El-Rufai accepts Dogara’s challenge, publishes details of salary, Kaduna security vote, others

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai
Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, on Monday published details of his state’s budget, including his official security votes and personal pay slip.

The unprecedented disclosure was in response to Speaker Yakubu Dogara, who recently dared Mr. El-Rufai to publish details of his state’s expenses, following earlier admonition by the governor that the National Assembly should relax the water-tight secrecy around its budget.

For several years, the parliament has rebuffed the yearnings of Nigerians that expenses of senators and representatives be disclosed for public knowledge and scrutiny.

But Mr. Dogara and Senate President Bukola Saraki have remained defiant, even as they continue to make promises to Nigerians that they will yield to widespread call for transparency.

Following Mr. El-Rufai’s comments, Mr. Dogara was quoted to have said at a retreat in Kaduna that the governor should focus on championing transparency in other tiers of government.

“I will like to challenge him (El-Rufai) to champion this cause for transparency in the budgetary process from the National Assembly to other arms of government beginning with the judiciary,” the Speaker said on Friday. “What do they spend monthly as security votes, and if they can publish what happens to local government funds under their jurisdictions, that will help our discussion going forward.”

On Monday, the governor responded by publishing relevant information about his expenses, with instructions about how Nigerians, and the world at large, could access them.

Mr. Dogara’s spokesperson, Turaki Hassan, did not answer or respond to calls from PREMIUM TIMES seeking comments about Monday’s development.

Read the full statement as issued by Mr. El-Rufai’s media office bellow:

Our attention has been drawn to a challenge by Hon. Yakubu Dogara, Speaker of the House of Representatives, calling on Kaduna State to make public its Security Votes and Local Government expenditure. This challenge was thrown as a response to Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s request to the National Assembly (NASS) to provide further details on the opaque N115 billion (One Hundred and Fifteen Billion Naira) 2016 NASS budget. Malam Nasir El-Rufai welcomes this challenge as a necessary step to improve and strengthen our democracy and would like to respond as follows:

  1. The budgets of all state governments in Nigeria are detailed out and presented at least under the headings of:
    1. personnel cost
    2. overhead, and
    3. capital expenditure

This is unlike the budget of the National Assembly which is a single line item of over N100 billion that divulges zero information or details. NASS can at least break down its own single line budget into the hundreds of line items that are detailed in every state government budget in Nigeria. It is disingenuous to respond to every request for transparency by casting aspersions.

2. On our part, the Kaduna State government has consistently made public all its budget details. In 2016, in an unprecedented step, the State published not only its own budget, but also that of all the 23 Local Government Councils online on the www.openkaduna.com.ng website. The Local Government budgets provide details of the recurrent and capital spending of every single LG in a transparent manner. The proposed 2017 LG Budgets, currently before the State Assembly, are also already online on the same website, and on www.kdsg.gov.ng. Approved State Budgets 2016-2017 can be found on http://openkaduna.com.ng/Budget/approved-budget. We invite the Right Honourable Speaker to download and peruse at his pleasure.

3. As regards Kaduna State Security Votes, once again, if the Honourable Speaker had run an online search he would have discovered the details of our spending priorities on security as a State Government. As our Kaduna Comprehensive Security Architecture (KADCoSA) outlines, the State is directing security spending on four pillars; Justice, Technology, Community Engagement and Support to Security Agencies. The 2017 budget details specific amounts:

  • N1.5bn (one and half billion naira) for the Procurement & Installation of CCTV Cameras for Monitoring and Surveillance towards Reducing Criminal Activities within the Metropolis.
  • N193m (one hundred and ninety-three million naira) for Procurement of Geo-position Interceptor and location of GSM UMTS System to Check the Trends and Intercept/locate kidnappers’ GSM calls.
  • N265m (two hundred and sixty-five million naira) for the Procurement of Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to identify locations of armed bandits in our Forest Reserves across the state and the Establishment of a Forensic Laboratory to assist in determining substantial evidence in cases that otherwise proved difficult in the past.
  • In addition, N2.6bn (two billion and six hundred million naira) is allocated in 2017 to support the network of federal Security Agencies in Kaduna with communications, logistics and materiel.

