How Twitter posts may have cost Nigeria’s former minister top position in international firm

Nigeria Former Minister Muhammad Pate [Photo Credit: Africa hospital group]

In July 2015, Muhammad Pate, a former Nigerian junior Health Minister, shared an article on Twitter that might have now cost him the top position at Global Fund.

Mr. Pate had been among the finalists alongside two candidates for the Executive Director position of the Geneva-based financing institution.

But on Monday, the day the Board convened to review the finalists recommended by its Nominations Committee, it announced it was starting a fresh recruitment process for a new candidate.

“The Board is committed to a process that adheres to the highest possible standards, and is fair, transparent, merit-based, and conducted with due diligence and professionalism,” said Norbert Hauser, the Chair of the Board.

Due to issues encountered in the recruitment process, the Board felt they were unable to bring the process to conclusion, Global Fund said in a statement issued by Seth Faison.

Since its establishment in 2002, Global Fund, an initiative that aims at combating AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria had committed over $30 billion dollars in the fight, with a huge chunk of the money coming from the United States.

The current Director of the fund, Mark Dybul, is expected to step down at the end of May, when his tenure ends.

Shortlisted to replace him had been Mr. Pate and two others – Subhanu Saxena, a former chief executive of Cipla, a major Indian pharmaceutical company; and Helen Clark, a former New Zealand prime minister.

After the shortlist of the top three candidates, the New York Times ran an article stating that global health officials were worried that the backgrounds of all three finalists could push the Donald Trump administration away from historical commitment to the fund.

The controversial tweet Dr. Pate posted last July was a New Yorker article titled ‘Being Honest About Trump,’ wherein it was summarized that “To call the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee a fascist of some variety is simply to use a historical label that fits.”


Later in December, Mr. Pate tweeted a series of articles critical of Mr. Trump’s call to ban Muslims.

One post from The Washington Post noted that Mr. Trump’s call was condemned by British and French leaders.

In another post he shared, Abdul Jabbar, the retired basketball star was quoted as saying that “Donald Trump has more in common with ISIS than America.”

The Times report also raised serious concerns about Mr. Pate’s fellow candidates.

It stated that Mr. Saxena had overseen the sale of millions of anti-retroviral drugs from his pharmaceutical company to Global Fund and Ms. Clark had headed the United Nations Development Programme in 2009, an agency which the Trump administration reportedly views its programs with hostility.

Dr. Pate said he would e-mail his response to a PREMIUM TIMES’ enquiry about Global Fund’s decision.

He did not respond as at press time.

But speaking to about Global Fund’s decision, he said he had no intention of reapplying for the top post.

“The Global Fund Board’s decision is unfair and unjustified,” Mr. Pate was quoted as saying.

“Several efforts were made to question my candidacy on the basis that I was a Muslim, or that I am of Nigerian origin which smacks heavily of racism and Islamophobia that is now finding its roots in a respectable Global Health partnership of the Global Fund.

“It is sad to see the Global Fund Board lacking the courage to stand up against discrimination.”

In July 2013, Mr. Pate resigned his position as the Minister of State for Health under then president Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to take up the position of Professor in Duke University’s Global Health Institute in the U.S.


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  • born Great

    Bros, go and sit down. That your islamaphobia and racism propaganda will not fly, infact it has diminished you more. You can’t eat your cake and collect another person own.

    • Domingos

      Is he worse than Buhari? This is how Europe and America treat you blacks as f00ls. Did America and Europe not tacitly support Buhari despite his affinity with Islamists and tacit support for Boko haram and religious extremism? What about his numerous statements about shedding blood and spreading Sharia to every part of 9ja? Did America not hear it? Did Europe not hear it? But the forced Buhari on Nigeria and see what Nigeria has become today. Now the same countries form Europe, including Japan, China etc now line up to give Nigeria financial aid and the boldly announce it to the whole world as they donate “millions” to support the starving, or to feed hungry Nigerians or those at IDP camps. This is exactly what they want – to keep Africans poor. So why deny this man but turn a blind eye to the devil in the house? Or if you like the Elephant in the Nigerian zoo but temporarily in a London quarantine facility? Well because people like you can’t read between the lines. It has no other name, it is called mumudity.

      • born Great

        All this you wrote is called personal opinion. And you have the right to write anything.

  • BOKO Haram Sponsors

    1) …When will the Politicians (APC Party members) fingered by the arrested Bornu state Local Government chairman be arrested, prosecuted and executed?
    2)…When will their names be made public?

    BBC focus on Africa reported extensively on this sponsors of Islamist terrorism in its Tuesday broadcast. Why are Nigerian news media not reporting the story? Have DSS and SSS threatened media house owners? Some body should tell us. What is happening?

  • Logicopropos

    Premium Times Editor,

    MOHAMED PATE is not a thinking person. Were he a thinking person he’d realized that
    Donald Trump was running for the post of leader of America and not leader of the world.
    It did not lie in Muhamed Pate’s mouth to express opinion on the candidacy of anyone in
    America’s presidential election in a vile and senseless way as if he had a vote as foreigner.

    The decision to drop and disqualify MOHAMED PATE for his senseless opinions is lauded
    and praised as just reward for stupidity. If Mohamed Pate was ever feeling unduly Islamist,
    he’d have learnt his lesson the hard way, that religion should be within the limits of reason.
    Islam is deemed vile as the only religion in the world today outside the limits of any reason.
    Muslims are a cult of hate breeders borne of murder for backward rights they deny others.

    • MamaHannatu

      Do you seriously live in this age? How can the presidency of Trump not be of any concern to him? Obviously, you are unaware that the world has since become a global village and that when the US catches a cold, you in far away Nigeria may sneeze!

