu Buhari is
      now running a completely corrupt government with billions of Naira stolen every
      day. Ayo Fayose has tweeted that the 14 billion Naira found stolen and hidden
      in the Ikoyi apartment is owned by Buhari’s Minister of Transport Rotimi Amaechi.
      People ask if that’s why the EFCC is not serious looking for the thief.

      Few months ago,
      a Buhari appointee called Osita Aboloma as D-G Nigerian Standards Organization of
      (S.O.N), reportedly issued authorization to certain importers to bring in five (5)
      billion Naira worth of fake or defective car tyres into Nigeria. The tyres were then shipped
      in and made to legally pass through Customs because the importers had S.O.N certification
      on quality approval. We know that private profit is the motive of economic and financial crimes.
      We do not need to ask how much bribe was paid by importers.

      • Malik

        Story for the gods…

    • Psi Ciroma

      50 millions dollars could only have come directly or indirectly from CRUDE OIl…,, In fact OiL is the only thing that generates that level of USD for Nigeria

      • Gary

        And your point is??? Whether it came from oil sales or the proceeds of state assets sold in the last days of Amaechi as Rivers Governor; all we want to know right now is the ownership of the funds and in whose residence it was found. Everything else is secondary at this point. Address the main questions and the lesser ones will fall in place.

  • Rommel

    How did this man become a governor? seems after smoking enough gbanaa, he will be spewing crap

    • Gary

      Nazi, you guys have been deployed to attack Wike rather than probe the veracity of his claims about the ownership of the money AND the apartment.
      Nice try but you guys will not pull the wool over the eyes of the people on this one. Magu has done you in with this one.

      So abuse Wike all you want but when you’re done, come tell us who owns the money and the apartment in which it was found. Your current storyline just won’t fly with the Nigerian people.

      APC= govt. of thieves who claim to be fighting corruption.

      • Malik

        Okay, hopefully, by May 5 Wike go dey court to prove his claim.
        My own na make him no give some useless excuse when time reach to back up his claims.
        Let’s leave it at that for now.
        Both APC & PDP no roger me nothing, so I’m not for pulling wools over any eyes for anybody.
        Furthermore, it’s high time he probes Amaechi and stop all this random accusations – probe the man already, wetin dey stop am.

        • Gary

          But why wait for Wike for Magu to do the job he and his backers have been fighting tooth and nail to have him confirmed.

          Now the rubber meets the road: let him go all out to prove his bona fides as a fearless crime-fighter.
          We want the truth and nothing but the truth. So help us Magu, in God’s name we pray.

  • abu Saleh

    I bet an investigation will completely absolve Amaechi of any involvement whatsoever and absolutely nothing will happen to wike… This guy is connecting dots that aren’t there just to stay politically relevant…

  • nigerian

    what political relevent has do with Wike,the money was stole from rivers state will Buhari remain in the government foraver , pls governor wike continued to speak for rivers people. l know the odds is anginst you because apc government .

  • Haba mallam

    My only problem with this guy is how the people of Rivers state were totally ignored and issues of government left unattended, all government activities are at stand still while the poor are left to rot, this Wawa Wicked Wike is just wasting time and resources totally clueless about governance fighting everyone for absolutely no reason, while he blame the Buhari administration for this failures his people blame Northern Nigeria for their lost and that’s despite collecting 13% deprivation totally about a billion dollars per month yet nothing to show for it except couple Of rich fellows with homes in London and New York. Hopeless people under a hopeless leadership.

    • paul irumundomon

      What has 13% got to do with recovered stolen money from a serving minister, from the door steps of their fake change, don’t change the subject. Focus your critic on who stole that money and whether this selective governmemt would allow the owner to be named.

      • Gary

        You dey mind? Now Lai has deployed his BMC e-rats to attack Wike in a bid to change the subject.

        Wike has challenged you to set up an independent public probe of the Osborne Towers Loot, Mr.President. So let’s do it if you are really serious about fighting corruption instead of using it as a cover for the APC to witch hunt the opposition while covering up its own looting of the treasury.

