INTERVIEW: Why I wanted to slap my teacher on my first day in school — Obasanjo

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo will be 80 on March 5. That is his official age as the former Nigerian leader recently admitted that he was not really sure about when he was born.

Ahead of the celebrations, Mr. Obasanjo recently sat down with a group of journalists in his Abeokuta home to talk about his life and times, and his hope for the future. PREMIUM TIMES Editor-in-Chief, Musikilu Mojeed, was there.


You are now 80. What did you discover about yourself as president?

One of the things I discovered about myself is my stamina to go on. I never knew I could start work, sit down at 8:00 a.m. At 5:00 p.m., come home and play squash. Then go until 2. am. Then try and sleep, wake around 5 a.m. to play squash again. Attend morning devotion and be at work at 8:00 a.m. in the morning.

Or phone a minister at 1:00 a.m. and say ‘Hey! Minister, what have you done about A, B, C, D?’

With that job, I discovered that part of me and it has become my way of life.

But things don’t seem to have changed in terms of your everyday life. Since you got out of office, your schedule is still tight.

I remain what I am: a stupid village boy. Born in the village. Raised in the village. Grew up in the village. Doing a number of things by accident. Went to school by accident. Joined the Army by accident. Rose through the ranks by accident. Though I went to the Congo, not by accident. I went there and came back after I did what is right and what is wrong there. Then came back and continued to rise in the Army.

What do you mean when you say ‘by accident’?

You see, some people will say: ‘Yes, my family. I came from a military family.’ I didn’t come from a military family. Some people will say: ‘Yes, I was planning it. It took me two years to plan.’ I didn’t plan it.

I was going to my family one day and he asked if it is farming I will continue to do for the rest of my life and I said yes. I had a cousin who had left the village and went to Abeokuta to become a vehicle mechanic.

My father asked if I had alternative and I said if I had an alternative it would be mechanic. School didn’t cross my mind then.

So I told him if he would send me to school, I will go. So that was an accident.

He brought me to Abeokuta from the village. I went to five different schools. Because we came late, I was not admitted. So I stayed with my uncle-in-law — that’s the husband of my aunt.

After three months, my father came and asked him not to turn me to a lazy man. Because I was going with him to Ogun River to catch fish. So my father took me back to the village. That was an accident.

My village, about the end of the year, people go about the villages for harvest. Some people came to our village, including the headmaster of the school in the nearby village. My father entertained them. Afterwards, he asked the headmaster if he had admission for me and he said yes.

The headmaster said I should come at the end of the month, it was in September, to register.

So when I got to the school, a teacher in charge of registration asked what my name is. I told him I am Olusegun. He asked Olusegun…what? I told him Olusegun, Matthew Olusegun.

He then said he was asking about my last name, my father’s name. Then I told him, asking for my father’s name was an insult. I have never mentioned my father’s name before.

That would have been my first and last name in school but for the understanding of the headmaster. Because I attempted to slap the teacher for daring to ask my father’s name.

So the headmaster said they should lie me flat. He said they should give me three strokes of the cane. I might not have gone to school. I might have ended my school on the first day.

So, when I talk of these accidents. They’re things that you don’t say you planned before.

I didn’t even plan to go to war. By virtue of the corps I belonged to in the Army, the engineering corps, I shouldn’t have been to war.

I was in Ibadan when I was announced. One Justice Akinkugbe, his house was not far from my depot. He questioned why it would be an engineer that they would call to go to war. He said there was no future for the country.

But when I returned from the war, he called me and apologised and said he had the wrong opinion of me before. I didn’t even know that he said those things about me before I went to war.

Then I explained to him that before I went into the Army Corps of Engineers, I had basic, normal military training for infantry or whatever. When you get to a stage in your military career, then you will do staff and command training. Which means that, it doesn’t matter your specialisation, you now go into the normal run. So you could be an engineer and command a brigade. You could be an armour corps and command a brigade. You could be an artillery and command a brigade. You could be a signal and command a brigade.

What sort of lifestyle would you recommend for the younger generation of Nigerians?

One of my friends that I used to marvel about his intellect, ability and longevity was Helmut Schmidt, a former Chancellor of Germany who died two years ago at the age of 96.

Helmut was strong. Physically strong and robust mentally. And he did everything that you may not ask people to do. He was a smoker. He was a drinker. He snuffed. And if a good woman goes by, my friend would probably say ‘Hi’ to her.

