Anti-Magu forces launch fresh offensive, release another damning report

Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu [Photo: Channels TV]

The forces opposed to the confirmation of Ibrahim Magu as substantive head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Friday released a  new seven-page letter by the State Security Service, SSS, expatiating on the corruption allegations against the anti-corruption czar.

The letter, which was circulated to select Nigerian journalists by a faceless group, Advocacy Justice, was written by the SSS to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, to further push its relentless campaign against Mr. Magu.

One of our editors was among journalists to which the document was sent.

The letter appeared to have been written in response to a request by Mr. Malami that the SSS should provide documentary evidence of its allegations against the acting EFCC chair.

In its response, the SSS, through one Folashade Bello, sent the minister at least 12 documents.

One of the documents contained minutes of the 20th plenary meeting of the Police Service Commission in 2010 which reportedly reprimanded Mr. Magu.

The eleven other documents tried to link Mr. Magu to Mohammed Umar, a retired air commodore being investigated by the SSS.

The documents were, however, not released alongside the cover letter discreetly circulated Friday.

The letter appeared to have been circulated to further embarrass Mr. Magu and possibly pressure President Muhammadu Buhari to remove him from his post.

The letter was undated.

The SSS, in controversial reports to the Senate, claimed Mr. Magu is tainted and should not be confirmed to head the nation’s top anti-corruption body.

The Nigerian Senate agreed and has, twice, declined to approve his appointment, a move that has drawn widespread condemnation across the country.

But the EFCC acting chair has forcefully responded to the allegations against him, saying the SSS is integrity-challenged. Read his explanations here.


The Attorney General of Federation,
Federal Ministry of Justice,
Plot 7B, Shehu Shagari Way,
Abuja – FCT.


Your letter with reference number .HAGF/ DSS/ 2016/ VOL.I/ 7 dated 19th December, 2016 on the above subject, refers.
2. I am directed to forward the attached documents in respect of the report earlier dispatched, by this Service to the Presidency on the Acting Chair,,an of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim MAGU. They are marked annexures A to L and are highlighted as follows:

i. Annexure A – This is a copy of minutes of the 20th Plenary Meeting of the Police Service Commission on 20th December, 2010, chaired by Mr. Parry B. 0. OSAYANDE (DIG/ Rtd) who was then Chairman of the( Commission. The minutes indicate that MAGU was indicted after a disciplinary process and awarded Severe Reprimand for “Action prejudicial to state security, Withholding of EFFC files, Sabotage, Unauthorized removal of EFCC files and Acts unbecoming of a Police Officer”. It is worthy to note here that Severe Reprimand is the second highest punishment to be given to an erring officer, other than compulsory retirement or dismissal from Service.

ii. Annexure ‘B’ – This is a copy of the confessional statement of Air Commodore Mohammmed UMAR (Rtd), a suspect hitherto detained and currently being prosecuted by the Service. The statement affirms his ownership of Valcour S.A Nigeria Limited, a company awarded the contract of securing and furnishing an official residence for Ibrahim MAGU by the FCTA. Investigation revealed that this was facilitated after MAGU was earlier shown the residence by one Uche ALEKA, a close business associate of UMAR, who was introduced to MAGU by the former.

iii. Annexure ‘C’ – This is a forged Memo which supposedly originated from the Office of the Vice President and addressed to Mr. President. This was recovered from the private residence of U1VIAR during a search operation by this Service. The document is a request for approval to commence further investigation into financial activities of Honourable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe KACHIKWU. Also attached to the Memo are two (2) genuine investigation reports by EFCC on the Honourable Minister, dated 24th March, 2016 & 13th April, 2016 and duly signed by 1VIAGU. One of the two (2) attachments indicates that the original investigation report earlier was purportedly received in the VP’s office by one Folabo KAY.

iv. Ann.exure ‘D’ – This is a letter from the Office of the Vice President affirming that Annexure “C” is a forged document.

v. Annexure E – This is a copy of Progress report with reference number SH/ COS/ 24/ A/ 7277 dated 25th May, 2016 on NNPC/ NLG Brass Investment Accounts in Nigerian Commercial Banks from Chief of Staff to Mr. President, Abba KYARI to the Acting EFCC Chairman. The letter is an official/ classified document of the EFCC which was duly received by the Commission as indicated by the stamp on the document. However, it was recovered at UMAR’s residence.

vi. Annexure ‘F’ – These are photocopies of Managers’ cheques of First Bank PLC and Zenith Bank PLC, issued in favour of EFCC Recovery Funds Account on 13/ 05/2016 and 16/65/ 2016, respectively. These are all sensitive official documents of the EFCC found in UMAR’s residence during the search.

vii. Annexure G A classified letter from the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) to the EFCC Chairman titled Re: Request to Freeze Accounts Messers Bebey: Merchant Ltd and 20 others, dated 7th March, 2016. This document was also duly received by EFCC but found in Commodore U1VIAR’s house during the search.

viii. Annexure ‘H’ – A document which emanated from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and addressed to the EFCC Chairman on 6th May, 2016 with the subject, Re: Stop Debit Order on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries- A case for Joint Venture & NNPC Pension Funds Accounts. The document was recovered at UMAR’s residence.

