Senate calls for resignation of Hameed Ali as Customs boss

Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Hameed Ali

The Senate has called for the resignation of the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali.

The lawmakers said on Wednesday that Mr. Ali was not fit to hold public office.

The call follows Mr. Ali’s decision not to appear before the lawmakers in uniform on Wednesday as directed by the Senate.

The Customs boss told reporters on Tuesday that his decision not to appear was based on legal advice after a Nigerian filed a case in court seeking the interpretation of a Customs law on uniform for the Comptroller-General.

The Senate on Wednesday rejected the letter by the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, asking the lawmakers to suspend discussion on Mr. Ali.

Mr. Malami’s letter was read by the Clerk to the Senate at the plenary on Wednesday, just as the lawmakers dissolved into committee of the whole to receive briefing from Mr. Ali.

Mr. Ali and the lawmakers have been at loggerheads over a Customs policy on retrospective payment of customs duty on vehicles.

Although the Customs Service has since suspended the directive, the lawmakers still insisted Mr. Ali appears before them in uniform. The retired army colonel has not worn the Customs uniform since he was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Details later….


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  • stanejike

    This is the height of impunity by a public servant. Just because you a retired army Colonel. Military and democracy are really incompatible! It’s a pity!

    • Gabriel Iorsuwe

      What about the part that said there is a case in court over the issue. I think the problem is not Hameed Ali but our laws.

      • John A

        That man Ali is full of himself , way too arrogant to head any public office.

        • Suleiman Alatise

          Your opinion, period, Saraki should first resign, that’s my take.

          • Mangana


      • stanejike

        The court never gave any injunction restraining his appearance before the senate. In fact, no date has even be fixed for mention. So, what a law abiding citizen would have done was to show appearance and present the court service to the senate. Or more honorably even, proudly put on the uniform of an outfit you are heading and face the senate regarding any issue regarding the running of customs and then save the nation this brouhaha! The senate is an institution, while Ali is an individual!

    • Mangana

      Have u asked urself if the laws guiding the customs actually tot about the future?? That is – one day a non serving customs officer will head the customs? Or to take it to the extreme; a former military man (retired). The law is flawed and whoever appointed Ali knows so but the Senate is so lame to know.

      • stanejike

        Ali is not the first millitary appointee to that position. A former Major General (Hanilu or so) wasa custom CG before now, and he wore custom uniform!

  • Malik

    Magu dey investigate them.
    Their response – no confirmation and he must be replaced.

    Ali no gree make them do mago-mago for ports again.
    Their response – he must resign.

    So anybody that is performing their duties to the detriment of the corrupt elite now must either resign or be dropped by the executive so the legislative and other corrupt elements like them will continue to rape the country abi?


    • Gabriel Iorsuwe

      My thinking too Malik. Or may be they should be left with all the work to do so that we can see there performance.

    • stanejike

      Must one display arrogance in carrying out his duty? why must we encourage impunity?

      • Malik

        Hey, don’t respond to me. Go and play with your kind. How about that for arrogance.

  • marig

    They perceive weakness in PMB. All this times, he has kept quiet. From rejecting Magu twice to the harassment of Ali, he kept cool, Saraki is daring him.

    • duwdu

      I tend to agree with you, @marig; what you said is the crux of the matter.


  • Isaac Azor

    The Senate my foot. Bunch of looters.

  • Ukpaka

    Most of the senators need to resign………..they’re not fit to be in the senate. They can invite people but have no power to instruct anybody what to wear.
    If Saraki is fit to be Senate president with all his crooked ways, then this senate is, in my opinion, the worst we have had in this country and they have lost the credibility to act on behalf of Nigerians.
    Most of them are under investigation by EFCC, yet will not recuse themselves from participating in Magu’s confirmation hearing.
    Then, Saraki’s bullet-proof Range Rover is confiscated, the senate want to invite Ali to show up in Uniform.
    The ever-foo……….lish Nigerians, UN-informed about what’s happening behind the scenes are talking about “arrogance of Ali”. Wake up people. Somebody need to tell me a single difference this senate has made since they took over that compares to the billions of Naira (abi dollar) spent on them so far.

    • Mangana

      Nor mind dem!! Very un-englitened Nigerians supporting crooks. Dem go support sef but live all their lives broke. So, why are u supporting who no epp you?