But he lived till the age of 96. When he was 90 I went to celebrate his birthday with him. I said to him then that we thanked God for his life. He said to me that old age is a bad thing. When you’re old you can’t hear anything without a hearing device, but I don’t have a hearing device. When you’re old you can’t see properly without glasses, but I don’t wear glasses. You can’t walk without a walking stick, but I don’t use a stick. You can’t eat without denture, but I don’t have denture yet. You can’t make love without having assistance.

That was at the age of 90. I think it was the grace of God.

On March 5 when I will be officially celebrating my 80th birthday, I will play squash. There’s a squash court within this place. We will have a tournament and will compete on that morning between 7 and 9. I want to play with veterans for 15 minutes. I want to play with the best boy in Ogun State for 15 minutes. And the best girl in Ogun State for 15 minutes. I will play for 45 minutes.

When you saw the first strand of grey hair on your head, how did you feel?

It doesn’t worry me. Why should grey hair worry me? It’s part of the process of ageing. Unless you’re a fool you’ll know that you have to age. What you should be praying for and working for is that you age gracefully, responsively and being relevant. Ageing is a process that you cannot do anything about.

Since I cut my hair completely, I don’t know wether you saw grey hair or white.

At 80, what regrets do you have about your life?

I used to have a doctor in the U.K., Howard. When he turned 65, I was in the U.K. and I asked him to go with me to a dinner. He agreed.

He said I should pick him at his clinic. So I picked him up. Then at the front of the restaurant, I asked him if he had any regrets at 65. He paused for almost 30 seconds. Then he said he had never thought of it until I asked the questions.

He said he had no regrets because God had blessed him abundantly. He said he graduated from Oxford and became a doctor at the age of 22.

But he told me that the only regret he had was that his son did not become a doctor as he wished. But that was not of his own making, it was the making of the son.

So for me, is there anything I wanted to do that I did not do? No. Is there anything I should have done that I would wish I hadn’t done with the benefit of hindsight? No. There’s nothing I have done that I can not own up to.

I can own up to God, my maker. So I had no regrets.

When I had the opportunity, I did my best. We may say my best was not good enough. But have I done my best? I did my best. I satisfied my conscience.

How do you appeal to the increasingly wary masses to be patient with the current administration?

The basic problem is leadership. Look, in 1998. People came to me and said I will be the last president of Nigeria. Why? Because they believed that by the time I finished being president of Nigeria, there would be no Nigeria left. Because we had General Sani Abacha.

What would you say is the legacy of Abacha?

I told them I will lead Nigeria because I believe in Nigeria. And I have nothing to offer than leadership. I will offer leadership. I told them if I failed, I will return to my farm.

But they turned out to be wrong. I was right. Because after me, we have had Umar Yar’Adua. We have had Goodluck Jonathan. We have had Muhammadu Buhari. So we have had how many years of unbroken democracy? This is the first time we’ll have this stretch. This is the first time in the history of Nigeria as an independent country that we will have peaceful handover from one personality to another in 2007. In the same party. In 2015, from one personality in another. From ruling party to opposition. These are not just easy occurrences.

I believe we have hope. Yes, we could have achieved much more than we achieved. But we should also know that we could have been worse much more than we are.

The generation that gave us independence. We may say whatever we like about them. But they gave us independence. My own generation is the generation that followed. You may say what you like about our generation, but we fought for the unity of Nigeria. But that should not be taken for granted. How many countries that went through civil war have broken up?

So you may say what you like, but we now have a democratic dispensation that has lasted for almost 18 years.

How do you feel when people say the last 16 years was a disaster?

I believe it was the height of ignorance. The height of unappreciation of what God has done for this country. Although I will be amongst the first to agree that we haven’t been where we should have been, but we have also been far from where we could have been.

Do you believe that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable?

I don’t like that word. You picked a word that I don’t like. Anybody that wants to negotiate, let him go and negotiate. But I believe that we need ourselves. But if anybody thinks that he doesn’t need the other, then I say good luck to him. I believe we need ourselves.

What are we negotiating? Will the Yoruba say they don’t need the rest of Nigeria? I don’t believe they will. What I see is that people want to have more of the national cake. Which is a good thing in itself. If you don’t like the cake you won’t want to ask for me. It’s because you like the cake, that’s why you’re asking for more.

I do sympathise with the youth. When I left secondary school, I got jobs in five places. I got in UAC. I got in government printer. I got in medical store. I got in the school of agriculture. And a bit later I got a teaching job.

Today, if you leave the university, what are the chances that you will get jobs in two places?

