Nigerian govt cautions citizens against travelling to U.S.

Abike Dabiri-Erewa

The presidency has advised Nigerians who have no “compelling or urgent” reason to travel to the U.S. not to do so.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, advised Nigerians who have no compelling or urgent reason to travel to the U.S. to postpone their travel plans until the Donald Trump administration’s policy on immigration is clear.

In a statement in Abuja by her media assistant, Abdurrahman Balogun, Mrs. Dabiri-Erewa said that the warning became imperative due to series of reports received by her office.

“In the last few weeks, the office has received a few cases of Nigerians with valid multiple-entry US visas being denied entry and sent back to Nigeria.”

“In such cases reported to the office, such affected persons were sent back immediately on the next available flight and their visas were cancelled.”

Mrs. Dabiri -Erewa said that “no reasons were given for the decision by the U.S. immigration authorities.”

The presidential aide said that the statement “is only to advise Nigerians without any compelling or essential reasons to visit the U.S. to consider rescheduling their trip until there is clarity on the new immigration policy.”

She, however, reminded Nigerians in the Diaspora to abide by the rules and regulations of their host countries and be good ambassadors of the country.

Since his assumption office, Mr. Trump has vowed to implement his campaign promise of clamping down on immigration. He announced a controversial executive order that barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Although Nigeria was not on the list, which has since been suspended by a U.S. court, the Nigerian presidency’s statement confirms that several Nigerians may be unjustly suffering from Mr. Trump’s immigration stance.


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  • L’homme Diplomatique

    Editor Premium Times,

    Where’s the writ of Alhaja Abike Dabiri-Erewa?

    BUHARI GOVERNMENT is utter shambles. Buhari is not on medical leave and did not
    declare himself sick but just dis-appeared since 19th January without talking with this
    woman called Alhaja Abike Dabiri-Erewa since then. Hilariously this same Alhaja
    Abike Dabiri-Erewa takes to talking for a non-valid principal who is in hiding
    and has not been seen by the populace since 19th January. How does this
    Alhaja Abike Dabiri-Erewa expect not to be laughed at by foreigners, how?
    This is not a government for God’s sake. This is worse than a sick joke.
    An incapacitated government invalidates an impetuous spokeswoman.
    Anyone possessed of average intelligence should have known that.

    • Victoria

      She just said the truth. He who have hears should listen. But Nigerians don’t listen. This has nothing to do with Buari.

      • I just dey ask O!




        • Delta_Quagmire

          Don’t blame Victoria, Nigeria is prancing in darkness.

        • Olaola

          The ranting of a deranged, brainwashed and demented biafraud cretin.

        • Impulse400

          You have a point. We have no Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Embassy in Washington. That is why, as a concerned Woman with her influence and position, she feels the need to prevent more unaware Nigerians from falling into the dangers of the concentration camps that America is creating.

    • Akiika

      Some of you will say the VP is performing in Buhari’s absence and some of you will turn to towncryer that the Government is in shambles. Which is which? Your comments reeks of illogicality. You said he’s not on medical leave but failed to declare that he is sick. What is your understanding of an individual that requested for medical leave? someone hale and hearty? Get a life and don’t let hate destroy any sanity you may have.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Everybody would come to their common-senses as those rushing down to the USA often after looting,stealing and bankrupting our public treasuries at Federal and state levels can now re-watch their movement as the nationalist/racist-Breithbart,/Russian-aided elected Donald Trump, is battling crisis after crisis with the USA-congress, about to conduct thorough investigation into the collusion between Russian and Donald Trump campaign through which Democratic Party,s presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton,s campaign was destroyed indirectly through the hacking of the Democratic Party,s website and all detain of the campaign,s-files and campaign manager,Podester, were revealed through the wiki-leak that destroyed Hillary Clinton,s candidacy,s credibility.Any Nigerian,that fail to listen to this warning might travel to USA, to be arrested and detained before deportation back to Nigeria.

    • ampicillin

      If only USA had confiscated Moshood Abiola’s property in US bought with funds from fraud relating to ITT…if only Bola Tinubu was incarcerated for the financial crimes commited trough his bank accounts in US…if only Atiku’s investments and property in US were confiscated…and those of Burutai, IBB, Obasanjo, Osinbajo, Saraki, Dogara etc were confiscated and returned to Nigeria to be used to develop the country would Nigerians have need to visit or run to US?

