UPDATED: Dino Melaye graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, School confirms

Dino Melaye

The Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Ibrahim Garba, has confirmed that Dino Melaye, the senator representing Kogi State, graduated from the school.

Mr. Garba made the confirmation at an investigative hearing of the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges on Monday.

He said, “From records, Mr. Melaye, formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye graduated, graduated from ABU with Third Class BA Geography in 2000”.

At the hearing, Mr. Melaye said he later changed his name officially from “Daniel Jonah Melaye” to “Dino Melaye” and expressed readiness to tender an affidavit backing the change of name.

He tendered the admission letter he received from ABU, his acceptance of offer, statement of result and final year project before the probe committee.

When asked by Matthew Urhoghide, APC-Edo, for his original degree certificate, Mr. Melaye said he was yet to collect it.

Mr. Melaye said he served the compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps programme at the police college in Kaduna State.

He tendered his NYSC discharge certificate which, according to Peter Nwaoboshi, PDP-Delta, showed Mr. Melaye served between 2000 and 2001.

Both Mr. Melaye and the ABU vice chancellor spoke under oath before the committee.

The Senate had last week tasked the committee chaired by Samuel Anyanwu, PDP-Imo, to investigate an allegation that Mr. Melaye, APC-Kogi, did not graduate from ABU as he claimed.

The Senate’s resolution followed a motion by former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, who said the controversy over Mr. Melaye’s degree certificate, had made the Senate the subject of public ridicule.

After the ABU’s affirmation of Mr. Melaye as its alumnus, Mr. Ndume said he was satisfied with the outcome of the probe, and that he believed Mr. Melaye indeed graduated from the school.

“There is no big deal,” Mr. Ndume said, explaining that he only relied on what was published by the media.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, is now before the committee which is also investigating an allegation that he imported a bullet-proof Range Rover Sports Utility Vehicle with fake Customs papers.


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  • Sam

    Hurray!!!!! The VC no won loose his job.

    • Mamman Bako

      Tony Blair had a 3rd Class, so was Gani Fahiwemi, Wole Soyinka….. simple put Dino is a graduate, period!

      • Sam

        Agreed. I know those men as people of integrity

      • Ojojo

        Tony Blair graduated with Second Class.

    • Watch man

      The issue is not the class he made, after all Albert Einstein was horrible in mathematics. The issue is the poli-tricks of the distraction.

    • PREITY

      Pathetic lots, the certificate is no longer the case now but grade? Ask the Senate to make laws not to employ anyone with 3 class in the country. Haba make una rest with these politicians.

      • Kevin Peter

        What is the guarantee that those with 1st class re better off productive-wise? Tell me a senator of late that has been outspoken on national issues more than Dino. The love and crave for paper qualification is responsible for the dismal performance in our country. There’re thousand and one so-called graduates with “good grades” that cannot construct a simple English let alone come up with any meaningful strategy to move the country forward

        • PREITY

          Exactly my sentiments, but guess you actually didn’t understand my submission.

        • oyoko

          stop this nonsense! don’t downgrade eagle heads(1st class), because of one dullard that make so much noise, which has become the norms of raising leaders in your sorry state Nigeria. let us give respect to our bros that made it 1st class: for me i will continue to celebrate them than noise makers.

  • Watch man

    Clap for him – kpa, kpa, kpa, kpa, kpa, kpaaaaaaa!!!

  • AryLoyds

    Ok , so can we let the matter rest now ? Or should we carry on with the 3 class ? How is it that he got started with masters at ABU ? Is the guy going to step down ? How about LSE and Harvard? Is that not fraud ? Ok fine give me my share so we can sweep this under the carpet !

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    Shame on the SW-APC e-rats!
    They praised Dino pre-2015..called him a change agent.
    His only SIN was to join saraki against the e-rats lord..Tinubu.
    Is Dino more corrupt than babachir, amaechi, tinubu, and those military men with houses in dubai??
    Did buhari show the e-rats his WASC? Didn’t they say they love his NEPA BILL??
    So why are they fixated on Dinos academic qualifications??
    Dinos people voted for APC..they voted for Dino! Make una leave am!
    What will Sahara now use as headlines??

