Senate suspends former leader Ali Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume
Senator Ali Ndume

The Senate has suspended Ali Ndume, its former leader, who had asked for investigation of allegations of importing a bullet proof range rover with fake documents involving Senate President Bukola Saraki and that of perjury involving Dino Melaye.

The Senate reached the decision, Wednesday, after the resolution to uphold the recommendation of the committee on ethics and privileges chaired by Samuel Anyanwu.

He was suspended for six months, instead of one year originally recommended by the ethics committee.

Mr. Anyanwu, whose committee convened investigative hearing on the two matters on Monday, reported that Mr. Ndume failed to conduct proper investigation before making “the allegations”.

But during the investigative hearing, Mr. Ndume told the committee he did not make allegation or raise a petition against the duo of Mr. Melaye and Mr. Saraki but only raised the issues, having read them in the newspaper.

Last week, Mr. Ndume had said the matters had made the Senate subject of public ridicule, thereby calling for probe.

“When we see anything against another Senator, we must bring it to the floor of the Senate before making hurtful statement,” said Barau Jibrin in his contribution before Wednesday’s vote was taken.

Messrs. Saraki and Melaye were cleared of any wrongdoing in the matters.


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  • bashwaziri

    This statement captured it more:

    “The Senate is being occupied by the most unserious set of Nigerians in history. Nigeria is currently at its lowest level because we have people who have no sense of responsibility, who have no feeling and are there for just vanity and are ready to bring down the country in order to feel important, it is the worst case of abuse ever”. Prof. Itse Sagay.

    • Kevin Peter

      Itse Sagay has been invited by the senate to come and clarify his statement of “irresponsibility” on the senate – for your information. Those working under the presidency are not “saints”. This senate cannot be a rubber-stamp of the executive!

      • Medugu

        but they can be thief stamp

        • Sword of Damocles

          and that is okay with the person you are replying to. I look forward to Prof Sagay’s testimony. I hope he will tell them to their faces that they are a disgrace to their father’s name and are pure & unadulterated POS.

    • Ola

      I wish we could just shut down the Senate Section of the 8th Assembly till 2019. It will save the country a whole lot of money, the constant embarrassment and throw out all these devourers.

    • Bishop Moses Kattey

      Why do we take pleasure in insulting our leaders? The driver is bad. The conductor is bad. The passengers are bad. The roads are bad. How can everything be bad? If they tell lies about you whether official lies or personal lies how will you feel? Truth sets free and lies bind so says the bible. If a man that told lies is punished what is wrong about it? We need to pray for this country because the quality of lies in it is beginning yto affect the people and handing the nation over to devil. Lie is also corruption.

      • Mahmud Kabir Usman

        Lyk wise in the qur’an it is bad to abuse a leader even if he is a bad leader.

      • pheliciti

        Does true description constitute abuse?

    • Höly Wähala

      Drunken Sagay will be the next to bite the dust, he has been summoned to come and identify those he called irresponsible and, he will surely learn a tough lesson about how not to talk when nursing a bottle of ogogoro. Sagay once claimed Igbos voted for Jonathan and demanded and occupied 50% of all ministerial and juicy positions… that was incendiary lie and outright incitement of ethnic tensions. The result is what we now have, ostracization of Igbos in major appointments by this APC Govt. and that includes Sagay’s SS brethren. He is an obnoxious old pfool who must be taught a tight lesson very soon… quote him all you like but I can tell you this, SaharaReporters have misled Ali Ndume into losing 6months of Jumbo Pay! LOL!!

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      And they are majority “arewa” and “APC”…..this is what you people “changed” for,why complain?


    This senate/house of rep is a disaster. The worst Nigeria have ever heard.

    • Sword of Damocles

      now that’s the GOSPEL truth. And it takes something REALLY special to overtake the Senate of David Mark, but due to the “talents” of one “Bukola Saraki”, this 8th Senate EASILY wins Gold medal. I want to see how much dexterity and wit President Buhari has. He will need all of it to out maneuver this Senate, and hopefully land these criminals in prison. It will also be interesting to see if the President will allow this worthless/ corrupt Senate to lead him by the nose/ear like a “child caught by his parents doing wrong”. For the first time I might utter these words: I miss OBJ

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        This is the time Mr. Buhari desperately wants a BAT and OBJ in his corner.

        He needs the ruthlessness and cunning of both men to steer things aright. But it appears he’s now a prisoner of his own naivety.

  • Ola

    Very , very ,very vain set of people. So sorry for right thinking Nigerians and Nigeria.

