SHOCKING! More obscene property recovered from ex-Nigeria Customs boss who forfeited 17 exotic vehicles, returned N1 billion

16 brand new cargo motorcycles recovered former Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service, Abdullahi Dikko Inde.

Less than a week after 17 exotic vehicles were recovered from a former Customs boss, dozens of brand new tricycles and motorcycles have also been recovered from a property belonging to him

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said on Wednesday that it raided the warehouse of Abdullahi Dikko, the former Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, where it made the new recoveries.

“Operatives of the Commission’s Kaduna Zonal office acting on intelligence stormed the facility on Tuesday February 28 and executed a search warrant which led to the recovery of the following items,” the EFCC said in a statement by its spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren.

The commission listed the newly recovered items to include: 42 brand new customized yellow-coloured tricycles; 16 brand new cargo motorcycles; one brand new white 32-seater Nissan civilian bus; one MAN diesel truck;  515 brand new imported rugs of different colours and sizes; two metal bullet proof safe with the sum of N 1,565 and documents of transactions in different currencies within and outside the country.

The anti-graft commission had last week Wednesday announced the recovery of 17 “exotic vehicles” from Mr. Dikko who retired as Customs boss in 2015.

Two days later, Justice S. M. Shuaibu of the Federal High Court in Kaduna gave an interim order, forfeiting the 17 vehicles to the federal government.

Recovered properties from a former Customs boss, Abdullahi Dikko

Mr. Dikko, who headed the Customs between August 2009 and August 2015, was earlier arrested by the EFCC in June 2015 over alleged diversion of N40 billion from the agency’s coffers. The EFCC in November 2016, confirmed he had returned N1 billion of the allegedly stolen funds to the federal government.

The former Customs chief is not currently in Nigeria, an EFCC source told PREMIUM TIMES.

“But his arraignment will begin when he returns from the medical trip abroad,” the source said.

Bappa Ibrahim, the Zonal Head of the EFCC who addressed journalists in Kaduna, said, the operation that led to the recovery was part of the continuation of the EFCC’s investigation on the former Customs boss.
He said the recovery was made based on intelligence gathering and tip-off.

Mr. Ibrahim called on the public to always assist the anti-graft agency with useful information, noting that the war on anti-corruption must not be left to the EFCC.


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  • Ali A-ly

    he was intending to run for Governor of his state…so when election comes, he will start to share them as campaign gifts

    • Fredodo1

      chai…you get sense. Na dem way be dat

    • The King


  • Abdullah Musa

    Let Nigerians with conscience say: PDP, never again!

  • George

    Mallams always ahead in looting.

    All those things you saw there are not for federal government or from government money but what he stole from the Igbo importers.

    Direct conversion to personal use with authority vested on him by his former position.

    Aboki’s OLE

    • tundemash

      Monkey Father, if it were a George or Emmanuel now, you will shout witch-hunt !

  • Noble

    All days are for the thief, but one day is for the owner

  • thusspokez

    There are differences between a collector and a hoarder — the latter is a psychological disorder. Unlike hoarders, collectors take meticulous care of their collections. Seeing the state in which these vehicles are kept, one can conclude that Abdullahi Dikko is a hoarder and obviously suffers from a psychological disorder.

    • duwdu

      Well said, thusspokez.


    • TY

      Which of these categories does Tinubu belong?

      • Powerlessconscious

        Nothing. Tinubu has legitimate business. E.g hotel, TV station stores etc.

  • FreeNigeria

    Na wao, this is not corruption, but madness and wickedness. At the end of all these, we’re still leaving this world the way we came in it, with absolutely nothing.

  • Efemena Edafiok

    Boko Haram used motorcycles back in the days. Does this latest revelation have any link to the above? Well, only time shall tell. Who is their (boko haram) faceless supplier of sophisticated weapons? I repeat, TIME shall TELL!

  • grand maze

    It seems Buhari has something to do with Dikkos. Remember umaru dikko. Since this one had also run out of the country, they should package him in a wooden crate and import him back to the country. Am excited looking for whistleblowing to do.

  • Impulse400

    All seem like seized items. I bet he is not the only retired custom official guilty of accumulating coveted contraband goods. Search them all, starting from IBB’s regime!!! Will the Federal Government now proceed to crush the motorcycles and tricycles, like Lagos State government is fund of doing…?

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      Those motor/tricycles had better be used to empower H victims and take them out of IDP camps.

      • Impulse400

        They will later be ceased from the BH victims by police and government, and crushed. There is no point in BH victims collecting them.

  • Rommel

    Atiku Abubakar was a trailblazer of such kinds of behaviors, I grew up knowing customs and excise people as very corrupt people,I don’t know how that reputation started but it was prevalent

  • sammyctu ode

    This dikko deserves the death sentence. The customs is a rotten agency that smells like ammonia from top to bottom. When custom boast that they have caught smugglers once then two hundred smugglers have been allowed to smuggle many products, arms, drugs, etc into the country.
    It’s time for them to start watching Border Patrol of Australia, the American and the Canadian ones and see how they protect their counties, their excellent professionalism and their commitment to their jobs unlike our stark illiterate custom officers in Nigeria who breath, cough, eat, sleep corruption 365 days of the year.
    The tomato crises we had last year or 2015 was due to custom failures not doing their job by allowing viruses diseased tomatoes to come to Nigeria which caused all of us untold hardships and Nigeria loosing billions of Naira.

