Huge protest at National Assembly over Ndume’s suspension by Senate


Thousands of protesters have blocked the entrance to the National Assembly in Abuja, demanding the immediate reinstatement of Ali Ndume, senator representing Borno south in the Senate.

Mr. Ndume was suspended last week by the Senate for triggering investigations into allegations of forgery against the senate president, Bukola Saraki, and Kogi senator, Dino Melaye.

News reports accused Mr. Saraki of importing a Range Rover SUV without paying appropriate import duty, and attempting to clear the vehicle with falsified papers.

Mr. Melaye was accused of falsely claiming to have graduated from Ahmadu Bello University.

The Senate dismissed both allegations, and sanctioned Mr. Ndume by suspending him for six months.

There have been moves by Borno politicians to get Mr. Ndume reinstated.

Protesters arrived the National Assembly gate early Tuesday, with placards lambasting Mr. Saraki and the Senate.

“Saraki is a curse”, one placard read.

Many of the protesters said they were natives of southern Borno, Mr. Ndume’s district, but mostly live in Mararaba and Masaka areas of Abuja.

A PREMIUM TIMES’ correspondent at the scene said the protesters did not immediately appear like the usual “rented crowd”.

More details later.


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  • Precious Onaimo

    Remember to fight for Jibrin too. Except if raising allegation on budget padding is now an offense in Nigerian’s Senate.

  • Höly Wähala

    Ali Ndume is not doing himself any good by renting large crowds of Almagiri Clowns from Southern Borno to go and block our National Assembly complex… It’s very poor permutation especially given that Dr. Abdulmumin Jubrin who also raised false allegation against Hon. Dagora et al, and got suspended hired no protesters to carry playcards in his honor… This is wrong and those jobless arid touts should be gathered like logs and locked up in the nearest jailhouse for disrupting public peace, govt. functions, unruly behavior… and what have you. Sen. Ali Ndume must forefeit his 6months jumbo-pay so as to learn not to rely on unreliable SaharaReporters when making presentations on the Senate floors in future. Nonsense!

    • Amir

      You are repeatedly a mercurial ediot. A perennial asylum beneficiary and Igbo outcast. What a scum personality?

      • Daniel

        Shelve your insults and face the reality of your poverty due to your fanatical support for an APC/Buhari government of poverty and conflict.

        Your views on Jubrin’s suspension, then we can tell how serious a citizen you about good governance.

        Saraki is a man with a good political thinking cap, so chew your fingers, if you choose.

      • Höly Wähala

        Yoro Fraudster…
        Go and read another version of the same story elsewhere and see that Ali Ndume shamelessly hired crowds from hungry IDP Camps for his show-of-shame at the NASS today. You are an uneducated iMoron whose gullible mind can easily be explioted by newspaper Editors for propaganda and leprous claps to suit their purposes. You have agidi for brains thus, incapable of thinking in isolation. Even my dog knows from these pictures that this is a hired bunch of arid Almagiris like you, an Omonile = Almagiri. Quit hiding, you are a mindless dirty Yoropig whose pfools only pfools like your slimy self. Animal!

        • Amir

          I mentioned that you are ‘repetitive’, ‘mercurial’ and ‘perennial’ in stupidityy, so you lived up to your profile leaving no one in doubt. Ewu

          • Höly Wähala


    • Daniel

      So on point.

  • mohammed kofar waika

    I just commented on this platform today that i forsee violent push-back from the Nigerian Masses, the Senate under Saraki has taken Nigerians for granted, bunch of clowns and unarmed robbers,we must not just sit down and watch them playing with our future and of course the future of our children, this is the time that Nigerians should organise a protest and march on the senate and drive them out of that place because they are useless and they are making a mokery of Nigeria among the Comity of Nations.

    • Daniel

      Very much of a hallucination.

      We would rather be ready to chase out a sick and backward president in ASO Rock.

      Have you eaten today?

    • Alpachino Roar

      After we drive u and your father out of Nigeria.

