Osinbajo lashes out at Nigeria’s elites stealing from masses

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has lashed out at Nigeria’s elites, blaming them for the woes of the nation.

Mr. Osinbajo spoke on Monday in Benin City, Edo State. He was in the state to continue his tour of oil-producing states in the country.

“The elites everywhere, and not just in the oil producing communities, have very frequently deprived the people the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the land,” Mr. Osinbajo said.

“That is the Nigerian story. And that is something we must deal with. We cannot continue as if we don’t know. We know.

“It is not just oil producing community issue, it is across the country.”

The crowd in the Samuel Ogbemudia College (formerly the New Era College), venue for the acting president’s meeting with the Edo State government and the oil producing communities, applauded Mr. Osinbajo’s remarks.

Mr. Osinbajo continued: “If you look at the numbers of contracts and the volumes of money that have been spent on paper in this country, it is enough to develop several countries. But this money has been usually corruptly taken away.”

The acting president told the people how corruption among the elites was also responsible for the lack of meaningful development in the oil-producing communities.

“I have looked at some of the issues of abandoned projects. I can tell you precisely how much have been voted or spent in several of our communities. And there is no sign of development in those areas.

“I can tell you how many of these projects are supposed to have been completed, and when you looked in the books, they say they have been completed. But they have not been completed. They haven’t even been done. Many have not even been started at all,” he said.

The acting president repeated a line he often used in the other oil producing states he previously visited, that the people of the oil producing areas have not really benefited from the wealth that oil has brought to the country.

He spoke of President Muhammadu Buhari’s sincerity and determination to turn things around in the Niger Delta.

“It does not make sense for leadership to look at the plight of the people, especially in the oil producing areas. This is the source of the wealth of the nation. Even if you ignore the people for a while, a time will come when you can no longer ignore them.

“So, there’s no question at all that we are committed to doing the things we say we will do, and that is the pledge coming directly from President Muhammadu Buhari himself.”

Mr. Osinbajo informed the people of the practical steps the federal government is taking to change the fortune of the oil producing communities.

“The ministry of petroleum in collaboration with the oil companies is working on 20 initiatives for host communities, state by state, and this includes working with illegal refineries so that we can bring them into a programme of what we have described in other states as modular refineries. So that these illegal refineries can become hubs for proper refining.

“We must make the oil producing communities become hubs for petroleum refining,” Mr. Osinbajo said.

Earlier on, before the acting president spoke, there was commotion in the hall as some protesters pushed their way into the hall and insisted that Mr. Osinbajo must visit the oil producing communities in order to have firsthand knowledge of what the people were going through.

The meeting was temporarily disrupted for about 10 minutes.

The governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki, appealed to the acting president to consider making another visit to the state, from there he could take a tour to the oil producing communities.

“Like other oil-producing states in the Niger Delta we have had our fair share of neglect and deprivation, and that is what you’ve heard from our people today,” Mr. Obaseki told Mr. Osinbajo.

The governor said the state government was developing a masterplan for the development of the 38 oil producing communities in the state.

“Mr. President with your permission and agreement with the federal government, we will not allow any government or any agency to operate in any of our oil producing communities without strict adherence to our masterplan,” Governor Obaseki said.


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  • sammyctu ode

    Thank you our Mr. Vice President and also PMB for all your initiatives. The Nigerian people should stop all these blame games based on religion, ethnic and tribal sentiments. Let’s all pull together with one voice to DECLARE WAR AGAINST ALL NIGERIAN ELITES WHO CONTINUE TO MAKE US POOR.
    An example is the blunt refusal of the useless criminals in the Senate who have refused to confirm Mr. Magu as EFCC CHairman cos they know he would send all of them to prisons. Look at all the companies folding up not cos of the recession but cos they have had free illegal access to free government money in our corrupt banking system but now there is TSA they can’t do that anymore which is why arik, earo airlines and others are in trouble. We must all wage relentless WARS against state governors, NA, dubious contractors, MDAs, etc to clean out Nigeria from these perennial leeches and chronic vultures. These elites are all into cult activities which embolden them to commit crimes against us. PMB AND THE V. P. ARE THE BEST GIFTS FROM GOD TO THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE.

