Hameed Ali fails to appear before Senate as lawmakers threaten arrest

Cross Section of Customs New Management Team

The Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Hameed Ali, did not appear before the Senate on Wednesday to brief the lawmakers on planned action on vehicles without duty payment.

But in accordance with Section 89 of the 1999 Constitution, the Senate resolved to “compel” Mr. Ali to appear on Thursday “to state his case”.

The Customs’ planned policy to impound vehicles without duty payment has been suspended, the service announced Wednesday morning, in obedience to a Senate resolution.

But the Senators were not satisfied. They insisted on Mr. Ali’s appearance, regardless of the announcement to suspend the policy which set him on collision course with the Senate.

On Wednesday, just after the Senate dissolved into committee of the whole to receive Mr. Ali, who did not appear eventually, Senate President Saraki read a letter dated March 14 from the customs boss, disclosing the decision the duty payment policy.

But he recommended legal opinion to himself and the Senate on the compulsion to appear before the Senate in uniform.

In the letter, he told the Senate he was bereaved, therefore citing reason why he could not appear today, Wednesday.

‘Bereavement’ was Mr. Ali’s second excuse. In his first letter to the Senate earlier on Tuesday, he said he had to attend n NCS management meeting about same time he was expected to be at the Senate.

Mr. Saraki also told his colleagues Mr. Ali visited him Tuesday evening and made commitment to suspend the policy on duty payment.

Kabiru Marafa, APC-Zamfara, was the first to react to Mr. Ali’s failure to appear on Wednesday.

Then, George Sekibo, PDP-Rivers, spoke, urging the Senate to invoke the Section 89 of the Constitution which granted the legislature power to issue warrant of arrest in the event Mr. Ali fails to appear.

Efforts by the Senate Whip to amend Mr. Sekibo’s motion were rebuffed by his colleagues who shouted him down, showing apparent rage.

The motion was later seconded by Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu without amendment.

The confirmation hearing of Ibrahim Magu as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is now underway.


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  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    I gbadun you baba Alli. Thanks for defying these selfish criminal representatives. You have shown them the stuff you are made of,that is not a coward like me. Let them go to hell. You have refused to blink first. They try intimidating you,but you show to them you were truly from the Nigerian army. Kudos col. If you like,appear there twenty times tomorrow,at least not today again. The threat of arrest is their usual gra gra approach, which I know you know. Which police will dare you. Keep up your good works against the criminals who have sponsored some criminal senators.

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      The criminals you elected under the banner of change.
      Nigerians are hypocrites.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Ignorance at its peak. Criminal we elected? What makes buhari a Criminal? Just because he wouldn’t give you a free hand to continue your destruction of our beloved country? Haba! Or simply put,your brain has been hacked by the monkeys or the gorillas who are given you the impression that you are making any sense with this meaningless jargons you have put here. Oga go and sleep if you are still feeling doze.

        • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

          can you imagine how shallow your mind and mentality is, you elected your representative to the NASS and turn round to call them criminals because they refused to be a rubber stamp to your god, when you are challenged for your irresponsibility and hypocrisy, you turned again and started calling the very man you have chosen to worship, a criminal.
          That’s one of the ills of this clueless government, they recruited mental dwarfs and mind imbeciles as their internet warriors. O boy you are a big fraud and a calamitous failure to those that recruited you.
          Between you and me who is destroying Nigerian nation, is it me a private citizen that pays my dues to my nation without any personal benefit or you that are collecting my taxes as salary and upon that collecting bribes, falsifying figures and padding budgets. Hypocrite, I am not a member of any political party, never have any thing to do with any level of government in Nigeria. People like me are the ones free from any entanglement of political power or government, therefore we look at issues with clear and untainted mind and we speak the truth fearlessly unlike crooks like you that depends on lying to exist. Shame on you.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            In spite all your long epistle,you have not been able to make any sense safe the regurgitation of frustration. In your own dream,whoever does not support your idiocy is being paid by the government. You have an outdated brain. I don’t even know where or how to respond to your Naivety cum ignorance. Well play safe in your fools paradise, where you are being praised for writing all these nonsense. You are beating your chest for haven spoken the truth. What truth,and to who?. What do you know about government other than the lies fetch to you by vanguard. You should have stayed glued to your Facebook or Watsapp group chats, rather than come here to display your ignorance to.the entire universe. You have not thrown up any discussable issue hence my type of response, goat!

          • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

            Oh boy you are much more irresponsible and f00lish than those who are paying you peanuts to colonize the minds and hearts of Nigerians through your irresponsible rants on air.
            Citizens like me will always be your Waterloo because we shall never allow you and your evil band to further deceive and blackmail Nigerians into submission to your budding dictatorship.
            Get the facts into your almajiri soul and your deformed brain, Nigerians can never be conquered by this daura emirate council.
            Buhari must submit his government to the oath of his office, where he swore to uphold the constitution and laws of Nigeria.
            This is democracy where there is checks and balances, Buhari is not equal to Nigeria and Nigerian nation can never be equated with Buhari.his personal opinions can never override that of the majority of Nigerians.
            Hamid Ali must shape up and know that his loyalty first is to Nigeria or he shape out.
            He and his masters are not superior to Nigeria.
            If he is not afraid, let him go ahead with his irresponsible policy for which the Senate of the federal republic is inviting him.
            With the way these daura cabals are going, they may eventually set Buhari up against the NASS if caution is not their watchword , and the looser shall be Buhari in such a situation.
            An ordinary colonel is being irresponsibly proud and haughty before a Senate where brigadiers and generals are sited.
            Buhari must conform himself to the dictates of Nigeria democracy and command his appointees to do likewise for him to have smooth sailing. The era of dictatorship is gone for good in Nigeria. Those urging the appointees of Buhari to disregard the NASS and resorting to blackmails against our nation hallowed chambers because of peanuts that they are being paid, are the clear enemies of Nigeria and her democracy.

      • pheliciti

        If you are talking about the senate, then you should realise that some communities sent their best, some towns sent criminals….. so if at any time you see the senate sitting in peace, it means the ‘townsent’ criminal is not in the chambers….

    • pheliciti

      The same ego driven clowns that couldnt compel Diezani and Oduah to appear before them just some years ago…

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Thank you,this is what I am trying to say and some nincompoops are trying to shout me down. Ego and selfishness is their watchword. Thank you for trying to understand me.

  • Man_Enough

    if i were alli i would wait until i am arrested. they have no power to prosecute and i am not sure there is any law broken in this case. the courts will decide. the senate is emasculating the power of the executive by trying to supervise the comptroller general of customs.

  • isiaka

    it is high time we need to screen the type of people sent to represent us. I don’t think these people know what they are doing, They were acting like a lawless citizen.

  • alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    First ‘management meeting’.
    Now ‘bereavment’!
    Pikin wey say im mama no go sleep….