Senate’s rejection of Magu: Lawyers react, blame Presidency

EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

Some Nigerian lawyers have reacted to the rejection by the Senate for the second time of the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The Senate hinged its decision on Wednesday on a letter by the State Security Service, SSS, which reaffirmed its earlier position that Mr. Magu lacks the integrity to lead the anti-corruption agency.

Lawyers accuse the presidency of having a hand in the impasse.

They said although President Muhammadu Buhari has the prerogative to re-nominate the same person again, he has a duty to first put his house in order.

Last December, the Senate through its spokesperson, Abdullahi Sabi, announced that Mr. Magu’s nomination for the EFCC leadership by President Buhari had been rejected “based on available security report”.

Lagos-based lawyer and rights activist, Femi Falana, said that the Senate has performed its constitutional duty on the matter.

“It is left for the president either to represent the nomination or to ask him to continue in acting capacity by invoking his own power under section 171 of the Nigerian Constitution or appoint another person so that this matter does not in any way distract the anti-corruption crusade.

“It’s not the first time that names are being rejected. Under Obasanjo, a ministerial nomination was rejected and was re-presented two or three times.

“But when you look at the entire scenario, I am of the strong view that the government clearly played into the hands of the Senate. The government didn’t handle the matter in a matured manner, apparently. This is the first time in the history of our country that the nomination of the presidency is being shot down by an arm of the presidency.

“It is the height of ridicule of the office of the president,” Mr. Falana said.

Similarly, Jiti Ogunye, a lawyer and public affairs analyst, said there is no provision in law that says the Senate cannot refuse to confirm a presidential nominee.

“This particular refusal is predicated on a so-called security report that says that the nominee does not have integrity. So the questions is; what will the president do? Is the SSS not part of the presidency?” Mr. Ogunye queried.

“The report actually emanated from the presidency. Go and check the budget, the SSS budget is passed as part of the budget of the presidency. That is how it is categorised. In actual fact and by law, the SSS is constituted basically in terms of leadership by the presidency.

“So if you have a president nominating a candidate to head the EFCC with one hand and with another hand saying that the same candidate doesn’t have integrity, what do they now want Nigerians to do?

“This is the worst dysfunction I have seen in any government in decades in Nigeria. There is no coherence, things are like in a state of flux. On what basis was the presentation made if the president has not put his house in order? They are just subjecting governance and government protocols to ridicule. If I am to be the president of the country, I would be ashamed of myself,” Mr. Ogunye said.

Another lawyer, Nzube Akunne, stated, “With a clear look at the Constitution, section 154 and section 2[3] of the EFCC Act, it is crystal clear that the president can only appoint on the confirmation of the Senate.

“In line with the foregoing, I’m of the candid opinion that upon rejection of the person nominated by the president for the position of the Chairman of EFCC, the president cannot appoint but shall only nominate the person again and again.

“This only shows the lacuna in our laws, of which in this case,  the only institution that can step in to resolve same is the court to determine whether the confirmation by the Senate was unjustly withheld, pending when the lacuna is filled up by a legislation.

“The president can also keep the person in acting capacity whilst he continues to nominate him as the Senate continues to reject him.”

Mr. Akunne however stressed that in such a case where there are issues of integrity on the part of a presidential nomination, it is unwarranted for the president to be insisting that someone of questionable integrity be confirmed as the EFCC chief.

EFCC chairperson is appointed for a four-year renewable term.

Mr. Magu has held the office in acting capacity since November 2015 when Ibrahim Lamorde was sacked.

The presidency made the request for Mr. Magu’s confirmation for the first time in July 2016 through a letter signed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in his capacity as acting president when Mr. Buhari traveled abroad for medical treatment.

But it was after one month of seeking the confirmation – and after eight months of holding the office  in acting capacity – that the presidency sought security vetting for Mr. Magu.

By standard practice, nominees of the president get security clearance before their names are sent to the National Assembly for confirmation.

Since Mr. Magu’s nomination did not come with security clearance, the Senate, whose members, including its president, Bukola Saraki, have at different times been investigated by Mr. Magu, approached the SSS for security vetting.

Mr. Magu was rejected in December by the Senate but was re-presented by the Presidency in January.


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  • Sam

    Obviously the President and his handlers are a joke .

    • FEMI A USA

      They are derelict on duty which bring us previous administration. Like you rightly say, they are joke.


