Senate rejects two ambassadorial nominees

Chambers of the Nigerian Senate used to illustrate the story.

The Senate has confirmed 45 persons as non-career ambassadors following their nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Senators, however, declined to confirm two other nominees.

The decisions followed the report presented by Monsurat Sunmonu (APC-Oyo), chairperson of the committee on foreign affairs, which had screened the 47 nominees.

In line with the recommendation of the committee, the Senate rejected the nominations of Sylvanus Nsofor, a retried judge from Imo State; and Jacob Daodu, from Ondo State.

Mr. Nsofor, during his screening, refused to recite the national anthem and questioned the Senators’ reason for asking him for the recital.

According to Mrs. Sunmonu, the 82-year-old judge pushed back a question on his suitability for the job of an envoy based on his age.

Mrs. Sunmonu quoted the nominee as saying the Senate should ask Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe how he was leading his country despite his very advanced age.

Mr. Daodu was said to have been dropped because of a negative report from the State Security Service that indicted him for corruption.

Apart from Messrs. Nsofor and Daodu, the other 45 nominees were cleared and confirmed by the Senate.


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  • PolyGon2013

    Kudos to the Senate on this. Mr. Nsofor deserves to be rejected. Mr. President should present another person of younger age from Imo.

    • emmanuel

      Which kudos is that? He is in same category with Hammid Ali and the Grass cutter. there is arrogance and desecration of Nigeria constitution every where and Nigerians chooses which flagrant rejection they support and not to support.
      I expected you to say the man refused to give them bribe or he seized that clothes at the tailors place

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      For once, I think the Senate is in tandem with the general public.

  • Opekete

    This administration is not living up its promise of job creation. What is the sense in pulling out an 82 years old man from retirement for ambassadorial job? Where are all the agile young men and women that could have filled that post which will in turn create the opportunity for many others to move into place. Why is this administration running a generic government to the detriment of millions of our children graduating everyday? It is time for the government to sit up and take its job seriously.

    • Gary

      Mr. Okorocha of Imo State nominated the old geezer from his village for the post and the other old geezers in the Kitchen Cabinet simply forwarded the name to the Senate without any due diligence.
      This is what happens when retirees are given the tasks of agile minds. Interesting that the rejected judge would cite Bob Mugabe who sleeps at meeetings and reads the wrong speeches as justification to be made an Ambassador at 82.

      • persona

        Recall, Buhari made a list and the same governors complained that it didn’t have their input and was sent back by the same senate?
        The issue here is, Buhari simply pleased the governors and party guys and now that they have 45 out of 47, dem do well. The remaining 2 wey need wheel balancing and alignment, dem suppose sort out with someone not old and one wey no be criminal as claimed by DSS.

  • Gary

    Thanks Senators, for your growing acknowledgement of public opinion in your decision-making. We are indeed slowly but surely moving towards having a government of the people, by the people’s representatives.

    We look forward to the new CJN to give us a Judiciary we can be proud of and then We, the people, will make a far better choice in 2019 than we did in 2015 in picking those who will truly advance our constitutional democracy in Nigeria.

    • Ukpaka

      Get real…your candidate lost and 2019 will not make a difference.

      • Gary

        And you know how I voted? This is a case of folks who feel uncomfortable when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb. I did not even mention the Geezer-in-Chief but you still felt compelled to respond.

        • Ukpaka

          We’re no fools!…we got the subliminal message in your comment. Moreover, did you see a comment where somebody stated Nigerians get what they deserve?. 2019 will not make any freaking difference either…I stand by that.

  • Arabakpura

    How can the 82 year old with his long shadows be the only eligible person from imo state? Nigeriawood!

    • dave jacob

      Yes, you are right! Nigeria in the wood!!!

  • Olatubosun

    Legislators are the main problem of our country

  • Olatubosun

    Is like our legislators are the enemies of progress

  • Rommel

    Time has come for the president to attach designations to these postings,enough of these exercises in mediocrity,we submit ministerial nominees to national assembly without corresponding portfolios,we give some lousy excuse as reasons,why can’t we do the right things without benefitting mediocrity?

    • ALBERT

      Rommel, Nigeria still has one of the most backward systems in respect to nomination and vetting of Ministers and Ambassadors. It is high time, the President henceforth include the designations of each of these nominees. The Senate should equally adopt what is applicable in other advanced democracies by constituting Appointments Committee who shall vet all nominees. They shall in turn forward their report to the Committee of the whole. This will also guide the Senate in the line of questioning, and Nigerians could also extract commitments from these nominees on what they intend to achieve, The nominees will also have the opportunity to under study their ministries before coming for vetting. We expect any Minister of education, to give us his blue prints on how to tackle cultism, incessant labour unrest and dwindling fortunes and ranking of our Tertiary Institutions. What is the business of asking nominees to be reciting the Nigerian national anthem? Let us begin to get serious in the business of governance. The security agencies are suppose to send their reports to the Presidency before the names of nominees are forwarded to the Senate. Did l hear someone indicting and disqualified due to corruption? When the head of corruption party in Nigeria, Saraki and the 40 thieves are in the senate presiding???

    • persona

      Rommel…you are a bad guy o.
      You wan make Buhari send the name of the 82 year old man with a designated location as Zimbabwe so he fit go learn from Migabe that he quoted say, how market?
      Bad Rommel, bad. LOL

  • FreeNigeria

    82 years old to be ambassador? Ambassador of what? of the about to die?

  • I support the decision by the Senate to reject the first nominee. I mean, as trivial as anyone may think reciting our national anthem is, a potential ambassador’s failure to recite it when his job is on the line and subsequent unapologetic dismissal of the matter raise questions of how deep his patriotic feelings (which the words of our national anthem build) run.
    For the second nominee who was rejected due to an SSS report, I don’t know what to say given what happened with this same agency on Magu’s case.

  • CJ

    I think a more pertinent question here is: who nominated an 82-year old for an ambassadorial position?

    • Baka

      His people nominated him, and the president accepted the nomination.

  • Maria

    Igbo man very greedy…How can you consider this position judging from your age? Haba!

    • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

      Is he older than Lai Mohammed, Awudu Ogbe and Lawal? You called Igbo man a greedy man yet you cannot do without him. A greedy man wants to be free but your parasite fathers will never allow him to be free. When you hear about Biafra your mind quickly jumps into your stomach. None sense!