Why we detained nursing mother who was allegedly assaulted by officer – Police

Mrs. Adeyeye's bruised body

Abdullahi Chafe, the Ekiti State Police Commissioner, said the woman who was beaten by police officers at a checkpoint in Ado Ekiti slapped one of his men and tore his uniform.

Mr. Chafe spoke in a reaction to the social media outrage against the police officers for brutalising a woman.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how Toyin Adeyeye, nursing a two-month old baby named Heritage, was allegedly beaten by the policemen on Friday. Her face and back show scars from the manhandling by the police officers.

After the beating, she and her baby, including her younger brother, Adeniyi Dada, were detained at a police station in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital. The Kia Picanto that Mr. Dada was driving was also impounded.

Mr. Chafe said the woman, who was said to have recently returned from the U.S. where she delivered her baby, committed an offence at a checkpoint when she was asked to prove the ownership of the car in which she was being driven.

“Those people slapped my policeman on duty and tore his uniform. Uniform is an authority and what those people did was against the law and it is not good for a civilian to slap a policeman

“It is not good for somebody to prevent a law enforcement officer from carrying out his lawful duty, somebody wearing the uniform? It is not about his age but the authority he carries; I don’t allow my men to do something contrary to the law

“I don’t want a woman to be detained with baby or with pregnancy, I don’t want an old woman or a minor to be detained. I have taken note of this and we will take the right action on the matter as investigation continues”, he said.

The husband of the woman, Akanni Adeyeye, has, however, refuted the police claim, saying his wife and her brother were beaten up and detained for refusing to offer bribe to the police officer at the checkpoint.

He told journalists that about five police officers on duty at the checkpoint beat them up before taking them to the New Iyin Police Station where they are being detained.

He said the police also impounded the black Kia Picanto with registration number LAGOS FKJ 221 EE conveying them.

He claimed that the policemen requested for vehicle particulars and driver’s licence of his brother-in-law who drove the car and found them to be up to date.

He said the refusal of his wife to offer them bribe led to her being beaten-up.

He said the beating was severe to the extent that there are wounds on the back and face of his wife.

Mr. Adeyeye said he was shocked to discover that the police gave a different version of the incident that his wife narrated to him.

He said he believed that the police officers cooked up the story that his wife slapped one of them and tore his uniform.

But the Commissioner of Police insisted that the woman was detained for allegedly slapping one of the police officers on duty and tearing his uniform.

This is the second reported attack by security officials on a woman this month.

On March 12, a woman in Lagos, Ruth Orji, was attacked by soldiers at Odogunyan in Ikorodu area. The military authorities said they have arrested six soldiers who were involved in the attack, while lawyers to the woman said they have sued the military authorities and asked for N250 million in damages.


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  • T-Rex

    Who do we believe now?

    • Gary

      You believe your lying eyes and a little gumption if a woman and nursing mother, of sound mind will slap a Nigerian Policeman surrounded by his fellow officers at a public checkpoint.
      Then add what any eight/year old Nigerian kid quickly learns about Nigeria Police, you need not be genius to surmise the truth of this incident.

      The questions we, the people need to ask IGP Idris is “What the hell is going on with your men running wild these days and brutalizing citizens?”
      Did he deploy this new Police Commissioner to terrorize the people of Ekiti State for political reasons as he has been doing in states heading for elections?
      Everywhere we turn now, the Nigerian people are under assault from the uniformed services paid to protect them.

      We need our elected representatives to step in and halt this slide to authoritarian rule that is muzzling our democracy.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t-P r


    • kay

      Thief go look for a job..

  • bayobe

    Mr Commissioner you are very wrong, as law officers you cannot go on and beat citizens because your men were assaulted you should know better than that, if this woman truly slap one of your boys you should arrest and bring charges against her, as chief of police you it is preposterous to say the least defending your men for their unruly behaviour.

  • Wale

    What the commissioner did not say is whether those officers were on lawful duty. Has he seen the torn uniform. Considering the legendary dishonesty of our policemen and their lies does he have proof that the woman tore a policeman uniform. Most of the time these officers just cook up lies knowing that they have gullible bosses. The antecedent of our policemen makes it difficult for me to believe this story. The woman should get a lawyer and go to court

  • Curseless

    Bad timing. If this lady has come to the US just to deliver an anchor baby then is being surrounded by this social media fiasco then you can be sure her name will be on record. Our police men on the average asked for w

  • Bigtin

    Thought the IGP abolished Police Checkpoint?

  • Mikogo

    In as much as I condemn the treatment meted out on her, one can’t help but ask. Why was only the woman beaten? If it was a bribe, who was to pay, the woman or the driver who happens to be her brother?.

  • Nono

    So she just slapped the cop and tore his uniform for no reason at all? Come on , cop’s story is kinda fishy.

  • Abavo Man

    Who was holding her baby while she fought the Police? How come a woman slapped a police officer, tore his clothes and the rest four of the officers were helpless or never intervened? What led to the fight if the car’s particulars are in order?. so many questions for the police to answer. The Nigerian police are never our friend as they say. provide evidence of torn uniform please. The family can sue the NPF if they want to. Rubbish!

  • ojays

    It’s the usual police system, no matter who you are when a policeman sees you first time in a check point he wants to know you. Despite giving them genuine docs he wants something more. When you refuse to give he’ll now find excuses to delay you. This is when fracas starts.
    I am not blaming anyone but something will lead to another. It’s wrong to beat any civilian more so a woman and nursing mother at that matter.

  • Chris

    These our police people self. Most of them don’t even know the law. Quoting from what this police officer said above “Those people slapped my policeman on duty and tore his uniform. Uniform is an authority and what those people did was against the law and it is not good for a civilian to slap a policeman”. Notice him calling them civilians? The police are also civilians and not the Military they don’t even know that which breaks my heart to know how much trouble we are in in this country of ours. The police now think they are not civilians right? ok what are they now? just the police? lol spear me the gist. To educate people that don’t know the status of the police, they are also civilians and nothing more. The reason the police was created in the first place is to be closer to the grass roots of the community but now they think they are not civilians but something else. Same goes to every other organisation wearing uniform, for some reason, any uniform you give them automatically gives the the right to misbehave. What a joke. Mchewwwww the police not a civilian my foot. These guys need to be put back into training to know the basics of policing because it appears to me that alot of our police somehow misunderstand what policing is all about but care more about getting the uniform to bully and extort people all in the name of policing. Imagine me stopped in the middle of a moving traffic with the light green on Sunday morning by a female police officer only to start asking me for money at 9:47am on my way to church.