Five feared killed, many injured in Ife ethnic clash


Several people are believed to have died and many others injured in an ethnic clash in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Properties worth millions of Naira were also destroyed in the violence described by residents as a clash between Yorubas and Hausas which reportedly started in Sabo area of the ancient town.

The crisis was said to have started on Tuesday in Sabo, and was still raging as at Wednesday afternoon

Although Ife, the ancestral home of the Yorubas has a majority Yoruba population, the Sabo part of the city is mainly occupied by Hausas.

While the exact number of persons killed has not been ascertained, residents said at least five people were killed.

On Wednesday, some Ife indigenes were seen mobilising in their dozens, holding instruments like machetes, knives and other dangerous equipment.

Soldiers and police officers were seen around the city trying to restore calm.

Some residents accused the soldiers of bias, a development which made calming the situation more difficult.

When a PREMIUM TIMES correspondent visited Sabo, many shops were seen to have been razed.

The crisis also caused panicked as several parents on Wednesday rushed to schools to pick their wards, with some of the children taken to the palace of the Ooni of Ife, Enitan Ogunwusi.

On Wednesday, the Osun State government declared a dusk to dawn curfew in the ancient city.

A statement by the Director of Communication and Strategy in the office of the governor, Semiu Okanlawon, said the curfew takes effect from Wednesday and would be sustained until Friday.

The statement also said the curfew would be between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. daily.


Residents reported that the crisis began after a vehicle driven by a Yoruba man hit the wife of a Hausa trader, which led some youths to attack the driver with machete.

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that while the situation was temporarily brought under control, members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, went for a reprisal attack, resulting in the escalation of the crisis.

Attempts by the angry mob to gain entrance into the Sabo community was foiled by the police mobile force, but the vulnerable Lagere community was not spared, as the mob went in and attacked a number of Hausa traders.

The government stated, however, that the continued breach of the peace in the area had compelled it to declare the two-day curfew.

It said it had ensured the deployment of heavy security forces to the area, in Ife Central West Local Council Development Area of the state.

“This is to assure all and sundry that the breach of the peace in Ile Ife is not beyond the control of our highly mobilised security forces,” Mr. Okanlawon said.

“To this end, the Governor of the state of Osun, upon receiving reports of the fracas the exact cause of which is still under investigation, has ordered deployment of adequate security forces and is getting minute-by-minute situation reports.

“The Government therefore warns those involved in this act of criminal breach of public peace to end it immediately as the full weight of the law would be brought to bear on anyone arrested.”


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    Only the Hausa-Fulani invade and attack other Nigerians in their native towns and somehow this phenomenon must stop. There is no need being cosmetic about it, it is time to call a spade by its name. Igbos are found all over Nigeria but you never hear of Igbos attacking other tribes, the same with the few Yoruba in diaspora.

    • vay

      Because they are barbaric race

      • Ba

        While you are bigotry and bitter loser trying to question God’s wisdom. Continue to habour bitterness aganst the hausa moving train as happiness continue to keep long distance from you.

        • vay

          Ba,be truthful with yourself,r ur people not barbaric, r they not savages? And do I hear u say moving train or burning train? Let face reality Hausa/fulanis r mistake of the maker,God seriously regret he made them. Sorry to u for coming from that barbaric tribe,I know sometimes u curse yourself for being Hausa/fulani. Pele

        • Abe Lawrence

          I don’t need to even ask you any question, because your comments even depict who you are, a savage from the land of savages

    • John A

      That is just the whole truth, but how do we get rid of this fulani mad men, when the SW is always dancing to their tones?

      • Ba

        You can’t get rid of the will of God, you infidel. Anybody with faith can’t never reason like you.

      • vay

        Point of correction SW never dance to those barbarian tones,but u know sometimes good thing can come out of samaria

    • Ba

      So you expect the the Hausas to just wait like you cowards middle beltans to be killed without defending themselves? Your cowards relations in middle belt should emulate the Hausas in defending themselves against the so called herdsmen now terrorizing you instead of lamenting and condemning other tribes like Hausas of Sabo that are trying to defend themselves against area boys.

    • Gary

      It is not the people but the religious doctrines they have adopted.
      Not all Hausa–Fulanis resort to violence but their indoctrinated underclass, products of Almajiri education, reflexively react to any disagreement with non-Moslems with violence. It is what they have been taught by Wahabbi clerics from an early age.