  • new republic

    Nigérians come en mass and chase these senators out of our lives,if we wait we are finished and our children too,is clear now that they have no plan for us but only their Pocket.Buhari is sick,he has no power again and Saraki knew that,we have to take our future in our hands.MARCH TO THE SENATE COMPATRIOT.

    • Daniel

      Who are the Nigerians?

      So let us ask: what was your view on Jubrin whose revelations on budget padding was more serious?

      Okay, Buhari was implicated so you kept quiet.

      Stop being an ostrich!

      You are on your own.

    • Alpachino Roar

      So u knew he was sick and u voted him.

  • chinedu

    This appears to be real people asking for their constitutional representation. About time we the people take charge and tell those men at the national assembly what they must do for us.

    • Infoezone Infoezone

      is national assembly the reason why you cant eat three times a day? you people will leave the main issues to start chasing shadows. go to aso rock that is where your problems are.

      • persona

        Is he complaining about hunger or the right of an elected member of the NASS that is constitutionally rooted that only his people can recall him other than if he decamps and loses his seat?
        The real issue here is this: If one day, Saraki or any other is out played and removed, will he not bring his constituents alike?
        Did anyone kill Ibori for receiving a rousing welcome? Please rights and lawfulness must be upheld first. The senate can discipline Ndume within the confines of the NASS but not by taking the rights of his constituents.

      • tundemash

        He’s probably not as hungry as you. You can also protest your hunger so that FG can increase your amnesty handout.

        • Otile

          Leave their God-given oil resources for them, they will not ask FG for amnesty for ever.

  • Daniel

    This is a bunch of ignorant and slavish citizens.

    They simply do not understand the basics of good governance.

    We are rather ready to chase Mr INCOMPETENCE out of ASO Rock.

    After the protest, go home and drink garri.

    • muazu wali

      Nonsense. It’s you who is ignorant of good governace. How can a bunch of crooks and criminals have the courage of sitting in judgement of Ndume? Right from the revelations released from last year on Saraki and his body guard they have lost all respect of many Nigerians.

      • sab

        Where werevthese people when Jubrin was suspended? Why didn’t they protest for him? Hand of Jacob, voice of Easu. Certainly we are inviting dictatorship. Soon we will get it. Hope to see who the blame will shift to then.

        • aisha ani

          Is Jubrin from Borno statte? I believe these are Ndume’s constituents protesting, is is also possible that one too many suspensions…”broke the camels back”.

      • Daniel

        Time will tell who is right or wrong.

        Watch the unfolding events, though BUHARINOMICS has rendered you a poor e-rat already.

      • Otile

        Has Alhaji Alibaba Ndume stopped funding Islamic Boko Haram?

  • John A

    Why can’t they protest the hunger in the land or rather the jumbo pay of the sin-nators with their expensive cars.

    • tundemash

      They have protested what matters to them, what exactly have you done ??

      • Otile

        It a group of people from SS SE did this protest Imam Mohamed Buhari would ask for their heads and ugly massacre would follow.

      • Otile

        Abu tundemass, if a group of people from SS SE did this protest Imam Mohamed Buhari would ask for their heads and ugly massacre would follow.

  • FreeNigeria

    NASS, den of thieves, coven of wicked people

  • persona

    The senate and the NASS has claimed repeatedly that people sent them there and not that they rigged themselves in. The people have arisen to defend the man they sent to Abuja, the NASS has a problem on its hands going forward.
    I was surprised why his governor was meeting Saraki when he does have constituents that sent him there.
    This is representative and participatory democracy. The people should stay there and let Ndume come and address them.
    The senate members should likewise expect constituents to march to Abuja and demand their recall. The ones that have been playing Saraki’s game should know they are not doing the mandate of their constituents and they should expect a recall.

  • persona

    The senate rule book is not superior to the will of Ndume’s constituency.
    The senate rule book is not superior to our constitution that enshrines representative democracy.
    Ndume’s constituents are there to support him.
    Saraki has gone too close to the sun, he’s about to get burned.