    • cheky

      I believed you until “DINO IS AGENT OF CHANGE” I don’t know what you mean by that.

      • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

        Everyone who shouted Sai baba Was branded a ‘change agent’.
        So the APC Minions and dia lord shld leav him alone.
        He is a ‘chanji agent’!

  • c .wuyah.

    “Dino melaye formally change his name from Daniel Jonah melaye ” ???????
    I hope this will not open another room for fresh investigation to uncover the story about the real Daniel Jonah melaye that vc is trying to use cover up their shady deal with Dino melaye?

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t-P r


  • Kevin Peter

    Where is Sowore???

  • javscong javscong

    There are several issues that still remain unresolved: 1) the discrepancy as to the school he attended. 2) how did he gain admission into ABU with 3 credits? did he write the GCE and if so, let him show proof. 3) his NYSC certificate predates his supposed date of graduation as alleged by SR. 4) what is the requirement for admission into post graduate studies? A third class, to the best of my knowledge, is not acceptable in all recognised Universities. 5) why was he caught on tape claiming to have “graduated” from LSE and Harvard? Does he not understand the difference between “attending” a seminar and actually being a graduate of an institution? 6) Finally, why was this session held in secret with the “accused” present? I am puzzled with the manner this senate is trying to cover up this obvious matter of public interest. One wonders what pressure and or inducement the VC of ABU was put under. Ours is a rotten system and cursed society with the likes of Saraki at the helm of affairs in that corrupt senate.

    • Right Minded

      Story for the Gods. I suppose you are one of Sowore’s supporters. You better start an appeal fund for him for the N5b suit instituted against him by Dino.

      • oyoko

        so you think that court case will see the light of the day. First dino will abandon it for fear of unknown, how many people have ever sue SR that ever see it to the end. secondly, SR is an online registered in USA, i wonder if it can be sue in Nigeria? pls find out.

        • Right Minded

          Dunce, SR cannot be sued in Nigeria but can write fake stories about Nigerians. Can u hear yourself? is the publisher not a Nigerian? Dont the news outlet av a branch registered in Nigeria? Some people just dont reason before talking.

          • oyoko

            if you know their registered address here in Nigeria, pls forward to me: i will like to meet them and shake their hands for a job well done.

      • Mo’

        The court will unravel the truth but he only went to court to outlive his tenure. Nigeria and corruption. You slaves deserve the kind of gov you have.

      • javscong javscong

        Did the VC explain the reason why only Dino’s certificate was B.A.( Geography) and NOT B.Sc ( Geography) which from all indications is the degree awarded by ABU? There must be a good reason for that. I am just being curious and will be glad if you throw some light on that.

    • khalil

      Why didn’t you guys also make an issue of how buhaari got into the military without the prerequisites?
      What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

      • Julius

        Why didn’t you made an issue of his cert when he was fighting and leading his troops, kicking asses during the war ?

    • shittu

      Stop clutching at straws!

    • joe

      You must be sick. Sowore must go to jail by ridiculing Dino.

    • Chris O’sborne

      In the North you can gain admission with passes only. Even people with F9(s) gain admission

      • Eluba Inas

        It would be great if some people will educate themselves before delving into matters. ABU has SGRS-school of general and remedial studies. It admits people will few credits and subject them to another year of intense study, after which they write exams to gain the requisite credits to use for admission purposes. I don’t know whether Dino went through that, but I am just setting the record straight about their process.

        • Chris O’sborne

          It not only ABU all over the country most Universities has a remedial course for those with poor WASC or who are unable to pass JAMB. I am not condemning ABU or any for doing so.

    • emmanuel

      Melaye is from Northen Nigeria – priviledged illiterates and backward region, so He may have entered school with Testimonial. As long as he wrote his name down during WAEC examination.
      Buharis only made his case worse by evading the exam and running to join the Army with a note written with caligraphic pen on the back of kolanut leaves, which has decayed long ago.
      What are you really struggling to knit up those ends if someone has not been paid to run down the one who is to impregnate a big mans wife?

