Apo Six Killings: Court sentences two police officers to death

Apo Six: Police officers being led by Prison officials

Justice Ishaq Bello of the Federal Capital Territory High Court on Thursday found two accused persons, Ezekiel Acheneje and Baba Emmanuel, guilty for their roles in the killing of six Igbo traders in 2005.

The court convicted the two men, former police officers, to death for culpable homicide.

Messrs. Acheneje and Emmanuel were fingered specifically for executing Anthony Nwokike and Augustina Arebun on June 8, a day after the face-off between the police and the six traders allegedly on the orders of a senior officer, Danjuma Ibrahim.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how the deceased, aged between 21 and 25 years, were returning from a night party in 2005 when they were killed.

The defendants had pleaded not guilty to the allegations, making the trial to go through full stretch of adjudication from 2005 to date.

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  • Julius

    YES !!!!. This has been long coming.

    • Brownson

      Thank God Justice finally prevailed.

      • Julius

        Indeed and lets expect huge compensations for the victims families as well. That must be the next step !

        • Deansmart

          Cos everything is about money empathy is dead from where you came from

          • Julius

            Moron, it doesn’t matter where I came from. Justice demand what’s right and this is done all over the world especially Democratic world. I can assure you this will be in the millions..in U S !. What’s right is what’s right. The family must be COMPENSATED !!

          • vay

            I support that,heavy compensation should be given to the deceased families from police budget. That ll serve as deterrent to the police to guard against another extra judicial killing

          • Julius

            Thank you.

    • emmanuel

      ‘long in coming’

      • Julius

        “This has been long coming”…I’m surprised you are not adding your usual irrelevant comment. Oya,lets go !

        • emmanuel

          My comments are usually irrelevant? yet i can count so many the FG reacted to and when necessary made amends.
          Julius, i tell the truth and abuse sometime as life cannot be leaved too serious all the time,moreover because Nigeria is a deceptive concotment called a country and built on hypocrisy.
          You should know by now that i do not pretend about Nigeria as a fake country.
          However, you got a civilised response because you did not come out your usual self

          • Julius

            ‘yet i can count so many the FG reacted to and when necessary made amends’..lolz,Yah !!.

          • thusspokez

            Start a tribal bust-op! Go on, we know that you want to. BTW Did you hear what @emmanuel said about your people the other day? It is not for me to tell-o; my lips are sealed-o except to say that Ha! it wasn’t flattering to your people-o, at all! But I leave you to take it up with @emmanuel.

          • thusspokez

            Chineke! Did you hear what @Julius said about your people the other day? Tut tut tut! Very bad things, but I am saying nothing-o! Talk to @Julius who is over there-o!

  • realist

    Sweet Justice.

  • dami

    What of the others? It wasn’t only two policemen involved…

  • Rommel

    Where is the detained police DOP Othman,the one that they claimed that they allowed to go pray and ran away from there,where is he?

  • emmanuel

    Where is Danjuma Ibrahim? The new trend is becoming worrisome in the judiciary. Onnoghen should watch it as selective justice is beginning to take the shape of ethnic colouration.
    I see Jolly Nyame going to jail in the next few weeks at this rate and with the sounds that i hear. I am not a prophet, but we must watch closely as we cheer the new Judicial judgements come in drove in the next few days.
    Meanwhile, if PT was around or Ogundamisi when the Apo incident took place, PT should not report that people who were on their way from the market at the close of day before 6.30 pm where on their way from a party.

    • Peter_Edo

      some party dey end for 5pm, all those christian parties…

      • emmanuel

        Did you just grow up? where you around when the killings took place? Do you read stories, become aware of incident such as this and forget so soon?

        • Peter_Edo

          guy you nor know sarcasm. abeg go baff!!!

  • Netanyahu

    After 12 long years? Where is the DPO that gave the order for their execution? He went to pray (after mass murder) and then ran away? Nonsense.

  • Chidi

    This case lingered because we had a spineless leadership who almost released and unleashed all militants and criminals on innocent Nigerians.

  • Egbele Tom Amos

    GOODNEWS! May d soul of apo 6 rest in peace!

  • Impulse400

    This case lingered for twelve years because the police tried to cover-up for their own. If Nigeria had a fully functional Forensic and Ballistics Analysis institution, it shouldn’t take a year to determine whose bullet left whose gun into whose body and at what time.

    • Arabakpura

      They simply granted 12 years to the lives that those policemen didn’t have! Nigeria is always a mixed commentary that includes sadness!

      • Impulse400

        I wonder who we can hold responsible.

        • Arabakpura

          All of us!

          • Impulse400

            All of us? How am i responsible for police crimes being swept under the carpet?

          • Arabakpura

            We have to figure out how to make more noise!

          • Impulse400

            Figure out more action or figure out more noise? Is it not a problem that all we can do is make noise, irrespective of what happens? Isn’t that why we are constantly taken for granted?

          • Arabakpura

            What do you think should be our way forward?

          • Impulse400

            For the next 35 years, begin to teach the truth about the Nigerian system and how it came about, to those under 16 years. We got to this stage because previous generations were lied to about the purpose of our collective existence. We terminated 3 million talents in a civil war over lies, and replaced them with a dehumanized, hate-filled population, wrecking havoc in their own native land. Even the monetary system we operate in this country is run by lies, in favour of foreign interests. If you keep spreading those lies, through your educational system and media, Nigerians will forever remained bound by those lies.

            An enlightened civil population should be brave enough to stand against Government tricks. She can deny Government its power, because Government power comes for the support of the people. They can choose to declare her police personae-non-Grata in their country, if they will it. The National Assembly and every state assembly will be overwhelmed. Hitler achieved the same feat, in 13 years, through lies. It can be done.

  • Rollingdollar

    Justice must be served in this case. This was a horrific crime and ALL police officers involved in this case must be served with justice. DCP Danjuma was the senior police officer that gave the order for those innocent traders to be brutally murdered over a girl. This guys were buried alive. The federal government must reject the acquittal of DCP Danjuma and immediately appeal this case. I urge our new invigorated OHANEZE leadership to continue to pay very close attention to this case. Those 6 traders MUST never be forgotten in death.

  • Isa Bn Aly

    What’s the difference between the likes of vampire and men of the NPF? May Allah deliver us from these legalised vampires!

  • Aguaje Ade

    The families of the deceased should not rest until this judgement is executed. Nigerian state is indeed ironic because many death sentences have been passed till date with no execution. The case of Rev.King in Lagos is a typical example in which the governor has hitherto refused to sign his death warrant for no known reasons after the Supreme Court has upheld his death sentence. It is good to get justice but execution of judgement give the greatest relief.