Buhari names new ministerial nominees

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has sent names of two new ministerial nominees to the Senate for confirmation, the News Agency of Nigeria reports

A source close to the Senate told a NAN correspondent that the letter arrived the Senate late Tuesday.

The source revealed that the two nominees are from Kogi and Gombe states.

Our correspondent gathered that the Kogi nominee will be replacing the late Minister of State for Labour, Barr. James Ocholi while the nominee from Gombe would be replacing former Minister for Environment Ms Amina Mohammed who had gone to serve in the United Nations as a deputy Secretary General.

The list of ministerial nominees is coming at a time when the Senate stood down for two weeks consideration of the request of President Buhari for the appointment of Resident Electoral Commissioners, RECs.

The Senate based its decision on what it termed disregard for its resolutions.

The upper legislative chamber specifically berated the President for appearing to be doing nothing about the rejection of Ibrahim Magu as the Chairman of the EFCC but allowing him to function in acting capacity.

The senate stressed that it was wrong to leave any appointee in acting capacity after he had been rejected twice by the senate.


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  • MilitaryPolice01

    Mallam you should have held back those two names till when you do the full cabinet reshuffle in May or has Mamman, Kyari and Daura changed your mind again? Chai the yeye in Nigeria is smelling very badly

    • DanJ

      I wonder!

      Will he now send another list in a few weeks time? Or no reshuffle planned as speculated.

      Or are they doing it piecemeal to keep us distracted from the main issues on ground?
      Coz Senate will start a new drama like in the case of REC’s list after Magu Nollywood movie.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        Dan J, the deception in the system is too much but we pride ourselves in the ability to not be deceived but to see through the deception while laughing at the buffoonery of the daft ruling class. Nigerians will outlast their oppressors.

  • emmanuel

    Does this Mumu Buhari think that being president is all about nominating persons to be Ministers? Is this really what governance is all about? What is happening to Nigeria and Nigerians? Buhari has not even deemed it fit to address the nation and discuss the economic situation and the policies or methodology his government is employing or ill employ or experiment with to get Nigeria out. Rather his actions continue to sink Nigeria more. Having 2 more useless ministers will mean additional cost. Couldn’t Nigeria function without these two additional so called ministers? Does Buhari even reason with his brain again?

    • Uzoma John

      You are so uncouth. You should go learn some manners. If you don’t have any meaningful contribution to make, then mind your business. I only blame china that gave some of you access to fake smartphones to be insulting your President online. What an Emmanuel?

      • truth_is_bitter

        Buahri began the insult when he used my tax I pay diligently to fly to London to seek treatment in an Hospital for ailment he has refused to provide equipment here in Nigeria to treat “fellow” Nigerians. Ann compound Mumus like you were on their knees 25/7 praying that he should not die but recover. It is the same reason he comes back and rather than take actions in the favour of the suffering public he focuses on the repugnant political class. A slave like you who loves his chains remains a slave in perpetuity.

        • PolyGon2013

          Are you sure that you paid any tax?

    • ALBERT

      The constitution of Nigeria provides that, each state should have a Minister to represent the state at the Federal Executive council. There is no Govt on earth that does not have a cabinet and PMB has so far had the least number of Ministers since 1999. Appointment of these 2 Ministers is a constitutional requirement . The budget statement spells out the govt economic plans and methodologies in tackling our national economy. Go and read that document. It is available on the website of the Ministry of Budget and Planning.

      The Federal Govt economic recovery plan is a public document and also available on the Ministry of Budget and Planning website. The CBN each trimestre brief Nigerians on the macro and micro financial and fiscal policies , successes , challenges, reviews and new policies to be adopted. These events are broadcast live. Every sector Ministry does the same. For instance, the Ministry of works have listed 32 major roads to be rehabilitated or constructed in 2017/18. he Ministry of Agric has outline key targets to be met. The Ministry of Defense is ensuring our Armed Forces is retooled and retrained.

      The Presidency coordinates, give policy direction , and defends and upheld the constitution of Nigeria not reading speeches daily. Sometimes, our lack of understanding of statecraft-ship has been the fundamental problem in Nigeria. Nigeria is a federal state with 36 semi autonomous states with political, executive, legislative and judicial powers. Most of us are not demanding accountability from our LGA chairmen and State Governors.

      Nigerians prefer leaders who lie to them and use propaganda as a means of governance. When Ngozi was cooking up voodoo economic figures , including adding Nollywood which has no physical or financial structure to make Nigeria economy look good and Number 1 in Africa, we were applauding whilst 27 states could not pay salaries and Nigeria was the darkest nation in Africa. We sometimes turn to forget that, before PMB, Nigeria has 2 states with 2 Heads of State and was a haven for terrorist, terrorism, drug barons, war lord, ethnic militia, kidnappers and nation wreckers. Today, they have all gone on self exile.

      • blueeyedkitten

        thank you for this.

      • tundemash

        You think the perpetual wailer @emmanuel is reasonable enough to go look for policy documents to read ?

        • Roseline Toriola

          Is it not also in the constitution that the Government and by extension the president is to provide for and protect the WELFARE (Health/Security etc ) of the citizenry? Why then did Buhari go to treat himself in London after failing to equip the hospitals in Nigeria where he expects Nigerians to die because modern equipment are lacking? Can you show me the place in our constitution that provides for this warped abrasive and stuupid action by Buhari?

          • ALBERT

            The constitution provides for the government not President the responsibility to protect and defend the citizens, property and territorial integrity of the state. That is what PMB is doing. Medical, whether local and overseas treatment of the President and Public officials are provided for in their conditions of service.The constitution provides for freedoms of which choice is inherent in that choice. Since 1954, Nigerians have been traveling abroad for medical attention. GEJ`s wife was on treatment abroad for months. Several State Governors including former Governors of Enugu, Taraba and Cross River just to name a few spent more than 3 months abroad receiving treatment. There are thousand of Private Nigerians who travel abroad for medical tourism based on their conviction or convenience, If we want to change the law, that no serving Public servant should travel abroad for medical attention, that is another matter. For PMB`s case, it is public knowledge that, his Nigerian doctors referred him to Hospitals abroad for further tests and treatment. We should also amend the Law, to state that, any Nigerian trained in any state or Federal Tertiary institutions by tax payers money, should not seek greener or browner pastures abroad and must work in Nigeria.

          • El-Batuta

            You are giving free education for all. God bless you.

    • Man_Enough

      your fellow countrymen are even going to court to compel the president to file this nomination and you are here abusing him for doing the needful. what kind of human are you?

      • tundemash

        @emmanuel is mere trying to make a living for himself from wailing. Check out all his posts. It’s same hopeless an senseless lamentation.

        • Otile

          Abubakar tundemash,
          Change your cliches, they are worn out. Can’t you think of something reasonable to say?

      • emmanuel

        Who are my ‘fellow’ countrymen? I hope you do not assume I am a Nigerian? Or are you oblivious of current happenings? Even Soyinka despite his long time resistance to divided Nigeria can now see beyond the parasitic long throat for the oil, gas and human resources of the people of the East and South.

        • PolyGon2013

          Soyinka supported Biafra’s exit from Nigeria in 1967. This was why he was jailed! So, it is not a recent thing!

  • Otile

    Which issue is more pressing the collapsing economy or appointing 2 money guzzling ministers? Buhari use your brain.

    • Sharp Sharp

      You can only use what you have !!