South Africa deports 97 Nigerians

While the Nigerian government criticises South Africa’s handling of recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians, the South African Government has deported 97 Nigerians for committing various offences in the country.

The property of several Nigerians and other sub-Saharan Africans have been destroyed across South Africa in xenophobic attacks that have been condemned by various governments.

While asking its citizens to stop the attacks, the South African government has also blamed illegal immigrants from Nigeria and other countries, as well immigrants who commit crime for the attacks. The government has thus decided to clamp down on such immigrants.

The 97 deported Nigerians landed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos on Monday night in a chartered aircraft with the registration number GBB710 from Johannesburg.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that they were made up of 95 males and two females.

Joseph Alabi, the spokesperson of the Lagos Airport Police Command, confirmed the development.

An immigration source told NAN on condition of anonymity that six of the deportees were returned to the country for drug offences while 10 were arrested and deported for other criminal offences .

The others were said to have committed immigration offences in the Southern African country.

All the deportees were profiled by officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) while those deported for drug related offences were handed over to the Police for further investigation.

The Federal Government had also on Monday evacuated 41 Nigerian girls who were trafficked to Mali for sex and labour exploitation.

Six of the suspected human traffickers were also apprehended and brought back to the country for prosecution.


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  • Kokoman

    Deport 3x south Africans and close their businesses in Nigeria. Ungrateful slaves of the white. One of these slaves has tagged Nigerians in South Africa as thieves and drug addicts. They don’t need drugs to warp their minds from reality. These are people startled for generations to come.

  • Freedom Bini

    More than 50% of Nigerians in South Africa are into illicit drug trade

    • NoSpinEd


    • paul irumundomon

      Who gave you this %, or you just wanted people to hear your opinion. The mtn that was fined about 2 3 billion naira, and changed in the night, to a couple of hundred million naira, how many south African mtn staffs were rounded up and deported.

  • Sam

    Nigerians must learn to be law abiding.

    • YK

      That is just the problem people are failing to realise. I have been there and saw it first hand. Those doing decent jobs are not being attacked therr are many students and professors of Nigerian extraction in south Africa without problems.

      • John

        I think that the whole of Africa must sit down and talk, and let us talk openly. Let us bring forth our satisfactions and grievances. Let us learn from each other and lets us find a way to move this powerful sleeping continent forward. There is so much hatred in Africa not just South Africa that we need to cure. Africa is not a peaceful continent, unrest is all over Africa and why is the question?

        • YK

          I can’t agree less with you. However I want to raise some points. While it could be true that intolerance and hatred are few of the African problems, it could also be said that lawlessness is another angle. I don’t want you to be offended or term this comment by me as a tactical support to south Africa but it is the truth. First let me ask you, have you been to south Africa? If not let me give you first hand of what is happening, the truth is that majority of Nigerians in south Africa are into crimes ranging from Internet fraud to drugs peddling. But they always have some shops as decoy, when they dupe people especially south African nationals, they invite DJs and throw a big party disturbing the neighbourhood. That aside, Nigerians abroad need to be orientated that when you get to Rome behaving like Romans becomes inevitable but some Nigerians abroad have demonstrated over time that they lack decorum though South African government has not done enough to be law abiding as well but I understand Jacob Zuma is a certified rogue.

      • I loveSA

        Thank you, I work with Doctors and other professionals at my work place and no one has a problem with them, its only those pimps and drug peddlers who are our problem, if you can see our prisons, they are full of them!!

        • YK

          My host in SA used to be a Prof and they are all living fine he raised the same concern when I called to ask if he was safe. He said anytime there is problem, the so call unions always try to fight the police with the usual Nigerian mindset that every issue needs to be resolved by violence. He told me he went to address them one day before he stopped intervening in their matters that they almost beat him that they always shout they would go and destroy mtn and other SA investments in Nigeria as if those working there are only SA nationals. It is a tragedy. Nigerians anywhere they are they always want to Lord it over. I had an encounter in Amsterdam enroute Nigeria last summer, a guy almost beat an immigration official trying to do her job before he was handed over to police. He was claiming he has been checked once that why again that it was because he was a Nigerian before we knew what was going on he had moved towards the lady trying to beat her up. I said to other Nigerians there that if this rogue is shot dead now the clowns on the Internet would be all over shouting their president lacked foreign policy as if he could change the laws of other countries.

  • Haba mallam

    Buhari has no foreign policy. I give the president zero.

    • YK

      How? What does he do to curtail a tyrant country like south Africa from being hostile to foreigners? Are other countries whose citizens are daily being attacked not having foreign policy too? Though our people over there need caution too some of them are into drugs.

      • CeeCee1818

        I thought they only deported criminals only. I don’t blame them, their country their rules.

        • paul irumundomon

          When the fines against mtn was slashed from about 2.3 billion naira to a couple of a hundred million, no one south African citizen in nigeria was deported. That was not a crime, in the eyes of nigerians, who have law that only work against Nigerians and nigerians who have eyes, but can’t see anything.

    • SSOP


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  • LionHeart

    If they are criminals, good for them. But if they are not, Nigeria should do something about it.

    • paul irumundomon

      Their businesses that are burnt too, may have commuted crime, it is most shocking when Nigerians took pleasure, when their fellow citizens are treated like trash.

  • Otile

    For goodness sake when is Imam Mohamed Buhari coming back? Are we going to swallow their lies – he is as fit as fiddle, pray for his recovery, he is not in any hospital, he is on his way home, I spoke to him at 2:43pm, pray for his recovery, he is sound not sickn, pray for his recovery bla bla bla. This is ridiculous.

    If Buhari is alive and well as they are telling us but refuses to address Nigerian he got to be the most irresponsible joke elected a president. If on the other hand he is seriously sick but the cabal is lying to us about it shame on all of them. May nature deceive them for the rest of their lives. Creeps.

    • Buhari4Ever

      Go and take your medication. The article is about Nigerian deportees from South Africa and not Buhari

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  • paul irumundomon

    So all the drug sellers in South Africa are nigerians. That is strange to hear, but how many have you bought drugs from.

  • paul irumundomon

    Before Nigerians support the bad treatment of Nigerians overseas, take this, you will also face that same treatment, or person very close to you, before you get to 89 years. Nigerians have become victims, mostly because of our half baked representatives in nigeria, who are afraid to call foreign governments concerned to order, in part because of fear of been exposed. Too, the very ignorant nigerians, who contribute without any knowledge of racism against Nigerians, outside the Shores of nigeria.

    • kwame 789

      Paul, I do have sympathy with your position. But the fact is that in the real world,moreso a world of 24/7 news coverage, it only takes one individual from population nearly 200 million to make a misstep to tarnish the entire population. That’s how humans operate. Humans don’t care about the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who have phds, who are lawyers, doctors and engineers etc in the USA and Europe. Such success only courts resentment, it’s not scandalously newsworthy as drugs and scamming. I am afraid to say that scandals by one person, that’s what the eyes of racism and prejudice see. And that is what powerful western press select to define a country. Mention to anyone in the west that you are Nigerian and you will most likely get negative stereotypes of dishonestly hurled at you. I don’t think the country of Nigeria has done enough to challenge the negative way Nigerians have been represented in the racist western media.

  • Mary


  • Jessica Thomas

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  • Impulse400

    Are we saying that in a country of over 180 million people, we cannot find one South African guilty of Immigration or other criminal offenses to deport…?

    What a shame.

    • I loveSA

      Hahahaha, who would want to go to that shitty country illegally as a South African to be honest?! Its like trading living in the US for Afghanistan lol.