    • stanejike

      What difference has Ali made apart from raiding and carting away rice and other commodities from market women and business men! The customs still demand and receive bribes as never before and goods still uncleared in our ports. Nigerian ports are getting drier an drier daily!
      If you a Police IG and you are invited to appear in your uniform, why will that be a big deal? If he cant afford a uniform, he can borrow from his colleagues! Why put the nation into chaos simply because you were asked to put on a uniform costing less than 20k? ARROGANCE!

      • Ukpaka

        You sound like an apostle of these thieves. I can tell you one difference Ali has made: we get more monthly revenue now from Customs than we did from the previous crook that ran the customs.
        If customs are still taking bribes on the highway and you have first knowledge of that, then it is your fault, not Ali for not reporting to proper authority. Everybody has a responsibility to the government too. He can’t be in Abuja and at same time in Okija at same time. Do your part, before you blame others.
        There is no law in the land that gives the senate the authority to dictate how people dress. Some of these senators have unpleasant body odor ( i guess they don’t know about deodorant) but they get allowance for personal hygiene.
        So, if you want the case of wearing uniform to be your headache, knock yourself out!. The same senate that confirmed the man is now saying the man is incompetent to do his job because he refused to wear uniform. Sounds like the senate is incompetent to do their job.

  • Malik

    The only good thing to come out of this present Senate’s shenanigan is people now know who to return come 2019 and who to vote out.

    • stanejike

      of course, people now know that Baba-go-slow is more clueless than the Otuoke shoe-less gentleman!!!

  • kinsly

    Saraki is a bonafide crook. Someone who personally stole the Societe General Bank into extinction, looted Kwara state govt and public funds to the end, kept on collecting salary as a Governor years after he left office, forged Customs papers, forged senate rules to become Senate President , shared Paris club refund meant for offsetting backlogs of workers salary…..The list is endless. He should be in the Guinness book of records. The greatest looter ever known to mankind!

    • Kallah Bature

      I think the Senate lost it on Ali by over flogging the issue of his uniform instead of tangible issues. Public opinion is long tilted against them. Dino again is not helping issues by his ignorance of the retirement age of sixty five years(not 60yrs) for civil servants NOT public/political appointees.

      • Mangana

        Lol, Dino Melaye now has allegation of forged University degree against him. We are watching……Na true dem say empty barrels ……………………….dude talks too much.

      • stanejike

        On the contrary, public opinions are heavily against the sheer arrogance of an old tired soldier that probably retired before the advent of internet and digital technology, but was brought in by the analogue president to reform a custom of the 21st century…….who believes custom operations is about raiding markets to seize rice and stopping and collecting bribes from motorists on the highway!

  • Mr Integrity

    A very good decision.. The man is too arrogant to hold any public office. Just a retired colonel imagine. Even his boss a retired General and the President of Nigeria does not treat senate with contempt, then who is he?

    • FineBoy

      Go join Army and let me see your rank

  • wode

    What happens to the arrest warrant as earlier threatened?

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Arrest gini, I dey laugh o.

  • Ola

    The Senate cannot fire an appointee of the President whether arrogant or not, it is not within the powers of the Legislature.

    All of this is posturing and one wonders what the Special Adviser on Legal Affairs to the Senate and Senate President are doing.
    We just pay them for doing nothing .

    • stanejike

      There are many ways to kill a rat my friend! He will sooner or later run to the same senate he disparaged for one appropriation or the other!

  • Julius

    smdh at these fucking jokers !

  • George

    APC Confusionists , shame on Tinubu who brought this calamity called Buhari upon the Nation Nigeria.

    I hate Tinubu

    • kinsly

      You hate yourself too.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      You deserve to be pitied

  • Nightingale


    • Kallah Bature

      I don’t know why the Senate have this unnecessary penchant of ridiculing themselves. The reason for inviting the CG is no longer there.He has since retracted his earlier directive.Why bother?

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    When will this senate be serious for God’s sake? First you do not have any powers to sack this guy. Your suggestion for him to resign would have been taken seriously by the populace if you folks have a shred of integrity. As it is, we are all laughing wondering where you are coming from asking a performing Comptroller general of the Customs to resign. At least Nigerians will know for once who is on their side and who is not. One day Nigerians will march to that place and drive all of you with your Babanrigas out of the place. USeless senate.