    • Na_so_we_see_am

      The reason for this action is TERRORISM and you have tried to evade the truth and it has made you even more stuuuuuuuuupid.

      • Impulse400

        The reason for this action is RACISM, not terrorism. Whites want their country back but they are stuck with black slaves their ancestors imported. Mexicans are certainly not wanted because their accents are not american enough.

        Terrorism is Bush’s hatchet plot for inciting fear into the American people to control them…

        Racism on the other hand is the primal emotion Trump aroused in the War mongering Republican followership.

        • Sword of Damocles

          thank you my brother. If White people could see some of the comment on here, they would have confirmation that some Nigerians are consumed by self loathing. I live in Austin TX, and they have been rounding up approximately 200 Immigrants daily(nationwide ) for deportation. The people that elected President Golden Shower in November do not like people that that are different from them, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, religious discrimination. That what is in now. But Many Americans (including more than half of the white population) are fighting this man & his malevolent administration desperately. For they know that what is at stake is the SOUL of the USA. The people from a “certain” section of Nigeria are rooting for/supporting RACISTS who hate they & their kind(Blacks) on site.

          • Impulse400


            That is the stupiddd irony of their exaggerated, frenzied support for Americans: Black, Nigerian Igbos supporting and dying for Whites that hate everything not totally White American – including Black, Nigerian Igbos.

            But they will learn the hard way. Their relatives will end up in many of their detention camps and live to tell the story. Others not so lucky, may end up as donor spare parts for some of their White rich folks, who believe that the organs of Blacks are more reliable.

            Stay safe, bruv.

    • Otile

      Mumuwole Awosan,
      First of all don’t say “re-watch their movement”, say retrace their steps.
      Again don’t dabble into what you know nothing about.
      Tell us about what you know, babalowo nla.

  • RAPE on Niger DELTA

    Dear Niger Delta people,
    There is massive poverty in the Niger Delta. There is nothing to show for the wealth of the region as monies from the region are used to develop Abuja and the rest of the country. The only benefit the oil producing and resource owners – Biafra and Niger Delta regions benefit from Nigeria are :
    – Pollution
    – Neglect
    – Violence
    – Military Occupation
    – Wanton arrest of its citizens
    – Harassment
    – Sponsored propaganda to defame
    – Bypass in political appointments
    – Hate, hate and more hate
    – Etc etc, etc

    SECESSION is the only way for the Niger Delta and Biafran regions if they must achieve their potentials. Buhari can remain president of the rest of Nigeria and those of us who do not want to be associated with Nigeria in any way should be left alone to live our dreams and fly to our destination – have our own country. And this is what we must do.

    It is good news that USA is now preventing Nigerians from entering their space…It is all because of Northern suicide bombers in the same Nigeria with the peace loving people of the Niger Delta. This is more reason for us to leave Nigeria asap!

  • thusspokez

    What is the first-class biafra mumus response to this report?

    IPOB [Trump Solidarity ] rally disrupts business activities in Port Harcourt
    Premiumtimesinternational, January 20, 2017

    Nigeria’s Biafra Separatists See Hope in Trump
    VOANews, November 14, 2016

    • Hard Truth

      Those deported are not Nigerian Jews (Igbos). I can assure you they are not. US must be commended for deporting all Nigerians supporting terrorism. How can you have a country that does not name suicide bombers come into America? Impossible.

      Nigeria must show it is fighting terrorism by-
      1) Naming the suicide bombers and their relatives
      2) Naming their sponsors

    • Otile

      Biafra and SS wish America well.
      You Islamic terrorists don’t mean US well.
      You thusspokez, have you ever condemned your cousin Mutallab?
      Have you ever condemned any terrorist activity in Nigeria?
      When the Sunni army killed and arrested Biafrans congratulating Trump didn’t you rejoice?

  • Domingos

    I begin to weep for Nigeria and Nigerians. I just don’t understand why the Nigerian govt and its officials remain brainless and clueless. I just heard this same woman called Abike Dabiri of BBC focus and Africa dismiss the situation in an interview with a reporter that there is no cause for alarm. really???? No cause for alarm? Even when 4 persons have been denied entry from entry into US despite having valid passports? Where and when did colonialism and inferiority complex end? Abike, I am asking you? Would you refuse 4 Americans entry from Nigeria by deporting immediately back to US and the US govt tell Americans that there is no cause for alarm? Abike, your action/reaction and statement on BBC is a shame. It has no other name, it is called mumudity.

