Dog dies fighting suicide bomber at Maiduguri wedding party


A dog died saving dozens of people at a wedding party in Maiduguri after it attacked a suicide bomber, an official said.

The dog stopped the teenage suicide bomber from detonating her explosives in the crowd.

The dog, according to the police, belonged to a resident of the neighbourhood where the wedding took place.

The suicide bomber was about making her way into the gathering at the wedding ceremony before the dog pounced on her.

The girl, whose original mission appeared to have been thwarted, detonated her explosive while battling to wriggle herself from the canine grip of the dog.

The gallant dog paid the supreme sacrifice as it died alongside the suicide bomber.

The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force in Borno State, Victor Isuku, said the incident happened at about 7.30 a.m. in Belbelo community of Jere Local Government Area in Borno State.

“Information just received indicate that today at about 0733hours (7.33am), a female suicide bomber with IED strapped to her body, attempted to infiltrate a wedding ceremony gathering in Belbelo community of Jere LGA”, he said.

“She was however prevented by a watch dog, so she had to detonate the IED to kill herself and the dog.

“The dog was owned by resident in the locality”, said Mr. Isuku, a deputy superintendent of police.

Although the police did not state if the dog was trained in bomb detection, it is not common in Nigeria for dogs owned by civilians to be so trained.

Mr. Isuku said normalcy has since been restored in the area and “no further casualty was recorded apart from the dog.”

The incident occurred few hours after three suicide bombers blew themselves up at two different locations not far away from the spot where the wedding took place.

About 100,000 people have been killed in Borno and neighbouring states since 2009 when the Boko Haram insurgency started.


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  • Otile

    Are they going to buy the mallam another dog?

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      A must!

      • Otile


        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


          • Otile

            Na gode.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          Get me ma dog baaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

          • Otile

            Karenka ya mutu yankari.

    • Arabakpura

      You should have asked what would happen to the dog yonder? Is it also entitled as the humans?

  • NAME of Suicide Bomber Please!

    The cardinal question still remains same: What is the name of the girl? And the answer remains the same:

    First Name —- Female
    Middle Name –Suicide
    Surname ——- Bomber

    …meanwhile the Dog has a name – Canine. But the human being has no name, and no parent or sibling has declared anyone girl missing. Nigerian govt is a fraud. Buhari is really a fraud.

    …and point of correction, Boko Haram terrorism (not insurgency) began in 1999 when they attacked police formations and civilians and not in 2009.

    • Observer

      Odensin … How are they suppose to onow her name? Why can’t you name the rubbers that rubs your community or bank. Listen to your mumu self

    • Suleiman Alatise

      But you are also faceless, where is your face and what’s your name?

      • Otile

        Is Abdullah Musa not faceless, what if faceless Musa is a Yoruba woman commenting?

    • Abdullah Musa

      So you expect suicide bomber to carry ID card?
      Or are you having the dna data bank of all Nigerians so that henceforth security services will be contacting you?

      • Isi Agwo

        The name of the attacker in London was announced in a matter of hours. We accept that Nigeria, being a zoo, has no record of its citizens because no one cares about human life or about Nigerians, living or dead.

        • Abdullah Musa

          We like it being in our zoo, instead of being despised dogs in white man’s country.

          • Isi Agwo

            Enjoy your cage in the zoo.

          • Abdullah Musa

            Enjoy your slavery, chains.

          • Otile

            Are you saying there are no zoo people cikin Ingila, Amruka, madaci, kuma Arabanci? Mutum wanan, akwei zoo people dukan dunia gaskiya ne.

      • Okorie

        But armed robbers and kidnappers are named and captured, and then prosecuted and many times executed. Can u name a single suicide bomber or family member of any suicide bomber or Imam of any suicide bomber from 1999 – Date? Mumu

        • Otile

          Babu. You know what this political war is all about.