    • Mangana

      Drive them out you say? Beat them out would have been more fun to activate. They should just continue. They feel we are all fools. I wont blame them cus they have support from some short-sighted hungry Nigerians who suffer and smile in poverty when they have the right to quality living standards. These guys are just so lame – they dont even know their powers as Legislators. They just open their mouths and talk without thinking of their positions. Non-entities,

    • suleiman

      In a democracy like ours, they have the right to call upon anybody for whom they have oversight to resign. They are not sacking him and don’t have the power to do so. Can we just check out how this presidential system of government operates in America from whom we copied it? Are you watching your TV and seeing how the senators and House of Rep members, including members of his party are opposing Trump? Are you aware that the FBI is investigating Trump? Please and please, let’s speak like educated people. Learn more about this system and how the three arms, Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are independent of each other.

  • Mangana

    Just imagine these jobless non-entities. When had the Senate become that which goes after people who do their jobs with integrity? Magu had an allegation against him yet nobody got proofs and evidences but cus he is after your ill gotten wealth and got so much evidences against your corrupt heads – you dont want him confirmed. But who says we are bothered? He is still in charge cus a Saraki as Senate President steps the court room every month yet preside over the nation’s affairs while he has all evidences of corrupt practices against him in court. Now, whats Ali’s issue with the Senate? Uniform or cus he is also after your corrupt practices. Many of these guys got so much under ground businesses that had been tamed by the Customs reason they are all angry. And to see Nigerian youths support these rogues? Thats so shameful. If Magu and Ali are removed from their positons then it means there will cease to exist a Nigerian Senate cus Nigerians are watching and supporting the corruption fight. People say PMB is not talking – yes, he wont talk cus those that should talk are you and I. These thieves are making way for 2019 in order to reign supreme in filth and corruption taking Nigeria back to the era of sharing of arms procurement funds making our military helpless while Nigerians are killed freely daily in their thousands. Just look at them – none had announced for a cut of their salaries and allowances by half as a sacrifice. Very selfish humans in the name of lawmakers – i wonder what law they are making feeding fat from the bloods, sweat and hadrwork of ordinary Nigerians. Magu and Ali hold strategic positions and doing great but these rogues led by their boss who had turned CCT to his 2nd home are just angry. We are watching – Ali and Magu should continue doing their jobs; if they have the powers as Senators they should go and lock up Ali and Magu’s offices.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      You nailed the points.

    • stanejike

      Ali and Magu are simply displaying impunity and above-the-law attitudes….Nothing has changed in customs. Bribery and corruption is still all over the borders and custom men are getting richer daily…….As for Magu, that one is the APC’s hatchet man… long as you on PMB’s side, you are cleared and spotless….

      • isiaka


  • Mangana

    Have u asked urself if the laws guiding the customs actually tot about
    the future?? That is – one day a non serving customs officer will head
    the customs? Or to take it to the extreme; a former military man
    (retired). The law is flawed and whoever appointed Ali knows so but the
    Senate is so lame to know. All they do is just make noise all day and “collect money”. Jobless lots……/una go hear am cus we voting all your knukcle heads in the Senate out 2019. Those wey dey over ambitious for President amongst all of una should even pray hard. Nigerians don soji now…………………so no more yagayaga. You all cant boast of quality living standards in your constituencies after yrs as Governors and now as Senators………….and you spend weeks talking about Uniform. Short-sighted lots.

  • Omoagunmate

    #SARAKIMUSTRESIGN. Enough of the rouge and his 50 thieves taking the whole 180M of us for granted. We should be courageous on this call. The guy is just taking us all for mumu.

  • Du Covenant

    Irrational scum bags!, Saraki should step down and clear himself in the courts first. For all I know, the CG must be doing something right to attract such anger from a bunch of crooks called senators.

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.


  • Sword of Damocles

    Once Again, this may be a consequence of Executive TIMIDITY. No one is asking for the Executive to fight the Legislature, but in candor, this administration has been outwitted totally & completely by the Legislature. Methinks the current occupier of Aso Rock has been overwhelmed by the reputation earned during his first disposition as the Executive (albeit in a military capacity). It is ok, that the President is not proficient in “political dexterity”, but it is odd that he has not supplemented this deficiency by making sure he is s advisors “who can play this game”. the bottom line is that the Nigerian masses suffer when this debauched/ corrupt Legislature outwits the Executive. The letter sent by Malami yesterday was not well informed. The AG should have stated that the Executive is unaware of any law that stipulates that the CG must appear in uniform before the Legislature, PERIOD (many legal minds have stated as such). furthermore yes, the Legislature can perform their oversight duty as expressed by the constitution, BUT THEY CANNOT COMPEL the head of an executive agency to appear in uniform. Only the HEAD of the executive branch. ( it is akin to the President of FRN trying to compel the Senate Sargent at Arms to carry the staff of that body, NONE of his bizwacks!!!). Bigmanism is the Bane of our politicians. Why didn’t the Senate comple the NPF(another executive agency) to issue a warrant of arrest for the CG. Our NASS representatives are simply ignorant of the Constitution of 1999 and the rule of law. Why isn’t this required learning(with an examination), before a person can run for political office?

