EXCLUSIVE: Borno Governor, Northern leaders meet Saraki, seek reversal of Ndume’s suspension


The Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, and some other Northern traditional and political leaders have approached Senate President Bukola Saraki and other lawmakers, asking them to upturn the suspension of Ali Ndume, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report.

Mr. Shettima led a team, described as “Borno elders” by our source, to the residence of Mr. Saraki, Thursday night, seeking to end the feud between the estranged allies and ensuring the suspension slammed on Mr. Ndume is lifted.

“The purpose of the visit,” disclosed the source who is knowledgeable about the development, was for “mediation.”

“They went to meet other leaders in Senate as well,” the source, a Senate insider, added.

Mr. Ndume was suspended from legislative activities for six months, after the Senate, on Wednesday, upheld the report of its committee on ethics, privileges and public petitions chaired by Samuel Anyanwu, PDP-Imo.

Mr. Ndume had, at plenary last week, raised the bullet proof car scandal involving Mr. Saraki, and the certificate scandal involving another senator, Dino Melaye.

The two matters, Mr. Ndume said, had made the Senate subject of public ridicule. He then asked the Senate to investigate Messrs. Saraki and Melaye, two persons he had aligned with in 2015 in subverting the will of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in electing the Senate leadership.

Mr. Anyanwu’s ethics committee, tasked to conduct the investigation, convened an investigative hearing on Monday, attended by parties concerned with the cases regarding Messrs. Saraki and Melaye.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Ibrahim Garba, confirmed Mr. Melaye graduated from the school, while Lanre Shittu, a car dealer, absolved Mr. Saraki of culpability in respect of the fake documents with which the bullet proof car was imported.

In its report, the committee cleared Messrs. Saraki and Melaye, and recommended one-year suspension for Mr. Ndume alleged to have demeaned the reputation of the Senate with the issues he brought against his colleagues without conducting proper Investigation.

However, there was plea for a lighter punishment, and the suspension was reduced to six months.

But beyond the matters raised by Mr. Ndume, he has had broken relationship with Mr. Saraki over his support for Ibrahim Magu, embattled acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Mr. Ndume had disagreed with the Senate resolution on Mr. Magu, when the EFCC acting chair was first rejected in December last year.

He also faulted a resolution of the upper chamber indicting the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, over what has come to be known as ‘grass-cutting scandal’.

It was majorly on the basis of his open disagreement with the two resolutions of the Senate that Mr. Ndume was removed as Senate Leader.

He had told PREMIUM TIMES Mr. Saraki masterminded his removal.

But the Borno State Governor, Mr. Shettima, has commenced efforts to reconcile Mr. Saraki and Mr. Ndume with a view to ensuring the latter’s suspension is lifted.

Mr. Shettima’s spokesperson, Isa Gusau, declined comment on Friday. But he did not deny that the meeting between his principal and Mr. Saraki held.

However, PREMIUM TIMES gathered from lawmakers that Mr. Shettima also met with Danjuma Goje (APC-Gombe) and “even Dino Melaye” and that “he is determined to meet and persuade as many Senators as possible” over Mr. Ndume’s suspension.

Mr. Shettima’s concern, PREMIUM TIMES understands, is that Mr. Ndume is key to Borno’s efforts at recovering and rebuilding after years of devastation caused by Boko Haram insurgency.

“Borno can’t afford not to have a Senator like Ndume in the Senate for six months,” said a source, because “Borno is a peculiar case.”

More so, some of the worst hit areas, like Gwoza, Damboa, fall within Mr. Ndume’s constituency and “therefore he has to be there to push their interests as he is also part of the presidential committee on north east,” one source said.

But apart from Mr. Shettima, there are other Northern leaders, including emirs, retired generals, former governors and ex-senators, who are prevailing on Mr. Ndume that he should submit to a process of political solution which will see Mr. Saraki and other lawmakers agree to lift the suspension slammed on the Borno politician, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report.

In fact, a team of Northern leaders arrived Abuja after the suspension, seeking to resolve the crisis.

