UPDATED: Senate suspends confirmation of RECs to protest Buhari’s refusal to sack Magu

Nigerian Senate Chambers
Nigerian Senate Chamber used to illustrate the story.

The Senate on Tuesday suspended the confirmation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s nominees for Resident Electoral Commissioners, RECs, after expressing concerns with the continued stay of Ibrahim Magu as acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The lawmakers had twice rejected Mr. Magu’s nomination as EFCC chairman, basing their decisions on a report compiled by the State Security Service, SSS, accusing the acting EFCC chairman of corruption.

The Senators also accused some appointees of the president of disrespecting the National Assembly. The Senate therefore resolved to suspend the confirmation of REC nominees, in protest.

Mr. Buhari had last week nominated 27 persons for appointment as Resident Electoral Commissioners of INEC.

Earlier Tuesday, Senate President Bukola Saraki said senators had at a closed-door meeting resolved to defend the integrity of the Senate. The decision to suspend the confirmation process was taken at that meeting, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

After the closed-door session, as the Senate’s proceedings progressed to Mr. Buhari’s confirmation request for the state electoral officials, RECs, Peter Nwaoboshi, Delta-PDP, moved a motion that the process be suspended, saying that appointees of the president had shown disregard for the Senate.

He was supported by Matthew Urhoghide, who specifically cited Mr. Magu’s continued leadership role at the EFCC despite being rejected twice by the Senate.

Other Senators, including Samuel Anyanwu, PDP-Imo, Francis Alimikhena, APC-Edo and Ike Ekweremadu, PDP-Enugu, backed the call for the suspension of the confirmation process.

Mr. Alimikhena said Mr. Magu is “terrorising us, because we disqualified him.”

In his contribution, Mr. Ekweremadu, the deputy Senate President, suggested that Mr. Saraki should convey the displeasure of the Senate to Mr. Buhari.

In its resolution, the Senate resolved to suspend the confirmation process for two weeks.

In the previous weeks, the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali, had sparred with the Senate over the now suspended policy on vehicle duty payment and the lawmaker’s insistence that he wears uniform to appear before them.

When Mr. Ali was scheduled to appear before the Senate again last week, after he was driven away for not wearing Customs.

Later, the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, wrote the lawmakers, informing that they should not expect the Customs boss in view of a lawsuit on the matter.

The AGF’s letter was rejected by the Senate.

Another appointee of the President, the Secretary-General of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, has also been not been having it smooth with lawmakers who accused him of contract fraud.


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  • Gidi

    In other words, they refused to do their job. I am not too surprised by the absurdity displayed, given people of questionable characters are presiding over the chamber. A senate chamber full of fraudster, forgers, thieves and men of low integrity. Expecting a reasonable and decent legislation from such dubious body is asking for too much.

    Next election can not come soon enough.

    • khalil

      So majority of Nigerians voted for APC ‘fraudsters, forgers, thrives and men of low integrity’???


  • Sword of Damocles

    President Buhari, I do not know you personally sir, but people like me have reposed a great amount of hope in your reputation. Till today, I remember what my father always said to me about honor: He said, “if you give your word, keep it”. Chairman Magu for US(the masses) is the holy grail. He must be retained so that HE CAN PUT RED HOT PEPPER IN THE ANUS of the enemies of our fatherland( I apologize for the explicit language). God save the FRN.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Baba Buhari, I said it at that time, and will repeat it again.

    Mr. Saraki thinks being Senate President means Nigeria President.

    There can’t be two Captains in a Ship.

    He is a tainted and very corrupt individual. There’s no point in not cutting him down drastically to size.

    The same goes for a lot of those in the #NASS. Pease do Nigeria a favour and get rid and of all of them. This is far more important than your reelection, but it will also guarantee the same.

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Otunba Kay Soyemi do you seriously think that DSS can go behind and frustrate the Presidents nomination without the assurance to do so. A high wire deceptive game is being played out and Nigerians are falling for it. 2019 is approaching, money has to be raised with impunity and this impunity means a lot of financial rules will be broken, Magu cannot be on that seat for this to happen. Mallam Buhari needs re-election and his foot soldiers in the Presidency including Saraki and others in NASS have gone to work, a necessary casualty is Magu and that is what is playing out. Buhari is not helpless, him dey kampe and is fully aware of what is happening.

