UPDATED: Nigeria Customs abolishes HND, BSC dichotomy, promotes HND holders

FILE PHOTO: Customs officers
FILE PHOTO: Customs officers

The Nigeria Customs Service has removed the dichotomy between Higher National Diploma and Bachelor’s degree which hitherto was skewed against the personnel holding the former qualification.

The Comptroller-General of the service, Hameed Ali, made the announcement on Monday through a statement signed by the NCS spokesperson, Joseph Attah.

Abolishing the HND-BSc dichotomy in the ranking of personnel in Nigeria’s public service has been a subject of constant demand, particularly from Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics.

But it emerged on Monday that the federal government has isolated some organisations for reform.

“As part of the ongoing reforms in line with circular Ref: HCSF/EPO/EIR/CND/100/ST/98 of 8th September 2016 from the Head of Service of the Federation and the approval of Government since April 1992 for Nigeria Customs Service to align with the Nigeria Police Force rank structure, the CGC approved the removal of dichotomy against holders of Higher National Diploma from Bachelors Degree in the Service,” said the statement.

Mr. Ali, the statement further said, directed immediate alignment of rank structure of the service with that of the police.

Consequently, officers in the Inspectorate cadre on Salary Grade level 08 and above are to align with the appropriate rank in the Superintendent Cadre.

Also, during the decoration of some newly promoted senior officers, the News Agency of Nigeria quotes Mr. Ali as saying HND holders on salary Grade Level GL 07 in the service are automatically moved to GL0 8 while a supplementary budget will be made for their salary arrears.

“This is expected to boost the morale of officers and eliminate confusion in the seniority of officers,” Ali said at the ceremony.

The statement by Mr. Attah also conveyed the promotions of 3,487 senior officers to various higher ranks, following presidential approval.


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  • isiaka

    That it is the right step in the right direction. more kudos.

  • Olabode Morounkeji

    Kudos to Baba Ali, everyone will be happy and the job will go on smoothly.

  • Were the HND holders ever taught by a Professor? What caliber of teachers do we have in the polytechnics? What is the entry requirement to Polytechnics? Attending a Polytechnic, was it by choice or default after failing to meet the requirement to enter university. B.Sc, BA, B.Tech are far above any HND and can never be equal no matter how we pretend not to know. It is like the House of reps insisting they are equal to the senate.

    • Ogunfowora Oluwaseun Michael

      Very true sir! But I’ve in most cases seen polytechnic graduates better off than the university graduates in their areas of specialization. As we find some polytechnic graduates who can hardly express themselves, so there are university graduates. And however sir, I think being taught by a professor doesn’t guarantee success in life – which basically, the purpose of education is to be successful in the individual’s areas of studies. The most imperative in life is self development. The core value of schools should be to help discover and build the students’ potentials.
      It might not be equal though, but being a B.Sc, BA, B.Tech holder doesn’t guarantee success. Discovering one’s potential and developing it is what matters.
      Sir, I’m not under-estimating the Universities

      • You are absolutely right in your perspective when it comes to success in less but I am talking of standard. After all Steve Jobs dropped out of school but became more successful than the best professor in IT business. There are draft men that are more successful than architects but that doesn’t make draft men equal to architects. There are people in the national assembly without university degrees and are successful in their political career but being a senator with WASC doesn’t make WASC equal to B.Sc. B.Sc is NEVER equal to HND.

      • iwe paul

        Just like holding an HND IS NO guarantee either for success later in life. And your personal observation of polytechnic graduates being better in their areas of specialization than university graduates needs validation. I can tell you in all honesty that my own observation is firmly the other way round. But that is no fact either. Being taught by a Professor no doubt has its own advantages but is certainly no guarantee anywhere in the world for success,it only should give you an edge if the Professor knows his onions,AND THE STUDENT APPLIES HIMSELF FULLY TO HIS TEACHING. Self development is certainly a sine qua non for continuous progress later in life,and i can’t agree with you more in that regard,whether a bsc or hnd holder. Finally,you appear to me to be a closet believer that HND holders have brighter prospects later on in life than BSC/BA/B.TECH holders,please perish that belief. IT IS NOT BORNE Out of any verifiable empirical evidence/fact,and at best just speculation. I equally don’t have any FACT/EVIDENCE either to present here,and so we all wallow in ignorance in this matter. BUT IF YOU DO HAVE,PLEASE PRESENT TO US IN THIS FORUM,I WILL BE VERY GLAD TO PERUSE.

