Why we raided Peace Corps, arrested commandant, others – Nigeria Police

Peace Corps

The Nigeria Police on Wednesday provided reasons why it raided the headquarters of the Nigerian Peace Corps and arrested some officials.

The explanation comes a day after the police, in a combined operation with the State Security Services and the Nigerian Army, stormed the headquarters of the Peace Corps in Abuja, arresting its commandant and other national leaders.

At least two people were confirmed injured following the raid, which occurred around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night, witnesses said.

A statement signed by police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, said intelligence reports indicated that the Peace Corps and other similar groups “were acquiring weapons and conducting covert military training in different locations across the country.”

Mr. Moshood said such actions violated a 2013 gazette of the federal government that banned the groups and ordered them to cease operations.

The latest acrimony came weeks after the Nigerian Senate and the House of Representatives harmonised the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill to give the group, which had operated as a volunteer organisation for 18 years, government backing.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt the SSS and police submitted memoranda to the National Assembly against the establishment of the Peace Corps, but the lawmakers went ahead with the passage of the bill, anyway.

The bill is expected to be forwarded to President Muhammadu Buhari for his assent, although it is not clear if the president will support the creation of another paramilitary agency.

Read the full statement below: 

1. The Nigeria Police Force in joint operations with the Personnel of the Military and Department of State Service commenced yesterday 28th February, 2017, operations to halt and rid the country of illegal/unlawful security outfits constituting National Security Threat and Threat to the protection of life and property of Nigerians across the country.

2.  Credible intelligence reports at the disposal of the Force revealed that some of these illegal Security outfits have started acquiring weapons and conducting covert military training in different locations across the country.

3.  It is evident that in 2013, Federal Republic of Nigeria official Gazette dissolved and proscribed illegal Security outfits such as Nigerian Maritime security Agency (NMSA), Nigerian Merchant Navy Corps and the Nigerian Merchant Navy Petroleum Security and Safety, Peace Corps of Nigeria and other quasi illegal security outfits.

4.  However, it has been observed that Nigerian Maritime Security Agency NMSA, Peace Corps of Nigeria, Maritime Security Agency and National Task Force to Combat Illegal Importation/Smuggling of Arms and Ammunition, Light and Chemical/Weapons are still operating outside their mandates and purposes for which they were registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

5.   For avoidance of doubt the Peace Corps of Nigeria under the leadership of one Akor Dickson was registered as an NGO but with brazen impunity, total disregard to the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, opened illegal training camps in some States of the Country, where thousands of youths and other persons without proper background check and screening are receiving converts Military training.

6.  It is consequent upon the above and the veracity of intelligence reports from reliable sources, indicating that subversive elements/groups and terrorist affiliates have infiltrated the Peace Corps of Nigeria secretly to ruin and destroy the existing peace currently being enjoyed in the country that the Peace Corps of Nigeria secret training camps were closed down   in the FCT, Kwara and Niger States.

7.    During the preliminary investigation into the activities of the Peace Corps of Nigeria, it was discovered that personnel of the Corps are extorting money from unwary youths throughout the Country under the guise of recruitment; amounts ranging from Fifty Thousand Naira (#50,000) to Hundreds of Thousands of Naira are being paid by innocent Nigerians to the Peace Corps of Nigeria. Once you paid the money you are automatically recruited. Anyone who must have paid money under any pretence to the Peace Corps of Nigeria should report their case at the nearest Police Station in where they are across the country.

8.    The Peace Corps of Nigeria has unlawfully turned itself into a security outfit without authorization and establishment by the Federal Government of Nigeria, as such, have deviated from the purposes for which they were registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

9.    The Corps has no legal authority to wear uniform, parade itself as Security outfit, post their personnel on guard duties, and use ranking, insignia, badges of rank which are semblance of that of the Police, Military and other paramilitary organizations without the approval of Federal Government of Nigeria.

10.  The Nigeria Police Force and other Security Agencies will not fold their arms and allow lawlessness to be unleashed on the society.