  • Skills

    With this daily confiscation of money and goods by EFCC, any information on what actually happens to these items afterwards? no annoucement on any projects facilitated or to be facilitated with these funds.

    It looks like EFCC is been used to loot the looters.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Suppose the first looter comes back to court and is able to prove that those seized money and listed property are not actually stolen items? This government cannot claim to have anything yet, until the courts say so. And if the looters are bribing the judges to pervert the course of justice, then all the EFCC could do is arrest the judges and prove the case of bribery against them. That’s the way things are going. I hope you understand?

  • Philomena

    Cuf off the head, hand and ears of Abdullahi Dikko, Feed him to the vultures. I am sure no politician or public official will steal again.

  • Philomena

    We need a Rodrigo Doutete

  • Bashoris

    It’s so surprising that no one is talking about “WITCH HUNTING” today…. Hmm… That’s for the Hypocrites in the house.

    Can you just eat up your pride and give credits to this govt for ones in your lifetime, you haters! Many people know what the govt is not doing right, but they themselves are not even good at their work.

    Many Nigerians would say “Buhari doesn’t know what he is doing because the country is suffering!” Don’t they even have any sense of reasoning to tell them how one event leads to another in governance? They turned a nation to their room that can be neated in a few days… Lack of understanding is also a disease to many schooled people… Because they missed the understanding of basic principles of life in their elementary years and carried that “intellectual defect” all through their life, making their sense of judgement very myopic to say the list. If you don’t understand how an economy works, better go read about it first…That will help save us valuable time. There is no room for sentiments when it come to running an economy. Whatever is happening to the Nigeria economy today is a shortfall of wrong financial decisions made not less than 3/4years ago. And that is just the same the world over… And no economy can be revived in less than 5 – 10years because the problems in an economy is not like your headache that goes in minutes after taking paracetamol. You will have a tough day trying to prove otherwise.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Mr Dikko is a mad kleptomaniac! He needs psychiatric evaluation!

  • suleiman

    Dikko was the chief smuggler for Turai Yar’aduwa, rewarded for doing a good job of protecting the first family and their notorious smuggling ring by appointing him CG. So why would any body be surprise at this? Life continues are usual. Each time Dikko Katsina, and he was doing this every weekend, the motorcade comprised of ten vehicles, two ambulances and a host of motorcycles. In fact Dikko’s motorcade was more than that of the president and no body cared to raise an eyebrow. Why are Nigerians suddenly talking? GEJ was not as vicious and people were free to come out and blow the whistle but no body did because those who were supposed to were benefactors of the system. All you hypocrites now crying wolf should learn to shut up your mouths

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      You mean that you knew all of this???? And please tell me, how did you manage to keep your sanity????

  • marc umeh

    All the bosses and so-called ” big men ” in all nigeria corporations should be under a microscope. They should all be deemed guilty until proven otherwise.

  • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.


  • A_B_

    Call him thief and even the worst u can but remember that none of you would have done better if u were in his position. If u think he’s going to use all these items for himself then your eyes n mentality have been fooling you coz u can’t see the politics part of this EFCC crackdown on him. He’s a giver to those close and far away from him but I understand your cowardness given what side of the country ur comments seem to come from. To assure you they can never get him Broke, he gives more than all those who stole ask your tribal Chiefs and lastly I’ll agree with you if you can call Jonathan a thief.

    • suleiman

      Only morally bankrupt individuals like you would see nothing wrong with what Nde did. This is the problem we have in Nigeria, we are the most religious people on the planet yet the most morally bankrupt. Religion is only in the mouth and not in the heart. The second problem is that we tribalize every issue. Does it matter if it is Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Tiv or Ijaw that is the thief? A thief is a thief and the enemy of the people. It looks you re a benefactor of the loot. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand your post here. Jonathan has been called a thief more than a million times, yet o figure has been pinned to his name! A friend of a thief is a thief, this then means that if Nde was Jonathan’s friend, then he is a thief. Can you in all honesty tell us how much money has been traced to Jonathan’s account? So the issue here is not about Jonathan but the thieves that have destroyed this nation and the current thieves under APC that continue to loot the nation and milk it dry. This should be your concern if you are truly Nigerian!

      • Aliyu

        Do not attach ethnicity to this issue. Dikko is corrupt and must be prosecuted.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Liar. Biafraud thinking way. That is they always Nigeria can never have a president that will HATE STEALING. Today, we a president and vp that hate stealing.
      There are millions of people that will do better than diko.
      I know you are used to corruption but you have to start changing your mentality. As old things have passed away. God bless buhari.

    • Aliyu

      Do not attach ethnicity to this issue. Dikko is corrupt and must be prosecuted.

    • Broadway2

      Shhhhhh… Shut the nonsense.

  • Broadway2

    PDP is still clamouring to return to power, with some persons supporting it.