    • Alpachino Roar

      How….by boko haram constituents

    • Onike24

      Which rule book? Which rule book allows you to deny a constituency of their lawful voice in the senate? Particularly one that has suffered so much. Bros, sometimes I wonder if it is possible to love and loathe so much at the same time, l loathe my country and yet I love it with a passion. Why are we like this? Why?

      • persona

        Its a constant state many of us find ourselves. The world is also in that state of constant flux. We have believers against non believers, we have the rich against the poor and yet its all in our humanity.
        The challenge with Nigeria is simply down to how the British trained us: Divide and rule. It is a constant us versus them and as you have seen, corrupt senators against integrity.
        The Nigerians people need to be enlightened and should decide what it is we really want. If we said we wanted change, why are we not fighting for it? If we disdain corruption, why are we not recalling these criminals who just sent Buhari a ransom note via the compromised Oyegun?
        Newton’s law of motion says everything remains in its state of inactivity until a push or pull acts upon it…the push here is enlightenment and the realization of the powers to contain the greed of the elite.

        • Onike24

          Our creation was faulty, having realized what they did by harnessing the ethnic groups, they quickly set about dividing to rule, but for how long are we going to keep groping in the dark, when I worked in the city not a day went by that I didn’t met a Nigerian from cleaner to CEO working all hours respected by all, incredibly talented people, so why can we get out s…t together( excuse my language) it’s heartbreaking.

          • persona

            Its hard unlearning what you have been taught and you have used to your advantage…such is the case of the elites.
            When people exit the country, they rise to their true potential with efforts and honesty because the system is not rigged unlike back home.
            Its why we line up abroad but while at home, we jump the line. We drive the proper way abroad but drive against traffic and say do you know who I am?
            Anyways, our potentials should be directed at solving our problems going forward. The guys who exploit our naïve understanding go on to rub it in by taking the spot of our children with theirs.


    The NA suspended Jibrin for being a whistle blower and exposing budget padding. The House of Reps tested the waters and they discovered that, nothing happened. Buhari the Legal Representative of the people was impotent. Ali Ndume has also been suspended for drawing the attention of the Senate to matters of Public attention; citing newspapers reports , The PUNCH Newspaper and Sahara Reporters that; Senate invitation of CGC to appear in uniform was an act of political equalisation because Saraki`s vehicle was impounded by the Customs on grounds of false declarations and forged Customs documents. That, Dino did not graduate from ABU and appealed that, the members should be cleared of these allegations. The Senate based on a very watery report suspended Ali for an initial one year and later 6 months. Buhari and President of the Republic is impotent and silent. The Senate is hiding under some fathom report not to confirm Magu as Substantive Effc Boss. The Presidency has been given an ultimatum to either sack Magu or the Senate is going to shut down the govt. The senate is testing the grounds for impeaching Buhari. The Senate as usual has paid their agents, surrogates and lawyers who profit from corruption and proceeds of financial crimes to impress and deceive Nigerians that, the Senate has so much extraordinary powers. masters of their own rules, an autonomous arms of govt above the state and insulated from the Laws of Nigeria. When they forged Senate rules, aide and abet falsification of official documents, commit perjury and disregard the Government policy and directive of TSA, refused to publish the budgets and expenditures of the NASS, a body they does not generate any revenue , we hear cries of separation of power. The mandate of the Senate Ethic committee was to look at the allegations and not to proposed sanctions on the person who raised such concerns. Why did the Senate committee not invite PUNCH and Sahara Reporters or allowed the witnessed brought before them to be cross examined? Why did the senate committee rely on oral presentation by the VC and never requested for Dino`s academic records, such as transcripts, BA certificate and Graduation brochure for 1999/2000 Dept of Geography? Buhari, should remember that, he was sacked in 1985 for fighting corruption and indiscipline and that, if he does not learn to act , he will also be impeached in 2017 for his inability to tame corruption and impunity at the Senate. Nigerians voted for Buhari and not for Saraki or Dogara.

    • dami

      Well said – Buhari is actually acting like a lame duck…he had better wake up and give these senators the obj treatment else they will send him back to daura in pieces and not in peace.