4. Details of actual spending in 2015 for security and indeed every line item in the State budgets are also publicly available via the annual report of the Accountant-General accessible on www.kdsg.gov.ng.

5. The 2015 accounts of the Kaduna State Government have been audited, and the audit summary published in major newspapers and on the state website on 21st June 2016. The Accountant-General’s report for 2016 has been finalized and its audit is ongoing and will be published as usual. The audited state government accounts can also be found on http://openkaduna.com.ng/Budget/audited.

6. The Kaduna State government will continue to remain transparent and open in all its finances. That is what we have promised to all our people and that is what our party, the APC and our President stand for. Malam Nasir El-Rufai is today making publicly available his pay-slip as Governor of Kaduna State. In February 2017, the Kaduna State Government paid the Governor a net salary of N470,521.74, with the following details:

Income Deductions
Basic Salary N185,308.75
Hardship Allowance N370,617.50
Gross Pay N555,926.25
PAYE N85,404.51
Total Deduction N85,401.51
Net Pay N470,521.74

7. The amount may appear puny but it reflects what the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission approved as the salary and allowances of every State Governor adjusted to reflect provision in-kind of accommodation and transportation.

8. Governor Nasir El-Rufai would like to reiterate his call for the NASS leadership to do the same and disclose the details of the National Assembly budget, and the salaries and allowances of its leadership.

9. The call to #OpenNASS is not a personal one. It is one which the leadership of the National Assembly owes to all Nigerians. It is therefore disingenuous for the Speaker to use State Government budgets as the excuse for the opacity of the NASS budget. In 2016, the NASS budget for its 469 members was larger than the capital budget of Kaduna State, with close to 10 million inhabitants. It is also larger than the entire budget of several Nigerian States. Indeed, over the past ten years from 2008, the NASS as an institution has cost the country over a trillion naira without any detail on how this amount was allocated and spent.

10. There is no state government in Nigeria with a budget nearly as opaque as that of NASS. In March 2016, this National Assembly, led by its Chairman, promised to provide a detailed breakdown of the National Assembly budget. Nigerians are waiting.


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  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    Let’s be frank, the NASS is a corrupt and unaccountable organization.

    The bad reputation and low regard that majority of Nigerians hold the NASS is on account of their continuing irresponsible and corrupt actions.

    That the NASS can operate in such a mafia like manner speaks to the integrity and sense of self worth of its members.

    That NOT ONE Senator has been able to rise up and say ‘ NOT IN MY NAME’ and disassociate him or herself from this criminal behavior tells us that once you join the Senate you become inducted into a fraternity of corruption and conspiracy in which your payment is your silence and hands soiled by collective betray of values and country.

    Men and women of integrity don’t act this way.

    • duwdu

      Well said, electionoffenders.


    • Okokondem

      It’s interesting that you used the word mafia to describe the culture in Nigeria’s parliament, and from what we know about the mafia culture once you are in you are in. Getting out is not as easy without risking retribution. That fear of retribution may be at the heart of why there are no dissensions from some members who may be opposed to the culture.

      Case in point is the house member, Mr Jibrin who suffered retribution for speaking out against a culture in the NASS known as budget padding. Being a whistle-blower in Nigeria is suicidal.

      What I find perplexing is the lack of will by the people to challenge these ills in the society. Corruption has permeated all institions and all branches of government but none is more threatening to the very existence and survival of the country than the judiciary. It is said the judiciary is the final arbiter, the equalizer in a society, but unfortunately that doesn’t ring true in Nigeria. The only hope for Nigeria is the people. The people must take back the country. Those pillaging our wealth are comforted by their belief that they can get away with anything. The balance of risk and reward is in their favor. They steal N2 billion for instance and spend N200 million in legal fees and expenses, that’s a generous return on investment any day.

