EXCLUSIVE: Sex Scandal: Real identity of woman claiming to be Apostle Suleman’s second ex-lover revealed

Yahweh Yesha (a.k.a Queen Esther)

One of the Facebook accounts of the second lady who claimed to have been in a sexual relationship with Johnson Suleman, the embattled overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, has been deactivated for violating the medium’s policies which included nudity, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

The lady, who identified herself as Queen Esther, said she began a relationship with Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) in 2013 before a “catastrophic break-up” a year later.

Ms. Esther’s claims came two days after a Canada-based singer, Stephanie Otobo, told journalists of her alleged amorous affair with Mr. Suleman.

The preacher denies all the allegations.

On Sunday, he barred members of his congregation from further publicly commenting on the incident.

‘It wasn’t me’

After PREMIUM TIMES published Ms. Esther’s claims on Sunday, the lady contacted this newspaper to ask why it would report that she had no evidence against Mr. Suleman.

She requested that a follow-up story be published to reflect that she has evidence of their affair, a request that was turned down.

“I saw all that was written on the internet, although it is a true story, of which it’s the reality of what is going on now in my life,” Ms. Esther said on telephone on Monday.

“If my family were going about bringing out such stories, you should have at least waited before publishing it. Because this is going to attract all kinds of assault to me right now. And going to say that there’s no evidence….it’s just too much.”

A top official of the Kaduna State government had confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that it received an e-mail from Ms. Esther seeking its protection against Mr. Suleman and “his team of magicians.”

Following a PREMIUM TIMES request to Ms. Esther to authenticate the e-mail to the Kaduna State government, an e-mail was received on Sunday confirming that she wrote the government seeking its protection.

But Ms. Esther told PREMIUM TIMES on Monday that she didn’t send any of the e-mails.

“The email sent to you, it wasn’t really me that wrote it, it’s my cousin,” she said.

“I want to ask you for a favour. I’m actually sick and all that began from the whole story you have heard. It’s my cousin and my uncle that went about doing all that and it’s just as the whole thing is out that I’m now told. And I want to take it up from here.

YahwehYesha Ace“It wasn’t me that wrote to the Kaduna State government…I’m telling you honestly, this issue has been dragging since 2014, between me and my family and Apostle Suleman and his family since 2014. The reason why I think they were so frustrated to go to this extent, writing these things is because all their pleas to Apostle Suleman to release me from his bondage has fallen on deaf ears.

“It is evident that all that I’m suffering now started from the time he …. and his threat messages are in my phone. He threatened that I will die…I don’t know who he’s talking bout that will die, but he actually sent all those threat messages to my phone.

“What did I do to Apostle Suleman? That I said I don’t want to be in the church again.That being in the church is risky to me and besides whatever relationship that existed between him and I wasn’t really…I didn’t go into it out of… all because I had a problem and he took advantage of that.

“So what I’m trying to say is that whatever you have put out there, you have to go back and put that there is evidence to prove that he actually threatened me and from the day he threatened me, all these I’m suffering began.”

PREMIUM TIMES requested Ms. Esther to produce any voice recording or text message from Mr. Suleman, but she insisted a story stating that she had evidence be published first.

“You need to do whatever you have to do to make anybody who’s trying to criticise this story to understand that I’m the one involved and I have evidence.

“If they have come out to publish something without my consent, I’m the one who have to defend it all and at least I can offer and provide evidence that this man actually threatened me. If he doesn’t want to heal me I don’t know what wrong I did to him.

“He has to be able to tell the whole world why he said I will die. What I did in 2014 other than say I don’t want to continue in this relationship and that I want to leave the church. I don’t think that’s a crime.”

On why her uncle and cousin are using her e-mail account, Ms. Esther said they know everything about her because they had been taking care of her since her illness.

“The evidence is in the text message. Johnson Suleman is too smart to call me on phone to say all those things because he knows his voice can be recorded. But since the evidence he wrote it in a text message and sent to me, times without number, I can only quote from the text message, sent directly from his number.”

