JUST IN: Two herdsmen killed in Southern Kaduna

Map showing Southern Kaduna

Two Fulani herdsmen were killed Saturday afternoon in Southern Kaduna sparking fresh fears of renewed violence in the area.

The herdsmen were reportedly shot while herding cattle in Anguwan Yashi village in Jema’a local government area.

The National Assistant Secretary of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Ibrahim Abdullahi, told PREMIUM TIMES over the telephone those killed are Anas Shuaibu, 20, and Yahaya Musa, 14.

Mr. Abdullahi however called on the Fulani community in the area “not to take the laws into their hands and allow the security agencies do their job”.

He also appealed to the attackers to “please give peace a chance.”

The spokesperson of the police in the state, Aliyu Othman, confirmed the incident and said nine persons have already been arrested in connection with the killing.

He said the police was proceeding with investigation of the murder.

Over 200 people have been killed in the last few months in Southern Kaduna in clashes between herdsmen and largely farming communities.

The Kaduna State Government has embarked on several peace initiatives to help check the violence while the federal government has also agreed to establish two army bases in the area to maintain peace.


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  • Ade

    The people of southern kaduna have the right to defend themselves.

    Enough is Enough!!!

  • abubakar yussif

    Now I know people don’t consider the Fulani as human beings bcos they’re silent but if it were vice versa then u hear the wailers wailing

    • Francis Agbali

      The point here is, while no one is happy about the killing of this two – for instance, I am yet to understand why a 14 year old boy should be killed even if it were a reaction to previous attacks. But that said, it is important for us to realize that it is absurd that people should violate others domain of occupation without the consciousness of their being intruders, visitors or passer bys. If for instance a Fulani Herdsmen is seen flanking guns as they often do, that posses a threat especially when they vie into personal properties such as farms. Again, why should any sensible human being claim that a farmland is same as grazing ground. That is the violation of someone’s sweat, labour and investments. That for some is substantial provocation. It is time when we should actually advocate against nomadic cattle rearing. It is odd in an age like ours. No developed nation of the world or anyone thinking of development subscribes to such primitive activities.

      • pheliciti

        Nomadic grazing is provocation? And it should lead to slaughter?

  • amazing2012

    You can see no single comment from christians parrots. If it is the way round, the whole christians in Nigeria would have use media and other satanic instruments to disturb people.
    Now the did is done, just produced the perpetrators of these crime to face the law or EXPECT RETERLIATION AND DONT COMPLAIN !!

    • vay

      Retarded fool…..which did(deed) is done? Other farmers owns their lands to do farming. Why can’t your murderous blood suckling people too purchase forests to rear their cattle? Must they go to destroy others farmland

      • amazing2012

        Is that why they killed them ? So it is alright to kill them ?

        • vay

          No sensible person will justify killing of innocent person… May the soul of the two rest in peace but wouldn’t have come to them being killed if they follow the law of commerce

          • amazing2012

            You have not still condenm it. Law of commerce ? Did law of commerce recommend killing of innocent people ? These innocent souls did not go into any farm, they were accosted and killed. Is that law of commerce ? Can you say the killing of the christians is also because they breached the law of commerce ? Christians are just bias and unjust. Those responsible for killing anybody should be brought to book simple. Be it who ever and how ever placed he is, be it Fulani or other tribe.

          • vay

            You humbled me with that statement ” those responsible for killing anybody should be brought to book simple “. But what a pity Hausa/fulanis elders statemen abandoned your call for justification….. El-ruffian is always quick to clamp down on southern kaduna people when they defend themselves but always asleep or gone paralysed when fulanis are on killing rampage. If he does follow your sensible advice, their won’t be unrest in southern kaduna….. The blood suckling El-ruffian even gone to the extent of compensating his murderous kinsmen from other nation

    • Francis Agbali

      You must be a worthless infidel to call even the silliest Christian a parrot. If you are bold, write out your real name and let us put your name on the altar of Christians’ God and see what becomes of your life in 90 days.

      • amazing2012

        F….oll Christians God is pagan God not the God of Jesus you claimed. Did true God Need a name to work on someone ? So i am out of his radar ? What a weak blind God that don’t see or identify his creations ! You see how ignorant Christians can be !!!

