Magu: Leaked SSS report vindicates us – Nigerian Senate

Ibrahim Magu
Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

The leaked report of the State Security Service to the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, has vindicated the Senate on its repeated rejection of Ibrahim Magu as substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, its spokesperson said.

The SSS report, leaked on Friday, was a response to Mr. Malami’s request that the security agency back its earlier allegations of integrity deficiency against Mr. Magu with documented evidence.

According to the report, the SSS dispatched 12 documents to Mr. Malami, including 11 that tried to link Mr. Magu with Mohammed Umar, a retired air commodore on trial for money laundering and illicit possession of firearms, and one on how he was “severely reprimanded” by the police after official documents of the EFCC were found in his private residence.

Based on the report, the Senate spokesperson, Aliyu Abdullahi, in a statement over the weekend, said the legislative body had vindicated.

“Following several calls made to me today by journalists seeking my comments on the leaked report on Mr. Ibrahim Magu which was more damning than the one submitted to us, I can only say that myself and my colleagues have been vindicated,” Mr. Abdullahi said.

The Senate had twice rejected Mr. Magu’s nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari. Last December, his rejection was announced after a Senate closed-door session, citing a security report from the SSS. But President Buhari re-nominated the acting EFCC Chairman and absolved him of culpability in respect of the SSS allegations.

But during his confirmation hearing, following the re-nomination, Mr. Magu had a below-par performance while another SSS report, reaffirming earlier position that he should not be confirmed because he is allegedly integrity-challenged, was raised by Dino Melaye. Therefore, the Senate declined confirmation.

“From that report which is now public, it is obvious the DG SSS even tried to give Magu soft landing in the report that was sent to the Senate. The recent report is messier and shows that our decision not to confirm his nomination was right,” the Senate spokesperson said.

“We therefore call on all Nigerians to continue to have full confidence and trust on the Nigerian Senate as it discharges its responsibilities according to the letter and spirit of the Nigerian constitution.”

In the letter to Mr. Malami, the SSS said: “An officer appointed as Ag. Chairman of EFCC should by all means be one of impeccable credentials, with proven integrity and capacity to lead the nation’s fight against graft in high and low places. Thus far, it is evident from MAGU’s antecedents that he is by no means that kind of

“His relationship with Umar MOHAMMED which involved disclosure of very sensitive and classified official documents in his possession shows lack of professionalism and assails his integrity. Moreso, for an officer who was indicted and nearly dismissed six (6) years ago, to again be involved in similar circumstances, it is clear that MAGU is a perennial offender and cannot change.

“Also worthy of note is the fact that MAGU exhibited a total lack of judgment where it matters most. He accepted to move into a tastily furnished accommodation without any scrutiny of how it was furnished. This is curious and speaks volumes of his personality.”

But Mr. Magu responded to the allegations against him, refuting the allegations and saying the SSS is integrity-challenged.

In its report, the SSS also accused Mr. Magu of victimising a Stanley Lawson.

“A further demonstration of MAGU’s questionable credibility as an untainted anti-corruption official is his failed bid to settle personal scores with one Stanley Inye LAWSON by placing him on Security Watch Action. It was however discovered that LAWSON was actually working in the interest of the Federal Government and the Action was subsequently expunged.”

A PREMIUM TIMES report, however, found that not only was Mr. Lawson linked to a fraudulent deal, he returned his share of the loot believed to have been stolen by former petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke.


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  • OGK

    The so-called report actually contained so many lacuna.
    Other than taking same flight which might be coincidental, SSS never went deeper to link the relationship between the duo.
    They found EFCC documents in Umar’s house, yet they never told us Umar’s confessed he got it from Magu. They did not even indicate in the report that they investigated it. One would have expected that as the number one secret agency of Nigeria they should have done a better job.
    On the issue of rented apartment, and the SSS was mischievous in saying Magu should have exercised more caution. How on earth? The house was procured by FCDA, and not Magu or EFCC for God’s sale.
    It is now evident that the corrupt elements in the Buhari’s kitchen cabinet have completely taken over and this time with temerity and in an “in your face” manner. The SSS has not seen the SGF as integrity challenged and neither has it seen anything wrong in Buhari’s chief of staff allegedly brokering Manchester deal.
    It is so unfortunate that Buhari’s reign has degenerated to this sordid level

    • Moneyz N Horseyz

      You can choose to believe whether or not, today is Sunday, it’s entirely up to you.


        Same applies to you!

    • AlBsure23

      You don’t know what is integrity test because you’re ignorant of it.

  • Isn’t it clear by now that the SSS’ integrity under Lawan Daura is compromised? Why exactly is Mr. President still keeping this Daura guy in his presidency? I mean, the so-called leak is no leak at all, it contains same old allegations that had been answered by Magu with supporting documents.
    And to the senate, why choose to question Magu’s integrity and not the SSS’ even after the fact that the SSS authored two conflicting reports on Magu?
    As a country, we’re just a joke hoping to be taken seriously.

    • suleiman

      What is it about corruption that you don’t understand? Dasuki is alleged to have committed a crime, he is standing trial, so what is different about Magu?

  • Edward Osadebay

    This is where I do not understand President Buhari. I have never seen a President so docile that he allowed the Senate dominated by his party to humiliate twice through the help of his own security chief. It is annoying and the security chief is still sitting pretty in that office dishing out more dirt. For two years, I have waited for Buhari to show that ruthless streak he was supposed to possess but all I see is a very weak old man. I am afraid by 2019, he will be loss away like a rag for he has been very weak.

    • suleiman

      Haba Edward, this is not 1984; it is 2017, a democratic dispensation. If you don’t want democracy, migrate to North Korea or Russia. The 1984 Buhari must operate within the constitution. He is not here to suspend it any more, but to operate within its confines, get it?

      • AlBsure23

        May be Buhari should start using the executive powers given to him by the constitution against his political appointees. He should not use it only against his political opponents by disobeying court orders.

  • Adekunle Akindude

    Hmmmmm bring back Ribadu Is it a must that the head of EFCC has to be a police officer? Make Col Umar (rtd) head of EFCC

    • Gary

      It’s not likely Buhari would want anything to do with Col. Umar since he the latter played a role in the military coup that ended the Buhari/Idiagbon regime.
      There are eminently qualified people with integrity outside the usual suspects and the Police Force. The EFCC job is primarily one of managing an investigative agency dealing with financial crimes. A retired judge, banker and even soldier can be equally effective at leading the professionals at the agency. Magu’s record of leadership of that agency does not match the hype and goodwill he purchased from a section of the Nigerian media.