Two hours after PREMIUM TIMES’ request for a text message evidence, Ms. Esther called back to say, “The text messages are on my old phone and we have taken it to a repairer,” a contradiction of her earlier e-mail claim that the messages disappeared mysteriously.

“We are going to court on the matter and we’ll provide our evidence in court,” she said.

Finding Queen Esther

Screenshot_20170314-143121On Sunday, Ms. Esther had turned down PREMIUM TIMES’ request to produce her photograph – or her real identity – saying she wanted to first get the support of the Kaduna State government, to protect her from possible attacks from Mr. Suleman.

On Monday, a caller who claimed to be Ms. Esther’s cousin, called to lambast PREMIUM TIMES over its report on the incident.

“You people have made a mess of the case we are even trying to package out,” said the cousin who didn’t reveal her name.

“Even if the Kaduna State government said they are not getting involved in the matter, why did you have to write it in the whole thing? Why not put the whole story out and exempt the government?

“Obviously, we forwarded a message to PREMIUM TIMES, why do you people have to take it to the public that the state government is getting involved or not getting involved? Why not just write the story and exempt the government? Now you are making it look as if the government has a hand in the story.”

Although the two callers’ voices – Ms. Esther’s and her cousin – sounded alike, PREMIUM TIMES could not verify if they were the same person.

But a Facebook search with the latter’s phone number threw up an account linked to the former’s e-mail address.

And the Facebook account’s owner, with profile name YahwehYesha Ace, was repeatedly referred to as ‘Queen’ or Evangelist Queen by her friends.

Her Facebook URL suggested she was formerly known as Evangelist Queen before changing her name to YahwehYesha Ace on the social media platform.

She described herself as an evangelist/preacher at Omega Love Ministry.

Screenshot_20170314-142955If the owner of the account was sick, it didn’t reflect in her wall posts – between November and December last year she mounted a vigorous campaign for Donald Trump in the run-up to the US presidential election, mocked Mr. Suleman for his false prediction of the election’s outcome, and warned people to stay away from MMM.

In fact, on December 31, 2016, she wrote, “Naturally I am so full of sunshine that the whole darkness in the world can’t keep me gloomy or moody for at least five minutes.”

Further investigation showed that Ms. Esther’s other phone number is linked to an account that had been disabled by Facebook because she “created or posted something that violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

According to Facebook, acts not allowed on the medium include

– Uploading content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity
– Sending messages containing sexually explicit language
– Repeatedly sending friend requests or messages to people who don’t know you.

It is unclear which of the rules Ms. Esther violated.

A check on Truecaller indicated Ms. Esther’s number was registered in the name of ‘Esther Ehel,’ while that of her so-called cousin’s revealed ‘Queen Owerri.’

When PREMIUM TIMES confronted Mr. Esther with its findings so far, she threatened to sue the website if those details and her photographs were made public.

YahwehYesha Ace (a.k.a Queen Esther)
YahwehYesha Ace (a.k.a Queen Esther)

She also swore never to talk to this medium again.

But she later sent a text message, saying, “I am a very busy lady. I have my image to protect as a servant of God. I can’t be embroiled in Johnson’s mess. He was wicked to me. I left the battle for Yahweh since then.”

In an e-mail sent by her uncle, he said the lady’s ailing condition is the reason she was not making public appearances.

“My niece didn’t receive any dime on her sick bed to come and blackmail apostle, but since her pleas to apostle’s father to talk his son into releasing her from his bondage, the press and the public has become her last resort,” he said, using the same e-mail address.

“Very soon we shall invite all the Christian religious bodies into this matter. This is reality, but apostle has proven arrogant and stubborn over the issue of restoring my niece.

“Now we have no option to than to begin this fight for her life this way, if he still continues to deny, we would have to take a trip to the courts for redress, for we have the evidence to prove that she was a member of his church, and her current ailment began immediately she ended their relationship, left the church and received threats to her life and success from Apostle Johnson Suleman.”