When contacted and told what we gathered on Friday, Mr. Ndume said: “what you heard is correct.”

He however refused to provide further details other than saying “I’m still consulting”.

A source close to Mr. Saraki said “Ndume’s suspension is mostly likely to be lifted” following the efforts being made by Mr. Shettima and other Northern leaders.

When contacted, the Senate President’s spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu, said he was not authorised to speak on the matter.


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  • El Patron

    Nigeria which way???

  • Du Covenant

    Frankly, I do not know what Ndume has done to be suspended. The man tabled a motion on the floor of the house based on what was making the rounds on the media and called on their ethics committee to look into the matter. How do these quacks expect the man to have investigated the matter first. Is it not embarrassing for the senate to have such news around. The onus is on the ethics committee to investigate and tell Nigerians what the hell is going on in this house?. Instead they ganged up and suspended Ndume?. Is Nigeria not a banana republic?.

    • Kallah Bature

      I am beginning to believe the hawks in the dying PDP who detest being probed by the no nonsense administration of PMB are behind the Senate debacle.They are unfortunately finding willing horses in Saraki and Dino.The rest of the APC Senators are becoming mere onlookers.

      • Infoezone Infoezone

        Which no nonsense administration. Wake up. You r still sleeping

      • Du Covenant

        Saraki, Melaye etc all came from PDP highly infectious with their criminal minds and have infected the NASS. Look how he emerged as the senate president by conspiracy with his PDP cohorts, a line should have been drawn then by APC, dismiss him from their party but they didn’t and see what is going on at the senate now.

  • Watch man

    What are the so-called leaders pleading? What offense did the Ndume commit? He came by senate rule and called the attention of senate to damaging publication that needed to be investigated. Now that this bunch of so-called leaders are pleading, it would seem that they are accepting that Ndume committed an offense. Anyway, it serves him right; afterall he was among the group that elected “lootocrat general” Saraki against the wish of his party.

    • Kallah Bature

      Yes Ndume played and dined with the hyena and ended in it’s mouth instead.When reason was supposed to prevail he opted for rebellion against his party and connived with PDP. He is now the worst for it.

  • GusO

    The corrupt Senate of money looters and launderers now act with impunity to suspend any fellow member who questions newspaper reports on corruption and certificate forgeries. I say, 2019 election period is the right time to nominate new and fresh politicians to replace these dead woods that parade themselves as Senators.

    • Guest

      No! No!! They’re are not dead bodies, they are parasites that feeds and fattens up on free money

  • Intrepid

    The other name for Nigeria at the moment is ‘CHAOS’.

  • Myson

    Majority of people Ndume represents in senate are displaced citizens, some are in IDP Camp and some are being constantly attacked by Boko Haram. The only voice they have in senate was suspended for 6 months because of personal fight between Saraki and Ndume. Do Nigeria Senators consider the people Ndume represent before suspending him for 6 months? Ndume people are one of the most vulnerable Nigerians today and many of them are dying of hunger and most of them are living under the worst condition any human being can live in Nigeria. If Nigeria senators does not have any sympathy for people Ndume represents, the worst was to suspend the only voice of these vulnerable citizens just to satisfy the ego of Bukola Saraki. Ndume did no wrong to warrant this suspension.


    Our so called Politicians are making Saraki to feel Tin God , so important, so relevant and indispensable to Nigeria. This Senate has been transformed into Saraki House of clowns. I blame Buhari for being a so called born again democrat and in his naivety felt it was not his business to take interest in who becomes Speaker and Senate President and claimed he can work with anybody. Now, he is working with somebody and a group of individuals who are shutting down his govt and holding the Executive and Nigeria to ransom. On what basis was Ali Ndume suspended for 6 months? For simply referring to Newspaper publications? What methodolgy did the Senate committee used to arrived at its recommendation? How can a committee recommend the suspension of a Senator in a matter, those called to testified were not cross examined? Did the VC , ABU tender any academic records to testify that, Dino actually graduated from ABU? Did Dino nor the VC tender any BA Certificate from ABU? The senate is a house of record. Investigative committees should be guided with standard investigative procedure and evidence is the word. It beats my imagination for any senate committee to conclude on matter bordering on proof of certificate from a University in Nigeria, and both the main witness and the accused were unable to tender a BA Certificate , yet the Senate went ahead to sanction a complainant. Na Allah also referred to a Newspaper reportage on Prof Sagay. PMB do something or we shall be calling for resignation.