        • Daniel Okogie

          Who are u,what do u want,or are u one of d sponsors of killings like these which are targeted at turning Nigerians against themselves for political gains,whom do u think is benefitting from these kind of atrocities if not blood tasty criminals like u who think they are politicians,if u are Muslim at all as u pretend to b,where did u put d love Allah teaches that u can come here wanting to make Nigerians go about killing themselves when u aught to b here preaching that govt agents propagate equal justice, and that Nigerians try to forgive each other?for ur info,d only family giving us water for free in my neighborhood,are Muslims.. I don’t c them as Muslims but neighbours.don’t try to make me hate them because I won’t

          • amazing2012

            I condenmed is totality any form of atrocities and harm to every living instinct.
            I also condenmed those that do no justice when analyzing violence. Christians are biased and unjust ! Every Muslim condenmed Boko but no single Christian condenmed Niger delta militants or IPOB OOR OTHER CRIMINALS GROUPS. In fact recently a thief that was released after serving jail term in uk was welcome with fanfare and called him Jesus !
            You Guys are blind satans !!

          • Daniel Okogie

            Leave u to ur judgement

    • Patrick

      You are so dense that you cannot see that people have been apprehended already for the crime. If the Police were so quick to arrest murderous herdsmen, no body would be complaining. Olodo!

      • amazing2012

        So is that why this killing is justified ?

    • Political ninja

      You can even spell retaliation??? Killing the fulanis is retaliation in the first place.

    • emmanuel

      The end to your tribes arrogance in this country will come someday!

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    The rule of law means that those who contravene the law should be punished.

    The reason people take laws into their hands is because the Government has failed to protect them and punish those who have hurt them.

    Now, we are all worried that there will be retaliatory attacks.

    If the Government had been punishing the guilty for years then we would not been in this position today.

    The greatest culprit in all these killings is the Government and the security agencies. They are the guilty ones!

    They have refused and failed to punish those who break the law, as a result, the people are killing themselves trying to get justice in whatever way possible.

    The leaders have failed the nation and set the people against themselves. The 1st persons to be punished are all Government officials responsible for law and order.

  • LLLeon

    The farming community should arm itself.

    • AryLoyds

      This is no news , the southern kaduna people should kill their cattle as cattle is more valuable than the life of fulani herdsmen.

  • Francis Agbali

    Two Herdsmen are killed on Saturday, by Sunday 9 persons are already arrested. 200 persons were killed in the same place and for months we are yet to see formidable arrests. Even those shown months after seem questionable. A man tells his people to defend his premises, the DSS springs to work, and several lives are taken away and they can not fish out the miscreants. Fishy waters!

    • amazing2012

      Then you cannot condemn this killing ? Or this killing is ok ?

      • Political ninja

        How many have you condemned? From the killing of Shiites to ipob and deaths all over Nigeria perpetrated by the fulanis and security forces.

      • emmanuel

        Nobody was killed. It is your own propaganda in preparation for an onslaught against the people. Devils!

        • amazing2012

          ..then agreed also that no body was also killed from the side you are defending !

    • vay

      That’s el- ruffian for u….. He is brain behind the unrest in southern kaduna. He wants to cowed the SK, they should resist external aggressor with all their might

  • Otile

    I am sure those two men killed in other people’s farm were stealing crops.

  • Niger DELTAN

    Dear Niger DELTA people,

    ExxonMobil has said its headquarters cannot be located on any part of Niger Delta because of the following reasons.
    1. That our Niger Delta environment which they pollute incessantly is not conducive and fit for their CEOS and Directors to live in.
    2. That the air is too filled with toxins from gas flaring pollution and our water unsafe for them to drink.

    My dear people of the Niger Delta, Avengers, and all Freedom fighters, I have these few QUESTIONS for you.
    a) Why then must we continue to allow ExxonMobil and Nigeria destroy our land as they rape us daily?
    b) Should we begin to destroy and detonate any ExxonMobil pipeline and infrastructure around our Niger Delta?
    c) Are we going to swallow this insult and allow Yorubas in Lagos and Hausas in Abuja get the Jobs that our people should have had the head offices been located on our land?