        Messrs Falana and Sagay, are you both suffering from sore-throat all of a sudden? Your man Magu blew the lid off this latest scandal; even as they try to sweep the Paris Club refund heist under the carpet. The hunter has become the hunted in the court of public opinion. So over to you, call on the President to set up a public probe of the Osborne Towers Loot.

        • Malik

          Nobody dey set up independent anything, the case is in court.
          Make Wike prove his claims for court on May 5, that’s all.
          If he wins, he collect the kishi, if not, he keeps quiet and your likes too.
          All the other gibberish wey you write na distractions.

          • Gary

            E-rat, which case is in court, you liar? The EFCC simply sought a court order for the forfeiture of the loot pending or in the absence of a claim to its ownership.
            Don’t obfuscate issues: let Magu tell us who owns the money and the apartment in which it was found. Magu has the answers to these questions plus what the whistle-blower divulged to the EFCC.
            All of a sudden, Magu and his media broadcasters no longer have “informed sources at the EFCC” leaking relevant details of his great crime-fighting operations?
            We know a cover-up when we see one.

          • Malik

            Don’t obfuscate issues ke?

            See this mvdafvka wey dey constantly join irrelevant issues to the subject of discuss telling me not to obfuscate issues.

            “Which case is in court”, you asked olodo but you know of “a court order for the forfeiture of the loot pending or in the absence of a claim to its ownership” abi?

            Good, inform your comedian of a governor to be there on May 5th to lay claim to the ownership of the money.

            Wetin dey straightforward than that?

          • Uzoma John

            Is Wike now the whistle-blower to have known the owner? Wike is a thief. Let him go to court and give cause why the money stolen by GEJ and his PDP rogues to buy votes in the South West should be given to him. Playing to the gallery is no proof. The mention of Amaechi’s name is another ploy to shift attention. Have you guys forgotten so soon how one of the Judges bursted for money laundry also mentioned Amaechi but can’t stick to his story. Gullibles. The fear of Amaechi is the beginning of wisdom to some people.

        • Irumundomon

          My anger from day one was the issue with buhari to eat his cake and have it. Obj in the heat of ribadu, fighting all obj enemies, wanted Nigerians to show him, where babagida kept the stolen money. You can see the same exact way, buhari is chasing pdp all the way to USA.
          No one apc or maybe two, who disobeyed them are checked or raided, buhari to be fair to fraud in nigeria is part of our problems and including, all Nigerian youths, who lost their rights in the midst of looking at one picture, when they have so many in front of them all.
          Support all the evil and that will not bring you the right God gave you as a citizen of nigeria, Money is stolen by Nigerians across the spectrum, but buhari thinks and believes that that is a fallacy.

    • Otile

      Stinking desert donkey, why are you braying mindlessly on this day of the Lord? Your breath continues to stink from Malumfashi to Lokoja. Go and wash yourself in River Niger, animal. You don’t make sense. Dan iska mututu.

  • Olatubosun

    We must kill corruption….
    Efcc kudos to you

  • Olatubosun

    If you still public fund you and your family will not live in peace… But if you are loyal to the masses you will live in peace with your family

  • Olatubosun

    Efcc is performing excellently and brilliantly

  • Olatubosun

    Let’s kill corruption together before corruption kill us….
    I have an idea……………. Let’s start stoning these people who call themselves political thieves…….

  • Olatubosun

    The government should allow people to judge anyone steals our money

  • Coalition for Good Governance


    Tales by moonlight from National Intelligence Agency

    The National Intelligence Agency (N.I.A) will witness sackings if it continues the cover up it endeavours to act as fall guy
    in this financial crime because the N.I.A will make President look clueless as a president who did not know that 13 billion Naira was taken out of the national treasury and hidden away in a private flat belonging to Rotimi Amaechi. So, the best
    bet for the N.I.A is to stop in its tracks and discontinue this shameful role of a fall guy.

    Rotimi Amaechi will have a more serious case to answer on the bogus claim of the N.I.A because a privately-owned flat
    is an improper custody for official funds. The N.I.A should know it’s answerable under the law of financial crimes just like anyone else who hid away treasury funds behind a false wall inside the private house of another person.