    • AlBsure23

      I will not blame you because you have not experienced democracy in a civilized country. Your call for Buhari to apply dictatorship in democratic government is an evidence that you are crude and your ideology misguided. You are forgiven. The ABU VC was not asked to tender evidence that Dino studied in his school. It was Dino that was asked to do so and he did. If you’re enlightened, you should know that it is absurd to ask the VC to provide evidence since the bonafide student in question is present at the hearing. Lastly, the Senate has its Point of Order, Rules and Regulations that guides its legislative functions and that was applied and Ndume got suspended for six months. You should first learn how institutions work and carry out its affairs before you celebrate your ignorance.

  • dami

    The idea that one senator can suspend another senator is a really horrible rule and should be dispensed with….each person there was elected to represent a constituency…or are you now saying that constituency should be denied representation for 6 months…??

    • AlBsure23

      The affected constituency should vote a person of integrity in next election in order to avoid a repeat of this ugly situation, period.

      • dami

        It’s not in your place to dictate who they vote in…it’s an election not a selection.
        Once he meets the requirements as per law – he/she is qualified to run and be voted for.
        Secondly are you saying the people that suspended him are the ones that have integrity? Saraki the thief and his house boy Dino..??

        • AlBsure23

          Whichever way they want it, election or selection, let there be a person of integrity from their constituency. It is not a rocket science mr dami.

  • Otunba

    Premium Times…….. where is my comment? You said my comment is waiting for verification but all of a sudden it disappeared. Why???

  • Sir Demo

    It is illegal for anyone or a committee to suspend a people representative who as voted into office.

  • Irumundomon

    This was how they betrayed Nigerians in the sixties and they are still at it today

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    This is the problem with corrupt and unprincipled people. They cannot spend a day outside their ‘comfort’ zone. Instead of going to court with intelligent lawyers to quash the illegal suspension, Ndume has chosen to beg and dine with the devil. Birds of a feather will always flock together. What has Ndume done for Borno people in the last six months that they will miss in the next six months? For a Dino Melaye to sit in his house for a Governor to come and beg him on behalf of Ndume is the same as endorsing his comical shenanigans in an otherwise hallowed chamber meant for distinguished Nigerians to make good laws for the country. Governor Shettima should be told that when Dino was suspended in the House of Representatives, he did not use governors to beg. He went to court with Femi Falana and quashed the suspension. What does the Governor think such a man will be saying to himself seeing a Governor bowing before him even on his chosen wrong path? Nigerians of good conscience should take their country back from an unnecessary senate.

    • Daniel

      Are we sympathising with a Boko Haram sympathiser here?

      Or you have not the facts?

      Please get meaningfully engaged.

  • Maria

    Suspending the representative of the people of Borno or any part of Nigeria without the consent of those who elected them is a treason and should be treated as one.

    • ayomi

      Begging Saraki is even worse. Your man spoke the truth, stand by him

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Treating felony is supposed to be the task of the Executive, but, sincerely, do you think believe Buhari has the guts to do that? Naaa!

  • Eugene Jefferey

    Are they suppose to go?dont the state attorney brief them or didnt they hear Femi Falana (SAN) reading the constitution that law makers dont have right to suspense any one?

    • Daniel

      Who is Femi Falana?

      Are you referring to one of the SANs that defended Buhari’s no WAEC case in court?


      Too many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      • Deansmart

        You must be sleeping rough flipping canibals

        • Daniel

          Okay, he is the one.