    • Julius

      Spot on. Thank you jare!

    • El Patron

      It depends on what the 4 people did. You will be amazed how ignorant some Nigerians are. I know someone who somehow owns a business in the US(probably through a proxy) despite the fact that he only has a tourist visa and he isnt suppose to have recourse to public funds. This guy arrived at the airport, the CBP agent asked why he came and he said he came because he has a business he is running. Of course he was immediately deported and visa revoked. You should know that a lot of Nigerians over stay their visa, or they come on tourist visas and work

      • Shina_01

        How does your post relate to the straightforward comment by @Domingos?

        • El Patron

          Perhaps you didn’t read @Domingos post, because if you did you will know that i was responding to a part of his post

  • Marshal Johnson

    What type of RUBBISH advisory is that?

    Donald Trump had NEVER included Nigeria in the travel ban nor ever suggested it will. The ONLY African country talked about were Libya,Somalia and Sudan. So why would Nigeria include herself among these group of countries when Trump has not added us to the same list as Somalia?

    Nigerian officials in this current administration are not just reckless but dangerously daft.

    • May

      Start naming suicide bombers and their sponsors. Stop killing people based on blaspemy charges. Begin to prosecute and execute terrorists instead of setting them free…and US will change its policy and welcome Nigerians.

      • Marshal Johnson

        Not exactly asking for your comment dear because you apparently can’t even reason that we are saying the same thing.

    • El Patron

      Easy with the insults. Didn’t you hear about the Nigerian software engineer who was detained at JFK airport. He was actually given a difficult software problems to solve and even then they said they weren’t convinced he was really a software engineer. It took the intervention of lawyers and the company he was going to work for before border agents reluctantly let him in

      • Marshal Johnson

        Yes, Nigerians are given a tough time everywhere. Even the South African police allowed looters to kill and maim foreigners in SA which included Nigerian citizens. Has Nigeria issued a travel advisory against South Africa or such hostile countries?
        I suspect the Nigerian regime is up to some sinister plot here.They are itching for a fight with Trump after their candidate Hillary lost the elections. They are eager to force USA to ban Nigeria, perhaps as part of the archaic reasoning to conserve dollars and foreign exchange from leaving Nigeria. Either way, it is going to work out badly.

        • El Patron

          Very odd idea you have there

        • Impulse400

          You are sleeping. Nigerian government are caught helpless, in the mess created by Trumps ban. The advisory is a very necessary warning. People are being rounded up in their homes or in public. Subways are shut for hours to facilitate capture of foreigners and protesters.

          And despite your internet access,it is shocking of you to display your ignorance this way, condemning our government for doing something reasonable, in light of the dire circumstance.

        • Maureen

          That was thoughtful of u. Youre on point .

      • George

        And so what

    • thusspokez

      “Nigerians with valid visas are put on plane home.”

      It is on Sky News and various other western online newspapers.

    • Sgt Soros

      FYI, you MAY have a U.S. visa stamped in your Nigerian Passport but it’s the U.S, Customs and Border and Immigration Control officer at your U.S. port of entry that will have the FINAL say about whether or not you are admitted into the U.S.

    • Sgt Soros

      FYI, Donald Trump is only doing now what he promised to do last year during the campaign. Here are his own words.

      US Presidential Aspirant, Donald Trump Warns Nigerians in the US: ”If I Win, You Will Leave” –

      The Republican Presidential Candidate of the United States of America, USA, Donald Trump, has threatened to evacuate Nigerians from the country once he becomes President.

      The American Billionaire, who tagged Nigeria as a corrupt Nation, issued the threat on Sunday during a rally held at Wichita, Kansas, claiming that: “Nigerians and Mexicans have taken all the jobs meant for honest hard working Americans.”

      Trump noted this as the major reason many Nigerians leave for America. “Why can’t they stay in their own country? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because they are corrupt. “Their Governments are so corrupt. They rob the people blind and bring it all here to spend and their people run away and come down here and take our jobs.

      “We need to get the Africans out. Not the blacks, the Africans. Especially the Nigerians. They’re everywhere. “We can’t have that! If I become president, we’ll send them all home. We’ll build a wall at the Atlantic Shore.

    • George

      He only returned those with evil mark on their foreheads so what is wrong in that. Muslims amuse me alot.