      • donMe$$i

        You got it bro!

      • Sword of Damocles

        I pray you are wrong, but there is some cogency to your premise, and if you are right, it would be a bigger betrayal than the usual thieves & looters

    • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

      Shut up there you wailer!
      ‘there can’t be two captains in a ship’…yet buhari’s own appointee(Daura) issued a damming report on a ‘supposed’ presidents nominee??
      Una neva see anything yet. Shebi you e-rats have been in hiding? You will soon go into complete hibernation when this APC sh*t fully hits the fan!
      Mark my words..its downhill from here.

    • Kallah Bature

      Tinubu must now be saying “I warned you”.The only snag is that his candidate for the Senate Presidency has shown his true colors, meaning they are all the same.May the Almighty God give us untainted, honest,and masses oriented leadership in the Senate.Amin.

  • Isaac Azor

    It is time Saraki leaves that seat of Senate President. Period.

    • Kevin Peter

      Together with SGF, CAS and Magu for also being fingered in corrupt cases!

  • dudu

    Is Prof. Adeyeye in that chamber? Let us know specifically those who are part of this hubris so that we may be guided on this matter. This is unbelievable. Tax payers money at work. Seriously speaking, the National Assembly should be closed down and the humongous benefits of these shameless so called representatives stopped immediately. Unfortunately, PMB has lost his bite.

  • Benny

    Buhari should uncloak himself with this military mentality to avoid all these unnecessary grandstanding. Democracy is all about ‘give and take’. Magu volte-face and the attitude of the Custom boss towards the National Assembly is an affront on our democratic institutions. It’s time to reappraised these misnomers.

    • simon tor gideon

      Where were you when former petroleum minister,that frog-eyes looter refused to appear before the senate to defend extra budegetry spendings carried out in her office during GEJ era and more than 2/3 of the present crop of people calling themselves senators were there with David Mark and nothing was done to her? And why is the case of the Customs boss different in your eyes?

      • Truth259

        That’s why we voted the previous Administration out so we could usher in a new government that had promised us ‘change’. Where is then the CHANGE if they should continue to exhibit same impunity that was attributed to the last administration?

  • Ado Abdul

    For the doubting Thomases, this is another step taken by these beings to show that they are the real enemies of the people. It time Nigerians confronted these enemies head on.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Then they should refund their fabulous allowances and vacate the senate if they are tired of doing their work. Nigerians should rise up to chase these self-serving lawmakers away from the senate and recover our country. #ScraptheSenate

  • Mama Kay

    Blackmail is one thing PMB should not succumb to. Now, Magu, it’s time to bring out the files on the corrupt looters in the NASS and charge them to court.

    They must be dealt with mercilessly as they have dealt with the country mercilessly.

    • Chuma Anierobi

      Will Buhari`s file come out?

      • Mama Kay

        You are free to petition EFCC with proofs so that a dossier can be compiled. In the meantime, let Magu bring out what he has on the shameless thieves in the NASS.

    • new republic

      To me MAGU is very slow on these criminals called Senator of Nigeria

    • Otile

      Why now, why hasn’t be brought them out before now if they exist? Too late, such a fiasco will look like a mindless revenge. Give him a better advise not a childish one.

  • obiora

    So Magu is the only person in Nigeria that can bee EFCC Chairman in a Country of two hundered Million people(Animals)?.

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Ichie Obiora, there are over 200 millions Nigerians that are qualified no doubt but no be all of them get liver do that kind job —- altough I wasnt happy with his media trials of suspects last year but let us give the man credit he is bold,fearless and determined and that is why the club of former governors (NASS) are fighting him tooth and nail

    • ed

      with him is the secret of corrupted men….

  • Al

    If PMB can’t deal rascally with these corrupt NASS members, nigerians will occupy NASS until these with corruption case are jail

    • khalil

      You must be corrupt to turn a blind eye to the grasscutter heist!
      Why not also occupy the SGF’s office??