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  • adeade

    I bet this lady is just a paid agent. Her stories can’t hold water…

    • Onye Obosi

      Nobody can pay for such incoherent act. The truth is that a lot of hidden facts are behind all these occultic homes called church. Christianity in Nigeria and some parts of Africa are not same Christianity you get in Europe or America.
      What they have in Nigeria is voodoo religion masquerading with the Jewish / Hebrew bible. It is captivation of the mind, and bastardization of the soul.

      Little wonder why Nigeria is still in darkness despite all her numerous religious/ voodoo houses.

      • Say the truth

        Colonial mentality. Inferiority complex will never a black to appreciate anything from Africa. Slavery mentality is dangerous.

        • Mo’

          You are insinuating the voodoo houses are right to follow than the christianity you pretend to follow? If you want to follow African traditional religion, fine! We have the babalawos and they are not necessarily evil doers like your voodoo churches portrays them to be. You will only make sense if you suggest we follow our African religion instead of the Western infestation of rubbish religion with your careless statement to a valid point that Onye Obosi raised. I see the level of reasoning of you gullible people of the voodoo churches is why the fake pastors will keep fooling you with black magic packed with fake Western religion. Permit me to say that you are a bastard son of Mother Africa.


      Why can we appeal to Suleman’s father to confirm whether he knows the lady.

  • Gary

    So the Kaduna State government is implicated in the smear campaign against Pastor Suleiman, irrespective of his transgressions.

    Good job, Governor El-Rufai. This is how you solve the sectarian divide in your state.

    • Uzoma John

      What is smear campaign? you guys cherry from the story what suit you. Of all the narration, the only thing you could say is Kaduna State Govt. Have asked other pertinent questions as against what the lady said about Suleman? From her narration, Suleman’s family is aware of the affair. She also has call records to prove her allegation. You guys a pathetic and dangerous. A pastor who claims to be head of a church is fingered here and there in extra-marital affairs and the only thing you could say is El Rufai. Since she is from Kaduna State, if she doesn’t get protection from the Govt through the Police, who else will do that, knowing how dangerous and evil Suleman and his henchmen are. Suleman is a cultist period. He uses what he gets from these ladies’ sex organ for rituals. A girl who attends his church in Kaduna, needed spiritual help and Suleman took advantage of her. I can see why Nigeria is not making any head way – because of how many of you reason. It’s a pity.

      • Watch man

        “…. knowing how dangerous and evil Suleman and his henchmen are. Suleman is a cultist period. He uses what he gets from these ladies’ sex organ for rituals.”

        Any evidence to prove this please? I know that facts and evidence are sacred in developed and advanced minds and societies. Do you have any to buttress your allegation?

      • Gary

        Yes, I am only concerned at the fact that a lady involved in sleazy sex allegations against a controversial Pastor seeks the protection of the Kaduna State government.

        I have more serious things to do than get carried away by real or contrived sex scandals. So should Governor El-Rufai. I would have also slammed PT for getting into the mix but they have done a valuable public service by helping to expose the involvement of a state government in a sleazy and politically-motivated smear campaign. Please note that I do not in any way vouch for the innocence of the Pastor. That is between him, his wife and God.

        • Uzoma John

          You have more serious things to do but yet commenting on what you no nothing about. You just jumped to conclusion as Kaduna State Govt is mentioned, while throwing away vital issues surrounding your criminal minded pastor. It is not only between him, his wife and God, it also between him and the general public he is deceiving. In a society where those you think are powerful are not called to account, this is the kind of things you get. I pray most of you get enlightened. Being educated and ability to speak or write English is just the prelude to enlightenment. You guys need exposure.

      • Frank Bassey

        I bet, you did not read or understand the narrative. I am inclined to believe the latter.

        • Uzoma John

          What narrative please? Be clear.