  • emma

    the senate is being run like a cult

    • Keen Observer

      Exactly, handiwork is the LOOT Master & brut Bukola Saraki. Hmmm…! Nigeria is gunning for a doom with this kind of unrepentant Senate we have.

    • Kunlexy

      That’s the problem with Nigerians. All arms of the government are run in same manner. I wonder why our search lights are only beamed on Senate when there are charlatans in all arms. We have an executive that fails to obey court orders, emboldens appointees to disgregard code of ethics in paramilitary service, etc, does selective prosecution of offenders and a judiciary that’s so enmeshed in controversies. Blame not any arm, blame the system that produces the leaders. It’s structured to produce failure and until the system is restructured, worse is still to come!

  • vay

    No integrity whatsoever in present Nigeria senate. Suspending him for giving saraki and meLAIR chance to clear themselves of negative public sentiment. Mennnnn……

  • dami

    APC needs to employ obj tactics to sort out that senate…afterall pmb was warned…his “I will work with anyone” position is clearly not working and history will placate him and his administration as being poor and not anyone else.

  • Hillary Isife

    One could pick up a pen and develop an interesting script that will produce a movie
    that is capable of grabbing the entire award in the global film industry leveraging
    on this display of low level of intellectual disposition by these men.

  • thusspokez

    Dear PT readers, pardon my intrusion on this page, I am angry:

    [1] India: Kenyan and Nigerian students hospitalized in twin mob attacks – CNN
    [2] Nigerian student beaten in India in alleged racist attack – BBC News
    [3] Five men arrested in India over attacks on Africans – Al Jazeera

    NOT ONE Nigerian media had reported this racist mobs attacks on an innocent Nigerian student. SHAME on you, Nigerian media What a country of nincompoops!

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    All those ‘ikebe super’ like stories saharaReporters was dishing out daily has made Ndume and the largely SW-APC Minions look like jack*ss*s!

  • Democracy

    This is the best decision so far. When charlatans like Ali Ndume who use media outlets like Sahara reporters to peddle falsehood intended to blackmail and ridicule the leadership and other members of the Nigerian Senate, he should be giving the appropriate punishment he deserve. Next on the line is to discipline Government appointees like Hameed Ali and Babachir Lawal who have shown that they have no regards for the upper chamber of the National Assemble whatsoever. If President Buhari stands in the way, he should be impeach without much delay.

  • blueeyedkitten

    let them continue…
    my prayer is, one day they wakeup and try to impeach mr president, after bandying one those their frivolous charges.
    wallahi that would be their end….especially for those senators from the north.

  • sammyctu ode

    Is it a crime in a democracy to have opposing views? CAPITAL NO! This shows that this Senate full of criminals are the ones killing and heating up the polity of Nigeria. Their main objective is to impeach PMB which is why they are behaving like the military wing of pdp. This useless boy called saraki knows he can NEVER be president through popular votes so his agenda is to be more autocratic push both PMB and VP out so that he can take over but the animal and his co animals in the Senate do not understand Nigerians. We are watching the unfolding none sense. The worst Senate in the history of Nigeria. Those ex governors who are now senators who have no voice should be ashamed of themselves. USELESS ASSHOLES IN THE Senate.

  • Watch man

    Yes, let them cancel out themselves.


    The Senate is fast becoming an unmitigated disaster and running on autopilot. The faster PMB acts the better for Nigeria and our democracy. We have seen several Senators make references to reports on Nigerian dailies and such matters are referred to their kangaroo committees. The senate expected Ali Ndume to have gone to ABU to verify of Dino graduated or whether the vehicle impounded by he Customs were for Saraki or not before raising the matter before the floor of the senate? Did the Senate invite the NCS to tender evidence whether the documents used were fake? Do we really need such a so corrupt senate headed by a professional criminal like Saraki? What is therefore the need to provide for Freedom of speech, expression and thoughts in our constitution when a Senator cannot express same at the floor of the Senate?

  • Ado Abdul

    It is becoming more and more clear that the Senate we have in Nigeria is anti-people. What on earth is wrong in calling to investigate any matter of national interest? the whole world knows Dino forged degrees and Saraki is deeply involved in corrupt related issues. Nigerians must rise against their enemies.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      “It is becoming more and more clear that the Senate we have in Nigeria is anti-people”

      So you people didn’t know what the effects of “guguwan Buhari” will bring upon Nigeria. Thank God it’s an APC affair.

  • Timmmi Tewo

    Nemesis is catching up with Ndume the sponsorer of Boko Haram.


    Hahahaha. Sarakis Senate is the bomb. Lol he takes no prisoners.


    There is no Investigative Journalism in Nigeria. The deplorables in Senate.

  • steven

    Senate is a big joke