  • Ibukun Bandele


  • Eugene Jefferey

    Nigeria funny home of super rich cowards visiting Saraki

  • ayomi

    You should be proud and stand by your SON. He spoke the truth, consequences be dammed. Your action empowers and gives Saraki more power to continue to rub the country blind

    Please, Mr. Ndume, spend these sx months to be close to your people and become more familiar with their phlights

  • jacobus james

    Shameful….so Saraki now holds the whip hand? Notwithstanding the election of Ndume by his senatorial zone, this crook of a man decides when and if Ndume can seat in the senate? These are mumu Northern leaders.

    • Daniel

      Did you respond with so much adrenalin on Jubrin?

      Okay, the budget padding revelation did not favour Buhari.

      We have a precedent so why cry me a river.


  • Lanre

    Nigeria is a Joke. And Yorubaland will be free!

    • Haba mallam

      The yorubaland has been conquered long ago my friend

      • Ade Omowest

        Another Biafraud like Lanre. Nna, why u like the name Mallam? Anun ofia.

    • Sam

      See backwardness on those faces.

      • FEMI A USA

        They are really backward. Are they making Abiku Mesujamba an Alpha and Omega? It seems that we have idiots in our system of governments. It’s a internal issue in the Senate why are these people getting involve?

        • Lanre

          Like I said Femi, Nigeria is a joke. But let me analyse this issue for the sake of objectivity. What the Nigerian Senate did, reminds me of what we used to do during our Student Union Days. Just that I cannot remember us suspending a representative of the faculty at the SRC [Student’s Representative Council] for raising an issue bordering on ethics. What did Ndume do? He raised issues centered around ethics which any reasonable Senator should. Why suspend him? Did he make the accusations? No. He only drew the attention of the Senate to it. But then again there is no honour among thieves. Nigerian rulers are rogues and thieves and most of them are in the Senate. How can you have effective governance in that way? Yorubas have suffered long enough and we will be free!

      • Lanre

        If you have been following Nigerian politics like I have since 1979 (actively), you will see that the rulers in Nigeria take their citizenry for a ride. Even “Saint” Buhari who has to go to London for influenza. On all major indices, Nigerians have the worst records – Health, Education, Roads, Infrastructure. You name it. Yorubas started with Chief Awolowo and we derailed. Now we have to get back on track. And we will!

    • emmanuel

      Yoruba free from what? Yoruba enjoy Crude Oil and would rather Nigeria collapse on their head than ask out. You are just hypocritical. Free money and that was why Lagos crafted the biggest fraud of the century called Oil Exploration in Lagos. One of the JV Parters have asked out, because they would rather not waste their investment in a PR/federal allocation benefit scam

      • Ade Omowest

        The guy called “Lanre” fools you, he is a Biafraud like you, masquerading as “Ofe-nmanu”. I can see Mumu like you laughing because I wrote Ofe-nmanu.

  • Sam

    It doesn’t get worse than this

  • Daniel

    All hail Babachir the grass cutter!

    All hail Mr 78 million naira website; hail his distribution of darkness !

    All hail a quickly-cobbled up APC with no philosophy or plan whatsoever to move Nigeria forward.

    All hail Soyemi and his GULLIBLES who are still foot-dragging in arrogance to apologise for wrong judgement.

    We hail oooo!

  • Daniel

    Ndume should wait for six months.
    I guess he has enough money to travel round the world.


    Saraki must remain resolute because he is lucky he was not killed politically just a few months back.

  • Tunde

    Ndume! Do not accept any compromise, you will get another opportunity to fry these lot of incompetents! Wait, you will be vindicated!

  • joelaw

    Since when has the senate become a personal enterprise, why must Borno state governor go begging knowing fully well Ndume did nothing wrong. The senate is Nigeria people’s house, not saraki or dino the dim’s house. The whole thing stinks, when will the common man rise against these fools.

    • thusspokez

      It is shameful indeed what these backward people have turned Nigeria into.

  • thusspokez

    The Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, and some other Northern traditional and political leaders have approached Senate President Bukola Saraki and other lawmakers, asking them to upturn the suspension of Ali Ndume, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report

    When will these benighted Nigerians realise that Nigeria is a country and not a village. How they run things in their villages is not a model for a state, let alone a country in the 21st century

  • new republic

    Am disappointed in NDUME,so he did not know the road to law court?is a pity most of our senators don’t know Nigeria constitution.

