Senate to investigate Saraki, Melaye over ‘fake Customs paper, certificate’

Bukola Saraki
Senate President Bukola Saraki

The Senate has referred its president, Bukola Saraki, and controversial Senator, Dino Melaye, to the committee on ethics and privileges over allegations of importing a car with fake Customs documents and certificate forgery respectively.

The resolution, on Tuesday, followed a motion by the former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, who said the two cases – alleged seizure of car belonging to Mr. Saraki and Mr. Melaye’s certificate scandal – had made the Senate subject of public ridicule.

Mr. Ndume categorically said Nigerians were insulting the Senate over the scandals and, therefore, urged the Senate to investigate Messrs. Saraki and Melaye.

Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, who presided in the absence of Mr. Saraki who went to the Code of Conduct Tribunal for his corruption trial, referred the matters to the committee on ethics and privileges chaired by Samuel Anyanwu.

The committee has four weeks to report back to the Senate, Mr. Ekweremadu ruled.

The two matters involving Mr. Saraki and his ally, Mr. Melaye, were made public following reports by Sahara Reporters about how a bullet proof Range Rover purportedly belonging to Mr. Saraki was imported with fake papers and seized by the Nigeria Customs Service.

The Comptroller-General of the NCS, Hameed Ali, is currently at loggerheads with the Senate which insists the retired colonel must wear Customs uniform to appear before the lawmakers on Wednesday.

Sahara Reporters’ report suggested the Senate was tough on Mr. Ali because Customs seized Mr. Saraki’s car.

But seizure is yet to be confirmed by the NCS.

The paper also said Mr. Melaye did not graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, contrary to the Senator’s claim. But Mr. Melaye denied the allegation, saying he is even currently studying for a postgraduate degree in the school.

Since his removal as Senate Leader after a fallout with Mr. Saraki over the rejection of the nomination of Ibrahim Magu for the top job at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Ndume has been openly tackling Mr. Saraki.

He once asked the Senate President to disclose the details of the National Assembly’s budget to both the public and the lawmakers.

Nigerians following the Senate proceedings online dismissed the probe of Mr. Saraki and Mr. Melaye.

“The outcome is already known…clean bill of health,” said Achilleus Uchegbu on Facebook.


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  • Dazmillion

    A waste of time! did they investigate the forgery that brought Saraki and Ekweremadu to office? That crime was simple enough to investigae

    • Victoria

      They are just deceiving Nigerians.Saraki will give them money and they will forget about it.Only God and voters can remove Saraki and Melaye from that position.


    Dear Senators,

    Please stop wasting our time.

    With the litany of grave accusations that have pursued the Senate President for yearns nothing has come out of any single one of them.

    You now want us to hold our breath while you investigate whether he had genuine car papers or not? Are you serious?

    Any Nigerian with half a brain can already write word for word the conclusions of the investigations: NOT GUILTY!

  • vay

    What a joke Naija is? Thieves investigating thieves…rogues investigating rogues

  • tundemash

    Then let all armed robbers in Nigeria investigate their colleagues henceforth.

  • Jb

    Dino please a copy of your Bsc in Geography from ABU for all to see. This will clear you or else it goes to the saying that the empty drum makes the loudest noise.

    • A.A.Ngalos

      if he has any, why not just go the said University and use FOI for that purpose.

    • George

      Until half dead Buhari show his own

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Nigerians must wait and see in real sense of senate would live up to expectation of senate investigating its sitting senate president Bukola Saraki and Dino Melaye, who both forged custom and exercise, documents for their imported cars into the country.Most senators and house of representatives members, of current national assembly, are birds of same feathers who are very deeply corrupt-ridden and possessed criminal-profile even in their respective constituencies nationwide.They are 419-moles.They are in the national assembly, to loot public treasuries to enrich their personal pockets.

    • George

      Add Tinubu pls except you are telling he prints his own money.

      • Ismail Jamal

        When will u ever grow up and show maturity. Is Tinubu related to the topic? Is he either in government or in the senate? Please, show some level of maturity and sane reasoning upstairs. The only thing u know about is Tinubu, find a way to live your life without the mention of Tinubu on a daily basis.

  • FreeNigeria

    NASS of rejects, Nigerians are not surprised, these are the scums of our society.

