El-Rufai’s memo to Buhari: Senator wants Kaduna governor punished

El Rufai and Buhari [Photo: Pulse.ng]

Kaduna senator, Shehu Sani, has urged the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to punish Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State for allegedly leaking to reporters a memo he wrote to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Sani, who is the Vice-Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, called for punitive measures in a statement he released in Abuja on Saturday.

In the September 2016 memo published this week, Mr. El-Rufai told President Buhari that he was losing the vision and the momentum with which APC started the change campaign.

The governor told the president how bad the nation was faring under his watch, and how the president’s policies, actions and in-actions have contributed to the nation’s woes, and what could be done to steer Nigeria back to greatness.

In the 30-page memo, first published by Sahara Reporters on Thursday, to Mr. Buhari touched several areas, ranging from the ailing economy, to the dynamics of the nation’s politics, lack of coercion within the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and the poor relationship between the president and the national leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, and other party leaders, including the APC governors.

Mr. Sani said it was ironic that while Gov. El-Rufai could not stand constructive criticism, he had the audacity to criticise the president.

“The governor always recommends that our party should punish me for criticising him,” the lawmaker said.

“Now that he has fired a cruise missile at the President through a deliberately leaked memo, he should also be treated the same way.

“He accused me of being disloyal and disrespectful to the President and the party for speaking my mind.

“Now he has done his own cunningly by criticising the President and the party, disguised it as a memo and leaked it out to the press.

“If our able party chair would give me five strokes of the cane for speaking out, the governor (El Rufai) should be given thrice that for ‘leaking out’.

“It’s often said that look at the message and not the messenger, but there are times when you can only decipher the message by looking at the messenger,” he said.

According to Mr. Sani, while Gov. El-Rufai is entitled to his opinion and perception, the contradiction and irony is that he carried out an action he always stood against when criticised.

He described the governor as disloyal and disrespectful, saying: “the difference is that while mine is blunt, his is dubious.

“Secondly, for all the issues he raised against the President, his own is worst in his space of governance both in the existence of cabal or politics of exclusion, incompetence or public perception.

“The difference is that the President is tolerant of criticisms and alternative views.’’

He said the leakage of the memo to journalists was an evidence that “logically he is leaking memo to rouse popular sympathy and create the image of “a competent alternative” to “Baba”.

Mr. Sani advised President Buhari to be cautious, saying: “he who keeps a scorpion in his pocket must always watch his groin and he who inherits a cobra should know that it’s not a pet.” (NAN)


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  • Absolutely Sane

    For the first time, I agree with Senator Sheu Sanni’s stance.

  • ilubarde

    Mr. Senator. What is your reason that it was Gov. Nasir El Rufa’i that leaked the memo to the journalists? Assuming you have a reason for your claim, what is the evidence that El Rufa’i did leak the memo?

    In any case, what is wrong about writing the memo?

    Did you really read the memo or you just relied on media summaries?

  • GOV11

    I see sense in what the senator has said. El Rufai is only scheming his way into the hearts of Nigerians by this ploy. He is cunningly presenting himself an effective alternative to Buhari ahead of the 2019 elections.

    • Mamman Bako

      Nigerians have a choice to accept him or not. When speaking up become a crime?!!!

  • JOHN

    The memo is blunt and incisive. It proves that pmb and APC have become the biggest agents of destroying our economy and inflicting the worst suffering on Nigerians in the history of this country.

    • thusspokez

      El-Rufai’ can’t even sort out the problems in the state, he is like the kettle calling the pot black.

    • Bak

      If you are looking for those that destroyed the economy, check on your master, Mr Jonathan Ebele Jonathan and his co travelers like you.

      • okenwa

        El-rufai said, buhari cannot add up from the progress he inherited and everything is upside down. Please read with your classes.

  • Mamman Bako

    When did speaking up become a crime?!!! This is a constitutional democracy for goodness sake, El-Rufai has led the way, we should all speak up. PMB and APC have truly squandered the goodwill that followed 2015 elections, we’ve lost time and people have lost their livelihood. I say NO to blind followership.

    • thusspokez

      When did speaking up become a crime?!!!

      Are you sure you have understood the salient points which the Senator made in the report?

    • Bak

      Hypocrites. If Buhari becomes hard now, you will acuse him of being dictatorial.

    • iwe paul

      Same in Kaduna State

    • okenwa

      You didnt understand sani.