    • FreeNigeria

      He’s inefficient then too, Idiagon was the brain and power behind him

      • Sword of Damocles

        boy that was quick, lol, just by ur quick reply, I can tell all you are concerned with is hatred & insulting the President.

        • Akiika

          Ah ah! you wan try? if you announce that your wife put to bed, they will tie it to Buhari to hurl insult at him.

  • aca

    See me see wahala, which Constitution give Senate executive power?

  • Gary

    Nice to see the Senate stand up for the independence of the co-equal branch of our government.

    Now it’s up to Buhari to keep his arrogant and recalcitrant appointee in office at the cost of depriving the Customs Service of any appropriations. We shall see where Ali will get money to pay himself and his men going forward.

    • musa aliyu

      Just the same way it is time for all the world to see U being shamed. Ali Must Stay. If u no like go jump into the ocean.

    • tundemash

      How are your Senate-Looters standing up for independence ? By making noise ? Reading teh news very well “Senate calls ….. ” That is all they can do …. “call” and that “call” will be ignored. Keep fooling yourself!

  • Sola Akinwande

    Let Saraki resign first to set a good example. The senate is gradually becoming a theater of absurdity. Just anybody is being summoned to appear before it at the drop of the hat.

  • Pure Reasoning

    What a bunch of losers.

  • TDaniels2

    Nigeria senate and members of NASS are behaving so badly that it’s true to their nature, bunch of bandits! There is no law or legal requirements that the man must appear in uniform. The bunch of ignanorama that call themselves senators, for the sake of their greed don’t seem to know the difference any more between their right and left hands, between what’s petty and what is crucial, they set aside the core issues and focused on mundane trivial petty scores. The so called senators are meant to lawmakers, yet they flout the laws and behave as if they are above the law. It’s time to boot them all out!

  • Oluwaseye Odetola

    It is very unfortunate that after the thieving political and civil service elite depleted our foreign reserve and common wealth, they have decided the pass to burden of debt and the revival of an economy in recession on us. Shame on us! Below is what a Nairalander had to say about the Nigerian Senate/Customs Controller General fiasco.

    “I laugh at clueless Nigerians who are supporting Tyrant Hammed Ali.

    You bought a family car (e.g Sienna) from a dealer who underpaid customs 6 years ago, Ali then ask customs officers to leave the borders (their primary duty posts) and go out on the streets for stop and search, while you are returning from church with your family after being harrased by Police, Road safety, Vio, Latsma. Custom officers asks you to pull over, ask for your custom papers and declare that the dealer whom you bought the car from didn’t pay enough due.

    They order you and your family members out of your car and drive to the custom office while you and your family trek home. Who is doing who?

    You really think Custom officers will have the nerve to stop Saraki or Dino’s convoy when they are on the move? It is you poverty-infested zombies who throw owambe when you buy your first Golf 2 and 3 that will be their target.
    And when that happens, make sure you lament in silence and don’t come here crying.”

    -A Nairalander

  • suleiman

    I thought there was something called Subpoena in the presidential system of government. If the the Senators are clean and know their rights, why can’t they simply subpoena the DG of customs? The problem is that the military men still feel above the law and Nigerians help them do so. For God’s sake, how could we trust a military that ruled this country for nearly 40 years and messed up every sector of the country? AM appalled by the fact that Nigerians continue to feel that the military men can do better than the civilians. We must make a decision whether to be democratic or allow the military to continue to rule the country! Hammed Ali operated as a military governor in Kaduna state without commissioners and pretty much did just what he wanted. He feels above the law because he is a retired army colonel. He feels his position as a colonel is higher than that of the DG of the customs. The military has no respect for any other branch of our security forces, so he feels it is a put down to wear a customs uniform. If this were the case, why did he take the job? Only his headmaster can answer the question.