      • Darlington

        Dino is not from the backward side of the North. Dino is a Yoruba man carved into Kogi State.

    • DanJ

      I won’t be surprised if he orchestrated the whole thing and arranged the investigation to clear him in order to put the matter to rest in case it may become a ground against him in future.
      Now he will simply say the matter has been laid to rest in the Senate ‘Court’ as a response to future inquiries.

  • Infoezone Infoezone

    who has come out to confirm buhari’s certificate? we are proud of you Dino. when you were campaigning with them in the name of change they never knew you were not a graduate. hypocrites!

    • Julius

      Why are you the biafraudians always on the wrong side of issues ?. All issues !

      • Infoezone Infoezone

        Imagine how low you think. So everybody against dis direction less govt is Biafra. Keep on swinging with the wind.

        • Julius

          Blah, blah, blah ! but, you didn’t answer my question . I do understand why tho.

      • emmanuel

        You cannot change this subject. If Melaye was a Yoruba man, it would have been a conspiracy of sience as usual. Now that your tribal whistle blower has become a satanic verse churning out falsehood and blackmailing people, you want to stalk the Igbos out. maga
        Please let Ogunamisi, Sowore and Onanuga investigate Tinubu and Buharis certificates. shame!

        • Ajayi Ifayemi

          Are you sure he is not Yoruba? He represents Kogi West Senatorial district. A district that is largely populated by the Okun Yorubas. The last I checked too, Dino is an Otunba. You cannot be more Yoruba than that. Go do your research well.

          • Darlington

            Dino is a bloody Yoruba man. North Central is just a geo political zone created for political accommodation. Entire Kogi West is Yoruba land the same way Aniocha and Ikwere lands of Delta and Rivers are Igbo lands.

          • Julius

            Dont mind that moron.

        • Adewale

          Dino Melaye is a Yoruba man of northern extraction. Always get your facts right before you make statement in the public. That he’s a Yoruba man will not exonerate him from being reprimanded whenever he does a wrong thing by the Yorubas. Unlike you guys, Yorubas will never support impunity, remember third term agenda of Obj strongly rejected and opposed by Yorubas.

        • Mangana

          Laffs! Wonder if u knw the meaning of “research”. Dino is Yoruba………………………….he is an Otunba. You dont even knw ur tribes and their history as Nigerian. You need go study Nigeria b4 you spit. Is Kogi a Northern state? If u got whistle to blow against Tinubu……..go blow it. Buhari sef pass for Military school pass Dino laffs.

  • oludare ishola

    just like that ….no scrutiny…..just one sitting hahahahahaha

    • emmanuel

      Every knew since last week that Sowore your tribesman was blackmailing. May be he thought Dino could dish out part of his armed robber NASS pay or from what he collected to help bring down the last administration in his phantoms street protest in Abuja, but the guy nor gree.
      So in his usual way, authoritatively churned out lies.
      Sowore should be in awaiting trial cell by now. Let all those blackmailed or maligned by Sowore before now queue behind Melaye with sound legal team to send the miscreant to jail

  • Julius

    Lmaoooooooo !! Naija oooo ! I knew this was coming when they didn’t respond for almost a week. If he did as stated, they could have said it the first day when the news broke.

    • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

      Sorry oooo!
      I feel your pain!
      Don’t go near the lagoon though.

      • Julius

        Otile, you are mentally unstable and your worthless life is spinning out of control right in front of you. Seek help.

        • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

          If I am otile, I am a bastard, and will never end well in life.
          But if I am not otile as you presume, then you are a BASTARD and may you NEVER END WELL IN LIFE!
          If you agree, say Amen. COW HEAD!

          • Julius

            You are a dead man walking already. You do not need my Amen to anything. God is in control !!! 24/7

    • absam777

      Don’t worry, let Dino go to court and all the fraudulent document he produced will be subjected to forensic scrutiny

      • Julius

        Oh yes, SR is patiently waiting for him in court. You are correct, make we sidon dey look.

  • eugene dike

    Third class without olevel dey give law for Naija…The only Country Europe and US are scare of…I dont think Putin government would survive in this country.