ix. Annexure I – NNPC Letter GED/ F86A/ 08.26 dated 5th May, 2016 addressed to the EFCC Chairman and titled Re: Stop Debit Order on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries. This was also discovered during the search of UMAR’s residence.

x. Annexure J – This is a copy of NNPC correspondence with reference number GED/ F86A/ 08.26 dated May 5th, 2016 and titled Re: Stop Debit Order on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries- Transfer of FCT Balances to NNPC’s TSA Accounts, addressed to the EFCC Chairman. The document was found in UMAR’s residence.

xi. Annexure ”K’ – A copy of an NNPC letter with reference number GED/ F&A/ 08.26 dated May 5th, 2016 and titled Re: Stop Debit on all NNPC Accounts and Subsidiaries- Critical Accounts for immediate operations to the EFCC Chairman. The document was also recovered during the search of UMAR’s house.

xii. Annexure L – Copy of Confessional Statement by UMAR to the Service stating that his trip to Maiduguri for condolence visit to Ibrahim MAGU, sequel to the loss of a close relative, was made on behalf of the Presidential Committee on Audit of Arms Purchase. Cross examination of the Chairman of the Committee, AVM John ODE (Rtd) revealed that the committee did not send any of its members on such an assignment. The visit of UMAR to MAGU is therefore assessed as an expression of their close sinister relationship at the detriment of National Security interests.

3. An officer appointed as Ag. Chairman of EFCC should by all means be one of impeccable credentials, with proven integrity and capacity to lead the nation’s fight against graft in high and low places. Thus far, it is evident from MAGU’s antecedents that he is by no means that kind of

His relationship with Umar MOHAMMED which involved disclosure of very sensitive and classified official documents in his possession shows lack of professionalism and assails his integrity. Moreso, for an officer who was indicted and nearly dismissed six (6) years ago, to again be involved in similar circumstances, it is clear that MAGU is a perennial offender and cannot change.

4. Also worthy of note is the fact that MAGU exhibited a total lack of judgment where it matters most. He accepted to move into a tastily furnished accommodation without any scrutiny of how it was furnished. This is curious and speaks volumes of his personality.

5. The recovery of sensitive and classified documents from the residence of UMAR further underlays his close affinity to MAGU and an apparent penchant for sabotaging official processes and administrative protocols, just to further the latter’s personal material and pecuniary agenda. Such mutually beneficial relationships as with UMAR, who by his confession, approaches ‘clients’ for possible exploitation, favours and associated returns is unprecedented and very damning for an anti-graft top official. It has exposed MAGU as a fraudulent officer and betrays the high confidence reposed in him by Mr. President.

6. A further demonstration of MAGU’s questionable credibility as an untainted anti-corruption official is his failed bid to settle personal scores with one Stanley Inye LAWSON b lacing him on Security Watch Action. It was however discovered that LAWSON was actually working in the interest of the Federal Government and the Action was subsequently expunged.

7. This reinforces the view that MAGU may continue to exploit his official position, if confirmed as EFCC Chairman and indulge in other unprofessional and criminal conducts for personal aggrandizement contrary to his oath of office.

8. Accept the assurances of the high consideration and esteem of the DGSS, please.

Folashadre BELLO
For: Director-General, SSS


EFCC/EC/JUS/07/263 21st December, 2016

Federal Ministry of Justice,
Shehu Shagari Way,


I most respectfully refer to your letter referenced HAGF/EFCC/2016/Vol.1/23 dated 19th December, 2016, asking me to respond within 48 hours to the allegations contained in a report written by the Department of State Service, DSS, and which provided the basis for the non-consideration of my confirmation on December 15, 2016, by the Senate.

2. Having carefully considered all the issues, I hereby present a point-by-point response as follows:

i. Missing EFCC Files

It is true that my residence was searched on the orders of Mrs. Farida Waziri, shortly after she succeeded Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as Chairman of the EFCC and some documents relating to cases under investigation were found in my house. At the time of the raid, I was yet to formally hand over to my successor, Umar Sanda, as head of the Economic Governance Unit.

My schedule at the time warranted that I work round the clock and it was impossible to conclude all assignments without working at home. The documents found in my house were actually found in my office bag where I kept documents relating to investigations. I was in the process of handing over and it would be wrong to suggest that I willfully kept the Commission’s files at home.

Nevertheless, the incident was thoroughly investigated by the police as I was placed on suspension without pay for 20 months. But in the end, I was reprimanded, recalled and promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police.
It is important sir, to draw your attention to the fact that some of us that worked closely with Ribadu were victimized after his exit. And my ordeal was orchestrated as punishment for being the chief investigative officer for most of the high profile cases involving politically exposed persons some of whom became very influential in government at the time.

ii. Return to EFCC under Lamorde

I was Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of Operations at the Anambra State Police Command when I was recalled to the EFCC in 2012. I did not lobby to return to the EFCC. It is preposterous for anyone to suggest that I was recalled to do a hatchet job for Lamorde as alleged in the DSS Report. My job schedule as Deputy Director, Department of Internal Affairs, under Lamorde, was simply handling issues of professional responsibility in the Commission. I had no inputs in core operations duties of the Commission.

iii. Tenancy of My Official Residence

I live in the official residence of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). This accommodation, contrary to the report of the DSS is not my private home, neither was it rented and furnished for me by Commodore Umar Mohammed (rtd). It was rented and furnished by the Ministry of the Federal Capital Territory through the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, under the safe house scheme.
It is also false that the house was rented for N20million per annum and furnished for N43million. The entire cost for both two-year rent and the furnishing of the house is N39.628million.