      The end to the treachery of abuse of office and power must therefore come from the people. And if there is any doubt look around the world for clues on how people have overcome similar situations.

  • Abdurrazzaq

    Mr. Speaker it’s your turn.

  • Mark Benny

    The group that wears the grown for ‘corruption is fighting back’

  • kusanagi

    must say, credit to el rufai for calling their bluff.

  • musa aliyu

    Up elrufai!!! Now the legislooters’ turn.

  • Frank

    Gaskia el rufai is trying. He only need to adjust his my people my people mentality. He can ask sanusi emir for guidance.

  • Frank Bassey

    This is commendable. But if it is a ploy to 2019 presidency, No Way. El-Rufai go na go nowhere.

    • serubawon70

      If its a ploy we need more ploys

      • brown charles


    • Sam

      Nigerians with Myopic way of thinking. Even if he intends to run in 2019, don’t we need people with integrity like him in Nigeria?

      See my name clearly, I am not in any way related to Hausa/Fulani. This man may have his flaws but he has done what 90% of our leaders will not do. We need such people in more senior leadership positions. Simple.

      • abu

        Cldn’t agree more

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Only God almighty grants power.

      • Holy truth

        True talk, well said sir.

    • abu

      I’m sure you are speaking for yourself and only yourself

  • TrueFairGame

    Well let the Legislators too publish their own. It is good for democracy. Credit to Elrufai.

  • Deansmart

    He who come into equity come with clean hands over to you dogara

  • El Patron

    The National assembly scrutinizes budgets of MDA’s, Ministers come before NA committee’s to defend budgets of their ministries. Heads of MDA’s are sometimes summoned to give account of how they spent the funds at their disposal; You would have thought that the people carrying out these very important oversight functions would have their own books as transparent as possible, but no. Only in Nigeria can this kind of madness happen. Its a case of do as i say and not as i do.

  • brown charles

    A serious challenge!!!

    • The Elder


      Corruption in Nigeria: Buhari gets it all wrong

      A fraud was done in January via imports of five billion Naira worth of defective car
      tyres shipped into Nigeria, past the Customs checkpoint, which was lately exposed
      by the media as actually involving a federal agency called Standards Organisation
      of Nigeria (S.O.N) – which issued a genuine import license to the crooked shippers.
      Till today the corrupt management of the Standards Organization of Nigeria remains
      in place without any culprit amongst them brought to justice. This is not how to fight
      corruption. Buhari is getting it all wrong.

      President Buhari does not need defensive arguments.
      He needs convincing evidence that he’s fighting corruption in truth and in deed.
      Very often nowadays, frauds break out in his government but Buhari hardly reacts
      to it. The only instance he’s reacted was belated sacking of four NNPC management
      staff this morning for some underhand dealing – by warehousing petrol product with a
      private depot under throughput agreement but which agreement the depot owner
      blithely disregarded and instead sold the petrol on his own account for profit.

      Except for that single instance
      of stamping down perceived corruption inside his own government at NNPC,
      all other corruption cases arising under Buhari are just merely winked at and

      • GusO

        Out of point.

      • tom

        Oga Abeg wetin u de tok??? Do u know what pple are discussing here? You are on your own.

  • Man_Enough

    Yet every time the senators keep summoning heads of agencies to give account. I find it hard to understand why the accounts of the Senate cannot be audited.

    • Kallah Bature

      Reason why the agencies have no regard or respect for such invitations/investigations.

  • Isaac Azor

    Over to you Mr Speaker. The ball is squarely in your court. You MUST make public the budget of the National Assembly.

  • Shahokaya

    I am very sure Dogara and Saraki will respond in kind. Before the week runs out they will release the details for All Nigerians to see. They will shame all those that think they will not follow the honorable way Elrufai has done. I trust my people!

    • Dawood

      I see your tongue firmly planted in your cheeks. If not, abeg no hold your breath, my broda, Dogara and Saraki are thieves and they will never show us how much of our monies they steal on a daily basis.