    • Otile

      Everything goes in one Naija, but when you divide the country then you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • Gary

    So what took the ABU administration so long to clear the air before throwing its reputation and genuine graduates under a cloud of suspicion.

    So much for the muckraking web tabloid that SR has become.
    PT take note lest you go down that road of gutter journalism masquerading as social activism by Sowore and his gang.
    I hope Senator Melaye, though not a Boy Scout by any definition, extracts an unqualified public apology from them over this or wins exemplary punitive damages for defamation.

    • Julius

      It amazes me that you hate SR but, keep coming on the site and reading them. Na wa oo but, like you said they will meet Dino in court and I can predict the outcome right now…Dino will lose. You remember that he sued SR before.

      • Gary

        That I read your comments and those who shill for Lai Mohammed does not mean I support idiocy.
        In a free society, everyone has the freedom of expression. I cannot critique idiocy without reading it, unfortunately.

        • Otile

          Aptly said, only that hardened_fools are impervious to reason.

        • Julius

          Yeah, sure. smh !



    ………………………………… show us the Convocation Brochure as appropriate!

    • Gary

      That’s rubbish and you know it. A convocation brochure is not a legal or academic document that validates the award of a degree. Some people complete required courses post-convocation.
      Just give up that ABU has confirmed the award of a degree to Dino Melaye and stop trying to flog a dead horse. Move on.


        You really don’t know your subject …. the Convocation Brochure is vital …. let us know if Dino’s name is not on the appropriate convocation brochure …. I am all ears.

        Please be informed that since the inception of ABU …. no student ever graduates without the listing of his name in the appropriate convocation brochure.

  • duga ewuga

    What transpired today has further exposed our institutions. How can INEC and political parties cleared a person who graduated over 10 years ago without an original degree certificate? Dino too has given room for such acquisition how can he be parading with statement of results. University of Abuja, UniJos and ABU Zaria for clearing him for for further studies have also erred.

    • Gary

      And you can say this when someone currently in office reportedly tendered a NEPA bill in lieu of a WASC/GCE to run for President? Seriously!

      • duga ewuga

        It is a shame even in my small office I can’t even engage you with a statement of result talk more of a public office.

  • Kez Ebed

    I am not sure Sahara Reporters has laid down the digger yet. Celebrate with caution folks. When those bros investigate themselves, the guilty simply doesn’t belong.

    • Mangana

      Trust Sahara, cant wait for the big bang. Just wait and seeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Laffs………maybe VC sef go run for cover ….when he hear the banger.

  • marig

    Dino has taken sahara to court. If that case goes on, then more stuff about Dino and ABU will be exposed.

    • Katastofi


      I AM NOT HERE TO BURY DINO MELAYE or to praise him.
      Let truth be told for the sake of a country. This was a sham Senate hearing.
      A sober inquiry by a Senate committe imbued with higher intelligence will demand
      the transcripts of Dino Melaye to resolve the actual controversy; i.e, did Dino Melaye
      sit for examinations and successfully passed the required courses required for graduation?

      Only the transcript can answer that question. Anything a Vice Chancellor says is irrelevant
      hearsay evidence. Why no transcript was tendered by the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello
      University is a tragedy of thought that’s befallen Nigeria. A serious-minded Vice Chancellor
      going to a Senate probe on the proper graduation of an ex-student will come with a certified
      copy of Dino Melaye’s transcript. The Vice Chancellor did not come with documentary proof.
      For that reason a full Senate may reject this committee’s result as ignorant and thoughtless.

      • David Adeniran

        I am even surprised that the VC had all the time in the world to appear before the Senate on a very short notice?

        • B.sc; B.A; Msc; LL.B; LL.M,


          The correct way to resolve the debate by Senate is to lay out
          the transcripts; ascertain course credits attached to each course Dino Melaye took, add up the
          total credit units, state the total, ascertain department of geography’s mandatory courses, and,
          check if Dino Melaye passed those, then, state the requirements of the Social Science faculty,
          and check if Dino Melaye met those as well, before you now go to the overall requirement
          for coursework graduation set by the University Council and check if Dino Melaye met it.
          None of these intelligent steps was taken by either the Senate committee – which did not
          ask any sensible question – or by the Vice Chancellor whose oral statement should have
          been rejected by a more literate Senate Committee..