      • Dan maikoko

        No need Dami the docile public need to be reawaken by presidential apathy. Sometimes Buhari’s docility is in its self action of some sort.

      • Karl Imom

        Which constitutional provision allows the president to control the senate? The president has no constitutional right to dabble into the affairs of the senate by way of trying to control their behavior.

        • dami

          None actually – I was alluding to powers of forceful persuasion that obj used to get things done when he was president.

      • Samuel Eleko

        The only thing obj did differently was to give them Ghana must go. That is why he has the big mouth to call them names. Buhari will not do that.

  • obiora

    They are on the street because of their Stomach. Hunger in the Land is realy very serious. So now if You pay Nigerians they will protest for You. Fake Change.

    • tundemash

      Don’t assume everyone is like you.

  • Igho D Amazing

    A paid protest.. All fake!!

  • Angry Niaja

    Way to go, this could be the long awaited catalyst to a mass uprising by the masses if we could only maintain the momentum

    • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • Akiika

    Dumb electorates! of all the atrocities the NASS has been committing, it is only when a Senator (also corrupt) is suspended that they went on the street. What about Saraki presiding the Senate with corruption case hanging on his neck? What about Senate refusal to approve Magu because of his investigation of the criminal Senators? What about Saraki’s complicity in the Paris fund refund embezzlement? What about the budget padding case Jibrin revealed? Nigerians may suffer for eternity!

    • joe

      What of PMB’s certificate perjury?

      • asika

        That is your problem…certificate…dumbf*ck

      • Karl Imom

        Go to court and get him prosecuted.

    • Onike24

      The Journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

  • Okokondem

    WHILE I COMMEND THE EFFORTS OF THE DEMONSTRATORS in challenging the excesses of the prodigal Nigerian parliament, imagine the impact were there to be 20, 30 or 50 times more people converging at the National Assembly strictly for the purpose of opposition to the outrageous salary and allowances these members have carved out for themselves. That’s how you make your voice be heard in a democracy. I still contend that until Nigerians take up the challenge of owning the fight for the future of their country, no meaningful change would come.

    As @ALBERT correctly pointed out, Buhari scuttled his so called anti corruption agenda when he failed to acknowledge and investigate Mr Jibrin’s allegations of budget padding in the House of Representatives. That was the moment I gave up any hope on Buhari as an anti corruption czar.

    • thisnigeria

      The fear of being suspended could be the reason no member is complaining about their jumbo pay and other atrocities. Remember Jibrin is suspended and nothing happens.Freedom of speech should be guaranteed in a democracy.

  • thisnigeria

    It is so intriguing! How can a senator representing his/her own people suspend another senator representing his/her own people too? Is that not absurd? Whatever Mr Ndume must have said or done must be what his people wanted him to say or do. And if not, then his people that elected him are the only ones that could sanction him. If Nigerian senators regularly hold town hall meetings with their people as they are supposed to, there is no way they all will be saying the same thing all the time because the views and needs of different senatorial districts are bound to be different. Can you imagine what will happen if the senate wants to discuss restructuring of Nigeria and senators of a particular region are suspended? The truth is that everyone either in the state or national assembly is representing his/her people and is their voice and no other representative should have the right to suspend or expel such representative. This is the difference between membership of the authocratic institution such as the erstwhile Supreme Military Council where members had no opinion except the opinions of their superiors and a democratic institution. If you do not like what a senator or any other elected representative says or do for example, go to court; you should not have the power to expel or suspend him/her.

    • Onike24

      You are quite right, actually what they should do is to remove him from committees and withdraw the party whip either temporarily or parmanently, in case of the later you then force a by election. But No, our lawmakers are first class lawbreakers! You cannot Suspend a representative.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • Karl Imom

    I have said it over and over on this forum that, these overfed thieves running around with forged certificates as senators do not read the constitution. Even-though many of them CANNOT actually read, they have stolen enough from public purse to be able to afford a lawyer to read for. There is NO excuse that members of senate would be so ignorant of the constitution that they have spent over 16 years trying to amend. How can you amend a document you do know its contents?

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