      • Chris

        Oga u are talking rubbish, nyan nyan poo, u behave like a village champion, as if u come out from a remote town, don’t u know wat is politics? How does the whole story started, remember El-rufai has been a torn to Christians in Kaduna state, he can do anything humanly possible to wipe away Christians, now Apostle Suleiman said stop killing Christian, they first try to arrest him with DSS and it didn’t work for them, they ve to look for other way round, why among the whole 36 states of the federation Kaduna state is the one that will protect her, do she based in Kaduna, why is she seeking for their protection, mydear wise up,open ur eyes so that u can see clear , don’t allow hatred to make ur judgment sentimental, Thanks

        • Uzoma John

          Stop this your bullshit comment. It has no base. You guys are very gullible. What has the issue Suleman has with Rufai to to do with his randy lifestyle? What has Suleman gallivanting with women all over the place got to do with El Rufai? If El Rufai means to deal with Suleman, he can easily do it with the machinery of Govt. If you don’t know, Suleman is a conman, a fraud for that matter – taking from the poor in the name of God to finance his rotten lifestyle. In life, there is time for everything. He has deceived people enough the reason God is exposing him. Kaduna crisis has been there from time immemorial. Herdsmen issue has been there for a long time. How come is only Suleman amongst all the people (pastors) who spoke against the herdsmen that is faced with sexual scandal and deceit of this magnitude? You guys should stop following sheepishly. Go ask yourself some soul-searching questions. Suleman is in business of making money with church and his utterances. He and his likes are not christians but agents of Lucifer.

    • Julius

      Chei, that’s what you got out of the piece ? Na wa oo !!

  • Watch man

    This is horribly junk journalism. I have not known PT to be a gossip zine. There is no professionalism in this publication. Somebody said evidence has been wiped away mysteriously and now evidence has resurfaced in a phone that has gone for repairs. If she had a broken relationship with the man and claims he threatened her why not go immediately to police? Why would you wait for almost three years (after someone else has involved you) to start this media trial? PT, you guys should wise up and sanitize your organization. And I think it is time the regulatory authorities way down on unprofessionalism.

    • Frank Bassey

      The is exemplarily professional. PT did a thorough job.

    • oyoko

      I think you are unnecessarily being worked up. where have PT gone wrong here? they are doing what is expected of a journalist, follow-up story, present it the way it is, and let the public form their opinion from what they have read. I think they are doing a good job on this.

  • Black or White

    The songs was just as depressing as the low quality, error-laced write up by Premium Times

  • kusanagi

    Premium Times I really don’t think you should be spending resources on trash like her.

    Just my two cents.

  • Kunle Omobaba



    Do you want to win an election, contract, good luck, work, or position?
    Call +2349060019636 (Dr. Kekere the Spiritual Head)

    Please don’t be smart enough to send us information that can’t be verified, you could incure our wrath. Please be warned.

  • Uzoma John

    Premiumtimes stop holding my comment for approval. Who are you afraid of. When truth is not told, evil triumph. I’m a concerned Nigerian you sees everything wrong with what Suleman is doing in the name of God and have the right to air my views.

    • wisdom E

      Sounds like you know privy to some info. reply …..

      • Gary

        No, he’s one of Rufai’s paid Internet trolls using an Igbo handle. They are pressing to give the smear campaign more media traction in the mistaken belief that attacking Pastor Suleiman would undermine support for the besieged Christians of Southern Kaduna.
        Bringing down one Pastor is not going to kill Christianity in the Nortth or the rest of the country. If one falls, a hundred will rise in his place.
        Let Rufai and his minions keep wasting their time and efforts on a false errand.

        • DC


  • Benedicta

    Such a hard read….. I understand you were trying to quote her verbatim but it was difficult following. Having said that, we hope she has solid evidence to back her claims. These accusations should not be taken lightly. In such a relationship, the power dynamics always favor such “powerful” men and the victims are always termed as wicked, demons blablabla. So for my dear apostle, you can only PLAY god but ostracizing church members who continue to talk about these allegations is not helping your case. While you are at your role play, God is God and will show himself mighty when his time comes.

  • Tare Daniel

    Dis one nor follow… next!

  • Allwell

    Can’t wait to hear them in court. I guess that’s where more facts will be unravelled.

    • government

      What will they say in court.Is sex between two consenting adults a crime in Nigeria.?

      • DC


  • konzemac

    Nonsense . It’s becoming embarrassing

  • Ritchie

    The girl is really sick!

    • Julius

      Me think the pastor took advantage of the sick girl. That will be more disturbing !

