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    Shame don catch bad people. The triumph of evil over good can only be ephemeral. This judgement is a testament to this fact. Were it in 1983, Napoleon would sure have had his way with the Puppies relishing every moment of the orgy of sheer stuupidity is the violation of the basic human rights of the citizenry. If people as saintly as Fela could be brazenly arrested, jailed without prosecution like a common criminal just because the lyrics of his songs were not palatable to the ear, then one wonders what would have happened today when the situation has degenerated to operations from the forests of the North East.

  • dami

    Wonderful…clearly the Buhari administration is being shoved aside by corruption…friends and allies of the are also folding their arms watching events unfold…sitting on the fence…all this because Buhari has refused to listen and aligned himself with toothless bulldogs…where is Amusan and oyegun?
    All those people that have chosen to ignore tinubu una well done….now we will know who is who…ajumogobia, ngwuta, dasuki, saraki will all win their cases….then we will all know who is who.

    • Daniel

      Is Tinubu the good one?

      His politics is also about his pocket.

      APC was a failed project ab initio.

  • Charles

    The Buharri corruption fight is becoming a child’s play by the day. what a shame of a nation , the government a lot of people invested their hope on has lost focus and direction in all fronts

    • Ali Mubi

      That is our biggest worry. Nigerians are now left helpless without the support of the judiciary. A convicted corrupt politician was conveniently released and aided to flee the country,now a judge is telling Nigerians to forfeit what collectively belongs to them.

      • Daniel

        I need state-of-the nation address from Buhari.

        When was the last time he spoke to you as a Nigerian citizen?

        Yeye dey smell.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Do worry. He will address you. Illiterate. So president is the only one that form the govt. Fraudulent biafraud.

          • Daniel

            So sad you do not understand what it means.

            Leave Biafra alone. The Yorubas have now had enough also.

    • Tunsj

      Very disappointed indeed. Just can’t believe what is going on.

    • Muhammad Kabir

      Is buhari the judiciary? Please support your argument with valid points not pig joint kind of stuff that you have.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Is that not what you guys have been praying for so that you can develop a reason to vote him out. HYPOCRITES. Mind you, buhari is not a dictator. And this is a money stolen under gej the leader of thieves. But try and steal under buhari, if you are not going to be in hell.

  • md

    This madness of EFCC must be checkmated. This judgement is sure a good omen. How can EFCC be freezing the accounts of hardworking and credible Nigerians while the accounts of professional thieves are ignored? Why for instance is the account of Burutai not frozen?

    • Kallah Bature

      If you are not a proxy of the looters,then I am sorry for you and your children yet unborn. How can you justify such a huge amount in dollars as a proceed of legitimate earning by a proclaimed state Permanent Secretary. Nigeria is in big trouble,because our hope in the judiciary is badly being bruised.

      • Mayo

        While I’m not here to hold brief for Jonathan, there is nothing that says ‘being a perm sec’ was her only means of livelihood so you can’t say she did not earn the money legitimately. The thing about going to court is that you have to prove your allegation. If you commit murder and the police cannot prove that you committed that murder, the court will set you free. That is the way the law works.

        • Kallah Bature

          Then the law is an ass indeed as the saying goes.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Wait! are you just working that out? the Human race has failed and i doubt it would survive another 300 years. the wise need to leave earth and go rebuild somewhere else and whilst doing that, get rid of certain earth systems like politics, countries, judiciary, economics, banking, royalty, rich and poor and religions. That planet would be successful in less than 100 years.

      • Daniel

        Where is Mr grass cutter sir?

  • Dazmillion

    I will keep saying it, anyone who still thinks Buhari is fighting corruption should quickly check himself into the nearest psychiatric hospital for urgent mental evaluation.


      Until Bingo Buhari presents his School cert result—to INEC–he cannot claim to be fighting corruption——-for refusal to tell the globe whether he ever attended a secondary school or sat for his School cert or not—–matters to us and his fake Fulani integrity——a lot————–And-Until Buratai—who stole to buy properties in Dubai———Danbazua—–and the theft of billions of dollars from the army——–Fashola from Lagos state—ati the father of all thieves Tinubu—————and Amaechi are put in the dock——-as well as Prof Yakubi of INEC who stole more than 800m from UBEC———————–Bingo Buhari has not started—the war on corruption———————-For how can he fight corruption when he did not disclose to the world that he has a mansion in London———-How can Buhari fight corruption when he did not alert Nigerians to the fact that he had a mansion in Abuja.—–In other words Bingo Buhari lied on oath to Nigerians——————————————————————-Efcc must be scrapped———————–period—————It is only useful to the Fulani thieves-as a cover–for their liooting of my oil revenue

      • Muhammad Kabir

        Mr bingo It really shows that you are a confuse illiterate. No wonder you drunkard father named you bingo. Please let that prostitute mother of you teach you manners and respect for people.

        • Jedi

          Same prostitute gave birth to your Buhari god! Buhari is as irresponsible as a anything you can think of. No sensible man will respect such an immature e-
          Diot except you share religion, ethnicity or stupidity with him.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Until you present your school certificate, that is when any reasonable person can take you serious.

    • Julius

      Buhari is not a dictator !

      • Daniel

        You live in a world of fantasy.

        • Julius

          You ought to know since you were brought up delusional. Get out .

          • Daniel

            Hahahaha! Monumental sorrow upon you.

            If you understood what you have been supporting, you would save your palpitating heart.

            I see it is about to rupture.

            Wait for more…

            Meanwhile, where is your president?

            Hahahaja! Sai CHAINS!

    • Powerlessconscious

      I think, you are one that urgent mental evaluation. Buhari is not a dictator.

  • Du Covenant

    The court can as well return the over 9 million USD to the former MD for NNPC. What a shame, we dare not ask tough questions, let them carry on stealing!.

  • kokomawarf

    When is EFCC freezing AMAECHI and Tinubu’s accounts or are they not corrupt? Just asking .


    Efcc has never prepared herself legally to charge any to court—As a matter of fact Magu and his cohorts are thieves——period——-Theirs is—-to——-Seize money belonging to people then share it with the Fulanis chewing goro in aso rock———————-Efcc was created by Obj to chase and intimidate Ijaws in the creeks of the Niger delta-Period——-Panic them into seizing their assets——while the tripod steals their oil wells–in the SS————–Glad that the Fulanis and Yorubas now have crude–oil—-So our separation will now be quick———-because it is them and them alone that control their oil wells——-Unlike the SS where the oil wells are owned by the Fulanis–Yorubas and Ibos————–That is why an insane thief–and drug addict like Magu will toy with the lives of innocent Ijaw men and women———–just to help him appease the demonic spirit of the Fulanis and Yoruba—rogues in aso rock——————–How can u arrest and seize the properties in Ijaws via Sharia reporters-and Premium Times—- even before investigating them———————Now every house owned by Deizani has been seized—-and sold to Fulans and Yorubas–ati her inlaws the Ibos—–Separation is the only way out——of this ongoing mess by the Apes in APC————————Happily Bingo Buhari has an expiring date with his Creator God.-No matter what the Ijaw Nation shall be free one day——from the grip of their internal colonizers———————–Animals

  • Tommy Soto

    The only public entity worse than an corrupt judiciary is corrupt and thieving politicians and their spouses!