    • thisnigeria

      I believe you are just trying to prop or cajole them to, but I can assure you they dare not because they have nothing to release. They will rather give excuses. What is clear is that unless and until something drastic happens they will continue taking us for a ride.

    • abu

      Amen… Lolz

  • Victor Hamman

    What about Local Government allocation to his State ?. He should as well let the public know how L.G.A allocation is been shared. This is also important because it was one of the challenges that Mr. Speaker threw to him (Mr. Governor).

    • thisnigeria


    • duwdu

      He said every detail – including the budget of each LGA – is online, and provided the web address. Which part of that did you miss in the Governor’s release?

      Some people, chai!


    • GusO

      You didn’t read El-Rufai’s statement. It is there.

    • Holy truth

      Ur reading glasses has expired, I think u need to go & get another one to be able to see & read properly sir. I’m not being rude o, just an advice.

    • Okokondem

      What you have demonstrated through your post is that you came prepared to either defend Dogara and Co, or disparage El Rufai, irrespective of the facts.

    • john

      Which local government allocation? Mumu you no sabi read? The person wai print even his own pay slip…

  • Wow you really try Sir, even though it is your responsibility to publish such information. #Nass it’s now your turn

    • Kallah Bature

      Sai Mallam!!! NASS must now publish its own.Nigerians will be honoured with such transparent information.

      • Mikail Umar

        Well done Mallam for taking the challenge, over to you NASS.
        The most important thing to note here is that we have to start somewhere and what Mallam did served that purpose. Let’s keep going forward….

  • Okokondem

    Late president Kenedy said, “ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.”

    Now that it’s obvious Nigeria’s problem of corruption would not go away on its own especially with a judiciary lacking in integrity and credibility, what are you prepared to do for your country? If there is organized civil disobedience to challenge the ills in the government will you be part of it?

    Nigerians have deemed it a civic duty to come out here to rant. They leave here feeling they have played their role in fighting corruption by speaking out against it on the Internet, but have you? It has become exhaustive finding Nigerians not will to reclaim their country from a group of people who irrespective of political party, tribe of geographic origin, are hell bent on running this country aground.

    • Rose

      Kennedy? Who was that? You mean no Nigerian out of 190 million people said something worth quoting? Colonialism needs to be rooted out of some brains if we must make progress. Kennedy? Why not Kenerry?

      • Okokondem

        I suppose quoting William Shakespeare in any context offends you because he wasn’t a Nigerian. Do you see how easy it is for people expose their ignorance especially in impulsive reactions. Do you actually believe quoting Kenedy in referencing a situation in Nigeria is offensive to Nigerians?

        What is most unfortunate about your ignorant retort is you never made any reference to the underlying message in my post probably because you never read past the first sentence. It is hard to envisage how Nigeria’s intractable corruption will go away with the attitude of people like you. I feel sorry for Nigeria.

    • Ali Mubi

      Right on point.

  • Yakubu Dan Omehen

    Nigeria is finished. She has seemingly gone past the point of redemption. I just can’t believe that most commentators here so far have begun to heap praises on El-Rufai for mere making of his expenditure public rather than look critically at his figures with a view to analyzing the obvious misappropriations. How for instance can El-Rufai budget and spend N1.5 Billion Naira on CCTV alone? …in a country where no suicide bomber or herdsman has ever been identified! How many attacks by terrorists in Kaduna metropolis or Zaria has ever been identified? I am sure a proper investigation would show that previous regimes spent money on the same CCTV…and ill informed one among us are busy praising the errant Governor. Its a shame!

    It is this brazen lack of the issues that matter among the populace that crooked Govs and politicians exploit. If he paid that money to employed human security men wouldn’t that be of more economic significance at this critical time? Honestly Nigeria is too large and complex to be run as a country. Its structure encourages corruption. RESTRUCTURING of some sort is the key.

    • Kallah Bature

      I hope you realise not making a single mention of the need for NASS to make their budget public and thereafter we analyse both El-Rufai’s submission and theirs.I suspect you are either a NASS member or their mouth piece.