      Now they are fighting Yorubas in the fabled cradle of their nation. Good job, Ogbeni Aregbesola. At least, the Hijabs will allow the belligerents to separate the children of enemies from friends in future clashes.

    • Richard Wilson

      my brother, you have said the truth,nothing but the truth. how do we address the issues when the Yoruba people are sleeping with the fulani people in the same bed?

      • Iskacountryman

        we fwould find it offensive to share a bed with the yaribas…

    • Dejandon

      It is called illiteracy. It makes people unable to reason but only resorting to violence. They deserve our pity really. Now add that to the manner they take Islamic religion unlike how Yorubas understood same, that fuels it up again.

    • Iskacountryman

      eboes dont attack those they cheat…

  • Maria

    Yoruba brave people…some tribes like igbos would be seen crying when attacked.

    • Otile

      Smelly_cunt, you are insane, instead of blaming the Hausa aggressors you are attacking the Igbo. We know you are their slaves but you can still condemn them when they are wrong. Odale

      • emmanuel

        Maria has always adopted such devious tendecies, which clear;y show the Rommel trend – foolani!

    • FuzzyLogic

      Roll over. Let them mow down another 50 so that you can show how brave ‘absorb the shock’ you are. Coward.

      • vay

        Yo! R u having issue with comprehension or something? The car hit was an accident not intentional n such accident happens anywhere in the world. The barbaric hausa should have hand over the driver to the police instead of doing what they know how to do best,barbarism.

    • FuzzyLogic

      Someone has already observed that Yorubas are prepared to suffer any indignity no matter how unwarranted as long as Igbos are getting it worse even when they (Igbos) deserve it.


      What an absurd self hating complex , you people are getting killed but you would prefer to blame Igbos.

    • emmanuel

      You are an unrepentant satanist who would rather draw other tribes or Igbo against Yorubas. Your people are evil. They kill others and want them keep quiet. Someone hit your person in error and you kill for that.
      You people are better leaving with Animals in your bush and not with humans.
      My advice – note that the your unruly behaivior aided by Buhari’s tacit support is coming to an end and very fast. It is time to determine what is Nigeria and who is Nigerian.
      Yorubas, please open your eyes, for thise of you who are muslims, if you think it is about your religion you lie. You may realise very late that you have been done in.

      • Otile

        My brother, this_idiot is Yoruba. Don’t let him/her fool_you. Some
        people say s/he is a transvestite others say he/she is a man pretending
        to be woman. So be careful when reading her tirades. He/she is not what
        you see. At one time s/he was using a young Spanish portrait when we
        exposed him/her the monica was changed to Blessed Virgin Mary. Be

    • Otile

      Uwar n ki ya mutu yan kari. Shege

  • Apostel

    Osun State the Land of Virtue and State of the Living Spring, hahahahahahahahahahhaaa

    • GOV11

      Enugu, the coal city state.

  • muhammadunfagge

    This is very sad. Never laugh or mock others when mob indiscriminately attack others, one day the evil can turn back to you. This is a very sad development. Government should quickly, as a matter of urgency stop this barbaric act! May peace reign. Extremely sad.

  • Kickboxer

    What might happen if slaves (Yariba slaves) rebel against their MASTERS (Islamic terrorists)?

    • vay

      Your father

    • Otile

      It is not easy bro.

    • Sarah

      Igbos are self-confessed SLAVES bcos uchenna madu of massob has said all Igbo Leaders are political slaves in Nigeria. If your Leaders are slaves, what are you their followers?

    • GOV11

      Ibos that are masters are being killed by Fulani slaves in Enugu, Abia and Delta states respectively without bathing an eyelid. At least, these Yoruba slaves were courageous enough to stand up and fight. From on-the-ground accounts, the Hausa domiciliary of Sabo is presently being protected by police and soldiers as the Yorubas have formed groups to invade the area.

  • Fernando Luis

    Southwaste yorubastard cowards suffering and smiling. Slaves to hausa-fulani. Just imagine the Hausa fighting them right in their own ancestral home. Hausa-fulani see Una finish oo. I trust Easterners cannot tolerate this nonsense.