  • Richard Wilson

    NIGERIA’s six arms of government — executive, legislature, cabals, protesters, judiciary and terrorists — have been engaged in a weekly battle for supremacy over which arm would dominate the news headlines

  • Tanko

    We voted APC.
    We voted them!
    They are therefore our representatives.
    Thus they must be representing us.
    Carry on our beloved representatives! We love you!

  • Watch man

    It is not the duty of the senate to force the President to sack EFCC chairman. Theirs is to confirm or not to confirm. The President can keep the EFCC chairman in acting capacity throughout his tenure. If senate is refusing to confirm the RECs’ then this is arm-twisting of the presidency. It is up to the president to appoint acting RECs’. The senate can go and hang themselves. They in the senate have not proved themselves worthy of their position; that is why SGF is snubbing them. The SP ought to be behind bar by now; a lot of other lootocrats ought to be in jail by now, going by the level of stealing and looting they have unleashed on Nigeria. That is why they want Magu to go. Criminals!

    • chuma anierobi

      Many Nigerians adore dictators. Buhari does not want some who will open the page for money missing under his watch period. He is a master conman

  • Opekete

    Senators on strike? They want the president to succumb to their demand? Is the legal department of the national assembly functioning? PMB will have himself to blame at the end of the day if he sheepishly refused to use the bull pulpit to whip some sense into the head of these corrupt law ‘breakers’ in the red and green room. Saraki perjured himself in black and white to the CCB and he is standing trial yet he is the number three man in the hierarchy of power in this country. Is everybody sleeping inside Aso Rock? This is a bad dream and please somebody should wake me up please.

    • donMe$$i

      It’s not a bad dream. You are awake. It’s what you voted for.
      It’s a very good dream.

  • ijelejames

    Robbers in the senate chamber, what did Magu do to you people? You want him out so that you can loot all our money. Magu is your nemesis but guess what, he will not be sacked. You all including Saraki are insane.

    • chuma anierobi

      Did you read DSS report and if you did what did you make of it?

      • TitoTX

        What can you make of a sitting Senate President undergoing trial but refused to leave or resign his post?

      • tundemash

        Did you read the EFCC report of Sarakonda? Has Sarakonda resigned ?

    • Bahaushe

      Don’t worry Nigeria voters will MAGU them very soon by occupying the National Assembly or comes 2019 election.

  • shittu

    Aha. Now the senators are awake. Same presidents nominees they cleared without proper vetting like customs BOSS turned round to bite them.
    Time to be wise guys. Since the executive have treated you with disdain, time to let them know your relevance in a democracy.
    Good job

  • Kevin Peter

    This is the result of one-sided corruption fight! It’s embarrassing that the president has turned the other face even though his nose sniffs corruption around him. Little wonder a lot of people confirmed that Tunde Idiabong was the sole fighter against corruption during their military rule with Buhari placed only as figure head! – or better still, democracy is harder to learn than military rule which is always dictatorial in nature.

  • Kevin Peter

    Separation of Powers is absolutely GOOD!

    • Otile

      Separation of Nigeria will do more good. Imam and his people in core North have their own pace of development.

  • The Truth

    This is democracy in action.Thank God for the National assembly. The executive wants to turn Nigeria to a dictatorship.The DSS have said Magu is not fit for the position and the Senate rejected him so why is he still acting as efcc boss illegally.So there is no need sending more nominees for confirmation again ,Buhari should just use the army and take over the whole government and appoint anyone he and his cartel like .Since he doesn’t really care about confirmation from National Assembly.Then publicity seeking Lawyers like Falana can keep shouting their support for such illegalities. Magu has failed the integrity test he should be posted to a Jigawa state police station.Since he has been there he has not charged a single APC(as they are all saints) bigwig to court, SGF Grass cutter is still there drinking beer and pepper soup. He keeps chasing enemies of jagaban and PDP members .When they send him petitions on APC members and his political God fathers he will say petitioners should go and investigate and bring evidence, but for his enemies he will quickly arrest first(even without petition)then he’ll say he’s still investigating and leave them in Jail on illegal remand order .The Senate should stop all confirmations till the executive stop behaving like this is a one man rule and starts obeying the rule of Law.