          • David Adeniran

            You are very right.

  • El Patron

    My only question is why did Dino change his name. It looks suspicious

    • ::????????

      • Physics……………………………………………F9
      • Mathematics……………………………………….P8
      • Chemistry…………………………………………..P8
      • English Language…………………………………P8
      • Agricultural Science………………………………..A3
      • Biology……………………………………………..C6
      • Economics………………………………………….P7
      • Christian Religious Studies…………………………C5

      • We dey ask



      • Dualpolemedia

        Has anyone care to ask for his matriculation number?

      • Opekete

        He sat for JAMB and got admission with this result in Nigeria and a vice chancellor can defend it? The change slogan of APC is just what it is, a mere slogan. You cannot start taking your bath from your feet you start from the top.

  • Mangana

    Lol! Where else can you gain admission with all round P8? Dude went into ABU with Pre-Degree and never upgraded his WAEC. Ohh!! He graduated 2000 (what month??) and went for NYSC 2001 (what batch??). Na so dem dey collect call up letter within 6months after graduation and 17yrs after he is yet to collect his certificate. So, he’s been using statement of result for 17 yrs and even into the Senate? Ohh!! 3rd Class aint a crime no doubt cus many graduated with 3rd class but Dino wll never hire a 3rd class holder. Did some1 say he had NYSC in 1999? And what name was on his NYSC cert? Daniel Jonah Melaye or Dino Melaye? So no affidavit for change of name until he got to the Senate??????? Damn!!! Aint Nigeria in a sorry state?? No wonder dude is so vocal hiding behind his fellow goonz to protect themselves from and have more power on the road to 2019. If care is not take………………rogues will take over Nigeria in 2019 cus i wonder why all their caucus got one fraud case or the other since 2015 while their supporters claim its witch hunting. If an ordinary Nigerian commits a crime na war…………but if a Senator or Politician commits a crime……na purrty cus nothing will happen. Anyway, if Dino (wonder what the name means compared to Daniel) can make it with P8s and a 3rd Class then ………….if you are out there as an employer of labour why discriminate grades? Laffs!!!!!! Thats one out of seven degrees as degree No 2 had already been nullified by the school so we have how many more to go? I wonder how many Senators never passed thru school sef. Nigerians should enjoy the drama of ridicule and disgrace – reason the nation is suffering from people who spend all days acquiring cars and keeping millions in their homes rather than good governance. Education and Enlightenment aint same…….
    I just hope the real Daniel Jonah Melaye is out there somewhere and still alive. Lol – just saying. Wetin money no fit do??? Laffs……

  • Mangana

    I just wonder how a VC can appear at the Senate – just like that without the University’s Senate and its submission. Scam of life. Y’all need be fed to crocodiles for making a mess of this Nation daily with your crooked ways. Just go thru the news – no single news without an element of fraud in high places.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Something is fishy. However, with Buhari, Tinubu, Oshimhole, Obaseki, Stella Oduah et al – all with some certificate scandal or the other, Daniel (alias Dino) Melaye is in distinguished company of certificate forgers.

    • Baba Oloye


      I am sorry
      for Nigeria if this is the quality of Senators expected to make laws for the
      good governance and public order of Nigeria. A good few of these Senators need
      schooling. Nigeria can never progress one inch with the low intelligence quotient
      of this clutch of Senate Ethics Committee members. Anyone without valid credentials

      for admission could never have validly graduated in any class. Dino Melaye has
      three credits as published by Punch newspapers and Saharareporters. That fact is

      undisputed. No student can be admitted into any university with three (3) credits.

      The JAMB law forbids it. Ahmadu Bello university ordinance forbids it. A candidate
      without minimum C6 in English and minimum C6 in Mathematics is all the more
      barred from ever being admitted by JAMB law.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I am not making excuses for anyone or condoning forgery. But why can’t we scrutinize Buhari’s credentials the way Dino’s credentials are being done?

        • Julius

          Why ain’t you doing it since you are concerned about his cert ?

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Fcuk you.