  • Smart

    am i speaking to somebody?
    ………days are numbered

    ……….will die.

    What a nonsense, death everywhere coming out from the mouth of so-called men and of God.
    Am i communicating?

  • duwdu

    Chei, see grammar by a whole Premium Times o! : “… stating that she did, indeed, wrote to the government …”

    That phrase should have been either, “… stating that she did, indeed, write to the government …,” or, “… she, indeed, wrote to the government …”

    Its probably a careless typo, though.


    • Julius

      Maybe you need to start your own newspaper, online news site ..where you can write your correct grammar. Smdh !

    • Deji Joseph

      bros, if you decide to critique the writing of online newspapers, you will just tiya. i stopped pointing out their poor grammar years ago. Vanguard is most notorious.Such a shame.

    • DC


  • George

    I really do not understand what wrong this Suleman has done.

    Lets agree he actually has those ackwards ladies as his girl friends so what is wrong in it.

    Only person that has right to questioning him is his wife and his God Almighty.

    This is what the Muslim Imam did and doing every time but no one quiry them so why is this man case is different. Oh he is a Christian yes I agreed but he owed his apologies to God not we men.

    • Defender

      You should bury your head in shame. Just watch…

    • Julius

      There you go..diff moniker same garbage. Of course you couldn’t see what the fake pastor did wrong because of the evil spirit with both of you. Like I said, perverts stick together. Shame on you.

      • Say the truth

        But she later sent a text message, saying, “I am a very busy lady. I have my image to protect as a servant of God. I can’t be embroiled in Johnson’s mess. He was wicked to me. I left the battle for Yahweh since then.”
        In an e-mail sent by her uncle, he said the lady’s ailing condition is the reason she was not making public appearances. Which one should we believe the ‘busy lady’ or ailing lady.

      • August

        If it said you stole a fowl and it has not been confirmed, how will u fill if people begin to call u thief? If this man of God faced Fulani on behalf of Christians and thesame Christians are the ones crucifying him then u are all mad.

        • Julius

          Huh ? Anyway, I’m not one of the gullible that thinks he is fighting on behalf of Christians, my God is doing just fine without him. Your christian fighter is flying around the world, living a good life but, MOST of his followers can afford 3 good meals a day. Please,lemalone !

        • Daybreak

          One Stephanie, then another Esther. It is not difficult to find out what Sulaiman is struggling with. There are other pastors like Oritsejafor who criticised government handling of the herdsmen palaver but none was associated with sex scandal. I defended him initially but when he made attempt to explain his role in a full church service I spotted inconsistencies in his Defense. Why has Oyedepo not been set up with a lady yet? Satan will only use a man’s fantasy to entice and trap him.

      • Gary

        And the Pastor’s perversion is now a national security issue and concern of you BMC e-rats. See how you expose yourselves.
        Propaganda amateurs.

        • Julius

          Mr. Gary, please post the comment or comments where I mentioned National security with the fake, perverted pastor. Are you okay sir ?

    • Dekpat

      Since you are not even a christian in the first place, you should have shut your mouth regarding the statement you made.

      • August

        Da vinci said Jesus dated mary Magdalene and he went on to paint picture of the lord’s supper to include her very close to our Lord Jesus. I know some of u bought the paintings u fools and gullible folks. Everyone of u promoting these rumors when it has not established will encounter someone that will bring u down at the very top of your glory.

        • DC


  • Aminu Baba

    I knew all along that this man, Johnson Suleman is an impostor in the temple of Saints, he is fake, a pretentious dupe out to rip off gullible Nigerians. Let us wait and how he will defend this one

  • Lala Hansy

    Take a breath, the whole evil plots will unravel itself sooner than later. Just wondering the length anti Christ can go to smear the Called.

  • FreeNigeria

    Another sad story of another Nigerian fake pastors of Abracadabra

  • wonderboi

    Something isn’t right about that fire spitting half-bald head pastor, he seem shady to me, as a baptist christian i really do not trust all these Pentecostal churches that preaches prosperity to me that s commercialization of Christianity

    • August

      You will be devoured by female bears just like those who said to Elisha

      • objective

        God is watching everyone; big or small and his judgement will be fierce, so lets leave everything to God alone.