    Nobody in Nigeria believes the bogus story the N.I.A wants to spin. For the first time, the N.I.A has come into public view
    as a probable criminal organization. Rotimi Amaechi is not a staff member of the N.I.A and has no right to take custody
    of supposed N.I.A funds in his private house where he alone has access and where N.I.A itself has no right of access.

  • Uzoma John

    Wike is a thief. You want to claim what does not belong to you.

  • kayode Olufade

    If it actually belongs to rivers state, then before may 2nd prove it in court. It should be that easy. Same goes for the NIA. If the money actually is for the NIA, it’s activities should be investigated and if the results don’t tally with money expended the program should be killed and money forfeited back to govt coffers


    Useless animal called Wike

    • Otile

      You Odua people have a love-hate relationship with woke onye Umueprikom. When he opposes Biafra to please Imam Buhari you all love him, but when he exposes Rotimi’s corrupt practices in Imam Mohammed’s government you all hate him.

    • Irumundomon

      What made him a useless man, is it because he is the only voice for the ordinary nigerians. Does the money belong to you or to buhari. Buhari has only destroyed nigeria for good, his fake change of selective justice, history won’t treat him well.

  • Bulus

    Nigeria is due for recolonization, Europe, America and Asia not forgetting the middle east can send in bids and technical proposals addressed to the “president” federal republic of baboons….sorry Nigeria..

  • Duro Philips (London)


    PRESIDENT BUHARI has not yet shown his hands on this case but the muzzled drums
    from the Aso Rock presidential villa suggest the President Buhari is not doing the right thing,
    because a court of law has already ordered this STOLEN MONEY forfeited to the Consolidated
    Revenue Account to make any later rationalization that it was not stolen afterall a daft defence.

    What the international community expects of a reasonable country’s president is the arrest of the
    principal accused person ROTIMI AMAECHI in whose apartment the money was found hidden away.

    Rotimi Amaechi is conclusively presumed in law as having total control of his homestead – not only
    because he has the keys and can decide who can egress or ingress but also because he is found
    to be in UNAUTHORIZED POSSESSION OF TREASURY FUNDS contrary to the laws of Nigeria.

    The execrable National Intelligence Agency cannot confer legal possession of treasury cash on Rotimi Amaechi
    by law because the National Intelligence Agency cannot confer an authority that it also does not have that right.

  • Maria Darego

    Ibrahim Magu knows who owns the Flat that the money was stored and who owns the Money itself! Ibrahim Magu also knows that neither the Flat or the Money has anything to do with the NIA. President Buhari and the rotten northern characters in Buhari’s inner circle that run Buhari also know who owns the money and that the money has nothing to with the NIA. Ibrahim Magu is using Amaechi to send a message to all the rotten northern characters in President Buhari’s inner circle (who have been tormenting Ibrahim Magu), and Mr. Buhari himself; that he Ibrahim Magu, can bring them down! Amaechi was simply a soft target that Ibrahim Magu could pick, even though Amaechi has not offended Magu. The message that Magu is sending is for Mr. Buhari, Chief of Staff Abba Kyari, SGF Babachir Lawal, DG SSS Daura, AGF Malami, and Presidential Cousin/Bagman Maman Daura. Magu is letting them know that he now knows where they have buried their rotting dead bodies and that they should stop messing with him! Magu has not collected money from anyone and even if Air Vice Marshall Umar extorted money from people using Magu’s name ($5 million from Dr. Ibe Kachikwu alone), Magu wants to be left in peace at EFCC. Amaechi is just collateral damage in a war that has nothing to do with Amaechi.

  • Otile

    I thought Imam Mohamed Buhari said that he belongs to nobody. Why then
    is he tenaciously defending his Magu? Everybody has seen that Ibrahim
    Magu is like a dog’s tail, no matter how often you try to straighten a
    dog’s it still comes out crooked.

  • marc umeh

    The money is for ” Covert security projects scattered all over the country —— so claimed the folks a NSA.
    Is this country irredeemable ?

  • Thief Thief