  • thusspokez

    Is Senator Shehu Sani a Nigerian? Pardon me, I ask because he sounds too sane, intelligent and rational to be a Nigerian. Like Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah (in the Nigerian army), Senator Shehu Sani (in Nigerian politics), both men are like an oasis in the desert. If I have to choose friends to chill out with, these two Nigerians will be my top pick.

    Irrespective of whether or not one shares their worldview or political persuasions or both, one can still admire and respect them for their intelligence.

  • Gary

    Never mind Senator, Governor El-Rufai can delude himself and pose as a Latter-day saint but he will have to kill every Christian and Shiite in Nigeria for him to be elected as President.
    He has more trials and tribulations in his future than he imagines and he will hear from God at the appropriate time.

    • Stargazer

      You dey mind the mumu..In El-Rufai’s pigmy world, being Nigerian president requires votes from only extremist Sunni Muslims.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Mr senator,you don’t seem to have made any sir. Your critism of el rufai has always been pety and self serving. But the elrufais has been the selfless one in the. Interest of our dear nation, and to expose the fact that baba has now been caged by the usual cabals,he has been turned to a goast of himself. So far,elrufai has done well. Leaking or no leaking,it is an issue for another day. Baba is a river forgetting its source,too soon. The earlier he acted on elrufai%s letter,the better for him.

    • thusspokez

      Don’t be so cheaply gullible! What has El-Rufai got to say for the many problems in his state?

      • musa aliyu

        Which many problems are peculiar to elrufai states and not urs?

        • thusspokez

          Do you have some more stúpid questions?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        “The many” problems created by your likes and the cabals, sani himself included. El rufai has been able to show you hell. You are trying to rubish his effort. But so far,he has been able to match you, weapon to weapon,propaganda to propaganda. Don’t worry,he is already dealing with you. Creative more,so that he decimate you more. I guess you are a greater gullible,for your inability to know that he can only try his best within his limitations. He doesn’t control the police,the army,the Navy or the DSS. So think, using your brain,instead of using your hands.

  • Tommy Soto

    What will it take to stop the prevalent time wasting in-fighting and spend precious time moving the country forward, and improving the lives of the masses?

    • Otile

      It takes brains, something lacking in Buhari and his administration.

  • Sarah

    Senator, thanks for tacitly accepting that the message is valid.
    As for the messenger, he is a bad omen of bloodshed (Shiites, Southern Kaduna).
    If, as I suspect, Buhari will not compete in 2019, then VP Osinbajo will have best shot at the Presidency. Among Northern candidates, Aminu Tambuwal is more likely to win national acceptance followed by Kwakwanso. OBJ will always mobilise to block Atiku, so he doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Bak

      Just go and worship your Obj. The north is still with Buhari, no shaking.

  • Buhari d scarecrow.

    Y should he b punished?cos we don’t like d true that y d country is like dis,even Obama was criticised by democrats in usa,who is Buhari d plonker that can’t b criticise.Wot a useless country.

    • okenwa

      When such truth is said about el-rufai, he will call for the head of such person eg. Sani and apostle sulemain.

  • Lanre

    You people, El-Rufai, Sani should go and form your own country. First it is El-Rufai (the new Town Crier and Professional Letter Writer) telling us how Buhari is spoiling the chance of his fellow Northerners at perpetually ruling, then it is Mr. Sani reminding us how Yorubas killed Hausas in Ile-Ife. Not minding that this same Sani never mentioned a word on the killings of Southern Christians (mainly Yorubas) in Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and many parts of the North. You people should go and form your own country and handle your Almajiri, Boko Haram, VVF Pandemic and lack of education. No need to fight. Enough of this slavery. Free Yorubaland today!

    • Bak

      While you manage your incest and ritual killings

      • Lanre

        Correct. We will manage our own peculiar social problems that we have not had the opportunity to solve because of the continued colonisation by Hausa-Fulani Northern Nigeria (and their surrogates – Obasanjo, Bode George etc) in our affairs.

    • Otile

      Are you kidding me, where are they going to get crude oil to sustain their caliphate? They would rather fight and commit genocide than form their own country empty-handed. Not easy oo.

  • Kamalu

    If Senator Sani wants Governor El Rufai punished because he aired his opinion under democratic tenets to the President simply because the governor called for sanctions on him for a similar opinion on his government in Kaduna State, then he is more chicken than El Rufai on matters concerning the Senator. You don’t bring down a sitting house because someone else wanted to unjustifiably pull it down.