        • Otile

          My brother let the sleeping dogs lie. If you talk about Imam’s forged certificate the crocodiles and apes in APC will eat you alive.

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            I can handle the apes in APC. We are used to each other. Lol

          • Otile

            But be careful, some apes and reptiles in APC are what they call awon ori meji.

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Ori meji ke? Na wah o!

          • Otile

            I mean their reptiles are ori ejo meji

    • Hero

      One of his divorced wives claims that Dino has a PhD in lying.

  • Dazmillion

    Thank God Dino himself filed a suit against Saharareporters. It is in a court of law that the real truth about this saga will be revealed. A senate with Saraki as leader and Dino as a major player can never conduct an unbiased investigation into corruption/forgery, we have not forgotten the forgery case in the senate involving Saraki/Ekweremadu. How can the same group of people investigate a forgery case?

    The truth will soon be revealed in court.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Just wait and see a sharp U Turn by Dino and co, the case won’t go ahead, don’t say I told you.

  • Pax

    Amazing! Took a VC several days to do the job of a Registrar. No documents produced, none asked for! Cunning man die, cunning man bury am. Under the carpet this will go, AS USUAL. Still, there is God O! Smoke remains, the fire will ignite, sometimes. We wait.

  • Eluba Inas

    I think the ABU VC may be looking for an easy way out of this conundrum. Dino was admitted without the pre-requisite credits; he may have gone through ABU-SGRS to add more to this 3 WAEC credits before eventually gaining admission to the University.

    There is no dispute that he went through the University system from his activities as a student and to colleagues that have attested to that. From his transcripts it was obvious he wasn’t a bright student, thus not surprising he failed some courses. He may have retaken the courses, after all he spent 8 years in the university, and it is possible for some reason they never get updated in his record. It is also possible the University may have taken a decision way back to let him just go–give him statement of result, but do not allow him to participate in graduation nor put his name in the proceedings or give him the final degree certificate. It could also be possible that he forged the documents or paid for it, this is a much easier option for him given his antecedents.

    The easy way out for ABU to avoid unnecessary hassles and to avoid being drag further into the mud—criminal investigation, scrutiny, legal cases, etc. is to forgo the 2 courses he failed and simply say he has graduated, after all no one is disputing the fact that he has passed all the remaining courses.

  • Du Covenant

    Even if all these shenanigans are true, why did he lie on Havard and LSE?. We all know that in Nigeria everything is possible, people have bought NYSC certificates, people have been caught during NYSC with faked degrees and have been chased away. Nigerian institutions are complicit in the rot of our society today and I do not believe anything that comes out of them. I will only believe such proclamation if an independent investigation establishes the truth.People get away with murder in Nigeria and you are telling the thug called Melaye will not compromise things especially now that he is a so called senator with Saraki as is president?. ABU used to be one of Nigeria’s prestigious institutions, that was in the GOOD old days not today!. Nigerian children sad for JAMB last year, why are they still at home?, why did they have to go for ‘screening’ before the results were released?. The answer is, these Universities called these poor kids to determine their family backgrounds, connections, influences etc before giving these kids the courses that were never their first choices. The better course where left for the politicians and the thieving civil servants!. This is why no decent young citizens are graduating from our universities anymore!!.

    • Emeka

      Tell it Buhari to atleast bring half of what Dino brought as evidence or why do we have to sweep his own mess under the carpet, and why has Dino’s case been pursued this vigorously. Well the difference is clear unlike Buhari, Dino has a proven certificate, he did not have to hire 13 SAN to argue his case.

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Fellow Nigerians, a sucker punch truth…
    “African educational systems have surprising outcomes.
    The smartest students pass with First Class and get admissions to Medical and Engineering schools.
    The 2nd Class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the First Class students.
    The 3rd Class students enter Politics and rule both the 1st and 2nd Class students.
    The Failures enter the Underworld of crime and control the politicians and the businesses. And, best of all, those who did not attend school become Prophets and everyone follows them….”

    Quote by – Bishop Mathew Kukah at Wole Soyinka’s 80th birthday celebration.

    • oyoko

      that was brilliant from the Bishop; he captured the scenario so well.