Dogara tackles El-Rufai, releases salary payslip

House of Reps Speaker, Yakubu Dogara
House of Reps Speaker, Yakubu Dogara

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, on Tuesday released his salary payslip that shows he earns about N402,500 monthly.

Mr. Dogara released the payslip in response to a challenge by the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, who on Monday released details of his state’s finances.

Mr. El-Rufai had challenged the Speaker to make the details of the National Assembly’s N115 billion budget public.

Although Mr. Dogara has promised to do so in 2017, he only released his personal salary details on Monday.

The released amount is different from the quarterly ‘illegal’ office running cost, about N15 million, that each lawmaker is believed to be receiving.

In releasing the speaker’s salary payslip on Tuesday, the House of Representatives spokesperson, Abdulrazak Namdas, also said what Mr. El-Rufai published was his state’s security budget and not his security vote.

Mr. Namdas, Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, stated this in a news briefing in Abuja.

He said that Mr. El-Rufai was undermining and distracting the national assembly by his claims that the N115 billion in the legislature’s 2016 budget was for the 469 members.

According to him, the budget covers among others, salaries, allowances, expenditure and running cost of 469 members.

“Salaries and allowances of about 3, 000 legislative aides and salaries, allowances, equipment and maintenance of about 5, 000 staff in the bureaucracy of the national assembly,” Mr. Namdas said.

He urged the governor to concentrate on governing Kaduna State, particularly addressing security issues facing the state.

Mr. Namdas said “as a senior citizen, El-Rufai should not overheat the polity with tendentious and unfounded outbursts.

“We note that what Mallam El-Rufai published was the security budget of Kaduna state and not his security vote expenditure.

“We wish to advise the Kaduna State governor to concentrate on his efforts in governing Kaduna State and stop undermining and distracting the national assembly in playing its constitutionally assigned role in nation building.

“He launched an attack on the national assembly on Friday, April 7, 2017 and continued on Monday, April 10, 2017.

“We are aware that there are serious security issues he should be grappling with in southern Kaduna and other governmental issues facing him,” Mr. Namdas said

According to him, the national assembly is not opaque and since the constitution was amended in 2010, the legislature was put in a first line charge.

“Its budget became part of statutory transfers, together with the Judiciary, INEC and others.

“You cannot find details of the Budget of the Judiciary and INEC in the national budget.

“It exists elsewhere. Of course, from 1999 to 2010, the detail of the national assembly budget was contained in the national budget,” Mr. Namdas added.

He said that the Clerk to the National Assembly, Mohammed Sani-Omolori, was directed to start publishing the budget from 2017.

He said “to continue to repeat the same call made three days earlier smacks of propaganda and cheap blackmail.

“The Kaduna state governor chose to give headings of its budget on security related matters.

“Maybe, he will give further details of actual security expenditures at the appropriate time.

“It is most uncharitable to ignore the fact that the national assembly is an arm of government, not a department in the executive branch.

“The budget of so many agencies in the executive is higher than that of the National Assembly, an arm of government.

“Such agencies are Nigerian Communications Commission, N102 billion; Central Bank of Nigeria, N421 billion and the Nigerian Ports Authority, N250 billion.

“Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, N100billion; Federal Inland Revenue Service, N146 billion; Nigerian Customs Services, N81 billion and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation whose budget runs into trillions.

“Indeed, the National Assembly Budget is about two per cent of the national budget,’’ Mr. Namdas said.

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  • Osakue

    Haba only pay slip? Kindly give us a breakdown of your house budget just as the governor did. So far if you ask me the governor is wining bcos it seems the house is hiding the breakdown of their budget?

    • The facts

      This is the problem with people like you. You asked for his payslips he provided them now you’re asking for house budget breakdown. Because he’s the speaker do you think he can just leave his daily job and start running after the clerk/national assembly account officer to publish account? If it’s that easy why didn’t you ask El-Rufai to publish the account of the Governor’s Office?

      • Osakue

        It is clear you are noting following the drama the speaker ask the Kaduna state governor to make his salary and security budget public and the governor did as he asked. But the speaker is only showing us is salary what about the budget breakdown of the National Assembly?

        • The facts

          The speaker did not ask for security budget. He said governors should publish their security votes which is different from security budget.

      • Raphael

        You’re missing a point El-Rufai published what Dogara is asking. And Dogara don’t need to run after any clerk/Accountant just instructions from him to publish the said A/c Finnish

        • The facts

          The speaker can’t just unilaterally publish the account because there are a lot of institutions in the national assembly.

          • Man_Enough

            the speaker allots the monies. he is in position to know.

          • The facts

            The speaker doesn’t allot money. He can only be aware of money spent but that doesn’t mean he will know the whole amount. It’s like asking Buhari to know the whole amount the presidency spends.