Today, the youth have more facility than I had in my time, but less opportunities. In my time, there was only one university in Nigeria. Today, there are 150 universities. More facilities, but less opportunities. So we need to create more opportunities. But not condemning everything.

The generation before us fought for the independence. Our generation fought for the unity of Nigeria and laid the foundation for the current democracy. What would the present generation do?

That’s the way to think.

Look, in the countries where things work today, some people sacrificed for things to work. They did. Whatever you may see as bad in your own society, some other societies have gone through the same.

Somebody said to me that some time ago in America, a judge would go to deliver judgment with two judgements in his pocket. And both judgments are equally sound. So depending on the highest bidder. He knows that the complainant is on the left pocket and the defendant is on the right. So that he won’t make a mistake.

Now they have gone through that and put it behind them as a country.

Whatever you may say about Donald Trump, his emergence is an indication that democracy is not perfect. It does not give you best man for the job. It gives the chosen man for the job.

What you now have to know is how to make use of what you have.

I was one of the first to congratulate Trump because that is what his country has chosen. So in the next four years, we have no choice than to work with him unless he’s impeached.

So it’s not for me or you to complain. It’s for me and you to think of how we can get the best of what Americans have given the world.

What do you make of recycling of leaders in Nigeria?

The ones that you haven’t recycled, what have they done?

We’re saying that old politicians like you should give opportunities to others

What are you talking about? James Ibori was not given opportunity? Diepriye Alamieyeseigha was not given opportunity? Ayo Fayose was not given opportunity? Come on…

That’s absolutely unacceptable. What more opportunity do you want? In my own cabinet, I had four men that were at the age of 30. Fortunately they performed well, but what do you mean by they were not given opportunity?

If that’s your way of thinking, then you’re wrong. Leadership is not a matter of age. It’s a matter of the quality of the individual.

You once said Nigerians don’t have the capacity to select their leaders…

I did not say that.

You said you want Igbo president in 2019?

Again, I did not say that. You people say whatever you want to say. Look, Christian Association of Nigeria, Ogun State chapter, came to see me here. They asked me to brief them on the situation in Southern Kaduna. I have been briefed by Bishop Matthew Kukah who comes from that area. I have been briefed by General Martin-Luther Agwai who comes from that area. I gave them my own understanding of that issue.

I told them the Southern Kaduna issue is both historical, cultural. religious and political. So if you now want to resolve the issue, you have to take all these issues together. And I said the problem is when we fail to attend to something the time we’re supposed to attend to it and then it boomerangs on our face, then we don’t have anybody to blame.

I said, here in Ogun State, we have a bit of Southern Kaduna problem. I said since Ogun State had was created, we have had four elected governors. We have three senatorial districts —east, central and west. It has rotated between east and central. And I said west has not had a governor.

So I said I don’t know when you will get there, but if don’t get there when you should get there and the west decides to go into agitation then you have yourself to blame. I said the same with Nigeria, at independence we had a country of tripod. The north, the east and the west. The north, majority tribe is Hausa-Fulani. The east, majority tribe is Igbo. The west, majority tribe is Yoruba.

Hause-Fulani in the north cannot complain. Yoruba, they cannot complain. Even those who didn’t vote for Obasanjo the first time, they had to accept later. I said the Igbo haven’t had that chance. Now, we must be mindful, that we do not ignore that. That must be taken care of.

That’s all.

So, if you want to interpret it whichever way you like it, that’s fine. But if you don’t take care of it, well.

What is your assessment of the Buhari administration? Is it on the right direction?

I don’t know about your wrong direction or right direction. But what I know is this: President Buhari has not disappointed me. From what I know about him and what he has done, he has not disappointed me.

In my book, I said he’s not strong on the economy. And he’s not. In fact, I said he’s not strong on foreign affairs. He’s improved somewhat on foreign affairs. But in the areas we know him, he has done his best. He has done his best in fighting insurgency. He has done his best in trying to fight corruption.

When you aspired to be United Nations Secretary General, Wole Soyinka kicked against it. But you don’t seem to have forgiven him?

You’re absolutely wrong. I don’t hold a grudge. Wole Soyinka is not God. And I don’t believe there’s any human being that is absolutely right. Wole Soyinka has what I believe he has. He’s a gifted person in his own way. But Wole Soyinka is not an oracle. I will not accept Wole Soyinka making cathedral statement on everything. I don’t believe that anybody could do that. So it’s not a question of forgiveness. When Wole Soyinka does what I believe is right, I will commend him. When he says what I believe is not right…Wole Soyinka is a populist and I don’t believe in populism.