    • George

      The VP isn’t from God but SATAN TINUBU

      • Opekete

        And you are the very first born of Satan

  • Julius

    Truth can be uncomfortable at times but, it must be told ! Those communities should be asking their governors, elected officials and the elders what they are doing with the huge sum of monies allocated to their states. Blaming others never work and it will never solve their problems. The VP is right but, the citizens should be asking questions as well.

    • George

      When we first ask the presidents that came from the North how they have spent our monies first.

      • Julius

        Good for you. Keep living and sleeping in huts with feces flowing under your bed. Smdh !

  • Rommel

    Truth is that more money has been pumped into the Niger delta than any other part of Nigeria but we all know how the place looks like still,the people that kept the Niger delta poor and undeveloped are also from the Niger delta.

    • George

      Your failed tribe men imposed their agents on them hence this bad condition.

      And again cry for yourself

    • Impulse400

      Money that never got to or arrived at the Niger Delta cannot be considered as being pumped into the Niger Delta. Or was the money pumped into the rivers? Niger Delta projects were an excuse to steal money. It is more rewarding for oil companies to operate in impoverished environments, because of lax regulations, monitoring and taxation.

  • The Judex


    Lagosians are now angry. They were duped and robbed by Raji Babatunde Fashola –
    who without a doubt, is a most obvious financial crimes suspect in Nigeria today. Raji
    Fashola said he received 2.42 trillion Naira revenue in 8 years from year 2007.
    But that figure is false accounting. The actual gross revenue in Lagos in each
    year was ₦400b +, and that means a gross total of ₦3.2 trillion
    between the years 2007 and 2015.

    The rogue creature, Raji Fashola,
    points at the BRT (bus lane) project as a major capital item but the
    BRT project collapsed in his hands within three (3) years. Within three (3)
    years, the dullard governor, Raji Fashola ruined the BRT, making it total
    financial loss to Lagos state. Of the 900+ buses at outset in the year 2008,
    the BRT had just 85 left in the year 2015, making it the worst transport
    project ever in Nigeria. So, where is Lagos state’s 3.2 trillion Naira?

  • Ifeanyi

    In 2016 Osibanjo’s budget for books (N4,906,822) exceeded the amounts each of the federal polytechnics in Nigeria were getting for the same purpose, according to a Premium Times report.

    Yes, elites are stealing but who are these elites?

  • Impulse400

    When the Elite looks you in the eyes and tells you “We know that we have been stealing from you and it is our stealing that is keeping you impoverished. But we will do something about IT”; it means you impoverished listening to the elite talk have been conquered never to rise again.

    Divide and rule, through oppression and empty assurances.


    Are the elites he Osibanjo is referring to—people like Tinubu——————-Amaechi———————Fayemi————————Fashola——————Dambazua————–Prof Yakubu————————-David Babachir——-who —?—————————–Buratai——?———————————–Again———–who are the elites?————-Maybe Col Ali of the Customs—–just may be———————-The real thieves are the Apes in APC who took advantage of the ailment of Bingo Buhari to loot–the nation dry then blaming poor civil servants for the mess———————————————–they created in the economy–is evil——Time Osibanjo is told to find solution to our many troubles instead of blaming the past government–ati civil servants for the woes of the country–Buhari messed up the economy the same way over 30 years ago—–Yet the Tripod brought him back through the CIA———-to further destroy what remains of Nigeria——what a country——-separation is the only way out—

    • Opekete

      Why is Ibori, Alams (dead in infamy), Odili, Wike, GEJ (of ignominious) et al missing in your list? You had better look at the truth straight in the eye.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • deji 3SC (Up shooting)

    Patience Jonathan has just donated unwillingly, the sum of $15 million dollars towards the rebuilding of the Niger Delta..Ibori and many others that are richer than the states they served are getting ready to donate all that they looted. I mean 98% and not their usual 0.00001% that they give back in form of rice and other stomach infrastructure gimmicks.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Does Osinbajo realize that his mentor (Bola Ahmed Tinubu) is the greatest thief Nigeria has ever had and will probably ever have? Talk of throwing a stone in the market……

    • Tunsj

      Most of the time, I disagree with you but on this topic, you nailed it.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I actually don’t give two hoots whether or not you agree with me because you are a nonentity in my world.