    Jiti has said it all. Buhari no longer have the competence and presence of mind to run this country. Remenber the recent Abike Dabiri and the minister for foreign affairs show of shame in the media on the US immigration issue.Also remember the EFCC and DSS confrontation on the arrest of the judges, ..etc. This must be one of the worst administration Nigeria has ever had. There is no control antwhere. Am suprised that somebody as educated and articulate as the VP is a part of this administration.

  • Rick Eson

    Although it is in the constitution, due to current investigation of some senate member by EFFC, it is conflict of interest allowing Senate to decide the leader of EFCC. Magu removal will confirm the fight against corruption dying a slow death and the corrupt and looters bandwagon are winning the war.

    • MaskedPhantom

      By this, you mean that there’s no other Nigerian who can head the EFCC except Magu?


    We are simply playing into the hands and machinations of a gang of thieves, stealers, and a crop of vampires and corrupt politicians and their cronies who are hell bent on decimating the fight against corruption at all cost. Does Saraki and his cronies have any integrity whatsoever to be members of the Senate talkless being a Senate President. Buhari has himself to blame when failed to listen to our wise counsel to get involve actively in who becomes the President of the Senate and Speaker.At the time, the Senate and House were jostling and breaking party positions and decisions on the zoning arrangement at the Legislature, PMB was busy gallivanting abroad instead of putting his government in place and ensuring that rogue politicians like Saraki are no allowed to be Senate President. PMB has seen most of his proposed executive bills on the fight against corruption gathering dusts, ambassadorial nominees rejected , budget proposals shredded, and his EFCC preferred nominee rejected on flimsy excuses. If PMB cannot be successful in the fight against corruption, then he will be worst President ever in Nigeria as the economy and all other sectors are in tatters with Boko Haram getting an upper hand lately.

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      Honestly, there is no sincere fight against any corruption by Buhari, all that unwary Nigerians are being deceived with, is a well crafted propaganda, lies, deception, falsehoods, meant to destroy every opposition to Buharis clueless disaster that have undermined Nigerian nation.
      How can any responsible citizen be standing in the support of this fraud called anticorruption fight by EFCC, when the very corruption itself is sitting on the dining table with Buhari.
      How can magu be deceiving Nigerians that he is fighting corruption and yet Obj, tinubu, amaechi, kwakwanso, danjuma, elrufai ,ibb,abachas,fashola,fayemi,tambuwal,etc etc are still parading the corridors of power in Nigeria unmolested by the anticorruption. It is the highest point of dishonestly.

      • ALBERT

        Any sincere watcher or social analysts or public commentator on the fight against corruption in Nigeria, will conclude without even a second thought that, this is probably the first time since 1960 that corruption is being fought, honestly, sincerely, robustly and with the right political leadership. Honestly and truly public corruption is being fought hard and sincerely by Buhari. We keep mentioning names and throwing around names in Nigeria. The extant laws on the fight against corruption are very clear. If you have any leads, why don`t you write a petition to the Efcc with your evidence on these individuals you have mentioned. All these individuals you have mentioned except Tambuwal have no immunity from prosecution or arrests. El Rufai has not been in govt since 2007. Nothing prevent Wike from ordering Rivers state Attorney General from prosecuting Ameachi. The Constitution of Nigeria mandates all arms of govt to fight corruption and to prosecute corrupt officials. Corruption is more difficult to fight than Boko Haram. Let us stop dropping names if we do not have evidences. Tinubu has never been a member of the ruling PDP since 1999. He stopped being Governor since 2007 and since then, has been a private citizen. If you have any evidence of financial malfeaseances against Tinubu published them and petition EFCC. There is also the whistle blower policy of this administration. What do you mean by propaganda? Has oil theft no reduced? Have monies not be recovered? Are corrupt officials not standing trials? Are some corrupt indicted Nigerians for corruption not on self exile? Has any of those before the law courts refused collecting millions of naira?

        • JOHN

          But the economy that was growing at an average of 7% under GEJ is today totally comatosed into recession and depression due to wrong policies and incompetence. Innocent Nigerians are dying of hunger enmass as a result. So don’t give us such bull shit.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            The Nigerian economy never grew at an average of 7% under GEJ. Infact, at no point in the 5 year term of GEJ did the economy grow by more than 6%. The average growth under GEJ was around 4%.

          • ALBERT

            We africans especially Nigerians are so infatuated with this myth of economic growth at a certain percentage. There is a mark difference between `growth` and `development` Growth simply means increase in size, but does not necessarily translate into real development. Development is expansion of the economy and transforming the economy from a simple into a complex one.Nigerian economy like most African economies might have experienced some growth largely due to increase in prices of commodities. The Euro and USA economies are growing at a minus rate. Is the Nigerian economy better than these economies? How can anyone described an economy as growing when over 10 million of children of school age are out of school under GEJ? How can anyone describe any economy as growing when over 14 LGAS are under occupation by insurgency and over 6 million as IDPs. How can anyone describe an economy as growing, when its key sectors like Agric, Industry, Health, energy, education are on a drastic decline with child and infant mortality rates amongst the highest in Africa under Jonathan. Can anyone describe an economy as growing when power supply is non existent with 100% importation and 100% of exportation of all raw materials? Hunger will continue to exist in Nigeria until w learn to produce, and consume what we produce.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            What a collection of pure daftness. Nigeria grew because the PDP governments of OBJ, Yar Adua and to a lesser extent GEJ had market oriented policies that propelled huge inward investment into Nigeria as well as a number of forward looking states who had policies that pushed growth. The truth is that most of the advances in Nigeria’s GDP over the last 15 years was as a result of growth in 8 or 9 southern states only. The FG can make no measureable dent in school enrollment. That is a state government driven policy. Thankfully, some Northern state govts have started to perform more impressively in WAEC and NEDO (which is to say they are starting to outperform some SW states). However, the fact still remains that governors up North have a lot of work to do to ensure the many naturally brilliant northern children actually get educated as opposed to be allowed to become useless miscreants used for riots or used for for purposes of elections.

            GDP is an increase in development. One only needs look at Akwa Ibom and Lagos and see the sheer development strides in those states. In commerce and infrastructure , the difference over the last 15 years is clear. Whilst it can not be disputed that Buhari has significantly improved security in the NE. It is however folly to say no development can occur because BH controlled 14 LGA. The entire NE accounts for less than 5% of Nigeria’s GDP.

            Yes an economy can be described as growing despite power challenges. The lack of power negatively affects the rate of growth not growth itself.

            Hunger is here because we have an economic illiterate in control of Nigeria. We all are aware of the positive changes made within one month of the man being sick in London.

            Learn to stick to what you know and stop advertising your ignorance to the entire public.

          • ALBERT

            Please be advised that, in real economic terms, `growth` is not synonymous to real economic development. Nigeria under the infamous PDP might have been experiencing growth due to high prices in commodities especially crude oil. Economic Development simply means growing the economy from a simple economy into a complex one. Maybe you have a challenge in understanding this basic concept. Simply put, growing and economy means adding value to your chain of production, from production,manufacturing to service. There is no single sector in Nigeria since Independence that been able to develop in the real sense of the world. Take Sugar in Brazil and palm oil in Malaysia. Brazil grow sugar cane, process the cane into over 20 by products. It is the largest producer of refined sugar and Brazilian shipping lines ferry sugar across the world. Under the so called glorious years of the PDP administration, virtually all public enterprises were sold. Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world that has several govt agencies dedicated to sale of Public properties, assets , companies and enterprises. Common sense tells that, it is only someone who is broke who sells its property to feed himself. Did you say, the PDP enacted good policies to attract investments??? In 16 years under the pdp, Nigeria occupied the enviable first position of the most corrupt country on earth. The World bank graded Nigeria as one of the worst places in doing business. Nigeria became a net exporter of crude oil and net importer of finished products with 4 National refineries all comatose. Nigeria Industrial growth has been in a steady decline. How can you grow an economy without energy and reliable power supply. Without power, can you mobile phone survive? Visit our hitherto industrial estates in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Onitsha, Port Harcourt , Benin etc . All their ware houses have taken over by Pentecostal churches. Religion and politics experienced the biggest boom under the pdp. Have you bothered to read UNDP, MO Ibrahim, World Bank Human development Index reports on Nigeria between 2007 to 2016. Nigeria was described as one of the worst governed and corrupt nation in Africa, with failing public institutions, a haven for terrorists, money launderers, drug barons and corruption. Nigeria was further graded as 49th out of 52 in terms of human and personal security in Africa above South Sudan, Somalia . Is there any modern society in this world were human beings are traded for money and where kidnapping has become a cottage industry?

            NE region of Nigeria, contributes most of the food and meat Nigeria consume. The North might have its own baggage in terms of lack of interest in attending western style education . But is there any region in Nigeria with so much election and political violence than South South?Have you seen anywhere in Nigeria were people are shot and killed at public rallies and TV journalists lying flat on the ground, yet nothing happens. Party offices burnt down and politicians beheaded? What is the difference between Boko Haram militants and Niger delta militants in the face of the law? Let us stop this personal aggrandizement. Every state in Nigeria has children hawking in the streets. There are more children hawking in Lagos, Onitsha, Aba and PH than anywhere in the North. It is shame that, after 5 decades, we still see children hawking in our streets, things you will never see in Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco even in war torn Libya. Lastly, when the PDP was exiting, how many of these states were able to pay salaries? 27 states were owing salaries running to up to 5 months including the Federal Govt.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            I will deal with your misplaced and incorrect information and anaysis in points. The first clearly mistaken conclusion is that Nigeria’s high GDP growth under PDP governments had more to do with high oil prices than actual government policies. I have attached world bank graphs that detail Nigeria’s GDP growth since 1960. I have also attached a graph of world oil prices since 1950 (for those that like to have actual knowledge to hand when reading or discussing points).



            One thing is clear, There is little correlation between oil prices and GDP growth. Nigeria experienced very high oil prices in 1980-1983 yet experienced one of the greatest declines in GDP. Similarly, Nigeria had the highest consistent levels of oil prices of the fourth republic between 2011 and 2014 yet the average GDP growth under GEJ was around 4% a year whilst the average GDP growth under Yar Adua was slightly above 6% and slightly above 10% under OBJ when average oil prices were less than the oil prices currently being witnessed today. The growth rate achieved by OBJ with less price per barrel of oil than what Buhari is working with is like night and day (when compared with the performance of Buhari). Under OBJ, Nigerian professionals were migrating back to Nigeria, international finance the world over were rushing to Nigeria, Not a day went buy in the international bank that I worked at in the west where information was not being requested about Nigeria. Nigeria’s debt was paid off, savings were acquired, reforms right through the polity were being implemented and the growth in GDP took off like nothing we have ever experienced. The graph does not lie. Nigeria’s growth has been its most impressive under the PDP as led by all three PDP presidents (with the last one being the most incompetent of the PDP bunch). That last one though incompetent on security and corruption was clearly better on matters of economic management. Buhari (like Shagari before him has brought recession despite relatively high oil prices. $48-$50 dollars a barrel is a respectable oil price. A man that takes 6 months to pick a cabinet, 2 years to appoint boards of parastatals or even appoint ambassadors is a person that does not merit being a head of state. The man is clearly incompetent and the results are clearly showing.

            Everyone knows that the government has no business running any company. It is not what the govt does. The civil service has never been the place where the best brains reside nor is it ever the most efficient. That remains the case the world over. Nigeria has no business managing companies, paying salaries of employess of those businesses and then manage the loss acquired through the inefficient management of those businesses. The NLNG model is the best. The businesses run themselves and the FG as an investor gets passive income from the businesses without being burdened with the daily day to day costs of running the business. Buhari now wants to start a national airline. He clearly is incapable of learning and is an embarrassment to reasonable people. If not for his actions on security, I would advocate the man be impeached. I can barely say the advances in the fight against corruption as led by MAGU can be ascribed to him. Clearly, the sabotage done by his Daura kinsman at the DSS and his dragging of feet in approving Magu’s appointment for over 2 years is a better indicator of his duplicity.

            Nigeria has ceased to be at the bottom of any ease of doing business chart from the time of OBJ and had consistently improved since that time. I challenge you to produce your source and the data and provide the link so that people can see the basis of your argument.

            Nigeria was not one of the worst governed nations during the time you describe. If anything, concerns about Nigeria’s governance reared its head at the height of BH insurgency and the fulani herdsmen madness from 2012 to date. Fortunately, prior to 2013, the issue was limited to the NE. The activities of the murderous terrorist herdsmen all over Nigeria has made the issue more acute.

            Again, it is truly worrying that your ignorance on these matters are merged with your fluency and clarity of language which gives undeserved merit to vacuos thoughts anchored on ignorance.

          • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

            Thanks brother, you ve shown that voices of truth and reasons shall never die in Nigeria no matter the loud voices of Apc paid lying agents.

        • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

          Albert, there you go again, fighting corruption and romancing with the corrupt at the same time. Did you petition efcc before magu went for the jugulars of dasuki, fayoshe, metu,orji uzoh kanu ,diezani, omokore, Andrew yakubu ,Rev Jolly yame, etc it is on record that rivers government have petitioned efcc against amaechi, ditto ekiti against fayemi, Lagos good governance group against tinubu and fashola, Nigerians petioned efcc against obj etc yet magu is fighting corruption while these guys are unstoppable because they are supporting bubu. Again I don’t know where you see corruption reducing if not on the pages of propaganda. Have you transacted any official business with government of Nigeria in the last 2years?,if you have, can you truthfully and sincerely share your experience with nigerians as regards corruption, the most visible agents of government like police, tax officials, customs, power holding officials ,traffic officials like road safety etc.
          So long as you continue to lie against the position of things in Nigeria, this nation can’t make any progress under this integrity deficient government.
          That’s the truth, that’s the fact.

          • ALBERT

            We have 3 types of story tellers in Nigeria; Those who start a story in the middle and ends in the middle. Those who are interested in the Headlines and not the news content. Those who narrate hearsays. Recall. PMB set up a Presidential commission that investigated the financial transactions and disbursements of the ONSA. The report was published and several companies, associations, individuals wit suspicious transactions were listed. In was based on the recommendations of the said report that, the President ordered Dasuki`s arrest. The Fayoses, Metuhs, Obanikoros etc were linked to criminal disbursements from the ONSA, except you have a contrary view on the matter.All the said persons indicted, have publicly accepted they receive cash. Corruption is generally a perception issue. Have millions be recovered under PMB and Magu? Yes. Have sacred cows vomiting their stolen loot? The answer is YES. Have looters gone into self imposed exile? The answer is Yes. Has Nigeria improved in the TA corruption index/ The answer is Yes. Is the govt wining the fight against corruption, the answer is Yes. The Efcc act is very clear on how petition should be processed. The Rivers state govt has never sent any petition to the Efcc in respect of Ameachi. The 3 senators representing Rivers state signed a petition which was forwarded to the senate to prevent Ameachi appointment as Minister. An NGO was also sponsored to publish some unsubstantiated petition on the newspaper. When they were invited by the efcc, they melted away. The efcc act provides for a petitioner after lodging a petition to go to court to compel the efcc to open up investigation or commence trial. Ameachi has never gone to any court like Orji, Odili etc to seek permanent injunction from any security agencies or police or court from investigating, arresting or trying him. Ameachi enjoys no immunity. I laugh sometimes at our ignorance of the constitution and laws. The constitution provides for every arm of govt to fight financial crime and corruption. The law also provide for a private citizen to arrest anyone committing crime. It is therefore laughable if the River state Attorney General can not prosecute a former Rivers state Governor if he has evidences of financial crimes. A white paper is a govt opinion on a subject matter.So what stops the RSG to follow through on its own white paper. Rev Jolly Nyame was Governor between 1999-2007. Nyame`s bruises with the efcc were based on petitions written by Taraba state indigenes , who also provided evidences. Corruption in most public sectors is reducing and on the decline in Nigeria.

    • Dele Awogbeoba

      How can a person serious about the fight on corruption spend years before forwarding Magu’s name for confirmation (whilst noting that it was Osinbajo whilst acting as Acting President actually forwarded the name of Magu initially for confirmation) and then allows his DSS chief to twice undercut the president’s choice without any repercussion. Lets face it, Magu and Burutai are the twin components of the only successful aspect of Buhari’s current tenure. It is now becoming clear that the corruption fighting success of Buhari was itself not even supported by Buhari himself. One can only assume that Buhari is playing politics by appearing to re-appoint Magu whilst having his DSS chief undercut Magu at the senate.

      • FEMI A USA

        PMB is part of Nigeria problems. We started seen the coming messiah. He is piloting Banana Republic.

    • stanejike

      Please leave the Senate out of this and blame the presidency (DSS) for this rejection!

      • ALBERT

        We are simply playing into the hands of rogue politicians and corrupt senators whose wish is to decimate the fight against corruption by all means possible.Have you read the so called DSS report on Magu? In any case, the tradition, convention and best practice require that, the DSS report on Magu is tendered before the vetting committee and sections indicting Magu in the report are put to Magu directly. The role and functions of the Senate when it comes to screening of nominees are very clear. Their role is to simply screen a nominee and to ensure that, he meets the requirements set out for such a position by the constitution or the Act establishing such a position. It is extremely primitive for the senate to rely on voice votes to reject an appointment in this day and age. Was the DSS not invited by same Senate and reprimanded for misleading the senate in respect of Magu`s appointment? so what new facts have emerged? We hear Dino saying that, the faked DSS report raises concerns about Magu`s integrity? Does Saraki have any integrity to seat as a Senate President anywhere in this modern world?

        • stanejike

          Let’s just leave sentiment out. No parliament in any part of the world will confirm a nominee indicted by a security report by the country’s highest investigative or security agency (eg. FBI). You seem to be confusing the case of allegation via petitions where the Senate Committee tries to determine the veracity of the allegations. In sane climes, before the presidency sends any nominee to the parliament, it sends his name for security clearance. It’s only after a positive security report that the name is forwarded for confirmation.
          So, I still maintain that the presidency messed up TWICE NOW and must be held responsible for what is happening! Even presidential candidates undergo security checks before being cleared by INEC!

        • Osakue

          We have capable people that kind occupy that position. Femi Falana is number one

    • FEMI A USA

      You see, I am not fan PMB because is part of the rut in the country. Can you refer to what his wife said about people who did not contribute to his Presidency to come and chop. They are one running this administration. Can these thieves elaborate more on Integrity. They themselves do they have one? Can they define Integrity in a plain term? Fools.

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    Does it mean therefore that if magu remains unavailable today, that no other Nigerian citizen is qualified for that office under Buhari?, Buhari have have shown that there is something unique about this magu otherwise why must a Mr integrity and untainted president, insists that only a man that is lacking in integrity ,who has a moral burden should be the EFCC chairman.
    I cry for this nation in my closet, a nation so much blessed by God with abundant human and material resources, have become so much unfortunate as to fall into the evil grip of liars, hypocrites, falsehood peddlers, blackmailers, hate, tribal, ethnic, religious, clannish, vindictive and malicious bigots.
    When I ruminate over the fate that befell Nigerians on March 28 2015 ,I weep like the men that were weeping for the ruins of Jerusalem.
    Nigerians were deceived with a lie and a big fraud called change,some out of hatred, jealousy and depravity of the soul allowed jega to shortchange Nigeria with the worst government ever seen in history of our nation.
    23 months after, Nigeria has fallen from Grace to grass. Every pillar holding Nigeria nation is in huge peril. The democracy built to an enviable height by Jonathan is totally destroyed, rule of law is jettisoned, economy is in ruins, Nigerians are now refugees and destitutes in their own country, Fulani murderous band have been unleashed on citizens, the official security of Nigeria have turned against citizens and thousands mowed down in cold blood by those paid to protect and defend the citizens.
    Nigerians are now panting for breath as a result of the evil yoke of the fraud called change.
    This government have conquered our nation and those who dare to raise a voice are hunted down and silenced. This government have sown evil discord, anger, hate and wickedness amongst Nigerians, This government have made lying, propaganda, deception and hate bigotry as her official instrument of governance.
    Oh God, shall nigeria continue like this until when?,please come in your power and deliver our nation.

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria


  • new republic

    So there is no brave army officer in Nigeria that can stage a coup and kill all these rouge politician that are turning our live upsidedown?and reposition the country after six months.can somebody name one Senator that will support the confirmation of MAGU?is it Akpabio,Stella Odua,or the big looter Saraki himself.Buhari did not want Magu,he’s playing cat and mouse.Only God can save Nigeria.

  • bature johnson

    pmb has shown that its GERIATRIC is causing more harm to his system of leadership in Nigeria,as his best adviser are the corrupt elite OF EXECUTIVE and the nass/assembly while we are saying IT AGAIN’ there is nothing reasonable that pmb can achieved under the leadership of SARAKI AND DOGARA AND HIS CRONIES THAT ARE LACK OF ABILITY IN AUTHORITY AND AS IT IS PMB STAND TO BE THE WORST PRESIDENT THAT NIGERIA WE EVER HAVE AS PRESIDENT AS IT CONTINUE TO RIDICULE ORDINARY NIGERIAN OF ELECTORATE IN ADJACENT POVERTY THAT ARE SNUFFING LIFE OUT OF ORDINARY MASSES OF CITIZEN NIGERIANS.

  • JOHN

    The issues are very clear. Magu according to security report lack integrity to lead efcc and would surely be a liability. The senate has performed its constitutional role rightly without fear or favour. Mr Magu ceases to from today have any role to perform at efcc. Impunity by those who believe they have conquered the patriotic Nigerians must stop forthwith. Should only the northerners be heading every institution in Nigeria? The same attitude and impunity is being played out by Ali in Customs against the senate. President Buhari should therefore nominate a southerner to head the efcc. That is the right thing to do that is patriotic.

  • Holy truth

    Saraki is d face & symbol of corruption in Nigeria. As long as saraki is sitting as Senate president magu Will not be confirmed as efcc chairman. Saraki is d brain behind all dis non confirmation brouhaha, no doubt about dat. Saraki is just using dss to score his goal. He is using boi -boi dinosaur melaye to dribble d ball.
    D whole world are laughing at Nigeria bcos Nigeria is a laughing stock right now having someone like saraki with no integrity, dat has huge corruption charges hanging on neck still sitting presiding over d Senate. It is just too unfortunate to have dis criminal called bukola saraki & his gangs of thieves in NASS deciding d fate of hard working & well meaning Nigerians.
    Let somebody point to any meaningful thing bukola saraki has led successfully b4 in his life. Bukola & his late father olushola saraki ruined societte generale bank & stole pple’s money in dat bank, he singlehandedly ruined trade bank, he stole all kwara state’s money & frittered dem abroad. Look at what is happening in heritage bank, it is hand work. So what can dis thief point to dat he has successfully led dat is still standing apart 4rm stealing & looting. All dat is playing out at NASS are d hand work of saraki & his gangs of thieves with d collaboration of dss through fake & compromised reports. I had said it b4 & I will say it again dat as long saraki is sitting as Senate president nothing meaningful will come out of dat NASS. Saraki, akpabio, dariye, dinosaur melaye, kashamu & a lot of other criminals deciding d fate of hard working & well meaning Nigerians, what kind of country is dis?

    • Dawood

      With no due respect to the Olodo lawyers quoted in this piece, CORRUPTION is at fault, and it’s dragged it’s stinky self into Aso Rock, big time. It’s time for Buhari to put Saraki and Daura in their places. KEEP MAGU AND GET RID OF DAURA.

    • FEMI A USA

      They are dead woods and scare of Mr. Magu. They do not sleep with eyes closed because this guy is a night mare to many of them. I will hope that he does give up to fight these thieves and be a populist for Nigerians.

  • isioku

    Those who are blaming the Senate for working with documents presented before them by the DSS and referred again by the same body are just plain unreasonable. It’s like counting D, E, F without counting A, B and C. How did the Senate go wrong in this case? To close its eyes against DSS report? Won’t that be corruption? Why blame the Senate for the mess of the Presidency? So the Presidency is beyond reproach and can never go wrong? What kind of arrogant and willing blindness is this? The Presidency messed up and continues to do so while you blame the Senate. What public officer since 1999 has passed Senate screening with a negative security report? So the Senate should start today because it’s Magu? What if it’s Adeniyi tomorrow and a bad precedent has been set? These blind Presidency supporters may soon find out they are the real supporters of corruption

  • monti

    ***THIS CURRENT (sluggish) GOVT IS A DISASTER***

    —2019 is the time for a fresh start—



  • Osakue

    CCB how far with Saraki matter?

  • Intrepid

    Analogue presidency. The old sickler should shelve his greed for power and resign. The world is moving so fast for all these sleep walking.

  • Mizch

    The problem with Nigeria is that she can only boast of ONE BEST at any given time. No fair spare tire!

  • JJ

    I don’t what to say much but this guy PMB is a mere scarecrow. He is not what we thought of him. PMB is another big disappointment.

  • A Aminu

    What this issue of presidency and DSS countering each other shows, is that the president is not satisfied with the VP sending the name of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairman in his absence. Let us read the body language of the president.