    • TitoTX

      Its unfortunate when folks like you turn every issue to PDP/APC, PMB/SARAKI, NORTH/SOUTH. This is about survival of Nigeria where you and your family members live, you can continue to support PMB or Senators, i hope it wont be too late when you realise that your future is what these crooks are playing with. I will never support impunity, but rather than look at issues, you were very quick to condemn Magu and Bachir that the senators wanted to be removed

      • Victor Kingsley

        I watched on Channels Televison, Ibrahim Magu’s session with with the Senators. Apart from the indicting letter against him from The DSS, Magu could not respond to a single question thrown at him. I became furious when he was asked how much monies the EFCC has recovered so far from looters and he said he didn’t know. Is it wise to employ someone who didn’t know jack about a sensitive agency of government as the EFCC to head it? I don’t think so. As for Babachir Lawal, no right thinking Nigerian would support him. I wish you guys take a stroll to the IDP Camps in the Northeast, you would weep. Babachir used his companies to embezzle monies meant for the feeding of those less-privileged, semi-dead folks for his private pockets and here we are singing his praise like he did a good job. Well, my opinion is that whoever is defrauding this country will pay one way or the other. Even if the person is a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or the SGF. It’s only in Nigeria that we celebrate evil. God save us

  • Tunde

    Go Hang yourselves! Morons!

  • Nkem

    A dishonorable, discredited, confused, disoriented shameless Senate of crooks, criminals, rogues, robbers, charlatans, bandits, certificate forgers, third class graduates, drug barons, blackmailers, budget padders, etc etc. Now they want to be collecting salary without doing their job. Criminals.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Many of them are also smugglers, just reminding you.

  • Haba mallam

    These clowns are testing the patience of president Buhari, just remember is the same general that defeated Ojukwu and his troops in the battle of Enugu, the same head of state that introduce discipline into Nigerian society, ok you’re asking for trouble, I say dissolve the senate and declare martial law.

    • Truth259

      Lol! You need to be educated on how Democracy works. President Buhari has no such power to do so.

    • Otile

      Yea, the same cowardly soja who fled to Ingila when Avenger boys threatened to capture him alive in Ogoni soil. The same coward who cancelled a faction slated in Eko because a few strong Agberos threatened to show him pepper. The coward complained and cried that his ear eked to death. As usual you are expected to to respond by braying like a desert donkey “creek monkey kenan”.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    The Senators, The Governors and the elites dont want Magu. They have drawn the line in the sand with the president.

    Let me tell you how this story ends:

    The corrupt kitchen cabinet around Mr. President will meet him at night to strategize and advise Mr President on what to do.

    The recommendation of these corrupt men will be to replace Magu and appease the Senate in order ‘not to rock the boat’.

    Mr President will instruct them to go ahead and communicate this to the Senate. That will be the end of Magu

    Mr. President will come a few days later and tell us how he is ‘fighting corruption to a standstill’.

    My fellow Nigerians, if Buhari of all people can capitulate to corruption, this country is all about finished.

    God will never fight on behalf of a corrupt and putrid people. God has left us to face the demons we resurrected.

    We are cursed to wander the desert for 40 years before we find someone to deliver us.

    • wode

      Your narrative looks very much like it, but you may be mistaken when it comes to understanding or predicting PMB. Let’s watch out. I don’t believe that would happen in this government.

      • www.electionoffenders.ng

        People of different tribes from all over Nigeria voted for a retired Hausa General from Daura, Katsina, placing so much hope in him only for him to disappoint over and over again!

        Jonathan was corrupt and his team took advantage of him to steal BUT it was a leap of faith to jump from Jonathan to Buhari!

        Many people where scared of Buhari and saw him in very bad light BUT they still took the gamble to trust him. All with the hope he would do the right things for Nigeria.

        There are people who consider themselves progressives and dreamers for a new and better Nigeria. I am one of them.

        Frankly, Buhari has disappointed many people who took a chance on him. He has disappointed us once, twice, thrice and many times over.

        Can you count how many times he has taken the wrong decision in simple matters that any serious leader would get right?