So you got that wrong, and you should get it right.

What happened to Oputa Panel? Why didn’t its report see the light of the day?

The report did what it was meant to do. Oputa Panel was not meant to start writing and changing. What it was meant to do was to look at where we have offended ourselves.

I went before Oputa Panel twice as president. Some people said as president I shouldn’t go. But I went because I set it up and believed in it. My point on issues that have ever since been buried. I was asked about Kalakuta Republic. I went there and I explained.

Two, Elizabeth Pam was a member of that panel. James Pam, her husband who was my own boss in the Army, was killed. Mrs. Pam asked why the suspect killed her husband. The suspect said her husband was one of those that were corrupt. That a politician gave him money to build a house. And Mrs. Pam said it wasn’t true. That her husband borrowed money from the bank. And they brought documents to show. She said it was seven or eight years after her husband died that they finished paying for that house.

Then the suspect said he was sorry after the explanation. And Mrs. Pam said she was happy that the air is clear. What more do you want? That was part of what the panel achieved.

The report said I should apologise generally to everybody and I did. So what do you want?

The relationship between you and your former Vice President?

That’s not an issue, I am not saying anything. It’s not an issue.

The National Conference of the Jonathan era, what do you think about it?

I didn’t read it. So, how can I say anything about what I didn’t read? Becuase I don’t believe it was necessary.

If you start going into our situation. From the constituent assembly of 1977. The one that Ibrahim Babangida did. The one that Abacha wrote. I didn’t read it. I believe it was a distraction.

At 80, what do you wish for Nigeria?

The best. I wish Nigeria the best.

The present is a passing phase. I am looking forward to the future. My wish is that I have hope that Nigeria will be better.

Why did you return to school to learn theology after completing your tenure as president?

Because there’s no age limit to learning. I said I wanted to learn more things about my God so that I can worship him better.

Your recent video with the Vice President and other leaders in which you were doing thanksgiving, how did you do it?

The credit should not go to me. The credit should go to the Vice President. He was the one who called me and said there was a thanksgiving and if I am not there it would not be complete. Then I went. So we went to the church. After the church, we went to his house and he gave us breakfast. After the meal, he took us to the church where we had to sing. And I think it was a good thing.


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  • FreeNigeria

    This old looter in chief, why won’t you just sit in your rat hole and stop making noise

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      You are a disgrace and an embarrassments to your family if you don’t have any good things to say is better you shut your filthy mouth, son of a monkey

      • Anuoluwapo

        Calma Calma

        • CeeKay


          You see now! I have been telling Nigerian youths. Rise up and lay all those who
          destroyed Nigeria to rest in perfect peace. You will continue to read this sort
          of nonsense interview until you form yourselves into well-organized militias
          and liberate yourselves from those who destroyed your lives and feel confident
          to come out and preach patience to you. Rise up and save yourselves. Kill the
          treasury thieves in the land. Seize all the properties built by stolen money
          and convert them into people’s homes and hotels.

          You live in perpetual darkness and this condemnable General Obasanjo is telling
          you that you must thank God for living in darkness when he, along with other
          rogue generals and criminal politicians, have stolen away over 400 billion
          dollars, according to World Bank estimates. Why did you go to university and
          polytechnic if you the youths cannot think by yourselves? Why do you need a
          semi-illiterate like Ousegun Obasanjo to tell you how to think? Rise up, army
          yourselves in self-defence (according to law) against treasury thieves and kill
          all treasury thieves. That’s the way to liberate Nigeria from leeches and
          idiots addicted to stealing in public office.

      • emmanuel

        His family i am sure have better family pedigree than Obasanjo’s. Do you understand what family means? We are not talking about how a man used power to acquire wealth and more power.
        Afterall, we cannot all be Presidents, scientists, Lawyers, Teachers, Professors, inventors etc.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • Historees


    OBASANJO: A life full of sound and fury; signifying nothing

    If only he’ll read the widely published letter from his daughter Iyabo Obasanjo,
    again, he’ll learn more truth about the vacuity of his own life than the tropes
    from thieves he was fed on by his gang of self-promoted army generals who,
    but for stolen money in billions, are no better than wretches and certainly much
    worse for strutting as thieves than the panhandling street beggars who do not
    steal but who know their places in the order of things. As at today, no man has
    acted more irresponsibly in Nigerian history – with absolute ignorance and greed
    plus kleptomania, than Olusegun Obasanjo, but that troika of evils he sought to
    wrap away in platitudes that he spewed on ethics just to look less worse than a