11.   It is in furtherance of the above that the Nigeria Police Force, the personnel of the Military, Department of State Service, had in a joint security operations swooped on the Head office of the Peace Corps of Nigeria on the 28th February, 2017 situated opposite Jabi Lake, Utako District, sealed off the building and effected the arrest of one Mr. Akor Dickson, the Leader of Peace Corps of Nigeria and Forty Nine (49) others (on the attached list) for investigation in the interest of public safety and security. They will be arraigned in court on completion of investigation.

12.  This joint security operations will be implemented throughout the country to halt the illegal activities of all these proscribed illegal Security outfits such as Nigerian Maritime Security Agency (NMSA), Nigerian Merchant Navy Corps and the Nigerian Merchant Navy Petroleum Security and Safety, Peace Corps of Nigeria and other quasi illegal security groups.

13.   Parents and Guardians are advised to prevail on their children and wards to return home from the illegal military camps opened in some states of the country by the Peace Corps of Nigeria as the activities of the Corps in totality is unlawful.


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  • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

    This apparition called Nigeria is extremely laughable. For how have these illegalities been existing? Going by this official release, why do we have government officials, minister of sport for instance, at an event organised by an illegal body? Meanwhile, there is no doubt, these quasisecurity entities constitute serious threat to the nation….. Imagine, registered as an NGO but now operate as a government/public security outfit. what shame……gidon!


      How did civil defence operated before they are now paramilitary. leave these people alone, they don’t want to see other peoples progress.

      • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

        So ‘progress’ is having an NGO turned to a security outfit, operate without constitutional backing, recruit under what guise, even with arms,…. I envy your progress because such progress has taken Nigeria this far.

        • Netanyahu

          Did you check with corporate affairs to confirm they were registered as NGOs? No. You believe Nigerian army or police or so called SSS, then you can believe that buhari passed his WAEC in 1953.

          • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

            wHO DOESN’T AKNOW NETANYAHU is a psycho?

        • udofiapeter

          That is what is called metamorphosis.

      • Ajayi Ifayemi

        Progress ke! In this same matter?

      • Rommel

        Poverty stricken mentality

    • jason jasi


  • Man_Enough

    If the police were effective and not infected with the canker worm of bribery and corruption, there wouldn’t have been any need for a different security outfitf weather peace corps, civil defence, VIO, Road Safety or vigilante. Is it now, at the eve of their being constituted that they got to know of their existence ?

  • Suleiman Alatise

    No smoke without fire goes the saying, why did the National Assembly pass the bill, that’s what is baffling to me.



  • amazing2012

    ….the harmonize it than opposing it. Envy and rivalry !

  • un spkn

    i said it. peace corps is sponsored by the UN so i belive. trying to start a foreign sponsored military arm to protect western investment n do deir biddings posing as a nigerian law enforcement agency. like they did with the american federal reserve bank.

  • un spkn

    if they claim to b an ngo, why d military uniforms. d army should wipe them off

  • Lia

    Live and let die. It is only in Nigeria that the legistion shall pass a bill to establish a group and other employees of the state will take laws into their hand and seek to disband them. The trumped up charges are because they consist of the wrong ethnic groups, if they were made up of Fulanis they will be free to operate.
    One wonders who exactly is in charge in Nigeria.

  • Ibukun Bandele

    Unbelievable, what a lawless country

  • paul irumundomon

    The only reason to have a gun, is to use it, whether to fight or defend yourself. If you have no liver, don’t train on how to use a gun or buy one. There shoukd have be a shot out, and let’s see how many would have escaped unharmed, death is a necessary end, it is better to die with a reason, than to die on a hospital bed, because doctors can not diagnose your sickness, or the hospital lack medications.

  • Curseless

    Dog is eating dog. I’m sure the mainstream law enforcement outfit is trying to shot down once and for all any competition when it come to “Egunje” collection. Thing are tough in the country right now and any form of incursions into the old boys territory is not taken kindly

  • tope

    With Police and civil defense no need of peace corps . Well done Nigeria Police

    • Kallah Bature

      In fact with an incorruptible, reliable and efficient police force,Nigeria will have no need for Civil defence,FRSC and other para-military outfits.You see what corruption can do to a Nation? An outfit without the necessary Presidential assent collecting money from hapless citizens.