Details of the transaction are contained in the contract award letter and payment schedule which are attached to this letter.

iv. Expensive Air Travels

Honourable Minister, the claim that I have a penchant for expensive air travels in a private jet belonging to Commodore Mohammed is baseless The two times I can recall travelling in Commodore Umar’s aircraft, were on a trip from Kano to Abuja, and Abuja to Maiduguri. In the first instance, I had gone to Kano on an official assignment with two of my directors, and Mohammed who was on his way back to Abuja offered us a ride in his jet. The second occasion was when I was going to see my sick mother in Maiduguri. These, for me, were harmless gesture as we were both members of the presidential investigative committee on arms procurement. At the time I had no knowledge that he was under investigation for any alleged crimes.

Claims that I flew in Mohammed’s jet to Maiduguri in company of the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Nnamdi Okonkwo is false. I have never flown in a private aircraft with any managing director of any bank let alone one that was under investigation by my agency. I have no personal relationship whatsoever with him.

v. High Profile/Dual Lifestyle

The allegation that I live a flamboyant lifestyle is also surprising to me. While it is true that I did travel first class on Emirates Airline to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, this action to the best of my knowledge, did not contravene the directive of Mr. President on First Class travels as suggested by the DSS Report.

My trip to Saudi Arabia was a private journey to perform my religious obligation and it was not financed with public funds. More importantly, my decision to fly first class was not borne out of quest for luxury but compelled by necessity. The trip was made during the last ten days of the Ramadan and other classes of ticket were not available.I had no other choice
That I flew first class in one instance is not enough evidence to suggest an extravagant lifestyle as alleged by the DSS Report. It is also not enough to suggest a dual personality. Any one that has associated closely with me will attest to the fact that I am not known for ostentatious living. And my new office as acting chairman of the EFCC has not changed this.

vi. Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Commodore Mohammed Umar (rtd)

Sir, it is important to situate my relationship with Commodore Mohammed Umar (rtd), in proper perspective. Our paths crossed when we became members of the Presidential Committee on the investigation on arms procurement. He was instrumental in getting some of the information that helped the committee to make significant breakthrough in its assignment.

Beyond that, the relationship between Umar and myself is one of professional acquaintance, devoid of issues of conflict of interest. So, it comes to me with shock, the imputation by the DSS that we have a “mutually beneficial relationship”. This appears suggestive that Mohammed and I were involved in activities that could be said to be untoward. I certainly have no knowledge of such activities.

The claim that EFCC documents, including EFCC letters addressed to the Vice President and being investigation reports on the activities of Emmanuel Kachikwu and his brother Demebi Kachikwu, were found in his home during a search by the DSS came to me as a surprise. If that is correct, he should be made to disclose how he came by such documents. I never discussed my official duties with him let alone give him documents pertaining to investigations being conducted by the Commission.
Interestingly, Mohammed was detained for several months by the DSS. In all those months, did he claim that I mandated him to commit any crime or that I was an accomplice to any crime? If there is any such claim, I will wholeheartedly like to be confronted with the allegation.
It is interesting to note that when Mohammed was eventually charged to court, the charges against him were money laundering and illegal possession of firearms, and nothing related to my purported “shady” relationship with him.

vii. Perceived Reluctance to Arraign Vice Marshall Adesola Amosun

The DSS Report that the reason EFCC delayed the arraignment of a former Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshall Adesola Amosun, was because Mohammed never wanted Amosun to be prosecuted is astonishing. Anyone familiar with the EFCC under my watch knows that I perform my duties with the highest sense of responsibility. The reason Amosun was not arraigned when the likes of Alex Badeh and Umar were arraigned was because he cooperated with the Commission in terms of assisting the process of recovering the proceeds of crime.

Indeed, among the suspects arrested over the arms procurement scandal, he was most cooperative. The Commission recovered N2.835billion cash from him, aside from property worth One Billion Five Hundred and Eighty One Million Naira (N1,581, 000, 000), Two Million One Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars ($2,150, 000) and One Million Pounds Sterling (£1, 000, 000).
Since a key focus of the investigation was to recover as much proceeds of crime as possible, the Commission took its time to ensure it had recovered what was possible before arraigning the suspect in court. This had nothing to do with the wish of any individual. Moreover, the suspect has since been arraigned before a court of competent jurisdiction.

viii. Alleged Vendetta Against Stanley Lawson

The suggestion by the DSS Report that Stanley Lawson, a former Group Executive Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was placed on a watch list, to settle scores with him is strange. It may interest you to know that I do not know Stanley Lawson personally and could not be settling personal scores by framing somebody that I do not know.