        • Tunsj

          Now I know you are a LOON.

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Your parents are inmates of an asylum. That’s where you’ll end up too.

      • Guest

        Golly!!! What an epic smack down, next time stay in your lane, and stay on message.

    • Sanssouci


  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The answer to fighting the endemic corruption in our nation,Nigeria, is the introduction of death-penalty, as punishment for committing corruption crimes especially, looting,stealing and embezzlement from public treasuries and assets like China.Chinese population is 1.4b and any Chinese that commit looting,stealing and elf-enrichment faces death penalty.
    Corruption destroys the fabric of any society that chooses corruption as culture like Nigeria.

    • Okoye

      Right. But we must also place death penalty of certificate forgers (Perjurers) like Buhari.

      To be quite honest with you, a more pragmatic solution to corruption is DISINTEGRATION. Nigeria is not a country. If you placed the European counties French (Biafran EAST),Germans (Niger Deltan SOUTH), Greek (Yoruba WEST) and Portugal (Hausa NORTH) in one country there will be corruption as you have it in Nigeria today. DISINTEGRATION will solve ALL the problems one time.

  • Curious

    Osinbanjo should shut up his mouth. Does Buhari have a school certificate? Should he have even contested presidential elections? Isn’t that corruption? Osinbanjo is just confused. He (Osinbajo) declared cash assets of about $1,000,000 before he became VP.
    Where did a miserable so-called pastor and UNILAG lecturer get $1m ? Where and how did he get the money?

    • SAM .A

      Psychotic , go and and take your medication .It is time forPT to filter this medium to prevent too many ‘were ‘ pouring out their illogical and senseless oral diarrhea here .
      It devalues their paper.
      Here was VP ( acting President ) for the first time telling u that the elites among u are the one stealing your development in your area , take the money and signed by that ,the project is completed , sometimes abandon it . Time for accountability is now.

      • Sword of Damocles

        Were indeed. The man will not hear truth if our Creator puts it in front of his face. Can one’s brain be so blocked & deformed that they are unable to realize that the ruling elites have DESTROYED Nigeria? Here a respected Learned hand who has perused the spending in the past & come to the conclusion that the Ruling Elites are GENETIC thieves & ancestor-betrayers, yet this “were” comes here to be insulting people(based on nothing but political/ethnic considerations. It is truly frustrating that even this level of suffering by the masses, still will not concentrate some peoples minds as to who really is the enemy of the people. Then why should every citizen have the right to vote if they cannot think?

  • Okokondem

    Now that a member of the elite has acknowledged their culpability in the pillaging of Nigeria’s wealth the question is, what does he propose to mitigate it. I keep saying it, Nigerians must become actively engaged in the way they are governed. And some of you would ask how do they do that? By not continuing to sit on the sidelines. By not being perpetually complacent in matters affecting their lives. ORGANIZE…REACT…AGITATE…DEMONSTRATE…and…OPPOSE policies and practices that are known to have failed this country.

    Or, we can gather here every day, debate and postulate ad infinitum and nothing will change simply because the people we expect to bring change have no vested interest in seeing that happen. They are the beneficiary of the doomed system, the elite.

  • Okokondem

    How long and how many times have I implored Premium Times to INVESTIGATE and compile for posterity the aggregate information Osinbajo alluded to in his comments below. Monies appropriated for projects that never produced results in: POWER GENERATION…ROAD CONSTRUCTION…BRIDGES REPAIRS…COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS AND HEALTH FACILITIES IN GENERAL…the list is of course endless.

    Mr Osinbajo continued:

    “If you look at the numbers of contracts and the volumes of money that have been spent on paper in this country,…”

    “I have looked at some of the issues of abandoned projects. I can tell you precisely how much have been voted or spent in several of our communities. And there is no sign of development in those areas.
    “I can tell you how many of these projects are supposed to have been completed, and when you looked in the books, they say they have been completed. But they have not been completed. They haven’t even been done. Many have not even been started at all.”