      • Guest

        Mama, what are you gonna about it, if you don’t have a vote?????

        iThe one wey we get here we neva finish am, na America come be your problem?? Abeg,Leave matter for Americans jo.

    • Impulse400

      As a resident working in the USA, is he not guaranteed freedom of speech by the American constitution, which both you and I are totally unfamiliar with…?

    • lelfl dj

      I have three words for your unedeucated poor soul: freedom of speech

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  • George

    The backward northerner thought he was still insulting GEJ but got backfired on him which is very good let him go and look for work in Saudi Arabia

    • The Elder


      Islamic Jihad begins in Lagos state?

      There’s another thing. The Court of Appeal decided in December 2016 or so that the Muslim Hijab face cover
      is a fundamental human right and therefore no teacher or headmaster in Nigeria can follow school uniform rule again in Nigeria where Hijab is concerned. What sort of nonsense court is that one? Is that a court of law?
      When did school become a religious place for pupils to come and show their traditional, Christian or Islamist

      Where will peace come from now in Yorubaland? All Christians in the country have now become entitled to carry
      a long Cross to any school – whether the school is Ansar-ud-deen grammar school or St. Anthony’s college,
      and to wear Choir’s dress to any school every day.

      All traditional people too must go to school from now on with raffia leaves on their waist and with chalk markings
      on their face. Once Hijab is now a fundamental human right the Cross becomes a fundamental human right too,
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      the black race as congenitally undeveloped creatures!

    • Shahokaya

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      • George

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          • Guest

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      • George

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      • George

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      • George

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  • MamaHannatu

    Not to mention an obvious encroachment of his right to free speech!

    • emmanuel

      encroachment of right to free speech? Only in Nigeria do free speech turn hate speech especialy once it touches on foolani herdsmen and tribesmen evils. The evils are condoned, but the free speeches are censored by the DSS who cannot even pick up one; ONE herdsman who commit acts of terror.
      Daura knows how to break into peoples homes, but does not have the know-how to track down those who maul down lives and destroy properties as herdsmen.

      • systematic

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  • Patriotism

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    • emmanuel

      Who is the leader of the new thieving cabal? The one under whose supervision cutleries where bought for over N100 million in 2016 and another in 2017? Buhari is the supervisor in chrge of corruption, passed on to him by Dasuki another foolani in the last administration.
      We all know that Islam is not a religion, but a commercial sect put together by late Mohammed for those who would rather get public benefits by blackmail, violence or terror. So he gave his followers true example of what he wanted when he founded Islam.

      • systematic

        this shows the level of madness and illiteracy that dip into your blood’ animal igbo man

    • Alpachino Roar

      So were is PMB now. Who is talkn of buhari

  • Takhdeer

    Dr Pate is way better than all of you Biafraud GEJ apologists here. At the age of just 48, he has worked with World Bank, headed the Primary Health Care Development Agency in Nigeria, was Minister of State Health and now a Professor at Duke University USA. None of you internet fraudsters can ever dream of this CV. And insha Allah, GEJ will NEVER be president of Nigeria again neither can Biafraud ever succeed. And H.E. President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR has 6 more years to go!!!

    • emmanuel

      Low life. How do you measure who is better? At Forty i stopped collecting salaries and that was my vision when i entered the high school and did my degrees. Who then is better, a job seeker or an enterpreneur and employer of labour. You cannot come near Igbo’s is anything, so stop comparing Agbalumo with Apple
      We do know that you foolanis are not sound enough to do competitive endeavours, so you hang around quota job. Can you not conclude that Pate does not have all it takes to get a high flying job in a contemporary World?
      When World Bank need a Nigerian to fill a position, Pate is seconded there on quota, that is not a competitive selection.
      Biafra people will go some day and i will be happy for them, because you are a draw back and badluck to modern civilisation. Fit for cattle rearing and gworo selling!

    • systematic

      good comment

    • Alpachino Roar

      Lolllz…..okonjo iweala CV in world banks erazes 2generatiobs of pate,the current worldbank VP,a 41year old Nigerian woman also doeas that. Its not about hate my friend but you cannot be given a job by someone you have criticised that he isn’t capable. Make him go rest,its not Nigeria that your religion counts, but your character.

    • Wale Bolodeoku

      Why are you being dismissive of the
      certificate issued by the internationally recognized University of Mainmarket, Onitsha. How dare you compare a mere professor of Duke’s University with a proud, illiterate product of University of Mainmarket?

    • Wale Bolodeoku

      Read the quality of the atrocious grammar of your interlocutors, and you’ll understand the degrading level of scholarship you’re competing against.

  • emmanuel

    Global funds would also have discovered that Pate got only two marks to enter secondary school and University.
    He should simply apply to Qatar, Saudi or UAE to get a good job. There, free speeches are allowed and freedom to practise whichever religion you belong to is guaranteed.
    The man is talking as if all Nigerians are naive. Good he did not get in there, he would rather have gone there to further Islamic causes rather than the objectives of the funds. Just like Sanusi who turned CBN to mosque building organisation and an Ali Baba thieveing turf.

    • Abhays

      Naive you are, indeed

  • ayomi

    Boko Haram and ISIS denied another supporter on the world stage

  • Impulse400

    A group with a clandestine name such as Global Fund, cannot just hand over critical top positions to “Outsiders”… (Non adherents of the New World Order). Judging by the News Organization responsible for Pate and co’s failure, the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Bank of Settlements are not satisfied with the choice of any of the three. (With all due respect to Pate, it has nothing to do with his religion. I personally would have expected them to select the Former New Zealand Prime Minister, if she is Jesuit Trained)

    • BankyMons

      Wow!!!! You are light years ahead of so many people on the internet. There are some smart people out there who can actually connect the dots. Quite an impressive analysis to be honest.