    • ALBERT

      There is no Nigerian Military officer either serving or retired, holding any public positions displayed such arrogance or shown that it is above the law. Ali Hammeed was invited by the Senate and he honoured the invitation. Instead of the Senate to narrow down on the new Customs policy and modus operandi, they ridiculed him by walking him away and directing him to re-appear in Custom uniforms. The Constitution does not give the Senate such powers to subpoena any Nigerian. Nigeria shall be 56 years as a nation. Tafawa Balewa was PM was PM from 1960 – 66, Shagari was President from 79-84.Nigeria has been under civilian rule since 1999. The military was able to conserve Nigeria for us. They build 80% of our tertiary institutions including teaching hospitals. They build all our public infrastructure including our 4 refineries. They build our industries, modernise our towns and capitals, They build Abuja, including Aso Rock, Legislative and Judiciary including APO village. The civilians came and sold everything including Nigeria Airways, Nigerian shipping lines and all our state enterprises. Who do you think build Lagos and all the state capitals we have today? Tell us one single hospital the PDP built anywhere in Nigeria. Democracy is for everybody. Obasanjo,David Mark, Buhari and others all submitted themselves to the election process. Buhari contested election 4 times and the 3 times he lost, he went to court. Is that, not submitting one selves to the Law? David Mark was described as one of the best Senate President ever. He was one of those who annulled June 12. But he became a converted democrat. There is no law that provides for a non serving Custom officer to wear Custom Uniform. We are simply playing into the hands of corrupt thieves and fraudsters in the Senate who are hell bent on scuttling the fight against corruption. Is Saraki morally fit to be a Senate President anywhere in the world except Nigeria? Ali should ignore such frivolous invitations from a useless senate.

    • tundemash

      Stop commenting on issue you have not been following. Hammed Ali honored the invitation of the Senate but he was refused audience because he wasn;t wearing a uniform. Can you quote us the section of the law that permits the Senate to determine what cloth you wear to the floor of teh house ?

      There is a court order on this matter and the Senate should shut up !!!!!

    • linkhadj.

      Suleiman or whatever you want to call yourself, get yourself educated on an issue before commenting. The CG honoured the Senate by going there on invitation but instead of allowing him to give the briefing he was invited to give, the Sinators left the substance and dwelt on uniform issue. Does the law that empowers the Senators to surmon anybody also empower them to dictate which type or colour of dress he should wear? Nigerians are suffering and instead of the Senate to make laws to refuse the suffering, it is wasting our time over mundane issues of uniform. Shame on the Senate.


    The Nigerian senate under Saraki has lost its relevance , focus, purpose and has no credibility in the eyes of the Nigerians. It is high time, that organ is dissolved by Law so as to spare Nigerians the agony and pains of impunity and recklessness. The Senate mandate as an arm of the legislature is to make law, and perform oversights on the expenditure of funds appropriated. They are also to identify deficiencies in our laws ad make proposed amendments, invite MDAs to defend their budgets or explain expenditures for appropriated funds. Any issues relating to the implementation of a sector policy is suppose to be directed to the sector Minister and not directly to any DG or CG. In this case, the Senate should by law invite the Minister of Finance , who would intend invite the DG Customs to come along with her. What is the self aggrandizement of insisting that, he should appear with Custom Uniform. Buhari is the C-in -C of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Why is he not wearing military fatigues before inspecting Guard of Honour? How many times have Saraki and Speaker presided over the Senate and House clad in their official robes, which by House rules are part of their office and official wear? We cannot continue to have vagabonds at the senate who have no knowledge of the constitution and the Laws of Nigeria. The court has given a ruling in respect of Ali Hameed`s nomination as the Comptroller General of Customs.There is no law in Nigeria that compels an Officer who is not a serving Custom officer from wearing Uniform. The Police Service Commission is headed by a former IGP, yet he had appeared before several Senate and House committees without wearing his uniform. The DG of EFCC like all others were serving ASP. Why have they not being appearing before the senate or House with their uniforms? It is high time, many continued to boycott and ignore such frivolous invitations from a useless senate, whose only mission is to scuttle the fight against corruption and public stealing. How can a Senate President have such money to buy a car valued at over 400 million naira in a country where 18,000naira is the minimum wage?

  • Victor

    Hammed Ali reminds me of the dark old military era, when soldiers taught they were above the law and derided civilians with impunity. Hammed Ali still possess this mentality and should be resisted. His arrogance is a slap on th Nigerian people.