    • thusspokez

      How long and how many times have I implored Premium Times to INVESTIGATE and compile for posterity the aggregate information Osinbajo alluded to in his comments below.

      Yeah right and who will pay the salaries and expenses of their journalists to undertake these investigations? You? You read the news reports for free here. Have you ever wondered how PT makes it money to keep the business going? Of course not!

  • marc umeh

    You will notice that no member of the host addressed Osibanjo’s concern. They are talking of master plan . Their in lies the problem. They people do not believe that their elites are a major part of the problem. They rather fight an external “enemy ” — the feds or another tribe or entity. This problem seems to be everywhere in the country.

    • thusspokez

      True, the governor pretended to be deaf.

      • Otile

        The governor knows that Raji Fashola is still working with Osibande so is Rotimi. He also knows that Tinubu is super corrupt yet he is wielding the highest influence in Oduduwa land and APC party. Now that Imam Buhari is away Osibande must seize the opportunity to purge the known corrupt officials in the Presidency and APC/PDP parties. Believe me if Osibande gives the order Nigerians across the board will hold hands and chase the corrupt officials away now that Imam is not around to protect them. Imagine thieves like Buratai, Bachiri – the one who mowed grass with $250millions, and a whole host of them still walking defiantly. Nigerians are now wiser and bolder, something must be done to reclaim the land from these robbers.

  • muhammadunfagge

    The protesters win the first part of the move. It remains the other side of making sure things work properly.

  • thusspokez

    “Like other oil-producing states in the Niger Delta we have had our fair share of neglect and deprivation, and that is what you’ve heard from our people today,” Mr. Obaseki told Mr. Osinbajo.

    The fair share of neglect and deprivation is in large part caused by your crooked local elites who collude with other crooked elites to embezzled the funds meant for projects.

    And due to widespread mumu-ism in Nigeria, mumu Nigerians always blame the wrong people and let off their crooked elites who are the main culprits.

  • tony H

    Did he call Tinubu by name?

    • thusspokez

      What exactly is your point?

  • Kwarruption

    The State House Grass-Cutter who leads prayers for the President. should take note

  • Impulse400

    Please, what is the bank account of the Niger Delta that received the money? Because money is given to individuals that claim authority in Niger Delta, does not mean that Niger Delta herself received the money. If she did, we will see it in STONE and TANGIBLE DEVELOPMENT. Money sitting in an account domiciled in Warri could as well be sitting in the server of the corporate HQ in Lagos/Abuja. IT IS STILL IN A BANK TILL IT IS UTILIZED. It is not in the Niger Delta.

  • Impulse400

    Chairman, please don’t ever mention your previous occupation to another Nigerian, for you will deserve to be duly stoned. You have nothing to boast about in it. It has brought no benefit to this country, only SHAME and DISGRACE! Then again, insider knowledge of how public funds are diverted elsewhere, through banks, should be very familiar to you. Why are you now pretending to be disgusted about your colleagues activities…?

    I still insist, MONEY IN A BANK is still MONEY IN A BANK. Even if the bank has a branch in the Niger Delta, It does not mean that money meant for the Niger Delta arrived at the Niger Delta, since all bank branches are interconnected as one network.

    The fact that the people of the Niger Delta have no means of verifying what is allocated to them from the center, directly or indirectly, is the bane of our current structure of governance. This is the loop hole that your colleagues take advantage of.

  • Impulse400

    Who said you stole? (lol) Keep that fact to one side first. Is it the same reports doctored by past administrations, only to be probed by subsequent ones that you are referring to as published…?

    But we all know that Government is run on lies, NNPC included. And to have one of the packagers of NNPC magical accounting present with us, is truly an honour, Mr. Ex. Auditor.

    Back to our initial fact, so may be you did not steal… directly. But you collected somethings… It may not be as large as Andrew Yakubu’s own, but made something.

    Good for you!

    It is because saints like you worked for the NNPC that is why Nigeria was able to keep accounts of the moneys found in Yakubu’s house.

  • Impulse400


    The communities in question seem to share my thoughts, even without reading the entire story. How come a so-called auditor like you cannot reason nearly as good as these village men…?