      • TeeBond

        Sir Oluwaseun, am so with you on this. Just as av seen University graduates having no proof of what they went to learn, av seen same in Polytechnics. Just as av seen outstanding students from Universities, av seen even more outstanding students form Polytechnics. Was in 200lvl in Polytechnic (Kaduna Polytechnic to be Precise) and could confidently boast on mastery of 3 programming languages in computer Sc, and while in 400lvl(HND), could boast of perfect mastery of 8 programming languages while my friend in a University (names withheld) at 400lvl could not boast in a mastery of 3 programming languages……..#fact

    • Man_Enough

      me and you know that some individuals in the house of rep have more integrity and contribute more positively to the nigerian nation than some others in the senate. time and tide happens to them all. if i want to fix my car i won’t ask the mechanic his paper qualification but i will care more about his reputation.

    • iwe paul


    • Adekunle

      Entry requirements are the same, Professors don’t usually teach university undergraduates, it’s Doctors that teach mostly teach university undergraduate and it’s applicable in polytechnics likewise. Curriculum requirements are also the same. The dichotomy is only the difference between a Univeristy and Polytechnic graduate.

      • iwe paul

        Unless its a recent development,entry requirements were never the same in my time. And in my University(University of Calabar) as an undergraduate,i was taught continuously(not sparingly,or sporadically) until i became a medical doctor by Professor KEVIN ETTA,(PHYSIOLOGY),late PROF UMOH(BLESSED MEMORY–BIOCHEMISTRY),SINGH(AN INDIAN)–ANATOMY, PROF BRAIDE(PHARMACOLOGY), PROF AKPAN(PHARMACOLOGY) AND PROF UTSALO AND PROF EJEZIE(BOTH IN MICROBIOLOGY),just to name a few. SO,stop dishing out wrong facts and lies on this forum. There was a historical reason for having polytechnics in the first place. The question should be,are those reasons still valid in this time and age? And the second question,whatever qualification you have,what have you done with it to help humanity AND indeed yourself?

      • Mukhail Adewale Adeyemi

        No! It’s not true at all….professor do teach undergraduate, entry requirements are not the same, curriculum are different. ..infact HND do teach HND students which are not applicable in the university. University students are not restricted to a textbook. ..as their polytechnic counterparts…mo research, no call for papers. .no published for international journals, no sabatical teaching in international university etc……Ahmed Alli doesn’t no what he was doing at all….trying to derail standard in our educational sector…

        • TeeBond

          So, tell me, is Removing the Dichotomy “derailing” the educational sector???
          Pls, tell me something I don’t know. Cone to think of it, the Polytechnics carryout technical practicals and produce better graduates in what they do, not just “cram” and pass like the Universities do.
          Stop the discrimination today and embrace equality, that’s all!

      • You lied and deserve pity. 80% of my teachers in the university were Professors and they are not the same as mere PHD holders. Most teachers in the Polytechnics are MSc holders.

  • Gary

    Nice PR move, Mr. Ali. Now go one step further and show respect for constitutional authority by heeding the summons of the Parliament. An ex-President, who has immunity, has just been summoned and he will comply as an educated and civilized citizen.
    So should you.

  • Mukhail Adewale Adeyemi

    What does Alli knows about standards in education. …he is trying to get a very cheap political gains, which practicals are they doing that is supirior to the universities. Which schemes or curriculum, or texts and research have they being using or doing that make them equal. ….Capital NO! Polytechnic graduates are more of a secondary schools in their mode of receiving lectures by using a single class where all lectures are taken not like there counterpart that move from one faculty or department to another to receive lectures. The United Kingdom do have their polytechnics but never on same level with the universities. …Infact, I think each educational institution it’s laws,guidelines n motives for setup. ….Those at the national assembly knows nothing, becos if they do…..they need to to constults relevant agencies or public opinion or do their homework perfectly before embarking on reading such bill on the floor. …..NASS need to re orientate themselves, think well, n acts professionally in carrying out their functions. ….I implore the presidency not to sign the bill n return it……polytechnics n universities can never be equivalent. ..thanks