  • manweysabi

    4 weeks to investigate what, a national disaster ? Enough time for them to either buried the case and let public opinions wind-down on it. They (SIN-ACTORS) should know that Nigerians have been insulting the senate long before now by virtual of the fact that THEY ALLOWED THAT SAME PERSON WHO HAPPENS TO BE THEIR PRESIDENT, IN THE PERSON OF SATANKI, TO BE ON THE RAMPAGE ON NIGERIANS! HIS NAME IS MENTIONED IN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING CORRUPT, BAD, NEGATIVE, UNPOPULAR SINCE THIS CURRENT DISPENSATION AND HIM BEING ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH HIS TRIAL WHILE STILL KEEPING​ HIS SEAT AS YOUR PRESIDENT, IS ENOUGH GROUND FOR THAT SHAME.

  • Asking Questions




    • Dr. O’ Politico

      Bukola Saraki is
      making President Buhari look bad, as Bukola Saraki spreads bad odour around
      Nigeria. Bukola Saraki makes stealing the fundamental objective of state policy,
      whilst President Buhari just bleats like a helpless sheep, as if the tail is wagging
      the dog.

      • Katastofi


        Bukola Saraki and his errand boy Dino Melaye

        IT IS UNREALISTIC to expect Bukola Saraki will allow the Senate approve Ibrahim
        Magu as the substantive Chairman of EFCC. It is Ibrahim Magu who investigated
        and found out that Bukola Saraki is a career criminal who looted per second
        whilst in office as Governor of Kwara state so much that Bukola Saraki was
        found to have made 50 separate deposits into his private GTB bank account –
        without being a trader in public office. President Buhari did what he thought
        was necessary to persuade the Senate. Buhari asked the attorney-general to
        investigate the integrity issue raised by the SSS in its report to the Senate. The
        attorney-general investigated and wrote back to Buhari saying the integrity
        question is false. Buhari then attached the attorney-general’s letter to a fresh
        request by re-nomination of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC Chairman.

        The investigation report by the attorney general was attached and submitted to
        Senate President Bukola Saraki. The execrable, roguish and thievish Bukola
        Saraki quickly sprang into action, using his cat’s paw, called Dino Melaye who
        has no sense or gumption or behavioural evidence of good schooling to procure
        the exact same report of the SSS which the attorney-general investigated, got
        it dated anew and read it on the floor of the Senate, irrelevantly, as if it
        was in response to the attorney-general’s investigation. Whereas it wasn’t. And
        so, as a result of Bukola Saraki’s nigh-illiteracy on administrative procedure,
        the attorney-general’s un-contradicted report was suppressed so as to carry out
        the nefarious mischief all along intended by Bukola Saraki and Dino Melaye.

        • George

          If Saraki is a carer criminal tell us please what is Tinubu, OBJ, fashola, Awolowo, MKO ITT.

      • George

        Because he was able to out smart your regional leader Tinubu, shame boy keep crying because nothing you can do too late

    • FreeNigeria

      He’s not even qualified to control traffic. He’ll cause accident and traffic jams all day. He should be a thug that he’s born to be

    • George

      Yorubas so its your Tinubu with Chicago that look educated. shameless fellow.

  • blueeyedkitten

    this saraki is so dirty!

    • George

      And your regional leader Tinubu is very clean silly boy

      • tundemash

        You are so shallow. What post is Tinubu holding in governance ? Was it Tinubu’s car that was impounded for not paying import duty? Whoever released you from the jungle among your fellow monkeys has not done humanity any favour .

        • emmanuel

          Justice has no timelime. CCB can still open up Tinubu’s forged certificate case and send him to jail. Are you an ignorant fellow? May be you should talk to your fellow clowns – Kay soyemi, Onike and co let then lecture you.
          Same Tinubu stole Lagos state Vmobile money and must be brought to book one day. Everyday for the thief and one day for the owner.
          Let Nuhu Ribadu get into serious government position and your god would go to jail

      • blueeyedkitten

        kaji wawa ko?

  • George

    WHEN BOKO HARAM LEADER called Sokoto was arrested in Mr. Ndume house the public was not laughing at the Senate until just now with common allegations that yeye Ndume quickly aware that the Nigeria public aren’t happy about the Senators.

    Saraki will surely outlive all of them in that Senate chamber even Tinubu and his co-host can’t remove him.