Lawson’s encounter with the EFCC is in relation to the investigation into the mismanagement of $118million public funds for electioneering campaign involving former petroleum resources minister, Diezani Alison Madueke. It was discovered that he made payment of $25million into Fidelity Bank and also facilitated the purchase of Ogeyi Place Le Meridien Hotel in Port Harcourt for Mrs. Alison Madueke, for which he collected Ninety Four Million Five Hundred and Sixteen Thousand Naira (N94, 516,000) as commission. Lawson was arrested and he made a refund of the N94.5million traced to him. He was never placed on any watch list.

ix. Work through Police Cronies in EFCC
I do not understand what the report meant by working with cronies. If what was implied is that I have preferred officers that I work with and who go about their work in unethical manner, my response is that nothing of such exists in the EFCC. Officers who work with me know that the easiest way to lose your job is to be found to be involved in unethical or corrupt activities. Indeed, when I assumed office as acting chairman, my first action was to return police officers with integrity issues back to the Nigeria Police Force. If the DSS finds that there are police officers in the EFCC who are working closely with me and have properties that their incomes cannot support, the Service is at liberty to expose them.

3. Conclusion

Honourable Minister, Sir, I invite you to take notice of the fact that the DSS authored two separate vetting reports on me, one referenced SV.114/3 addressed to the Clerk of the National Assembly and the other referenced SV.114/3 addressed to the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate). Both letters were dated 3rd October, 2016, and signed by the same Officer, Folashade Bello, on behalf of the Director General. While one of the reports advised the senate against my confirmation, the other asked it to favourably consider my confirmation. The two reports emanating from the same agency raises questions of sincerity and motive.

You will want to find out why they came up with two conflicting reports on the same subject on the same day.
It is important to note that in all this, I was not given the opportunity of fair hearing.

Above all sir, I am persuaded by my conviction in my innocence that in all the issues supposedly raised against me, no one has accused me of receiving gratification to act against my conscience or the interest of the country.

I have attached to this letter all supporting documents and materials that would enable you arrive at fair position on all the issues raised.

4. Be assured of my usual respect and highest consideration.



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  • Gerald Okoduwa

    How did the DSS become untouchable in the midst of double standards and witch hunting? None of the quoted documents was recovered at Magu’s residence neither did the suspect claim that Magu gave the documents to him. Whoever wants to truncate the fight against corruption that brought Nigeria to her knees will pay for it with his existence irrespective of the cloak he wears. The Lord is not mocked.

    • Tijani

      Fake Pastor VP efcc documents tho

    • abodes_124

      One supposes that Umar raided the EFCCS’s office and made away with the documents or perhaps the DSS stole the documents and planted them on Umar. Perhaps the same way they planted money and guns in the houses of the judges they raided ? In all these i see the sort of convulated line of thinking that led to the statement ‘Abacha did not steal any of Nigeria’s money’. Nigeria we hail thee.

  • Africa

    Folashade Bello? Hmmmm

  • clairvoyance

    Why gross with the president is what is holding in back for firing that duara DG SSS seeing the incompetence he as displayed on a very important and sensitive aspect of this government war against graft.

    • Tijani

      Incompetence? For speaking the truth? SMH

  • Bright Henry

    Every thing about this letter smirks of fraud. My worry is how the DSS allowed itself to be so used. I formerly had a hifh regard for them.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Again all of this reflects badly on the man who the buck stops at. This is unbelievable. For me personally, the removal of Magu will be tantamount to Julius Caesar “crossing the Rubicon” and entering Rome. In the future DSS head should be subject to “advise & consent” from the senate. What a “bumbling” mess. who da hell is running this ship anyway???

  • Peter Otobo

    Premium times is doing a hatchet job for Ibrahim Magu. Shame!!!

    • serubawon70

      How? By publishing letters written by DSS and Magu?

    • new republic


    • factfinder

      Otobo, Mumu is ur middle name

      • Tijani

        Magu is even lucky PT printed his reply. They don’t want to be picked up, again

  • new republic

    Am sorry for Nigérians,Buhari is not in control of Nigeria as we speak,only millitary coup with upright officers can save this country now,we are in a mess.The cabal brought Buhari home knowing too well that,metally the old man can not make any decision of his own.

    • musa aliyu

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    • un spkn

      we should av remained under abacha

    • Tijani

      Ask Aisha Cassandra the BDC Legico owner to take Buhari back to his village in Niger Republic since it is clear you meant Niger in your post.

  • Abdussalami Muhammad

    Yes, corruption will always fight back, fight even dirty. God help Nigeria.

  • bature johnson

    we Nigerian believed in MAGU efcc leadership because magu help to promote national image through the fight OF corruption .the NASS/ASSEMBLY helps to destroyed our national image through budget padding and pettiness .making Nigeria a laughing stock, to international community ‘the present harrassment of magu and cali ALI [rt] IS NOT IN THE INTEREST OPATROTICS NIGERIANS MUST ALLOWED TO DO THEIR JOB DILIGENTLY WITHOUT WASTE OF THEIR TIME THROUGH THE SENATE CIRCUS SHOW,

  • serubawon70

    Nigeria is in the grip of very corrupt and incompetent scallywags. The stolen money recovered by Magu is an irritant to these dregs of humanity

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Gbam! I like this!