  • kayode Olufade

    The governor as everyone shouldn’t be punished for airing his/her view. Take critisizm to grow stronger and never faulter from the focused plan at hand

  • musa aliyu

    Busy body! Wetin concern U! Better go shave that madman hair U carry about. Na the tin wey dey make U behave like that!

  • stanejike

    Confusion in the house. Another Fuji house of commotion. Let the drama continue, before 2019 we would have been able to separate the men from the boys!

    • share Idea

      hahaha, letter writers are now back in school

  • Gracias

    Shehu Sani is a hypocrite. This is the same person undermining the Buhari administration at the Senate. He recently said that the administration was using both insecticide and deodorant to fight corruption, which is utter rubbish. He is in the same league as Dino Melaye, doing everything to malign the executive. They want their voice heard always.

    • Osakue

      They all got votes from us bcos of pmb we where voting apc all the way. I doubt it will happen again. Our eyes are sharper now.

      • okenwa


  • Jacobus James

    Who is this dinosaur that goes by the human name Sani? When truth is told to power on behalf of the owners of the land (Nigerians) it is something to be praised not punished. The messenger may be flawed but the message is right on the money. And when the power to whom the message is given is not taking steps to do the right thing, report it to the people. PMB greatest failing is his inability to respond to pressing issues and his blind loyalty to family and friends with whom he surrounded himself. Nothing in that memo is new or a secret.

  • Nonames

    “I sympathise with Nigerians for voting Buhari. We have a president
    who doesn’t have a friend outside the North and that’s a tragedy. As I am
    talking to you, I am convinced that President Buhari’s presidency is dead. He
    may be physically alive and I wish him good health, but as far as governance is
    concerned, his presidency is dead and nothing can be done to resuscitate it. A
    presidency can be alive in terms of a leader, but in terms of programmes and
    achievements it can be dead and historically forgotten”.

    …………..Dr. Junaid Muhammed

    (KANO, March 5th, 2017)

  • E.O Nelson


    It is somewhat true that the mostly illiterate-staffed and mediocre-driven Buhari government flatters to deceive.
    For example, after making bogus promise of free food for primary school pupils there’’s nothing in the Buhari
    2016 budget for this free meal campaign pledge which could cost close to ₦250 billion a year. Ditto, there’s
    nothing in the budget for Buhari’s dole policy of ₦5,000 per month to the poorest 25 million Nigerians –
    which may separately cost ₦1.5 trillion. Nigerians feel duped by President Buhari. It’ll be no surprise
    if top shots of the Boko Haram militias consider Buhari’s government ‘un-Islamic’ for lies-telling
    and for ‘mass deceit’ -which may explain Boko Haram’s re-invigorated killings. Who knows?
    Nigeria itself looks set to implode under Buhari’s incompetent misrule for un-affordability.
    Inflation at 18% + 62% devaluation of the Naira last year have wreaked mass poverty.
    On top of that the country is almost mired in total darkness without electricity supply.
    Devaluation of the national currency has thus not attracted any foreign investor.

    • Pointsblank


      Let truth be told – Raji Fashola disgraced the Buhari government. He brought down the government with

      incompetence as Electricity Minister. For once Raji Fashola failed a competency test, Buhari began to look

      sloven and crass.

      • aisha ani


  • Flash

    Sani has destroyed his credibility just because of his personal grouse with El Refai. Of recent , he has been saying things one would not expect from him. When it comes to courage , I equate El Refai with Dora Akunyuli the great

    • Nicolas

      He simply said the Truth.. those who are desperate for power like El- Rufai will be consumed by it. As it was in the days of Daniel so shall be till he end.

      • Otile

        You are right, Imam Buhari was so desperate for power that he overthrew an elected government once and contested elections 4 times. Today vain power has taken a toll on his health, yet he has submerged Nigeria into economic meltdown.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Yesterday I labelled the news item as fake one, simply from the content. it was evident some fallacy were weaved around El-Rufa’i just to give the piece credence. I am now vindicated. From the above piece, one hopes it was not only Shehu Sani who knew El-Rufa’i wrote such letter. Otherwise, we may safely conclude that the dirty fight between Shehu Sani and El-Rufa’i was the genesis of the so-called letter to PBM.

    • Otile

      So, what is your point?