    • Okokondem

      I am sickened by the attitude of people like you who come prepared to defend at all costs these people well known for defrauding this country.

    • bala

      you are shameless George, continue to chase empty shadow. We await your forecast and remember the will of the people will be done.

      • emmanuel

        Ndume is a neck deep in Boko Haram and his cases relating to Boko Haram were swept under by the last senate, so will Saraki and Melaye’s cases.
        The APC is a next of most corrupt people on earth.
        Saraka is as clean as a pig in the gutter, so is Ndume, the one who bought some Volkswagen Golf cars in the past for some Boko Haram guys in the na,e of empowerment – swept under too.
        As of today, there is no single clean person in the APC from Number one to number nothing

  • thusspokez

    The resolution, on Tuesday, followed a motion by the former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, who said the two cases – alleged seizure of car belonging to Mr. Saraki and Mr. Melaye’s certificate scandal – had made the Senate subject of public ridicule.

    Despite the mountain of criminal charges against him, Saraki is unable to refrain from committing more crimes. This makes him both a kleptomaniac and psychopath with a pathological compulsion to commit crimes.

    Yet the inept Buhari and the people around him keep inviting Saraki to visit and take photos with the President — which is then splashed on Nigerian TVs and newspapers’ front pages to give the crook free publicity and massage his ego. It is an insult to the Nigerian people, a poke in their eyes, as if to say to them: “I might be a crook to you, but see…the President needs and supports me”.

  • Noble

    Aha! No smoke without fire. We can now see why Honorouble gentle men are refusing to clear Magu and Ali. How I wish the investigation is to be done by the IGP instead of the senate, then only then may we know the truth.

    • emmanuel

      Magu is not clean, please do not refer to that name when you talk about clean people. Lamorde, whether you like it or not also prosecuted some people but he was a thief. Afterall, Farida Waziri too was.
      Ali is a confused man and should go do his farm or whatever business he was in before now. What achievements in customs since he came in that makes you think he should be worshiped.
      We cannot build our institutions around arrogant men, we would rather have career people who would be monitored to avoid abuses and let our institution last.
      Hamid Ali is a no issue

  • SAM .A

    Slow , but certain , Saraki’s chicken will come home to roost

  • Tunde

    Senator Saraki and Malaye, your anthics with Magu, Ndume, Ali, and shinanigans in the senate is coming home to roost. If this doesn’t nail you, something else will. You two are single handedly causing so much Agro for the people of Nigeria with all the allegations against you. Your time is up! May our Lord ensure Justice for us, the people!

  • wode

    Please don’t expect anything good out of this investigation. It’s dead at the onset, not only on arrival. Thieves to investigative thieves! What do you expect. 4 Weeks will come and we’ll revisit this.

  • emmanuel

    What are you turning yourself to, sometime in 2015 you were okay with PHCN Bill as Buhari’s WAEC Certificate, why are you now bothered with another of his party man who even went furter to provide a degree?
    Hypocrisy never stand the test of time. Dino made a promise to impregnate your bosses wife, so the enemity is concurrent? Meanwhile, that same boss presented a wrapper of ékö as his university certificate several years ago and it was ok to accept – The green card tearing Soyinka and Loud mouthed Falana asked Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory to drop the case in court.
    I advise Dino to look for a Yoruba Senator with same problem, leak his case to the press and he can have some peace.
    Nigeria is a nation where people are prosecuted in the media when they are not liked. As for me, all corrupt cases must be treated alike, if not let them all be laid to rest.
    One Baba, arranged his cut into Coca Cola long before he dies and his generation are still enjoying the proceeds to date.
    If someone from another clime structure such, he becomes a thief.
    Nigeria is not a nation, but a country of ethnic warlords and crooks – some in the media and online junkies

    • Anas Umar

      OMG I don’t know why some people can’t conceal their hatred. The point here is that the guys will be investigated that’s all, nobody yet said they already are found guilty. So, why all the defences???? Allow the sanate do their investigation so we can see the truth. However, it’s Paramount for us to start electing people with the track records of humility, honestly and good reputation and stop foolishly throwing our votes to people who are self-centered, thuggish and giftedly currupt. It is true that you can never eat your cake and yet have it! The people you vote can only act their habits out.