    • Factsay

      Wia is the recovered money? Can someone please do account

      • whales1212

        what is do account? May be you should let someone help you out with what you’re trying to say?

    • Tijani

      It couldn’t possibly be that Magu is corrupt, and is directed by highest placed equally corrupt individuals right? Saints of corruption are all around

  • bature johnson

    COM .BATURE JOHNSON We belied in magu and col ali [rt]of their leadership because magu help to promote our national image and recovered our commonwealth loots by elected government officia abroad through the fight against corruption in nigeria while the nass/assembly helps to destroyed our national images through their budget padding and pettiness’ making Nigeria a laughing stock to international community ‘while we are saying the present harrassment of magu and col ali [rt]is not in the interest of patrotics nigeria ‘but the senate must allowed DITTOs to do their job diligently without waste their time through the senate circus show

    • Factsay

      And he couldn’t account the amount recovered. Who is deceiving who?

      • whales1212

        You need to stop this nonsense,he doesn’t have to know the actual figure off hand.

        • Factsay

          Kwarapt boy. Why are you afraid of accounting. What prevented him from saying he will get the figures for them? His answer is clear that he has no knowledge about the amount. He’s afraid of accounting

          • whales1212

            Afraid of accounting? Ok,because he didn’t say he would get the figure,that makes him unqualified? But would you agree the guy has recovered more than any past efcc bosses? The figure could be obtained even by them using an accounting firm if they really wanna probe him

          • Factsay

            How can I agree when I have not seen any account? What do u take me for? Do I resemble a slave to u?

          • whales1212

            Ok,you don’t believe the news you read about recovered loot,but you believe this one you’re reading? What do you believe then,nothing has be recovered,right?

          • Factsay

            News and account no b same thing. Unless u are blind to verifiable facts. Let them publish the account same way they have published letters

          • whales1212

            You’re not making sense tbh. If they want to know the actual figure,it’s within their power to check it up,magu didn’t know the actual figure and didn’t lie about. Now saying someone couldn’t account for something means he has taken or wasted it,so where did you get this silly news from since you don’t believe politicians but you could believe allegations against magu?

          • Factsay

            Kwaraption and so many years of feeding of lies have battered ur comprehension beyond repair. Where I am, I know what accountability means and how it is done. Senate has no power over EFCC bank or accounts. It is the duty of EFCC chairman to know how much he has recovered particularly when invited for an interview. What else would he expect to answer in such interview if not about the fight of corruption and amount recovered?

          • whales1212

            “Where I am, I know what accountability means and how it is done” you’re not sounding normal really, so where you are is something that should be relied on? Magu doesn’t have to know the actual figure,If they need that so badly,they can get that by asking him to bring that,that doesn’t mean he isn’t accountable or you’re just using dialectical English to confuse yourself?

          • Factsay

            kwarapt boyoyo

          • Factsay

            If at ur age u still believe nigerian politicians, then urs is finished for life

          • whales1212

            “And he couldn’t account the amount recovered. Who is deceiving who” may be yours has finished long time ago then?

          • Tijani

            Nigerians are still waiting for the independent accounting firm report promised to be released in September 2015 by Mugu Magu the Mago Mago acting chair’s predecessor Looter Lamorde, who also stole billions in recovered funds, and who has been secretly placed at SFU Lagos behind Buhari’s back. The EFCC is fatally afflicted in having 2 successive looters as chairman.

    • Tijani

      Welcome o ye Magulites, your hypocritical brethren the Fake Pastorians will soon join you. Misery loves company.

  • Gary

    A severe reprimand should have disqualified Magu from being ever considered for the leadership of the EFCC in the first place. It should interest the public for us to know who recommended him to the President for the job as replacement for Lamorde from the start.

    Then worse is that the DSS is on very firm grounds when it links Magu to the possession of sensitive EFCC files and document found in the home of his friend, AIr Commodore Umar; an offense that had earned him the reprimand in the past.

    This obviously slanted report by PT to sacrifice its credibility for Magu is puzzling if not shameful to say the least. Nigeria is bigger than Magu and the distasteful distraction he has become for the Buhari regime and the country.
    It is time for us all to move on from Magu and find an even better leader without his baggage and blemish.

  • Ish Adam

    If this were to be a developed clime, Magu would have resigned by now, but not in Nigeria;even if these allegations are not true the man has been compromised beyond repairs.

    • GusO

      We won’t let corruption defeat him.

    • Dawood

      Oh yeah? How has he been compromised beyond repair? This just adds to the prove that Magu is the man for the job. See, the more the looters, thieves, and frauds in and outside the Buhari administration try to smear Magu, the more we love him. Buhari, this man is a Buharian, don’t let go. You must standem by him. If Magu goes, your War on corruption is dead. This is not about Magu anymore; it’s about Nigeria and her survival. MAGU MUST STAY.