    I pity Olusegun Obasanjo. He’s an emotional wreck.
    He feels a need to be loved, having realized he’s long ago forfeited
    respect. But that’s forlorn hope, no matter how many unfunny stories he tells;
    since there’s no sympathy warranted by the tale of a man who says he doesn’t
    know his age. He wants to regal the public with more salacious stories, hoping
    he may get a hearing, but he doesn’t know the world. There’s no second chance
    ever given to a man to act responsibly having been given double bite at the
    apple and fluffed both. Olusegun Obasanjo as the maker of Nigeria into a failed
    is what will resonate all through history, even if today’s generation be
    kind and not add that truthful sentence to the headstone at his graveside.

    • Romberg

      A beg, na who be your papa? We know Obasanjo…, at least he has a name!

      • Ba, Bsc, Msc, M.A. M.Phil, Ph.


        Dr. Historees J. Trump is actually the first son of Donald. You get it now?

        • Historees

          @kareemharoun:disqus :


          Until Obasanjo can only write that one sentence in his
          written will and announce it on his birthday that he has done so, i will continue
          to say that Obasanjo is a rogue in need of financial crime trial. General Obasanjo
          has over 40 children and said he took care of them up to university on his
          soldier’s salary. What a liar and a rogue aptly described by the Senate as:
          “the grandfather of corruption in Nigeria”.

      • Kareem Haroun

        Iyabo’s letter was denied by herself with succinct clarity.
        You spoke of OBJ with deep-seated bitterness. May God comfort you.
        For what see in him was nothing but an illustrious son of Nigeria who served and represented us in his best capacity.
        His personal life cannot be used as a yardstick to gauge his greatness. OBJ is a legend. I pray you should achieve a fragment of his life milestone.. you could be listed also as a hero

        • emmanuel

          Obasanjo did not serve Nigeria, he cheated the country. Illustrous son of the Yorubas, but an enemy of Nigeria. A savage human! He said he read theology to know about his God and worship him better – heared him. Is that why he is both Christian, Muslim and an ogun worshipper? How about Ogboni?
          He is been dancing the dance of shame since Buhari went on exile or since God sent our latest Nebucadnezzer into the bush.
          God sure repeat history, except that this one is already an ex-president.

        • Historees



          Until Obasanjo can only write that one sentence in his
          written will and announce it on his birthday that he has done so, i will continue
          to say that Obasanjo is a rogue in need of financial crime trial. General Obasanjo
          has over 40 children and said he took care of them up to university on his
          soldier’s salary. What a liar and a rogue aptly described by the Senate as:
          “the grandfather of corruption in Nigeria”.

        • Nonames

          “Nobody can say that I told him that I didn’t write it. I am not a liar.
          I will not back away from what I wrote and there is nothing that is
          there that is a lie. The last time I spoke to him (my father) was three days
          ago and I decided that I was not going to speak to him again after that. That
          was the communication through which I realized that this man would never change
          from manipulations for himself.”

          ……………Iyabo Obasanjo

          [Vanguard, December 2013]

        • Nonames

          “I was surprised they (journalists) could say they called Baba (General Obasanjo).
          I said to myself, ‘Are these people mad’? How can you call the person that
          I said I am not talking to, to ask him whether I wrote a letter or not? Is he
          going to speak for me? Nobody can say that I told him that I didn’t write it.
          I am not a liar. I will not back away from what I wrote and there is nothing that
          is there that is a lie. In the last four years how many of them have spoken to
          me? They (journalists) are all mad people,”

          ……………Iyabo Obasanjo

          [Vanguard, December 19, 2013]

          • Nonames

            LETTER TO MY FATHER……By Iyabo Obasanjo

            ““You (General Olusegun Obasanjo) are one of those
            petty people who think the progress and success of another takes from you. You
            try to overshadow everyone around you, before you, and, after you. You are the
            prototypical ‘Mr. Know it all’. You’ve never said ‘I don’t know’ on any topic –
            ever. Of course this means you surround yourself with idiots who will agree
            with you on anything since they need you for financial gain whilst you need
            them for your insatiable ego.

            Your attitude is a reflection of the country. It is not
            certain which came first – your attitude seeping into the country’s psyche or
            the country accepting your irresponsible behaviour for so long. I don’t blame
            you for the many atrocities you have been able to get away with because Nigerians
            were your enablers every step of the way.

