Senate summons Hameed Ali, asks Customs boss to appear in “appropriate” uniform

Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Hameed Ali

The Senate has asked the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Customs Service, Hameed Ali, to appear “unfailingly” in his “appropriate” uniform next Wednesday over the service’s action against owners of vehicles not duly registered with the service. 
The Senate summon, Thursday, followed a motion by Dino Melaye (APC – Kogi) who drew the attention of his colleagues to the refusal of the Customs to suspend the plan against vehicles without duty payment. 
The Senate had on Tuesday asked the Customs, NCS, to halt the action; but Mr. Melaye presented a report by The Sun newspapers on Thursday, reporting Mr. Ali to have dared the Senate and said the NCS has its own rules which allow the planned clamp down. 
A number of the Senators, including Kabiru Marafa (APC-Zamfara), Emmanuel Bwacha (PDP-Taraba), Aliyu Wamako (APC-Sokoto), and Solomon Olamilekan (APC-Lagos), supported the call that Mr. Ali, a retired army colonel who has refused to wear the customs uniform, appear before the Senate. The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, who presided on Thursday, then issued the ruling. 
Lanre Tejuoso (APC-Ogun) claimed Customs operatives “killed two persons” in his constituency, adding “we must look into the activities of the Customs.” 
The lawmakers said disregard for Senate resolutions meant “indirect disrespect to the President”. 
Mr. Ekweremadu said such impunity must be fought along with corruption. 
But the Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan, cautioned his colleagues against acting on newspaper reports.
Mr. Lawan, however, also said the Senate must be respected and any official summoned must appear “within the stimulated time.”


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  • AryLoyds

    Why not in his under pants ?

  • FineBoy

    What a Senate.
    Reducing serious matter to clothing.
    If he refuses to wear, will you jail him?
    What extant laws say he must wear uniform?

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      That’s what reasonable Nigerians are saying about president Buharis style of leadership, Hamid Ali was made custom CG in defiance to the laws and constitution of Nigeria, now he is seeing himself as above the law and going about carrying himself as one that is above the law. The Senate must make him realise that he doesn’t own the customs.

      • Oladele

        What law? PMB never broke any laws with his appointment of Hameed Ali!

        • Moneyz N Horseyz

          The appointment of Ali as CGC is similar to appointing a retired police IGP as the Chief of Army staff thereby bypassing all the career army officers. Buhari’s arrogance is very offensive to any well thinking Nigerian.

  • Oladele

    These guys are sick!

  • bala

    Why not ask him to appear in his wife HIJAB or put on BOKO HARAM ied uniform with explosives to blow off the senators empty heads! this shege senators.dan barau

  • FreeNigeria

    What’s wrong with him wearing the uniform of the agency he heads? is he above the institution? We know the NASS are worthless, but Ali should behave appropriately

    • Sir Demo

      Did Obsnikoro wore uniform as Minister of Defence?

  • Suleiman Alatise

    I think the name of the Senate should be changed to the house of summon. Why give orders you can’t sanction?

  • Du Covenant

    Primitive mentality that everyone must be in uniform, what a silly and strange summon. Are you telling me a civilian Minister of defense must also wear uniform?. This is really ridiculous!. Besides the man is retired from the army not a career custom officer, why on earth should he be made to uniform?. So this is what these senators get their humongous pay for?, no wonder Nigeria is not and will never make progress. What a shame.

  • Obosi Warrior

    At least he has enough time for the tailor to measure and sew the uniform. Urgent sewing can be ready within two days. No issue with that, so long as the senators wear green white green dress on that day.
    Everybody show you handwork……. (Julius Agu).

  • Sir Demo

    What an errant nonsense. Leave this man alone to do his work jobless legislooters! The money laundering bills, Magu nomination are before these goons unattended. If he no honor the invitation WHAT CAN YOU DO? Nothing!

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    There is no doubt that that the quality of legislation passed by our NASS is directly proportionate to the quality of cerebral thought processes that occurs within the medulla oblongata of members.

    That the legislation passed by our NASS is not only infantile, but also reprobate is not accidental.

    When so-called grown up lawmakers start to think that asking another grownup to wear a silly uniform is more important than the quality of his thoughts, then we should not be left in any doubt as to the state at which their own mental development has been arrested and retarded.

    If I was Mr. Ali, I’d simply appear before them as decently dressed as I can be and ask them to point out which bit of the Constitution they are relying upon to make this childish request.

    If they chose not to see me entertain their clownish request, then, so be it. I’ll simply go about my legitimate business instead of pandering to dolts.

  • kayode Olufade

    Why are these men dragging the house through mud? Bringing the house so low to fight the comptroller of customs! If try believe their resolutions need to be followed they should communicate to the presidency and not directly to the customs. The comptroller reports to the executive branch of government and not the legislative branch. These members flaunt laws with so much impunity it surprises me they think anyone should take them seriously.

  • Anthony Ike Alozie

    The Senators are not inviting Alli because of their love for Nigerians but to cover themselves. We have separation of power and this is purely and executive action. How far does other arms of Government interfere with their Legislative duties? The issue is that majority of the high value cars the Legislators are using as their personal cars came into Nigeria through the illegal land borders with little or no duty paid. They know this will catch up with them hence they have to flex muscle to ensure a safe landing for themselves. Dina Melaye for instance, all the exotic cars he has been showing off in the internet, do you think they came in through the right channel and correct duty paid? not possible as the duty on those classic cars are on the roof. Do you wonder why he is spearheading this? If they want to ensure the process is streamlined to reduce the stress it will cause the population then good but we know these guys are not there for us. This is also the same group that will tell a sitting SFG to step down and clear himself of an allegation against him meanwhile the President of the Senate is in court defending a bunch of criminal allegations boarding on very severe corruption.matters and yet sits in the Senate with most members following him to Court at the detriment of their functions.

  • Sir Demo

    The Senathievies has no business whatsoever dabbling into custom issues, a pure executive business. Time Buhari heed Obasanjo call and put these thieves where they truly belong.

  • thusspokez

    The Senate summon, Thursday, followed a motion by Dino Melaye (APC – Kogi) who drew the attention of his colleagues to the refusal of the Customs to suspend the plan against vehicles without duty payment.

    I can understand why Dino Melaye is exercised by the Customs new requirements. He, the first-class mumu who has a penchant for collecting and importing replica cars, but thinks that they are real ones.

  • Mosley

    Refusal to be kitted in customs uniform shows his lack of interest in the customs, better he is asked to step aside. Brig Hannaniya, one time Road Safety Marshall was always proud to adorn the Road Safety uniform.