    • Tim

      Strange indeed! Why is it that Europeans and other countries identify their Islamist attackers and Nigeria never bothers to? Something is wrong somewhere. This is conspiracy.

      • OGK

        Because your brothers and uncles had pocketed money meant to enhance records and statistics. Yet you kept blaming those fighting corruption that has blighted your life.

      • thusspokez

        Blame the mediocrity of the Nigerian media.

  • Isi Agwo

    Another pepper soup joint journalism. Poor writing, little reporting. “A dog died saving dozens of people at a wedding party in Maiduguri after it attacked a suicide bomber, an official said.” Really? Did the dog exclusively tell this reporter that the purpose of attacking the suicide bomber was to save dozens of people?

    As taught in journalism school, the reporter should stick to what s/he knows for a fact. But when in doubt, ask. Unfortunately, the dog was dead before press time and could not be asked its motive for attacking the suicide bomber. So, what we know for a fact:

    “A dog attacked a female suicide bomber in Maidugri on Saturday and saved dozens of fortunate wedding guests as a result.
    It died when the female bomber detonated the bomb.”

  • Chief Justice Okon E.E.(Rtrd)

    As a retired Chief Justice I find this story by Premium Times bemusing. The apparent rabid lies stink. How could it have happened that people (Including a Senior Police Officer & presumably his orderlies) watched a Canine Dog attack and fight with a so-called Suicide bomber for minutes and no one captured the event on phone or recorded on some other media? Especially when this was a wedding – Cameras would have been plentiful and most likely hired video coverage team was present. What about the recording devices of the ubiquitous individual smart phones? And not even one person captured the face of the girl or recorded the event? How could this have happened? I believe this was stage managed. This is a hoax. A complete make up story, and for whatever reason I don’t know but it just seems not right at all.

    • Otile

      My brother, sit and enjoy the ferry tale. Do you not believe that Imam Abubakar Shekau was killed outside Sambisa forest recently?

      • OGK

        Ferry tale? I’m now convinced that you are a South South illiterate paid to roam the internet

        • Otile

          I am also convince you are a South West illiterate paid to insult me to protect your incompetent president Imam Buhari. For your information Ferry Tales is a 2003 American short documentary film written, produced and directed by Katja Esson. It follows the conversations of women in the powder room of the Staten Island Ferry during the morning commute from Staten Island to Manhattan. Unlike you I know the difference between fairy tales, and Ferry Tales. You are the illiterate not me,

          • Ekwekwe

            Otolo, or whatever you call yourself, just accept you made a mistake and shut it. A “fairy” tale cannot be a “ferry” tale. Covering up/defending your mistake is the crime here.

          • Otile

            Say that you don’t know what Ferry Tales is all about not that it is not a fictitious American documentary. You know when someone is shooting for mischief by his deliberate misspelling your name or saying whatever you call yourself. Do you really call yourself Ekwokwo?

  • Maitama Tambari

    Please honour the dog, posthumous.

  • Observer

    QUESTION: How did they know that the bomber is Female?
    ANSWER : They know because someone must have seen the girl and the Dog fighting.

    QUESTION : Why then is there no photo of the event?
    ANSWER : Every member in the audience is an ‘arranged’ audience & part of the scam with instructions not to take photos.

    QUESTION : Would a police officer (serving or retired) actually leave a Canine Dog to roam freely at a Wedding?
    ANSWER : No! Never!

    CONCLUSION : The story is pure 419.

    • Otile

      Tactics, comrade tactics.

  • goddy

    The dog should be giving a heroic burial.

  • thusspokez

    Nigerians are so primitive, they turn every discussion into tribal flame war — as we see here and every Nigerian websites.

    Sadly, Nigerian websites don’t seem to realise that these tribalists, who are not charged any fee to use their websites — are driving away visitors to their websites. This is bad for business in terms of web traffic and revenue.

  • thusspokez

    Do readers notice that this story broke on the 2nd of April, i.e, around April Fool’s day?