            The whole Nigerian system – including the public themselves,
            wants oppressors – not people working for their collective progress, and so,
            when no one is planning the future of a country, such a country can have no
            future. Nigeria has descended into a hellish reality where – for smart and
            capable people to ‘survive’ and have their daily bread – they must prostrate
            for imbeciles”.

            ………Iyabo Obasanjo

            [December 18, 2013]

        • Julius

          I think you read him wrong or you posted your response to the wrong person.Check it out , you are on the same page.

  • George

    He remembered Ibori very far from him and Alam also far from him but forgot Tinubu name that is very close to him, yeye Yorubas

    • Historees



    • Dayo

      Tinubu was also recycled, so he can’t mention him.

    • Alpha

      He was referring to youths, read next sentence after the names to understand what he meant – or was Tinubu in his 30s then?

    • Truth is bitter

      It is you that should look yourself in the mirror and cure yourself of tribalism. He mentioned Ayo Fayose which you deliberately did not mention to justify your tribal mindset. You brought the whole Yoruba race into your comment but yet, people like you will not go and live in your village. You stay put in Yoruba land. Envy has no cure, it poisons the soul.

  • emmanuel

    Of course why would a teacher ask a man who does not know his father, his name? That was a pure insult.
    By the way, what is out sin for coming to this World in the same country as Obasanjo? when will God take this man away? Is he the only President that has led Nigeria and cheated her sorely?
    What a vile man he is?

    • Julius

      The question should be why a worthless being like you should be alive ?

  • tony H

    Why I wanted to slap my teacher on my first day in school — Obasanjo

    That’s one more proof you are a gorilla from Otta.

    • Dglavdar


      Olusegun Obasanjo: A tragedy of our times

      General Olusegun Obasanjo exemplifies how inferiority complex can damage the human mind
      and impede it from acquiring knowledge for mental growth. I live in Europe. I have read the memoirs
      of the highly cerebral Helmut Schmidt whom General Obasanjo wants to be associated with here,
      as a friend, but I never saw a line in those memoirs where Helmut Schmidt ever mentioned General

      Olusegun Obasanjo as an acquaintance.Anyone living in Europe will understand that it would have
      belittled Helmut Schmidt to be found in Obasanjo’s type of uneducated circle. It is not racism, but class.
      General Olusegun Obasanjo has no class, ideas or mental sagacity. He just doesn’t belong anywhere,
      besides Ibogun village where he was born by a fisherman. Nelson Mandela never mentioned Obasanjo
      in his own memoirs there. So defenestrating and sequestrating Obasanjo from memory by expulsion
      is not racism, but a compelling act by any self-respecting person.

      When the GLOBAL ELDERS was formed as a forum of respectable past presidents, with Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu (ex officio) as members, and with Nelson Mandela as initiator, Obasanjo was barred
      and excluded. Yet, for lack of shame, Obasanjo has till today kept dropping the names of Desmond Tutu, Nelson
      Mandela, and Helmut Schmidt, all of whom have done enough to show Obasanjo that he is not wanted in their
      own decent circle.

      • Alpha

        It remains a historical fact that ONLY OBJ regime has brought a a sitting Republican President to sub-Sahara Africa…George Bush jnr. visited Nigeria during Obasanjo’s presidency…???

        • Wale

          He also brought a Democrat President to Nigeria, Jimmy Cater came to Nigeria while OBJ was the Head of State. Let the haters hate.

          • Denix

            @disqus_dFOAiJMW7b:disqus Don’t be superficial. That’s why morons rule Nigeria. Was it not the same G.W Bush who warned Obasanjo to handover immediately, or, face U.S sanctions? Is that sort of scolding given to someone you respect in person? President G.W Bush has not invited or spoken with Obasanjo since the year 2006. Is that respect or scorn? You must understand things more deeply than they seem.

          • Alpha

            That was not novel, Bill Clinton was here about 2ice between 1999, 2007. But check if, except that Bush’s visit, a Republican president had ever visit black Africa! Just reminding people who are bent on muddling recent history.

          • Julius

            Haters will hate. They do not like the truth.

        • sprangler




          • Alpha

            America does not visit a nation with leaders of the hue Nigerians are trying to paint OBJ – that’s the point.

        • tony H

          Bush came to check on his oil block. Abeg, forget that oil thief.

      • Wale

        In my own Opinion; OBJ did a lot for black South Africans than most South African agitators. Nigeria fought with everything we had to free our SA brothers and sisters, but look at them today, Not really surprised at Nelson Mandela’s attitude towards Nigeria as a whole, also check out his attitude towards his “Ex wife” Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela was pumped up by the white press known for propagating “fake News”.

