Saraki speaks on car importation scandal, denies role

Bukola Saraki
Bukola Saraki [Photo: Nigerian Pilot]

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has denied links to a car seized by the Nigerian Customs Service.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mr. Saraki’s spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu, said the allegation of importation of the vehicle by Mr. Saraki “lacked basis and was an outright falsehood”.

“From the facts and documents about the seized vehicle, it is obvious that the President of the Senate has nothing to do with the importation of any vehicle.

“A supplier was engaged by the Senate to supply a vehicle and while transferring the vehicle between Lagos and Abuja, it was impounded by Customs.

“We believe that is an issue between the supplier and the Customs because the Senate has not taken delivery.

“So, why is somebody trying to drag the name of Saraki into the issue?

“The documents on the vehicle are there for the general public to view and make their conclusions.

“Now that the matter has been referred to the Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions, all the facts will be out,” Mr. Olaniyonu said.

The allegation against Mr. Saraki followed a report by Sahara Reporters on how a bulletproof Range Rover purportedly belonging to the senate president was imported with fake papers and seized by the Nigeria Customs Service.

The Comptroller-General of the NCS, Hameed Ali, is currently at loggerheads with the Senate which insists the retired colonel must wear Customs uniform to appear before lawmakers on Wednesday.

Sahara Reporters’ report said the Senate was tough on Mr. Ali because Customs seized Mr. Saraki’s car.

The Senate had at plenary on Tuesday directed the Committee on Ethics and Privileges to investigate alleged irregularities on car importation duty levelled against Mr. Saraki.

The move to investigate the allegation followed a motion by former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume (APC-Borno).

In the motion, Mr. Ndume said the seizure of the car purportedly belonging to Mr. Saraki had made the senate a subject of public ridicule.

He, therefore, urged the upper chamber to investigate the matter.

The committee was given four weeks to submit its report. (NAN)


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  • Africa

    Nigerian big men, and their cravings for ‘official’ cars! They believe government should only exist to serve their insatiable wants.

    • FEMI A USA

      You see my friend, the laws and treasury belong to them. They undertake what ever they desire in the country. They were born for been corrupt child, raised, educated and put in position of power. Don’t for forget Egbon Fela say the thing wey dem do behind the door wey them lock nah corruption.

      • Africa



    l love Mr. Saraki’s spokesperson, Yusuph Olaniyonu childish excuse that the new vehicle is not having Saraki,s name on it but the importer.It is just unfortunate that Nigeria is having all this fraudulent and heartless people in the corridor of power. The newly imported car does not need to bear Saraki,s name on the documents until the bill of lading and other documents changed into his name after full delivery by the Agent who is acting for and on behalf of the transaction.However,further investigation like funds and communication between them will confirm this as evidence by Olaniyonu statement that the vehicle is meant for the Senate hence Saraki,s interest in the vehicle is already implied.

  • musa aliyu

    Sebi customs have the letter written by saraki’s senate quoting that the vehicle be released cause it belongs to saraki? Yousuph what do you say to that? This dubious Senate sef. They just want to window dress and declare him free. Your day of judgement near soon from the hands of the masses.

    • duwdu

      Don’t mind that Yousuph, or whatever the spelling of his name is.


  • Isaac Azor

    Hey, Daura the DSS, this job for you. I wonder if you have started an investigation to determine if of your partner in business is worthy to continue as the Senate president of Nigeria.

    • duwdu

      True talk!


  • Truthometer

    Saraki and Melaye’s names must be mentioned in anything shady in Nigeria. Our lawmakers breaks the law every single day. What do we do now?

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      They are breaking the law because even President Buhari is a certificate forger and perjurer.

      • kinsly

        Broken record! Wailing forever shall be your portion.

        • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

          It is my prerogative to be a “broken record” until Buhari proves he sat WASCE. As to the 2nd part of your post, you are a moron.

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, we know it is your prerogative to be stup1d. Go to court !

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Screw your mum.

          • tundemash

            That was what you repeatedly did to your mum at Ile-Ife before you eloped. Omo Ole !

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Omo ale jati jati ni e.

          • tundemash

            Your problem is a result of the abomination you confessed to committing; sleeping with your mother!

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            No, it was your mum that I slept with.

          • tundemash

            Whoever u claimed u slept with, you are forever cursed obviously !

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            And your mum’s pussy smelled like rotten sardine.

          • tundemash

            Na the curse dey worry you. Your generations unborn will partake there.

        • tundemash

          Amen !

    • Mr. Dee

      “Public Protest” don’t ever give up. Use social media, twitter, Facebook, whatapp and others constructively to sensitized the people about their corrupt practices. Stop worshipping their stolen wealth, reject their hand-outs, boycott their ceremonies, Boo them publicly.

      • Rotimi

        I agree to that too.

    • Rotimi

      Ask that their constituencies re-call them. Or those yeye civil society organization call on the Attorney General to prosecute them.


    I repeat, Nigeria is The Organized Crime Capital of The world.

    Nowhere is crime so easy as in Nigeria.

    In what other country on EARTH is the commonwealth plundered with no retribution, consequence or punishment?

    The syndicate is a law onto itself because it has the protection of the institutions of state. They own and control all the institutions; Law Enforcement, Judiciary, etc.

    The leaders of the syndicate are our leaders, politicians, civil servants, religious leaders etc.

    The Nigerian people have no protector except God. They are on their own.