        Look at the economy, look at the infighting in his cabinet, look at this failing war on corruption!

        Dont hold your breath thinking he will do the right thing. Why should we continue to trust him?!

        Just watch how this plays out. He will disappoint again.

        • wode

          I guess you are not mistaken theory with reality. To say Buhari disappoints on those grounds that you mentioned is not being really realistic. Yeah, recession occurred but it wasn’t really a surprise for the discerning minds who knows about how the economy of a nation runs. We knew things were going to be bad economically after the election because of how the economy has been managed in the recent past. No doubt, He, Buhari might have made few mistakes because he is human, you might need to be privy to the reasons why some decisions or steps were taken before an outright condemnation can said to be necessary. That’s the way of the matured and discerning minds. In a democracy, as it’s in many other form of government, your way is not the only way. There could be better ways to do things, given circumstance. It’s part of the hallmark of a leader to listen to all sides and take final decision.

          Why not see other side where considerable progress has been made; the fight against Boko Haram and other security challenges, the resolve and the fight/disposition against corruption, major road repairs/reconstruction across the country, among others?

  • oyoko

    I think they are testing the absolute resolve of Nigerians. We may have no other options than to chase them out of that place. Mr President ignore them, you have done your bit by nominating, it is left for them to confirm. Nigerians now no who is a democrat. Leave the rest to Nigerians to judge and decide.

    • wode

      That’s the spirit!

  • Mr truth

    This is shocking

  • El Patron

    My opinion is simple: Magu is not irreplaceable. He has done a tremendous job fighting corruption and posterity will remember him for that. However the drama around him is too much now, he has to go. There are other folks who are very anti-corrupt who can take over. In fact i would love to see a lawyer heading the EFCC just like a lawyer heads the FBI

    • tundemash

      Can yu tell us exactly what drama is around him you are uncomfortable with? Just because some Senators accused of corruption and happen to sit in judgement over his confirmation is drama to you ?
      And because a lawyer heads FBI, Nigeria has to follow so? So the day Donald Trump appoints a medical doctor to heads FBI, you follow suit . For your information, Magu is a lawyer just like Nuhu Ribadu too so go look for another excuse. Magu remains acting EFCC Chairman!

      • El Patron

        Magu is a forensic accountant not a lawyer. The reason I’d like to see a lawyer(Maybe even Itse Sagay) heading EFCC is because, 90% of the time EFCC cases are killed/prolonged in court based on technicality. Their investigation is good, but the prosecution leaves a lot to be desired, that’s why they dont get any major convictions. As for the drama around Magu, he has been rejected twice by the senate, keeping him there will only make the relationship between the executive and senate more strained. Whilst we all despise the senators, unfortunately we are in a democracy and they wield a lot of powers, so there must be some compromise from time to time from the executive for the greater good. Magu doesn’t have to leave EFCC, infact i think he must remain, given that his forensic accounting skills are invaluable. I think we will be best served with Magu as the EFCC lead investigator while a fine lawyer will be chairman. That way we wont have EFCC unnecesarily disobeying court orders and detaining people longer than necesary. As for the FBI, there’s a reason why it is headed by lawyers(and not doctors). That’s because FBI is under the Justice department

        • Du Covenant

          Do you think the sum bags called senators wield more powers than the Nigerian people who were conned into voting for them?, if so what brand of democracy are deceived into practicing?. If Magu should be changed, who is saraki to continue as president of the senate while still on trial for corruption and various other despicable acts?.

        • tundemash

          Olodo ni e. EFCC has several departments; investigation, prosecution, administration and so on . Each of the department have their heads so the overall boss doesn’t necessarily has to be a lawyer.
          Prof. Aborishade was presented to teh Senate during OBJ years THRICE so tell me what law, aside your sentiment, limits the number of times another could be presented to the Senate. Anyway Magu remains teh EFCC Chairman, nothing you and your destiny looters can do about that.

          • El Patron

            What a confused idi0t

      • The Truth

        Nice onje!

      • The Truth

        Nice one!

  • chijioke chinenye

    It is crystal clear that the senate have become a theatre of the absurd, why trying to shut down governance because of magu? The senate should be reminded that they can approach the court for interpretation on the magu quagmire instead of the arm twisting and blackmail tactics.