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  • justice and equity

    Jealousy, where is the evidence of arms,make sure you don’t plant arms there.civil defense saw the same thing.peace corp will still triumph

  • Mary


  • Rommel

    Is peace corps not supposed to be a voluntary organization just like the one in America? how come they are running a boot camp with arms training and besides, who authorized uniforms for them?

    • Julius

      The politician !!

  • Ola

    Thank God somebody has come to their senses. Peace Corps should remain a Voluntary Organization Period!!!, The whole charade shouldn’t have gone this far if we do things the right way in this country in the first place.

    The National Assembly, Executives and well meaning Nigerians should support all efforts to double the number of our police officers, military recruits and civil defense corps. Give them good logistical support and remuneration, then Peace Corps will remain what it should be in the the first place ; a voluntary organization.

    This has nothing to do with jealousy or whatever , it has to do with societal law and order. Nigerians should start learning how to do things the right way.

  • Alhajivinco

    How can they operate as a legal entity when the President has not signed the Bill into law? Perhaps the National Assembly wants to establish its own paramilitary force?? What do we need this kind of legislation for when we are alread a militarized country with so many paramilitary organanisations harassing ordinary citizens from day to day? Indeed, there will soon be more people in uniform in Nigeria than the rest of the ordinary population. Besides, are there not more important issues for the National Assembly to address through legislation?

  • ilesanmi

    In the first place, Nigeria does not need some of these uniform wearing organizations providing similar services. The sight of the multiple uniforms could really be irritating.
    However, the poiice, DSS and the army may not be telling Nigerians the truth behind the raid on the Peace corps. Did the DSS and other intelligence organs avail the NASS with their findings on about the corps?
    Why did the security agencies had to wait for the NASS to pass the bill even in after the corps was inaugurated by the Minister of Youths and Sports, before carrying out the raid on the “illegal” corps?
    Anyway, we have not seen the end of the matter.

    • Julius

      Well, you should’t be surprised on how we do things in this country. We do most think backwardly . Do stuff, think later. Na so na.

  • Impulse400

    Possession of weapons is a serious allegation to cast against anyone. The Police and SSS have raided this Peace Corps location severally. If any weapons were discovered at all on their premises, the police should show us instead of casting baseless aspersions. They only look like they are giving a dog a bad name to hang it.

    “Let them leave the dog alone for Calabar man.”

  • ifeanyi

    Politicians have hijacked peace corps they created boko haram in the north east niger delta militant in the south south kidnapping in the south east to distract ordinary people enough of all this

  • mary

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  • Alpha

    Thumb up for this, though belated action. Illegality permeate all sphere of this nation. Even boys brigade now parade themselves as paramilitary! In a sane clime nobody is permitted to walk to business registration bureau to register a “paramilitary company “.

    Even the so called ‘civil deffence’ that are now carrying arm is uncalled for. Nigeria should strengthen it’s police, remunerate them appropriately, in commensurate with their duties and stop these imbecilic multiplication of half oriented, bogus bodies.

  • Hillary Isife

    These primiitive and physical security agencies are at it again. The police and DSS have no capacity to gather intelligence that could put a stop to the menace of boko haram, kidnapping, and robbery and other uprising here and there,The only thing they thought wise is to pysically assult an organization that has operated for eighteen years with some baseless aligations.
    These two organizations acted this sccripts before NSCDC was recorganised by the government.

    • Senator D

      Am laughing so hard here… You are on point…

  • Ibb

    Join the discussion… let us be realistic where were the Nigeria Police when the Nass passed the bill?

  • paul Akporiaye

    Join the discussion…peacecorps is still a legal agencies…..

  • paul Akporiaye

    Join the discussion…police is just been afraid of the peacecorps, seeing the newly organisation prospering been backed by united state…….

    • Senator D

      Just the way they hated Civil Defence Corps

      • paul Akporiaye

        Join the discussion…just emerging, is so anoying….were was the police when federal govt was esterblishing peacecorps last year, the should go to US and see how peacecorps is been respected……..