  • amazing2012

    ….Wow that is nice, what non sense are Nigerians doing in USA ? Idiots, slave of 20th century. Just leave any where they dont need you, simple !!

    • Otile

      ….Wow that is not nice, what nonsense are Northern Nigerians doing in Saudi?
      Idiots, slaves of 19th century. Just leave any where they don’t need you terrorists,
      simple !!

      • Senator D

        I see you are out today to give fire for fire… Stop glorifying nonsensical comments…

        • Otile

          My brother, these riffraffs believe they have monopoly of insults. When you leave them, they become proud of themselves and become bolder. From time to time it is proper to push them back to their low class society where they belong.

  • Sgt Soros

    Igbo’s who were gallivanting and cheering Trump’s win in November will now bear the full brunt of Donald Trump’s harsh treatment of “legal” visitors to the U.S.

  • Sgt Soros

    Chei, weren’t the biafrauds gallivanting and cheering Trump’s win in November? The Biafrauds will now feel the full brunt of Donald Trump’s executive order encouraging the harsh treatment of SOME “legal” visitors to the U.S.

    • Otile

      Chei, Islamic terrorists have limited chances of entering the United States. America knows that Igbo people are not Islamic terrorists. Your portrait is ugly indeed.

      • Sgt Soros

        Nigerian Islamist militants are being decimated by Buhari’s war against terrorism. BH cannot find food to feed itself, much less wage a Islamist war overseas. It’s the “nomadic” biafrauds who will feel the full brunt of Trump’s new immigration executive order.

        • Otile

          If you say that Biafrans are nomads in America what do you say about oduafraidians living there? Are you not an oduafraudian, are you not living in the getho in Arkansas, what do you call yourself? Islamic youruba hypocrite.

          • Sgt Soros

            Actually all I see is nomadic biafrauds being returned enmasse back to Nigeria. After elections in France and Germany later this year, I expect to see even more Biafraudians been sent packing from Europe, Holy Wahala included.

          • Otile

            Hypocrite, how about your own yoruba tribe? Are there no more yorubas living in US, France, and Germany? I hate oduafraudian hypocrisy.

          • Senator D

            You glorify this person with your response… No be every rain wey fall you go put bucket to collect water nah… Haba!!!!

          • Sgt Soros

            One can only hope the biafrauds take up arms and become militants, guess what will happen? Nomadic Igbo’s will instantly become persona non grata in all of Europe and the U.S.A.

        • George

          You will get tired because Trump just started.

          • Sgt Soros

            Correction, ALL minority groups will get tired when Trump is finished!

    • Senator D

      Your picture says everything I need to know about you… Responding to this comment will prove me right or wrong…

      • Sgt Soros

        I actually look 10 times better than you! Just admit it…lol

    • George

      Pls go and check those they sent back, they are the people with mark of the devil on their forehead.

      • Sgt Soros

        ….. .and you know this as fact?

  • Impulse400

    Gullible Nigerians refuse to wake up to the realities of Emperor Nero Trump’s administration. Even the American Ambassador to Nigeria assured Nigerians that we will not be affected by the ban.

    See now… it is clear he lied to us. They always do. Americans are the king of lies, and Nigeria’s governance structure is modelled after theirs. That’s why our government easily outsmarts our clueless citizenry.

    • Otile

      Do you want them to open their gates to Islamic terrorists? Didn’t you see the havoc Buhari’s nephew, Mutallab was planning to wreak on America?

      • Impulse400

        Please, Excuse Me!!! You have come again with your baseless arguments. Don’t Americans practise Global Terrorism through the CIA, elite families like the Bushes and Chinney’s and banking families of JP Morgan and co? Have they not sabotaged your Naira through CBN, ADB, IMF, World Bank and co…? Americans around the world should return to America and close their gates so that the world can have peace and all the evil in the world will stop.

        • Otile

          You sound so Islamic, people like you are the ones pushing America to close their open door policy.

          • Impulse400

            You sound so blindfoldedly lazy. The history of their illegal activities are there for the entire world to see. But of course, you may belong to the favourite slave category, the “yes sir” guy or the group of hypocrites that justify the means by the ends… who knows? I can’t say exactly what your problems are.

            There are Christian Terrorists, walking freely in this world. Some of them wearing the frock of Priesthood. The Infamous members of the Sicilian Mafia, in Italy, are ALL devoted Catholics. (Who be Mumu?)

