I’ll not contest against Buhari in 2019 – Tinubu

Buhari and Tinubu [Photo Credit: SignalNg]

Former Lagos governor, Ahmed Tinubu, has ruled out the possibility of contesting against President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Mr. Buhari, who is on extended sick leave, has not said he will seek a second term.

But Mr. Tinubu, a senior leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, and one of the party’s strongest backers, said he would never contest against the president, or support anyone who does, should he decide to seek re-election.

Mr. Tinubu was reacting to a ThisDay report suggesting he was preparing for a presidential run, and was set to dump a purported alliance with the main opposition, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

A statement signed by Tunde Rahman, for the Tinubu Media Office on Tuesday, said the report was a “fantasy” seeking to place Mr. Tinubu at odds with President Buhari.

“Writing such a baseless report is a very foul and wrong thing to do,” the statement said.

“As long as that patriotic and committed man named Muhammadu Buhari holds and seeks to hold the mantle as our president, then Asiwaju Tinubu stands behind him in unwavering support and confidence,” the statement said.

Read Mr. Tinubu’s full statement below:

The front page story of the February 28 THISDAY newspaper alleging that Bola Tinubu is actively planning a presidential run is an example of bad fiction masquerading as professional journalism. The story is a manufactured tale weaved by its authors to try to create division where there is none. Those who wrote this fantasy seek to place Mr. Tinubu at odds with President Buhari. Writing such a baseless report is a very foul and wrong thing to do.

The story carried the headline “Tinubu Prepares for Presidential Run, Dumps PDP, Mega Party Alliance”. The headline is remarkable in the fact that every bit of it is utterly wrong.

First, Asiwaju Tinubu is not gearing up for a presidential run. So there will not be any doubt about this core matter, we shall state Tinubu’s position clearly and unequivocally so that even THISDAY reporters cannot misinterpret his position. As long as that patriotic and committed man named Muhammadu Buhari holds and seeks to hold the mantle as our president, then Asiwaju Tinubu stands behind him in unwavering support and confidence. Asiwaju Tinubu remains faithful to the mission of progressive reform and change that President Buhari, he and the All Progressives Congress (APC) have started. Tinubu was instrumental in the formation and success of the APC. His toil and efforts helped establish this government. He is not one to tear down something he laboured so dutifully to build.

Instead of trying to convey the truth, the THISDAY report opted to gain false sensation by completely mocking the tenor of the brief banter Asiwaju Tinubu had with journalists at the inauguration of Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu. When asked about future political office, Asiwaju said he could not discount that possibility if the nation called upon him for such service, provided, he emphasized, that all political conditions were appropriate; particularly the office in question would have to be vacant, even if it’s local government chairmanship. In our political lexicon, this means the office is not held by a member of the APC in good standing. We all know this.

Moreover, if you really listen to his words, Asiwaju did not mention any office or any time-frame. The conditions he mentioned may not become ripe for years to come and they might not pertain to the presidency. In effect, all Asiwaju said was the position that any political figure would hold.

As a politician, he cannot preclude the possibility of running for office in the future because no man knows what the future will hold. To translate this general statement of political reality into a tale that he is actively preparing for a 2019 presidential run is reckless in the extreme. For that newspaper reporters to have engaged in this great leap of counterfeit logic means they purposefully bowed to the pressure to create false headlines instead of following the ethics of their craft to follow the truth even if the truth is more pedestrian and less volatile than what the reporters would have liked to hear. They have turned themselves into newsmakers instead of remaining true to their calling of being neutral conveyors of events.

Asiwaju Tinubu has not held any planning meetings for any such presidential campaign and is not contemplating any such meetings. He has no present list of possible running mates because he has no present intention of running.

The headline also libels Asiwaju by asserting he was going to join the PDP. This is as shameless as a lie can be. Asiwaju is acknowledged to be the intellectual father and the driving force behind the APC. It makes no sense that he would abandon the party that he worked hard to build in order to enter the dilapidated building the PDP has become. Asiwaju worked for over 16 years to break the PDP yoke on the nation. After breaking that yoke, it is not in his nature to voluntarily place it back on our necks. Anyone who has followed his career, even his staunchest critics, knows Asiwaju for his partisan consistency. He is not a party hopper. He is loyal and sticks with the party to which he belongs. After fighting for so many years to elevate his party to the position of national leadership, he would not give that away in order to join with those who blame him for their currently bleak political circumstance.

We understand all too well the genesis of this false news report. For their own reasons, THISDAY has joined with those who seek to put Asiwaju Tinubu at odds with our President.

This scam will fail. Asiwaju supports and stands behind President Buhari. He wishes the president well and that he returns soon. Whether the president is here or away, he has the full loyalty of Asiwaju Tinubu. President Buhari can rest assured on this point: Asiwaju Tinubu will never contest against him nor will he support anyone who does.


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  • Fernando Luis

    Even though you contest, you will loose because Nigerians are wise now to vote old outdated politicians to power come 2019. See the mess old sick BUHARI put Nigeria into.

    • The Elder


      Islamic Jihad in Lagos state

      There’s another thing. The Court of Appeal decided in December 2016 or
      so that the Muslim Hijab face cover is a fundamental human right and therefore
      no teacher or headmaster in Nigeria can follow school uniform rule again in
      Nigeria where Hijab is concerned. What sort of nonsense court is that one? Is
      that a court of law? When did school become a religious place for pupils to
      come and show their traditional, Christian or Islamist religion?

      Where will peace come from now in Yorubaland? All Christians in the country have now
      become entitled to carry a long Cross to any school – whether the school is
      Ansar-ud-deen grammar school or St. Anthony’s college, and to wear Choir’s
      dress to any school every day.