  • FreeNigeria

    Dem don come again oooo, wayo waaaayo wayo. The NASS looters are angry the anti fraud police is not sacked. See wahala oooooooo. My country people these worthless politicians, the scum of our society must really think they’re somebody.

  • PolyGon2013

    There must be something about this Magu that is scaring NASS. This is the more reason that Maguire should be allowed to stay.

  • Dr Pat KOlawole Awosan

    But, what is seriously wrong with the Bukola Saraki,ms led senate that lack the norm and normalcy of running the affairs of the senate? What does the unfounded allegations against the well-performing EFCC led by Ibrahim Magu, got to do with request for confirmation of REC-appointees to administer our future election?
    Then,president Muhammadu Buhari, must with-hold the statutory budget allocation to the national assembly too so as to see who would cry last.Senate is full of 419s, looters and thieves as well as fake graduates like Dino Melaye and others.

  • Bahaushe

    President Muhammadu Buhari for what are you reserving your executive order for?hope is for cutting these legislooters emoluments and sending most of them to prison where they rightly belong.

  • Mark Benny

    Our law makers are loosing it, Oh what a controversial 8th assembly. The senate seems to be Nigeria’s biggest challenge atm. Corruption fighting back indeed. You have disqualified Magu yes, so why insist on his removal? Just to incapacitate him completely so we do not hear of the woes in the so-called red chamber?

  • wode

    The die is getting cast and the drum of “war” is getting beaten. From now on, things may not remain the same again between the the Executive and those in the upper legislative chamber. There would be casualties! Who says it’s easy to fight corruption?

  • Eldorado

    I would advise the president to totally ignore those recidivists and become a dictator.
    That’s the Buhari I voted for and there are millions like me out here.
    Ordinary Nigerians should not be left to suffer because of the evil machinations of the corrupt relics of our ignominious past called the senators.
    We don’t even need them. Bicameralism is a strain on our lean purse.
    Worse off, they are not just a drain on the economy, but have transformed into a stumbling block!

  • abdul u.b

    APC lawmakers are disgrace to Nigerians to allow minority party to dictate for them. Is evidence to show that they are PDP hiding under APC because of anti-corruption war. Big shame you

    • VTY

      It has to do with the issue that our president may not be smart or getting old, he was played by mamman daura and the hangers on. He should have found a way to get the party candidate as senate president instead saraki went to Buhari’s ppl and secured support. Politically, tinubu and Daura are miles ahead of him. chief of staff;s claim to fame is company secretary in Daura led corrupt bank. Abuja minister, claim to fame, son of friend of daura. The man spent months to choose an average cabinet. I don’t like his method, but I hate the politics of Saraki adn daura even more.

  • Tommy Soto

    Manifest tentacles of corruption affecting, and in Senate branch of the National Assembly right before our very eyes!

    Most literate Nigerian citizens have awoken and recognize this subterfuge of immoral depravity.

  • jon

    I move a motion time we scrap this THIEF and kidnapping house called Senate

  • kayode Olufade

    Cool! But in the end they will have to do their duty to either confirm or reject nominees. In the case of Mr Magu, the executive have done nothing wrong as he remains in acting capacity PENDING resubmission of a nominee for the post. The senate did their job by rejecting him: he actually messed up in his confirmation hearing. But the senate delayed in relaying their response to the executive thus causing a delay in another submission. In the case of Hameed Alli, I believe both the executive and legislative acted childishly. There is no constitutional backing that the comptroller general of customs must wear his/her official uniform (I stand to be corrected) but all I searched has no backing to the subject matter, but having said that it will only be an ego trip for Hameed Alli not to respect the wishes of the senate because in the end the senate represent the people. Also, the legislative shouldn’t be giving orders to the executive and vise versa. If you want to come to equity come with clean hands. In all, the constitution is brought to the forefront, it needs to be more specific and jigged more frequently to take care of such things as they come up. The constitution was prepared a long time ago to reflect realities then, we need it to take care or present and future situations. God bless us all

    • Victor Kingsley

      Thank you bro. May your wisdom be doubled

    • Onike24

      You are quite right.