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        I stand by the fact that fake news in circulation.

        • Poseidon

          Fake news that the memo was not written by the Leprechaun or what? This is why you people are this gullible. You cannot discern anything for yourselves except one Imam tells you to.

          Continue to wait for that approval from your Imam. Shioor.

          • Guest

            abeg bros, wetin be ‘Leprechaun’??

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            It was your pastor who advised I shouldn’t accept such stories because he uses them to misdirect your reasoning.

          • Poseidon

            Pastors don’t tell us rubbish. Until you and your people start to form independent thought and not what one Imam who knows nothing tells you, your people will remain where they are.

            A remoted and teleguided people can’t break away from the tyranny of their elite.

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    Outrageous for a senator to make such an obscurantist request. Is he aware that there is Freedom of expression in the constitution? See the caliber of our senators; they are UNIFORM in thought!

    • Daniel Okogie

      Just read through his statement once again and see what he meant.I had taught like this until I read through

  • Du Covenant

    I am frankly fed up with this so called senator. He appears to be not fit for purpose except being self righteous and out-rightly childish. Since his election to the senate, his true colours are now out for all to see. What a country.

    • Ayobanna Ikeanumba

      How Sir

      • John Abayomi

        How? he was one of Saraki’s shameless senetorial entourage vehemently defending corruption during SP various court appearances everywhere except the basket ball court, these fat cats shameless Senators abandoned the chambers despite receiving humongous salary at the expense of Nigerians, he was also one of the senators whom corruptly got expensive SUV’s while asking Nigerians to groan under crushing poverty, he also did not ctriticise Saraki’s forgery of the Senate standing rules, he was also the arrow head used by Saraki to organise Kangaroo NGO’s support to launder Saraki’s image, like El-Rufai he is a Ethnic/religious bigot, he was quick to condem the unrest in Osun state between the Hausa’s and the Yoruba’s but yet to condem the “Herdsmen” killing rampage, he fraternises with ambassadors of countries like Iran, Turkey etc, etc, but you won’t see him interacting with Ambassadors of liberal and accomodating countries, he claimed to be educated but has no respect for women, he decleared his wife as an assest in his Kangaroo public assest declaration as if she is an item/merchandise he obtained from the market and dispose off as he deems fit, should I go on? the list is endless bro, the fact of the matter is, this man doesn’t have moral standing to crticise El-Rufai because he is worst.

  • Gary

    Nice to see the nexus between the pro-Magu and pro–Rufai online operatives.
    Nice job guys- keep at it so Nigerians will know those pulling the strings for the unrelenting campaign of disinformation in the media.

    The irony of it all is that the E-rats recruited to attack the perceived critics and opponents of President Buhari are now engaged in a circular firing squad. And even now taking aim at Buhari himself. The ambitious El-Rufai first turned his back on Atiku, then OBJ and now Buhari is the latest victim of his treachery.

    • share Idea

      They thought PDP was they only problem forgetting that managing victory is a bigger challenge. Now, PDP has been decimated, they are attacking themselves which their gullible followers are finding it difficult to understand.

      More of this drama will unfold as we approach 2019 election.

  • marc umeh

    Much ado about nothing. I was expecting a rebuttal but all we get is sour grapes.

    • okenwa

      Does buhari know what is rebuttal?

  • Musa Samuel

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    Do you need Sugar Mummy/Daddy a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Hurry up now and contact Mrs Sandra on (08140553826) she just linked/hooked me up with a rich sugar mummy after I have been played/scamed online by some other people all the name of sugar mummy, no much talks hurry up now call her (Mrs. Sandra) on (+2348140553826) and testify/see for your own self don’t waist time, she is genuine, just follow her rules and in 24hours she will link you up! Allah she is nice…

  • paul irumundomon

    somebody should have told this four feet governor, long time ago, he too think Nigeria belong to him alone

  • Alhajivinco

    The President should simply take the memo seriously because he has failed the nation up to this point.

    • Otile

      Why are you saying this, have they stopped your stipend?

  • Guest

    Thank you o.
    Though, between the two gentlemen, I am not very sure who that term fits best.
    BTW, what is the term to describe a very tall version of the same specie?? U know who (our oga patapata)

  • AmaraMr ikwuegbu

    nigeria politics is growing ,let them go on and expose any wrong doing and most important let the government develop central tracking system both for national assets and diplomats