    Remember what Ken Saro Wiwa told us, “To be silent in the face of injustice is treason”. We must act because the evil Nigerian govt will never act on our behalf cos they are co-conspirators.

    .God bless you all.
    .Long live the Bight of Biafra

  • IG

    This is good. Self defense measures like this will go a long way to ensure that Fulani Herdsmen terrorists are checkmated. If you are sure someone will fire back at you with an AK47 if you attack his village, then you will think twice. The Fulani sympathizers in Nigerian Army must be neutral in this. All praise go to the Southern Kaduna people for embarking on self defense measures against continued provocation by the blood thirsty terrorists who call themselves herdsmen. Enough is enough. Shoot at them five times if they fire once and ten times if they fire twice.

    • Deji

      Shamefully you remarked killings as good. How I wish the idiots outside Southern Kaduna urging the locals to continue the exchange of killings started way back in 1987 and to which the two sides are regrettably culpable that wasting the life of people there wouldn’t bring any one any benefit.
      To the Southern Kaduna people, let them push you to the precipice of war and your inspirators would have more than enough comfort to dote on their children while you are ruined.

      • NanaJ

        @ deji hope you know the feelings when unknown people invade ur farmlands for want of vegetation? then they destroy ur farmlands kill ur parents and take to the bush nearby.

      • emmanuel

        It is not limited to Southern Kaduna, in Delta, Bayelsa and all of Southern Nigeria, the killings are carried out weekly and the FG has been breathing down on the media to play down reporting the carnages going on everywhere.
        I can count in my own state over 5 people are killed on weekly basis. Who provoked the animals?
        Listen, when they arrive any community where they have discovered green grasses for grazing, they move in, kill one or two persons to scare farmers of their farms for a while and begin grazing until the people cry out, mobilise their vigilante groups then they move again to other locations to do same thing.
        Nigeria is overdue for consequently reaction to these people everywhere.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t

    (0706538/3208) OR ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER MRS MARY ON (0813206/6217) FOR

  • Sam Langa

    “Nine persons have been arrested in connection with the killing” How easy it is to arrest natives in their own communities for the death of any of the invading herdsmen. The more this bias in favour of Fulanis continues the more the resolution of the crises will remain elusive.

    • blackman blackman

      How many Herdmen has he arrested since the killings of Christians by the herdsmen? El rufai is evil.

  • marc umeh

    There should be no joy in the murder of a 14 and 20 yr old. This has to stop.

    • emmanuel

      Rag-tag mallam, we know you here. You only show with the moniker when your ilks engage in satanic practices and well meaning Nigerians cry against unjust acts of your tribesmen.
      14 years who bear arms and kill at will?
      I a sure no herdsman was killed in the first instance. It is a pre-planed, pre-attack press sensitisation of the your tribesmen in the South Kaduna annihilation agenda.
      We already know that there would be slaughtering of the people to celebrate Buharis return and you can then say it is reprisal attack.
      Only foolanis are authorised in present day Nigeria to carry out reprisal attack without the FG carrying out arrest or prosecution.

  • Frank Bassey

    Gov. Nasir el-Rufai will soon impose a dusk-to-dawn curfew so that massive killing of the S/K indigenes would take place, as was the case last Christmas eve. It is good he was elected governor so that the EMPTINESS in him would be exposed.

  • Abidilagungun

    “The spokesperson of the police in the state, Aliyu Othman,
    confirmed the incident and said nine persons have already been arrested in connection with the killing.”

    The efficiency of the police when it comes to crimes against the herdsmen is amazing

  • emmanuel

    El-Rufai and the Miyetti Allah gang sheath their AK47 while Buhari was away, but allowed EFCC, DSS and the media to play their own part by engaging Andrew, Apostle Suleiman, Maikori and co. Now that they have been kept busy trying to survive the onslaught against them, the boys can resume in the field as Sai Baba is now on ground to give them Presidential cover.
    These are the reasons Buhari delibrately appointed only his tribesmen and the mean ones for that matter to head every office in the land.
    He seem not to know history and how Africa had gone through endless pains when countries where such evils thrived went in flames