  • wode

    “Nobody should fear anything from me. We are not after anyone. People should only fear the consequences of their actions” – PMB 2015.

    Here we come. The past is chasing most of these guys and they think that they can avoid the consequences of their actions. Aren’t there men of goodwill and honour in the senate? Aren’t there men who are proud of their record and free from corruption? The corrupt elements seems to be having their ways in the senate. However, this is just a matter of time. Nemesis is always there to catch up with them.

  • Abul, Nigeria

    I think the Senate has done nothing wrong in performing her duty. She has the power to endorse or reject nominees. I’m sure there are hundreds of honest and firm individuals that can head that post. The President should present someone else.

    • Du Covenant

      This issue goes far beyond your simplistic opinion. Do you honestly believe the senators are protecting Nigeria or themselves?. Yes, you might find other Nigerians to do this job but, the issue is about principles, the President on behalf of Nigerians has chosen Magu and Nigerians have seen that Magu is bringing results that Nigerians have never witnessed since the inception of the EFCC, why should a bunch of crooks throw a spanner in the works?. Why should they second guess the President’s decision on behalf of all of us?. The president campaigned and won to fight corruption, why should ex-governors with plenty of clouds hanging over them decide who should lead the EFCC?. The President should not present anyone, Magu can continue to act and lets see who the true enemies of Nigeria are!!.

      • Romberg

        People fall sick. People die. What if Magu dies right now, will EFCC die with him? There are other great minds in the EFCC that are better. If Magu could accuse, he could be accused too. Let him serve Nigeria in a different capacity – there will be a lot more proper.

        • Du Covenant

          I agree with your reconciliatory tone but, what is saraki still doing as the president of the senate when he is on trial for corruption?. What makes him so audacious to create such chaos when he is the least person on the face of this planet to talk of integrity?. The Presidency checked on Magu following the initial rejection and feel comfortable with him, has the Presidency lectured the senate about the criminality happening in the NASS?. The thuggish senate is just protecting itself from the Nightmare Magu will unleash on them, when saraki’s wife, not an elected official was invited by the EFCC, how many senators accompanied her in their show of shame?. Why are we not putting all these pieces of the puzzle together?. The fact that the DSS will write the senate behind the President’s back is in itself the height of all stupidity. If these allegations against Magu are true and worrying, the DSS has the right without invitation to inform the President.

          • Romberg

            You are gutted and it it’s quite embarrassing. The Senate is not about Saraki. There are 109 of them there including APC die hards who belong to camps opposing Saraki.

            You hate Saraki, fine. But how about the DSS report? Will you throw that out because of Saraki or you will accept DSS’s position against someone except that person is Magu?

            Leave Saraki to face his trials. Let Magu face his nemesis too.

            Saraki is corrupt. We have heard that a million times. But now we know more about Magu and his lack of credibility. The last time I checked, some people whose properties were seized by Magu’s EFCC have headed to court, seeking reprieve only of Magu’s credibility question. That is all the war on corruption will be lost – it is now about Magu not about his work! Sure you get that?

            The DSS is a directorate in the presidency and so is the EFCC. Saraki has had issues with the DSS – do you remember his forgery case? So, if they can’t be friends, why blame Saraki for 109 senators and the DSS? If you are fixated about Saraki, borrow data to watch Magu performance during the confirmation hearing. I won’t be surprised if you don’t. But a decision has been made. Sink it or sink it in.

  • Du Covenant

    What have these senators done since the election apart from reckless squandering of our commonwealth?. Is there no provision for these RECs to be in ‘acting capacity’?. Lets play the same game, 4 yrs will soon come around and we shall see how many of them will return. The majority of these criminals are all from PDP who due to lack of backbone defected to APC and you wonder what the hell is going on?.

  • Amin

    why are you so desperate to send the man away, or is he really digging up the mess you created? MAGU IS GOING NO WHERE…..

  • abdul u.b

    President Buhari for the sake of those who elected you kindly thanks magu for the good foundation he lay and should go and rest. Pls present to the senate either Itself sagay or femi falana for confirmation as Efcc chairman