      • Tijani

        What’s “love” got to do with it? This desperation not to be fired is most unbecoming. Individuals who cannot take leave are more often than not, LOOTING

    • band olu

      Is this ur submission after reading d two letters??…..U are a blockhead!

  • new republic

    Why Nigeria is this type of mess?Buhari is sick don’t know his right from left,who can safe our future from these cabals in aso rock?Only upright millitary officers in a bloody coup.

    • GusO

      You forget that military officers like Babangidda and Abacha milked us dry in the past by stealing tens of billions of dollars of our oil and taxpayers money? In spite of Buhari’s reticence with the DSS, no one in Nigeria’s history has fought against corruption as he has done. Twice, he has taken on corruption like no other leaders. Yes, I still prefer Buhari in power. If he is gone, there goes the fight against corruption. Ribadu had a good fight against corruption but once Obasanjo was out of power, the cabal supporting Yar A’dua wasted no time in replacing her with a lapdog called Farida Waziri.

      • Factsay

        Where is the fight? I have seen how he fought corrupt Burutai, SGF, his Daura brothers. Pls let’s stop deceiving ourselves. Buhari is a fraudulent person like others starting from his claim on waec certificate to his management of petroleum trust fund. and his statement on Abacha whom you concluded is corrupt. Your view about Abacha is not same with that of your saint Buhari

        • Tijani


  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Look at corruption in its real image. It is very tall(high places) bold(involving a lot of big people),arrogant(doesn’t respect the Nigerians)very educated(highly routed in all facets of life). Magu,may God save you from these enemies within and without. We know their antics. But never give up, be more tough and offensive, leave your defensive mode,energize your assault weapons on corruption,upgrade your rader,they are stealthy. They are unmanned like drone,bring out your resilient RoboCop. These are group of invaders who have occupied our land for too long. They’ll ask you, who are you? Tell them you are magu,their nightmare. They’ll ask you what you want from them. Tell them you want our money. And they ask you what for, tell them it is to develop Nigeria like Dubai where they kept the moneh

    • Factsay

      Magu worth more than akara paper after all these exposures. He has been battered morally and psychologically. One thing is certain, he has been compromised by these challenges and can never be independent as EFCC chairman, at best it will be an axe in Buhari’s hand that weighs heavily on whomever opposes Buhari.

      The time is now for Magu to resign or fired

    • Tijani

      Are you on the same drugs Magu is on?

      • Netanyahu

        My brother, I wonder o. Nojeeeeemdeeen is insane.

  • GusO

    Thank you for sharing both sides of the controversy. We now know that the DSS by making spurious claims against Magu is fighting for the continuation of the corruption that has hobbled the country to it’s knees. I don’t know why Buhari has not fired Daura, the head of DSS. Has he become too dependent on the two-faced spy master?

    • Factsay

      It was same corrupt DSS that invaded corrupt judges houses at night and you clapped and supported them. Why are you complaining now that they have exposed corrupt Magu?

      • GusO

        Because this is a different issue this time. DSS is protecting their ass. I don’t care who fights corruption — whether it is DSS or EFCC as long as corruption is tackled wherever it rears its head. In this particular case of DSS trying to smear Magu, me thinks DSS is afraid that Magu’s uncompromising fight against corruption might lead to something wrong they did in the past. Did you read the DSS accusations and Magu’s response above?

        • Factsay

          Now u define whose image is Being smeared. That’s you being hypocritical. Hypocrites are the worst enemies within. Law has no respect for anybody. If Magu is indicted he shud resign

          • Tijani

            Whether he resigns or not, he should be charged to court and tried. Does he have immunity from prosecution? No. He and Lamorde should be tried. Nigerians still have no reliable facts and figures on recovered loot. As for that kaduna airport however many millions charade, Magu must explain, from the dock.

        • Tijani

          Smear? Sensitive documents found in Umar’s house is smear? What position does Umar hold? You need your brain examined

        • Netanyahu

          What you are smoking presently is not good for your poorly developed brain. Anything else you should be confirmed mad. You are losing your mind.

          • serubawon70

            You are describing what you are seeing in a mirror

    • Tijani

      Spurious claims? Ha ha, because DSS has exposed the fake pastor fake professor VP Osinbajo as the miscreant dwarf directing witch hunts?

      • serubawon70

        Dont you even think before posting something?

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          You can only ‘think ‘with a brain, he has none

      • whereto

        I see Osibanjo is really growing in stature. He’s becoming important enough to share in the vitreol usually reserved for Buhari.

        • Tijani

          Vitriol please, not “vitreol”, it’s not a petroleum product, or didn’t fake pastor fake professor get his spellings right on the scripted narratives his slaves churn out so falsely biblically?

          • whereto

            Wow! You are one frustrated and bitter person.

          • Tijani

            Because you can’t spell?

  • Factsay

    Magu please do account of the money you claimed to have recovered before you resign. Public needs transparency and account of what was recovered and where the money is. Let it not be that some saints are re-looting recovered money and are afraid of doing account.
    If you claim you have integrity and your hands are clean, do account

    • GusO

      We won’t let Magu resign, period. You may clamour as much as you want, most Nigerians, including PACAC support him and have told the President to retain him as Acting Chairman for as long as he is President.