      • tony H

        Class? You can’t use class in the same sentence with Obasanjo. This is a lowlife that had sex with his son’s wife, for goodness sake. Ota Gorilla!

        • Julius

          I also heard that your mother’s brother is your father for goodness sake . Cannibal.

          • tony H

            IGNORE! (Still craving that attention?)

          • Julius

            Loser, what were you seeking or graving when you started abusing someone that did nothing to you ? You don’t like people slapping you back with your nonsense ..Traits of a loud mouth bully.

          • tony H

            IGNORE! (still craving that attention)?

          • Julius

            Lmaoooooooooo ! Loser, what were you seeking or graving when you started abusing someone that did nothing to you ? You don’t like people slapping you back with your nonsense ..Traits of a loud mouth bully.

    • Truth is bitter

      If a teacher chooses to cane a child on the first day in primary school for not giving his father’s name, what do you call such teacher?. Your comment is one proof that your brain needs some nutrients to function properly

    • Wale

      You’re a “thing”, a specie not a human being.

      • tony H

        Yeah…yeah…your hero is still a gorilla that wanted to clap a teacher. The Ota Gorilla has been acting like himself since his first day in school.

        • Julius

          Yeah…yeah…yeah, your hero is a cannibal ! You and yours ate and still eating human being since you were born and can shew meat.

      • tony H

        But your hero the Ota Gorilla had sex with his son’s wife. Who is not human now? ode. Go and feed your eran oko.

  • Julius

    The biafraudian conquer and nightmare has spoken..again !!!. Let the haywire rant begin !!!

    • thusspokez

      You only come here always to start a tribal flame war.

      • Julius

        Nope. Read the diatribes , insults and abuse whenever Obj or Tinubu says anything anywhere. Read and look at the most hateful comments and who are making them. I know truths doesn’t mean anything to you.

        • emmanuel

          Welllll, Obasanjo and Tinubu have the same qualities – both help build PDP and APC and have contributed massively to the eventual deaths of those parties because of their greed, avarice, know it-all and inferiority complex

          • Julius

            SWelll, so they reduced you to a worthless rant on the internet. Kudos to both of them. You contribute nothing to the society and my guess is it runs in the family, your family !

          • Bashir Suleiman Hamaadama

            Well, that’s harsh

          • Julius

            Nah, He deserves that. Follow his rants for a while and you tell me if he deserve that or not.

        • thusspokez

          …diatribes , insults and abuse whenever Obj or Tinubu says anything anywhere

          So you consider it your duty to defend them simply because they are your tribespeople. Obviously, implying that your tribespeople can do no wrong. Now that is exactly the definition of tribalism.

          • Julius

            I defended Gov Okorocha when he was attacked for talking about the oneness of the country, I defended the then chairman of NNPC when he was attacked by Tinubu, I defended Eleme..CBN Gov.wheh he was attacked that he didn’t know what he was doing and some moron were saying he shouldn’t be in that position because he is an Igbo man. That is to name a few but, I bet you will claim that you never read that from me in here. Retard what do those gentlemen have in common ? I’ll give you a $1 if you know the answer. I equally attacked and still attacking Koro, FFK, Fayose, Pa Falae … all the Yoruba thieves and looters past and present. I’m attacking Kashumu or whatever his drug name is when anything is said about him. Now, let me ask you this…why do the Ibos ALWAYS abusing and insulting Tinubu and Obj ? Criticizing is different from abuse and case you do not know that.

          • thusspokez

            why do the Ibos ALWAYS abusing and insulting Tinubu and Obj?

            Granted that we are on the Internet and the world is not made up of only Yorubas and Igbos, what makes you think that the critics of these two crooks are the Igbos let alone “always…”? You make these assumptions because you are paranoid and your worldview is both primitive and tribal.

            Criticizing is different from abuse and case you do not know that.

            Do you as a Nigerian know the difference between ‘criticism’ and ‘insult’? I doubt it!

            Just visit any Nigerian websites and debates. Also re-read your last comment and you will find some “insults” too. It is therefore, hypocritical of you — a Nigerian — to complain about insult when you Nigerians are masters in the use of insults and notorious on the Internet for using it as substitute for argument.

          • Julius

            This is how you know who is a loud mouth, hypocrites that do not like the truths. I insults and abuse those that insults and abuse me and those that do not deserves it be it from my tribe or others. . You didn’t answer my question tho but, I understand . You simply can’t because facts are not on your side. You read comments like I read comments and you know who are abusing those 2 gentlemen ALWAYS !!! . I stand by my comment. By the way, I see that you had nothing to say about my defending those that are not from my tribe. I guess that goes against your idiotic narratives. Carry on !