      • Onike24

        Nobody asked for his pay slip, we asked for the budget of the National Assembly!

        • The facts

          Then approach the clerk of the house for the budget of the house. How many times have you asked for the budget of the executive, Presidency, NCC, Judiciary etc? Have you forgotten that The national assembly members are just a part of the national assembly. Go and do your research and stop waiting for some answers that you’ll not get.

      • Man_Enough

        it has always been the budget details we want to see, not basic salaries.

  • OGK

    Why is this chief lawbreaker pulling wool over our eyes? What el-Rufai and Nigerians simply requested was the breakdown and publishing of the entire budget of the Senate and House of Representatives which they have been promising us for months. The last time I checked, Saraki was always promising the NASS would publish its budget each time graft allegation stuck at him. Once, things cool down, the man scoffs and swears at the promise.

    • Osakue

      abi o!

  • Yego V

    At this time, it’s sad enough to be a Nigerian, but to take us to this level of misery is most unfortunate. I don’t think it is noble for one to say this, but I’ll stomach a thief who remains hushed about his loot. For criminals to publicly display their arrogance as to who is smarter at thieving is, to say the least, abysmal. Dogara and el-rufai cannot continue to rub pepper into our eyes, by their exhibition of insanity. Their squabble is nothing but a show of rancid ego, all in an attempt to demonstrate transparency and incorruptibility. I’m reminded of the words of Eric Hoffer ” No matter how noble the objectives of a government, if it blurs decency and kindness, cheapens human life, and breeds ill will and suspicion; it is an evil government.” And so are they. If they mean it, I urge both to give Nigerians account of their wealth.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      Apt. This is what the pay slips read but their life style reads something else. Yet they think we are all fools anyway; after all Democracy allows them to be so idiotic.

  • Dazmillion

    N402,500, Dogara must be a comedian, I dey laugh o

    • samuel

      I am laughing in chinese

    • Domingos

      Its just like Buhari who rather than go into his house to look for Certificate or write WAEC exam body to present his real certificate decided to hire 29 SANs of the Federal Republic to defend him in court…and Nigerians accepted a fraud star and liar as president. Why then won’t Dogara and El-Ruffai lie? – It has no other name, it is called mumudity.

      • Patriot01

        enough of this certificate ” already!!! 🙁 …pls find another topic to discuss.

      • Man_Enough

        irritating as a broken record disc. if certificate rules, then nigeria should have become a jet age nation by now haven been ruled by a phd holder. please shove this topic.

  • Volade

    I hope the spokesman is aware, that those agencies he mentioned generates virtually all the income for the nation, I wonder what revenue they generate…

    • Patriot01

      gbam!..i tire my brother

  • Usman

    Kaduna’s entire budget is available online, make yours available as well, what is wrong with that? except something is hidden from the public

  • SAM .A

    This politics is becoming interesting , Mr Dagora , u must release all the fat allowances your members have been taking and the so called lobby pay out . Nigerians can no longer be fooled . Remember to ask Mr Saraki , the senate leader to do the same . We the people will like to know how ?409 corner and spend 25% of National budget while the rest of us 170 million are left with 75% . This is the reason we call you all’ Legislathieves ‘ or ‘Legislooters ‘Please remember to include the constituency allowance and itemize the projects they are spent on. The accountability challenge is gradually taking off , courtesy of El Rufai .

    • How sure are you that the rest of us spend the rest 75%. If the said 75% is truly been spent by us, we will not remain like this. At least we will by now have regular electricity, running water, affordable and good health care service and security of lives and property

  • Watch man

    “Salaries and allowances of about 3, 000 legislative aides and salaries, allowances”.

    You guys at NASS are irredeemably sick. 3000 aides amount to an average of 6 aides per NASS member. What are you doing with 6 aides for goodness sake? If a lootocrat in NASS needs aide beyond two, he should employ such on his own account. That way, the fund for 2,062 could be saved. If you guys mean well for the people of Nigeria, make education affordable, embark on useful skill acquisition programmes and train people to be gainfully employed, not these hangers-on you create as aides. Interestingly, these lootocrats also have “ghost aides” who they pocket their salaries monthly. What a sick system!

  • Sadiq Garba

    “Indeed, the National Assembly Budget is about two per cent of the national budget,’’ Mr. Namdas

    What is this man trying to portray?

  • SE&SS Economic Summit

    Are you a Biafran? Are you a Niger Deltan? The 1st ever East & South Conference dubbed South East and South South conference begins on April 18, 2017 in Biafra Republic. UNITY of purpose – Economic, Political, Culture, Military, and Secessionist etc are what we seek. The agenda is clear and irrevocable. The time to act is now. The Nigerian structure is strangulating and skewed against us (East & South – Wealth owners) . Our destiny lies on our action or inaction. To delay in acting now will be spell doom. With purported grazing routes met to run across the nation, be sure the Mallam wants to establish legal ground close to our oil wells. You & I know what that means. Should we allow them?.