    • Rommel

      Of course with people like you who make no positive contributions,which country will survive it,he has made it known,to scrutinize,we have to make comparisons, what are we going to compare with? where is that of the national assembly? perhaps,we should approach MOSECH FONSECA

  • Doct Collins

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  • Okokondem


    People like you are the reason those charged with overseeing the country’s wealth and welfare engage in wholesale thievery and abuse of public trust and do so with impunity why. Why, because would challenge them, you? Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on you for sounding ignorant and uninformed because you are probably immature.

    There is nothing wrong with coming here to read other people’s posts to get incites and broaden your knowledge. You don’t necessarily have to post especially when you are not sure what to post.

    And to your reference about colonialism, there is a quiet concensus among Nigerians that the country might have benefited from an additional 10 to 15 years of colonial rule before independence in 1960. One thing is certain, a greater portion of the proceeds from oil exploration would have been invested in the improvement of the country’s infrastructure. Oh well, we can’t go back there to find out can we? So, don’t talk to me about colonialism, and don’t think you are more patriotic because you are too blind or too uniformed to think outside the box.

  • North/West Allies

    El Rufai is working hard to be president huh!

    • Yego V

      Yet many would not see through his folly. He’s now engaged his partner Emir Sanusi in the campaign.

      • hh

        Bcos he is tranparent? What of Saraki & Dogara?

        • Yego V

          I’m on my knees to them along with 90% of the NA to be out. They are no better

  • Okokondem

    El Rufai may or may not be unblemished but his challenge would have more impetus were there to be a mass demonstration (peaceful–mass–demonstration) to highlight the people’s disaffection with the status quo.

    It would be implausible and frankly unrealistic to anticipate these rulers in the executive and the legislature who have shown no reluctance in stealing our revenue to suddenly develop a sense of rectitude. To make the matter worst the judiciary which acts as the last recourse in a society lacks credibility and integrity.

    So, what’s left…the people. The people can no longer expect meaningful change or any change for that matter by continuing to be passive participants in their democracy. Non profit organization such as the so called civil society organizations in Nigeria exist for such civic duties…mobilizing the people for active engagement in democracy. Labour unions also have been known to mobilize the people to voice their dissent.

    Ordinary Nigerians must do more than just express outrage about the failure of our country on the Internet and social media outlets. There is no other credible way to do this other than letting the status quo know about their dissatisfaction and dissinchantment.

    Let us be realistic, if Nigerians could organize to register their disapproval for the abduction and indefinite detention of the Chibok girls, why the reluctance and lack of interest in organizing to fight corruption? Without a doubt what happened to the Chibok girls and their families is dreadful and unthinkable. However, the impact of corruption on the people on a daily basis is unimaginable and unquantifiable. Imagine the number of deaths in car accidents every day due to bad roads. Or people who die of otherwise treatable health conditions simply because money appropriated for building or improving existing hospitals never quite saw the light of day. So while we express outrage for the Chibok girls let us also attend to other civic duties.

  • Okokondem

    Food for thought…let’s add the following to… #BringBackOurGirls:

    #GiveUsPower / #GiveUsElectricity






    The list is endless, and these are all worthy causes. Let’s get going Nigeria. Stop just complaining on the Internet.

  • CJ

    Over to you, NASS. We can scrutinize el Rufai’s accounts later.

  • Amir

    The budget of the National Assembly is a security risk to the executive and the country. Once they get hold of that largesse they feel confident to threaten the government and Nigerians. They become arrogant and selfish to the core.

  • Jesus is d Messenger of Allah


  • Churchill Roosevelt

    This is vintage Nasir El-Rufai…….brave,intelligent and straight forward.

    Over to you NASS.Be assured,they will not take El-Rufai’s challenge.That will be too costly

  • efada acha

    my governor what we want is asset declaration sir

    • Kunle Taylor

      he has already declared his assets…that na old news….which of ur national assembly of thieves do same?

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    Bukola Saraki should publish his own too and that of other members of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY.