UPDATED: How Senate rejected Magu as EFCC Chairman

EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

The Senate has again rejected the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, after the State Security Service reaffirmed its position that the nominee lacks integrity to lead the country’s anti-corruption agency.

Mr. Magu was rejected on Wednesday, after appearance before the Senate for his confirmation hearing during which Dino Melaye raised the SSS report dated March 14.

“In the light of the foregoing, Magu has failed the integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption stand of the current government,” the SSS report, read by Mr. Melaye, stated.

Although Mr. Magu had answered to the satisfaction of lawmakers earlier questions he was asked, senators challenged his suitability given the report against him by the SSS.

Mr. Magu questioned the credibility of the SSS which he said dispatched two reports on him with varying contents same day.

“What do you say about credibility of that agency?” he queried.

PREMIUM TIMES had in December reported how the SSS had earlier submitted two contradictory reports, one approving Mr. Magu’s confirmation and the other asking he be rejected.

The Senate had then rejected Mr. Magu’s confirmation based on the latter report.

President Muhammadu Buhari in January resubmitted Mr. Magu’s name to the Senate for confirmation as EFCC chief.

On Wednesday, Mr. Magu said he was never invited by the SSS to defend the allegations against him.

“There was no fair hearing,” he said.

Facing Mr. Melaye, he said, “We were fighting corruption together before you came to this house and turned against us.”

Mr. Melaye raised the SSS report after Mr. Magu had answered wide range of questions and it appeared he was going to scale the Senate hurdle.

As if the Senate was staging a drama already well-rehearsed, the body then moved away from seemingly soft questions, leaving the ground for questions relating to the SSS report.

Barnabas Gemade and Abiodun Olujimi, among others, asked Mr. Magu to defend his suitability and explain why he should be confirmed after “all these allegations”.

The fresh report was basically reaffirmation of the earlier one, containing same allegations that bother on the nominee’s residence, relationship with Mohammed Umar and past record as head of the EFCC’s economic governance unit.

PREMIUM TIMES had fact-checked the SSS report, and found most of the content to be false.

Earlier before the fresh report was raised, Mr. Magu had absolved himself of culpability in respect of the SSS allegations in the earlier report – though he had wanted to dodge the question that he should defend himself.

“I would answer but I don’t want to say something that will cause bad relationship between sister agencies,” said Mr. Magu, explaining he had responded to the allegations in writing.

However, Senate President Bukola Saraki insisted he must answer “so that we will be guided”.

Then, Mr. Magu said it was true he was reprimanded and detained after official documents were found with him outside office.

“If you don’t carry official files (to your house), you can’t do the work,” said Mr. Magu, explaining the nature of his work, heading “two offices” at the time.

He said after his travail he had been promoted twice.

Also on the allegation that he resides in a house rented for him by Mohammed Umar, a retired air commodore accused of corrupt practices, Mr. Magu said “that’s not true”.

He said his official residence at Maitama was rented for him by the FCT authorities for ease of his work, following intervention of an undisclosed senior official in the presidency.

“I was not part of the process and I don’t know how much was paid. I don’t even know when the rent started or will expire,” he said.

The fresh report was brought up nevertheless.

Mr. Magu also told the lawmakers he could not specifically give the actual amount the EFCC had recovered to date.

After the questioning, the Senate President put Mr. Magu’s confirmation to a voice vote. Majority of the lawmakers said No to his confirmation and the Senate therefore rejected it.

The presidency will now have to decide the next line of action, either to replace Mr. Magu, re-nominate him again or leave him in acting capacity as EFCC chairman.

Read our earlier report here and our story on Magu’s arrival at the Senate here.


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  • Mr Truth

    The war against corruption in Nigeria would be a mere dream if Magu is not confirmed. Mr President should destroy
    the seed of evil against Magu’s confirmation, or it will grow up to ruin APC in 2019.

    • Peter_Edo


  • dami

    When he has seized the money that state governors stole from the Paris club excess fund…how will they confirm him?
    Buhari needs to wake up and be firm and unequivocal…otherwise saraki / dogora / state governors will walk all over him.

  • Absolutely Sane

    If PMB present another name different from Magu’s name, then the war against corruption has been officially declared over. This is not because I think he is the only honest man fit for the job but that the corrupt people in the NASS dictate the tune of the campaign thereby saying that some people are more powerful to be dealt with. I fear for this nation called Nigeria.

  • Billy Salman

    why does Buhari insist on Magu? it has been proven beyond doubt that he’s corrupt, before we start suspecting something Pls send someone else’s name

  • Sword of Damocles

    I have always stated that the Nigerian Senate is a curse Upon Nigeria that is UNENDING & apparently infinite, However A Spade MUST BE CALLED A SPADE. This is all on the Presidency and NO ONE else. Have you ever heard of an American President sending his nominee to the Congress for “advise & consent” , and the President’s CIA or FBI, sends a report TWICE to the Congress claiming the nominee is unfit for office. This smells of INCOMPETENCY or DUPLICITY, either way it is UNBECOMMING… yeye de smell

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    What manner of administration is this? Can someone please tell me??!!

    Our platform and many other similar platforms are watching Mr President very closely.

    It takes very little to make followers lose faith in their leadership.

    You say the cardinal stone of your administration is to fight corruption.

    The arrow head of your fight against corruption is now being harassed and conspired against.

    Yet, you keep quiet and say ‘ let due process take its course’.

    This is not the 1st, 2nd or 100th time that President Buhari has shown himself to be naive and aloof when it matters most.

    We are really tired and spent by the level of incompetence and the mixed messages President Buhari Administration sends.


      It’s not aloofness or incompetence you see. It’s wickedness and disrespect from a former military dictator.

      To Buhari, you really don’t matter. The government is pure nepotism, clannish, and managed by a clique.

    • DanJ

      It seems they sent him there to embarrass him. We go to lobby for UN and OAU seats yet we cannot handle something internal which has been unrepentantly sold as the administrations focal point.
      If he cannot get this man confirmed by hook, crook or blackmail, then he is exposing himself as a weakling.
      It is either he sold is a dummy not wanting him confirmed in the first place because I don’t understand why they won’t do house cleaning before transmitting letter to Senate or they are just poking their fingers in his eye to test his level of weakness or otherwise.

  • Arabakpura

    These are the attendant consequences of an ill and unfit President! This would not have happened when Buhari was himself! Since they don’t want Magu, let him nominate a Magu!

    • Malik

      Buhari was never who we thought he was, we know that now in retrospect. He was living off of the work of Idiagbon.

  • Mamman Bako

    Magu should give this up and move with his life, public service is no ones exclusive preserve. He should thank the president and the Nigerian people, leave with his head high that he served well when he had the opportunity. Life will vindicate him and he will have a place in history.

    • DanJ

      Sad but I couldn’t agree less. However, on second thought, Naija is for die hards like the leadership of the Senate that took it by force.
      At first, I completely agreed with you but, should the apparently good guys give way for the die hards?
      2019 is fast approaching and the people Oga at the top failed to deal with decisively and timely are becoming emboldened to humiliate him.
      Eventually, when they have a chance to pounce on him, he may not get the benefit of kids glove fight he advanced while we were all hoping for killer blows. He failed to take charge saying he could work with anybody and called it Democracy!
      …..And the vultures clapped!!

  • DanielOsazuwa

    This is the confirmation of the rumor going round about the Senate intention to move against Buhari hence his “unceremoniously” rushing back last week.

    This man Buhari is so weak, incompetent, inert, rudderless, clueless and a fraud. A fraud because he made us believe in him not knowing what we read about him was the fruit of Idiagbon. APC now have more than 70 Senators in the Senate and yet our President cannot get his nominee confirm. It’s more worrisome when another Buhari nominee ( Daura of DSS) is the one working against Buhari other nominee. The DSS letter usually have clearance from the NSA before going to the Senate. Under Buhari, that process is gone cos of the difunctional nature of his govt.

    Buhari is a disgrace and it’s sad that I wasted my vote on him.

    • www.electionoffenders.ng

      Sir, regretfully, i concur largely with your submission.
      The Buhari we are witnessing is not the same as the Buhari we were told to expect.

      We over here are just blown away. The entire office is in shock!

      • MaskedPhantom

        What a pity! Accept my sympathy

    • kinsly

      Just shut up and vote against him next time. Maybe vote for Atiku or if you like Tinubu.

      • Gary

        Don’t be so harsh on him. Magu has a lot of media retainers and online cheerleaders.
        Propaganda, gra-gra and trial by media will not get you confirmed by the same people who have been the victims of character assassination and scorched-earth tactics favored by Magu and his fanatical supporters.

    • Rommel

      Do you understand the difference between military and civilian administrations, do you?

    • Höly Wähala

      Magu is gone, go and sue the Senate if you have further beef. You neglected the content of the DSS report to rant rubbish about things beyond your mental capacity, is it right that Magu leased an apartment for N20mio/yrs and on many occassions flew first-class against a presidential directive? You are the type of brainless gullible Ibrahim Magu targeted with his media propaganda but the Senate are alive to their duties… it is pfoolish to suggest that Buhari’s nephew, Lawal Daura, could be working against his uncle, goes to show how shallow your thinking is. Ode!

      • DanielOsazuwa

        You are the moron here because my comment wholeheartedly supported he action of the guys in the Sanctuary City (Senate). Your ranting and tantrum I strongly believe is your lack or absence of analytical capacity to comprehend my comment.

        Incorrigible imbecile.

        • Höly Wähala

          Stupidity is not worth further confirmation… get going biko!

  • Progress.B4.Politics

    How can an agency of the government sabotage a nominee of the same government? Did Buhari not seek advice of DSS before submitting his nominee? It is either Buhari has lost control of his administration or the senators are conspiring and frustrating the confirmation of a nominee who has worked so hard and recovered so much money.

  • new republic

    The presidency is not serious about the fight against corruption,there is no way these looters senators can confirm MAGU.Let him continue on acting capacity,because nass is full thieves.

  • rhad

    Saraki we are watching you.Presidency? you will never get there by his grace .Saraki your entire generation is stinking of corruption and shamelessness. Jail is where you belong.

  • Gary

    Magu was renominated for confirmation after his “clearance” by the AGF asked to look into the allegations against. But the DSS, headed by a blood relative of the President, stuck to its earlier report that Magu has integrity issues disqualifying him for the job.

    Magu might be the greatest crime fighter in the history of the Nigeria Police Force but giving short shrift to the rule of law and due process in his operations as EFCC Chief PLUS the insistence of the DSS that his integrity is questionable, puts paid to any chance of having the Senate confirm him.
    Character and temperament count as much as competence in the leadership of that critical organization.

    Time to move on from Ibrahim Magu and seasrch for a nominee who meets all the needed criteria to run the EFCC. The fate of any agency or government cannot be tied to the fortunes of one individual. The graveyard is full of indispensable people. Or so they thought.

  • ijelejames

    Magu continue to serve as acting chairman. We do not need those robber to confirm you. We already confirmed you. But jail all the looters in the senate. Shame on you thief Saraki! This is your handwork.

    • obiora

      Magu must give up this post or He is Finished. I see him in preason soon.

      • ijelejames

        Check your spellings before showing your face on this blog.

  • John A

    Mr. Magu also told the lawmakers he could not specifically give the actual amount the EFCC had recovered to date.
    With this, i think this man is very unfit for the job.

  • Opekete

    By this reenactment of Caesar’s palace plot playing out in the government of PMB before our very eyes, it is apparent that forces of retrogression has taken over and PMB has become powerless. Perhaps the director of DSS is the most powerful man in Nigeria today. He is the Putin of Nigeria waiting in the wing to crush everyone in his path to take over Nigeria like Putin did in Russia. The seed for the disintegration of Nigeria has been sown and it is growing steadily before our very eyes. Time will tell.

  • Eyo

    Nigeria law makers are bunch of jokers. Did they think by opposing Magu confirmation will stop the God of change from cleaning up Nigeria? nonentities.

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    This is what happens when Magus name is ONLY forwarded for confirmation when Buhari is not around!
    Buhari has washed his hands off this magu issue. Why are the APC minions now looking for a scapegoat?? Buhari appointed Daura and trusts him!
    The SW APC minions here should ask themselves again;

  • khalil

    Why are the yoruba APC men wailing like this?

  • Ganiyu

    Nice one. Nigeria belongs to us ALL!

  • Boogie man

    This is a crazy display of insorbodination on the part of the SSS. The outcome of this Magu imbroglio with the senate will determine if Buhari will continue to keep my respect. I have never seen a country where the head of a govt agency will be writing damning reports about the head of a sister agency to the senate instead of advising the president of their suspicion. More so when the president has renominated this person a second time. It seems all this is geared towards 2019 election by some powerful cabal who want to use the EFCC as tool to witch hunt opponents come 2019. They have concluded that Buhari may not be contesting again.

    • new republic

      Buhari is not in control,but the cabal in the presidency,they are protecting the looters.

  • Ukpaka

    Magu will remain EFCC chairman. Saraki, Melaya and the rest of the crooks in Senate will not have the final say on this.
    Isn’t it funny to reject Magu because he carried his work documents home but crooks that stole billions are the ones determining his suitability to be EFCC chairman?. In a sane country, Saraki and all the senators under probe would recuse themselves from this hearing. This country sucks!
    this is the one time I think the people need to rise and tell these selfish piece of %&$# that we don’t really need them. We can definitely do away with these senators…

  • Uzoma John

    All those rejecting Magu for lack of integrity are those facing trial and are all integrity deficient. If Saraki, Ekweremadu, Akpabio et al have integrity, they should have all honourably resigned their positions since they are all facing investigation/trials. Pot calling kettle black. They are only trying to frustrate someone who has the guts to investigate them. PMB, please don’t give up on Magu.

    • Gary

      Seriously, a handful of Senators facing probes can teleguide a body of over a hundred members to block a nominee? And they somehow also conspired with the DSS to issue an adverse report on Magu and Buhari’s lukewarm support for his erstwhile nominee?
      Shouldn’t that tell you that they know more than has been divulged to the public?

      • Uzoma John

        You don’t get the game. It’s about Saraki supporters in APC in the Senate and the entire PDP sEnators. So tell me why you think they are not in majority, Mr Analyser Gary. We all know Magu is having a running battle with the head of DSS over you should prosecute most cases the DSS even blew. What about the report DSS issued clearing Magu? Are you from another planet that you don’t know the ploy against Magu. Why is PMB insisting that Magu should be renominated?

        • Sanssouci

          All this talk about Saraki, Dino Sinators etc… but are they the ones that wrote the adverse DSS report from a close aide of the President that he single handedly nominated?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            U talk as if you came from the space,are you?

        • JP

          Saraki, Dino, Garmade, Olujimi and Co forced the DSS to write report about Magu. Did it ever come to your thinking faculty that magu started as a typical Nigerian police officer who is tainted with corruption by their training. Magu as a police officer is as corrupt as our senators. It is their past that is hurting them, I beg PMB should nominate another person. Remember that magu name was forwarded after PMB left the country and the same time SGF was cleared.

          • Uzoma John

            JP, the allegation against Magu is that a corrupt Businessman rented his house to or for him. Unfortunately, it came out to be that the rented house belongs to Dora Akunyili of blessed memory. That is not enough reason to turn down his nomination. When the DSS got this fake information planted by your so called senators, Daura never verified because he feels he wants to get back at Magu, who has always asked him to hand over case for prosecution after investigation by DSS. Bottom-line, it’s all a ploy to rubbish Magu but he’s gonna be victorious at the end. Tell me what Magu did to warrant this kind of embarrassment because he is investigating and prosecuting your rogue senators.

          • obiora

            Did you read Magu`s answer to that question, please read it again. A clean person can not live in a House he did not know how it`s rent is paied or who is paying.

          • JP

            John my friend, Magu problem is not the senators as far as the issue is concerned unless you have a reliable information that the letter from the SSS is written by senators. Emotion cannot help Magu. He should get clearance from SSS through PMB. The senate will definitely confirm him.

  • FreeNigeria

    Magu is a Nigerian Policeman, they are corrupt beyond words, Magu is corrupt, the Senators rejecting are worse, the SSS writing a report on him are equally corrupt. They all stink of corruption. Well, Magu, hit back at the SSS, expose their corruption. Revenge is very sweet, get your taste of it.

  • Rommel

    In light of this development,I will strongly urge Mr president to consider substituting him with the founding father of the EFCC Mallam Nuhu Ribadu whom I believe still has a lot to offer Nigeria, he can rejig that anti corruption agency

    • wode

      Good as it may sound, these rouges in the Senate can always cook something up. Look at how long it took them before inviting Magu for screening, digging everywhere for anything incriminating. They would only approve the nomination of that who is harmless to their career and future. I mean somebody that can play ball. For me, if all that’s being said about Magu is all they can find about him as a Police officer, he’s a clean guy, given consideration to Nigeria of where we are coming from. It’s rather unfortunate that report is emanating from sister agency in the Presidency and things can not be properly coordinated, either to send or not to send Magu’s name for confirmation.

  • Bahaushe

    “We were fighting corruption together before you came to this house and turned against us.”
    MAGU to DINO MELAYE (March 15,2017) what other name will you call the lawa makers is it ARM OF CORRUPTION?

    • Aminu Mahmoud

      Magu should resign to continue with his career ,this is not end of the road for him beside he has given his quota towards ridding corruption off Nigeria.But the i strongly recommend Retired Col HAMEED ALI be nominated for the post of EFFC Chairman and let us wait for the response of the SENIOR CITIZENS of the nation.

  • marig

    This is a major humiliation for president Buhari. What bothers me is the continued silence of our president about major issues facing the country. He has never spoken out publicly in support of his nominee for efcc even after the senate rejected him the first time. Even this current issue about custom duties on imported autos, he keeps quiet. On every major issue that Nigerians are concerned about , our elected leader, who is supposed to lead us, keeps quiet. This is not the man i voted for. Saraki and Dino and all the ex govs in the senate are smiling.

    • JP

      Magu is a corrupt Nigeria Police officer just like the senators and DSS. Leave PMB out of this. Magu should be replaced immediately. It is the past that is hurting all of them.

  • Very HARD Facts

    “Mr. Osinbajo, whom UNILAG appointed Law lecturer in 1981 when he was 24 years old, is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He was first handed opportunity to serve in government in 1988, when he was appointed by the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Bola Ajibola, to serve as his (Mr. Ajibola’s) adviser on legal service and litigation…Between 1999 and 2007, Mr. Osinbajo served Lagos State under then Governor Bola Tinubu as the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General, and earned the reputation of a reformist. ”
    — Premium Times (March 2017)

    Yet, by 2015, the same Osibanjo had the following assets as declared by him;
    1. $1,000,000 Cash in Bank
    2. N102,000,000 Cash in Bank
    3. A 2012 Mercedes Benz Jeep, 3 other exotic Cars
    4. Numerous houses in Lagos, and one in Abuja

    How did Osibanjo amass this wealth and property as a public servant? Nigerians must stop praising criminality and ask the right questions? When people who would be far removed from being associated with integrity in civilized climes are continually presented as beacons of rectitude in Nigeria where then lies hope? Enough is enough!

  • Panty

    The Nigerian so called Federal structure is defective and is itself a corrupt amalgam. Until Nigeria RESTRUCTURES and decentralizes political power, corruption will be the order of the day. Nigeria is not a country. Let every region become a country. This is the only way out and it is imminent. There is nothing the Parasites can do. Nothing!

  • Tunde

    PMB, please keep Magu as EFCC chair and watch the SSS as i am convinced they are not for the fight against corruption. This charade by the Senate is a red herring! Magu has shown that they are all stained therefore they want to get rid of him vis-a-vis Paris Club monies ‘rogerred’ by the governors! The governors are behind this!

    • sab

      You get it wrong. Who is heading DSS?How is the DSS boss related to PMB?And how is Magu related to PMB? Trace the facts and records and find out where PMB is most suited to lean towards.

    • obiora

      Is Nigeria Government serving the President or serving Nigeria People.How can Buhari keep Magu just because he like Magu. ? Is office of EFCC Buhari`s property or Nigeria`s?.

      • Bright

        Pmb is the president, if anybody want to change that let him or her go get his mandate first.

  • Anthony Uremeh

    The Senate, as presently constituted, would never confirm Magu nomatter how many times his name is submitted. The answer is simple: People want to chop money. With that in mind, anyone who would want to “rock the boat” in any form would never be allowed in.

    Saraki has financial mismanagement issues and he’s on trial for that. Do you actually expect him to help Magu? Many senators have petitions against them as we speak with EFCC. Do you seriously think they would allow him as EFCC chairman since Magu is not ready to “play ball”.

    We all know the story that got leaked about Governors,in tandem with Saraki,pocketing money due to their states. Do you really expect the Governors to support his appointment?

    Fighting corruption in Nigeria is difficult because everyone believes that to be a billionaire depends on how close you are to power. Corruption runs the system, forget the academic qualifications. Look at our Public universities which are mostly ruined because even VCs have decided to be thieves. They all want to leave like Dangote. Someone like Magu would find it hard in a country where people just want to whack. It’s sad..

    • Sanssouci

      I mostly concur but the bottom line is this DSS letter, how is that the senate’s fault? Something is fundamentally wrong beyond your analysis for the executive to be lampooning themselves. It actually makes no sense how something like this can happen twice. There is most certainly more than meets the eye.

    • JP

      See what you wrote “Saraki has financial mismanagement issues and he’s on trial for that. Do
      you actually expect him to help Magu? Many senators have petitions
      against them as we speak with EFCC” Must they help Magu to become EFCC Boss or Magu should leave above board?

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        In what way has he lived “below board”

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        Yes, Because nothing will pass through that floor except what they approve…..and as all humans wont to be, they can’t approve your own trial. Let Magu continue to act for as long as no law states that he can’t act.

  • joelaw

    Buhari picked the man in charge of SSS, he has also submitted the name of Magu for confirmation twice now and yet this rejection. The President must if he indeed desires Magu to continue call the SSS man to order, in fact he ought to have cautioned him before now, he is been ridiculed by a man he appointed and can fire at any time. I’m not advocating Magu’s confirmation by all means if indeed it can be proven that he is not above board, but something is smelling funny here, is there a connivance between some powerful rogues in the senate and SSS director, a man who appears over ambitious to me. For posterity sake Buhari must act on this, he must get to the bottom of the entire issue.

  • Owenz

    Is this the first report of investigation by DSS? Why is DSS submitting report of investigation to the senate and not to the President to whom he reports. Something is not right here. The President should fire the head of this so called DSS for hiding information about their findings and causing him embarrassment.

    • Sword of Damocles

      the Presidency may not be upset that DSS is sending the report(DUPLICITY), or the Presidency’s “lefthand” does not know what its “right hand” is doing (INCOMPETENCY). I gotta tell ya as a supporter of this administration, I am sitting here holding my “nuts” like a chump. very bitter taste, no doubt. Look if the MAN cannot do this job, let him resign, after all what is happening now is what we would have expected from characters like Atiku, Jonathan, Saraki, Rochas, Kwankwasso, EL rufai. Get my jist? we supported this man because it appeared that he had not been forsaken/ cursed by our ancestors. Is there no honest Nigerian for God’s sake? what kind of country is this???

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        My view too,I am more bitter than you are!

      • Manuel Tobby

        More bitter than you, but I am not surprised because we are a nation that survive and thrive on corruption and indiscipline, both leaders and followers.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        I agree with you 99.9% except for Atiku. Atiku was maligned by Obj at his obnoxious best for blocking his 3rd term agenda using Ribadu and that midget devil of Kaduna


    let him continue in acting capacity,,he must deal with corrupt criminals like dino an co,,dis is no problem for pmb

  • Mama Kay

    PMB, please let Magu carry on. The legislooters are unhappy with the success of the war on corruption.

    How can criminals be screening? Dino, the confirmed thief is also talking. Let him first show us his constituency office.

    These same people passed all the thieves in the past without any preconditions. Imagine Koro was passed without any problems.

    • FEMI A USA

      They are afraid of this man that his coming after them. If Magu can continue in acting form; he is going to gbe won jade (Egbon Fela).

  • Jimi

    Although I believe there are other Nigerians who can do a better job than Ibrahim Magu, his first and second rejections provide insights into the power balance in the Nigerian presidency. Magu has been rejected twice based on the report of an agency under the control of the president and led by his cousin, Mamman Daura. If the President wants Magu and his cousin does not, and the cousin prevails what does that suggest? Has the President become so politically impotent that it maybe too late to prescribe political Viagra? Is Mamman Daura protecting his own corruption and if the answer is yes why is Magu unable to go after him if everyone is equal before the law? Too many questions and too few answers.

    • Sword of Damocles

      na tru u talk gon-gon!! the CRUX of the MATTER at hand

    • Sanssouci

      Good points but point of correction: There are 2 Dauras, 1)Mamman Daura is the guy in charge godfather to Abba Kyari defacto president then you have 2) Lawal Daura DSS boss in question

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Still two sides of the same coin

  • Nwakibeya

    Efcc is the most corrupt organization in Nigeria. Nigerians should not be fooled by the dramas they see on TV. You can only get to know the real EFCC when you lodge a complaint or petition at the EFCC. They are more interested in making money from petitions than in ensuring that the right actions are taken. Thumbs up to the DSS and Nigerian Senate.

  • Ifeanyi

    “I was not part of the process and I don’t know how much was paid. I don’t even know when the rent started or will expire,”

    This is very wrong. You can’t be genuinely fighting corruption but feign ignorance of who is paying for your rent, the amount being paid and the source of the money. WRONG!

    Why can’t the EFCC provide an official residence for it’s Chairman…?

    • share Idea

      The same commission that kept charging people for receiving money that they should reasonably know that it is from proceed of corruption that it’s leader does not know how his house rent is paid. It says a lot about hypocritical nature of this administration

      • MaskedPhantom

        Plus, the head of an institution that claims to be making progress in the fight against corruption cannot tell how much the EFCC has recovered from its much publicized blitzkrieg against “looters”. Isn’t this a case of loot changing hands from one thief to another?

  • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

    I think it’s sometimes a matter of perspectives and I’d think that this is evidence that Buhari is not meddling with the job of the DSS or the EFCC.
    The next line of activity in my mind should be to subject the DSS report to verification; if the content are true, then Magu should be prosecuted. However, if they are false, as PT suggests, then the DSS boss should be sacked and prosecuted and Magu represented to the Senate for confirmation.

    • sab

      If Buhari is nt meddling in Magu’s case, who then re-submitted his name to Senate for confirmation after his initial rejection by Senate?

      • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

        That is a process, not meddling. Meddling would be to order the DSS to ‘cooperate’

        • Gary

          I agree with you in principle that Buhari has refrained from meddling in the professional judgement of the DSS over Ibrahim Magu’s fitness for the job. Much to the chagrin of the President’s own base who see him as Batman and Magu as Robin.
          But as issue is why go through the charade of asking AGF Malami to probe and clear Magu of the charges in the DSS report, re-nominate him to the Senate only to have the DSS stick to its earlier stance that he’s unfit to be confirmed?
          Just goes to show that Magu has become a pawn in Aso Rock power politics by aides having a field day while the President is distracted by health issues.

          The man has been badly served by the folks he picked for his kitchen cabinet. And they keep proving Aisha Buhari right about serving themselves rather than her husband.

          • FEMI A USA

            By the, why are they vague in the Integrity test. Can they supply of what act Mr.Magu had commited. Do they have integrity of their own? Bunch of thieves and calling themselves lawbreakers. Mr. Magu is coming after their shady deals in present and past.

    • Otile

      Try as much as you can to absolve your Imam Buhari of all culpability on earth, you cannot absolve him of incompetence in federal hiring. Why must he stick to hiring his own people alone bypassing very many qualified people from other ethnic groups? Is Magu the only man capable of doing the job in the whole country? Yeah, nepotism not corruption my foot.

      • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

        Magu is from the North East, which means he’s not Buhari’s “own people”. That’s like a Yoruba (South West) hiring a Igbo (South East)

        • Otile

          But Magu is not from Ondo or Bayelsa. Are you saying that nobody from the South can do this job well?

  • Female_Suicide_Bombers

    As usual, 3 Female Suicide Bombers struck in Northern Nigeria today killing over 15 human beings…and as usual Premium Times will pretend it is not aware…and as usual, the following are the details of the bombers:

    FIRSTNAME ——-> Female
    MIDDLE NAME —> Suicide
    SURNAME ——-> Bomber

    Up Nigeria. Up Buhari! What a country!

  • Screw-em

    Sai Buhari, keep Magu in acting capacity as EFCC chief through your tenure and have him sweep these common criminals with a vociferous force never before withnessed in the history of our Commonwealth. There should be no mercy. You have nothing to lose but the support of progressives seeking a better Nigeria for all.

    • FEMI A USA

      Who among these bunch is not in corruption? Magu is in a lion’s den and happy he solver it. They are afraid that he is going to pull their skirt and trousers down in the public. They are part of the evil axis in Nigeria. They lack integrity of their own. Bunch of losers and corrupt at best.