      • alwaystestthespi

        Lol better open your blind eyes

  • Say the truth

    It is a matter of time the whole truth will be revealed. Queen claimed to have been sick since 2014, said to be in hospital by a cousin campaigned for Trump and confessed her love for a man in a recorded music. Queen ‘Owerri’ wrote kaduna government for protection. Hummmm

  • Dekpat

    This is another junk media and ‘cut and paste’ organisation and how
    unfortunate that Nigeria is full of pseudo and half baked ‘journalists’. First Facebook
    can deactivate any account for any reason but the writer in the first line went
    on to suggest ‘nudity’ in order to lay the foundation for their unpleasant
    reportage against the girl’s claim.

    Whilst not taking sides with any of the two parties I would say that any
    sensible journalist would want to investigate the truth of any story especially
    since they have access to other people involved in the story apart from the
    girl herself. No, these useless ‘journalists’ would rather be dragging feet
    about the streets looking for who will buy them free lunch or give them ‘taxi
    money’ in brown envelopes and later resort to making up stories by ‘cut and
    paste’. What is the point in reporting a story you haven’t got enough
    sense to investigate!

    • DC


  • Dazmillion

    There are a lot of occultic men in the church, masquerading as men of God but totally sold out to Satan. Feeding on the misery and gullibility of their followers, issuing threats and curses on anyone who dears challenge their high handedness.

    Oyedepo is a good example of an occultic pastor, with google maps showing the structures at his canaanland as nothing more that occulitic structures. TB Joshua gets his teachings directly from demons, thats why 2 years after slaughtering 119 people he is still a free man, still making money from the misery of the sick.

    The two Chris of christ embassy and Household of God are both occultic men, preaching a perverse gospel and both divorced from their wives. Adeboye is building a 3km by 3km church, 33 being the highest degree in freemason, after which the initiate is taught the pure doctrine of Lucifer.

    People need to follow Jesus and not gods of men. They feed off the power their followers give them.

    • Impulse400

      They are taught the pure doctrines of Lucifer from the 32 degree. But yes, I see your point.

      Even the pope is guilty in this religious deception. The world’s number one spiritual con man.

      • Dazmillion

        The Pope is the mother of all these church harlots, it all goes back to the Vatican. As they say all roads lead to Rome.

        • Impulse400

          The pope is the Chief Harlot you mean.

  • objective

    God is watching everyone; big or small. Let us leave everything to God.

  • Mo’

    This is what i have to say to all ya supporters of the fake pastor. You will never break away from the shackles of fake religion, but suffer in it in great hardship.

  • George

    If true this pastor slept with that thin and OBJ slept with his first son wife, which one is more wicked and bad?

    Yorubas are callous.

  • Col. W. Mariam

    I suggest that anyone who ever boinked this “pastor” get tested for HIV.
    I am not kidding you here. He is obviously spreading a lot more than love around.

  • alwaystestthespi

    Sad….members should wake up…pastors are human. ..remember David? He was so great yet he even failed. Suleman is no different however I feel he is lying.

  • Segun Kingson

    Hmmmmmmmm!!! And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire. The devil came to steal to kill and destroy. The devil is an accuser of the brethren. (Quoted from Bible). I am happy this case is not a case of rape. Thank God it is just a case of ‘use & dump’ or ‘promise and fail’ Then it is not a case!
    We all are being deceived one way or the other. Some believed the girl and rain curses on sulaiman, while some believed the apostle and wished the girl greater punishment! What if at the end u are wrong of what you belief? Stop speculating, leave judgment to God! We fight spiritual battle not physical
    When Jesus was to be crucified, his accusers needed evidence that he blasphemed. They arranged for two fake witnesses.
    Dear christian, for this case I want you to know we fight spiritual battle. The devil won’t come fight you face to face . he uses the gullible ones close to u to fight u. Pls for Christ sake and for the sake of your love for business of God, support apostle sulaiman till he is proven guilty. Don’t become Antichrist.