      • Daley Ogunyemi

        I totally agree with you my brother. #westandbymagu. Magu can remain Action Chairman for all we care so long he his recording success.

      • Tijani

        Who and what on earth are PACAC for god”s sake? Magu that even Transparency International denied endorsing? Yes Buhari can retain Magu, who is already knocking at the door of za oda room. Poor Buhari, surrounded by vultures waiting for him to die.

      • Factsay

        Let’s see how the fight will go with damaged carbage

  • Haba mallam

    Buhari has become a very weak president, the senate is now defining his presidency after all the support from Nigerians and overwhelming support from foreign and domestic institutions plus a majority in both houses of congress, the president is scared of fighting Saraki and his thugs in the senate, what a shame the general has become a dove. Magu is irreplaceable in the current day Nigeria and must be confirm.

    • stanejike

      What is the connection between DSS report above and Saraki or the Senate?

      • Tijani

        When Dullardeens, Fake Pastorians and Magulites have nothing to use to defend the indefensible, they shout “Saraki” to distract.

    • Otile

      This is nothing but the opinion of a desert donkey. Go ahead with your usual asinine response of creek monkey.

  • Isi Agwo

    Nigeria is a zoo. Period. A terrorist godfather claims to be the leader of the nation and, with lip service, claims to be presiding over a war against terrorism. Similarly, a kingpin of corruption claims to have a birthright to be Nigeria’s anti-corruption (EFCC) czar. This Nigeria is a jungle indeed.

    • Haba mallam

      I think you’re referring to Biafraud.

    • GusO

      What are you hiding from? Have you or your family member being nailed or about to be nailed by the EFCC?

      • Isi Agwo

        It’s ” Have you … ‘been’ not ‘being’ nailed!” It’s illiterates like you that get fooled by the smokescreen raised by the filthily corrupt who claim to be fighting corruption and the terrorists who wear the cloak of opponents of terrorism.

  • musa aliero

    Corrupt magu in charge of corrupt efcc to fight corruption!!!

  • musa aliero

    Magu is corrupt to the core! He is contanstly paying newspapers to paint him in good stead and tarnish people without recourse to court actions first! He doesn’t know how much he even recovered and most of his war is nothing but propaganda! Magu and that air commodore are busy milkin and extorting people especially government officials off their money! They are common thieves!!! #magumustgo!!

    • Ukpaka

      Your masters’ nightmare is far from over. You’re probably one of the corrupt senators or somebody related to them.

    • Concerned

      Oh dear

      Why are you and the corrupt class so afraid of Magu – that you waste so much time and energy chasing your own tails

      If the allegations against the vast majority of rogue politicians/businessmen/members of the judiciary etc were of the type listed by the DSS against Magu – Nigeria would be a richer and more developed nation than currently

      Use your energies in a constructive and proportionate way to fight the real enemies of progress instead of clutching at straws !

  • Myson

    When will Nigeria Journalist pressure Buhari to have one on one press conference with journalist so Nigerians can access the state of his mind. Buhari that came back from London does not have Physical, mental, emotional and psychological strength to run the country. Buhari should have stayed back in London and take care of his health and allow Osibanjo to run the country until he is fit to do so. The Kitchen cabinet do not want Osibanjo to continue, that’s why they brought back Buhari. My conclusion is Buhari have been sick even during the campaign and election. His sickness was hidden from the electorate. APC handlers prepared his speeches during the campaign, because he may expose his taught process if allowed to speak on his own. That was the reason they prevented him from Presidential election debate with Jonathan. Even Jonathan then begged Buhari to debate him.

    My question is, who is in charge of Nigeria government now? The answer is not Buhari.

    • Absolutely Sane

      You are a numbskull! You asked obnoxious question and foolishly answered yourself.

    • wode

      When looking for the people that wished the President dead, there is no need to go far. If God were to listen to and effect all human wishes, the World would have been long forgotten. Unfortunately for the mischief-makers, God is All-Knowing, The Wise and the Controller of the affairs of all beings.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Magu has come to stay, and will remain the nightmare the corrupt class of elites will have to endure. The DSS has no moral gravitas to impugn the acting EFCC Chair’s integrity.

    • Iniabasi Akpan

      who has?

    • Lawson Ewens

      You will live long. Your short but clearly intelligent reaction suggests that there could be a few Nigerian whose brains are still function. MAGU=EFCC for now……

  • Ukpaka

    The outcome of this saga will determine if Buhari has any balls left!

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      I’m sorry to say this :Buhari has lost his balls. If not, the SSS boss or Magu is supposed to be history by now.This’s the SECOND time Magu’s nomination was shot down by the SSS report.

  • bjay

    Shame to Nigeria shame to Buhari imagine all these nonsense,the president appoint all this rubbish DG and chairman of all agency then while all this happening.

  • Solomon Brown

    How to fight crime by keeping more criminals on the payroll is the conundrum the nation is faced with. I don’t know much about this Magu character, but if these damning reports are anything to go by, then why does this administration still have him on? Situations like this call for a select committee to investigate and put this back and forth to rest. We need an unbiased analysis of all the allegations levelled against the corruption czar.