    This is not an opinion but a fact.

    • Opekete

      Unfortunately the men of God that are supposed to lead us to God are all busy sleeping with our daughters. Head or tail masses are the losers.

    • Rotimi

      Yet, all these are solvable simply by the collective will of the people to say no as a tool. When we were trying to tell them that Senate versus Ali was diversionary, did many want to listen? It was about who wore what to where and on what occasion. lol. The people must embrace enlightenment, say total noo to corruption no mater who is involved.

  • Nkem

    By the way why is Saraki buying a new BMW bulletproof SUV? At what cost? In this recession? How many cars have they bought for Saraki since he became Senate President? Does it mean that whenever there is a new model in the market, they will simply take the existing one to their village and order the latest model? Is that why they don’t want to make their budget public? Can’t these people just stop stealing from us? Are they not tired of plundering the treasury?

    • Rotimi

      That goes to show that spokes person are as lacking in understanding as their principals. The bad part is their assumption that all of us will be illiterates and corrupt in the mind like them. See fantastic summation you have put up now? Did they ever imagine they will need to answer you if they put forward that unreasonable defense? My own is, if you know you are guilty, keep quite becasue you will need to be formulating new lies after lie until you will tell the one that will make a six months old baby say yeh, that one na lie. lol. I blame them, very many of us a very gullible.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    The hunter is now the hunted. Just like that. Thief wey dey carry cow,come dey judge thief wey dey carry chicken. What an irony.

    • duwdu

      Hahaha… Abeg, Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen, make you no kill pesin with lafta o! …hahaha!


      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


      • FEMI A USA

        Likewise myself.

  • tunde008

    Senators are wasting our resources on importation of cars.No jobs for our youths, the people we elected to make life better for the masses are busy buy cars every year wearing agbada and contributing nothing to the society.I am just baffled why Buhari is allowing this Saraki of a guy to destroy his government.If saraki completes his term as Senate president, I will personally come home and campaign against the APC party.So far the president has failed woefully in the governance of the Nigerian state.So much blood shed in the land,mass killing everywhere apart from the boko haram issue.Buhari I am advising you today to go visit these trouble spots yourself and reassure Nigerians that you are their president.I expected you to use our hospitals and our doctors for whatever illness you may have.If you as a president do not believe in our healthcare what are you doing about it?.All the troubled spots except Aba or Owerri where IPOB and MASSOb are were visited by your vice president that is why you have some peace while you were away.You have contributed to the continuous trouble we have in the today.Please release Kanu to Ohaneze and go to Aba and meet face to face with IPOB or MASSOB they are Nigerians and you are their president.Please disarm all the herdsmen in Nigeria, they are cow rearers not members of the armed forces of nigeria.

    • FEMI A USA

      There is no difference between two. They are fantastically corrupt fellas. Is the messiah people are looking for and again part of the old boys.

  • Du Covenant

    How does anyone expect Nigeria to be taken seriously anywhere in the world if the type of saraki occupies such a position in society?. For some reason there are fellow citizens who see nothing wrong with this man, he is extremely greedy, corrupt and self righteous. How many vehicles does saraki want to own in this world? When the story on the Panama scandal broke, he denied it and stayed put. The story is now dead. In other serious countries people mentioned in the same Panama saga, resigned their positions, the Prime minister of UK apologized to the nation just because his deceased father was mentioned in the same Panama papers. Is the difference between us and them not pretty obvious?. We are our own enemies and until we don’t change our mindset and drive such people to the ocean including their families, they will continue to tighten their stranglehold on all of us!.

    • FEMI A USA

      Thank you. This suggestion can be implemented if people are enlightened. Ethnicity, Religion, Party affiliation and the rest wouldn’t prevent it. This guy has a golden fingers and shows up where corruptions on going.

  • Dave

    The truth is gradually unfolding why the Senate has been very hard on Ali. The man is retired for heaven’s sake. What does wearing uniform got to do with the issues for which he was summoned? Saraki and his fellow senators are dragging their luck too far. They steal from the treasury and defraud on taxes as well. Something has to be done and fast too.

    • Ayekooto

      If the man is a retiree, is he qualified to be in the position of ‘serving Comptroller of Custom? An extol post of a serving Custom Officer. Signs of ‘morally corruption ‘ on the side of Buhari who made his appointment.

  • jon

    If Senate was spending time in there constituents they will not have time for uniform wahalla

    • FEMI A USA

      Thank you. They are not serious person. They are displaying their own integrity. They don’t have Omoluabi (integrity) left in them. Nigerians deserve these people.

  • Bolaji

    If so, why did the senate officer write to the customs service for the release of the vehicle as being part of the Senate’s convoy when they are yet to take delivery of the said vehicle? Also, Did the senate or the senate president obtain the permission from the NSA as required by law before ordering for or awarding the contract of purchase of an amoured car?

  • wode

    I said it. They would create frivolous excuses and at the end of the day the “Saraki boys” charged with the responsibility of investigating him would then declare him innocent. What a country? What a group of people? What a Politician? What a crook?

    It’s now crystal clear that the invitation of the CG of the Custom was never in the interest of the masses. It’s all self serving – just about them! How dear Hameed Ali, just an appointing of Government, challenging Senate President’s interest. That is the mindset. That’s all what the stories about summoning of the CGC, wearing of uniform, etc is all about. Those Senators that joined this crook called Senate President in trying to cow Hameed Ali down should cover their faces in shame!