    Be there!!! God bless the United East & South. Things will never be the same again.

  • Rose

    Why should a house member (including those who have 3rd class) earn N402,500 monthly? What work do they do? But how come they all live above their means?

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    How for instance can El-Rufai budget and spend N1.5 Billion Naira on CCTV alone? …in a country where no suicide bomber or herdsman has ever been identified! How many attacks by terrorists in Kaduna metropolis or Zaria has ever been identified? I am sure a proper investigation would show that previous regimes spent money on the same CCTV…and ill informed ones among us are busy praising the errant Governor. And because of this praise Dogara has the audacity to insult Nigerians with his own data – claiming to pay salaries of 3,000 aides and 5,000 other staff. So what work do they (legislathieves) do? Sleep in chambers? Its a shame!

    It is this brazen lack of understanding of the issues that matter among the populace that crooked Govs and politicians exploit. If he paid that money to employed human security men wouldn’t that be of more economic significance at this critical time? Honestly Nigeria is too large and complex to be run as a country. Its structure encourages corruption. RESTRUCTURING of some sort is the key.

  • Man_Enough

    no wonder the legislators dare not declare their assets. this salary cannot even feed a family not to talk of the string of properties and fat account balances they will acquire during their tenure.
    is there a law that debars their accounts being audited?

  • emmanuel

    Publishing the bank transactions and cash balances in all their bank accounts and those of their wives and children is what Nigerians should be demanding…perhaps with a warrant to dig up locations in the bedrooms, courtyards, toilets and bathrooms of these crooked hardened criminals called politicians.

  • Bulus

    Just another episode to keep the poor, wretched, hungry, hapless and hopeless souls busy at least for the next week while they head to the nearest bank…kai to be poor is a crime!

  • Okokondem

    If anyone is irredeemabe it’s the governed and not the government. Reading this left me feeling nauseated, really. Both the release of one member’s abbreviated monthly pay (even though the challenge was to release the NASS budget) and the tone of the explanations, excuses and justifications cannot be seen as anything other than to undermine the intelligence of Nigerians.

    Please read again the chairman of the house committee on media, Mr Dumbass’ following comments:

    “Its budget became part of statutory transfers, together with the Judiciary, INEC and others.
    “You cannot find details of the Budget of the Judiciary and INEC in the national budget.
    “It exists elsewhere. Of course, from 1999 to 2010, the detail of the national assembly budget was contained in the national budget,” Mr. Namdas added.

    Basically, in 2010 during the so called constitutional ammendment, these legislators included in the ammendment provisions to conceal their salaries and JUMBO allowances from the budget. His argument seems to be well, the generous pay package we have worked out for our members are in the budget alright but you can see it because the amended constitution allows us to conceal it from Nigerians. And according to Mr Nambas, anyone such as El Rufai asking to know what is in the Constitutionally allowed concealed salary package is “overheating the polity”. This is one of those idiotic phrases you find nowhere else but in Nigeria, overheating the polity.

    Bottomline, Nigerians will continue to be taken for a ride as long as they allow it to happen. God forbid no one should attempt to overheat our “Honorable’s” polity by wanting to know what they have bequeathed to themselves from our collective welfare.

    Sit tight naija and continue to do nothing as usual. When Nigerians sat on their hands and allowed Malam Jibrin, a whistle-blower to bear the burden of his allegations of budget padding alone and subsequently paid a price for it was when my hope for my country waned.

  • Segun Abayomi

    Our senate is not for the poor mass. Effectively unproductive and too corrupt. Something needs to happen. Buhsri has not delivered on corruption fight and he has not improved the economy than he met it. OUR SENATE IS TO CORRUPT AND EXPENSIVE….

  • Tonnero

    This is why some of us are getting impatient with Buhari. He needs to deliver on his election promise to fight corruption to a standstill. While he has taken some baby steps, he seems too afraid to step on toes forgetting that those who voted him in fully empowered him to step on toes if he needs to. This f0ol of a NASS member is totally unremorseful. He is simply justifying the grand larceny taking place at NASS. TWO PERCENT of the National budget for a bunch of guys who do not build roads, schools, power plants or anything. The fo0l does not realise that even if they are 5000 people, that population is forty thousand times smaller than the total population while they cart away one-fiftieth the national budget – 80 times more than they should on a pro-rata basis. They key question is whether their salaries and allowances are in line with what the RMFAC prescribes. Like Obasanjo said, anything higher than that prescribed by RMFAC is stealing. It is that simple.