    • Chuks

      Please between the lines you’ll understand that these are frivolous assumptions from someone who is doing a hatchet job. Ribadu was bribed with $15 million, he refused so they went to town with all shades of accusation including attempting to assassinate him. No Nigerian till date has come forward to proof that Magu received bribe from him to compromise any investigation or pervert the course of justice. Buhari was accused even more before the election. They also ran a documentary full of falsehood on Tinubu.

      • Solomon Brown

        You might be right as soon as I read the part where it says a faceless group, I knew something wasn’t adding up, as I said we need a special ,unbiased panel to put all these to rest. I understand Magu’s political enemies have their knives drawn, and will go to any length to see his downfall, that doesn’t mean we should not at least look into these allegations to see if they can be corroborated.

        • Absolutely Sane

          I concur that an independent investigation team should be formed to put the ‘wahala’ to rest. However, that has been done and it includes the IG and AGF. Magu’s response was borne of the investigation the team of investigators appointed by the President. The truth is very obvious for us all to see. At first, DSS claimed the house was rented for MAGU at N20million per annum and furnished for N43million by UMAR but now saying in another report that the contract of furnishing the house was given to UMAR under influence of MAGU. This point alone enough to prove that DSS is lying. How can you say one thing at one time and change it at another time. DSS need to be made to explain the source of the first spurious allegation that was later debunked before changing to another.

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          Who’ll set up the ‘special unbiased panel ‘?The Presidency? The Presidency had already done that with the Attorney General as the head and the IGP among its members and he was cleared of all allegations, that was why his name was resubmitted to the Senate.
          Or, the Senate which has a sizeable part of its members under investigation by this same Magu?
          I’m not of the view that anybody is irreplaceable, but if we allow Magu to be run out of office by the cabal in the Presidency working in cahoots with the alleged criminals in the Senate, then who ever succeds him will be forced to do their bidding. That’s my take, anyway

          • Solomon Brown

            I mean a panel outside the government circles, which is why I used the word “unbiased”.

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Who’ll do the setting up? That’s my question, sir

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Who’ll do the setting up? That’s my question, sir


      Did you read Magu’s Response?

      • Solomon Brown

        Not yet, but I will when I find the time.

        • whereto

          Why comment when you have not bothered to inform yourself about the issue?
          A proper look at both letters clearly shows there is no substance in the allegations against Magu.
          Even for a hatchet job, this is really poor from the dss.

          • Solomon Brown

            Read my comment again and you’ll see I have an open mind with regards to the allegations levelled against Magu. I’m not taking sides here, all I want is to get to the truth.

          • whereto

            I respect your position. At the least, it appears you only want what’s right.
            Based on the released information, those who want to bring down Magu still have work to do. Let’s keep watching.

    • isiaka

      please, my brother, never judge a book by it’s cover. listen to other side. U would’t believe at the end of the day, all these fruitless report has been sponsors by forces of corrupt element. just wait and see.

  • Mary


    • Impulse400

      You go gree N800 per bag for cement?

  • Rommel

    How come the DSS did not release such reports against Ibrahim Lamorde and Farida Waziri,two people that have been found to be neck deep in corruption,could there be more to this story? I heard Magu saying that what he is up against against is a classical case of corruption fighting back,he may be right.James Onanefe Ibori once told Nuhu Ribadu that he would be disgraced and sure it happened but the question is,who was Ibori?

  • wode

    As far as I am concerned, there is nothing new in all of these. We heard and read about all of these before. Unfortunately, those who are championing this would be surprised that their exercises would embarrassingly lead to efforts in futility. One thing I respect about PMB is that he is never swayed or distracted by the “noise of the public”. He understands the politicians and he knows how far they can go investing in character assassination and mudslinging in order to found their ways. He keeps his calm, read between the lines and does what he believe is right.

    For me, and knowing very well the Nigeria of the past from where we get here, if this is all they can find against Ibraheem Magu, a Nigerian Police Officer of his cadre, then the man is “near being a saint”. The fact that the Senate did not even give him a fair hearing during his first nomination by the President, after digging everywhere for what to incriminate him, is quite instructive that some people are indeed scared of the “consequences of their actions”, that which the President has said, during his inaugural speech, can only be the subject of fear of him and his Government.

    All these being said, I believe that this is a good omen for the polity. The fact that somebody knows that all his nooks and crannies could be subject of detailed scrutiny in one day is in deed enough a potent way to fight or discourage corruption and impunity. God bless Nigeria!

  • Man_Enough

    if dss is bent on tarnishing anybody, they can interpret simple acts. they are just desperate.

  • Mr pelumi

    This is nonsense, are people with proven and deafening allegation of corruption not in government? So why will anybody bend on destroying someone else’s reputation with unproven allegation as a way of covering their own past atrocities begging for justice.. I think DSS should focus on issues of national importance than playing a political script of some faceless individuals who are afraid of being punished for their crimes against humanity… And if Senate fail to confirm magu, Buhari should leave him there as acting chairman as long as he wanted since there is no law against that.