    • Angry Niaja

      The only conclusion I can make from this is that Ndume has many skeletons in his cupboard hence he is not willing to go to court, otherwise WHY on earth would he send emissaries to plead on his behalf for this illegality of his suspension

      • new republic

        You might be right,trust nobody in that senate.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    The law as of today (1st April 2017) is that no Senator can be suspended even for ONE DAY! Not even ONE DAY.

    Thats the law.

    Now, the Governor of Borno State along with so called Elders and respected citizens of Borno State travel to Abuja to BEG a man who has committed an illegality?

    The Senate has committed an illegality and these men have gone to beg!!?

    We get the leaders we deserve. Shame.

    • Buhari4Ever

      Honestly, as an ardent supporter of Buhari, he failed me and many Nigerians for allowing the broad day robbery of the Senate presidency by Saraki and goons

    • daniel

      If a senator can’t stand on his right, then who can? This is an affront on democracy.

  • bature johnson

    Governor shetima and his cronies of acclaim elder should known that its as a result of this type of character of aiding and abating of corrupt elite that destroyed the north and the institution where there is no reasonable elite in the north that can be exonerated from this epidemic of corruption that are ravaging the northern and made poverty to be snuffing life out of ordinary citizen of northern.HON NDUME DID NO WRONG AND WE STRONGLY BELIEVE IN HIM ‘AND WE STAND BY HIM while shetima elder of entourage are encourage impunity and trying to institutionalize corruption into the northern Nigeria of which is a shameful and embarrassment to reasonable people of borno

  • Du Covenant

    It is all these back door deals that give psychophants like saraki credibility. Ndume did not make the allegations on saraki and melaye, he only drew the attention of the house to this, why on earth should he punished for that?. This case should just be taken to the courts to decide the legality of such actions. There should be no behind the scene deals, talks and all these nonsense!.

  • javscong javscong

    This is absolute nonsense. This Shetima and his group are a disgrace. Ali Ndume should have filed an action in court against the senate, its president and that nidiot called Melaye. Saraki, a certified rogue, who has been indicted and is facing criminal trial, has the effrontery to demand some respect. The entire senate lacks even an iota of integrity. That rotten chamber should be shut down and all ( well, may be 99 of them) the rogues thrown in jail for life. Saraki is a threat to Nigeria’s development and ought to be caged now.

  • efada acha

    the elders in the north are afraid that Ndume will say a lot of things if he is not called to the senate imagin retired generals, northern emires,borno elders and chiefs that formed BH . who is fooling who

  • mohammed kofar waika

    The current Senate under the leadership of Saraki has become a den of theives, clowns and unarmed robbers, with no sense of direction or purpose of being senators in a nascent democracy like Nigeria, bunch of corrupt individuals with no iota of commitment to national interest, i have never even in history come across an assembly that is pushing the masses to the elastic limit like the 8th senate full of nearsighted people, i forsee a violent push back from the Nigerian Masses soon, animals in human beings form, i did not see anything wrong in what Ndume said on issue of certificate forgery and bullet proof jeep, Dino never garduated from ABU, THE SO CALLED kANGAROO sENATE eTHIC cOMMITTEE should have called the ABU Registrar not the VC, and the Saraki only said the amount quoted was not correct, but even at that such amount is scandalous in a country that is in recesssion.
    The current Senate are taking Nigerians for granted and we must not just sit down and watch them playing with our future and of course the future of our children, this is the time that Nigerians should organise a protest and march on the senate and drive them out of that place because they are useless and they are making a mokery of Nigeria among the Comity of Nations.
    The Borno State Governor souldnt have beg anybody, Ndume should just head to the Court of Law then the Judiciary should be the one to settle the matter, for mr President i just pity him , you allow the Senate now to not only disrespect the Executive Branch but to now formed alliance an Agency directly under you to bring the country in to ridicule and revealed to the outside world that we are just not ready.