      All traditional people too must go to school from now on with raffia leaves on
      their waist and with chalk markings on their face. Once Hijab is now a
      fundamental human right the Cross becomes a fundamental human right too, and
      any masquerade whatsoever is automatically a fundamental human right. This is
      what Nigeria has become under the rabid influence of Muslims goading President
      Muhamadu Buhari. What a country! What a shame to the black race as congenitally
      undeveloped creatures!

    • ::????????

      @disqus_UU3N8MzwNc:disqus : Is the post of President in Nigeria
      now the exclusive property of illiterates, certificate forgers, perjurers on oath,
      Islamist Jihadists, the dunces and the daft in society who are not imbued with
      intellectual endowment by their Creator? Where are the wise and the educated
      people in Nigeria – the morally upright who don’t steal or tell lies – but think with perfect
      precision from premiss to conclusion? Why is Nigeria not contested fiercely with fights,
      if necessary, to wrest Nigeria from the dunderheads, like Bola Tinubu and Muhamadu
      Buhari, who have no required mental abilities for a post they lust after, just for the money?

      • Lolade Adubi


  • Elderstateman

    How much has the current administration achieved? Is this the time to start distracting the polity with election? I have said it severally that the demonic politicians in Nigeria are the problem of Nigeria. Unfortunately the populace are fuelling their wickedness by submitting to threm as slaves. Is Tinubu such a daft that he does not know that this is not the time for this unnecessary distraction? I never see this kind of country.

    • Watch man

      My dear, I tire for this so-called leaders. They are bunch of unprincipled political prostitutes whose shame has long died.

  • AryLoyds

    Buhari is that bad with leadership that even a Drug Baron can contemplate contesting for the top Job:)

  • Viewpoint2017



  • Wake up Call

    For how long can Nigeria continue to pretend to be a country?

    English live in England, Spanish in Spain, Germans in Germany, Portuguese in Portugal, Russians in Russia, Chinese in China, Maltese in Malta, Greek in Greece, Japanese in Japan, Korean in Korea, Italian in Italy, Iranian in Iran, French in France, Fins in Finland, Norwegian in Norway, Swedish in Sweden etc etc etc…

    …Why then can’t the Biafran live in Biafra nation?
    …Why can’t the Niger Deltan live in Niger Delta nation?
    …Why can’t the Yoruba live in Yoruba Nation?
    …Why can’t the sharia loving Hausa live in Hausa nation?

    ONLY in Africa will different nations speaking different languages with different cultures and different traditions be forced into one country by colonialism. This must end. We commend the move by the 3 musketeer Professors – Soludo, Utomi, Odinakalu and others. The only part of this move that I don’t like is saying they will approach ICC should the Animal refuse to release Kanu instead of saying they would declare war, secession or something more pragmatic. ICC is part of the imperial structure of the West and antithetical to genuine progress in Africa.

    I hope the leaders of the Niger Delta are watching? Things are changing. The struggle is for all of us. When Chief Ekpemupolo is harassed, when Asari Dokubo is harassed, it is all of us who are harassed.

  • OmoOduaa


    President BUHARI lays Bola Tinubu to rest in perfect peace…

    Bola Ahmed Tinubu
    still panting and sweating to make the dead walk, after paying for staging a
    protest march in a show of force last year in Lagos, just to prove he’s not yet
    died, politically, after he entered into alliance with Muhamadu Buhari to form
    the most incompetent party in Nigerian history, called APC. Bola Tinubu entered
    into that alliance with an empty head and he’s now worse for it. He ntered the
    alliance as senior partner with four [4] states whilst Buhari’s CPC faction had
    just one [1] state then.

    But after conceding the presidential slot to Muhamadu Buhari, on the
    false calculation that he’d automatically be picked as the Vice Presidential
    candidate, Bola Tinubu was shoddily rejected as running mate, as Buhari went on
    to win 18 northern states to turn the tables against Bola Tinubu whose ACN
    faction instantly became the junior and almost irrelevant partner in APC.

    Bola Tinubu faction now has control of just two states – Oshun and Lagos states –
    with Buhari faction controlling both Ogun, Ondo, and Oyo states in Yorubaland.
    If APC later goes on to win both the Ekiti and Oshun state governorships, Buhari
    will be going into the 2019 presidential election with majority five [5] states
    in Yorubaland. That will effectively lay Bola Ahmed Tinubu to rest in perfect
    peace with just Lagos state to rely on at the time. Fools die!

    • gokealamikun


      The Muslims who packaged Muhamadu Buhari with
      Nepa bill, instead of Wasc/Gce school certificate, had their own narrow agenda to change
      Nigeria into Muslim leadership. So, it is the useful idiots who are not Muslims who joined
      to wave broom for Islamic Jihad who brought today’s suffering upon themselves.

  • Julius

    Obj and Tinubu must be investigated. They are both making statements knowing full well it will cause some people blood pressure to go up . Is there some co-ordination going on here ? lolz

  • George

    What this omo ole Tinubu is saying is that if Buhari could be with his Baboons and Monkeys bloods over his head while not me with just Funsho Willliams blood

    • systematic

      u see nobody is even replying your comment u are not making progress just hang your salve to rest man

  • Gary

    Hopefully, Tinubu has learned his lessons about timing and perceptions created when people address certain topics.
    You don’t grant interviews to talk about running for office at a time your President is on extended “medical vacation” abroad from an undisclosed ailment. People will put two and two together to make four.
    The other day a fellow in Borno said it’s time for his Governor to run for President. There is an ongoing stampede by Igbo politicians defecting to the APC to position themselves after OBJ openly suggested it’s time for the SE to produce the President.

    They can deny all they want but people know there’s a mortally wounded prey when they see vultures gathering around a location.

  • Impulse400

    Jagaban… We don hear. No smoke without fire. We shall see…