          • thusspokez

            You didn’t answer my question…

            Because it does not deserve an answer.

            Your argument is that if a Yoruba person commends a non-Yoruba person then the former is not or cannot be a tribalist. This statements is invalid, as could be seen in the following statement:

            (You are implying that) if a Yoruba person criticises a non-Yoruba person then the former is a tribalist.— which is also an invalid statement.

          • Julius

            Exactly what I thought. I expect that from you. Smdh !

  • Rommel

    In the eyes of the world and those who know,Mr. Obasanjo is one of the greatest Nigerians ever yet, he just told us of his friendship with late chancellor Helmut Schmidt,we know the man’s networks across the globe,no other Nigerian leader apart from the great Zik of Africa comes close

  • JJ

    A truly elder statesman! Wishing you more wonderful years.

  • Impulse400


    NDIC does not have proof of its claims. They are only fear mongering.

    • Wale

      Whats your point.

      • Impulse400

        How much have Nigerians lost in the Nigerian Stock Market? Or do they not run on the same MMM principle of “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”? Is NDIC screaming mayday about them?

        What do elites of Nigeria’s financial sector hope to gain from fear mongering?

        If you ask me, I would say “panic in the competiton’s business”. (But you didn’t ask me, so I’m not saying).

  • Wale

    Igbos just hates this man for no just cause.
    You guys needs to do a little research on what concerns you, rather than listening to your fake news elders opinion on who is who.
    Without OBJ, left for what Generals Murtala Muhammad and Hasan Katsina and many more had in mind during the Biafran war against Nigeria, Igbos population would probably be half of what it is today or maybe less.

    • J.Jaycee


      General Obasanjo’s proclivity to corruption lately became a stench abroad,
      as the British government got numerous complaints from around the world
      that Obasanjo used a bogus foundation he set up disguisedly for charity as a
      front for collecting bribes and commission from massive loot stolen by other
      African heads of government and Ministers who needed to take the looted
      cash out of their own country and a cover to launder their loot in Europe.

      General Obasanjo allegedly took 10% of each tranche of loot and helped
      launder the remainder 90% under cover of donations made to his OBASANJO
      FOUNDATION. The British Police have just lately pounced on the dubious and
      likely criminal Obasanjo Foundation, and also on General Obasanjo himself, for
      international moneylaundering. The criminal investigation is live and ongoing.

  • thusspokez

    Why I wanted to slap my teacher on my first day in school — Obasanjo


    • Oloye Abore


      Since General Obasanjo cannot unite his own nuclear family or unite himself with his own children,
      some of whom have publicly ostracized him forever, how could he be delusive to say he wanted to
      unite Africa? Based on what personal credentials, based on what personal ethics or education?

      I think Obasanjo should stop worrying about Archbishop Desmond Tutu who will never attend
      Obasanjo’s 80th birthday, anyway, and instead worry more about getting his own first child,
      Iyabo Obasanjo, to attend it, although that may be tougher than getting the King of Brunei
      to come to Abeokuta, after Iyabo Obasanjo repudiated him in the press as less ideal father.

      • thusspokez

        I think Obasanjo should stop worrying about Archbishop Desmond Tutu who will never attend

        Don’t get me stated on Tutu — the western agent, and traitor. Is it any wonder that he still remains more popular in the West than in his home country. But I digress.

        …after Iyabo Obasanjo repudiated him in the press as less ideal father.

        I admire Iyabo because she is a very strong and hardworking person and thanks to her own effort, made success of her life, She could easily have fallen by the wayside as with many people in her position.

        As for Obasanjo, it is all about Obasanjo, hence he can’t keep away from the headlines.

  • burning spear

    The same old watery interview——with Obj——why I almost slapped my school teacher?——————–Haba Obj

  • Decimator

    “Our generation fought for the unity of Nigeria and laid the foundation for the current democracy. What would the present generation do?” PT

    Sorry Mr. Obasanjo. One does not fight for his Unity with another.

    That alone in itself means that in reality you are not united with the other.


    • Decimator

      And exactly through that you laid the foundation and nurtured the Tyranny that has been reigning in the Nigeria Enclave for the past 50 years now.

      Get it right for once.

  • FuzzyLogic

    That is why Nigeria is in a funk. It is Obasanjo and people like him that set this country on this trajectory of one step forward and 3 steps backwards with their mentality of impunity. Away with them.