        • George

          Keep crying Obama your evil friend has gone for good

          • Impulse400

            This guy… what is your problem? How do you come about your opinions? Who is downloading garbage into your brain…? Whatever website you have been frequenting, you need to dump it like a bad habit. Really!!!

    • Tunsj

      He is a Pathological liar and mentally ill.

      • Impulse400

        Just like Nero of Rome, who burnt his city to the ground and watched gleefully from a tower.

        But he is necessary, because of what was in store for the entire world if “Puppet Hillary” had won. He is given power, by HIM that POWER belongs too, to bring failure upon agents of Anti-Christ controlling the heathen population of America. It now seems like a case of “a house divided against itself” as various supremacist ideologies battle for supremacy in the land of the supreme.

  • Galantman

    Where are the people who celebrated Trump? Seek your conscience and give yourself a valid, honest answer

    • Otile

      Long live President Donald Trump.
      Death to Islamic terrorists.

      • Galantman

        You must be wanted terrorists that’s why Nigerians are been deported from the US. Check the list of those deported from the airport and 90% are those from that region where criminality ORIGINATED

        • Otile

          Crime has no particular region. There more Nigerian moslems killed, jailed or deported from Saudi Arabia and Yemen because there are more Nigerian moslems living in those places. There are more Sudanese and Northern Nigerians deported from Libya because there are more of them living there. That is the way it is, aboki.

      • Spoken word

        Clown.broke ass like you that cannot even go near U.S. Embassy

        • Senator D

          Do you know who this “Otile” is? Hahahahahahaaaaa

          • Sgt Soros

            Yes, he is a broke ass biafraudian clown!

  • Spoken word

    Then IPOB fools can go and visit their brother Trump.

    • Otile

      I wish Honorable Trump can wipe out Islamic terrorism on earth, don’t you?

      • Spoken word

        let trump wipe off the shit in his butt.bloody racist

  • Decimator

    No; No; No!!!

    The Northern Governors especially the Islamic extracts among them are always welcomed to the US to felicitate with their fellow Islamist, Barrack Hussein Obama.

    Ooh sorry, I forgot that he is no more calling the shots.

    What a disappointment?

    • CeeCee1818

      Obama is Christian.

      • Decimator

        Exactly the problem; There should also be nothing wrong in being a Muslim president of the United States of America.
        But in the usual Islamist hypocrisy, Barrack Hussein Obama sold himself to the American Electorate as a Christian while being a Muslim in reality.

        Hypocrisy and fake religious Identity is the problem here.


      • Impulse400

        You fell for it too…? I wonder if Michelle was involved in the scam. It seems like Barack “Hussein” Obama studied Islam as an adherent once. Christianity is very easy to fake.

  • burning spear

    The Apes in APC were installed by Alhaji Fulani Obama—————-why the fear—Instead of finding out from the US embassy why Nigeria visas are being cancelled—–the mumu woman is asking Nigerians with valid travel documents not to travel to the US—-what type of rubbish is that–Was the American Ambassador to Nigeria not at the ICC in Abuja———————————with Jega where he forced him to annouce fake results for Bingo Buhari——————————————————-

    • Impulse400

      Travel there and find out instead of raining hot air at a made woman. Obtain your own valid documents and leave, please. The fate of the stubborn goat is always the pot of soup.

  • Curseless

    No problem my friend. Get your multiple entry and come

  • George

    Silly lady who represented a confused government.

    How many times does this fake Duara government have warned the people not to travel to Madiuguri their killing headquarter or warn against South Africa.

    Let Buhari publish the names of those sent back and lets see who are they.

    Those with evil mark on their foreheads must not be allowed into the STATES as yeye Obama did during his wasted 8yrs.

    Trump is here to do the will of God because there is no reason for a Muslims to be visiting USA to enjoy things they condemn in their various places. Suadi Arabia forbid a woman voting, not to drive and even not to have a boy friend but the male animals rush to USA to enjoy.

    Trump isn’t yeye Buhari who changed all his promises, Trump was voted in because of what he promises and sending back Terrorists is one of his promises and Terrorists we all known they have MARK OF THEIR FOREHEADS

  • George

    Let Buhari name those that has been returned. Their names pls.

    You can’t bear names a Musa, Ahmed, Atiku, Mohammedu, Ali, Tambuwal, and expect the USA to allow you into their beloved country. pls stop crying and go back to Saudi where your soul mates lives.