    • vay

      Must you definitely n seriously show u r a mad man in the public after all effort to hid u? Go check a map,if u at all know how to read a map to see if it’s SW that is a waste land or ur useless landlocked SE. I see how brave u r when ur governor is crying like a baby when his people where massacred without doing nothing than to after all reward the murderers fulani lands in your domain.

    • GOV11

      Don’t mind these Yorubas, they are ‘cowards’. But let’s take a stock of the IBO ‘bravery’. In Enugu state alone, all through last year, till early this year, Hausa/Fulanis have repeatedly laid siege on your people, killing them at will, raping married women and girls as they so desire. In Delta state, the count of such ugly incidents is lost. The only recorded resistance from the IBO is verbal attacks on fora like this. But these Yoruba ‘cowards’ have always applied the principle of ‘an eye for an eye’ with any ethnic group that oversteps her bounds. Don’t get me wrong buddy, i do not in any way support the killing of any innocent soul from any ethnic group, however, it never ceases to amaze me how the IBOs celebrate it when there’s a clash between two ethnic groups other than theirs. Whereas if the fight is brought to their house, they vacate their homes and take to social media to register their grievances.

      • Fernando Luis

        The herdsmen can invade any sleeping or sparsely populated villages in the East but they can’t try it in major big cities in IBO land as they did in Lagos and your ancestral place of Yoruba (ife).

        • GOV11

          I didn’t know that there are different prices for IBO lives in cities and villages. But before you peddle false information, let me put you right. In UNN, armed Fulani herdsmen were occasionally spotted with their cows . The students in one event had to protest to the university management because none had the guts to call them to order. More so, in Ile Ife, the crisis occurred in Sabo, a suburb. I’m sure you heard of Ekiti state recently, where though being a remotely rural area, indigines ganged up and took the fight to the Fulanis in their abode in the forest. Life should be sacred irrespective of location. Mind you, i insist that i don’t take delight in the death of any innocent person. Next…

        • vay

          Listen to yourself, aren’t a moron….pls don’t tell me average of your people reason like you

          • GOV11

            His way of reasoning beats my imagination.

          • vay

            I think his age should be query if he is still a baby coz a sensible 16 years old boy shouldn’t be reasoning like him but if it happens he is an adult I fear for our brothers (igbo)

  • musa aliyu

    I don’t think Nigeria is a serious country. All commentators Jere are supposed to be tracked and jailed. How do you second killing innocent souls because a mad person commits madness, just because they share same ethnic identity? The government ought to have attested ttheiots that attacked the ivery for the offence he committed so that they would be shown the wrath of the law. Now they are allowed and things are getting out of hand.

    • vay

      Oooo,now u know Nigeria is not a serious country…….. When ur evil barbaric hausa/fulani r marauding n killing innocents farmers all over the country n nothing done about it, Nigeria is on course then. Who r ttheiots(idiots) between blood suckling murderers hausa/ fulanis n the rest? And why can’t u tell your father, yes ur father to come jere(here) to arrest me?

  • Eja

    I say this to my fellow Yoruba: See this as ANOTHER wake up!! call. Recognise that without the decades spent undermining the Yoruba sense of self by fundamentalist Yoruba christians, fundamentalist Yoruba muslims and ‘detribalised’ Yoruba idiots, the very idea of armed non-Yoruba acting as ‘security forces’ in the only city on this entire planet that we should call Holy would be anathema.

    • vay

      Eleniyan, tone down….what do you mean by detraibalised yoruba idiots? Average Yoruba family have a family member of a Muslim, Christian or a traditionalists, we coexist in peace n harmony. We are a liberal nation in a nation

      • Eja

        Censorship lives on. Let me try to reply you again. Every word matters. Note that I wasn’t just revering to christians and muslims but to FUNDAMENTALISTS. The ones who change names like Ogunmola to Jesumola, the ones who grow beards and wrap their heads as if they live in the arabian desert while their children are sent to schools run by extremists like tableq jamaat. As for the ‘detribalised’ idiots, note that the detribalised is put in quotes because that is how they describe themselves.

        Glad to see that you know Yoruba are not a ‘tribe’ but a nation.

        • vay

          It’s not a issue. Everyone is at liberty to do whatever he chose to do,I have no qualms with that,as far it doesn’t harm others or show disrespectful to others believe.